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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  August 13, 2016 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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well over a thousand people rescued, not just from their homes, but from their vehicles. some people have been clinging to trees and other things like this with swift-moving flood waters. we've also rescued more than 100 pets at this point. of course, this is happening with multiple agencies involved. >> that was louisiana governor john bel edwards earlier today describing the harrowing conditions and rescue efforts under way in his state at this
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hour. deadly flood waters are waist high, some places higher and are rising as inches of rain are expected. they continue to pound parts of the gulf coast this weekend. storms could continue through tuesday. at least two people have died, hobbly more, we don't know. major roads are closed. highways are closed. flights are delayed getting in and out. as you heard, dozens, perhaps hundreds to be evacuated from their homes. >> the water shot through the trailer and my son said come get us out. he said you all got out. we got some clothes together and he fell and the water carried him off. >> the water carried them off. this is pictures now from west
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texas. thunderstorms ripped the roof off two buildings in garland. that's all just outside dallas ft. worth. you could be moving towards louisiana. you see that dark circle over new orleans in yellow and red. those thunderstorms dropping inches of rain in louisiana, rain they certainly do not need. republicans may lose the senate in november, just two years after winning control of the upper chamber. 34 senate seats are up for grabs and republicans must defend 246 those, including the most competitive seats. as senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said this week, the situation is very dicey. does donald trump's name at the top of the ticket make the task harder for these vulnerable republicans? harry enton has thoughts on it. thank you for joining us. i want to break this down for viewers.
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we see headlines dems are fighting for these seats. what states do you feel are most vulnerable? >> if you look at the map, you can see that democrats look like they're in good position already in wisconsin and illinois. that's two seats. of course they need a net gain of four. where else are they going to get it? one state is indiana where evan bayh, the former democratic senator is running again. he got into the race late. i think the other big seat where they are looking at right now is pennsylvania and new hampshire. those are five seats if they can pick up four of those five or pick up all five of those, they are guaranteed to have control of the united states senate come november and january. >> one of the states you brought up was illinois. we know senator mark kirk has been distancing himself from the nominee. is that what these candidates should be doing? it's such a slippery slope for them. how do they play this correctly? >> right. this is the hard thing. illinois to me is a clear case
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where donald trump is well behind. illinois is a very blue state. if you look at other states like new hampshire which is a swing state, you don't want to have depressed republican turnout. if you distance yourself too much from donald trump, you could end up with that. at the same time, if donald trump is behind by 10 or 15 points in your state as he is in new hampshire, you don't want to be tied to him. it's a catch-22. i'm not sure there is a correct answer for them. >> what is the profile of a doe himself or herself from the nominee? all these states are very different. they have different demographics. >> yeah. they are all very different. it could be a different prescription for each one. i think the key if you're a republican candidate is you want to play up your own tie to your state. i think rob portman in ohio is a perfect example. portman with a long-time congressman from ohio, he raised a lot of money. he made sure he isn't donald
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trump. you haven't heard portman make too much of the anti-trump comments if you look at the polls, you see portman pulling away from ted strickland. >> i want to make a statement and say this is true or false. are people voting straight up and down the ticket? a voter could really distinguish between a republican candidate and the number knee, is that right? >> sure. some of them do. most people do vote straight up and down the ticket, but it's those swing voters in the middle who typically don't and might split their ballot. that's really where these elections are being fought over. >> with the swing states, when these candidates are running for office or re-election, how do they know they're vulnerable? how do they know they need to go one way or the other? how do you read voters in that sense? >> they are looking at the polls like we are. that's something they look at. they have a good understanding of what the people calling into their offices are telling them,
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constituents. generally speaking they are looking at who are their opponents. if you are starting to get high-profile people going after you, they may smell blood in the water versus nonhigh-profile opponents. ted strickland was a former governor, but not someone able to raise a lot of money and hasn't had a history of doing it. you look at factors like that, you get a good idea where the tide is in your state. >> if you are a democratic candidate, can you give us any insight about what's going on behind the scenes right now as they are looking at some of these vulnerable areas? >> i think what they are thinking is let's tie this guy to donald trump as fast as we can. if we can get this to be a donald trump republican, that is a good sign. donald trump is trailing in most states. hillary clinton isn't overly popular in any of them. i don't think they want to be hillary clinton democrats, but if they can get the republican candidate to be tied to donald trump, donald trump is trailing in all of them if donald trump
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is trailing and people vote straight ticket, it's a good sign for the democratic candidates. >> very interesting. thank you for joining us, >> thank you. family friends and teammates, many wearing their little league uniforms. you can see that hall there is packed. came to say good-bye to 10-year-old caleb schwab who died sunday while riding an amusement park water slide. caleb's dad remembered his son's compassion and humor and acknowledged the pain felt by the youngest in the room, caleb's friends. you see caleb there, and his three brothers. >> a lot of the heartache and burden, you are hurting, too. alex lost a big brother who was supposed to help him on the bus
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this year. nath nathan, you've done very well. i am humbled to call you my son. >> the poise of that father. the cause of caleb's fatal injuries have not yet been released. the governor of kansas called for review of state's regulation statewide of amusement rides.
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[announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models. another day in the pool, another visit to the medal stand. just like liz prann's life. it's a routine that might never get old for katie ledecky. 19 years old and shattered her own record in the 800 meter freestyle friday to pick up her fourth olympic gold medal. that makes her the third american woman to win four golds in a single olympics. it was a rare second place finish for michael phelps last
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night. he tied with two other swimmers in the men's 100 meter butterfly. the trio was beaten by joseph schooling of singapore with 52 overall. the u.s. holds a commanding lead in every category in the medal count this these olympics. 21 gold, 14 silver, 17 bronze, china's next 38 followed by great britain, japan and germany. the competition at the rio games has been very exciting, even heart-stopping at times. for the host nation brazil health scarce from zika and water pollution continue to raise concerns about the safety for those athletes. steve harrigan has been looking into that side of the games and joins us now live. >> reporter: elizabeth, the quality of the water is continuing to be an issue here in these olympics, not just for the outdoor events but inside, as well in some of the swimming pools.
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the water in the olympic diving pool began to turn from blue to green earlier this week. by wednesday, it was a murky green. by friday they had to actually cancel the diving practices. athletes were told to do dry practices, instead. some of that murky green spread to the neighboring water polo pool. a number of athletes complained about the smell coming from the water, and the high levels of chlorine. some athletes including the synchronized swimmers couldn't open their eyes underneath the water, something they need to do. as far as the explanations go, we heard a number from olympic officials ranging from algae to a shortage of chemicals to too many people in the pool. my personal favorite is the explanation that said chemistry is not an exact science. as far as the outdoor events goes, no one is disputing the dirty water in the bays here, the high level of bacteria and viruses. they already claimed a first victim, a belgium sailor who was
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expected to medal, was sick wednesday after an event. her coach says she has an intense infection of an -- an intestal infection and he is blaming the dirty water for that weakness. athletes take all the measures to not put their heads in the water or cover their mouths. a real challenge outdoors, but indoors, as well, for the water here in the olympic events in rio. back to you. >> steve harrigan, the quote of the day, chemistry is not an exact science. thank you so much for that. a fox news alert right now of another train attack in europe. this one in switzerland on the country's eastern border right near lichtenstein. this is an early report coming in. police saying, according to current information, a
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alert as we are learning more about an attack on a train in switzerland in the western part of switzerland near the border with lichtenstein. a man, 27 years old, within the train began pouring some type of flammable liquid all over the place. lit the liquid on fire and somewhere in that process stabbed six people in the train. for more on this we bring in k.t. mcfarland, former deputy assistant secretary of defense of the reagan administration and fox news national security analyst. k.t., you combine this attack, train, europe, and it sounds like here we go bagain. >> yeah, and whether a terrorist, a muslim terrorists, a backlash, whether it's just garden variety bad guys, the european security situation is out of control. whether it's germany, whether it's france, whether it's belgium, now switzerland,
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sweden. their ability -- the ability of law enforcement or intelligence to get in front of this crisis, i think is really a big question. and we've got to the point where it's almost every day there's something happening. >> true every day, and you listed all of these different countries. france, belgium, spain, italy. all of these countries we've seen various attacks. the issue is when you mention one country in europe you have to mention them all because there are no borders. >> yeah. that's the real point. europe has for the last generation, three things. open borders, they've had multi-culturalism, and they've cut back on their intelligence and their security services as well as their military. and this is what it has walked. it means the security, whether there's a problem in one country there's a problem in another country because people can move across borders. weapons moves across borders. that's why i'm really concerned that we could be seeing a real
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disintegration of european associate by the not only the european union but the security situation in a lot of these countries. >> seems like not only have they lost control, but to your point, for three generations they've been losing control. it's almost impossible to get it back. we only got about 15 seconds left. pretty hard, huh? >> yeah. and i think the french intelligence chief said it best. he said we could be on a verge of civil war as you see a backlash as well as the muslim terrorist problem throughout the region. >> just an eight-hour plane flight to the united states. k.t. mcfarland, appreciate your insight here. more disturbing news out of switzerland. a 6-year-old child among those hurt on that train attack. more as we get it on the other side of this break. for lower back pain sufferers,
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fox news alert. our sister network sky news is reporting yet another train attack in europe. the alleged attacker, 27-year-old swiss citizen set a train on fire and then stabbed passengers onboard. the train was traveling along the country's eastern border near austria. early reports say six people are injured including a 6-year-old child. we don't yet know if anyone was killed. we don't know the motive of the attacker or the status. this is the latest of a series of similar attacks in europe. last month a 17-year-old injured five people with an ax and a knife onboard a train in germany. a


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