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tv   Stossel  FOX News  August 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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5:00. o'reilly with cawley next. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for >> i am eric bolling in for bill o'rielly. we begin with new developments in hillary clinton's so- called pay for play scandal. and the cozy twist, we have learned that four years ago cheryl mills, then a top aide to mrs. clinton at the state department, went to new york to interview candidates for a job at the clinton foundation. the state department now claims the trip in question was for personal travel and not paid for with government funds and that it glide ethics laws, comes on the
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heels new emails clinton foundation big wig trying to pull strings at the state department. joining me from washington tom fitton from judicial watch which broke the story. we had you on a couple days ago talking about the other dramatic events with clinton foundation being tied to the state department. here we on the heels of yet another one. now, the clinton -- i'm sorry, the clintons and the state department both say that cheryl mills didn't actually secure that job for someone in new york. does it matter? >> no, it doesn't matter. mills went to new york to volunteer for the clinton foundation, even as mrs. clinton said that she would keep the state department and clinton foundation business separate. yet, her chief of staff is involved in hiring clinton foundation officials and, of course, ms. mills was also vetting requests from the clinton foundation we know separately because they were running a speaking engagements by her and her colleagues there. they were running all sorts
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of other requests for conflicts checks with bill clinton and the foundation. and she is involved in hiring people at the foundation. did she disclose that conflict to her colleagues at the state department? i doubt it. this is more evidence of a conflict of interest and misconduct and it calls, again, into question as to why the justice department isn't already hasn't aggressively pursued a criminal investigation as to what was going on there. >> tom, do you think -- and they are basically three levels of this. it's either politically foolish to do. this it's either or it's ethical wrong to do this. or third one being illegal to do. this where do you think these things lie? >> well, the illegal is the open question. the only get the answer to that assume ago competent, independent investigation. there is no doubt the ethics agreements and rules were violated and broke. whether those violations rise to criminal violation, i don't know investigation going in order to answer that question. and we don't have one yes,
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sir as best we understand it they there are conflicting reports as to whether one is open. but i guarantee you. this this is all going to contribute certainly this latest revelation is going to contribute to the pressure for another criminal investigation into the conduct of mrs. clinton at the state department. >> well, we have heard now unconfirmed but we have heard there are three offices of the fbi that recommended a wider investigation be open and that the department of justice said they weren't ready to do that. are s. there any confirmation of that. if more emails come out will they rethink that. >> i think more emails will come out for sure. on top of that report suggestion investigation ongoing. fox news previously reported there was an investigation. i don't know if we can buy all of these reports that there is no investigation going on out there because i think the administration has acted as defense counsel and promoter for the clinton campaign. you see this in the state department trying to explain away all these apparent
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conflicts and violations of the rules without any explanation. >> i don't have a lot of time. i'm role playing this through. this is all going on. someone in the white house says i don't like this cozy relationship between the foundation and clinton foundation. no one ever blew the whistle on that? >> i wonder if the white house knew about it. mrs. clinton, by the way, promised this wouldn't take place because people were concerned about it. it's the only reason she got the job by making a promise to be a bright line between the foundation and the state department. and within months her foundation, her family foundation and the state department are working together and now we know her chief of staff was involved in hiring officials at the foundation. sloot violation or ethics pledge and i would be interested to know to your point did the white house know about what was going on? >> you wrote a book about that. obama and clinton scandals. that's coming out. is that right? >> that's right. clean house exposing our
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government's secret and lies coming out next month. thanks, eric. >> tom, thank you so much. >> sure. >> straight ahead, fasten your seat belts, up next we will be talking to a clinton campaign surrogate who sees things quite differently. right back with that. for those who can't imagine life without two wheels, allstate offers a genuine parts guarantee, that promises to fix your bike with original parts. talk to an allstate agent about all the things they do to keep riders riding.
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substantial than the email crimes they let her off the hook for. your response? well, first of all, i think raoul is very consistent in that when he was a prosecutor himself he really raised the indictment, the amortization as the main event. and if you listen carefully what he said, he said this merits an investigation. that's a subjective term. i think though the politics of are are a little bit more complicated. the trump campaign, which is falling further find in the polls are trying to double down on character issues and that's where they bring in discussion does emails. >> i think we are learning almost like a drip, drip, drip. >> that is the theory. but the polling doesn't bear that out, eric. >> tie the clinton foundation hillary clinton. >> you don't have a problem with this david, this cozy relationship between the
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clinton foundation and the statement department in did downtown raise any red flags in your world? >> let me finish the thought. the mirror image on our side is talking about donald trump not releasing his tax returns being sued by fraud nor students. he advantage of. both campaigns are campaigning are focusing on character of both candidates. seeing in polling and becoming very clear across the country. >> no spin zone, stop spinning, stay on this. does this cozy relationship between the clinton foundation and hillary clinton's state department raise any red flags to a complat drik you? >> no. and i will tell you why. republicans in the same seat. in the same office who had family foundations of their own, similar situations set up and i don't believe it's fair to say that hillary clinton somehow should be held to a different standard. >> she is running for president, david. she wants to be the commander and chief. >> it all raises an issue. >> decision-making and her character.
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all of it. >> let me do. this that's the character of the trump campaign. >> work with me. >> do you find this a coincident or odd that uranium one was purchased by the russian government after making a 2.3-million-dollar contribution to various entities within the clinton foundation? do you think that's interesting coincident or odd? >> more interesting that the russians hacked the d in dr. and russians ought to be hang hung up by toe nails. $2 million into the clinton coffers and received 2.3 billion-dollar deal with the russians to sell them airplanes? >> i get it, eric. you're trying to say that there is corruption. >> oh, i'm not done. >> of course. you can keep going as long as as long as you want. >> i have one more. do you find it coincidence or odd that ge dropped anywhere between? 500,000 between hillary clinton entity secured a deal to build multibillion-dollar power plant with nigeria?
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>> where are your talking points on donald trump? funny you are not talking about him. >> i am talking about hillary clinton. >> i am talking about both. we have election on our hands. we have. >> this segment is hillary clinton 2016 segment right now. >> right. >> you don't have a problem with any of these. >> you and rudy giuliani and everybody these bugaboos, you think oh my god, we have a hot one. a smoking gun. guess what, these facts have been out for a long time, eric. law enforcement across the country has been aware of these things for a long time: the campaign is trying to change the subject away from donald trump losing in the polls. that's what's going on. >> david, i just named three. i have a list of 20 year. >> go for it, eric. you're not changing any minds. >> do you know what these are? these are pay-to-play. this is what happened. >> according to eric bolling. >> no. according to many people. >> okay. name your people. >> i would love to see an investigation opened up so that law enforcement can get involved to decide whether pay-to-play. >> sure you would. and that's why.
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>> i have a hunch, when you keep reading into these you might find they may also be legally pay-to-play which is breaking the law. >> of course they might. they might not. but the fact of the matter is law enforcement is perfectly able to look into any of this and hasn't. what does that tell you, eric? they are not running a campaign the way donald trump is. >> you know what it tell me? >> trump is losing campaign right now. >> ask the question why haven't they? maybe they haven't yet. maybe they are doing it right now. we don't even know about it. maybe, just maybe, some of that clinton influence may hit the highest levels of law enforcement. >> and if you ask me, look, you and i are both good americans here. i want to say. this this is how i want to leave this with you, eric. it's a much bigger deal when our enemies in russia hack into our systems and try change our election. i wish you would report on that. >> look at the shiny object over there. david, i love you. good talking to you, brother. donald trump facing big ♪ (humming)
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in the election 2016 segment tonight, donald trump confronting a new reality falling poll numbers in critical swing states and red state bassian in utah. >> i'm having a problem in utah. is anybody here from utah? i didn't think so. [ laughter ] we're having a problem. it could cost us the supreme court. we need help in ohio. we're very close in ohio. ohio is very close. but we need help. pennsylvania is a little further off we will win pennsylvania. she is a disaster. she is a disaster. >> and the "wall street journal" has a brand new poll showing hillary clinton widening her lead in some key battleground states.
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in colorado clinton leads trump by 15 percentage points 56% to 42%. in virginia clinton has 46% and trump has 3%. in north carolina she is ahead 48% to 39%. and in florida, one of the most posh swing states, it's close. 44% for clinton, 39% for trump. so what can donald trump do to turn things around. with me jessica tarlov democratic pollster and strategist and from washington kristin solstice anderson a republican pollster. what do you think. >> the clinton lead is widening, not greatly but widening. how do you turn that around? >> i think the the number one thing donald trump needs to do is address these concerns about his temperament. in polls that have come out in the last week, he has got about 70% of americans who say that the idea of donald trump being president makes them angst success. so even though they don't like hillary clinton. even though they think she is untrustworthy, they don't like her personally.
5:19 pm
they still are at least saying well maybe she is less of a risk than trump. i think if is he able to sort of calm it down and get back to trying to convey that is he a guy who is all about the economy, that's his best possible path to repairing some of these really tough numbers. >> jessica, about 90 days left until the election. >> um-huh. >> 20 days ago donald trump was leelding. >> yeah, absolutely. we were talking about what hillary clinton had to do to get back on top. and we discuss and i know we did personally. >> what did she do? beside the convention and what else? >> the convention was a major part of what has happened here because she had out all of the major democrats speaking for her. she had 60 people. the speech hurt donald trump in the long run because of his reaction to that her speech weighs nearly the most impressive one there she did have that movement where she hugged chelsea clinton i know people on the both sides of the aisle were very moved by that but she put her head down. she played it well. >> her playbook has been
5:20 pm
great for the last 20 days. >> he has done things that were completely avoidable. on monday he gave what was a pretty good economic speech and i think when donald trump reads off the teleprompter and doesn't go off an incredible amount. he needs to have some of his trumpisms of course. if he sticks to that and the next day he doesn't go out and talk about second amendment folks and next day obama was the founder of isis. and then say he wasn't that sarcastic. he can make progress. key issues winning on by a lot economy and terrorism, he is now within the margin of error there. >> get back to this. kristen on monday he had economic unveiling nice plan. talked to people here looked like a great plan. tuesday morning had you a people say they could not vote for donald trump, foreign policy guys saying they can't vote for donald trump. thursday another groh group saying they couldn't vote for donald trump. more republicans. in a week where he could have turned the debate back
5:21 pm
toward economic policy a bunch of republicans getting in the way. >> well, and now you have got these states that are head states places where there are plenty of republican voters that are now making the electoral college math even harder for donald trump. a state like georgia, states like north carolina given the polls you just mentioned where trump is down by 9. these are states that mitt romney won by pretty healthy margins. if i'm donald trump right now, i would be sitting down with my strategist and figuring out how to get to 270. a lot of the travel he has got going to states like wisconsin, michigan, some the states are out of reach for him. focus on ohio and florida two states closer in the polls than some of these other ones like colorado and virginia you mentioned and really figure out how do i get to that magic number 270 and just focus on that. >> jess, kristen is right you get florida and ohio locked down and all you need is pennsylvania or michigan. >> that's a big if right now. >> that includes you nailing
5:22 pm
down north carolina, virginia. >> right. where she has in north carolina she has a very healthy lead there right now : kristen pointed out south carolina within reach there. talking about arizona and obviously utah with all those people or whatever. >> real clear politics still has hillary up by 6. >> i thought the average was a bit over 7. it's not a done deal. when the hillary clinton campaign sends out emails that says this is not a done deal, he could still win, this i believe that they are serious. they have been through this before. obviously it was nomination process president obama. everyone thought that she was going to be the 2008 no, ma'am into. and she wasn't. donald trump in the way that he has run this campaign how inorthodox it is, clintons play regular politics. you are running against a completely irregular candidate. we have to be careful. >> fair enough. you know what happens and what happens is volatility. so you get these big swings. so donald trump, kristen is leading by five or six, now is he losing by five or six.
5:23 pm
you get big volatility whether you have such a, as you pointed out, a strange type of campaign on one side and the traditional campaign on the other. >> well, you have two candidates that are pretty disliked so you saw a lot of swinging over the last few weeks talking the conventions kind of disrupted things one direction and then the other. the question now is with these really tough numbers for trump is, this the new normal or is this still anything just residual from the convention in i think the risk for trump is this has sets a new baseline from which he has to try to grow. but, because both of these candidates are so dislikdz, i mean, the best thing donald trump may have going for him is hillary clinton. and the fact that, for instance, her emails are back in the news this week. we know 60-some% think she is untrustworthy. even if people have doubts about him. you still have a majority that are anxious about the idea of her being president as well. because they are both so disliked, that's what keeps this still a potentially interesting race. >> all right. going to have to leave it right there kristen and jessica. thanks so much. >> thank you.
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>> plenty ahead as the special edition of the factor moves along this evening. the establishment g.o.p. versus donald trump, who needs whom more? plus, a new holiday blacklist, hear what one republican actor said happened to him. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. tired of re-dosing antacids? try duo fusion! new, two in one heartburn relief. the antacid goes to work in seconds... and the acid reducer lasts up to 12 hours in one chewable tablet. try new duo fusion. from the makers of zantac.
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in the impact segment tonight, the establishment versus the the renegade. the big show of support for donald trump tonight from the head of the republican
5:28 pm
party reince priebus made a surprise appearance at a rally for donald trump in eerie, pennsylvania, a day after 70 members of the g.o.p. urged the party to drop its support. >> and don't believe the garbage you read -- let me tell you something, donald trump, the republican party, all of you, we're going to put him in the white house and save this country together. the question is does trump really need the party or do they need him more? here is what trump told me last night. >> i'm the one that's raising the money. and other people are getting to use the money that i raised. i'm putting up money for my own campaign. all i will have to do is stop funding the republican party. i'm the one raising the money for them is. in fact, right now i'm in orlando. i'm going to a fundraiser for the republican party. so, if they want to do that they can save me a lot of time and a lot of energy. >> joining us now from washington, reena shaw, a g.o.p. strategist who signed that letter and former
5:29 pm
congressman jack kingston a senior advisor to the trump campaign. >> hey, eric. >> reena, why did you sign that letter. >> i signed the letter because it makes a lot of sense. i have had a lot of concerns about mr. trump's campaign from the very beginning. from the outside i didn't find him to be a conservative. i felt responsibility to put up something like hillary clinton to beat the democrats in the fall. i have had deep concerns from the beginning and with his behavior over the past month in particular, i really don't feel that mr. trump is fit for the presidency. >> do you think hillary clinton is? >> i don't find her to be fit either. i think we have two very bad choices at the top of the ticket for the american public. >> we're down to two. it's got to be one or the other. >> it's a shame that somebody like hillary clinton can get away with the scandals she is able to get away with every day. if mr. trump were actually mart about his campaign he would hammer her on the fact that she is out of touch with the average american woman like myself. she makes billions of dollars for different people, including wall street.
5:30 pm
her speeches we have not read those transcripts. and worse yet she thinks she is above the law. >> about to vote to hillary. if you don't vote for trump you might end up with hillary. jack, what is the risk of not voting for donald trump? >> well, first of all, donald trump does not embrace the establishment. so it goes -- you know, it's par for the course that the establishment has rejected him. even though, eric, they had 16 other candidates to choose from. none of them want 14 million people voted for donald trump. is he our nominee. and if a conservative wants to play in november, they need to vote for the conservative, the most conservative candidate. and that would be donald trump. and he's the guy who has put out an economic plan now that reduces taxes, reduces regulations. he has already talked about supreme court nominees. he talked about being tough on foreign policies. what does this group want? it doesn't make any sense for them to be defecting from us and become hillary clinton allies. it does not work. if we want to win the white house, we need to be together.
5:31 pm
>> rina, you look as jack points out that economic policy the differences between the two are vast. i mean, donald trump, you may not like donald trump, his economic policy is far more conservative than hillary hillary clinton's. >> it is a touch more conservative but the frank part of it is that he is still a billionaire who doesn't quite understand the average american's plight. neither of them have made real solutions public for the middle class. and i think that's really, at this point in the game, it's a little late. i don't think mr. trump understands that a ground game is what will make him win the presidency. he doesn't understand that he needs the rnc more than anything. his misstep show a alaska understanding about the entire game. >> what are you doing by writing a letter. trying to elicit a change in donald trump and maybe end up voting for him? is that what this is about. >> no, that's not what it is about. he has shown us is he incapable of changing. i'm trying to get the rnc to understand down ballot is he disaster for us. i care about the seats in
5:32 pm
the house and the senate he is endangering those. >> jack, is he? he says is he raising i think the numbers are fairly staggering $08 million last month. 50 million dollars the month before. a lot of that is going down ballot to down ballot races, right? >> you heard reince priebus to. it was an absolutely rnc's error. i know, eric, because i'm involved with the trump campaign and rnc. it's fully integrated. we are moving ahead. you know, let's talk about the establishment a minute. they were there for romney. they were there for mccain. they were there for bob dole. it did not help them a bit. the establishment wants it their way. they want a candidate who talks nice and pretty and doesn't russell their -- ruffle their feathers. that's why they are mad at donald trump. is he speaking directly to the guy laid off in the factory. speaking directly to the 94 million americans under employed or unemployed. he is speaking directly to the 43 million americans who are on food stamps. are the ones whose household
5:33 pm
income fell from $57,000 to three years ago to 53,000 today. that's why he did so well in the primary. he brought back those reagan democrats. and those disenfranchised republicans who got tired of the status quo establishment. >> let me bring rina in here. three groups. number one the trump base, you have the support for trump. number two now you have the rnc. reince priebus is touring with trump right now with support for donald trump. there is this third group now that's holding out that just incapable of getting behind g.o.p. candidate and the establishment republicans. aren't you holding back the white house in 2016 for a republican? >> listen, eric, the realty is mat mentality that i have to fall in line behind my party's nominee simply because he said he is one of mine. that's mentality is outdated. i want to ask the congressman this. if hillary had trump is so bad d she is so strong how he is
5:34 pm
doing so well in georgia? >> george washington could not stand adverse press for the last 10 days that donald trump has but it's still a tight race which speaks to her weakness and his strength. look at the press attack on him. look at the unification of the left. let's talk about the sanders' supporters. 80% of them now are on board with hillary clinton. they accept that this is about power. they accept that, hey, my guy didn't get there but who is the most liberal for me? and i don't know why conservatives don't have that kind of mentality. you had 16 other choices. and the process was fair and donald trump won the process. and is he clearly the most conservative one. again, look at the economy. look at foreign policy. it's a wreck. donald trump is addressing those things in a conservative manner. >> okay. rina, i'm going to give you the last word. >> the congressman is putting aside the fact that mr. trump has brought on this adverse press himself by attacking gold star families, slain soldiers'
5:35 pm
parents, regardless of their religion was completely wrong. republican women are recognizing that instead of enjoying the 90-some percentage support that romney and mccain and former george w. bush did at this point in the game is he enjoying only 72% of support from republican women. republican women are rejecting mr. trump's candidacy because his message is divisive and he has shown that he doesn't understand the core issues of foreign policy as well as our constitution. >> all right. we're going to leave it right there jack and rina, good debate. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> a stunning new report shows just how much the media relishes every trump controversy while playing down the clinton one. the factor will be right
5:36 pm
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mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. new alka seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief. thanks for staying with us for this special edition of the factor. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. and in the unresolved problem segment tonight, can donald trump ever get a fair shake from the mainstream media? even they admit the cards are stacked against trump. >> the media, by nature, i think does lean a little left and it is a higher educated. >> sure. >> more liberal, i think -- they were going along for the ride because they had to but then something else is kicking in now. i think all of that is what is happening what i called. >> inin case you missed that
5:40 pm
donny said they are backing him into corner. documenting the pattern of bias in the campaign coverage. joining me now from virginia tim graham, director of the media analysis at that organization. so, tim, the number we had you on earlier in the week and the numbers were this and they went to this and now they are this. widening the gap. >> yeah. it went from 4 to 1 to 5 to 1 to 7 to 1 in terms of them beating up on trump over the second amendment people comments versus how they really didn't want to talk about the father of omar mateen, the mass murdering terrorist. we found the same thing in the newspapers, actually. it was actually even worse because the "new york times" and the "the washington post" both had hammered trump in front page stories and top staff editorials in to the muck with donald trump and then you couldn't find any mention of omar mateen in those papers, the
5:41 pm
"the washington post" actually had like two sentences deep in a story on the zika virus. it's comical i think what donny deutsche was saying we felt force to do cover donald one way in the primary but now that it's the general election our conscience is getting the better of us. >> this one jumped out to me. the networks gave double the coverage of the trump tower climber than hillary clinton's email scandal. >> yeah. this latest story of how the emails between the state department and the clinton foundation show this kind of coordination like they are both incorporated. they were giving it 30 seconds here and 30 seconds there in the middle of their trump is so losing stories. but, yeah, they gave 5 minutes the other morning to a guy climbing trump tower with suction cups. it just shows you, i mean,
5:42 pm
their unserious shows. and they are seriously not interested in the kind of stories that make the clintons look bad. they are just not interested in that. >> now, do you do research into why this is happening, why the massive bias? do you have numbers on the percentages of on air hosts there liberal and news directors whom are liberal? >> well, we used to have those back in the day they used to do polls. guess who decided they did not want to be subjected to polls? the last really reliable number i remember, we were all talking about was in 1992 where they found 92 percent said they voted for clinton. 7 percent said they voted for george h.w. bush. and i don't believe that number. i think clinton's number was higher than 92%. that's the kind of press that we have. my you everyone around me did not vote for george w. bush and so did he.
5:43 pm
>> it comes from upper levels of management to news directors, editorial people right on to people in front of the camera, right? >> yes. and that's important, again, in this day and age that you have the disney corporation. you would assume that's conservative, no. the disney corporation stock full of liberal democrats. you can see it in their donation records. comcast owns nbc universal, the largest pile of donors to barack obama in the media world. yes, media companies today, you know, the harvard leftist would try to tell you that all the media corporations are capitalists, therefore, they would be trumpers, they are not. these are media companies today are liberal democrats. they're very diversity conscious, so, of course, they don't like donald trump at all. >> all right, tim. we're going to leave it right there. thank you very much. next up, do we all need to get a sense of humor? donald trump now saying he was being sarcastic when he called the president the founder of isis.
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in the personal story segment tonight, car sarcasm on the campaign trail. donald trump caused quite a accusing president obama being quote the founder of isis. now mr. trump is saying. this obviously being sarcastic, then but not that sarcastic to be honest with
5:48 pm
you. [ laughter ] >> and they all said he should not say that. that is -- they should call him an enabler. he is enabler. i said that doesn't sound the same he is enabler. these people are the worst. but, listen, i said the founder of isis. and, in fact, very soon he is going over to pick up his most valuable player award. did i say that? i say it all the time. so they knew i was being sarcastic. but now they are analyzing did i really mean that? how could i say that? >> joining us now from stockbridge, georgia, former presidential candidate herman cain, now a fox news contributor and author of the book "the right solutions." mr. cain, thanks for joining us. everyone on the left, the media is worried about donald trump's words. they say words matter, words matter. how about hillary clinton's actions? >> words do matter, but the
5:49 pm
liberal media better get used to the fact that donald trump sometimes uses edgy metaphors and he came back. and they came back and said actually you note he didn't mean it literally, anybody with any brains would have figured that out. if you go back and look at the facts when president obama took office isis did not exist. isis grew because he announced the withdrawal from iraq. isis grew because we were pulling out our troops. so, factually, he is the one who stimulated the rise of isis and get used to the fact that donald trump is going to use edgy metaphors. that's all it is to it. he has a since of humor, eric. >> okay. but there are two of them this week. we had the second amendment comment. >> yes. >> and then we had this one. i don't know, maybe he should maybe stop being so edgy. >> let me talk about the
5:50 pm
second amendment one. that's a perfect example. the liberal media put words in his mouth. that's what they wanted the people to hear because, as you know, perception is 50% of this whole thing about painting the picture of a president. and this is what they wanted to be what he wanted to be what he meant. he didn't mean that. he didn't say that. they put words in his mouth. so all of a sudden you have this furor over what the thought he meant that's what's wrong with the way the liberal media is treating this campaign. as a good friend of mine pointed out, there are twod presidentia races going on -- the one through the lens of the media that the liberals are trying to control and the one on the ground. the oneer on the ground is what causing donald trump to continue to be popular amongst the working people. >> but herman, are some of these
5:51 pm
provocative words, are the pols reacting to this? >> yes. they're reacting to this because this is what the liberals media is feeding to the public. i don't believe these polls, eric. what they're trying to do -- and i've looked at some of the polls. and i read allth the way to the end. if they don't tell me how many were in the d sample, what the distribution was amongst republicans, independents, and democrats, and it's less than 1,000 and they don't tell me the distribution i don't want to believe the poll. but they take the headline that the pollsters put out there and say oh, hewow, hillary clinton beating trump in all of these polls. she's not beating him on the ground. she might be beating him in terms of what the media wants people to believe. >> buthe these are two differen stories. so either the polls are reacting to his words in a negative way because he's slipping a little bit in the polls. or it doesn't matter. so i'm trying to figure out --
5:52 pm
or the polls are skewed is maybe your second opinion right there. so whichth one is it? are they reacting to him or are they skewed? >> i think they're skewed. and let me give you an example. reuters the other day came out with a poll that said hillary clinton had a lead. and another pollster, you know, basically pointed out the fact that they oversampled on democrats. they had about 150 more democrats in the poll than they did republicans. how do you think it'so going to come out? it's going to come out more in favor of hillary clinton. pat cadell was the one who made the comment and made the initial observation. so if we don't know what the distribution is in these polls i don't believe them. because i believe a lot of the polls are trying to tell the public a foregone conclusion of what they want people to believe so they will not go to polls and vote and so they could become down on donald trump. and this has gotten even worse oncece we've gotten into the general election mode of trump
5:53 pm
versus clinton. >> yeah. youu certainly get a constant feed of that one direction. herman, i wanted to talk to you about donald trump's economic plan versus hillary clinton's. but we ran out of time. maybe next time. mr. cain, thank you so much. back in a moment, an actor says he's being blacklisted in hollywood because he's supporting donalden trump. you'll hear that whole story. and it's surprising, next. pport. you'll hear that whole story, and it's surprising, next. [ crowd noise ] whoa. [ gears stopping ] when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. try this. but just one aleve has the strength to stop pain for 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve.
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craso come dive into disheser like the new alaska bairdi crab dinner with sweet crab from the icy waters of alaska. or try crab lover's dream with tender snow and king crab legs. love crab? then hurry, crabfest ends soon. in in the back of the book segment tonight, blacklisted in hollywood for backing donald trump. actor antonio sabato jr. is one of the few people in tinseltown openly supporting the trump campaign. sabato spoke to the republican national convention last month, and since then the soap opera star says he's been cut off from working. i recently spoke to antonio
5:56 pm
sabato jr. and asked him to respond to this sound bite. >> i don't believe that the guy is a christian. i don't believe he follows the god that i love and the jesus that i love. >> why is it that you don't believe that president obama is christian? this is the man who regularly attends church services -- >> no, he doesn't. he does not. actually, he does not attend church. he actually has never talked about jesus christ once. i've met a lot of christians. i know christians. i am one. and i don't believe he is. >> so antonio, do you think -- that's pretty provocative commentary right there. maybe that has something to do with your having a tough time getting some gigs. >> listen, the liberals probably should be on my side because if i call our president muslim that should be good for them. but the truth of the matter is the president can be a christian one day, he can be a muslim another day. he chooses. he's really good at choosing what he can be. i should rephrase nap he can be anything you want him to be depgding on his politics. >> sure. tell me about what kind of gigs
5:57 pm
are you getting turned down that you may have been getting prior to the rnc? >> well, eric, when i got back from the rnc, i had two projects lined up. and when i talked to "variety" it was just -- we talked about everything. we talked about me being -- my mother's jewish. we talked about my great-grandparents being in auschwitz. we talked about my heritage. we talked about where i came from, my politics. we talked about everything. but one of the incidents that i talked about was when i got back from the rnc i had two projects lined up in hollywood and all of a sudden when they heard me speak about being on trump's side, that those projects are out. and they were not going to hire me again. now, i'm not blacklisted from the entire -- i mean, that's what they want to do. the liberal media want to just put blacklisted, i'm done, this is it, it's over. but it's not true. i know a lot of casting directors, a lot of people -- >> so talking about these two projects, what did they -- you were in line or you had the jobs and then they said poof, the project went away? >> i had the job. >> they replaced you with
5:58 pm
someone else? >> they went away completely. they actually said -- we went back to them and we said listen, we're ready, we can shoot these things. i think one was in august. the other one was in september. they said we're not going to hire him. >> commercials? >> if i didn't go -- no, this was movies. one was a movie of the week. the other one was an episodic on a tv show. you know, i've been working as an actor, believe it or not, for over 30 years. i make a living being in this industry. and sometimes when you talk about the left or you support somebody like donald trump all of a sudden there's -- i won't say the whole business. but there's a good size that they're very to the left and -- >> no secret hollywood is wildly liberal. skews far, far, far left. is it anti-obama that's giving you such headaches or the pro-trump side? >> i don't think it's anti-obama. i think anything to do with republican party. i think anything to do that you're against hillary or obama
5:59 pm
or whatever. i know people who were at the rnc, celebrities that i know, actors who i know, who did not speak but they were there and they get some stuff in return that is not so good. so you want to keep quiet. but i stood to my ground, my beliefs, and we'll go from there. it's all good. >> last question. you didn't see this coming? after speaking with the high-profile speaking spot at the rnc, you didn't see that hollywood was going to push back? >> i really don't care. it's a matter of my beliefs. my integrity. when i sleep at night i believe what i say is right to who i am. i'm not here to preach. i'm not here to change people's minds. there are people who are going to stay with me. and i have a great family. i believe in the greatest, jesus christ. i'm good to go, man. it is what it is. i believe trump is going to be our next president. i hope he is. >> yes, sir. thank you very much, antonio sabato jr. thank you, brother. >> thank you, brother. >> and that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching this special edition of "the factor," and thanks for joining me all this week while bill was out.
6:00 pm
but have no fear, bill o'reilly will be back on monday to make the factor great again. please remember the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. right now on "justice." >> this is the biggest load of bull i ever heard. >> the cavalier clintons are at it again. in tonight's opening statement, i'll tell you why what we now know about the clinton foundation and its pay to play politics are enough to disqualify hillary clinton from a move into the white house. plus, can this campaign be saved? >> it's so easy to solve. everybody understands that. >> i talk to the trump campaign about the rough couple of weeks and how they can get right back on message and right back on top for november. "justice" starts now.


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