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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  August 14, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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and that's it for today. have a great week. we'll see you next on "fox news sunday." tv for sure. that is all for us. have a great day and i want to jump-start america and it can be done and it won't even be that hard. our opposition, on the other hand, has long ago run out of ideas. all hillary clinton has to offer is more of the same. more regulations, more bureaucrats and more restrictions on american energy and on american production. more of that. if you were a foreign power looking to weaken america, you couldn't do better than hillary clinton's economic agenda.
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>> welcome to "the journal editorial report." i'm paul gigot. steve moore will be here in a little bit to breakdown the republican nominee's policy. first, we take a look at the democratic nominee's economic plan. on thursday in michigan, hillary clinton unveiled her proposals attacking trump along the way and suggesting that his ideas would trigger a recession. >> when it comes to arguing jobs, i would argue it's not even close. even conservative experts say trump's agenda will pull our economy back into a recession. by contrast, the same analyst found that with our plans, the economy would create more than 10 million new jobs. >> joining the panel this week, "wall street journal" columnist and deputy editor dan henninger,
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james friedman, member of the editorial board, joe rego and columnist mary ana stays yeah ogrady. >> the most important thing was what i didn't hear, which is that she did not talk about growth or productivity, which is really what is missing in this economy. >> she talked about jobs. >> that's different, though. she talked about if the government could get more in taxes from rich people and deploy it the way she thinks is important, that somehow you could create what i would call demand side spending. and that when those consumers go out to spend, that will boost the economy. of course, that's a ridiculous equation and it's not like it hasn't been tried before. >> i want to spend 250, $275 billion in infrastructure spending, roads, bridges, the
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electrical grid, those kinds of things and that will put people to work. a lot of americans look at that and say, yeah, sure, government is putting people to work. what's wrong with that? >> well, first of all, what we've learned about infrastructure spending, shovel ready, if that sounds familiar to you, it doesn't work. that is not how capitalists deployed in a way that is productive. in other words, that increases the productivity, the output per hour. it's what raising wages. >> but can it do that? can it not increase productivity, if it's a bridge that eases construction over the hudson river? >> well, i think it's a little bit of a fantasy to think that that is going to happen. when we look at why the shovel-ready projects didn't work was regulations a the capitalists deployed. markets deployed capital to their highest uses which is why
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you have productivity gains in the free market and not with government. i would also add, paul, that of the 10 million jobs she says she's going to create, about 7 million of them are going to be created in the next ten years whether there's a change in the law or not. so she's fudging the number as little bit there and make it look like she has some great jobs creating program. >> james, trump versus clinton, what did you see? what are the big differences here? what are the differences trump is trying to drive with clinton? >> this is the difference that can win him the election, if he stays focused. it's the difference between her speech and his which was encouraging. mary talked about the productivity problem. >> we talked about the infrastructure spending. but where are the differences? is it on taxes? >> taxes are a huge difference. what he's saying is i'm going to make it much cheaper, easier to invest in the united states. he's saying i'm going to change
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the tax rules, lower the rate, allow you to immediately expense capital investments when you build them in factory, buy a new machine, much easier and cheaper to do that now. what she's saying is i'm going to tax you more and punish you if you try to leave the united states for a lower tax jurisdiction. he's saying, come here and build. she's saying it's going to be expensive and more so to build here. so i think is the key issue. >> dan, what do you think? i heard on trade, for example, the two of them are not all that different. i mean, hillary clinton has gone really quite a ways towards trump on trade. i even heard her say she's going to appoint a trade prosecutor, a new position in the government, to go after foreign imports and
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apply tariffs, if need be. >> yeah. and she also mentioned currency manipulation. the only other place we've heard that is in donald trump's speeches. she talked about infrastructure and donald trump has talked at great length about investing in infrastructure. this is reflecting something we've talked about often, paul, which is that when you start talking about things like infrastructure spending or getting tough on trade or tax credits. and there were enough tax credits in that hillary clinton proposal to make them dance in the streets of whatever serk kell of health he is in right now. but the democrats will always outbid us. she just has nothing in there for the private sector other than perhaps she said, infrastructure bank which would unleash the private sector. >> joe, one of the things she talked about was her ability to
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get along with members of congress on both sides. she'd be able to push this through. that's addressing the problem that if she does win, probably the republicans will at least still hold the house. not guaranteed. is it plausible that she's going to be able to do most of what she proposes? >> no. unless she does it through regulation the same way obama has. hillary clinton is running on the last eight years only more so. and so i don't think you're going to see a republican house going along with this. i think we're going to see more of the same gridlock. if you're voting for hillary clinton, it's four more years. trump is a risk but there's a possibility it could be better. >> and she's banking really on a democratic congress. >> yeah. she's certainly well to the left of obama looking for a sweep,
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has made no confessions to the center at all. >> everyone, stand by. when we come back, trump adviser steve moore joins me to breakdown the gop's nominee economic proposals. i'm terrible at golf. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. i can't believe i did it. i quit smoking. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. earlier this week, republican nominee donald trump revealed his economic proposal to reshape the american tax system. trump's plan includes three tax brackets instead of four, limits taxes on business income and ends the estate tax. so steve, welcome. good to have you with us. what do you think is the biggest, in your opinion, growth driver in the trump plan? >> i just want to hammer a point that james friedman just made that i think is really critical, that if donald trump can be disciplined enough for the next 90 days to talk about the economy and job and not who
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started isis and so on -- >> he will win this race. so what the chances of that, steve? >> well, he has to start being much more disciplined. this week was supposed to be the economy week. this is where hillary is so vulnerable. our plan is a plan that you all are going to love. we've got some of the steepest tax cuts since ronald reagan was in office and it's a plan that is modeled after what has happened in the house under paul -- under the speaker, paul ryan. so that's a really good part of it. 15% distbusiness tax is part of plan where hillary is at, she's at 50% for small businesses. that's a huge difference. >> i want to take you to a question. the tax foundation scored the original trump proposal as a $10 trillion money loser over ten years. >> yes. >> you guys have said, look,
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we're going to take that down to 3 trillion if you include growth. what i didn't hear donald trump talk about this week, he did shift the tax rates which gets some money but i didn't hear the flip side of that which is what deductions are you going to remove that is going to make this plan cost less or make the tax code more efficient? >> we've taken another page out of the wall street editorial board and said let's put a cap on the deductions so that high-end people, like warren buffett and bill gates and others will lose their deductions. you're not going to be able to take the gigantic loopholes and write-offs. i learned about those at the wall street journal because that's something you all have endorsed. that's the right way to do it. >> i didn't hear that from donald trump on monday. and i haven't heard that from him specifically. is he going to come out and endorse that? >> yeah, he has endorsed a cap.
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the specifics of how that's going to work, that will probably come out in the next couple weeks. let's not knit pick. this is a campaign document. it's not a ways and means committee. this is a big picture thing. we want to cut taxes and give relief to financially stressed-out families but there's another component of all of this that is really important. every meeting out there with donald trump, he brings this up. this is the regulatory squeeze on business. think about this, this is a guy who has built buildings in new york city. this is a man who knows about regulation and the impediments that can be put up and he believes, and i think he may be right, the regulatory structure may be a bigger i am pedestrian meant to businesses hiring and expanding. just like the 50-worker rule under obama. >> any particular regulations that he's aiming at? he proposed a regulation moratorium but you know, steve,
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there's several -- this last two years, the obama administration has moved major rule after major rule and those are playing out in a way that is going to slow growth. is he willing to stop those that are already moving? >> yeah, and what we've talked about -- this is something that you should hammer home. it's the first day agenda. you remember when ronald reagan became president, remember his first day in office, he signed executive orders that repealed the price controls on energy. it was a huge driver for the economy. i think we could place literally 50 executive orders on donald trump's desk in the oval office, first day in office, mostly just repealing those regulations that barack obama has put in place for the last two careers. for example, nfib regulations, prohibiting franchises and things like that. >> i've got to ask you, steve, and this is a place that we have disagreed with donald trump and
12:16 pm
that is on trade. as i've heard him over the last few weeks, the one policy area that he cares most about, he hammers all the time, is the trade deals. it doesn't seem to me if you impose tariffs on the board, which is a tax on the board, on goods, that is going to increase growth and in fact it's going to raise prices for consumers. >> well, this is one area where i probably disagree with donald trump. i'm a free trader and i'm an adam smith guy but he does make a point, i think, that some of these trade deals could be renegotiated in ways that making sure it's not cheating or stealing. one and china and some other asian countries are stealing our technologies and what we produce is intellectual property, whether it's computer software and drugs and vaccine and they are stealing from us and we need to have a tougher negotiator to make sure that doesn't happen.
12:17 pm
>> that's called theft. that's not a tariff at the border. >> that's true. >> i don't disagree with you and all and i don't think anybody i know would enforce laws against theft. >> but paul, we're letting these countries get away with it and what trump has said, look, when i'm sitting at the negotiating table, i am -- if you keep stealing, we are going to, you know, put some perhaps tariffs or other restrictions oncoming into our market. donald trump is a master negotiator. he did write a book called "the art of the deal" and i'm a free trader but maybe having somebody at the negotiating table who is a little tougher could reveal dividends. >> energy.
12:18 pm
i know. he's going to open up energy and we support that. >> that's good. >> thank you for coming steve. >> i hope we got your support now. don't be so tough on us. when we come back, the e-mail scandal plaguing hillary clinton's presidential campaign is back and raising new concerns about the state department's ties to the clinton foundation.
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welcome back to this special edition of "the journal editorial report." hillary clinton's private server is coming back to haunt her. there are questions about the close relationship between the state department and the clinton foundation. republican nominee donald trump responding by suggesting clinton was involved in illegal
12:22 pm
activity. >> it revealed the lies, the deception, the dishonesty and i say that the single greatest achievement in the career of hillary clinton will be getting out of these problems, which everybody else that's had even a tiny fraction, their lives have been destroyed. what came out yesterday reported today. right? pay for play. you're not allowed to do it. it's illegal. it's illegal. >> all right. james, what is your big takeaway from this week? what did we learn that we didn't know about the e-mails? >> i think we got more confirmation as to why hillary clinton did not want this stuff to get public, why she hid these e-mails. and basically it's as bad as we thought. it's foreign donors, very shady foreign donors giving money to
12:23 pm
the clinton foundation and then getting favors from the clinton-run state department. >> what kind of favors? >> for example, gilbert, a close pal of former nigerian dictator habacha, he was a real sweetheart. he would jail his opponents and then execute them. >> that was not shigori. no. he had to give the money back in a plea deal with prosecutors overseas. what he got after giving millions to the clintons was favors from the clinton's state department. we see in the e-mails, he wanted a meeting with a top lebanon official. clinton foundation aides contacted hillary's aides at the state department and they immediately went to work to try to make it happen. they won't tell us what happened from there. we don't know the extent of the favors. what we can see on the e-mail is them making efforts to help a big dollar clinton donor. >> dan, the statement by the clinton foundation says that has
12:24 pm
nothing to do with secretary clinton because that involved an aide of bill clinton and their foundation. so she's absolved from any responsibility for all of this. how plausible is that defense? >> i'm really glad you raised that. this had nothing to do with hillary and it was about her aides. it's just a standard practice for the clintons. it's never about them. it's a layer between them and this army of aides who take the fall for everything they do. let's get to the politics of this. her e-mail problem began on march 10th, 2015 and she said i fully complied with the law. i think everyone across the political spectrum from left to right said the handling of that press conference and e-mail server was very poor. her numbers on trustworthiness
12:25 pm
have gone straight downhill for over a year after that initial press conference. it's now to the point where 22% of the american public say they find her trustworthy. it's the biggest vulnerability she has in the election right now and trump is right, to hammer it home in speeches like that that we just saw. >> mary, is it reasonable to conclude, do you think -- she didn't turn these e-mails over, right? these were discovered because of the freedom of information act lawsuit by the folks at judicial watch. and the more evidence you see of the e-mails that she didn't turn over, the more it looks like she was trying to hide the fact of this relationship between the state department and her aides there and the foundation? >> i think there's more coming on this and julian assuage of wikileaks says he may be releasing further e-mails. >> mary, i'm sorry to interrupt. presumably those would have been
12:26 pm
hacked from her server. >> exactly, which was not secure. mrs. clinton wants to say, move on. i agree with her, this is nothing new. this is how she and her husband have operated for years. >> but there are new details. >> if you go back to haiti, her husband was in charge of the interim haiti recovery commission after the earthquake. that means that he was actually answering to her. she was his boss and it was hundreds of millions of dollars going from the usaid to haiti. and those on the commission said we quit because bill clinton is completely nontransparent. nobody know what is happened to that money but cheryl mills traveled to haiti 30 times in four years. >> okay. all right. so this is part of that. but is this going to make a difference, joe? it's clear that the clinton campaign thinks, you know what,
12:27 pm
this will go away. we don't need to worry about it. >> right. it's old news because it happened in the past. >> right. but nobody is going to pay attention to it now. we're paying attention to it but most of the press corps isn't. they will be focus on whatever trump says today. >> yeah. he certainly has a problem prosecuting a case against us, keeping an eye on the corruption but if she wins the white house, we see another round of this, only more so. >> james? >> i think there's maybe a little hope that the press stays interested for a little while because the government -- and the clintons are still stonewalling on who this redacted person in the documents, who they were trying to get a job for after the clinton foundation people said let's get this person a job. i think the president is annoyed, why isn't this published now? who is this person? >> and there is the possibility of an october surprise, as mary
12:28 pm
mentioned, such as julian assuage or someone else dumping documents. but it's still a possibility. >> they are counting on this sort of clinton corruption fatigue, that people -- oh, we've heard this before and we can move along. >> all right. thank you. much more to come in this special one-hour edition of "the journal editorial report." still ahead, a look at the latest election polls and whether donald trump needs the support of republican leaders to win. a look at whether or not donald trump needs the you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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welcome back to "the journal editorial report," i'm paul gigot. hillary clinton has taken a lead in most polls, including in the main battleground states. how comfortable is that lead and what does donald trump have to do to make a comeback? doug schoan is joining me now. you said tim kaine's pick was not going to help her. >> right. >> where does this -- do you still stand by that? >> i do stand by that. there are a couple of buts. donald trump has to stop making gaffes like the one he made this week on the second amendment. secretary clinton being a founder or mvp of isis, these
12:33 pm
gaffes have caused him a lot of support from mainstream republicans and polled the difference between her fairly substantial six-point lead now and much tighter race we had two weeks ago is the defection of mainstream republicans, particularly women. >> you see hillary clinton seems to have -- you can disagree with me if you want, upper 80s and -- >> yes. >> for republicans supporting trump, it's down 70, low 70s. >> 74%. >> that's a loser's percentage, right? >> correct. >> he's got to be up in the -- i think romney got 90%. trump's got to be up there to have any chance. do you agree? >> i absolutely agree. he has, as i was saying, lost college educated republicans, particularly college educated. women -- and with the defection of mainstream republicans, increasingly, the national
12:34 pm
security leadership we saw this week, moderates in swing states, that makes that consolidation poll that you speak of -- >> it doesn't help that you're picking fights with prominent republicans, john mccain, kelly ayotte -- >> that made no sense at all given his electoral challenges. >> so the comment about the suburban republicans, what i'm seeing in the polling is hillary clinton is doing well among women, including some republican women. >> yes, she is. >> and minorities. mitt romney only got 27% of the hispanic vote. it looks to me like trump is doing worse than that? >> he's doing slightly worse, meaning he has to do slightly better with whites, particularly working class voters the other thing he needs to do is run a real campaign, which means advertising on tv in the swing states and building a ground game. so far, the evidence is not that he's going to have a traditional campaign. >> the figures i've seen, almost
12:35 pm
like 100 million to nothing. >> correct. and there are some people in the trump campaign who will say, look, we can use twitter and mass rallies and a free media and so much free media from the debates and elsewhere that we don't know that head-to-head advertising. >> paul, i think if this race is close and i still believe it will be close because ultimately a good number of the republican voters will come back to trump, but if that's the case, he will need a field organization, social media and advertising if he's going to narrow the gap totally with the secretary of state. >> here's the other thing that i noticed that is surprising, doug. >> sure. >> states that romney has won comfortably, arizona, for example, georgia, even utah, arguably the most republican state in the country, is closer than you would have thought and
12:36 pm
will the clinton campaign try to compete in those states? >> they are going to compete in those states. they even sent tim kaine to texas this week. i don't think ultimately they will win those states but it distracts donald trump from his core effort to win working class voters in the midwest to take on states like pennsylvania, ohio, some of which he needs if he's going to win and florida. >> do you agree that donald trump needs to make this election a referendum on clinton in the last eight years? >> absolutely. voters have said in polls they really are skeptical of both candidates and if it's a referendum on trump, he will lose. and if it's a referendum on hillary clinton, she will lose. he's got to get on message and stay there. >> doug, thanks for coming in.
12:37 pm
>> thank you, paul. ever wonder what it's like for running for office in a state not so fond of the republican presidential nominee? joe spent some time in wisconsin and got an inside look. that's next. presidential candidate. we got a look inside, that is next. sfx: rocket blasting off (dong) (ding) (ding) (ding) (ding) (ding) (ding) sfx: (countdown) 3, 2, 1 (ding) (ding) (ding) rocket
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for those who can't imagine life without two wheels, allstate offers a genuine parts guarantee, that promises to fix your bike with original parts. talk to an allstate agent about all the things they do to keep riders riding. the voters of wisconsin seem to be turning against donald trump. at least that's what the polls are saying, according to the latest marquette university poll. hillary clinton hold as 15-point lead, more than tripling her lead in july. what does that mean for other republicans like speaker paul ryan and senator ron johnson who are running for re-election in the state? joe riggi spent some time there earlier this month. >> well, you can take it both ways. look, donald trump is very unpopular in the state.
12:41 pm
paul ryan had his primary this week. he was running against a trump clone, basically, and ryan crushed him. he won with 84% of the vote. so really significant win. i think there's a strong republican party in wisconsin. on the other happened, if you look at the senate race, ron johnson is trailing russ fine gold by 12 points. >> let's talk about the ryan race. he won big despite the fact that some national republicans, some national money came in against him, some of these trumpian supporters came in for his opponent. what does that victory tell you about the state of republican politics in the state, particularly does this suggest that maybe that trump movement is more about trump personally than it is about some of trumps ideas like immigration and trade? >> well, i mean, some of that. and this was a local race that
12:42 pm
was unsuccessfully nationalized. paul ryan is very respected in the district among both parties, even among people who disagree with them. the significance of this race is that i think trumpism, trade, immigration, national security, those aftershocks are going to be with the republican party in 2018, 2020, maybe for even longer. so i think this was a preview of the intellectual. >> running ahead of trump by several points, he is still trading russ feingold, former three-term senator running against him again. he defeated him in 2010. a very good republican. how is ron johnson trying to navigate the trump phenomena? >> well, what his campaign people say is that they always
12:43 pm
knew that they would have to run ahead of the top of the ticket and if you look at how unpopular he is in wisconsin, losing support, even among republicans there's a strong anti-trump movement. >> and johnson is only down six head to head against feingold. >> what they are saying is, look, i'm an independent man. if trump wins, i'm going to stand up to him. if hillary wins, i'm going to hold her accountable. >> this is a fox news alert. i'm eric shawn in new york. we interrupt for this news conference by milwaukee mayor tom barrett holding a news conference and reaction to the unrest last night in milwaukee that followed the police shooting that police say was an armed man and a lengthy police record. that shooting, of course, sparking unrest and violence
12:44 pm
throughout the night. >> this is the people we're concerned about, the people in this neighborhood, who deserve to have a safe neighborhood. ironically, that is the reason that the officers were in the neighborhood yesterday afternoon. to preserve the safety of this neighborhood, to make sure that families could play and individuals could use the streets and the churches, that came out this morning and the community effort and to make this a safer community, the individuals need to be involved. i spoke to many people this morning, including a conversation i had with governor walker. governor walker and i have had
12:45 pm
our political differences over the years. but we talked about what happened here, about what happened in missouri, this is the decision that we've reached together. the national guard will be activated but it will not be deployed unless chief wynn decides to deploy. 125 members of the national guard are on their way to milwaukee as we speak. and again, they will be deployed if chief flynn believes that is necessary. i'm hopeful that that will not be necessary and the calm will remain in this community, and they will not have to deploy those individuals. if it is necessary, we will do so. i also want to take a moment to talk about the incident that
12:46 pm
precipitated what we saw last night. specifically, the officer-involved shooting that occurred yesterday afternoon. as i said last night at midnight, i received a call at a little before 4:00 regarding the officer-involved shooting. i went to the scene and talked to the command staff who was sat the scene at the time. when i left there, shortly after 5:00, i would say that the situation was very, very under control. there were people who were gathering but it was a peaceful situation. obviously there were emotions because the individual had lost his life. i think we have to recognize that as well. the young man lost his life yesterday afternoon. and no matter what the circumstances are, his family has to be hurting. i have a 23-year-old son. so i can't imagine what his parents are going through. i also have to say, i have not
12:47 pm
seen the video. there was a body camera that the officer was wearing. that video will be under the jurisdiction, for the time being, of the state of wisconsin because the state of wisconsin will be conducting the investigation. i have, however, seen a still photo extracted from that. and that still photo demonstrates, without question, that he had a gun in his hand. and i want our community to know that. he had a gun in his hand. now, the police officer didn't know it at the time, but there were 23 rounds in that gun, which means he had more bullets in his gun than the police officer had in his gun. and at the appropriate time, the state of wisconsin will make
12:48 pm
available that body cam video because there will be questions. undoubtedly there will be questions that arise from that. but i want our residents, and anybody who is watching this, to understand that what that police officer encountered was an individual running who had a gun in his hand. i also want to talk to the parents and members of our community for a second. last night was unlike anything i have seen in my adult life in this city. i hope i never see it again. for every member of this police department, it was unlike anything they have ever seen in their career. for every member of the fire department, it was unlike anything they have ever seen in their entire career. and i am very proud of the way our police officers and firefighters responded under tremendous, tremendous pressure. what you saw last night was
12:49 pm
tremendous restraint by our police officers. not a single shot was fired. not a single shot was fired by the police. chief flynn will talk about the number of shots that we detected being fired as a result of our use of spot shotter. but our police officers did not fire a single shot. that is tremendous restraint and i think that all residents should be thankful to our police officers and our firefighters. i'm also happy to report that the four police officers who were injured have all been released from the hospital. please keep them in your prayers but these are individuals who put their lives on the line to make this neighborhood and all neighborhoods in this city safe. they have all been released from the hospital. but again, i want to go back to the parents and residents of this city. this is still a very volatile
12:50 pm
situation, i believe. i don't know what is going to happen tonight. again, i hope the fact that people now understand that this individual had a gun, a loaded gun. he was told by the police officer if we could have parents making sure that their sons and their daughters to not get involved in the activities that occurred last night. if we need to go to a curfew, we are prepared to do that, but we are not making that decision right now. but this is certainly the time, because i've been in every neighborhood of the city, and i know how parents feel about their children, and i've been to
12:51 pm
funerals and wakes where parents have lost a child. we don't know what's going to happen if we have a flare-up tonight like we had last night. so if you love your son, you love your daughter, you love your grandchild, tell them to stay away from this area. stay away from this area. let's calm things down. we are going to have an opportunity through the investigation to find out what happened, but i think what we saw last night is we saw a police department and a fire department that acted professionally. that did what it could to maintain the peace and order in this community and we as a community owe it to each other, owe it to everybody to restore order in milwaukee tonight and for the rest of the week. chief flynn. >> thank you, mr. mayor.
12:52 pm
i'll spend a few minutes updating last night's events and also share with you a couple of additional items. we're going to identify the name of the subject that was killed in the shooting by the police officer yesterday. i understand his name has already been put out on social media by some people. we'll confirm that. his name is silvilk. smith. first name is spelled sylville middle initial k. last name smith. he was born 4/11/93. he does have a lengthy arrest record with the milwaukee police department. also going to advise you earlier this afternoon several shots were fired in the area of mpd district 7. it does not appear the building was hit or anyone was injured
12:53 pm
but the shots were, in fact, heard by the officers. overnight, a total of 17 arrests were made, eight adult males were arrested for state disorderly conduct, three adult females were arrested for state disorderly conduct, two juvenile mails were arrested for state disorderly conduct. three adult males were arrested for burglary and one juvenile male was arrested for burglary. as of my recounting now, all of those we've arrested have had prior criminal records. last night the mayor eluded to the fact that our shots spotter gunshot detective system recorded numerous shots in the vicinity of this area last night. total number of activations was 48. that doesn't mean 48 shots were fired, that means 48 different activations. some of these activations were 6, 8, ten shots fired all at once. that's a single activation. there was a great deal of
12:54 pm
gunfire in the area last night between 30th and 51st. seven squads were damaged last night, one unmarked squad as you have seen was set on fire, one marked squad was smashed by rioters and totaled. another marked squad was hit by gunfire, single shot to the trunk area. as you saw last night, we used the bear cat as a means of detecting our deployed officers. that was hit by eight rounds of gunfire last night. two of those rounds struck the windshield. one squad and one ride-in were struck by bricks breaking their windows out. we had six businesses set on fire last night. the bp gas station at 43rd and bureligh was destroyed. the o'reilly auto parts at 35nd and fondulac was destroyed.
12:55 pm
jet beauty was burned. the bmo bank branch at 36th and burleigh was heavily danged by fires. liquor stores at 22nd and fondulac and the 2 one at 22nd and fondulac was destroyed. obviously the loss of all of these businesses is a loss of dozens and dozens of jobs in that community as well as amenities that many of us take for granted in a livable neighborhood. during last night's disturbance a 16-year-old female was shot at 43rd and burleigh. she was transported to the hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. she was apparently hit by a stray bullet or other rounds being fired by the ground. we have no reported uses of force by the police last night. the mayor mentioned not only did none of the officers dealing with this disturbance use their
12:56 pm
firearms, we have no reports of them using their pepper spray, their batons, their tasers or their hands in such a way as to take somebody to the ground. we had four injured officers last night. mercyfully they were treated and released ultimately. a female officer of ours was hit by a piece of concrete and sustained a concussion and a laceration requiring seven stitches to close. another officer was struck by concrete which injured his arm. third officer was struck by concrete that was thrown at him and hit his shin and another officer was injured by flying glass. when we finish this press conference we are going to have a meeting with pastors and members of the faith community to update them on what we've learned about this incident and to urge them to continue their work. those who have already started
12:57 pm
it on their own, and also coordinate work with us to try to keep the neighborhood peaceful this evening. it's very important that those people that are in the neighborhood are consistently giving a message of peace and civility. nothing is being accomplished through acts of violence. tonight we have activated our major incident response teams. that's a total of 150 officers who have been specially trained in ground control and management. a number of them were at the scene last night. that's another reason why we've been able to police many protests over the last two years without major incident. these officers are very much trained in the dynamics of crowd control and group psychology and generally are able to effect peaceful protests without major incident, but we're calling up our members that have all been trained in that. we are going to have all of our officers in two officer patrols again. we're holding over the day shift
12:58 pm
and the evening shift and swing shifts and tactical shifts are all going to be extended as well. we're going to, therefore, maintain normal staffing in the districts to deal with the normal call for service and call load while still retaining many officers from our various task force and deployments to be able to reinforce areas that may be plagued by disturbances. at this point in time not anticipate outside jurisdiction help. we are very appreciative of the assistance we've received so far and the offers of assistance we've received from the federal partners. sheriff's office has contacted us and they are deploying numerous extra deputies tonight and they are going to coordinate their deputies in coordination with our command post. we have a very sound relationship with the members of the milwaukee county sheriff's
12:59 pm
office and we suspect that that will certainly be useful should there be problems this evening. we also have a very robust mutual aid system in place with our suburban partners if that should be necessary, but we feel at least at this point in time based on our understanding of the situation, the size of last night's incident and our work on trying to develop useful intelligence that we have sufficient officers of our own and certainly with the addition of the sheriff's department personnel that should be sufficient. obviously we're not prideful here. if we need additional assistance, we will certainly ask for it. that's our update as to now and we will do our best to answer those questions that you have and you can start now. >> can you just tell us the officer who was involved in the shooting, the race of that officer? >> you know, normally i'd like to think that doesn't matter. i know it does. i also know that there's been a
1:00 pm
lot of work on social media trying to identify him so that there are a number of people here who want to do that officer harm. he happens to be african-american and he has several years of experience and is a very active officer. and we are concerned for his safety and he's been staying with relatives out of town. >> have you talked about the initial stop? what was the initial reason for the original stop and what was the body camera able to reveal as you looked at it? >> first part of it, and i have to just give you my understanding of the initial stop. the officers have not been interviewed formally yet and dci officely ultimately controls this investigation. i can say i was advised it was a suspicion stop. they thought this vehicle was behaving in a suspicious manner. it's a rental car. it turns out we have not ascertained its status whether it was lawfully rented, st


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