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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  August 16, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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list goes on and on. ever been there, any party at the riviera? >> here and there, yeah. >> i bet you're dangerous at the blackjack table. >> how did you know? thanks for joining us. >> "america's election headquarters" starts right now. all right. donald trump back on the campaign trail one day after his speech on foreign policy calling for a whole new war on terrorism. hello, everyone, i'm sandra smith. donald trump in wisconsin today, a state he lost in the primaries. but full of working class voters that his campaign believes he can win over. meantime, hillary clinton stumping in pennsylvania. another toss-up state but one that hasn't gone republican since 1988. we have fox team coverage. jennifer griffin is following hillary clinton in philadelphia. we begin with the trump campaign
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and our own john roberts. he's standing by live in west bend, wisconsin, which is just north of milwaukee. hey, good afternoon, john. >> reporter: actually a slight correction, and it's good to see you again, sandra, it's been a little while. we are in lacrosse, wisconsin, on the far western side of wisconsin, hard along the mississippi review, where donald trump is just wrapping up a fundraiser. he's got another event in milwaukee. then he'll be in west bend this evening, talking obviously about his plans to defeat isis and radical islamic terrorism. he's throwing out the game plan that he had in place for this rally tonight. it was supposed to be a big political rally. tonight donald trump is going to give prepared remarks on the idea of law and order in america, keeping america safe and through america being safe, we can achieve economic prosperity, all as a result of what's been happening in the
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city of milwaukee, violent demonstrations after a police shooting. donald trump will address what he believes are the root causes of violence in america and these police-involved shootings, both economic and police/community relations. he told me just a short time ago in an exclusive network interview that the initial evidence would seem to indicate that the officer was justified in taking the action that he took. but donald trump will make tonight the broader point that what america really needs is a new sense of law and order. here is what he told me. >> basically it's just that, law and order. we don't have to obey the laws or we don't have a country. you have a case where good people are out there trying to get people to sort of calm down and they're not calming down, and we have our police who do a phenomenal job, in this case a gun was pointed at his head, i guess. i assume the tapes are going to
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be revealed at some point. tapes can sometimes be -- >> reporter: donald trump referring to the video from the body camera which could be released sometime until the next few days. at a political level, trump hoping to turn wisconsin red. pennsylvania hasn't voted republican since 1988, it's been even longer here in wisconsin. ronald reagan in 1984 was the last time wisconsinites went to the polls and elected a republican president. hillary clinton is ahead by nine points, one of several swing states where he's lagging behind. i asked him if he thinks he needs to turn his campaign around or does he think he's doing all right. here is what he told me. >> i actually think i'm doing good. you see, nobody has ever had crowds like this. >> reporter: you have enthusiastic supporters but do you have anything beyond that? >> we'll have to see.
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when i left wisconsin the last time, it was over for trump, it was over. interru trump was not going to win. then i went to new york and various places and won in landslides. >> reporter: no question donald trump has a core of very enthusiastic supporters who will never waver. but sandra, he has to reach out beyond that and get those independents. donald trump is scheduled to go to fbi headquarters in new york city tomorrow afternoon to receive his first intelligence briefing. he'll get a lay of the land from the intelligence and law enforcement community. >> very good. john, i have to tell you, i just made sure i started following you on twitter, because you move around so much, we can't keep track of you. year in lacrosse, wisconsin, i got it now, and you did post that, so i would have known if i had been following you. >> reporter: i'll make sure my locator is turned on in my twitter account as well. >> perfect, that will will helpful. sean hannity will be hosting a town hall tonight with donald trump focusing on terrorism and
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foreign policy. that's happening tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern, right here on the fox news channel. hillary clinton meanwhile wrapping up a meeting today with supporters and volunteers in philadelphia. polls show mrs. clinton leading donald trump in the delegate-rich state of pennsylvania which went blue in 1992 and has voted democrat in every presidential election since then. jennifer griffin joins us live from philadelphia. what is the focus there in philadelphia today? >> reporter: hi, sandra. hillary clinton just stopped speaking moments ago. we're inside a gymnasium inside west philly. there are about 500 people here. this is a mostly african-american neighborhood. it's a pretty multi-racial crowd. what's interesting is many of the white voters here came from the philly suburbs, which typically vote republican. hillary clinton's campaign reminded people today that they want to register 3 million voters across the country,
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including african-americans, latinos, and millennials. they said in pennsylvania the registration deadline is october 11th. hillary clinton tried to contrast her message, which she says is optimistic compared to donald trump. >> team usa is showing the world what this country stands for. i am proud of our team there, and i'm proud of the incredible teamwork that they show. i was thinking the other day when donald trump speaks, he speaks about fear. he speaks about such negativity and such pessimism. and then i watch the olympics and it's exactly the opposite. >> reporter: clinton's campaign is feeling so confident, and they are showing that they are planning ahead, they announced today who will lead her
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transition team if she is elected. former interior secretary ken salazar, tom donelan, former michigan governor jennifer granholm, and the president of the center for american progress. and maggie williams, director of harvard university's institute of politics. the campaign is feeling so confident with some of the polls in virginia, for instance, that her main super pac has said they will stop advertising in three key swing states in september, pennsylvania, colorado, and virginia. believe it or not, early voting begins in a few weeks in multiple swing states. absentee ballots in north carolina, for example, get mailed out on september 9th, 13 a month from now. states like michigan and pennsylvania follow only days later. republicans spent years ramping up their early voting data and field operations. so could this turn into a good
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thing for trump? david dresser is the senior correspondent for "the washington examiner" and hosting of their "examining politics" podcast. is that a good sign for republicans, david? >> right now it's not a good sign for republicans. trump is behind and has a lot less time to turn things around than a lot of his supporters as you mentioned, absentee ballots go out in north carolina september 9th, where clinton has pulled ahead. you have swing states and contested battlegrounds where absentee ballots are mailed throughout the month of september. that means hillary clinton can start banking votes before trump has a chance to turn things around, unless things start to look dramatically different over the next couple of weeks. the republican national committee for the first time ever has a modern data analytics and voter turnout program, so they are prepared to compete on this ground. and they're primarily trump's campaign. trump really doesn't have
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infrastructure or much in the way of a field operation. he's relying on the rnc. at least they have something, they didn't have anything for mitt romney four years ago. at the same time, clinton's team is better, bigger, it's been in the field longer, it's more battle-tested. so right now she's got a key advantage. >> so talk to us about the situation in some of these key battleground states. we're looking at colorado, ohio, pennsylvania. what is the latest that we're seeing out of there as we do get closer to the beginning of voting? >> right. so right now, what's happening is clinton has been able to expand the map, and for trump the map is shrinking. both candidates are flawed, both are unpopular, so i wouldn't take anything to the bank, things could turn around. obviously we have the debates coming in september and october. but where clinton has an edge is if she can maintain a bit of a lead and hold on to her supporters, where trump has to recover support among republicans who obviously are
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inclined to support him over her, then it gives her an edge when early voting starts. early voting starts in ohio in september. that's what's important to understand about the election calendar. >> what about the issue of trump being too late with his paid advertising, coming later this month, early next month, is that too late to persuade undecided voters? >> you know, this is something i don't totally understand, because trump has been raising some money over the summer. and one of the reasons that reince priebus, chairman of the republican national committee, scheduled the republican convention in mid-july is he didn't want to happen to his nominee this time around what happened to romney four years ago. romney of course didn't receive the nomination officially until late august and couldn't start using general election money until september. that meant that barack obama was able to blitz him with ads over
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the summer and in a sense calcify romney's image in the race in his favor. so i'm curious as to why the trump campaign, with whatever funds it does have, is not on the air yet in any way, shape, or form. the trump super pacs don't have much money and the hillary clinton super pack has more than $100 million. even though they're going off the air for virginia, colorado, pennsylvania, it's only for a few weeks, then then be back on the air through election day. some of this doesn't make sense to me. >> perspective is everything, governor mike pence was out talking about their campaign yesterday and kept referring to how early it still is. but here we are, we're getting close. >> i don't think governor pence believes that, i think that's what you say when you're behind. i wouldn't expect trump or pence to contribute to my sort of analysis, it doesn't do them any good.
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they have to give their supporters hope, or they won't show up and vote. >> david, thanks for joining us, good to have you. a record number of detainees transferred out of guantanamo bay. guys who served as bin laden's bodyguards among other duties. so who are they and why are they being released now? plus house republicans combing through the fbi investigation into hillary clinton's private server, and claiming she may have perjured herself in her benghazi testimony. >> secretary clinton said "i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail," is that true? >> there was classified e-mail. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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reports now saying congress will get the fbi's report on the clinton e-mail server probe this afternoon. this as house republicans are trying to get to the bottom of inconsistencies between hillary clinton's benghazi testimony and the fbi's findings about her private e-mail server. representative tom reno and 34 other lawmakers sending a letter to fbi director james comey for clarification on the investigation. in an exchange with representative trey gowdy last month, comey admitted to the inconsistencies in clinton's public statements. listen. >> secretary clinton said there was nothing marked classified on her e-mails either sent or received. was that true? >> that's not true. there were a small number of portion markings on i think three of the documents. >> secretary clinton said i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail, there is no classified material. is that true? >> there was classified material e-mail. >> secretary clinton said she
11:17 am
used just one device. was that true? >> she used multiple devices during the four years of her term as secretary of state. >> secretary clinton said all work-related e-mails were returned to the state department. was that true? >> no. we found work-related e-mails, thousands, that were not returned. >> secretary clinton said her lawyers read every one of the e-mails and were overall inclusive. did her lawyers read the e-mail content individually? >> no. >> but after that testimony on "fox news sunday," clinton had this to say. >> director comey said that my answers were truthfully and what i've said is consistent with what i have told the american people, that there were decisions discussed and made to classify retroactively certain of the e-mails. >> here now one of the congress men leading the charge for clarity, representative tom
11:18 am
moreno from pennsylvania. you were driving this effort. what exactly did you ask for, congressman? >> i asked for clarification. look, the american people deserve more. you just heard, you perfectly laid it out, in trey gowdy's questioning of the director, five lies that hillary made over a certain period of time, plus under oath, in an oversight hearing. now, you had the director of the fbi saying just the opposite of what is she saying. clearly there were classified information on her computer. she used multiple computers. >> let's get to -- because we kind of put this all clean and pretty together in a full screen so people can see exactly what was said and what is fact here. clinton e-mail claims that were untrue, she says nothing was marked classified on e-mails that were sent and received, that the e-mail had been classified material, that she had never exchanged any classified material, and that
11:19 am
she had just used one device. we know that all of those things have been said, otherwise now all work-related e-mails returned to the state department, she said no work-related e-mails were defeated from her personal account. lawyers read all these e-mails, which we now know is not true either. you were a prosecutor, congressman, for 18 years. i mean, what are you seeing here, why is this such a tough sell based on the facts on hand? >> it's because the clintons are pathological liars. they think the american people aren't smart enough to figure this out. they tell consistent lies. they make things up. if they tell it long enough and big enough, they think the american people will believe it. i'm so frustrated with the system. there was so much evidence there to indict. and it wasn't done. intent has nothing to do with it. intent is not a requirement. >> what is congress going to make of what's turned over to
11:20 am
them, from the notes, from the investigation, from the interview with hillary clinton herself, what is congress going to learn from what is turned over this afternoon? >> that she lied under oath to congress when she came in and testified before congress, before the oversight committee joint session, and i think judiciary was involved to a certain extent too. if she lied, she perjured herself to congress, therefore she can be prosecuted and spend as long as ten years in prison for doing that. this has to be handled. the director of the fbi, the justice department, in my opinion they're taking direction from the white house, saying do nothing about this. when the white house doesn't follow the law, the american people should be up in arms about this. from what i'm hearing in the state of pennsylvania, across the country, they're lived about this, they're nauseous about this. give her her day in court.
11:21 am
she doesn't want to go into a courtroom because she knows what will happen to her. >> congressman, thanks for joining us. >> we'll keep you posted. thank you. recent polling showing hillary clinton with a lead over donald trump. but when you add third party candidates, those numbers shift. could independent candidates sway the he's againrace against? >> reporter: i don't know about hillary clinton, but i'll tell you, the folks at volkswagen, the justice department is on their tail. we'll tell what you that means in just a moment when we come back. ♪ staying in rhythm, it's how i try to live, how i stay active. and to keep up this pace, i need the right nutrition. so i drink boost®. boost® complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones,
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volkswagen hitting a speed bump on the road to recovery. officials with the justice department finding evidence of criminal wrongdoing by the german automaker in connection with an emissions rigging scandal. meanwhile car days ealerships f themselves with cars they just can't sell. jeff flock, what does this mean for vw? >> reporter: bad news, and a potential criminal prosecution. this could dwarf the problems that toyota had with unintended acceleration, gm had with its ignition systems. take a look at the numbers of what they paid the federal government in a deferred prosecution. this could dwarf that in terms of the cost. and then of course there's the possibility, when you find criminal wrongdoing, that individual people could be prosecuted. that didn't happen to toyota, it didn't happen at gm.
11:26 am
it could happen here, you might see german officials at vw extradited and brought to the u.s. for prosecution. could happen. >> jeff, what has this mess done for volkswagen's sales? >> reporter: again, nothing good. we're at a dealership here, you know mt. prospect as well as i do in the chicago suburbs, they're not exactly jumping off the lot here. it's these diesel engines, dealers are stuck with them and the company hasn't said what they're going to do for dealers. sales are down about 15%, not good for those guys at tough t talking to a ford motor company ceo this morning. a lot of people bought cars right after the recession, there was that pent-up demand, and things have sort of slowed down, a double whammy for that company. jeff flock, thank you. >> reporter: thanks, sandra. new fallout in the hillary clinton private server investigation. house republicans about to get a close look at the fbi report
11:27 am
behind the probe. and pushing federal officials to charge clinton with perjury. and a group calling the guantanamo bay transfers reckless and unconscionable. the men who are considered high risk to return to the battlefield. ...clear for take off. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full.
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on russia using iran as a base to launch air strikes in syria. the department is holding a briefing right now, you're seeing live images there, calling the russia/iran teamup "unfortunate but not surprising." the targets of the strikes were said to be isis militants. tehran has never allowed a world power to use its basis. it suggests tehran and moscow are stepping up cooperation to support syrian president bashar al assad, one of their key allies in the region. another fox news alert for you, reports now saying congress will get the fbi's report on the clinton e-mail server probe this afternoon. it comes as house republicans accuse the democratic nominee of perjury, alleging clinton lied to congress while under oath. the house gop sending a letter to the department of justice, laying out specifically where they believe fbi findings contradict clinton's testimony about her e-mail setup. chief intelligence correspondent
11:32 am
catherine herridge is live in washington with more. good afternoon, catherine. >> reporter: thank you, sandra. republicans released a video contrasting clinton's 2015 testimony with the fbi director's news conference in july where he recommended against criminal charges. on a private server used specifically for government business, there are clear discrepancies. >> there's only one server and it's the server the fbi has? >> the fbi has the server that was used during the tenure of my state department service. >> secretary clinton used several different servers during her four years at the state department. >> in this brief letter, the justice department confirms it has the perjury referral from the oversight committee but makes no commitment to act on the allegations nor is a timeline provided to lawmakers. meantime a federal fbi official said an fbi analysis comparing what clinton told congress and what she told the fbi in her
11:33 am
interview should really only take weeks and not months. >> perjury is pretty straightforward. they look at the testimony she provided in light of what they know to be or suspect to be the truth. and they investigate both sides of it. and once again, they take the aggregate of that investigation and turn it over to a prosecu prosecutiprosecut prosecutive authority for a decision. >> reporter: clinton's campaign says all of these discrepancies have been cleared up. >> catherine, what do we know about the notes of clinton's interview and what congress will get them? >> reporter: the fbi notes could go to the government oversight committee as early as wednesday this week. they say the holdup was with legislative affairs at the state department. the state department wasn't given prior access to the notes and a reporter asked if they
11:34 am
were not happy about it. >> i would characterize it this way. the state department has asked the fbi that we be kept apprised of information provided to congress that contains sensitive information for an opportunity to review it. such an opportunity for review is in peepikeeping with standar interagency process. >> reporter: the fbi notes from clinton's interview are classified at a very high level, it's a top secret, sensitive, compartmentalized information, or tssci, which means it has to be stored in a secret facility known as a skiff on capitol hill, which shows that this information should not have been on a server that had less security than a gmail account. >> catherine, thank you. marjorie clifton, principal of
11:35 am
clifton consulting, and larry o'connor, host of "mornings on the mall" and editor at large for "" marjorie, what's going to happen today when the notes get turned over to congress this afternoon? >> i suspect a lot of the same. right now republicans are exhausted by examining and reexamining and parsing words. i'm not defending anything related to what hillary clinton did with the e-mails or the servers, but i think largely this has been thoroughly investigated, and a lot of congressional time spent on this. largely this is going to be more of the same noise, more of the same discussion. if there was anything to be found, it likely has been found, because again, this has been investigated now for years. so i think it's -- >> larry, to marjorie's point, that is what you hear from the left, they say, come on, where are you going with this, she's already answered all the questions. but we do know these facts, as
11:36 am
trey gowdy clearly laid out. we showed you earlier in the show. she said nothing was marked classified. james comey said that there were some classified material that was exchanged on her e-mails. she said she had one device. he says she had multiple devices. i could continue to go on here. we've already said this in this hour, are we going to learn anything new when the notes of that interview are turned over later? >> anything new, no, although it's interesting, if she was exonerated and did nothing wrong, why all the secrecy, why is everyone concerned about getting these notes out there? you know she lied, right, marjorie? she won't admit that she lied but the fact is she did lie and democrats don't fair, they love the fact she'll vote to keep abortion legal, even though she lied, they're willing to vote for someone who lied. >> marjorie, you can respond. you can say whatever you want. >> i don't think that was exactly logical, but okay. democrats don't think this is a fabulous moment.
11:37 am
but if she were not running for the office of the president, she would not be scrutinized in the same way. >> but did she lie, marjorie? >> again, there have been details that have been examined and reexamined by the authorities. >> we'll wait for the notes to get turned over to congress later today. meanwhile let's talk about these independent candidates and what impact they could have on the race for the white house as they spend a little more money on ads than donald trump is. clinton's campaign has spent $61 million so far. the green party's jill stein has spent $189,000. libertarian gary johnson, $15,000. the trump campaign, i'll go to you first with this, larry, has spent zero. what is this going to be mean for the race? >> it means that he's way behind and it sure looks like he's way behind, doesn't it? these third party candidates, fourth apart candidates, they're not going to win anything, they're just there as a safe
11:38 am
haven for people who don't want to vote for hillary clinton or donald trump, because honestly, this election for many people is who do you hate the least. personally i don't like some of the boorish things he says. but the fact that he will finally enforce immigration laws will make a difference in my life. the fact that he's rude and obnoxious doesn't make a difference in my life. a lot of people don't like that. >> i want to know what you guys had for lunch. >> i want to bring in some of this recent polling and look at one of the key battleground states. we've got virginia, the latest poll there showing clinton is beating donald trump by 14% among registered voters. but when you take into account likely voters and those third party candidates i just mentioned, that siphons votes away from hillary and her lead then drops to 7%, marjorie.
11:39 am
>> yeah, well, first, i just need to say i'm surprised that larry is so pro-trump when he's anti-liar. there's been more of the discrepancies in terms of truth with trump for sure than hillary on the campaign trail. but that's neither here nor there. your question has to do with fundraising and virginia. i think largely the swing voters we're seeing in this current election are coming from the republican side of the fence. we've got a lot of the independents, the in-betweens. we're capturing a lot of the republicans who frankly find trump so distasteful that they are moving to vote for hillary. i think that's where some of these independents might provide an alternative to voting for hillary. >> larry? >> no, it's true. the thing that really worries me about the future of our nation is that democrats don't find hillary distasteful. >> we have to leave it there, guys. again, what was it that you had for lunch? >> lots of wheaties. >> good to have both of you.
11:40 am
thank you. the obama administration, as we now know, righteouseleasing detainees from guantanamo bay, sending them to the united arab emirates in the largest transfer of gitmo inmates since president obama took office. all considered at high risk for returning to the battlefield. doug mckelway is live in washington. who are these guys, doug? >> reporter: president obama's own task force determined most of the remaining detainees were too dangerous to transfer. but that has not stopped the administration from doing it anyway. among the 15 whose release was announced yesterday, a man who served as the board guard for osama bin laden. another one trained at al qaeda's training camp and fought on the front lines against coalition forces in afghanistan. another one was an explosives
11:41 am
expert who joined an al qaeda ied team that targeted coalition forces in afghanistan. after he was captured by u.s. forces while in possession of 23 anti-tank land mines, he admitted using them to target u.s. forces. these are the guys among the 15 released. the director of national intelligence says 5% of guantanamo prisoners released in the obama era have reentered the fight and another 8% are suspected of reengaging in terrorist activities. during the bush administration, 21% of released detainees reengaged and another 14% were suspected of doing so. congressional republicans long opposed to these prisoner releases again tore into the administration. senator tom cotton writing today, quote, history will not remember president obama for enhancing our national security. it will remember him for severely and needlessly weakening it. 19 more prisoners are expected to be released soon. 61 remain at gitmo, sandra. >> doug, thank you. progress being made out
11:42 am
west, fighting a massive wildfire burning in california. police say they have the person they believe started it. plus officials now say ten people are dead and tens of thousands of homes are damaged in southeast louisiana. the state struggling to deal with historic flooding there with yet more rain in the forecast.
11:43 am
11:45 am
shepard smith on the fox news desk. a trump live event coming. we're expecting donald trump to meet with police in milwaukee in the next hour, following days of protest against police that sometimes turned violence. more on his rally and meeting tonight with governor scott walker, a former rival who says he quit his own campaign to make sure trump wouldn't win the nomination. how will that go? top of the hour, "shepard smith reporting." see you then. time for a quick check of the headlines.
11:46 am
authorities in germany arresting a man who sold a gun and ammunition to a 18-year-old killer identified as david s. he killed nine and wounded dozens of others in munich on july 22nd, then took his own life. the national weather service confirming several tornadoes hit central indiana. they knocked out power lines and damaged several homes there. parts of the state also hit with nearly a foot of rain. and washington, dc's first female police chief is stepping down. cathy lanier says she's accepted a job as the nfl's head of security. turning to another disaster wreaking havoc, this one in louisiana. officials raising the death toll there to ten people now in what they call thousand-year flooding. as many as 40,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed by the floodwaters that may take days if not weeks to recede.
11:47 am
casey stegall is live in baton rouge, unbelievable pictures, casey. >> reporter: sandra, so heartbreaking. officials tell us despite what you see back here, there is still very much a search and a rescue operation going across the state of louisiana. this neighborhood in baton rouge has been given an all-clear. we've seen some of the floodwaters starting to go down. you not only have a lot of local first responders of course on the ground, working round the clock here, but also the national guard has been deployed. we've seen them. in addition to the u.s. coast guard using air assets to pluck people from their homes, surrounded by fast-rising floodwaters. in fact some 30,000 people have been rescued here since friday, including more than 500 pets. neighbors are pulling together here, some using their own boats to help people out of neighborhoods, neighborhoods that frankly look more like
11:48 am
lakes instead of residential property. >> nobody is going to be forgotten. we're going to work around the clock and we're going to do everything humanly possible to render aid. >> reporter: another body was discovered in the water near baton rouge. that brings the death toll now to ten across the state of louisiana, where nearly half of the state's parishes have been declared federal disaster zones. up to two feet of rain falling over a 48-hour period in some areas over the weekend, sending mud and muck into people's homes and businesses. what's more, officials believe here in baton rouge particularly, only 12% of the homes damaged are protected by flood insurance. >> wow. casey stegall, thank you. now to california, an arrest in connection with a wildfire burning north of san francisco. the so-called clayton fire
11:49 am
destroying dozens of homes and charring thousands offed a he is of land. claud claudia cowan is live with more. >> reporter: sandra, the suspect's name is damin park ilk. he's got a criminal record. he's been arrested at least a dozen times since 2005, including eight years ago on drug and weapons charges as well as parole violations. authorities haven't said what led to his arrest yesterday but have indicated more charges could be coming, along with the 17 counts of arson he faces now. he is expected to be arraigned tomorrow. progress to report out on the fire line, firefighters now have this fire 20% contained and have held it to just 4,000 acres. no injuries reported, but obviously a lot of devastation here in lower lake. sandra? >> claudia cowan, thank you.
11:50 am
breaking news on the hillary clinton e-mail probe. and one of the biggest mysteries of world war ii may be solved within days as excavation begins at a site when had been secret for generations. you both have a perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates
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fox news alert, congress has been given fbi documents on the server probe. kathryn harris is live now in washington with the latest there. hey, kathryn. >> fox news confirmed portions of the fbi file from the clinton e-mail case have gone to the house oversight committee. not all the documents they were hoping for. some had redaxs. based on our reporting to take
11:54 am
out personably identifiable things. some of the materials were considered so highly sensitive by the fbi, they are only being provided to the house and senate intelligence committees and not to the oversight committee. to break that down for a layperson, it means some of the intelligence is so sensitive, there will be members of congress who won't have the necessary clearance to read them. this information will be held in a secure facility. that underscores the fact this intelligence that is so high was on one time on a server like leaving the information on an internet park bench. >> wow. the very latest is some of that has been turned over. we won't necessarily see it because of the sensitivity of it. kathryn, thank you. >> you're welcome. more on that, later.
11:55 am
the big dig getting under way in poland after a team of explorers point to evidence of a nazi gold train buried in a massive labyrinth in the tunnels of southwestern poland. trace is live with more on that. >> legend has it, during world war ii, the germans built tunnels to flee. there was said to be a tunnel for adolf hitler. a nazi train loaded with artwork, artifacts and gold vanished within the series of tunnels. the problem is, the project was never finished so it was on a track to nowhere. last year, two germanmen found it and agreed to unload it for 10% of the treasure. they are skeptical the train ever existed. a study seems to back it up. a separate report says they
11:56 am
think there is a train. they are digging right now. 300 feet long, they believe the train is. it will take a day or day and a half. we should find out tomorrow if the mystery, 65 years, 75 years running will be solved within 24 hours. sandra? >> wow! what a story. trace gallagher, thank you. we'll be right back. life can be.e, we knoy these kids were headed to their first dance recital... ...when their windshield got cracked... ...but they couldn't miss the show. so dad went to the new safelite-dot-com. and in just a few clicks, he scheduled a replacement... ...before the girls even took the stage. safelite-dot-com is the fast, easy way to schedule service anywhere in america! so you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! that's another safelite advantage. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. is depression more than sadness? (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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12:00 pm
you have the distance, hurdles, a water barrier. i would know, i used to run it, in college. there i am. lsu tigers, go baby. go tigers. that's for you, shep. i'm sandra smith. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast, 2:00 p.m. in wisconsin will donald trump is hoping to gain ground today. he's set to meet with law enforcement. we'll bring you the news live. breaking today, the first classified briefing from the fbi. with we'll give you that schedule. meantime, house republicans playing out perjury accusations against hillary clinton. they say her testimony to congress does not match what the fbi discovered. what happens now? lots of politics, so let's get to it. announcer: now, shepard smith reporting, live from the fox news desk. >> first from the fox news desk, donald trump said to get his first classified briefing


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