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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  August 16, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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please always remember that the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight we're moments away from what's being a groundbreaking speech from donald trump. i'm margaret maccallum in for meggy kelly. welcome to the kelly files. donald trump was meeting with law enforcement officials where a police-involved shooting sparked several nights of horrific violence in the streets. after pulling an audible, they decided to refocus this speech and turn to the situation at hand in the state of wisconsin where they are. similar incidents, of course, have happened in other cities across the country, so the campaign is saying tonight we're going to hear quite a bit about the law and order theme which was something that was a major
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focus of what we heard from the candidate at the convention in cleveland and coming out of that convention there was a lot of positive momentum, so he may be trying to sort of put these things together in order to get back there. chief political correspondent carl is live with the latest. good evening, carl. >> reporter: hi, margaret. welcome to the badger state. there is roughly 2,500 or 3,000 people in the auditorium here. mr. trump is running late. this trip to wisconsin, the last primary that he lost during the nomination process has been on the books for quite some time, but because of the violence that happened in milwaukee over the weekend, the decision was made to include the law enforcement and veterans roundtable earlier today which included rudy giuliani, the former mayor of new york as well as presidential chaenlt and sheriff david clark.
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giuliani is a particular surrogate and will be part of the rally in about an hour mostly because he was the mayor of new york and he helped clean up new york city in a way a lot of people are nostalgic about now given the decay that they've skpernlsed with the de-blasi mayoralcy. we've got lots of introductions to be made. what trump basically said to his staff was we have to make tonight's rally into something more substantive, particularly having met with the law enforcement officials today, so they crafted this speech that will be delivered by teleprompter here in probably another 45 minutes to an hour. as we speak, trump and company are in milwaukee where they're finishing up an interview with sean hannity that will be airing shortly obviously at 10:00 eastern and we expect them to get here shortly.
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what he intendes to do is make the argument that liberal policies, hillary clinton and barack obama's social approach to poverty, lack of education, lack of opportunity, inner city crime problems have all failed and that rather than giving people a hand up as the cliche goes they've been given handouts and the problem has gotten worse. there will be a great deal of talk of respecting the men in blue, respecting police officers n particular in case of this wisconsin shooting where there is said to be body camera of the officer. the man who was the victim actually had a gun in his hand. there will be a lot of expressions about how law and order is necessary, but what trump plans to do in something of a historic way is make the argument that he will create jobs, he will reform ed karks he'll deal with better housing,
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he will deal with crime in a way that those very communities have been crying out for and not getting. it may be a difficult sell here because he plans to use a teleprompter in what is becoming an increasingly raucous rally. i don't know if you can see over my shoulder but people in the audience are fanning themselves with their posters and placards and things like this because it's getting really, really hot. and putting him through a 35 to 45-minute rally may make him weary. this is an enthusiastic crowd. this is unprecedented. trump has never done a rally with a teleprompter. they argue it's unprecedent and historic because of the massive and sweeping reforms he'll be discussing as goals. we haven't had any indication, martha, that there's going to be specifics in all of this but that's generally the trend with mr. trump.
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he tells folks what his priorities will be, he has negotiating positions, and he has goals, but he's willing to be diplomatic once he's the president in order to find national solutions. so a bold move, one that given the circumstances of national crime seems perfectly appropriate and well timed and in fact aides say there was a sense in the trump campaign they were in the right place at the right time for very, very unfortunate reasons and now is the time to give the tough on crime law and order speech, martha. >> as you hear, the crowd is getting quite restless. if they want to seize this moment and have their attention before everybody passes out from the heat, timing is everything in politics and in life, so we'll see how this works out tonight. carl, thank you very much. good to have you with us. we'll be back to carl as we waits for all of this to get started tonight. trump's speech comes at a tough time for the candidate. he's down by nine and by seven,
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depending on which polls you're looking at in the national picture right now. he's seen some very rough numbers in the key battleground states, in florida. hillary holds the lead there. in virginia, a state that was a lock for the republicans until barack obama change thad in 2008. he is now down a staringing 14 points. he has his work cut out for him in the state that republicans always have wanted to get back since the obama presidency. that slide so notable that electoral analysts from cook political, abc news 5rks 38 all predicting that clinton has the states necessary to clinch 270 electoral votes needed to win the house some of this could get very interesting. joining me now, politics editor, kellyanne conway and doug shoen. welcome to all of you, great lineup.
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chris, let me start with you in terms of timing and logistics and how these things work. as carl showed us it's hochlt donald trump is going to try to pull off something tonight he doesn't want to do. he wants to do a sub stan tiff speech with a teleprompter, a groundbreaking speech of how it's created the viernlts, this is what he's going to argue, on what has led to the rise of what we've seen in the streets of wisconsin and then he's going to roll into rally mode. how is that going to work out? >> it's going to be like your own opening act. it might work if they don't pass out from the heat. i don't know if keeping them waiting is going to be good. he had a choice. he could nix it not to fan the flames. he's such a controversial figure. he could cut and run. he said, no, we're going to try
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to refigure this, do it in a way that is sensitive to the realities because remember if he screws this up tonight, if things get worse instead of better because of what he said, it will be another -- it will be another media controversy and another maelstrom. >> kellyanne, he's going to try to reach out to black voters here. he has not good numbers with black voters, but, you know, it's long been said that republicans need to make the argument. they need to reach out to black voters and argue that liberal policies since the great society, really, that were designed to improve the lives of minorities have done exact opposites. >> that's right. the facts thrown aside, we have 70 million more americans in poverty than when barack obama took office. it's a telling statistic among many. look at the insures. many of the minority communities now pulling out of the
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obamacare. first they said they're losing 9 $9 billion. aetna losing millions. he's talking about substance. those in the media like you in the show who wish to cover substance have plenty there. listen to what he's saying. i think many in the media take the one rif frk a 45 or 50-minute substantive policy speech and decide that should be the running narrative that day. also the facts are on tour side because look at the major cities. we've got democratic mayors in practically all if not all now. look at the poverty, look at the unemployment. the facts are there. >> it's a compelling argument when you look at the history. i want to go back to the poll f we'll get back to the substance of tonight. >> sure, sure. >> but i want to remind everybody at home of the tenor of donald trump. you know, a couple of months ago when he talked about what was going to happen at the end of this campaign. here he is. >> if i don't go all the way and
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if i don't win, i will consider it to be a total and complete waste of time, energy, and money. >> we're going to win. we're going to win so big. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. >> going to win, going to win so big. and the numbers are very rough for him right now. >> right. notwithstanding, you know, everything that's been said now, the lay of the land is that the national numbers have been getting worse in terms of the real clear politics averages. in terms of the 10 or 15 key swing states as you suggested, martha, they're getting worse still. florida's getting worse, virginia's almost gone. colorado is almost gone. ohio remains competitive. but pennsylvania is down eight or nine. gheets to jump start the campaign. he has said, martha, he's going
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to begin slowly some tv ads. he's only been outspent -- and i want people to focus on this -- $100 million to nothing in the general election. >> this is where i think he's still in primary mode because he would point to places likene ne hampshire. now for the very first time, none of its working. >> that's what i was going to say. new hampshire is getting way from him. look, i've worked with both bill and hillary clinton. i know how they work. i worked six years in the white house with these people. this is serious work. they know how to play and practice politics, and so far all the advantage are to the clintons and their campaign. machine, the war chest they're raising and the get out the vote effort they will have that so far donald trump has to choose. >> quality matters. i would point out in the
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virginia camp where she's leading. her fundamentals are still very poor. 54% of the pollsters are unfavorable. 68% said the addition of senator and former governor timothy kaine to her ticket doesn't, quote, affect them at all. by the way, there's breaking news. we're starting our ads this weekend in four or five states, but that aside, i wonder what the $100 million has gotten her so far. >> a big lead, kellyanne. >> i want to get back to chris. are you still there? >> yes. >> kellyanne has made a great point. that is they're about to roll out ads. some would say, where in the heck have the ads been? i've been watching the olympics. there are these beautifully produced ads on hillary clinton but none on donald trump.
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>> i only watch fox. apparently people put on strange outfits and dive into green water. she's been all up in the olympics. saturation bombing. why wasn't trump in it? he didn't have any money. he didn't raise any money in may. he is broke and that's the truth. >> the billionaire? the billionaire is broke. >> the campaign is broke. he raised $80 million in the month of july. they're starting to put the money out. if the election were held, hillary clinton would win close to 400 electoral votes. donald trump has 12 weeks left to go and there's a lot of football still to be played. >> kellyanne is shaking her head it's august, not october. i would still rather be him, not her. >> that defies reality. >> he talks about distrust of her. by the way, martha, scarcity has
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benefitted her. where have you seen her or seen her campaign covered in the two weeks since her convention. the campaign knows the more we see her, the worse it goes for her. >> we don't have to do anything. >> exactly. things are going swimmingly. kellyanne may want to talk over me, but the fact is the poll numbers are getting worse, the clinton strategy is working. trump doesn't have an organization. he doesn't have money for media as chris correctly sachltd and, frankly, i'd rather be closer to 400 electoral votes -- >> if you near this position, right, here's what you do. you want to do something dramatically different. wow yanlt to talk substance. you want to do an economic speech, follow it up with a foreign policy speech where "the wall street journal" says positive things about what you have planned. it was a mixed editorial but fairly positive. but then you go into the heart of wisconsin which is a hot
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summer riot situation and you've got to walk in there and you've got do something very bold, which is to look at minority voters, chris stalwart and say can he pull it off? >> it's definitely bold. the danger for campaigns when they're behind is they swing too har at bad pitches. that is the danger. now, this may be a smashing success. this could be the night that turns the campaign around because people look at this and say he is substantive, sensitive, thoughtful, he cares about issues, he's trying to bring heal and peace, not further division. or if it screws up, if he doesn't hit the right notes or he goes off script and it's a bad situation, it could further plunge the campaign into chaos. he's putting a lot on the line. these stages are very high. >> martha, with 120 republicans
9:16 pm
issuing a republican statement that the nc should defund him and "the wall street journal" which you alluded to said the republicans should consider dropping him. i'd rather much be hillary clinton and bill clinton. >> with 11% of the americans saying she's honest. that's a remarkable number. that means the majority of the democrats don't think she's honest and 80% in the bloomberg poll says the e-mails bother them. >> she's still winning a landslide victory. >> right now. come back in three weeks. >> chris, thank you very much. >> you bet you. >> thanks, kellyanne and thank you, doug. we'll see you later. moments away what's expected to be an interesting speech in a different kind of format to do a structured speech and then follow it up with some of the kind of riffing that he loves to do to get the crowds whipped up. we know it's hot in there on this wisconsin night and all of this leads one to wonder if perhaps the long awaited pivot is under way regardless of the fact that he says it absolutely fact that he says it absolutely is not.
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moment donald trump will take the stage in wisconsin where he's expected to deliver remarks
9:21 pm
unlike remarks we've heard before. it comes amid reports that insiders are pushing the gop nominee to change in an attempt to broaden his appeal. the long awaited pivot or so-called. for more we go to the backgrounded on this long awaited stance on this long on donald trump. >> ee involving from a primary candidate voting on winning base voters in the gop to a general election candidate who would appeal to a much wider swath of voters. in april they said if trump wins the nomination, he's expected to pivot. the very same month trump's newly hired, paul manafort, says he's evolving. he had to first complete the first phase. the negatives will come down. the image is going to change and
9:22 pm
the chair of the rnc bought it saying we would see a change of tone. even the candidate himself said there would be a dramatic difference. watch. >> but at the right timely be so presidential you will be so bored, you will say can he have a little bit more energy, but i know when to be presidential. >> but now less than 90 days before the general election, there has been no major increase in his campaign infrastructure, no massive increase and more importantly there's been no change in tone, in other words, no pivot. now according to donald trump there won't be telling wkbt television, quoting, i am who i am, it's me. i don't want to change. everybody talks about, oh, are you going to pivot. i don't want to be pivot. you have to be you. if you start pivoting, you are not being honest with people. trump acknowledges he should adjust his tactics to improve
9:23 pm
his poll numbers but argues that doing so would betray the billions of supporters who have backed his campaign. martha. >> tray, thank you very much. richard fowler, national syndicated radio host join us to talk about this. katrina, it's interesting. he says he's not going to pivot but yet we are seeing pivot in terms of the muslim band and the nato stance that he took. he has pivoted. so which is it? >> well, martha, i would just say he said in the beginning he could be presidential when he wanted to be. mr. trump has had the same stance he's always had. h wanted to be himself. he doesn't want to be dishonest to his voters. you'll see he continues to be himself, having fun with a lot of supporters, tens of thousands at the time and you'll see he'll be presidential. i think what we're seeing is donald trump. you're seeing donald trump, the candidate, as well as donald trump, the commander in chief.
9:24 pm
he's had to break through a dramatic primary process and now he's had to fight, you know, specifically with the media, which is usually what happens post-convention. the democrats combine with the media and try to really take out the republican which has been successful in the past. >> they handled, some would argue, differently than donald trump has handled it. >> that's my point, martha, and they lost. we have a republican candidate now that's going to fight back and he's withered the storms for the last couple of months and now you're going to see donald trump counter-punch being presidential. >> reagan and both bushes put up with what many would say was a press corps that was not that favorable to them. >> not like this. not like this. >> richard, let me get you in here. what do you think about that? >> i've got tell you. martha, i have a problem. today i'm going to be presidential and tomorrowly not be presidential. if donald trump becomes the president of the united states,
9:25 pm
he has to be presidential. this lead-up, this campaign shows you whether or not somebody can be presidential and what -- what they're telling us here and what all the evidence says is that donald trump is incapable of being presidential because he'll give a televised remark tonight, which will probably be very good. i credit the campaign with the statement they released about bigotry today but tomorrow he'll say something bigoted and they'll go back to square one. what they've got to do is listen to what the people on the right are telling them. "the wall street journal" released an editorial talking about how donald trump needs to stay on message. donald trump needs to find a message that works for him. maybe he should listen. >> there was the foreign policy speech he gave the other day. you mentioned this pledge, which i can read you that he released on facebook. this is my ledge. as your president,ly be your greatest champion. ly fight to ensure every american is treated equally, protected equally and honored
9:26 pm
equally. we'll reject bigotry and hatred and oppression in all its form and seek a new future built on a common core of values as one american people is. that something we're going to hear more of? >> no. >> go ahead, richard. >> that's a great statement, martha. that's a great statement. i agree with that wholeheartedly. but sadly what you've seen from this candidate and his actions are the opposite of the statement, right? when you go out and say i don't like this judge because he happens to be mexican even though the judge was born in indiana, that is the opposite of, you know, instilling bigotry and ending oppression. that issadi adding on to oppres. what we've seen when he chose not to meet with the african-americans in milwaukee is adding to oppression. you can't talk about police and community and poverty without fixing it. >> poverty is the main focus of tonight's speech. that's the part we're told is
9:27 pm
going to be bold, interesting, and different, katrina. to address richard's statement with what he says contradicts behaviors. >> first of all obama dropped it like it was hot. i'm not sure how presidential that was. mr. trump has met with several african-american groups and pastors. many of them have been on this program before. when mr. trump stalks about someone like the judge who he felt was biased, it wasn't specifically because he didn't like a specific group of people. he was talking about the bias that does exist in the criminal justice system that we can also talk about. specifically donald trump wants to be the candidate, wants to be the leader that for once represents everyone equally, that doesn't put people in their little corners and label them and represent them. >> i want to -- sheriff david clark who is one of the people that he met with today in milwaukee and who's been on this program spoken on be
9:28 pm
f of donald trump at the convention speaks very powerfully to the bases that we're expecting to hear tonight, rich arnold, which is that liberalism and liberal governments in places like milwaukee have done a disservice to african-americans and that he believes and sheriff clarke believes that waking people up to that reality is what needs to happen. >> i mean i disagree with the sheriff wholeheartedly. but before i talk about that is correct i think you're suffering from amnesia. donald trump very clearly in the jake tapper interview a couple months back said the reason why i'm having a problem with the judge is i'm trying to build a wall and he ee's mexican, quote. that's the absolute opposite. >> that doesn't translate. >> what do you mean it doesn't translate? >> he is talking about -- he's talking about what happens when you end up with an activist judge, which was proven. so you cannot ignore that. >> how was this judge activist?
9:29 pm
>> hold on. richard, hold on. we've gone -- >> we've gone over it many, many times but you are deflecting what i think is a significant issue tonight and that is -- i talked to sheriff clarke about this yesterday. they're going to argue that liberalism has ravaged the african-american community and other minorities in places like milwaukee and that that is at the heart of the problem and that that is what needs to change. do you agree with that? >> no. i fundamentally disagree with that. what we saw -- when america's middle-class was the best, when they were thriving was in the late '70s, early '80s, right, when you had more union households. when lbj got ready to leave office in the war on poverty, we had eliminated childhood hunger. >> that's not true when you look over the long haul. they haven't moved much at all, richard. >> what we had in the '70s -- >> what's improved?
9:30 pm
>> what we had was a education system that has failed the black community. we have out of control immigration because we have illegal aliens moving into the black community. >> that's ridiculous. that's ridiculous. >> richard. >> this is the debate we need to be having when it comes to the issues of the inner cities. >> i'm willing to debate the facts but katrina is making things up. >> you're both beating each other up. we're going to leave it there. we're going to hear from donald trump on this very issue in just a few moments. it's a major law and eastward speech. he's going back to the issue that was very solid for him at the convention. will it work to turn around his campaign and while hillary clinton this week suggested that law enforcement needs to be supported after a weekend of violent riots and attacks on the police, governor scott walker said the kinds of comments we're hearing from clinton and others have made things worse.
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de blas so we're just moments away from donald trump's remarks
9:35 pm
wisconsin. >> reporter: one that they're calling. it has spiraled in chaos after a police-involved shooting that turned into riots over the course of the last several nights. we have the latest in milwaukee. hi, matt. >> reporter: good evening, martha. as you have been talking on the show, donald trump has established himself as the pro-police law enforcement candidate and today he met with the law and order sheriff david clark. he took pictures and shook their hands. then they talked about public safety and the unrest here and donald trump also spoke out in favor of the unidentified police officer here in milwaukee. now, of course, this all comes after a very violent weekend in milwaukee that left 12 officers injured, some hits with chunks
9:36 pm
of concrete and bricks. now, in a short while donald trump is hosting a rally in which he's expected to talk at length about the riots here in milwaukee and will also detail his plans to counter isis and foreign terrorism. there was also some concern that donald trump's presence here in milwaukee would spark either more rye yotss or some protests but so far that has not happened and everything has pretty much been status quo as far as a donald trump visit and rally. martha, back to you. >> matt, thank you very much. as we said, that's coming up in a few minutes this evening and he's expected to talk very directly about what has been the cause -- underlying causes of the riots that we've seen in milwaukee and the violence toward police as well in different parts of the country. so donald trump's opponents' reaction to the situation in milwaukee has generated a lot of controversy and governor of wisconsin scott walker discussing the language he's
9:37 pm
heard from hillary clinton. he says it does more harm than good. watch. >> look at what's happening in milwaukee right now. we've got urgent work to do to rebuild trust between police and communities and get back to the fundamental principle. everyone should have respect for the law and be respected by the law. >> i think people understand in that neighborhood, in sherman park. they want law enforcement to step up and protect them. i think statements like that only in flight the situation. >> chuck canterbury is the president for the national fraternity order of police. chuck, welcome. good to have you with us tonight. >> thanks, martha. >> what's your reaction to what you hear about hillary clinton speaking out about this and governor walker as well? >> well, thinkny the last year and a half or actually since ferguson, there's been a lot of rhetoric that has been spewed in social media and all over, and
9:38 pm
these campaigns are no different. but i think tonight mr. trump's going to talk about the issues that we've been talking about for a long time, and it's poverty. and the fact that america's police are being asked to do things that we're not trained to do, not capable of doing, and shouldn't be doing, such as mental health counseling. and we need to get back to the community oriented policing that worked in the '90s. we need to stop zero tolerance policies. we need to stop aggressive police tactics. we just need to police our neighborhoods like we used to. >> it's so interesting what you're saying. i remember the police chief brown in dallas talking about exactly what you're saying. he said, you know, we can only do our job. we can't always be essentially the parents for everybody in this community. and we heard very similar things in milwaukee. i think there's a need in this country to get into these
9:39 pm
neighborhoods and to speech this language and it's difficult to do and it requires bringing people together in way we really haven't seen yet do. you believe donald trump is up to this task tonight and what do you think the reaction is going to be in milwaukee? >> well, we've discussed the issue with mr. trump, and i think that the boardroom style president that he would be, he knows how to interact with the people. but we already know how to do that in the law enforcement community. but with severe staffing shortages around the country, the fact that we go from call to call to call without the capabilities and the equipment and the staffing levels, we're in a dangerous time in this country. we're 100,000 police officers short of where we were ten years ago with the spike in crime and especially violent crime in this country. we're going have to put resources into these neighborhoods and other
9:40 pm
neighborhoods where they've been socioeconomically depressed for years and law enforcement is the only they've seen. >> people criticize barack obama for not bringing the two sides together, not spending enough time in the inner city where in many cases black-on-black crime is the highest in terms of how people are losing their lives in the streets. what do you think about it? >> take for instance the city of chicago where black-on-black crime is occurring every night and they take one or two incidents in the chicago police didn't and try to paint the entire department as being systemically racist. it's just absolutely not true. they have a heavy minority population in the police department and trying to say the department is systemically racist is very premature and nobody wants to address and especially the mayor of chicago doesn't want to address the problem that they're having on the south side of chicago with
9:41 pm
black-on-black crime. >> you've got to be realistic about this if you want to help people on both sides. thank you very much, chuck canterbury. very good to have you with us tonight. >> thank you, martha. >> we'll go back to wisconsin. we'll take you there as soon as the speech gets under way. it's a state that has been rocked buy violence over a police shooting. mr. trump plans to address law and order to address that theme. he's tried to lay down some substance in this campaign that is having some tough times in the polls, and tonight he'll turn that attention to the inner city in america and try to offer solutions that are said to be bold and groundbreaking. so will they measure up to those words? we will see. that's straight ahead after this. tired of re-dosing antacids? try duo fusion! new, two in one heartburn relief. the antacid goes to work in seconds... and the acid reducer lasts up to 12 hours in one chewable tablet. try new duo fusion. from the makers of zantac. what's up guys? we're dude perfect.
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"credit karma huh?" "yea, it's free." "that was easy." "credit karma. give yourself some credit." so we're back. good evening, everybody. donald trump should be there any moment. he's going to address issues
9:46 pm
such as poverty and policing. he's going to try to draw the line between what's happening with policing and how they're unable to serve the poor in their community because of the burdens that restm given the situation, the situations in this city. a theme that he highlighted in the rnc. it worked well for him then. our political panel joins us once again as we wait for this as we're told it's going to be groundbreaking and quite different than what we usually see from donald trump. chris and kellyanne and doug schoen. it's august 16. when you look back at prior elections, where were things as they headed back. take a look at where we are now. she is ahead by 6.7, according to this politics average.
9:47 pm
then you go back further. obama versus mitt romney. he was ahead by 3.5%. obama versus mccain back in 2008, he was ahead 3.2%. august was a pretty good indicator. >> right. in the mccain case, he was able to pull it but there was a physical crisis which rendered his candidacy unsuccessful. the romney case is probably more representative. he was behind. he was outspent on media. he was attacked fundamentally as being out of touch, uncaring billionaire by president obama and despite his good performance in the first debate, he was never really in the race. the problem that i have with kellyanne's argument is that trump is so far behind, yes, he can make it closer, but given the numbers you presented, the swing states and the data that i've seen, it's going to be hard
9:48 pm
for him to close it all the way, not withstanding the partisanship of this country. >> i think a lot of it goes back to the unfit argument that hillary clinton has tried to make. she tried to make it at the convention. she said, he's not fit to be president. joe biden said he doesn't have a clue, he's not fit to be president and donald trump went a long way to say perhaps he wasn't and that was in part problems of his own making with the khan issue and second amendment issue. she hasn't done such a great job. he's allowed his traction to unravel. now he's trying to put that back together. can he do it? >> yeah, of course. it's august, not november. there are two big differences. hillary clinton is not barack obama. she certainly is not bill clinton. she lacks their skill, she lacks their charisma. >> she's married to bill
9:49 pm
clinton. >> wow. vote for me because i'm married to bill clinton. she's the second most popular person in a two-person household and donald trump is a much more presidential candidate than mitt romney or john mccain. he never won the argument. you have to win the argument. speeches like tonight and today help you win the argument. chris, weigh in before we go to the break. >> 12 weeks. it happened before, 1980, ronald reagan closed. george w. bush came back. it's not unheard of to change late but it's late theiren you think. early voting starting next month. this thing is about to happen so you'd better get cooking. this is the summer. the summer of this. the summer that summers from here on will be compared to. get out there. find hotels at up to 50% off and more ways to save at
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one number 21 in the books. a dog, talked. we're decedent from the mighty wolf. a voice was heard. if you build it, he will come. a girl discovered magic. a revolution began. welcome, to the wonders that happen, everyday. welcome, to it all. comcast. . so we are back. there is a notable admission discovered on the hillary clinton website with clinton critics blaming sexual assault accusations against bill clinton with this missing removed phrase from the website page that deals with campus sexual assault. hillary clinton said that women who accuse someone of sexual assault, quote deserve to be believed. and then one accuser claims that her actions prove otherwise.
9:54 pm
for more on that we go to trace gallagher in the west coast newsroom to unravel that and explain it. what is going on here, trace? >> if you looked at the site in january you would have read the quote, here is what i'm quoting. i want to send a message to every survivor of sexual assault. you have the right to be heard. you have the right to be believed and we're with you but but early february, the lines that read you have the right to be believed and we're with you had disappeared. though, there is still a video on the page where hillary says it. some believe the deleted phrase may be due to the reemerging of juani juanita. in january brodrick was complaining about seeing the clintons on television quoting i was 35 years old when bill clinton arkansas attorney general raped me and hillary
9:55 pm
tried to silence me. i'm 73 and it never goes away. during a campaign stop in may, hillary clinton was asked if all rape victims should be believed, what about juanita brodrick. >> i would say everybody should be believed at first until they are disbelieved based on evidence. >> we have e-mailed the clinton campaign and so far we have not yet heard back about the deleted line. martha? >> all right. trace, thank you very much. so moments away we'll take you back to wisconsin where donald trump is doing a late-night rally and there is ru ru rudy giuliani warming up the crowd. we'll take don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills
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only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ♪
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trump live in wisconsin tonight. i'll see you tomorrow in america's newsroom and see you at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. have a great night, everybody. we'll see you tomorrow morning . welcome to "hannity" this is a fox news alert. we're in milwaukee. the town hall with donald trump is airing tomorrow night right here at 10:00 p.m. tonight with the unrest brewing in wisconsin, donald trump is about to deliver a major speech on restoring law and order in the nearby city of west bend. trump is also expected to talk about the war on america's cops, reveal his plans to rebuild america's inner cities as soon as trump steps up to the podium, we'll bring it live. campaign carl? >> reporter: hi, there, sean. the chairman of the republican


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