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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 18, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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jon: we'll be back with more in one hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ harris: this is "outnumbered" on a fine friday eve. i'm harris faulkner. today host of "kennedy" on fox business, kennedy herself. fbn, co-host of "after the bell," melissa francis. radio talk show host meghan mccain. today's #oneluckyguy, co-host of fox business network's "wall street week," anthony scaramucci. as of late he is also economic advisor to donald trump. we will pick his brain about that. for now you're outnumbered. >> mooch. >> what did you call him? >> mooch. harris: you like that. >> that is junior high school. it was about my last name, not stealing other people's food.
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we're not doing that now. harris: it is lunch hour. we'll make sure you don't steal it. good to have you. >> thanks for having me. harris: let's begin with presidential politics, 81 days before the election, donald trump headed to the key battleground state of north carolina after making staffing changes to his campaign leadership, promoting veteran republican pollster, kellyanne conway, campaign manager and manager stephen bannon from "breitbart news" as ceo. anthony is an economic advisor. >> one of them. harris: own the campaign trail hillary says this changes nothing. >> he can hire or fire anybody he wants from the the campaign. they can make him read new words from a teleprompter. [laughter] but he is still the same man who insults gold star families, demeans women, mocks people with disabilities, and thinks he knows more about isis than our generals.
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there is no new donald trump. this is it. harris: and incoming fire not just from democrats, in an opinion piece for "the wall street journal," some tough talk from karl rove, who says trump's new team must keep the candidate on message and out of petty feuds, or risk a disasterous november. former senior advisor to president george w. bush wrote this, quote. the main problem with the trump campaign has been mr. trump. he is an unguided missile prone to veer off course and hit friendly forces. if his newly installed team was recruited to let trump be trump because they believe his attacks and populism have been too muted then an epic loss could be result. trump supporter newt gingrich says he is pleased with the additions to the candidate's campaign staff. watch. >> i thought he had added two tremendous talents. steve bannon has been remarkable as head of breitbart but also things he has done in his career.
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movie editor and director. he has been a businessman. what bannon has done, he has understood how social media works. he understood political issues. he is a very aggressive, tough guy. he will be a big asset. harris: and from inside of the circle now your perspective, anthony, on those changes to staffing and what happens ahead? >> well, listen i think the changes are great for mr. trump. i was with him all day yesterday. i think we're leaving out paul manafort from the equation. he is still the chairman of the campaign. paul was very active yesterday. very much engaged. this media spin he has been replaced isn't true. he has been bolstered. what do good ceos do, they need more help? they recruit more people. kennedy: did name someone else as ceo? sounds like he is being replaced. he is chief executive, that person resumes top roll, correct. >> i understand that his original role was to come in to help us the convention. he would make sure if he had
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contested convention mr. trump would get nomination. he graduated to campaign manager. that was two months ago. the real job what he most effective at, being a really good strategist. bringing people in to help him execute the strategy is i think a good play for the candidate. harris: quick follow-up, anthony, and that has to do with the number of people on the top versus people on the ground. >> we have 6,000 people at the national republican committee has hired. we bolstered that up significantly. harris: do you feel like you're getting enough support from the rnc? >> rnc has been absolutely terrific. reince priebus will go down as one of the best chairman in history. he should be secretary of state. he negotiated 17 egos into this process. he was unbelievably impartial and fair. he is working alongside of the candidate every day. even donald trump said, yesterday morning at our breakfast, he basically become one of his best friends. he is on the plane with him campaigning. i'm sorry.
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meghan: can i say something. i've been on many campaigns on road, two years of my life dedicated to campaign, leadership changes, shows that something is going wrong. hands down. >> john sears was fired by ronald reagan, i think that was -- meghan: things were going perfectly up in the polls there wouldn't be management changes. let me finish. i respect you but let me finish. >> go ahead. meghan: these are unorthodox choices, this website, is giving donald trump positive press. it is unorthodox choice. when kennedy raising questions and issues it is legitimate. i don't want to sit here because all of us conservative on side of the team and not live in reality that clearly things aren't going well in the campaign. what you brought up harris, big concern they have more advisors than people in the field. people in the field are extremely important. >> that is categorically not true. they have synthesized are nc.
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meghan: people on actual staff. >> which opened up 50 field office two weeks ago. we have one office in every single state. meghan: you want to go everything awesome and amazing, that is fine. >> i know you're a little upset about some things happened in the campaign. i get the anger point. meghan: i want to win. >> i can empathize i think you're misstating a couple of things. we bolstered the campaign. we added to the campaign, which is what a good ceo -- meghan: what is paul man north's role. >> acting as chairman. strategist. meghan: can i ask about tone? >> i was in paul before the national security meeting talking about messaging over next three weeks. harris: go ahead, melissa. melissa: one of the concerns meghan brings up tone, karl rove bringing up idea -- >> liberal media narrative. not the right narrative. melissa: karl rove is saying in "wall street journal." is that true? harris: kellyanne con conway?
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that that is not true. kennedy: letting trump be trump that is categorically -- >> letting trump bep trump. go ahead. harris: kellyanne conway talked about the issue specifically. she is on the team and we'll watch and come out. >> i think we're going to sharpen the message and make sure donald trump is comfortable being in his own skin, that he doesn't lose at that authenticity, that you simply can't buy and pollster can't give you. voters know if you're comfortable in your own skin. let him be him in this sense. he wants to deliver a speech, if he wants to go to a rally, if he wants to connect with the crowd in a way that is very spontaneous, that's wonderful. that is how he got here. harris: go ahead, anthony. >> well, first of all, she is brilliant hire. i think you guys -- harris: a lost people fans of hers. kennedy: she is right about authenticity. >> she is incredible human being. giving great advice. let donald trump be trump. recognize the role you're in. you're presidential nominee.
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you got through the nomination process. you have to speak to the american people about being the president, what you're going to be like being president. i think he will start to do that he is actually -- the other night in wisconsin, he certainly did that. you will he see more of that. you know why he is going to win? because people want him to win. polling right now is slapping him for the gold star family comments. polling right now, hey, act a little bit better. you will get my vote. so after labor day when ahead in the polls and mainstream media is going absolutely crazy. kennedy: want to ask specifically about people who have supported him and people want to support him and people want him to win. that is the donors. people who don't make a lot of money donated to campaign. donald trump said himself, that he is sitting on a huge pile of money. hasn't spent any of it. they're finally going to do the ads, that many who also want you to win have been advising to do for some time. isn't that a little bit of a slap in the face to people who
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feel like their money -- >> i don't think so, because we've got over $100 million in the bank. we're about to launch a big wave of advertising. melissa: tomorrow. >> tomorrow. and we have $4 million ad buy out there tomorrow. and i think you're going to see the polls tighten, which we all know they're going to. he will get in debates and be there. meghan: i don't want do do, dana perino, 2012 a lot of people we were ahead. i believed mitt romney was going to win, i cried my face off in the hotel room. i think it is fair, harris, i'm not sitting here and acting everything is amassing in campaign. we're losing with demographic conservative i evers lost befor. >> i'm super realistic. i didn't say everything was going right in the campaign. donald trump captured imagination of american people. they know we're going into large direction. harris: there are a lot of percentage of americans have not
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made up their minds, melissa. we know this. timing might all be right. >> 70% of the people say we're going in the wrong direction. melissa: hillary clinton meets with a group of top law enforcement leaders amid accusations from donald trump that she is against the police. clinton campaign says the meeting has been in the works for the weeks, is not a reaction to trump's criticism. among those taking part in the meeting, retiring new york city police commissioner bill bratton, los angeles police chief, charles beck, and lupe valdez, the sheriff of dallas county, texas. breton as been critical of trump, he lacks depth of policy issues, but trump casting himself as law and order candidate especially has violent crime surged in cities during president obama tenure. >> just like hillary clinton is against the miners, she is against the police, believe me. [booing]
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you know it and i know it. and guess what? she knows it. those pedaling the narrative of cops as a racist force in our society, a narrative supported with a nod by my opponent, shared directly in the responsibility for the unrest in milwaukee an many other places within our country. melissa: here is hillary clinton addressing the naacp last month, one day after three police officers were murdered in baton rouge. >> killing police officers is a terrible crime. that's why our laws treat the murders of police so seriously because they represent the rule of law itself. if you take aim at that, and at them, you take aim at all of us. anyone who kills a police officer and anyone who helps
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must be held accountable. melissa: okay. i want to point out, bill bratton is, is speaking out against trump and is fabulous commissioner here in new york city, is leaving to go to work for teneo, which is huge firm part of the clinton empire. so as he is speaking, doing all these things, harris, isn't it important to note he is on the clinton payroll? who is winning in issue in general? harris: right now the only people who should be winning are not talked about, is american people. this is boiling down to politics now. if you had any doubt donald trump hurt her bringing up law and order, we know issue is one that really, really hurt her. there wouldn't be answer back the way it is. if you remember right before baton rouge had happened, the week before she was already taking some verbal incoming from police unions. and so she was already feeling that. by making law and order part of his convention speech he did some divots.
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it is still hurting. that is why she is still doing this. melissa: kennedy? kennedy: kind of ties into a second amendment issue. i think she is very anti-second amendment. you don't necessarily have to talk to sheriffs an police chiefs, often times those people are often politicians. they're doing the stuff because of way it looks. i don't fault bill bratton or charlie beck or lupe valdez at the confab, but talk to cops see what they say about their presidential choices. i think they give you entirely different story whether or not they feel supported by hillary clinton. melissa: meghan? meghan: i agree with kennedy. i think donald trump's speech, i wish you guys give it leveraged more attention, it was really good and reaching out to the african-american community. this issue of "blue lives matter" as much as "black lives matter" is not issue will not go away. our own president has not commented on incidents in milwaukee.
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she is pushing and trying really hard, leader of "black lives matter" movement came out saying only thing hillary clinton cares about is votes. harris: they weren't happy with her or bernie sanders either. meghan: yeah. melissa: seems like they are very divided on this you hear donald trump going out saying we have to support law enforcement, which is absolutely true. you also hear hillary clinton saying, kind of starts out with, we need to restore trust in communities which seems like code for, you know saying the communities feel betrayed by the police force. >> there is one thing left out which he did speak about and no one giving him sound bite attention to, said left-leaning policies destroyed inner cities. melissa: it is about economics. >> next move for us strategically to go into the african-american communities to explain to them why policies we have will benefit them, their families and their children. that is coming right after -- kennedy: it is also about war on
9:15 am
drugs and 1994 crime bill that bill clinton passed and she endorsed. she has a lot to answer for and a lot of problems. >> democrats control inner cities. melissa: new details emerging about the cash payment the u.s. made to iran coincided with release of american hostages earlier this year. new report has it looking more and more like a ransom payment. while iran just announcing it plans to charge another american that it is holding. so did that big payment embolden the islamic republic? tim kaine may be on team clinton now, he once felt, oh, bill clinton should have resigned over his affair with monica lewinsky. how this could play outgoing forward. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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♪ kennedy: we are learning new details about the cash payment the united states made to iran that coincided with the release of american hostages. the "wall street journal" reporting u.s. officials wouldn't let tehran collect $400 million cash payment until a plane carrying three of the freed americans had taken off. the obama administration denies the money had anything to do with their release. no, not at all. officials insist, it was owed to
9:20 am
iran as part of a long-standing dispute dating back to the 1970s. you better hurry up and pay. now some are wondering if the payment emboldened islamic republic as iran is set to charge another detained american accusing him of threatening the country's national security. anthony scaramucci. >> i like the way you pronounced it. kennedy: one of the freed hostages, saeed abedini, they were at the airport over a day. they were told they were waiting for another plane. it looks as though this timing has absolutely nothing to do with coincidence. what do you think? >> well, it is obvious it doesn't. i have a hard time for the administration to explain it. they want to go back to the 1979 hostage deal but at the end of the day, there was causal relationship between release of hostages and the dropping of $400 million of cash. the optics on this thing are absolutely terrible. at the end of the day it will cost us something.
9:21 am
because now people realize there are bounties out there the united states is willing to pay. harris: they knew that with the taliban trade though. we don't know cash didn't play a role but we do know five taliban commanders brought home bowe bergdahl. we know the white house makes interesting deals. >> to defend the president for a second. you have to protect all americans. harris: absolutely. >> particularly those held hostage. i'm not picking here on the administration. i'm not one of those sanctimonious people we leave our people there without trying to negotiate, but i think the optics are bad. harris: when you meet jason rezaian our hearts are open and we're glad they're home this is moving forward. once you put money on the table like that, other people will expect that to be a sweetener in the deal. by the way how did we come up money sort so people had to sit on the plane. not only are we making a deal but can't pay it off correctly?
9:22 am
kennedy: melissa, your nickname is money and business is good. let's talk about this a little bit. the administration has said this was not a pay to play transaction but clearly if you have got lives that are not released until the money gets there -- this is 400 million of the 1.7 billion. melissa: that is what they tried to use to distract the payment was going anyway. it wasn't independent money being paid. if you look at timeline as outlined in "wall street journal," when you have them leaving on swiss plane and swiss plane sitting with money and need to clear airspace in order for everything to be traded properly and everyone knowing they received what they did and timing, it is pretty clear what happened. as the president stands out there vehemently denies it, says we absolutely never pay, you know -- kennedy: so if the money hadn't gotten there, if the plane had not arrived would those prisoners be freed? that is what the president has to answer.
9:23 am
he has to answer honest questions like that. if the $400 million made it two weeks later or four months later with normal banking relationship with iran would those prisoners still be in the country? meghan: there is a lot of precedents that the president set, starting with the red line and using chemical weapons. and we did nothing. we're giving ransom for prisoners in iran. we're giving billions of dollars to the enemy, death to america, death to israel in the streets. foreign policy of this administration, kennedy, you and i see this very different ways, this will be the true legacy of obama administration i think. my children's children will live with the ramifications of how our president didn't lead during the last eight years. >> timing was bad. kennedy: timing was very curious to say the least and we'll see if the administration changes their story the way a few swimmers have perhaps. hillary's running mate, tim kaine, he once admitted he thought bill clinton should have resigned after his affair with monica lewinsky.
9:24 am
what he is saying now, and whether the past can really stay in the past. hillary clinton blasting donald trump's economic plan, while saying again the wealthy will pay for her agenda. how this will go over with voters and who really has the better plan for our economy, coming up. this is "outnumbered."
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♪ harris: hillary clinton going after donald trump's tax proposals of the democratic nominee told a crowd in cleveland her republican opponent's plan would only benefit him. here she is. >> he wants to give tax cuts to big corporations, millionaires, wall street money managers. he created a new tax loophole we call the trump loophole because it is really good for trump. it would let millionaires and billionaires cut their tax rate in half on a lot of their income. he would, by eliminating the
9:29 am
estate tax, save the trump family $4 billion. and do absolutely nothing for 99.8% of all americans. harris: sounding a little bit like bernie sanders. she also said the super wealthy would pay for her agenda. donald trump claims clinton is another tax-and-spend democrat who supports policies which have caused wages to stagnate for more than a decade. his campaign said in a statement, for an economy desperate for jump-start, clinton's plan will only act as a straitjacket. we've got someone named money on the couch. mooch is on the couch. hash it out. melissa: can i attack the estate tax things first, talks about the trump loophole. no one with that much money pays the estate tax. you have tax planners that put things in living trust so they don't get taxed at a rate. only people who pay that are hard-working people who die and leave their business to a child,
9:30 am
leave their corner store to a child, their farm to a child. then that person can't keep it because they can't pay the inheritance tax. harris: they don't have money managers. melissa: they didn't have money managers. no way the trumps or clintons were ever paying estate tax. that is a total lie. harris: can i ask, does anybody hold donald trump to the same standard as a politician who would make, you know, his plans as he is? he has lived through what you're describing. so i don't know that his supporters would-be grudge him the fact that he has been able to do what he has been able to do because the system let him do it. >> i think politicians make a mistake on taxes. taxes are ultimately a cost for services, whether it is for the american military, infrastructure, whatever you want to spend your tax money on. what the democrats make a mistake, they want to use taxation as a form of social policy and i think average american really doesn't want it for that. they want you to give them very good services from a public service point of view.
9:31 am
melissa: not waste it. not weight it. >> lastly, if you don't lower taxes we are not going to grow. kennedy: absolutely not. >> we have the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world. even president obama called for reduction in the corporate income tax rate. what she is saying is absolutely nonsensical. it will completely destroy the ability for this economy to get out of the rut that it is in. kennedy: back to the death tax, melissa is absolutely right. she is one of the super wealthy. i would love to see what her plan is. she talks about trump not releasing his tax returns, i would love to see her full medical records. meghan: yeah. kennedy: see some sort of financial plan not only for herself but also for the clinton foundation. you talk about people who make something and sell something in this country, the only thing she has sold made her one of the super wealthy is access. i don't think that will stop when she becomes president of the united states. she will continue selling it. they will continue using the clinton foundation as personal
9:32 am
tool. melissa: absolutely. meghan: got to move on. tim kaine may be trying to dig himself out after new hole with his new boss not to mention her husband. he once said he felt bill clinton should resign over his white house affair with monica lewinsky. tim kaine confirmed he made the remark in interview while discussing a another sex scandal in home state of virginia. looks rather awkward. here is how kaine explains it all. >> i had feelings of disappointment back then. that is now 20 years old. when i'm talking to the people on the campaign trail they're not asking me about old controversys about the tomorrow what will we do tomorrow to have economy that works for people. to have a stronger security posture through stronger alliances. i hear a lot, what will we do to make sure a having a community that respects all. past controversies are not important to me now. >> do you think your feelings have changed? >> it was feeling i had at the time, but now i'm thinking what
9:33 am
do we do to help this country be strong. meghan: really bad spin all the way around. what do you think, kennedy, do you think sins of bill clinton's past will haunt hillary this time around? kennedy: i think this kind of stuff does and things that drive her crazy. when she sees any sort of fissure in the ranks. something that really drives her banana. this is the kind of thing trump will bring up during the debates. people are so excited to see them because they could beloaded with fireworks. he was smart saying yeah, that is how i felt about it then but certainly overqualifies it now. i think just saying time heals all wounds, that is convenient. melissa: it was a long time ago. he is saying that is how i felt 20 years ago, let as move on, who cares. i thought his answer was good. i bet you're right it does annoy her. probably annoy any woman but i don't know. seems like of all issues we have out there on the table this is
9:34 am
not at the top. >> i don't think that is issue. issue for today is the hypocrisy is how she is dealing with the women's issue. how she deals with her husband and his issues and how she feels about women and edits on the website. that is where it is today. talking about 20 years ago but it is contrary question about her hypocrisy and where she really lives. harris: recent town hall where someone stood up against about juanita broderick, one of the women who had accusations against her husband, when do you believe a woman? hillary clinton's answer, well i believe until there is evidence that i shouldn't believe. then the website, campaign website changes about the dialogue about women and sexual harrassment and assault and they should be believed. you can say that it was 20 years ago, obviously it was worth present day he had it in a present-day commentary she wasn't comfortable having with a member of the town hall that had more access to her than many media members. i would ask about it.
9:35 am
meghan: means something different right now in era of bill cosby. harris: absolutely. meghan: new attitude and i think, you know, young women don't accept the same bs they once did about what men are allowed to do and not allowed to do and bill clinton as far as i'm concerned was a predator in the white house and i grew up very fast, having to learn about what he did in the white house when i was 13-year-old girl. i think his behavior is deplorable. i don't want him in the white house. people are raising questions publicly, the "new york post" whether or not he should be allowed to have female interns if he is elected president. this is current topic. they can brush it -- kennedy: if you're parent would you be comfortable sending your 19 or 20-year-old to washington to work for him? meghan: no. harris: woman's card looks like metro card, if you go to her website, you see what i'm talking about. it has a stripe. you raise so much money on the card, the woman's card, what does that mean? are you looking out for women?
9:36 am
what is that card supposed to mean? >> she is caught between rock and hard place on this issue. one thing i'm fast nated by, kellyanne conway was named first female campaign manager of any republican candidacy in american history, i find it odd nobody in the media is picking up narrative and story. harris: that is a fair point. kennedy: there is also another woman running for president and media isn't picking up on that either.harris and i talked abous on my show. jill stein. she is running for president. she is attacking hillary clinton. press is essentially ignoring her conveniently to shield from some of these critiques. it is loaded with hypocrisy. especially people who rationalize his behavior in order to protect her. harris: just to further that real quickly. when you look at "real clear politics" polling, i know you have seen these numbers, there is tightening between donald trump and hillary clinton, when you are not just putting gary johnson
9:37 am
libertarian, specifically jill stein. green party jill stein because she has that tent of bernie sanders. she does real damage to hillary clinton. >> this is the year of the outsider. i had breakfast last friday with governor gray davis. harris: she is woman. >> gray davis, who was pinched by an outsider in recall by arnold schwarzenegger said to me at breakfast last week, these polls will tighten. if you don't believe that, that they will, people are very frustrated right now with the direction of the country, whether it is going for jill stein or gary johnson or donald trump or splitting the vote, you will see much more closure and tightness going into the fall. harris: we'll see. meghan: new details on donald trump's extreme vetting plan for some immigrants. trump says experts should look to social media for clues on potential terrorists when he told our own sean hannity and if it can work, next. you can run an errand.
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9:43 am
than social media than we are. isis is doing with social -- they're recruiting over the internet. i said we have to end that. we have to knock it out. some people would say that is terrible thing. we have to end that. [applause] kennedy: trump accusing the obama administration of running a, quote, politically correct war against isis, putting us at risk of more terror attacks. so, anthony, you're a man on the inside of this campaign, what exactly is extreme vetting. >> well, i think they're looking to the state of israel and some of the things that they do at border control in israel, in terms of questions being asked and feelings that people have as it relates to the country and the state of israel. i don't really see that as necessarily controversial, if you feel the way most americans feel that they feel unsafe in the country. i don't understand why that is a big deal. kennedy: sometimes he is little vague i will put really smart people there. i think week may be problematic for statements like that. he puts smart people in place,
9:44 am
then seems to fire them or demote them and there is this sort of turnover? >> so i didn't see a firing. i know you saw a demotion. melissa: we can not go back to this. >> i saw strategic move. we can debate that. let me finish one point. we have a problem, okay. the american people feel less safe. we prosecuted two wars. kennedy: it's a strong issue. melissa: stronger on hillary clinton -- on this than hillary clinton. meghan: can i ask a question. one thing i propose if you're inside campaign, i'm more worried about homegrown terrorism than anything else. can't he put pressure on silicon valley to help vet what is going on facebook, twitter. >> he said that to sean. if you caught that sound bite, he is saying to sean we have to put end to recruiting. put an end to nonsense. melissa: talking about with the social media. kennedy: if you are a civil libertarian and start infringing on people's first amendments
9:45 am
rights, that becomes very problematic very quickly. >> 30 years ago, i love our constitution, we have to be super careful about that and how we view the fourth amendment. but yes, you have to decide where you want to be, how much safety you want, how much liberty you want. it is a treacherous sliding scale. so we to be super careful. melissa: when you talk about extreme vetting, talk to the white house's own blog, they have info gram, picture of what they are doing and a lot of language is what trump gets vilified for. they talk on white house blog having people specifically trained to, you know, question very seriously people coming into the country. doing repeated interviews. rigorous background checks. seeing if they have any connection. harris: are you confident that is being done? look at san bernanadino, i want to go back to your point with domestic terror because i think it is really important. with this particular enemy we're focused on right now, the islamic state savages they have been able to metastasize but a
9:46 am
following with social media. if you're talking about the info gram being followed why didn't they catch facebook postings not only from guy in orlando and san bernanadino as well? kennedy: that is question for law enforcement and people in the cia and fbi -- harris: they need some backstop. kennedy: if you talk to, long conversation with mike baker about this, former cia officer, who appears on fox news and fox business regularly. harris: no longer covert. he is covertly on fox news. kennedy: he says people who do the investigations they want that stuff to remain online. that is easiest way to track them. they leave a digital footprint every single time. >> that is sliding scale. kennedy: you can't shut down the internet. and -- >> i'm is civil libertarian. meghan: not saying shut down libertarian. >> we're not enforcing immigration laws. we're not enforcing immigration laws. harris: we have illegal immigration laws that stand right now. some of them are not being.
9:47 am
so i appreciate the info gram but i ask, is everything really being used that they say they're using with the administration? kennedy: no. harris: is that grounds for maybe, a candidate like a donald trump or whomever, to get in there and say these are my ideas, by the way, the law could work if you use them. >> people want a new start. they want an executive that will enforce accountability. kennedy: very good. one of america's top universities accused of applying a double-standard after letting all-woman's group stay that way while slapping sanctions on men-only clubs. someone we know went to this hallowed institution. who could that be. harris: all the single ladies?
9:48 am
9:49 am
harris: we knew this was happening. we knew the location was to be kept quiet until meeting was started for safety reasons. hillary clinton is meeting with --. a lot of things happened with police departments across the country. this is here answer back to some criticism as well, with her campaign. she moves forward to talk with police and law enforcement. let's watch this together. >> different in a city's life. i want to support them, our police officers, with the resources they need to do their job, to do them effectively, to learn from their efforts, and to apply those lessons across our nation. i believe supporting our police officers and improving policing go hand in hand. everyone is safer when there is respect for the law. when everyone is respected by the law.
9:50 am
so we have a lot of work to do together, and we don't have a minute to lose. the people around this table are pioneering their reforming, they are on top of the debates and concerns that have been expressed over the last couple of years. and i think we can come together with a sense of shared purpose and a belief in our common destiny, to have a purpose where we go forth united and do everything possible to respond to any legitimate questions, to find answers together, and to keep our communities safe. to protect lives, and property, while also respecting every single american. so that is what today is about. i look forward to the conversation, and again, i want to thank everyone here. some didn't have to come so far, soon to be retired commissioner
9:51 am
bill bratton. we will miss you. we thank you for your lifetime of service, from you know, one city, from boston to l.a., back to new york. we welcome chief o'neill who is soon to be commissioner. we're excited about that. i want to thank chief o'toole coming all the way from seattle and chief magnus, thank you for coming from tucson. chief beck, thank you for coming from l.a. with a lot of first-hand experience that we want to hear from. i want to thank chief ramsey i've known him in various incarnations starting in washington and philadelphia. and i particularly appreciate his service on president obama's policing study which has a lot of good ideas. sheriff valdez, thank you for being here. you've been elected, three times, as i understand it, by the deem of dallas county, and your devotion to service really is well-known. and chief thompson, thank you
9:52 am
for coming, from camden and from the trenches, to tell us what's working and how we can do more of that. and try to create a better dialogue in our community. so with that, i'm going to let the press have a chance to depart. we can begin our conversation. harris: all right. so we will come back out now. she is going to chat until the media members in the room get up and leave. then they will talk about, as you heard hillary clinton saying there what she came to meet about. interesting to see who is seated at her right hand. melissa francis on the couch pointed out very quickly, that former police commissioner of new york, bill bratton is about to join the staff of hillary clinton. melissa: joining teneo giantcutting conglomerate, part of the giant clinton empire.
9:53 am
while he was a fantastic mission customerrer and of course -- commissioner in new york and important to have the background in your head and he comes up and says negative things about trump in new york and says positive things about hillary clinton, that he is on the payroll. just keep that in mind. he is a great guy, but there you go. harris: anthony, as you watch this unfold, and i made this comment earlier this hour, that donald trump, conceivably made a big divot in her plans, if you will with, with regard to law and order. by focusing on that in the convention speech, piggybacking off the police union, that had really chided her on her response to some -- >> border patrol. harris: border patrol as well. some of her response and her campaign's response to the underpinnings of racial tone with police departments and suspects across the country, and so curious to me to get your point of view, aside from economics, i know that has been your focus. you're there inside of the campaign, how this plays inside
9:54 am
of the trump campaign. she is talking directly to us. we must have hit her. >> there is little bit of disingenuous of her on this the whole movement with her and president obama related to "black lives matter." there is another thing about to happen. mr. trump will go into the inner cities, and mr. trump will lay the case out for the economic framework for prosperity and aspirational society. democrats have controlled these inner cities for the last 50 years. it is frankly not worked. these inner cities are on poverty maintenance programs, as opposed to real self-reliant aspirational opportunities. she will be on defensive when you lay outlaw and order piece, this is what we can do to make your lives together. harris: this is outgrowth of identity politics which all politicians to some degree play, hillary clinton thinking
9:55 am
counting on black vote. donald trump going rogue people didn't see it coming, outreach with black community, with different color, not with black or white but green. my question, what is next for him? will he seek out an african-american audience? i'm hearing from members of the black community, time for him to go beyond west bend, wisconsin, which message was tested out. >> no, no question about about that. one of the meetings in trump tower we need to go it to make the case. here is the thing, there are tremendously successful african-americans like italian-americans. it is not just impoverished people we want to go to. we want to end identity politics talk about all of america an opportunity we have together, if we get policies right. kennedy: republicans have not done a great job of that outreach, and -- meghan: this goes back to barry goldwater though. kennedy: rand paul, absolutely. meghan: this goes barry
9:56 am
goldwater not signing civil rights act. this is long history of republicans not doing good job to reach out to the african-american community. >> i agree with that. harris: got to go to a quick commercial but we're coming right back. real cheese people,
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10:00 am
eastern event in north carolina. he will focus on what do you think? >> he will focus on the economy and security and jobs an opportunity. those are the messages for the next -- harris: good stuff. see you pop-up on-line at facebook live outnumbered fnc. "happening now" now. a fox news alert on the controversy involving gold medal swimmer ryan lochte and alleged robbery. he made it back home and the three other americans were not as fortunate. gunner bens and jack unger are still being questioned more on the news "happening now". the obama administration continuing to stumble. >> more questions, that the u.s. would off delivering 400 million in cash until iran freed american


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