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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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i'll see you tomorrow morning on america's newsroom. have a good night everybody. see you early in the morning. take care. tonight. we're together. we have something that's going on that's unbelievable. >> donald trump continues his strong week on the campaign trail. former speaker of the house neat gingrich will have reaction. >> she is against the police, believe me. you know it and i know it. >> then trump slam clinton for her anti-police rhetoric. shaf david clark react to the war on police. >> we're going to make sure donald trump is comfortable about being in his own skin. >> and the gop nominee expands his campaign with new hires to top posts. trump's campaign manager kelly anne con way joins us.
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and mark burnett and roma downey are here to talk about one of my favorite movies of all time. a remark of the blockbuster "ben hur." donald trump is having a strong week on the campaign trail. earlier tonight the gop nominee, he was in north carolina. let's take a look. >> i've never been politically correct. it takes far too much time. truthfully it takes far too much time and can often make it more difficult to achieve total victory. but one thing i can promise you this, i will always tell you the truth. i speak the truth for all of you
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and for everyone in this country who doesn't have a voice of which there are many. >> and also tonight, the state department is finally coming clean and admitting that the administration waited to give the $400 million to iran until the four american hostages were released back in january. well that's called paying ransom. and this comes after the white house press secretary, john kerry and the president himself adamantly denied that money was given for the hostages. it turns out that it was the iranians that told you the truth, not your president. >> the united states under president obama has not paid a ransom to secure the release of americans unjustly detained in iran and we're not going to pay a ransom. if there are americans unjustly detained in iran, we'll make a case regularly through some now established channels with iran to advocate for their release.
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>> let me speak to this transfer, because i know a lot about it because i was obviously negotiating the fundamental nuclear agreement with iran. i'm aware of what was going on. more than aware. first of all, the united states of america does not pay ransom and does not negotiate ransoms with any country. we never have and we're not doing that now. it's not our policy. >> we announced these payments in january. many months ago. there wasn't secret. we announced them to all of you. josh did a briefing on them. this wasn't some nefarious deal. we do not pay ransom for hostages. >> we do not pay ransom for hostages. apparently they do. here now with reaction, former speaker of the house, fox news
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contributor, newt gingrich is with us. why do i think if donald trump lied to us like that, lied like hillary, like like kerry, like obama, why do i think this would be a much bigger deal? this would be a thousand times -- this would be on steroids times a thousand. >> i think the elite media just assumes if you're a liberal, you lie. the policies are indefensible, the actions are not possibly explainable. what you just saw was the presidential secretary lied, the secretary of state lied, the president lied. why wouldn't their nominee for president lie. she's part of a great tradition. why would you tell the america people the truth. and i think that maybe explains part of her behavior. she spent her time surrounded by people who lie. she lies like they lie so they all think it's okay. she doesn't even recognize that she's lying even when she's lying about lying, which is
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truly pretty amazing. >> it's amazing. but the state department admits, says the $400 million cash payments to iran was contingent on the american prisoner release. so it was all planned out. everybody knew about it. they felt very comfortable lying. and here's how profound this is. the iranians told us the truth. they were more honest with the america people than our president. that bothers me a lot. >> well, but remember, this goes all the way back to bill clinton who had the ability to look straight into the camera with a straight face and says, depends on what the meaning of the word "is" is. once you establish the precedent in the clinton-obama left wing world, that you might as well lie to the america people because after all, they're the people you're going to reshape. they're not people you really -- so you say you can keep your doctor if you want to, you can keep your insurance if you want
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to. go down the list of all of the lies that obama told. >> you can lie to the families of loved ones while simultaneously telling your own daughter that was a terror attack, lie to the families of victims of benghazi in front of the coffins of the dead family members, lie about -- you know -- >> it also tells you something about how cold does hillary clinton have to be to be able to look a grieving mother in the face and lie to her about why her son was killed. i mean that's a level of coldness that's really, i think, very very sobering. >> you know, this is what frustrates me. i'm angry at presidential candidates, john kasich, i'm angry at ted cruz. i like ted cruz, i like kasich personally. jeb bush made a pledge, lindsey graham made a pledge pen then you've got the congressmen and
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senators, the national review, bill crystal, et cetera. and i'm arguing if hillary appoints supreme court justices, if people cross your border because it's not secure, if the 150% increase in unvetted refugees kills the americans and the economy continues to be stagnant, i'm holding them responsible for sabotaging a candidate that is espousing very conservative views. maybe they don't like the way donald trump says it but they're going to choose a liar, a pathological, a congenital liar, the most ethically challenged person that's ever run for that office over donald trump and tell those of us that are supporting his policies that somehow we're responsible? i blame them if hillary wins. am i wrong in. >> i don't know that you're wrong. i want to draw them in two different groups. there are so people who are so
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much part of the establishment that they can't be for trump. you know, i mean the fact is bill crystal has been, for all of the wars we're losing, he deeply believes in an interventionist policy. he's not in a position to rethink any of this. he's closer to hillary clinton on national security than he is to donald trump because trump is prepared the rethink the whole thing and his speech on monday was a historic speech taking on democratic and republican foreign policy establishments. when i see guys with a pins. position that say now that i'm looking at it i would rather keep losing and still with hillary, whereas donald trump makes me think new thoughts and makes me question the last 15 years of my life, you understand that psychologically. >> let me very quickly run down the list of the issues that donald trump says he supports. originalist justice to the
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supreme court. that will um pact us for generations, protecting the second amendment, a path can say radical islam, cutting taxes versus raising taxes, energy independent versus fire coal miners, education back to the states when build a wall, rebuild our military. tell me what part of this is not conservative. this sounds like newt gingrich's agenda. >> my first point is there are some people that are more establishment than they are conservatives. i respect them. if you're a member in the house or the senate and you're not helping donald trump, you're in effect willing to be in the -- to be once again, for the next four years with a left wing president who not only appoints judges but who writes executive
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orders, who you know that congress is not going to be able to cope with. if they couldn't cope with obama, they're not going to cope with hillary clinton. if you're running for the house or the senate, why would you not want to have a republican president where you can at least try to get something done? why would you be for four more years of total frustration. >> i had a friend say that we know hillary is wrong 100% of the time. at least we have a good shot with trump on a lot of significant issues. this is open sabotage. as you look at the numbers, and we'll go over it in the course of the program, they're tight. ing this week. if trump consolidated his base, you can stop the most corrupt individual to ever run for office and appoint the most liberal justices from being president. and the stubborn arrogant people, including senators and congressmen won't do that. >> i'm going to go out on a limb tonight, you can keep this tape
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and remind me about it after the election, okay? donald trump is going to win. donald trump is going to win because in the end the country is not going to reward big banks and big unions and big bureaucracies and big donors and big corruption by voting for a big liar. and in the end the country is going the say, you know, whatever trump's weaknesses may be, he's a sincere guy trying very hard to get this country back on the right track. now if a bunch of republicans are too stiff necked, too proud or in some cases too committed to the old order, after the election i think they're going to be very sobered by their position. the fact is he's going to win. >> i hope and pray you're right because i don't think we can survive four more years of these failed policies. let me ask this. i saw the best week trump has had since his convention.
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this to me is the secret sauce. he only talked about hill rary d obama, all of their failures which the country agrees with, and then he offered his solutions which are dramatically better and i think will work and stayed on message. i think if he would do that the next 82 days, he would win. forget all of the other issues. >> there's an analyst who came out the other day who set a long track record of projecting presidential campaigns based on the economy and other kind of factors. and he said if trump says where he is right now he'll win at about 51% to 52%. if trump gets his act together, he could win as much as 66%. that is a staggering assertion by a political scientist. but just in the last couple of days, you had the l.a. times one-point race, today you had two-point race. the fact is -- and it's very
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revealing. the pollsters who have telephoners who are going to consistently get a lower vote for trump because the media has attacked him so savagely and so dishonestly that a substantial number of people will not say they're for trump. but when you do a computerized poll where people are comfortable, his vote goes up very dramatically. and people don't realize the effort by the elite media, the dishonest effort to submerge him has had an effect, but the effect is not on a secret ballot. the effect is this is august. after august i think we'll be in good shape. >> well, mr. speaker thank you as always. coming up next, tonight on this busy news night right here on hannity -- >> she is against the police. believe me. you know it and i know it and guess what, she knows it. >> donald trump slamming hillary clinton as being anti-cop,
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earlier tonight, they apologized for the distracting ordeal involving the four olympic swimmers, the committee also saying the behavior of the four is not acceptable, nor does it represent the values of team usa. i'm jackie. now back to "hannity" for all of your headlines, remember log on to fox you're watching the most powerful name in news, fox newenews channel. > she is against the po. believe me. you know it and i know it and guess what, she knows it. >> donald trump earlier this week exposing hillary clinton and the things she's done and said against the police. well today the democratic nominee met with law enforcement officials in new york city city. while i was in wisconsin i spoke with donald trump, milwaukee
10:18 pm
county sheriff david clark, scott walker and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani about the unrest. take a look. >> i want to ask you this. you watch what has happened here. you heard the audio tapes, get the white people, let's get them. all of what's been unfolding here. but's also happened in baltimore, it's happened in ferguson. we've had a president that has rushed to judgment on these issues and without any due process, presumption of innocence. do you think the president has, let's just say contributed to an atmosphere that is hostile toward police officers? >> he's the great divider. he's not good to the police certainly. the police are not big fans of his. i'm with them all of the time and they are not big fans of his. he's a great divider. he's divided this country into
10:19 pm
slices that nobody would have believed and i think it's disgraceful. >> mr. mayor, i was a local and a nationally syndicated radio host while you were the mayor of new york city and i watched the murder rate go from 2500 a year down to 500 because of tough policing that you insisted on. and milwaukee remembers you being america's mayor on 9/11 and the days afterwards and you gave us a steady hand. you see what's going on. what are you thoughts in. >> well my thoughts are this is an atmosphere that's been created over the last two years to which the president contributed, hillary clinton contributed, lots of other, i call them racial arsonists have contributed to. hillary clinton, i think one of her first announcements she basically condemned the baltimore police, only to have them all found not guilty. every one of them. and she's not apologized for it. now generally in this country we presume even the worst criminals innocent.
10:20 pm
but she presums police officers to be guilty. and then when it turns out that they get a trial and three f them tried separately in front of a judge. a judge who happens is to be an african american, has to be a brave man, he found them not guilty. not guilty. which means she should now apologize to those police officers were having presumed their guilt. >> the president rushed to judgment in ferguson and meanwhile it was black eyewitnesses that testified that mike. brown fought darren wilson for his gun -- >> we have read some of the testimony. >> sheriff, i know you love your city. you love the people of this city. four officers, people you know were hurt, pelted with rocks and bottles and i understand they
10:21 pm
damaged four police cars, four guys were hurt. what is your reaction to what's happened? >> as you know i'm from here, born and raised. i don't know anywhere else. >> you might know washington if trump is elected. i'm just guess iing. >> job one is getting donald trump elected president of the united states. the rest will take care of itself. you know, there's a good middle class city, strong families here, places to work, a lot of industry here, people raised their kids, took care of their kids and then because of dangerous damaging progressive urban policies, middle class moved out, the jobs left and that vacuum was filled by -- i'm not going to be as nice as some people might be, by the underclass unfunctional, questionable lifestyle choices, massive unemployment. you have failing schools,
10:22 pm
failure to embrace education. >> one commonality seems to be? baltimore, 50 years run by liberal democrats. milwaukee, how long has it been? >> we haven't had a republican mayor since 1908. >> 1908? >> 19 what? >> last time we had a republican mayor in milwaukee. >> i vote for you for mayor. but to what extent -- when you hear the president rush to judgment in cambridge, in baltimore, in ferguson what does that do to the moral of your officers? >> it's horrible. we understand this is a tough job. we understand that things can go horribly wrong in a hurry. mistakes can be made. we don't ask for anybody's sympathy. we don't ask for a pat on the back. all we ask for is when something goes horribly wrong through no fault of the officer, the community backs us.
10:23 pm
we want to know the political class. they've thrown us overboard and it started with the president of the united states who is a straight up cop hater. and i can prove it. i don't have to go into it tonight. you know, him ending the 103 program, allowing local agencies to obtain military surplus equipment, body armor were ballistic helmets, shields. i could have used that last sunday. the president cut that program. why would you do that if you like the police, right? >> let me bring in the governor. i want to first say, governor walker, i really appreciate -- there was what, 16, 17 of you on stage and there was only one person that didn't make the pledge originally about supporting the nominee. but you kept your word and there are other people -- and i want
10:24 pm
to be very frank. those that broke their word that want to be president in the future, i don't think we could ever trust them as far as we could throw them. and you do so, you told me last night in a conversation we had, you support mr. trump enthusiastically and why? you talked about a lot of separate issues. >> it wasn't just because i'm a man of my word. that in itself is important. but the reason i made that pledge last august and i said any of us on that stage would be far better than hillary clinton. i meant it. i didn't have my fingers crossed. i meant it. people say you weren't with him initially. of course not. i was with me. i supported myself. who wouldn't. >> we can make an allowance for that. >> exactly. but my point is then as it is today, and that's why i spoke at the convention, when you look at the two people on the ballot this november, let's not kid ourselves, nobody else is on the ballot who has a chance of winning other than donald trump and hillary clinton. when you look at the choice
10:25 pm
between the two, this is a woman who lied to the american people about her e-mails to put or national security at risk, a woman who lied to the families of the victims in benghazi while standing by their coffins. she is unfit to be president. america wants a change, hillary clinton is not a change agent and throughout donald trump's entire professional life he has been an agent of change and he'll be that as the next president. >> there's two things that i talked to you about in the past that you said you're considering. the things that i've asked you about, energy independence, about judges, about building a wall, eliminating obamacare, building the military, saving the va, all of these things, you might put it on paper as a promise, right? >> i may do that. we're looking a at it. i discussed it with you before. we may very well do that. it's not been done before that i know of. >> a contract with america not
10:26 pm
by a presidential candidate. >> if it can be done, we're going to do it. >> you know, one of the things, i think it's such a strong pool of really talented governors, senators, former mayors, sheriffs and governors here. are these three people that you would consider? >> all three without a heartbeat. >> thank you. thanks so much. and coming up, the a.p. is reporting that the clinton town daths will no longer accept corporate orthopaedic foreign donations only if hillary wins the white house. kellyanne conway is here with reaction. later tonight, senator tim cain once said that bill clinton should have stepped down as president after his affair with monica lewinsky. that at safelite, we know how busy life can be. these kids were headed to their first dance recital... ...when their windshield got cracked...
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welcome back to "hannity."
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after taking millions of dollars from countries and regimes who treat women and gay people horribly, now clinton foundation will no longer accept donations from foreign governors if hillary clinton wins the white house. here now with reaction, kellyanne conway. congratulations. >> thank you. >> we've been friends a long time. i know how hard you've been working on the campaign. all right. hillary clinton claims a monopoly for gay and lesbian rights with the champion of women, glass ceiling, the whole bit. saudi arabia, all of these countries that practice sharia, women in saudi arabia can't drive, told by men how to dress, have to get a man's permission to go to school or work, they can't leave the house without a male relative, gays and lesbians are executed in saudi arabia, you can't build a temple and you
10:30 pm
can't build a christian church. she takes $25 million for the foundation, $10 million for the library and never criticizes them. how can you be the champion and take that money. >> it was a fabulous resuscitation of hillary clinton's crooked rigged corrupt hypocritical way of doing things. i have one answer for you. money. follow the fun at every turn, whether it's the money they make giving speeches, whether it's at the state department, whether it's what you just showed, they have the audacity to release a statement if we win, we'll do the right thing. this is part of the reason that 11% of americans, according to the new nbc poll say she's honest and trustworthy. 11% to me is mitt romney's 8% people care about me. if it's 11%, a plurality is not a majority of your own parties
10:31 pm
voters. >> you come in, i think donald trump this week had his best week since the convention. two-point race. it's.6 in the l.a. times, pugh had him down four. what do you think is different? i have my own thoughts. >> one is that he really enjoying pivoting to policy. all of these people giving him advice, you must pivot. the pivot should with substantive. if hillary clinton is going to talk about donald trump, we're going to talk about the issues. >> you're the new campaign manager and wait a minute, you're the woman the last time we checked. >> been a woman the whole time. i did want to make the point that you actually, it's very sad the way women are treated in the country. >> she's never criticized and they've given her millions. >> that's her view of women.
10:32 pm
donald trump just promoted a woman to be his campaign manager. that tells you something. >> i'm reading the media and you've been working on the campaign and i know banhnon. why are they saying a shakeup? >> it makes for great headlines. i've made clear for the last two days this is an expansion and a busy time. we have 12 week to go. when it comes to personnel if the winding day of a campaign, more is more. we need to coordinate with the day operation, our ground team, our digital. >> let me ask you this. he gave two speeches. this is what i think is the secret sauce. he only talked about hillary and obama. he was on prompter. i like him on prompter myself, my own personal preference. but he stayed on a very powerful donald trump message. it was totally him. and he made very powerful
10:33 pm
points. but he outlined the failures and offered solutions. >> there you go. you're going to see that in our new ads. we have first two television ads going out in rotation in five of the swing states and you're going to see in those ads her vision and his vision. that's really the way to play this. this is a simple election if you boil it down. it's more of the same. >> it's supreme court, energy, it's immigration, the wall, rebuilding the military, education top down or goes back to the states, protecting the second amendment, you can say radical islam, you repeal 0 back ma care or not. >> what makes it simple is they're different on the issue. he got very specific. he basically said like, isis has murdered 32,000 people since
10:34 pm
2003. but the growth of isis happened on obama and clinton's watch. and he gave us solutions. she wants to refer to them as our determined enemies. he refers to them as terrorists. >> i would argue he found the secret sauce and he's still trump being trump. >> that's the point here. you have to be authentic. people know if you're not being yourself. look at what happens every time hillary clinton tries to be something she's not. >> it's hilarious. >> but where her pivot on substance. let's have a serious conversation. she needs to own the $1 billion in losses in 30 states. aetna this week. obamacare, own it. >> congratulations. well deserved. trouble brew in the clinton campaign. senator tim kaine once said to bill and hillary that bill should have resigned from office after his affair with monica lewins lewinsky.
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welcome back to "hannity." the clinton campaign has a new scandal to worry about. senator tim kaine had some harsh words about politicians who have sex scandals while in office. back in 2002 when kaine was the lieutenant governor of virginia the richmond times dispatch reported on his comments about a sexual harassment scandal in which kaine compare's clinton's white house affair with monica lewinsky saying, quote, if the allegations are true he should definitely resign, adding he had the same view of president clinton. the ap quoted kaine as saying something similar when talking about the same virginia scandal.
10:41 pm
my reaction this morning was the same when i read about the clinton lewinsky affair. it's not appropriate conduct, beneath the dignity of the office. kaine is trying to spin his comments saying it's a past controversy. he wants to focus on the future. here with reaction, radio tv host, dr. gina louden and miss california 2009. you guys are like best friends, right? >> besties. >> oh my gosh. said it at the same time. that's great. >> you know, when you examine, does it matter -- you've got all of these women, paula jones, juanita broderick talking about assault, gennifer flowers consensual. does it make a difference? >> of course it makes a difference. when you're talking about assault, that's a completely different thing. and the thing that makes me just enjoy this story probably more than i should is the fact that half -- mo.
10:42 pm
>> you enjoy sex scandal stories? >> i enjoy when hypocrisy is exposed. this is another example of where the voters have a clear choice between someone who enters into scandals, doesn't care who's hurt, covers it up, lies about it and proceeds to act like it didn't happen. they're not focusing on other things where mr. trump is concerned. they're happy to focus on his past. how about if he point out the fact that hillary still has never defended these women. >> she was part of the effort to smear, slander. >> exactly. here comes the "the new york times" and they tried to take you out of context about donald trump and then you said no, that never happened and sorry, but i like donald trump. >> right, right. you know, i'm a mom of two, i have two little kids. i'm married. it's been seven years since i've been in the spotlight. when the "the new york times" came out with that article, you know, part of me didn't want to
10:43 pm
say anything because i know how the media is and i know they like to attack me. and a part of me was like, you know what, kerrcarrie, you're k for standing up for the truth. i called you and said, i have to clarify this. and the "the new york times," the failing "the new york times," i agree with trump on that one, they said that they spoke to me and they said that they, you know, i gave them an exclusive interview about trump. that is a bunch of bolognbologn. >> to totally spin it and make it seem like i have a terrible taste in my mouth for donald trump. i had to come forward and speak my mind. i love donald trump. >> does that happen to you too? >> of course. all the time. i've lost friendships over this, i've had business deals that went wrong because i was on television stating the truth as i see it. and then people will of course twist your words and lie about
10:44 pm
it. i've had interviews where people have edited what i've said. yeah, these kinds of things happen. but no one -- i would really submit to you, maybe short of sarah palin, no one has with stood the sort of scrutiny and mr. trump and his family have endured. the statues that they're putting around of him. if that that were done of hillary clinton and president obama? >> thank you for being here. coming up next right here on "hanni "hannity" -- the brand-new blockbuster edition of "ben hur." it's amazing. you want g when this busy family...
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♪ that a scene from the new hollywood block bust "ben . >> you're my favorite producers and i'm not sucking up and here is why. i watched this movie twice in a screening. i had a personal screening because i wanted to see it again, immediately. we all complain that the movies are garbage, and sex and violence and you have great movies that are entertaining with a great message. >> we are creating content that i will lum nates the darkness and "ben hur" is a dramatic
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movie but woven through is a story of faith, redemption, and we feel this message is needed now more than ever. >> mark, you're one of the most-successful tv movie creators but this is your passion. >> i love this. we have a duty to try to spread the light in an entertaining way. you know that you've got to entertain an audience while getting a message across. this is a big blockbuster with a message. >> you swore me to secrecy. because i just happened to, in passing mention that charlton heston, the region "ben hur" was one of my favorites and you pulled me aside and said just so you know. >> and i said come to italy and
10:52 pm
we'll put you in as an extra. >> for me, it was a break from all of the political nonsense going on. but there are seens here that are so powerful. two brothers. the difference between the original and this one, which is a compliment to you, i understood the story 10 times better, you made it relatable and understandable. >> we think there are two generations of people that remember the 1959 film. >> old people, like me. >> then, there are is anybody under 35. >> like you. >> we call the ben who generation, you know? they haven't seen the movie on the big screen. that is where this movie belongs. >> this is a 3 d, too? yes. yes. >> wow. >> what an experience. just think about this. faith movies are potentially
10:53 pm
smaller that we've done in the past. this is a big studio with jesus on the screen and a story of forgiveness. >> this is the thing. it's a parallel lives of judea ben-hur and what takes place culminating in this chariot race which is amazing. him being a slave on the ship and his escape. it's everything you'd want in terms of a movie but parallel with judea ben-hur and jesus christ. >> it's extraordinary. and they're amazing as brothers. the great morgan freeman, of course in the film. and rodrigo santora is a
10:54 pm
beautiful jesus. it's a beautiful moment of redemption and salvation. just hopeful this film will touch hearts. >> it's entertaining and it is enlightning. it is everything i want when i go to a movie. another blockbuster, i'm sure, opens in theaters across the country this weekend. roma, mark, i love seeing you, thank you for coming by. >> coming up, a very important question of the day is straight ahead as we continue tonight on ahead as we continue tonight on "hannity" ahead as we continue tonight on "hannity" i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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that is all the time we have left tonight. thanks for being with us. we'll see you back here on breaking tonight, donald trump just finished a speech that was, well, different. it was a sign perhaps that the new guard at this campaign is moving the needle, or perhaps not. that is the big question tonight, what does it all mean? welcome to "the kelley file" i'm martha mccowan in for kelly. mr. trump just did a televised work session with terror experts and law enforcement and donald trump tower last night. and tonight an apologize, for those whose feelings he may have hurt during this campaign. but moments ago, in the toss up state of north carolina, he was back on conventio


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