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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 19, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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for 95 million americans out of the labor force. want to be a part of audience? you can join us. see you back here on monday. ♪ ♪ hi, hi, i'm jesse watters in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this "o'reilly factor" special, election 2016. our story, donald trump on offense. after big shake-ups in this campaign staff this week, trump pulled no punches against hillary clinton on the campaign trail. >> hillary clinton is a throwback to an ugly past where politicians preyed on our poorer citizens while selling them out for personal gain. promises, promises, all talk, no action. all talk, no action politicians.
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they talk, talk, talk. you vote them in with great fanfare. and then they do nothing. with trump, that's not going to happen. >> but on thursday, we heard trump speak in a way we've never heard before. >> sometimes in the heat of debate, and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. i have done that. and believe it or not, i regret it. particularly where it may have caused personal pain. too much is at stake for us to be consumed with these issues.
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but one thing i can promise you this. i will always tell you the truth. >> so the question remains, is trump doing enough to beat hillary in november? joining us now for analysis, congressman sean duffy, a republican from wisconsin, and leslie rutledge, attorney general for arkansas, both surrogates for the trump campaign. we know mr. trump likes to make nicknames. you had crooked hillary and lying ted. i heard his family has given him a new nickname, it is humble trump, because he is now for the first time expressed regret. so this is obviously a monumental moment in this campaign. we know trump has a big wallet and a big personality. and i think now you're beginning to see trump with a big heart. and i want to ask you guys, do you think he'll effectively be able to balance the big hearted, compassionate donald trump, which we've started to see, with
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the tough guy, law and order, take no prisoners donald trump that we know and some of us love? >> when he's delivering this compassionate, heartfelt, humble message, he's authentically trump. i mean, he is who he has always been. i think what he's doing with this message is he's appealing to women, but also how he's crafted this message. he's going after those who are disenfranchised by the economy. and being a change agent -- listen, if you want more of the same, you'll be sorely mistaken. but if you want someone who can change it, i'm your guy. i thought one of the most impressive lines two nights ago is when he said, why can't our children be dream tears? that appeals to every parent who wants their kid to have a shot at the american dream. i thought he was pulling heart strings and delivering the right message for the first time since he won the primary four months
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ago. >> he's definitely striking a more unifying tone, rising above the politics and looking at all americans. leslie, kellyanne conway, a great female pollster who is now on the trump campaign, she is credited with this newer, softer trump, because we all know men will never admit when they're wrong. men never make a mistake. and when they do, they'll never admit it because it's a sign of weakness. when i make a mistake, because i'm such an evolved person, i always apologize. but trump apologizing, kind of, do you think this will appeal to women, and do you think that is what this is all about? >> i think this week we've seen the real donald trump come out. stating that he regrets using some of those words that were perhaps unwise. but what we're seeing is that donald trump is honest. he is straightforward. an absolute contrast to hillary clinton who lies on top of lies. he's giving hope.
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as the congressman has said, as the candidate has said, donald trump is a change agent. that's what america needs. that's why he's talking to folks across this great country, he's going to be bring jobs. hillary clinton, quite frankly, she'll be secretary of the same. same old failed policies of barack obama. same failed job growth that we've seen across our country for the last seven years. we don't need four more years of secretary the same in hillary clinton. we need a change agent in donald trump. >> if he runs as change, he'll win the election, he just needs to get out of his own way. the election is boiling down to hillary clinton, who he's tagged as the lying, incompetent runner of a rigged system who you can't trust and will deliver you the same policies as president obama, or you have an outsider who will tell you the truth most
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of the time which will hurt, but he'll never lie to you. if he can frame it that way and t tie hillary to the policies of president obama, he has a chance at winning independents and rallying his own base. because i think the base loves the trump they've seen in the last week and a half with the teleprompter and going to milwaukee where there's pain and suffering, going to louisiana where he's pain and suffering. i think you're seeing a comeback, would you agree this is the trump come back? >> it is. that's why people are coming out in droves. people are reaching out to me from across the country saying, this is the donald trump we're excited about, this is the donald trump that's going to put america back on its feet again, put us back to work. hillary clinton, you know, she started her career, she and bill clinton did, in the same office that i hold as attorney general,
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their career of corruption. people are tired of the same old same old in washington, dc. >> do you think his trajectory is on the right path? >> if he does what he's been doing the last week, week and a half, i think donald trump is going to win this election. if you've been to one of his rallies, i was at the one in milwaukee, the power of the energy of the people that come out to see him is absolutely overwhelming. i think he was taken by that and liked to be off script and feed the crowd. but he had to realize, i'm not just talking to the crowd, i've got millions of people who see my speech for the next five days. >> if he gets beyond the big crowds and feeding off the electricity and it looks long term, i think he's going to be great. guys, we have to run. thank you both. next, donald trump released his first national tv ad. we'll tell you about his dire warning about hillary clinton, directly ahead.
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for those who can't imagine life without two wheels, allstate offers a genuine parts guarantee, that promises to fix your bike with original parts. talk to an allstate agent about all the things they do to keep riders riding. in the impact segment tonight, donald trump just came o in the impact segment tonight, donald trump just came out with his first tv ad against hillary clinton. let's have a look. >> announcer: in hillary clinton's america, the system stays rigged against americans. syrian refugees flood in. illegal immigrants convicted of committing crimes get to stay. collecting social security benefits, skipping lines. our border open. more of the same only worse. donald trump's america is secure. dangerous criminals kept out the border secured. our families safe. change that makes america safe again. donald trump for president. >> i'm donald trump and i approved this message. >> the tv spot is part of a
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nearly $5 million ad buy and will run in several states through august 29th. joining me, bruce turkel, author of the brook "all about them," and "studio, peter shankman, founder of shank mines. a contrast ad between hillary clinton's america and donald trump's america. i was struck how he was able to kind of coalesce the illegal immigration problem at the border with the national security muslim refugee crisis. do you think it was effective? >> it was effective. we're seeing donald trump taking a stab at being presidential. just to hear him say i'm donald trump and i approved this message, to hear him say that, l i campaign has told him, every time you go off the rails, you
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give hillary ammo to ignore you. she puts out ads like this as presidential candidates do, let's make you a presidential candidate. >> bruce, if you look at the ad, it's also a shot at hillary's trustworthiness because he links her to the rigged system, to the people that aren't waiting in line, that are committing crimes, that are allowed to stay, and makes it seem like it's all one and the same and she's going to be a third term of president obama, more of the same but even worse. did you pick up on that? >> yeah, i thought that was a very effective line, more of the same but even worse, which is actually an oxymoron, isn't it? but that's what he has to do. if the election is a referendum about him, he loses. if he can move the attention he congrewency and continuousness of what he's been saying all
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along, he has the opportunity to move the message. the fascinating thing is to take our partisan hats offer and look at it as marketing technique. in marketing technique, this is classic. he knows who his audience is, suburban security moms, and he knows how to go after them. >> you saw at the end they have the image of the family. this isn't just targeted at american workers or middle-aged white guys. you have the family there who needs protection from these outside influences. >> that was an interesting point. he went after people that hillary has had a focus on for the past year. it almost reminded me of the bomb ad back in the '60s, the one that changed the entire race. >> yeah, i was around for that. >> not just jobs, your family's security. this 3-year-old child of yours' security is up for grabs. that's something we haven't seen. >> we also have a hillary
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clinton ad that we want to play for you. here is hillary clinton's more famous spot. take a look. >> i'm hillary clinton and i prove this message. >> this line of clothing, where were they made? >> i don't know where they were made, they were made someplace. it's great. it's ties, shirts, selling at macy's, doing good. >> where are these from? bangladesh? they're made where, in china? >> look at the face on donald trump, letterman still doing all the heavy lifting for the democrats even four years later. bruce, what did you think about that, pretty cute ad, wouldn't you say? >> yes, and also very strategic. when your enemy is destroying themselves, stay out of the way. the best thing hillary clinton can do is show us that donald
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trump, that we've been seeing, and show us the hypocrisy, show us the aloofness, the lack of examinati compassion. notice what was longest on that ad, it was the audience laughing when the tie was from china and he smirked, and then the audience laughing and laughing and laughing. why? because the message is, he's going to make us a laughingstock, he's going to embarrass us, this is going to continue to happen. very sophisticated ad making. >> do you think it's a little rich that hillary clinton who got caught taking the silverware out of the white house when she left for new york is accusing donald trump of being greedy? >> it's the same point, they do the same thing, this is how the other side screwed up, let's play off of this. the problem with that trump is having right now is he's said a lot more thing, he's given hillary a lot more rope from which he can be hung for the
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things he says. he loves to be on television, and all the stuff he said, it's all coming back. >> that's why bill o'reilly can't run for president, because years and years of television, they can cut it up and put it into a 30-second spot. and if you look at the stats here, i think this ad buy is about 4 or $5 million, it's his first one. hillary is out there spending tens of millions of dollars in these battleground states. is this too little, too late? >> it's the marketing aspect of it. every time he said something crazy, he was on the front page. hillary never did that, so hillary was spending the money because she did it more traditionally. what trump is realizing now is that works until you're in the general. now that you're in the general, there has to be some traditionalism. >> bruce, who is going to win the ad wars?
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>> hillary. remember that saying, don't hate me because i'm beautiful? don't hate her because she has the team and they know what they're doing. trump is playing catch-up. >> trump needs to play some "apprentice" money to catch up with her. bruce, peter, thank you guys very much. donald trump visited with the victims of devastating floods in louisiana today. while obama continued to vacation in martha's vineyard, hillary clinton warned that a visit to flood-ravaged louisiana could be a distraction. to go or not to go? we'll debate it, up next. there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it.
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personal story segment in the personal story segment tonight, trump the consoler? floods have devastated louisiana in recent days, killing 13 and damaged an estimated 40,000 homes. donald trump and his running mate mike pence traveled to louisiana today to assess the damage and visit with victims. he issued a challenge for president obama to do the same. >> i just got back from a tour of the suffering and devastation in louisiana. honestly, obama ought to get off the golf course and get down there. >> earlier in the day, president obama announced he will visit the pelican state next week after he finishes his vacation. and hillary clinton currently
8:23 pm
has no plans to visit the flooded areas, but encouraged her supporters to help charities in the region. so is this a political win for donald trump? with us now for analysis in tampa, adam goodman, a republican communications strategist, and in studio, jesse watters, a democratic strategist. so president obama got shamed, didn't he? >> he just wanted to do whatever donald trump is doing, so he was like, when can i get in there? >> you remember when senator obama criticized george w. bush for his reaction to katrina, and now obama is vacationing, golfing, the same thing. >> well, no, obama has fema officials who are down there. the governor of louisiana asked people not to show up there for photo ops. >> so wait, when democrats
8:24 pm
criticize george bush, they were saying, you know, it's just a photo op, and bush was saying, oh, i'm going to get in the way. now president obama doesn't want to get in the way? >> listen, i think president obama should have gone, i've been saying this consistently. this is one of those instances when he digs in his heels on certain things and i don't think it's worth it. he's at 54% approval, donald trump is headed downwards, donald trump has been great for hillary clinton. i think it's appropriate and great that he's going to go. >> adam, according to everybody, it seems like democrats are the party of i feel your pain, and they're compassionate and empathetic. but the moment when president obama can get in front of a camera on the vineyard in five minutes and say, i feel your pain, he doesn't do it. donald trump goes there and fills the leadership void. >> i can tell you this, jesse
8:25 pm
and jessica both. leaders are known best for what they do in crisis. they're known best and remembered most for what they do. you look at examples of that throughout political history. you see jeb bush here in florida, known best for what he did with hurricane charlie and the series of hurricanes that followed, really measured up. nikki haley in south carolina with that horrible shooting in the church at the emanuel ame, she stood up, she measured up. the best example, rudy guiliani in new york in 9/11, he held the country together with command and empathy. donald trump came up big on that score. and i think he needed to. it comes down to this, jesse. when the chips are on the table, you show up. when someone is in trouble, you show up, just like friends. the president in particular, jessica, the president in particular, he didn't show up when terrorists struck in paris over a year ago. he didn't show up, he was at a baseball game in havana when
8:26 pm
they hit again in brussels. when it comes to big moments like that, you expect someone who really cares to be there. >> he does have a little icy streak. remember the golfing after the american was beheaded, he flies off to a vegas fundraiser after benghazi. >> can we talk about sandy hook, the shooting in charleston, we can't talk about any of those? >> hurricane sandy, with the governor on the beach. >> listen, there are unfortunately so many tragedies that plague this country on a regular basis, you're dealing with 320 million people. and i totally take both of your points here, i would just say that for you to make it out that president obama never shows up is patently ridiculous. >> i just think that donald trump showed a little more -- >> you're just excited because he didn't run from a teleprompter. >> yes, everybody is very happy
8:27 pm
he's back on prompter. thanks, guys, very much. plenty more in this "o'reilly factor" special. did we pay ransom to iran? more developments on the $400 million in cash the obama administration sent to the iranians. we'll tell you about it, up next. tired of re-dosing antacids? try duo fusion! new, two in one heartburn relief. the antacid goes to work in seconds... and the acid reducer lasts up to 12 hours in one chewable tablet.
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earlier this month "the wall street journal" revealed a $400 million cash payment from the u.s. government to iran in january coincided with the release of five american prisoners from iranian custody. still, president obama was adamant that the cash transfer was not ransom. >> we do not pay random. we didn't here, and we won't in the future, precisely because if we did, then we would start encouraging americans to be targeted, much in the same way that some countries that do pay ransom end up having a lot more of their citizens being taken by various groups. >> yesterday the u.s. government acknowledged for the first time that the $400 million was used as, quote, leverage to get the americans back. when you're inside that 24-hour period, and you already now have concerns about the end game in terms of getting your americans out, it would have been foolish, irresponsible for us not to try
8:32 pm
to maintain maximum leverage. if you're asking me was there a connection in something regard at the end game, i'm not going to deny that. >> joining us now for reaction from washington is david tafuri, an attorney and former state department official, and also from rebeccah heinrichs, a fellow at the hudson institute. david, if it's not related, and the cash and the hostage release was merely a coincidence, then why two weeks later is it related because it's leverage to guarantee the release? >> i'm really glad that the spokesman called this leverage, because really what it is. he is admitting that they are related. they were linked. both transactions were linked. however, this was not a ransom payment. we had an obligation to make this payment as a settlement of a tribunal case at the hague.
8:33 pm
we were going to have to pay it anyway. we used the payment as leverage to make sure we got our american prisoners back. that's not paying ransom. that's smart tactics. >> i wouldn't call it smart. and i don't know if we had to pay it. the last five presidents didn't pay it. and they didn't think it should have been paid. >> let me back up. kirby's story changed. so why should we believe him now when at first he said there was no link and now he said there was a link because the cash plane didn't take off until the hostages were back? >> incorrect to say there was no link. there was definitely a link. however, this is not a ransom payment. these were two unrelated transactions that were linked together by the state department, smartly, to use the payment as leverage to secure the release of our americans. >> okay. that sounds like gobbledy-gook.
8:34 pm
i'm a simple man, even more simple than bill o'reilly. it says, ransom is money paid to free someone who has been captured. that's what kirby just admitted they did. >> bottom line, we would not have gotten our american hostages back if we had not given them the $400 million. remember, that $400 million, that was a down payment. it's actually $1.7 billion. if you want to talk about who owes who what, the iranian government owes billions of dollars to families of victims they are responsible for. right now the iranian government is going to take that money that the obama administration handed over to them, forked over to them, and use it to give to assad who is murdering men, women, and children, and to fund hezbollah. that is what that money is for. it is a shame and highly irresponsible. we all know it's ransom, the iranian people know it's a
8:35 pm
ransom. they'll continue to take american hostages. they've taken two more since that deal because they know there's a bounty on the heads of americans. >> that's a great point. the president, in that famous press conference when he said it wasn't ransom, said we don't pay ransom because it encourages back actors to take more hostages. if it wasn't ransom, why have the iranians taken three more american hostages since the ransom was paid? >> he's right about the fact that we shouldn't pay ransom. however the process of getting prisoners released is not a clean, nice business. we're not dealing with boy scou scouts. we're dealing with a tyrannical regime who took our citizens hostages and we needed to get them back. we used this payment as leverage. >> so we paid them because we needed to get the hostages back. that sounds like ransom. i think you just admitted it. >> that's a ransom.
8:36 pm
>> no. it can't be ransom if it's a payment you had to make anyway. we had to make it anyway because we settled this case. >> we only had to make it anyway because obama was the first president in 30 years who agreed to make it. >> that is not accurate. you have to look at the tribunal case. nobody disputes -- >> reagan, bush, clinton, and the other bush, no other president wanted to pay the money. obama says we have to pay it. so we paid it. >> jesse, nobody disputes the fact that this tribunal case was coming to a conclusion. did it take a long time? yes. but it was coming to its conclusion. there was about to be a judgment against the u.s. that was going to be for a lot more. nobody has disputed that fact. we settled it for $1.7 billion. the $400 million was the first payment. and we made that payment contingent upon getting our americans back. that's what's important. the result is important, because we got americans back that should have never been in jail in iran in the first place. >> we're in agreement on that. it's just the tactics were
8:37 pm
wrong. i think the american public sees it. i think to myself, if president obama says if you like your health care you can keep it, and then that's a lie, why should we believe it when he says it's not ransom? this guy doesn't have a great track record especially when it comes to negotiations, rebeccah. this is the same president that did the bergdahl trade, the deficit ceiling fee hiascfiasco. >> president obama goes to the iranians and says, what is it we can do for you, what can we do for you. they give him a laundry list and he bends over backwards to figure out how he can actually deliver on what the iranians want. there's nothing the iranians can say that they want that it seems the obama administration is not willing to provide them. >> right. >> so we've got several months left to this administration and the iranians are going to try it wring it out for all they can get. >> and who knows what's going to happen in the next three months, we could have more deals, we could be bribing, you know, the
8:38 pm
guy in north korea, who knows what's coming next. david, rebeccah, thanks very much. the clinton foundation announced it will scale back fundraising efforts if hillary wins the election. is this too little, too late? we'll have a debate, directly ahead. in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day men's gummies. complete with key nutrients plus b vitamins to help convert food into fuel. one a day.
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thanks for staying with us for this thanks for staying with us for this special edition of "the factor." i'm jesse waters ha jesse watte bill o'reilly. there are charges that the clinton foundation gained undo you influence at the state department while hillary clinton was secretary of state. the clinton foundation now says it won't take foreign or corporate money if hillary wins the presidency. the question is, why is this announcement coming now? joining us for national in washington is julian epstein, an attorney and democratic strategist, and here in studio, kristin tate, conservative columnist and author of the new book "government gone wild." we sure have a lot of that. julian, if donald trump had a foundation, and it's august and he's running for president, and
8:43 pm
the russians are funneling millions of dollars into the donald trump foundation, would you have a problem with that? >> well, yeah. and i think the difference here is that the clinton foundation, the donors are public. in the case of donald trump, he does not disclose his extensive ties with russia in the same way paul manafort's advertities wer >> so you think she doesn't have to disclose? >> in the case of the clinton foundation, you have extensive disclosure. in the case of donald trump, you have what his son says are extensive russian ties. >> julian, i want to get you on the record. you would be okay with russian money, publicly disclosed, pouring into a donald trump foundation on the eve of a
8:44 pm
presidential election? >> well, when you say russian money, money from the russian government, probably not. money from russian nationals, if it were properly disclosed, would be much better than what we have right now. the situation you're talking about -- the complaints about the clinton administration is much different. >> -- interests on the eve of a presidential election, you're okay with that, then? >> she just said that if elected, she wouldn't take it from corporations or foreign governments. >> she's going to keep taking it for the next three months? kristin, this is crazy. >> george bush's foundation takes money. >> hold on, julian. >> to pretend it's somehow honorable for hillary clinton to tell her foundations to stop taking donations from foreign entities and corporations is laughable. the damage is done. the clinton foundation has taken tens of millions of dollars from foreign entities and guess what, jesse, these entities expect something in return.
8:45 pm
the owner of a russian company acquired 20% of a uranium mining capacity, and thanks to judicial watch, we know that a clinton foundation employee approached the state department for special favors for a lebanese donor. what will it take to put this woman in jail? liberals will make excuse after excuse to her. i want to ask the question to our fellow guest here, would you be okay with a president who continuously breaks the law over and over with impunity and lies about breaking the law and lies about lying about it? what's it going to take for liberals to criticize a candidate who is breaking the law? >> kristin, it doesn't seem like you have a good command on what the law is. people made allegations that she was breaking the law in the e-mail case, a republican fbi director came out and essentially exonerated her. >> he also said she was a
8:46 pm
reckless liar and shouldn't be handling classified information. >> jesse, excuse me. kristin, you've just made the case that she broke the law. you have a republican head of the fbi who said exactly the opposite. in this case, you're talking about donations from foreign governments or intense to a philanthropic organization, most major philanthropic organizations do take money, organizations that do important work on aids, malaria, like the clinton foundation does. let me respond to the legal issue because you made an accusation. in order for you to have any semblance of a legal case you must show the state department under hillary clinton took some kind of official action in exchange for a foreign donation. you come on the program and say she violated the law, you do what everyone else does, you hide behind that general statement without making specifics. there's no single example that anyone can show that the clinton state department did anything in exchange for a donation not clinton foundation. >> can i tell you why, julian?
8:47 pm
because the obama justice department blocked the fbi probe into the clinton foundation. >> exactly right. >> that's why they haven't found anything, because they blocked the probe. >> because there wasn't any basis for a probe. in order for the justice department -- guys, i spent years with the justice department on these kinds of matters. in order for the justice department to get in, you have to have an appearance of some kind of legal violation. you aren't even close to an appearance of a legal or statutory violation. you're not even close to an appearance of an ethical violation. it's fine for you to say foreign donors shouldn't be giving to the clinton foundation and making some allegation about something getting access or not. that's a silly -- that's a very, very thin -- it's a cheap shot with no factual backing. you've got to have more facts if you want to come on tv with something more than that. >> julian, thank you very much. a quick footnote, remember to check out the contributing factor podcast hosted by bill
8:48 pm
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in back of the book segment tonight, olympic controversy, gold medal swimmer ryan lochte apologized tonight for not being more careful and candid, unquote. lochte originally said he was robbed at gunpoint with three other swimmers at a gas station,
8:52 pm
but the brazilian police, say it was made up after smashing up a rest room, and stopped by a security guard who kept the men from leaving. lochte has been widely criticized for his role in the international incident. >> when anybody goes out in another country to represent our country, and olympians are part of that representation, they should not be out on the streets at 4:00 a.m. drinking and carousing of the acarous i i -- carousing. and i think that is kind of common sense, people look to you to represent our country, and it's up to them to represent our government, our people, our constitution and most importantly our flag, do so and with the highest respect for the country they're in. >> with us now with the latest is carly shimkus, a fox news
8:53 pm
reporter. so i think it looks like ryan lochte is the hillary clinton of the olympics. the story keeps changing over and over again. >> well, i like that analogy. >> when i heard the story first. it was the guys were hanging out and were robbed and then, it's they had to go to the rest room, so what happened. >> what he originally said happened was all the swimmers came back from a party, armed men dressed as police officers pulled their cab over, robbed them at gunpoint. and like you said one of them held the gun directly at his forehead. and then he changed the story a bit, saying well, the gun was not directly pointed at my forehead, and in my general direction. and it all went down at a gas station. now we learn it didn't really happen. >> what did they do at a gas station that caused so much drama? >> so what they did was
8:54 pm
according to police they vandalized a soap dispenser, ruined a door -- >> ugly americans. >> so -- >> unbelievable. detain them forever. >> well, that is what happens when in the -- and that is why they're saying they were robbed at gunpoint because a security guard did detain them with a gun. >> so they caused a little drama late at night. they were obviously hammered, no one remembers anything. they may have embellished and lochte gets out with the gold on the flight to the united states, and his buddies on the team are left holding the bag. not that smart but got out quickly. they shaked down one of the swimmers. >> basically a ransom -- >> that is how we get most americans out of foreign countries. >> and the money going to a brazilian charity, which is a
8:55 pm
nice touch. >> is it the clinton charity foundation? >> and lochte issued an apology on social media. his first line, i want to apologize for my behavior for not being more candid authn and >> back up, nowhere in that did he really apologize for lying, which is a big deal. >> i think these guys were out late, drunk, nothing good hap n happens after 2:00 a.m. they didn't deserve to get shaken down for the tune of 11 g's from the brazilian authorities. >> i disagree, the big thing is they're representing team usa, and they're wasting a lot of people's time and money and
8:56 pm
overshadowing the narrative of how fantastic. >> yeah, all the other great medal winners getting attention and all of these swimmers are taking heat with the ridiculous antics. i probably would have been right there with them but luckily i wasn't with them in rio, maybe next olympics. thank you, carly. >> thank you. up next, my special preview of my next show this weekend. you do not want to miss this. we'll be right back. ipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? [ simultaneously ] she does. help defend against those digestive issues. take phillips' colon health probiotic caps daily with three types of good bacteria. 400 likes? wow! phillips. be good to your gut. i'm going to make this as simple as possible for you.
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before we go tonight, a quick reminder, do you not before we go tonight, a quick reminder you do not want to miss my show next time. i went to the parade and asked people what they thought of the presidential candidates. the latino vote, very, very powerful in this election. >> yes, everybody has to vote, everybody has to vote. >> are you guys going to vote for a president in november? >> hell no.
8:59 pm
>> who are you going to vote for? >> well, going to be hillary clinton. better than trump, because trump don't know nothing, he don't got no experience, hillary clinton has a lot of experience. >> hillary clinton has a lot of experience messing things up. >> okay, okay. >> also checked out the new york renaissance fair. you're the sheriff around here, correct? >> that is correct. >> if hillary clinton were to break a lot of laws and then lie about it what would you do to her? >> well, if she was a peasant like everybody else, she would be punished and working in the salt lines. my name is little john. >> why do they call you little john? they call me big jesse. >> don't miss watters world at 7 and 11 p.m., if you watch them all i'll personally come to your
9:00 pm
house to thank you. and that is all. thank you for joining us on the special edition of "the factor." i'm watters, and this is my world world. breaking tonight, donald trump wrapping up what may be the most disciplined week of his presidential campaign. delivering his fourth major speech in just five days. welcome to the kelly file, i'm sandra smith, in for megyn kelly. and he used this for his shoot from the hip politics. this was no usual week for the gop nominee. not only did we learn today that


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