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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  August 20, 2016 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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manufacturing in the u.s. is somewhat of a yesterday concept. >> oh, no. a yesterday concept. you both hated each other's stocks? that's it for "forbes on fox." thank you for watching. keep it here. the number-one business block continues with eric bolling and "cashin' in." donald trump kicking his campaign up a notch after dropping in the polls. the gop nominee adding new members to his team to try and turn things around. but should the businessman stick to the business plan of turning our economy around? hi, i'm eric bolling, wish to "cashin' in." our crew, a full house. gina loud in, mercedes schlap and rick grennell. my two favorite ladies who lift left, jeannine green and melissa tarlow. jobs and the economy. should trump focus more on the issues to win the general election? >> i think that obviously the economy remains the top issue for american voters. however, i think that for donald trump it's important to come across being the compassionate american businessman.
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i think this is part of what you're seeing in the campaign. what does he need to do? he needs to attract more suburban women to support him. obviously increase his number of independents that would support him. and even minorities because why -- he's fine with his base. this is great. but you need to also think about what women, for example, want to see. they want to see more of not only can you come and fix the economy, but show us that you care. i think that that's what you're starting to see with some of these speeches that trump is laying out. >> gina, some shakeup. so manafort's out. looks like steve bannon, very, very capable guy. he used to run breitbart. he's in for the time being. kellyanne conway, also a fantastic campaign adviser. your thoughts on the shakeup? >> i think we're seeing the results of this. i wouldn't call it a shakeup. i've said from the beginning that trump knows a couple of things very well. this is where his experience, his become acumen is serving him. he knows how to surround himself with good people. he knows timing. he knows when to peak. i think that's exactly what he's
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doing. he knew that he didn't need to peak when everybody was panicking about the polls. we're starting to see those coming together. and you see that now that he's made some of these campaign change, i think hillary clinton's in real trouble. he's proving he can be authentic and read from a prompter. what in the world is she going to do? >> a couple of weeks ago, donald trump was leaving. everyone saying there's only 80 days or so until the election. a lot can happen. >> absolutely. i think this was always going to be a close race in terms of the vote. i'm not sure about the electoral college now and all of the maps look absolutely disastrous for the gop. i wanted touch on something gina said. this is obviously a shakeup. he's totally restructured the top of his campaign. i think it's a smart move. i respect kellyanne conway enormously. but i would say that steve bannon, his tactics almost undo what it is that she's there to do. i wouldn't be surprised if we saw trump going off teleprompter a little, as well, too. that's something that shored up his base. i don't think it plays as well in the general election crowd.
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i don't think we'll have teleprompter don for the next 80 days. >> rick, your thought on the new shakeup or structure of the campaign? >> look, i think it's a -- definitely a big shakeup. i think jessica's right. it was needed. but look, i disagree with her a little bit in that donald trump's problem is just with gop voters. if he can bring them home, the numbers show, and a lot of people in d.c. don't want to admit this, but trump is doing better than romney with nonwhite voters and categories except for with republicans. he needs to bring republicans home. the combination of steve bannon and kellyanne conway is exactly playing to that. they are try and would true republicans. they know the base and know conservatives. i think the combination of them are going to help bring republicans home. i like the new trump. i like the self-reflective trump. i think it was needed. >> what do you say, still time, right? >> there are 80 days.
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we've had 430 days of verbal carnage. to mercedes and richard's point about republican women, he named a ceo for his campaign that wrote a headline that said "birth control makes women unattractive and crazy." i'm not sure that's going to play to republican women, mo moderate women or -- >> or any women out there. republican women hate that. >> women love loyalty. i find it fascinating that he has changed -- >> he doesn't have any. >> he's been completely loyal, completely loyal to his voters that, by the way, he beat 16 other contestants in the primary with. but also he's been loyal, even to people who used to work for him, the people who got fired by donald trump still love him, are out there still fighting for him. >> gina, what about atlantic city? let's talk about all the people there who worked for him who are saying where is our money? >> not i don't --
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>> hold on. >> trump tower, everybody loves him. >> i'm sure the people love him there. jehmu's correct, if you're trying to attract women, to have someone like steve bannon who said those things is ridiculous. and to ric's point, she's behind romney in a lot of categories. what's going with college-educated white women who voted for romney -- >> mercedes, kellyanne conway is a very, very capable woman. >> yes. absolutely. >> running the campaign now. >> exactly. >> and can i tell you something about kellyanne conway? she understands especially when it comes to messaging and women voters. the fact that she understands the economic stress that women have experienced under the obama administration, and i think that what they'll be -- what she'll be able to do is bring out this almost softer image about donald trump while at the same time donald trump is able to hoens in, focus in on the importance of rebuilding the economy in america, making america first. and also safer communities. that's another big issue that i think is attractive, especially for women voters. >> hold on, jehmu.
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we'll bring ric in. steve bannon, look, i've known him probably 12 years or so. what he is very good at, he's good at firing up the base. that's his talent. and maybe that's the new structure of the trump campaign, to get back to the base. get back to what as jehmu pointed out, allowed him to beat 16 other candidates. >> yeah. >> potential candidates. >> i think the hypocrisy coming from the left, and i think it plays into zehmu's comment, that hillary clinton gets to hire all these left wing social testosterone fire -- socialists to fire up the base. that's about team building. when a republican does it, it's somehow alienating. there are a lot of republicans who are very uncomfortable with abortion services and trying to make it seem like somehow this is mainstream to not be pro-life. that's an uncomfortable
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position. we can take that fight. it fires up the base. we are pro-life because we believe in the protection of the unborn. we don't make any apologies for that. trying to make us somehow freakish in the united states, i think it will backfire on the left. >> jehmu, i know you want to respond. i want to bring gina in. thursday we heard donald trump with a very different tone. >> very different. >> this is the first couple of days after kellyanne and bannon were on board. he had a very -- granted he read it, but it was a little -- he said, i apologize for saying things i didn't want -- if i hurt anyone, i don't want to be that guy. here's what he said, it resonatesed when i heard that. "i'll never lie you to. i won't lie you to." some people are saying he may. if this is a new tactic -- >> fact-checkers -- >> i love that he says i won't lie to you. i love that he says i will fight for you. when is the last time americans had a president who would fight for them economically, who would fight for them against foreign invade invaders? we have an administration with hillary clinton there on board
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who have actually made deals with other countries. of that have hurt us. we've given money to terrorists, eric. and i can't even say how much i think this message of economy and safety resonates with women. >> let you jump in now. >> the bar is incredibly low with donald trump. if he can read a speech on one night, his 15 minutes of sanity, then everyone is so excited. we've had 430 days where he could have been talking about the economy, like hillary clinton has been, talking about how she's going to make the -- >> please. >> the boldest incomes in jobs since -- >> hillary clinton's economic speech was bashing donald trump. >> free college for all american. you know, if he had stuck to these issues, not only would we be better for it, the whole world. it's been very divisive. >> go ahead, mercedes -- >> the greatest tax under clinton, it would be one of the highest tax hikes that we've seen in our lifetime. and how is she going to pay for all these massive program that clinton is pursuing? that would not boost the economy. we know that trump has a better
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economic plan. i think trump's got to sell. he's got to -- >> mercedes -- >> a compassionate plan -- >> hold on. he rolled out his plan. frankly, it was a very, very conservative plan. >> tax cuts -- >> last thought to jess. >> i was saying to mercedes' point, that her plan is going to be bad for the economy. i'm not sure why it is that when moody's evaluated, they said she would add 10.4 million job, raise gdp growth. guess what, donald trump was going to send us into a recession. >> hold on -- let's be fair and balanced. >> i am. >> who rated it at moody's? >> are you -- >> mark zandy -- >> big democrat. >> didn't mark zandy also work finish the obama administration? didn't he help outline the stimulus package? listen -- >> you think that means he can't count? >> no, but remember, lies, lies -- >> i think you should go with a nonpartisan -- >> fine. look at the tax foundation site. it's incredibly interesting. has everybody's plan up this. everyone should look. you can see the tax brackets and
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which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? imagine being smacked in the face 1.7 billion times. that's what iran seems to be doing to us as we give them $1.7 billion as part of the iran nuclear deal. not only did the state department just admit the first $400 million in cash was held until the four u.s. prisoners were freed, now we're learning iran is letting madison fighter jets use its air bases to bomb syrian rebels, some of whom the u.s. is supporting. then word there are now 100,000 iranian-backed soldiers in iraq. wait, there's more. iran is holding another american citizen, accusing him of "threatening their national security." ric, we seem to be doing everything they want.
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they seem to be thumbing their nose in our faces. >> yeah. they won. they got a ransom. this line from the white house that somehow it wasn't a ransom because it was a settlement of the 39-year agreement fails to understand that it wasn't a diplomatic opening if it's an immediate payment. the "wall street journal" did a good job of showing exactly what happened. the payment was held until the prisoners were released. that immediacy totally shows that this wasn't a diplomatic opening or an opportunity as president obama says. it was total ransom. and anyone who tries to say that it wasn't means that they want the same policy to continue. hillary clinton will continue doing this because she's defending it. >> they keep saying it's their money, after 39 years or whatever it's been and the terror they financed, i would say they've forgone that money. >> yeah. you kill americans and you become a top terrorist sponsor
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in the world, and pretty much all bets are off. i think that america needs to make that clear. i would invite our liberal friends here on the panel to explain to me something that i don't understand. either these two, hillary clinton and obama, are completecomplet completely incompetent leaders or they're working for terrorist. which is it -- >> which one, jess, incompetent or working against the american interest? >> i'm going to go with neither choice. i think my liberal body downstairs would say the same, too. totally insane, gina. to ric's point, i understand the ransom argument. we know the $400 million was originally theirs. eric, i take your point, president years. maybe it's ours now, but i'm not sure that's how diplomacy works. we negotiated a deal with them which, by the way, we know that nuclear physicists and arms experts have said we owe them. and we got it back -- >> they finished terror, jehmu,
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and are known financers of hezbollah and kill american and israelis, say they're not entitled to that money. >> hezbollah, the ones that were just quoting donald trump which is -- >> it same terror group, yes. still a terror group, no matter what they -- >> my question is -- >> financed by iraq. >> why are we talking it this when this was reported in january of this year? i can if back -- >> it wasn't. >> in january, i weighed 20 pounds less, and i still had a boyfriend. we're talking about this because donald trump created another of his conspiracies when he said he saw the cash coming off the plane. there was transparency in january. we have got to stop trying to gin up the conspiracies. this happened after secretary clinton had left -- >> mercedes, are we -- >> i can't believe, first of all, we're even joking about this because of the fact that we had american hostages held for quite some time. it was under pastor sayeed that
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the revelation came out and the "wall street journal" talking about they were holding this money, $400 million. the obama administration denies it. this is appalling. this is not how we should be running our foreign policy. it is one of the problems that we see where iran looks at the u.s. and looks at us as this weak country willing to give concessions to iran while they play us like a fiddle. i think this is incredibly serious. i think the fact that they're still holding american hostages there in iran and the fact that we can't stand up to them, i think it's a fundamental problem of this administration. >> i'll tell you what, we've got to go. i'll tell you, all you're doing is encouraging more of the same activity. going leave it there. >> that's right. coming up, this tweet by ellen degeneres creating an olympic-sized controversy are. we becoming too p.c.?
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coming up, the p.c. police giving ellen degeneres a gold medal for racism. the comedian catching serious heat for this
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live from america's election headquarter in washington, good saturday morning to you. i'm leland vittert. new problems for hillary clinton and possibly her campaign as a federal judge is ordering her to answer questions in writes being her private e-mail setup when she was secretary of state. this is the latest development in a lawsuit filed by the conservative legal group, judicial watch, probing whether clinton skirted public record laws from 2009 to 2013. the zika warning expanding from miami beach to the tourist
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area of south beach. you may not be safe in the financial center either. the cdc now says there are 36 locally transmitted zika cases in florida. see you at the top. the p.c. police targeting liberals like ellen degeneres. she photo shopped an image of herself on usain bolt's back saying, "this is how i'm running errands from now on." some tweeted accused her of this. >> i think in the last year, donald trump has mainstreamed meglomaniacs. >> it's trump's fault? somehow this became trump's
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fault. >> it's crazy. i think we have to be respectful and understand the fact that there is high tension now between the african-american community and other communities. i think when you look at -- you're blaming it on donald trump, it's more of the black lives matter, too. >> right. >> i think we have to understand and try to be a little empathetic on all sides in terms of saying, okay, maybe -- i spoke to an african-american friend who said, look, everyone's on pins and needles. ellen was probably tone deaf on this. maybe just try to find a space where we can all respect each other. >> gina? >> this is -- this is conservative poetry, eric. this is the moment where we can sit and hope that the liberals can understand what their tremp has done. the p. -- what the rhetoric has done. the p.c. police and now -- i'm hoping that ellen is one of those people who will quietly step in the ballot box and vote for trump to get rid of this.
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>> all right. ric, come on. honestly, it was a joke. it was funny. everyone laughed. what's going on here? >> i have zero sympathy for ellen. she's played into politics for a long time. she's getting exactly what she deserves. she's getting a taste of her own medicine. she allows this -- they deserve this. ellen is a racist. >> jessica, your thoughts from that safe place corner down her? i thought it was really funny, actually. the backlash, i get that. liberals are to blame substantially for the pc police issue. to quote mike bloomberg who sat at an address in michigan university, micro aggressions are just that, micro. i want to say that when we freak
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out about things like this it detracts from real racism and bigotry. >> we agree on that one. coming up, wake up america. what's it like to put your home in good hands?
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with an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands. thanks to our cashin' in crew for joining us. time to wake up, america. respect. it's what my parents taught me my whole life. you may not agree with someone, but respect them until they stop earning it. respect. it's what most politicians lack. i used to respect president obama. he disagree with his agenda but respected his accomplishments. successful scholar, u.s. senator in a very young presidential win. i think i speak for many, unfortunately the last 7 1/2 years his actions have undermined that earned respect. this isn't about vacations or rounds of golf or at times tone-deaf decisions. watch these two clips carefully.
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does this look like a president who respects us? first, here's the president laugh at the thought we would hold back iranian cash until our ho were released. >> this wasn't some nefarious deal. we do not pay ransom for hostages. >> watch the state department prove the president was not only lying to americans. >> the pavement of the $400 million was not done until after the prisoners were released. >> in basic english, you're saying you wouldn't give them the $400 million in cash until the prisoners were released, correct? >> that's correct. >> respect is earned and as mr. and mrs. b. said, respect
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someone until they stop respecting you. unfortunately, i believe we arrived at that point now. i respect your right to have a fantastic weekend, everybody. see you next week. donald trump tells african-american voters they, quote, have nothing to lose in supporting his campaign as he hits the trail in the swing state of virginia minus his campaign manager. hillary clinton is off the coast of cape cod today fund-raising with the ultrarich on martha's vineyard and nantucket. this a day after a judge orders former secretary of state to answer written questions >> health officials warn residents of miami beach they my want to cover up and put on insect repellent after they discover a second zika hot zone.


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