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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  August 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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justice with jeanine, and remember, i'm watters and this is my world. right now on "justice,". >> the poorest places in our country will no safety and peace again. >> law and order in america, how do we get it back? i'll ask donald trump myself live right here tonight. and you can't miss it. >> what you do have to lose? then the creator of the movie, "hillary's america" with some eye-opening facts about the democratic party, the history that democrats don't want you to know. then -- >> they call him the ugly american. i think he happens to be good
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looking. what do you think should happen to ryan lochte. >> the most notorious swim e. should he sink or swim. i ask about ryan lochte and get some amazingances. >> if he lied to the police they should hang him. >> that's a penalty. where are you from? >> you don't have to guess. you know. >> i do know. "justice" starts now. breaking live donald trump about to join me for a live conversation. hello, welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. now for my opening statement. democrats-inspired government support in the last century has become the most abusive form of oppression and suppression in our inner cities. it is keeping african-americans and minority communities from attaining not only the american
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dream but a normal safe secure and productive life. a supposed well intention supports this system is chaining our minority communities into an intergenerational cycle of poverty, depression. i spent more than three decades in the criminal justice system watching crime, drugs, and gangs ravage our inner cities, drawing no distinction between children the weak and the elderly. but i have never heard anyone especially someone running for office have the audacity the tenacity to turn a paradigm upside down the way donald trump did this week it's time for our society to address some honest and very very difficult truths. the democratic party has failed and betrayed the african-american community.
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democratic crime policies education policies and economic policies have produced only more crime, more broken homes, and more poverty. >> is he right? let's take a look. when barack obama and hillary clinton talk about the racial divide they neglect to talk about the fact that 58% of young african-americans do not have jobs that in fact they are worse off since an african-american president took office. so what makes anyone think things will get better under the same policies? when barack obama and hillary clinton talk about the economic divide in this country, what if v they have they done about it other than hillary clinton magically going from dead broke to worth more than $100 million that she'll admit to without a business company, or anything
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other than a so-called not- not-for-profit conversation. and while barack obama and hillary clinton talk about the much needed conversations between our minority community and law enforcement officers, they do so to the background chant, what do we want dead cops when do we want them now. today more police are targeted and killed than ever before. and while barack obama and hillary clinton talk about the poor and the oppressed, the anarchists black lives matter and occupy wall street groups burn down and destroy neighborhoods where the only ones suffering are african-american mom and pop shops and african-american small business owners. and why they pontificate on the quality of justice from minority communities like ferguson and baltimore, jiris, justices and even their own department of
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justice outright reject their make believe incendiary and divisive narrative. and in case you haven't noticed, gun crimes against african-americans in the inner cities only matter if law enforcement is involved. african-american deaths even of children on playgrounds on the south side of chicago just don't get the same outrage. and when this duo talk about the quality of education that young african-american and minority children need to compete, they force an education bureaucracy and the union in turn supports them selling slick ads while children in those communities drop out or fail on those families. no vision children like the lucky few who have viewed the voucher system or school
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choice that allowed them to break the bonds of the inner city and soar their way to success. now, take a look at these cities populated by the minority community where murders are on the rise where poverty is the norm where guns are seen as the only form of protection crime is the onto wayly way out, hope is nonskpis tempt, and ask yourself who is running these cities? democrats. take a look at the numbers. chicago has had a democratic mayor for the last 85 years. st. louis, 67 years. newark 109 years. milwaukee, 108 years. baltimore, 49 years, and d.c. 41 years. major cities all where murders go up. folks, if something just doesn't work time after time and over and over what does it tell you? should you keep going with it?
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should you do it again? you know what? i can't say it any better than he can. >> what the hell do you have to lose? >> and that mice opening statement. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitter,twitter, twitter, #justice jeanine. presidential candidate donald trump joins me by phone. hello, donald. >> hello, jeanine. >> you have given at least four or five major speeches. you've been to louisiana, you just gave a speech this afternoon, and i couldn't help but focus on your tuesday's speech because it's my wheelhouse. so i want to ask you, do you believe that there's any chance for the inner cities to survive in light of where they are
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today? >> not with the people running them that are running them today, jeanine. i mean i know some of the people who actually are running them. they couldn't care less. they just want the votes and after they get the votes, it's back to business as usual, special interests, and it's just not going to work. and the african-american people have been absolutely mistreated and abused by democratic politicians who have taken advantage of them. you know it was in my speech and i really sort of just was reading the statistics where you have 40% that are living in poverty, 58% of the students -- i mean the young people they can't get jobs you know. it's just like a total catastrophe. the unemployment rate. everything else is bad. no health care, no education, no anything. poverty is unbelievable. and then i said hey, wait a minute vote for me what do you have to lose? i can't do any worse than what these people have been doing and
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i can do better. i actually said if you vote for me next time in four years i'll get 95% of your vote because you'll see such a big improvement. i looked at all of the numbers you just put up. it's atrocious. i said vote for me. what do you have to lose? >> what would you do differently, donald? >> i'd get jobs. i'd also create spirit. we have a president who is absolutely a devierd. i qaa him the great divider. there's so little spirit and there is such great division and we need a cheerleader. i thought he was going to be a cheerleader. he's not a cheerleader. look as an example. he's out playing golf with his friends and doesn't know what's happening down in louisiana. i was there and i want to say it's so sad when you look at these houses that are absolutely destroyed. even though they're standing they have to be taken apart and put back together. >> i have to tell you, donald,
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my family lost a house in a flood and it is horrible. there was a gentleman in louisiana. wit ounce the internet. he was crying because he met you. he couldn't believe you actually went there and he actually had an opportunity to meet you. you know the president had no plans to go to louisiana. and then after you were there yesterday, we now hear that he plans on going there next week. do you think you shamed him into going? >> well i don't know about that. perhaps i'm not looking to have done that. ly say this, i think next week is too late. tuesday's too late. you go. what you do is tell your golf buddies tomorrow morning you won't be able to make it. hop on the plane, a nice 747, very old, a lot of fumes blowing into the air, but nevertheless hop into the plane, go down and go to louisiana and see what's going on. it's a mess. the army corps of engineers
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could have solved a lot of it. under his drergs ore eight years, if they had done certain changes everyone had been begging them to do the floods would have been at a much much lower level. >> you would think after katrina, they could figure this out. >> they couldn't get him to move. they wouldn't do it. they couldn't get him to move. you know that's government. unless you have a leader at the top. >> all right. you know donald one of the things that is happen inging as we're speaking there apparently was another terror attack in turkey although we don't know all of the details, what we do know and the bare facts are, it appears there was a wedding in turkey and it was an outdoor wedding and it appears it was possibly a suicide bomber. as many as 22 people dead. and there are reports and you know as well as i do that all of these things change you know
6:12 pm
when we first hear things and they may not necessarily be true. what would you do as president to stem all of these attacks and the tide of these kinds of attack attacks? >> well we to be much tougher than we are, much less politically correct, so vigilant in reporting what's going on. i heard about the attack in turkey. it looks like it's radical islamic terrorism again. of course you know the president won't use that term. but it looks like that. we'll have to find out. but, you know i'm sure you wouldn't be totally shocked if it was. but it is -- it is just a horrible thing that's going on. nobody's seen anything like this. you go back to medieval times where they chop off heads. drowning people in steel cages, chopping off heads, burying in
6:13 pm
sand. nobody's seen this. this is medieval times. >> it is barbaric. you know i'm going to be going to denez sa zoo who did "hillary america" where it is a discussion of some of the things you've talked about in terms of the inner city and democrats and what has happened to a lot of the people inner cities and i home you're able to see that movie. it's very interesting, very consistent with where you're going. i'm going ask you one last kind of fun question. >> go ahead. >> all right. as you prep for these debates, who's standing in for hillary? >> well you know so far i have not really given it too much thought. i didn't prep for the other debates in the primaries. i studied for them but i didn't prep per se. i guess the standard thing -- you would be a very very good -- you are something. >> i was going to offer myself
6:14 pm
up but i work for fox and everybody knows i love you, so everybody knows we're friends. but i'm not blond, so i don't think it would work nor could i wear a pant suit. >> the main thing is it's something we have to win or we're not going have the judges. the justices of the supreme court by and of itself is such a big factor of this election and it's a factor that some people talk about a lot because they know how important other people don't know about it, but you'll have a -- look at justice scalia. that was unexpected but all of a sudden before you even start you're picking one, but it could be as many as four. it could even be as many as five during a four-year term. probably the most ever for a president for a four-year term. we will work hard and we will do a job and we will make america great again. >> i will say one more thing. "l.a. times" poll trump takes a half point lead over hillary
6:15 pm
clinton. you've had a banner week after the last couple of weeks. >> i don't know. the press gave me a rough couple of weeks. they'll take what i say and change it and totally cut it up and dice it up and study it for three days. very dishonest. >> keep doing what you did this week. you'll hit it out of the park. >> i will jeanine, i promise. >> thank you so much. >> thank you very much jeanine. >> if you haven't seen "hillary's america," it is an eye-opening look at the democratic candidate for president as well as the party that she represents. take a look at this. today claims to be the party of progress but where's the progress? for blacks they've created new urban plantations. for indians, reservations. and for poor immigrants barrios, and slums. they put their voters in there
6:16 pm
and make sure they stay there. the only progress we see is progress for them more wealth more power, more control over america and over our lives. the clintons are worthy successors of a vision from andrew jackson to woodrow wilson. >> wow. with me now author and director of "hillary's america," dinesh sa souza. dinesh i have to tell you, i have seen this twice. i have the book and i saw the movie and i talked to trump about it. it was an incredible incredible discussion. what people don't know is it's about the history of democrats. slavery, taking indians' lands and civil rights as it relates
6:17 pm
to this country. i don't want to get in a long discussion about it but i want to talk to you about the 13th 14th and 15th amendment, tell me about those amendments and how they were voted on as it relats to democrats and republicans? >> the 13th amendment was the amendment that permanently abolished slavery. the republicans pushed it, the democrats you nan lusly as a block oh poesd it but it passed the 14th not a single democrat voted for it. republicans pushed it through. the democrats again in uniform opposition. now, why is this important? it's important because democrats today will claim credit for the civil rights movement of the 1960s the civil rights act of '64, voting rights act of '65, but those laws were all based upon constitutional provisions
6:18 pm
that have been put in the constitution 100 years previously by the republican party and their enforcement had been blocked for almost a century by the democratic party. that's why the history is so important. the democrats to this day claim to be the party of the good guys of the little guys, of good guys. the real history is they blocked women's suffrage. they were the party of ku klux klans and restriction. >> dinesh nobody believes that. if i went out and did my man on the street not at that they're geniuses out there, if i asked them everybody would swear on their homes the republicans were the ones that were kkk and all that. why? >> the funny thing is once they see our movie, the left says yes, dinesh you're right, it's true, but it's ancient history. it's all so long ago. women's suffrage was 100 years ago. i say, wait a minute.
6:19 pm
we're not just talking about 100 years ago. in the 1960s they tried to kill the amendment with a gender bill. not all of this is as far back as you think. the reason it's important to high light is it shows the democratic narrative to be a lie and strips the moral capital away from the dem graphocratic party. >> let me ask you in terms of my opening statement and inner cities and democratic party and crime. we're going to be going to david clark. how is it that the democrat party in terms of your perspective is continuing the crime issue and not creating a save haven for the minority community. >> in the book and the movie i use a democratic phrase. urban plantation. there are so many chilling
6:20 pm
similarities between the old slave plantations, the rural plantations that the democratic party used to run and what's going on in the inner cities some of in the old slave plantations if you look at what it was like they had ransackled dwellings, broken families ill legitimacy a lot of violence held together because slavery was based on coercion. everybody had a meager living. you get health care but no one got ahead. a lot of denialism and hopelessness and despair. >> gotta go. coming up -- dinesh we'll get your book. you heard donald trump and i talking about law and order in america. this car is traveling over 200 miles per hour. to win, every millisecond matters.
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my next guest calls for total policies. here to discuss what needs to be done before it's too late. milwaukee county sheriff david clark. good evening, sheriff. you know we've been talking so far this evening on the problems of the urban community, the urban cities as it relats to poverty, crime, we're seeing it
6:25 pm
act out every day in real time in this country. with dinesh da souza we've seen it. you've been in law enforcement and you're close up and realtime to what has happened in milwaukee. dwlou interpret what's going on and do you see it changing in the near future? >> i don't see it changing. their failed urban policies has wrecked the city of milwaukee. the city i grew up in, been raised in and been a part of all of my life. milwaukee used to be a strong middle class city. strong middle class. strong jobs education. e's now been flipping. we're now the sixth poorest city of america for a city of its size with one in every four people living in poverty, failed k-12 public education system
6:26 pm
one of the worst in the neigh. massive black unemployment and issues with families. look. the progressive rule of these cities has wrecked these cities. not just milwaukee. you looked at baltimore. you mentioned them. donald trump mentioned them. dinesh da souza mentioned it as well. baltimore, st. louis, l.a. chicago is on the brink right now as well. until there's a change in employ cal class, that's not going happen too soon in milwaukee. right now as we speak, they have their hands out looking to washington for more federal money. >> sheriff, what needs to be done? you and i can sit here and say bad guys need to be arrested, throw them in jail and all that stuff, but what else needs to be done? >> you need to shrink the size of the underclass. the underclass has grown significantly in milwaukee.
6:27 pm
how do you shrink the size of the underclass. stop funding this did function the froukt of lives and milwaukee. that's where the republicans can step in. not with money. slowly. you can't pull the rug out from people. that would be a cruel thing to do. slowly start to defund dysfunction and tie money to achievement, accomplishment. in other words, the poverty rate is more. if it doesn't go down less money, less money. look black people are resilient. we've overcome slavery and jim kroll. we've not been able to control modern liberalism and the progressive liberal movement. they will if they're made to stand up on their own two feet figure some of these things out for themselves realize they're
6:28 pm
being hoodwinked by the democratic party. i find it encouraging that donald trump went out and pleaded. he asked for the vote of the black community all throughout the united states. >> what did he have to lose? >> i find it unique. >> i found it unique. the whole discussion was unique not even mentioning the schools and failed system of schooling where kids are dropping out and failing and just being, you know self-fulfilling, that they're not going anywhere. sheriff david clark, thanks so much for being with us this evening. >> my pleasure judge. >> the best political panel is on deck with tom and john thomas are standing by with the big push for november. and are trump voters staying low until election day? i'll explain my theory and talk about it with an expert as "justice" rolls on. stay with us. etting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more.
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live from the american news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. more than 150,000 people have applied for federal aid. meanwhile some folks are trying to rebury their loved ones. the widespread flooding disturbed tombs and graves in at least 15 cemeteries. and a bomb went off at a turkey wedding killing at least 13 and wounding others. it's unknown who is responsible. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "justice"justice with judge jeanine" jeanine"." you're watching the most powerable name in news, fox news channel.
6:34 pm
another big week. another staff shakeup dominates the trump headlines. here to break it down, good evening, gentlemen. okay. let's start with the flooding. 'll start with you, chris. the democrats and mainstream media couldn't wait to go after president george bush with kay california trina. at least the man showed up. he may have been 30,000 feet but he showed up. donald trump runs to louisiana and barack obama with no plans, no criticism, no one saying anything about it after. after trump goerks barack obama says oh,'ll go next week. >> well the louisiana
6:35 pm
authorities might question whether or not it was wise for him to be there and they're also very satisfied with the federal response. >> oh oh oh. wait a minute. so while he's playing golf -- i lost a home in a flood. i'm not happy with the federal response. >> hold on a second. the governor of louisiana did not want the united states go there because when the president comes it is rather disruptive. he wanted to get the situation under control. >> oh. why did a republican in new jersey want the president to come? >> it's the same reason george bush didn't land and he was unfairly criticized for not landing. it was a federal response. >> i'll let you get away with it because you said george bush was unfairly criticized. i want you to make a note of this my viewers. the only time a democrat has taken the side of bush. i'll ask you this now. the ransom, was it a ransom.
6:36 pm
we've got to this -- i'm going to ask you to look at this shot. john kirby, let's pull up this sound. >> in basic english you're saying you wouldn't give them the $400 million in cash until the prisoners were released correct. >> that's correct. >> okay. now the next day kirby comes out and, chris, you'll get a charge out of this. kirby comes out, his eyes are bloodshot, he didn't sleep all night, you know he didn't he tried to walk it back. he basically said it was a ransom. the ransom was a ransom. the president says -- i've got to read this very splug by the way, it wasn't some nefarious deal. the lawyer said we had to pate. what do you think it was, john? >>. >> it was a ransom. if it walks like a duck quacks like a duck, it was a ransom.
6:37 pm
here's what's most offensive about it judge. not only d they lie about it but the united states because of the $400 million transfer and iran deal is the world's largest sponsor of terrorism if you think about it. the disastrous policies of the last eight years and by extension hillary clinton when shes with secretary of state got us into this situation today. that's what this race has to be about. americans know we're worse off and less safe than we were eight years ago. >> here's the bottom line. americans are not going care about this or that or this or that. we can save until the cows come home. we should care about this or that. it's that little piece in the middle. in terms of general ee lejzs, we've never had people so dismissed. what is it going to take to convince the middle that one candidate or the other is worth following and i don't need to hear how donald had a bad week or hillary had a bad week.
6:38 pm
right now, dnld had a great week. he's up half a point. this is a very fluid situation. >> look. i'm not one of the people who thinks this race is over. i've been saying this to you. donald trump could turn six points around in a day. but that said i think what they want they want someone they can trust with their future. they want somebody who's got the right temperament to lead this country. both of them have very high unfavorables. one of them appears to most americans to appear more likely to understand what the job is. that's why the debates are so important. that's why when he said early on your show he's not prepared for the debates, i would be very concerned with that. >> well, hey, he was winging it in the primaries. john let me ask you. what was chris's key word? they have to trust?
6:39 pm
>> that's what i wassen to say. i couldn't agree with chris more. trust is the issue. 70% of americans say they not only distrust hillary. they think she's a liar. director comey says she's a liar. that's what donald trump has to do. >> everybody knows that, john. >> they remember what happened last. >> you're right. what did you say? >> americans don't trust politicians in jen ran and they see her more as a politician than her. >> chris hahn john toms thanks so much for being with us. "street justice" is still ahead tonight. plus are donald trump hiding from pollsters, i'm going to tell you why we could be in for a big surprise come november. my theory. don't go away. i love that my shop is part of the morning ritual around here. people rely on that first cup and i wouldn't want to mess with that. but when (my) back pain got bad i couldn't
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there's no questioning ingabout it. you can't say it's textbook racism, but i support him because he's the nominee of my party. >> wow. that's abc news political commentator and hillary clinton fan cokie roberts talking about donald trump supporters but could this media bias against trump actually influence polls on election day in the opposite way that they've been telling us and end up being a big reason behind a trump win? joining me now vanderbilt university professor of political science and law carol swain. good evening, professor. it is very good to have you on this show. >> thank you. >> when i heard cokie roberts say that i was stunned.
6:45 pm
everybody knows that donald's my friend and support him, but to hear someone who works for ac and pbs and say if i support him i am morally tantsed is shocking from the mainstream media. we've heard from pbs and some of the other mainstream outlets that it's not just the less educated. they're calling in the low information voters. i mean there's so much editorializing. is that the way it's supposed to be? >> well it's certainly not the way it's supposed to be and it's also absolutely wrong according to the data. during the spring the economists published a poll that shows us that 43% of the trump supporters had college degrees and as far as the ones that have low levels of education high school zrees or less that's only 16% of the republican base and a fifth of the trump supporters. and so it's really
6:46 pm
misinformation. i think mr. trump draws from all sectors of society, including women. during the primaries, he never got less than 25% of the female vote in those states where he was. >> are the democrats relying on a self-fulfilling prophesy where if you say something long enough people not only believe it but they follow it? >> i think that it's that so min ski strategy of using ridicule to embarrass impeachment and so they have set up a situation where there are people that are supporting donald trump, but they're afraid to share that information. and i have met so many people and this is anecdotal data, i've met so many people that are democrats or highly educated colleagues that tell me -- they whisper that they're going vote for donald trump. and i know that for myself i am
6:47 pm
a trump supporter now. i didn't start off as a trump supporter, but i had to really think about it. i'm educated so i'm supposed to be someone that you know according to the media and republican party you would support ted cruz or rubio or someone more acceptable and i think that the trump support is underestimated and that people are afraid to put bumper sticker os their cars and yard signs in their yards because they know. >> in the end we may be surprised at the election. >> yes. >> let's talk quickly. has the democratic party taken black voters for granted? >> of course they have. they've done this you know as far as i can remember. i hope that the black community will -- that they're already awakening. i see this in some of the young people. i came out of the democratic
6:48 pm
party and bake a republican in 2009. i liked to see more african-americans do that. we can't continue to do the samb thing over and over and over again and expect a different result. >> and ultimately you know in terms of the mainstream media and, you know propelling this belief or this concept that you know there's no way donald can win and he's going to rule everything how much impact do you think that has on someone and on the voters in general? >> i think it discourages people and it makes them wonder whether or not it's true but i believe we're going to have a surprise on election day. i actually believe donald trump is going to be our next president and i believe he'll be a good president because his approach will be different. the bureaucracy has been in shambles for decades and it needs the hand of someone that knows something about business and there are so many other area areas where we do need someone
6:49 pm
that's going to infuse washington with new people and a new way of thinking. >> carol swain, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> it's almost that time. "street justice" is next. both on the track and thousands of miles away. with the help of at&t, red bull racing can share critical information about every inch of the car from virtually anywhere. brakes are getting warm. confirmed, daniel you need to cool your brakes. understood, brake bias back 2 clicks. giving them the agility to have speed & precision. because no one knows & like at&t. it's the phillips' lady! anyone ever have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? [ simultaneously ] she does. help defend against those digestive issues. take phillips' colon health probiotic caps daily with three types of good bacteria. 400 likes? wow! phillips. be good to your gut. what makes wendy's baconator different? while the other guys use frozen beef from far away. wendy's only serves fresh beef from ranches close by.
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you have waited for it all night and it's finally time for
6:53 pm
street justice. okay. so this week i hit the streets to ask about the ryan lochte robbery controversy and if you think lochte and his fellow olympians should face charges in brazil. take a look. they call it the ugly american. i personally think he's rather good-looking. what should happen to ryan lochte? >> i think he should be prosecuted for what he did. >> you think he should? you think the guy should end up in jail in brazil? >> i don't think he should be prosecuted. i do think he should be held accountable for his actions. i think he should possibly do community service and pay some type of fine. >> he's representing our country. in the long run he has to do what he has to do. >> i think he was -- they had a little too much to drink maybe one night and the locals got after him a little bit. he panicked in a different country, with all the stuff that's going on there. i don't know. probably would have done the same thing. >> brazil wants to charge him with a crime. should we send him back to face charges?
6:54 pm
>> i don't think he should be sent back unless there's evidence to justify them putting him there. >> he's a pretty good-looking model. >> he's not ugly at all. but should he go to jail? >> no. nobody who looks that good. >> good looks are a defense. >> good looks are in. >> you got that? the irs? can you shine these shoes? >> those are amazing shoes. they don't need a shine. >> he should be banned from competition or going to any other country forever. >> no! why? >> liar. >> here's the thing. first thing he did was told his mother his mother called the press. that's how it broke. >> you know hand him over to his mother. she will handle him. >> obviously not. she blew the whole thing up. she called the press. >> the apple don't fall far from the tree. >> if his mother didn't tell the press it would never have gotten out. >> well his mother is right to tell him she should have brought him up a little better before that. >> they said he lied to the
6:55 pm
police in rio. >> if he lied to the police they should hang him. >> death penalty. where are you from? let me guess. >> you don't have to guess. already you know. >> i do know. >> i love you. >> where are we going with this interview? >> which interview? you are having a new woman president. >> no. >> yes. >> no. >> she is doing well. >> no. >> yes. >> no. >> yes. again. >> let's see who wins. what are your final words to ryan lochte? >> my final words are just tell the truth. be honest. and don't fabricate what really happened. do better. >> stop drinking. >> we'll be right back.
6:56 pm
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