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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 23, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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knives from his stomach. the patient admitting he's been swallowing the blades over the past few months. some of the knives were folded, others had blades up to seven inches long. can you believe this? doctors say he suffers from a mental disorder as an and is incounseling. clearly dangerous behavior. martha: on that note , that light note, we will leave you for today. we will see you back here tomorrow. bill: he's okay. martha: don't try that at home. see you tomorrow. jenna: it certainly is a metaphor for something we could apply to our show today. jon: the long knives are out to be eight. jenna: both presidential nominees dealing with their issues as they come campaign west of the mississippi. better than that guy, swallowing knives. i'm jenna lee b1 i'm great in fortran one. donald trump in texas trying to explain what appears to be the shipping position on his
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signature issue of immigration as he tries to win over minority voters. this has hillary clinton deals with new fallout the latest discovery of almost 15,000 new emails which could shed more light on ties between the clinton state department and the clinton foundation. jenna: mike and manuel is following the clinton campaign in california but first let's go to senior national correspondent john roberts who live outside trump tower in new york city. reporter: it looks like donald trump has decided he's not going to further explain his immigration policy, at least not this week, trying to take advantage of the fact that hillary clinton has run into difficulty over the clinton foundation and its ties to the state department and the revelation there are 15,000 more emails out there. yesterday in akron ohio donald trump told the crowd at a huge rally that it's
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time for a special prosecutor to be appointed to look into all of this because the department of justice which is an arm of the obama administration can't be trusted to do it. here's trump. >> the amounts involved, the favors done and the significant number of times it was done require an expedited investigation by a special prosecutor immediately, immediately. reporter: donald trump was expected to give that immigration speech later this week, thursday in denver colorado. that has been shelved, not sure when that is going to happen but when donald trump eventually does come around detailing his immigration policy likely that he made i'll back just a little bit on the hard-line stance that he took over the millions upon millions of people who entered this country illegally. he said months ago he was going to deport them all. last night on an appearance on the o'reilly factor he said let's start with the really bad people, the criminals and the gang members and go from there. here's trump from last night.
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>> as far as everybody else, were going to go through the process. what people don't know is obama got tremendous numbers ofpeople out of the country. bush, the same thing. lots of people were brought out of the country with the existing laws. thing and i just said that here's what everybody wants to know . >> we want to do it in a very humane manner. reporter: the early indications are that aside from what he called quote, the bad people, donald trump may or at least is indicating he may allow many of the people who entered this country illegally to stay here while they go through that process. while he won't be talking about immigration today he will be talking about border security. he's got a town hall tonight and tomorrow night and he's got a big rally in austin where they will be talking about border security as well as the problems hillary clinton is having with the emails and the clinton foundation. jenna: thank you. greg: hillary clinton is in the state of california today, fundraising later on at the home of justin timberlake as her campaign is
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rocked by more news of emails and telephone records showing the deep ties between clinton state department and the clinton foundation. senior political correspondent night and manuel is live from los angeles with more on that. reporter: critics say it's hard to tell where the state department ended and the clinton foundation began, saying they were working hand in glove. emails between long time went and ate who maddening and foundation executive broadband were released yesterday by watchdog group judicial watch that revealed band asking for help in getting requested to meet with bahrain prince who they described as a good friend of ours. another exchange, huma abedin expressed concern about helping to arrange an interview in the british embassy for a professional soccer player who hadcriminal charge against him .there were 150 phone messages left by the clinton foundation coo for state department chief of staff general mills over a
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two-year period. that's according to call on release as part of a lawsuit filed by citizens united. the group's president says the foundation should not have had that kind of access. >> it's amazing the state department spokesman would be making an argument that hillary clinton would be under an ethics agreement with, that the white house made her side with the foundation but her top employees would not be under that sameagreement. i it's just very clintonesque . reporter: as for hillary clinton, she's doing fundraising here in southern california but did make reference to her email controversy in a late-night tv appearance . >> have you considered using facetime instead of email? [laughter] >> jimmy, my emails are so boring . i'm embarrassed about that. so we've already released, i don't know, 30,000+ so what's a few more?
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reporter: clinton making reference to nearly 15,000 emails collected by the fbi which could be released weeks before election day. greg? greg: we will wait to see what's in those emails. mike emmanuelle live in los angeles. jenna: there's so many emails it's difficult to remember which group is with which group. secretary clinton says the controversy, the latest controversy involves a few more emails when in fact it is that nearly 15,000 that no one has been able to look through yet except with the fbi. 80 stoddard's associate editor and calm this for real clear politics, michael moran is editor of the weekly standard. we do have 15,000 the fbi turned over to the state department, judicial watch wants to see those. we have these other emails, the 15,000+ or so that additional watch already has access to that they continue to look through and ab, that's how we're finding out about some of the emails between the crown prince of bahrain and some hillary
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clinton's associates. so far there's no evidence of favors following meetings with those that have donated to theclinton foundation. does that matter in this request mark . >> right jenna. i don't think we know how many more emails we are going to see in the weeks to come and months before the election that might show a deepening and more damaging pattern of either access or information given. even if the favors were not granted, policy changes were not enacted on behalf of former donors to the clinton foundation, if we see a continuing pattern of access and of information provided on a regular basis, when we already know obviously through the emails we've seen there's a strong connection between her tenure at the state department as secretary and the clinton foundation and her top aides in both places. i think that's potentially could torpedo her campaign.
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depending on the situation at the time and depending on what we see in the emails, we just don't, these keep coming and the ones that the state department is going to be releasing and the ones that will come through the judicial watch may not be the only ones. jenna: that's the big question michael, those, does it matter again about whether we get that one email that shows a change of policy. we don't know if it's there or not or if it's amply the fact that there is sort of connection between those who made donations through the foundation and those that were able to get meetings with the secretary of state. >> if we are looking for a smoking gun here we may be looking for a long time, even past the election. it's not likely we will see that we have seen so far is i think enough to question whether or not hillary clinton is fit for the highest office in the land. look at the way she sort of, her aides as well took advantage of her position as secretary of state to keep this close relationship with the foundation and just the
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fact that you have all of these donors from foreign countries, companies as well acting is that their donations could buy them something. they're acting in that way. that's enough to tell you that that relationship is toxic for the governments of this country. jenna: but polls show, ab, that those that have their minds made up about this issue, that if you are a democrat or republican you have to opinion on this whole email issue for hillary clinton and that perhaps more emails in one direction or the otherdon't actually sway votes . what you think about that? >> this is where i think it could be so fatal for her campaign. donald trump has a feeling, he is not breaking through and expanding his coalition of voters. he's getting weaker with the general republican coalition,
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even his wife non-college base support that he hoped to be. hillary clinton's vote is right now higher if you look at the polls but it can be pressed easily. more than 60 percent of the country finds her dishonest and untrustworthy. if you would the voters she's targeting, she's trying to scare enough ethical independence or women who voted for mitt romney into voting for her, not just if they don't like donald trump to stay home but voting for her. these races can be won or lost in the margins and a handful of states and if you have in the late weeks before an election the press hillary clinton's vote among those who think she is really a liar and has taken advantage of the system for personal enrichment, if you depress or vote in the right places in us boiler candidates in the race, now three other candidates besides trump and clinton, that could be the trump sway . jenna: breath voters were disillusioned think okay, i'm going to vote but i'm going to vote for somebody else and perhaps that as you point out on the margins doesn't affect certain states so we will see on that. trump wants a special prosecutor to look into this and that's what the campaign is focused on. they are also focused on
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donald trump, the help of hillary clinton. she addressed that last night onjimmy kimmel as well, let's take a look . >> for you in good health? >> this has become one of their teams. take my calls while i'm talking to you. [applause] make sure i'm alive. >> all my god, there's nothing there. >> i do feel sometimes like this campaign has entered into an alternative universe. i have to sort of step into the alternative reality and you know, answer questions about michigan alive? how much longer will i be alive? jenna: what you think of donald trump's focus on that and hillary clinton's response? >> hillary clinton is responding really the onlyway she can, by laughing it off . this is probably a badway for the trump campaign to go . just because it sounds like
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crackpots, conspiracy theories him and i think that's a real problem. on the larger question though, donald trump i think is smart to focus on hillary clinton for a lot of the reason that ab just mentioned which is that if this election is about donald trump which it has been for the past couple months, he's going to start losing and he is losing. if it starts to be out about hillary clinton and the problems that she has, even this crackpot stuff about her health, he so dislikes within the country that it attention focuses on her and all the potential problems of the clinton administration, she starts to not look as good to donald trump. jenna: is that why the donald trump is changing their schedule this week, to step back from putting out a policy speech on immigration just because all the news is about hillary clinton's emails? >> that would be smart to finally step out of the way and stop trying to dominate the news cycle and let it be about hillary clinton but at the same time you heard them with bill o'reilly. he doesn't have an answer on immigration and after all
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these months he's trying to come up with some sort of flop . it might be , that might be the reason actually they are trying to crash into some kind of immigration position to thread the needle. jenna: we will see what we hear from donald trump. were going to be talking to an advisor from the trump campaign in a few minutes so we will ask her about that. thank you. greg: rising tensions in asia as the united states and south korea conduct annual military exercises. why china is slamming those drills as it conducts its own wargames . and remember this? >> i will build a great wall. nobody builds what walls better than me, believe me. and i will build them very inexpensively. i will build a great, great wall on our southern border and i will have mexico pay for that wall. mark my words. greg: donald trump announcing his run for the white house, saying he would build a wall along our border with mexico. he says he still wants to build that wall but has he changed his mind about
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deporting all illegal immigrants as he vowed repeatedly? we will be talking to a trump spokesperson about that and we want to hear from you about this. do you believe donald trump is softening his stance on illegal immigration or is it all just a changing media narrative? our live chat is up and running, just go to to join the conversation. >> that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you
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the existing laws are strong. the existing laws, the first thing we are going to do if and when i win is were going to get rid of all the bad ones. we got gang members, killers, a lot of bad people that have to get out of this country. were going to get them out. the police know who they are. they're known by law enforcement, we don't do anything. we let them go around killing people and hurting people and they're going to be out of this country so fast your head will spin jenna: that was donald trump last night on the o'reilly factor after his campaign was coming under pressure for appearing to flip flop on the issue of immigration or so say his opponents. joining us from the trump campaign, she is of that huckabee family, mike huckabee's daughter. sarah, great to have you on a program. >> great beyond, good morning. jenna: we were reporting that we were going to look forward to a big immigration speech from donald trump this thursday. in between reporting that yesterday at this hour and now, that campaign event has been canceled. why? >> campaign schedules change
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all the time. donald trump isn't avoiding this issue, he's been talking about it. he's going to continue over the next couple of nights. he's doing a town hall that will air over tonight on fox news that deals with border security and immigration where he will address that this week so there's no big news story here. the real news this week is hillary clinton, how she's continued to break the law. how every day more and more items comeout about the email scandal .jenna: we did a statement on that, it's one of the lead stories in the day, something we will talk more about the program as well as the fact come out about that. i want to ask you more specifically about this in the immigration issue. 80 stoddard was on the air and she said listen, he doesn't feel that trump is coming out with an immigration speech because he doesn't have a firm policy to present to viewers, is that the case? >> donald trump has had a policy. it's clear, simple and consistent. it's secure the border. he's been very clear from day one that's the number one thing we have to deal do in
8:20 am
dealing with immigration. as we like to say in the south if you have a leak, you don't go in and start cleaning up the water before you plug the leak. you plug the leak and deal with the water on the floor. that's what donald trump is going to do in this situation. that's secure the border. that has to be our important priority in this entire policy. he's been consistent and clear about that from day one and long before he even got in the race for presidency. p7 we can see more on our new channel about it. i want to ask you about his attacks on hillary clinton and on her health . donald trump is elected president he will be the oldest person elected president in our history. he releases medical records in 2015, just a page from a doctor and i'm wondering with all the questions that he's posting to hillary clinton about her health if you will release more medical records for voters to examine? >> you will have to ask him about whether or not he will release his medical records but what i can tell you is seen donald trump on the trail and this goes to his
8:21 am
better health than i do and i'm half his age. he's got more stamina. he gets up and we hours of morning, works 20 hour days and never seems to falter, never seems to have a break so he's very prepared physically. jenna: the associated press raised a question about whether or not his attacks on hillary clinton show a gender bias and one of the things they did say is that the attacks that he had on that he had on male candidates as well. are you concerned or undecided voters, especially women that this could impact the results? >> not not at all because the biggest thing i think women want to know about is are you going to keep my kids safe? are you willing to create better education? are you going to create jobs so my kids can have a job? you put though those two things on contrast between hillary clinton and donald
8:22 am
trump and every single day donald trump will be clinton. women are concerned about the minutia, they're concerned about the big issues of the day and today that is what hillary clinton ... jenna: were going to talk more about that. we reached out to the clinton campaign, they weren't available today but we hope to have them on later this week to get their side as well. we appreciate you coming on and we will be right back with more "happening now". month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah... surprise... your insurance company tells you to pay up again. why pay for insurance if you have to pay even more for using it? if you have liberty mutual deductible fund™,
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president obama's arrival in baton rouge louisiana. visit course to the flood zone coming after his vacation in martha's vineyard and thepresident facing severe criticism for not going to louisiana any sooner. the white house says it's willing to great take criticism over optics including pictures of the president out golfing as the flooding raged and people
8:26 am
lost their lives . as long as the federal response after the fact was up to par and so far more than 100,000 people there have registered for federal aid. the president trip: five days after donald trump toured the region, hillary clinton says she will go to louisiana after things settle down there so her campaign will not disrupt the disaster response. that's her explanation at least but the devastation in louisiana is really staggering and it comes almost 11 years to the day after hurricane katrina, this time parental ratings causing flooding that is blamed for at least 13 deaths and damage to 60,000 homes. meteorologist maria molina live in the fox weather center with more on that. >> good to see you on hello everyone and this time around it was a no-name storm that brought all this flooding, very devastating across portions of louisiana and the forecast is for more unsettled weather to continue. we have a stalled frontal boundary meandering around
8:27 am
the region, pumping and a lot of that both moisture northward and firing up showers but the good news is we are anticipating any rainfall amounts to be very little so we are not thinking there will be a huge flood threat out there, just a few showers in place but we really don't want to see any additional rainfall and that is going to be the story across parts of louisiana. meanwhile, while we really need the rain across california and in the rockies where currently we have multiple large wildfires ongoing across the region, not expecting to see it and as a matter of fact we have high fire danger that continues to be in place across these areas, a number of red flag warnings in effect from south dakota expanding into wyoming and even northern california because of the dry conditions. also windy conditions out there with wind gusts in excess of 10, 20 miles per hour and of course the concern for no rainfall in the forecast. switching years into the tropics there have been relatively quiet out there even though we are at the
8:28 am
storm system out here in the atlantic. we had a tropical storm, maximum sustained winds at 65 miles per hour and it is forecast to intensify but stay away from any landmasses so that is the welcome we expect to incur over over waters in the atlantic but just to the west of that storm system, we have another disturbance we are tracking right now called in that area, 90 9l. we are watching it very closely and a lot of the models out there, the computer models are forecasting for the storm to continue generally drifting westward, west northwest, impacting rhode island with gusty winds and heavy rain and the big question becomes, what happens as it emerges over the atlantic near the bahamas? could this form intensify? we are going to keep a close watch on this and a lot of people across parts of florida, the southeast coast will have to watch it as well. greg: it is that time of year. maria molina, thanks . jenna: right now in new jersey police officers are hailed as a hero after saving several children from a raging fire.
8:29 am
>> scary to look at, scarier to be there. fayetteville police officer brian day was the first on the scene. he says he tried going up the stairs but couldn't so he caught the children as they jump out of the second story window including a one-month-old baby boy that they were able to get out that window. a neighbor grabbed the ladder and help the woman escape. incredibly, no one suffered serious injuries but good on him for that police officer and good catch, by the way. greg: job well done, incredible. the battle for the battleground states and some very different states are up for grabs this election year so who does that favor? donald trump or hillary clinton? we will talk about it and speaking of clinton, new revelations about her email
8:30 am
controversy with the fbi uncovering nearly 15,000 additional emails. will they be released before the election?>> i think it's a tragedy. i think it's a pathetic example of leadership and i think maybe james comey needs to get back to work and look at these emails and figure out whether he had it right. >> ♪
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the chairman of the house oversight committee sending a letter to the fbi asking for information related to what he calls the mishandling of classified information by clinton's own way lawyer. for more on this, intelligence correspondent katherine harris. reporter: the republican-led house oversight committee is intensifying its investigation of hillary clinton personal emails as well as the companies who managed the servers and whether laws were broken because they did not have appropriate security clearances to handle highly classified information. during his july 7 five hour testimony, fbi director james comey testified about the winton emails confirming several individuals including her it specialist brian pagliaro had access to some of the nations most closely guarded secrets known as special access programs. >> there's no doubt that uncleared people have access to the server because even after pagliaro, tell others who maintained the server who were private-sector folks .
8:35 am
so there are hundreds of classified documents on these servers. how many people without a security clearance had access to that server? >> i don't know the exact number as i sit here. it's probably more than two, less than 10. jenna: clinton's attorney david kendall and at least one of his associates have access the backup hard drives which contain top-secret intelligence and neither had the necessary security clearance, nor what they call in intelligence circles a need to know to have access to that information. committee also want information about the it management companies including the colorado based platte river networks, that's a name we haven't heard for a while who were in possession of that data. a separate house committee has issued subpoenas to three of those it companies who serviced the networks to determine whetherthere is evidence of a breach or act in this case and for some context , the fbi has not ruled that out in this
8:36 am
particular case. and for additional context, when someone has access to information and do not have appropriate security clearance, there's usually a penalty on both eyes. the person who made it available and the person who accessed it. >> this underscores we still don't have an answer about whether or not there is a security breach so hopefully we will soon. catherine, thank you. greg: new developments now in the race for the white house with hillary clinton out fundraising donald trump considerably in the battleground states and she's opening a campaign office in utah. that of course is a traditional republican stronghold. just another sign that the battleground map is spreading out that includes the usually red state of georgia. one of the most important battleground this year is ohio and the new poll shows clinton leading from there, 43 to 39 percent.
8:37 am
another poll has a bigger margin for clinton and the latest real clear average of national polls put clinton ahead by 5 and a half points. joining us now, sarah insert florist was a former fee arena campaign manager, former rnc for women. senior vice president for policy and cofounder of third way, also former legislative director for senator charles schumer. there are, typically there were three or four battleground states in a competitive presidentialrace. now all of a sudden there's more than a dozen . in most of them, trump is losing and now you've got red states like georgia, missouri and texas. they are suddenly competitive. are the state-by-state obstacles really mounting against donald trump? >> they are and it's
8:38 am
important to realize that if the election were held today, donald trump would lose. that being said, the election is not today. we have a debate coming up, that will be a turning point one way or the other and labor day traditionally is when people start campaigning. i don't think the trump campaign can sustain that many battleground states and come out victorious. they need some of those dates back in the safe territory. you wantto compete in only about four states . greg: jim, ohio which of course is vital to donald trump's presidential aspirations, clinton has now extended her lead to six points in the latest cbs poll that came out and the reason i dug deep into this, 90 percent of democrats for clinton. trump is having trouble convincing republicans, he's only got 79 percent of the gop. what's causing that? is it the arguably incendiary and reckless rhetoric? >> yes. at this point in our race, you sort of consolidate your base, your party a long time ago.
8:39 am
definitely by the convention. there's a particular set of voters that donald trump is having real trouble with and it is white, college-educated voters. the last time a democrat on white, college-educated voters was lyndon johnson in 1964. mitt romney on thosevoters might 12 points in 2012 . right now, hillary and donald are tied among those voters. there's no path to the white house for trump if he's not winning white, double digits and they don't like him. they don't like his populist rhetoric and they don't like his behavior so he's got problems. greg: when you break down the numbers further, donald trump is doing poorly among young people, certainly but especially among women. for example in the state of ohio, 73 percent of women saying donald trump is too risky of a choice.
8:40 am
how does he change that rather firm opinion? >> ithink the only words that should be coming out of donald trump's now for the next month are clinton and foundation. i think he's got to make the case this is referendum on hillary clinton and barack obama's failed policies, that she is not safe to be commander-in-chief . that she has led this country in dangerous paths in libya, syria, the emails, the foundation. that's the case he needs to make and he really needs to make this a referendum on her. i think the debate, september 26 is the opportunity to do that. i'm not sure there's a lot we can do between then and now other than ramp up to that . greg: nate silver is a well-known polling analyst . he put out his poles on the electoral college model and it gives donald trump a mere 15 percent chance to actually win the presidency in november but he cautions that there's still plenty of time and there could be ahuge swing in favor of donald trump . could that happen as sarah
8:41 am
points out if trump begins to focus on either the email controversies and now these new clinton foundation emails which suggests that a pay for play, maybe not illegal but highly inappropriate? >> so i think that sarah is asking donald trump to do the impossible which is leverage discipline. he has not been able to do that since he came down the escalator. and that has worked for him in a republican primary. it's not working for him right now. trump has his own problems too. he hasn't released his taxes. hisrecently fired campaign manager . greg: it just gets worse and worse. more emails emerge and the latest information which you know, people are just paying money, big money to gain access to the secretary of state? >> possibly. i'm not sure how much blood you can get from that stone. the headlines they were ominous. it's like bono was trying to
8:42 am
get up late for a concert and he wasn't able to get it so we will see if there's any fair there. i'm skeptical of that but he's got problemsgoing forward . greg: thank you both for being here. jenna: as we continue to watch what both campaigns are doing, there's a live look and we are getting ready on the camera as we can, we don't have much control on our side that tim kaine for the democrats touring in aerospace plant in colorado a short time for now. he's going to be holding a small business roundtable. this all goes to a policy that hilly hillary clinton and tim kaine is putting forward for more tax cuts, simplified tax system for small businesses. they put out an editorial today about that issue. that's tim kaine, that's where he is in lakewood colorado. we will keep you posted on the movement of all candidates. vice president joe biden is
8:43 am
in europe assuring out allies that the us won't abandon them while taking a shot at donald trump. this going on as nuclear armed north korea threatens to retaliate overus military exercises in south korea. the increasing tension in the pacific and why it matters next . >> tamins and minerals. tamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
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jenna: joel weisman taking a shot at donald trump on his trip to the baltic, lightning in the baltic talking about donald trump, speaking sing despite what donald trump says the united states will not abandon its nato allies. >> our sacred honor is at stake and the fact that you occasionally hear something from a presidential candidate of theother party , it's nothing that should be taken seriously because i don't even think he understands what article 5 is area but there is continued overwhelming bipartisan agreement in the united states of america from both political parties to maintain
8:47 am
our commitment to nato. jenna: the baltic nations are horrible because of their close proximity to russia. moscow has shown aggression toward the baltic which like ukraine have large ethnic russian population, a story to watch. greg: fox news alert on growing tensions in ages china as slams the us and south korea for their joint military drills. the annual exercises started yesterday sparking anger from china which is conducting its own naval wargames. there are 30,000 us service members stationed in south korea and north korea is threatening nuclear strikes over the military drill. this as the american-led united nations command in south korea accuses the north of planting landmines inside the demilitarized zone. gordon james joins us, the author of the coming collapse of china and an asian analyst, thanks for beingwith
8:48 am
us. north korea again with alan to new washington and you could set your watch and clock by this . exactly a year ago, the same threats, same complaints, military exercises. is there any reason to take young yang seriously? >> that the thing i'm concerned about is there appears to be growing instability in the north korean capital. for about the second week of major two weeks ago, things looked stable in north korea but then we started to see high levels indicating problems inside the regime and we are starting to get the economy turning down, the bank of korea says north korean comic contracted 1.1 percent last year so things are going all the wrong way and when they make threats like this, we know we got taken seriously because of the problems inside theregime . greg: we know that north korea has been testing very aggressively. their short-range and long-range missiles in addition to their nuclear testing. his north korea now more of a practical rest than a theoretical one? >> the north koreans have
8:49 am
missiles, two of them. ck and 08 that could put a dent into the lower 48 states along the west coast. there are about maybe two or three years from developing a warhead that goes with that nonetheless they are getting very close and sometimes there missiles blow up in the air. they are making a lot of progress because they learn from those mistakes. greg: it would be insane for them to launch a nuclear strike against the united states, right? honestly it would be insane but they can do for instance planting a nuclear weapon in new york where they can say it wasn't us. there are all sorts of things the north koreans to do that we got to be concerned about and we know the north koreans are thinking about these things. greg: but nuclear devices leaving fingerprints, they couldn't say it's not us. >> me know their plutonium and we would be able to trace it back after a couple months but we don't know all their
8:50 am
uranium isotopes which means we may not be able to attribute it to north korea. greg: are china's wargames, are they increasingly threatening? >> there are so many of them. there's one in the sea of japan on friday with simulating attacks on shipping by long-range bombers, that was provocative but they help other live fire exercises off the coast of vietnam. we are seeing all of these exercises with the russian. and coming up in september in the south china sea and they are swarming all of their fishing vessels, 324 of them around the sun, who islands two weeks ago so clearly the chinese have become extremely provocative at a time when everyone says they would be quiet in the run-up to the g 20 which is all the first week of september in china . greg: thank you for being with us. jenna? jenna: one city plagued by violent crime takes a unique approach to fighting it, by paying criminals for good behavior. critics say amounts to arrive. we take a closer look next.
8:51 am
protected by armed guards for thirty years. but she doesn't believe in your right to keep a gun at home for self-defense. "i fully appreciate how hard life is for so many americans today." an out of touch hypocrite. she'd leave you defenseless. the nra political victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. greg: some dramatic new video
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
of the drug bust on the high-speed. italian police chasing two suspects on high-speed jet skis. the author officers using a speedboat to try to catch up with them. they did manage to arrest one suspect and got nearly 500 pounds of marijuana along with it. the second suspect though got away after reaching land. jenna: right now a bay area sitting taking unusual approach to prep crime-fighting, paying criminals to stay out of trouble. brian kelly joins us live
8:55 am
from richmond california on that program. reporter: it is a controversial strategy to combat the gun violence that has played this 84 decades. hiring convicted felons to court suspected criminals with offers of cash and trips to lead better lives. >> were going to go all over the area. reporter: ex-con turn city employee joe mccoy searches for regions most dangerous young man avoided rest due to a lack of evidence but have participated in advanced program in which mentors like joe engaged several times a day with men like harold silvan who has served time for drug crimes to help them set positive goals. >> i'venever had a job. i'm just now getting a job. i never knew what tools were or how you make a resume . they taught me everything. reporter: he gets to travel to. this picture taken in los angeles, one of the many excursions available to those who stay out of trouble and after six months they begin to achieve theirgoals, they can earn up to $1000 a month . that doesn't sit well with
8:56 am
lorraine taylor whose twin sons were gunned down in oakland at the age of 22. >> if i were to find out that the guy her murdered my twin sons was given $1000 for a promise, i mean, how can you trust? if they kill somebody they would lie. reporter: supporters say the money which comes from private donations is like an allowance that awards hard work and intensive engagement is the only way to disrupt urban gun violence. >> our point is to connect with that young manin a very human way . in our route to change that mindset to disruptive behavior. reporter: he says most of the 82 men who've gone through the program are still alive and are not considered suspects in new gun crimes but jenna, critics say this program sends a bad message and that if anyone should be getting money or scripts, it should be the victims of violence.
8:57 am
jenna: what an interesting story. we like to do more on this. claudia, thank you very much. greg: new next hour of "happening now", a judge reversing his murder conviction, granting him a new trial after he was profiled on the hit podcast cereal. now there could be trouble with a key witness with the state attorney. we will be back. this is todd hardy. a fitness buff, youth baseball coach-and lung cancer patient. the day i got the diagnosis, i was just shocked. the surgeon in dallas said i needed to have the top left lobe of my lung removed. i wanted to know what my other options were. and i found that at cancer treatment centers of america.
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>> see you back mere in an hour. "outnumbered" the starts right now. ♪ harris: this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today fox business's network, liz macdonald, radio show host meghan mccain, democratic strategist, julie roginsky. today's #oneluckyguy, came down in the elevator, he is excited, "forbes on fox," david asman. >> with emac by the way. harris: there you go. >> so i'm here with friends. harris: your tie matches julie's dress. julie: we planned it. and my mug which i brought from home. harris: blush


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