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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 23, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> see you back mere in an hour. "outnumbered" the starts right now. ♪ harris: this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today fox business's network, liz macdonald, radio show host meghan mccain, democratic strategist, julie roginsky. today's #oneluckyguy, came down in the elevator, he is excited, "forbes on fox," david asman. >> with emac by the way. harris: there you go. >> so i'm here with friends. harris: your tie matches julie's dress. julie: we planned it. and my mug which i brought from home. harris: blush mauve depending
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where you're from. we move on. we begin with the scandal that just won't go away. new revelations bolstering claims, pay to play is the order of the day on the hillary clinton state department. here is the newest information we have. senior executive at the clinton foundation left nearly 150 telephone messages for cheryl mills. clinton's top aide at the state department, within a two-year time frame. that is according to previously unpublished documents obtained by fox news. the review of state department call logs, found no other individual appeared with anything like that frequency for volume. this as newly-released batches of emails showing major clinton donors getting access to clinton's state department. many requests revealed in exchanges between hillary's close aid, huma abedin, and doug vance, a top exec at the clinton foundation. including a request to grant the
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crown prince of bahrain who gave $32 million to an arm of the clinton foundation, a face-to-face meeting with hillary clinton. also assistance for u2's bono, who wanted use of the international space station for his band's concerts. and a top sports exec, who gave millions to the clinton charity, wanting help in getting a visa for a british soccer player with a criminal past. bono's out of this world request not happening. and the one from the sports exec, apparently went nowhere too. the crown prince however got his meeting one-on-one. donald trump says it is time to get serious. >> no issue better illustrates how corrupt my opponent is than her pay for play scandals as secretary of state. [booing] the amounts involved, the favors done, and the significant number of times it was done require an
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expedited investigation by a special prosecutor immediately, immediately, immediately. [applause] harris: so right as i was reading this late yesterday, i sent a note out to our team because that sounded different than, she needs to close the foundation, and saying things that chided hillary clinton. this seemed to me to take it up to a new level. >> she is not going to close the foundation for one thing. they announced they're not. they're pulling back insignificantly. there are some levels i agree with donald trump in terms of a special prosecutor. number one the fbi will not prosecute. we know that because of the previous emails. two the justice department will not do any serious investigation. a lot of people in the justice department are related to the clinton foundation. cheryl mills, by the way is the intersection between what hillary did at the state department an the clinton foundation. she was the chief of staff of hillary clinton when she was at the state department secretary.
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she was also on the board of the clinton foundation before and after her work at state department. and she's the one who directed a lot of attention and sometimes funding and sometimes influence to people who were contributors to the clinton foundation including, by the way, her husband or live-in partner the father of her two children, david dom kneechy, the son of a republican pete domenici the senator. he is involved in education efforts. after the earthquake in haiti after 2011 she suggested perhaps some money or influence being shifted to his organization. so it is just the confluence of everything, when i used to cover latin america for "wall street journal" this was the definition after banana republic, something where the government and private sector elites were working together for these special deals. that is what it is. harris: the focus is today on cheryl mills, elizabeth. >> yeah. harris: 150 messages at that level across a two-year time frame puts everything else and
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pails in comparison. that's a lot. liz: coupled with the use of a private server in the basement of chappaqua home. when the state department turned over emails, many of them, tens of thousands were erased, how many of those were considered personal had to do with the clinton foundation, that is the question i would like to know. the other thing, yes the clinton foundation has new rules, basically saying we'll crack down on donations, million plus donations from corporations and foreign governments. that is more than hatch of the donations that to into the clinton foundation. in the past the clinton campaign is saying this is legitimate and aboveboard. now they're saying it midstream. harris: meghan, if donald trump gets to point stays on certain message that can resonate he will do well. this works well among the base or maybe among a few of those democrats who were more blue dog to begin with. does this play to independents and play to millenials?
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meghan: definitely plays to millenials and who are grossed out by politics in general. this plays with bernie supporters. they have been waiting for this julian assange october surprise. all this illegal and egregious, when you ask bono is comfortable enough, i need international space station with concert and satellites and space people, whatever, that is tall order to be asking the u.s. government. clearly you have had play to play in the past. you have greased the wheels. there is lot to look at. sean penn. i can think of, so egregious. harris: a-list, if you were throwing like a big celeb dinner, that is not what we're talking about. i heard you time and time again, julie, i read you, follow you on twitter, i read what you write, you have not been happy how the clintons handled this entire thing. >> i said on the couch last week, when she became secretary of state the clinton family should have put the foundation either in mind trust or somehow separated themselves.
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the foundation does do good work. i don't think it was appropriate for bill clinton former president to be involved with something where his wife is secretary of state with optical problems. having said that, except for the crown prince of bahrain who may have gotten audience with the secretary of state the fact that he is crown prince of bahrain i don't see any action taken by huma abedin. request was made, may have been inappropriately made. except for the crown prince of bahrain, who is head of state or somehow involved in the high-ranking capacity in bahrain, i don't see that she took action that reflected his request. to me that is the -- >> can i, this is kind of small potatoes stuff. it is a big name, bono, et cetera, bahrain. when you think of hundreds of millions of dollars, the billions of dollars, that were involved in some of the transactions. for example, in russia, hillary is already talking about the trump russia connection.
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her russian connections are far more dubious i think in many ways. she was involved when she was state department secretary of starting this city outside of moscow that they wanted to make into a new little silicon valley. meghan: she has comfort level. >> big companies like cisco to give a billion dollars to set up this thing. now the russians are using it to create cruise missile guidance systems. a lot of russians involved in that were contributors to the clinton foundation. that's big stuff. that is stuff that really needs to be investigated. i think as trump said by special prosecutor. harris: i hear what you're saying, meghan. what you're talking about comfortability these people have and access. if you're looking for a pay to play, i think your threshold is important. you're looking for any sort of, if you will, divots in policy, changes. that is, but this other threshold already has been met, it would appear with the access, special access. that is important to note.
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julie: let me say this, this will sound incredibly cynical and depressing to everybody on the couch, we all know people who donate to politicians get special access. meghan: that is not true. not everybody is like this. not everybody is like the clintons. julie: donate $5,000 to fund-raiser. meghan: there are still people left in politics, i still believe there are a lot of good people left in politics that can't be bribed that won't call up sean penn and bono. there are good people. i'm sorry. i am not going to give into the idea that all politicians are like the clintons, if you give them enough money they get access to whatever you want. >> julie, one exception to what you say, which is there has never been, and i hope there never will be again an institution like the clinton foundation that has used power of a former president and power of a future president to direct funding that affects u.s. policy and security. never. >> may asay something? meghan: this isn't going to stop.
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i'm just saying that the idea that bill and hillary clinton are indicative of all other presidents i don't think george w. bush had this kind of relationship with celebrities donors. i think it is absolutely irresponsible to say all politicians pay to play at level we have said been exposed today of the clintons. >> may i speak? thank you. if i wrote a $10,000 check to any politician to go to the fund-raiser, guess what i have special access seeing politician nobody out there does. that is how it works in the real world. >> couldn't direct foreign policy with $10,000. harris: that is depressing how you set it up. elizabeth i'm coming to you next first. president obama set to land in louisiana this hour where he will tour the communities decimated by flooding. his visit coming una cloud of criticism it is just too late, mr. president. what it could all mean for donald trump who visited last week. mr. trump is repeating claims he made before in an attempt to win over minority voters.
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last night he asked, quote, what do you have to lose? hillary clinton says, trump's approach appeals to fear and stereotypes. we'll debate it. you bet we will. getting feisty up in here. with tv version of us wraps up we go digital popping up all over the place. go to tap the "overtime" tab and you will see us there. or facebook. we'll be streaming live. our page is outnumbered fnc. there they are. we'll read our tweets in the commercial. stay close. ♪ i'm terrible at golf.
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♪ harris: president obama set to arrive in louisiana later this hour. we're told he will tour the devastation in and around baton rouge from deadly flooding there. damaging, according to estimates, rather, damages are more than 100,000 homes now. critics say the president should have cut his vacation short to go there last week but the white house is rejecting any comparison to then candidate obama's criticism of president george w. bush for flying over the damage left high hurricane katrina. remember that? >> you present ad very apt illustration of a focus on optics over response and i think, certainly that infamous photo underscored the risks with
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that kind of an approach. i think what is notable about hurricane katrina, mark, there were democrats and republicans in louisiana, who were critical of the federal government's re aftermath of the storm. i think failures of that response have been well-documented. what is notable about this situation, what is different about this situation is that in response to this flood you have got democrats and republicans in louisiana praising the federal response. harris: the white house also denies donald trump's visit to louisiana on friday forced mr. trump's hand. this development. now hillary clinton says she will go to louisiana eventually. she says this, quote. the best way to help louisianaians affected by terrible floods to have resources they need today. i'm committed to visiting communities affected by the into at time presence of political campaign will not disrupt the response to discuss how we can and rebuild together. real quickly, elizabeth,
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actually the positive and other officials -- governor and other officials wept on this weekend put more spotlight. they were not getting news coverage. i'm not sure where she is getting it there. let's talk numbers. shall we? liz: that is important point. "the times-picayune columnist says where is the federal government? where is the media attention? we have people looking what is happening then we get help. that is usually what happens after a disaster. they're very upset about that. they're talking about right now the, now the white house saying, 120 million more in federal aid is directed this broke moments ago coming toward louisiana. so here's the thing. i mean, all right, if everything was okay then why is the white house now saying we'll pony up more money? here is the problem with ponying up more money after katrina. david has been all over this reporting it. it turns into a pork storm. katrina basically you saw money blown on soccer balls for government officials or new
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laptops. money didn't go to people that needed help on the ground. white house says, well the president didn't go because he didn't want to pull necessary security resources away from people who needed help. nonsense. you go down there. you go down there immediately to show solidarity with the people who are suffering so badly in mississippi and louisiana. harris: couple of things. this was not a named event. this wasn't a katrina or sandy, but many scientists said, forecasters said this is the worst we've seen since a sandy. one thing we know, when you have a rain event like that, it can go on for days and days and days. it can be sometimes the equivalent to one of those types of storms. liz: that's right. harris: that didn't get build up of media coverage because it was raining. >> because the president was in martha's vineyard. harris: golfing. i don't believe, we talked about this a little bit yesterday, but i don't believe he wouldn't have known he was being videotaped golfing, right? you have to get clearance to get on to the golf course. you can't pop up with your smartphone.
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meghan: there is sensitivity level here completely missing. if this were republican president right now the media would be going absolutely you know he what, crazy. there have been articles written about this. joe concha of "the hill," absolute media bias and double-standard. on point of hillary clinton and president obama saying i don't want to turn this into media circus. been with my father anytime. never underestimate the power after politician going into situation people are in crisis feeling they need support and heard and not alone. to belittle is borderline cruel. harris: julie, what you think might be going on behind the scenes? this is not a campaign but helping somebody with a campaign. extension of hillary clinton campaign today. >> what he should have done gone off the golf course and gone off national television. these people are hurting. here is how you help and volunteer and donate. he should have absolutely done that. not excuse not to cut your vacation short a few minutes to done that he could have done that from the vineyard.
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the governor of louisiana said would be counterproductive. harris: at first he said that. >> resources he has to go. president travels he doesn't travel alone. harris: could have set up neighboring town. there are a lot of options. julie: he could have done that. most important thing to explain to the american people explain how they could help. how he was intending to help. harris: why do you think it didn't happen? julie: i don't know. it was huge opportunity and screw-up. if i were advising him i would have told him -- >> he is not running. remember on the eve of the 2012 elections right after sandy in new york, even a republican governor, chris christie welcomed the president because he knew that the president would draw attention to the crisis of what is happening in new jersey. julie: that was after the storm, cleanup was going on. >> remember the whole point is, people say, it would be political circus. it may be. even republican governor was happy to see a democratic president come to his state right before an election because he knew it would draw attention and help to the people in the state.
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harris: last word, elizabeth, on this? liz: i want people to get help. i don't want it to be frittered away at state or local level with polish using it for their own a grand sizement. harris: you strike to trace the money. meghan: donald trump doubling down in comments he made to black an hispanic voters. trump asked a crowd in akron, ohio, what do you have to lose? if elected he will make sure everyone is safe and using tough language on urban crime. watch. >> you can go to war zones in countries we're fighting and it is safer than living in some of our inner-cities. they're run by democrats. what do you have to lose? you will be able to walk down the street without getting shot. right now you walk down the street you get shot. meghan: hillary clinton's campaign responding in a statement saying, quote, it could not be clearer how much african-americans have to lose under donald trump.
9:22 am
he is doubling down on insults, fear and stereotypes that set our community back and further divide our country. but again, this is not surprising this is a man who questions the citizenship of the first african-american president, has disturbing pattern of courting white supremacists and sued for housing discrimination on, against communities of color. so, i watched this speech by donald trump and i actually think there was some hits and some misses. i want to go to you first, what do you think? >> well, my wife came to the united states from a war zone, nicaragua, 1988. a hot war in nicaragua in 1988. came here to new york city when our crime rates were just about as bad as chicago. we had 2500 murder as year as opposed to 300, 400 now. she saw and heard more action, more gunfire in our little apartment on 103rd in manhattan than in nicaragua war zone. what he said about a war zone is exactly right. people who are in a war zone
9:23 am
come to these cities that are troubled terribly by crime and it is worse there than in places with a war zone. her criticism of trump will fall on deaf ears to those that live there and what it is like to live there. meghan: making speeches in front of a predominantly white audience. emac i would -- liz: that has been a point of the criticism. walk it in front of a more diverse group of people. maybe that is coming. liz: it is valid point and protests will come. be brave go into right, predominantly minority neighborhoods. here are the facts. in 2012 president obama won against mitt romney margin of victory in seven key states were, because of the african-american vote, and it was florida. it was nevada. it was maryland. it was ohio. it was pennsylvania. that is what donald trump is up against. so in order to do this right, you're right, meghan, i think mr. trump does need to go into
9:24 am
predominantly african-american neighborhoods and make speeches like that. meghan: julie, what did you make, minority voters apocalyptic terms talking about the war zone you can't walk down the street without getting shot. julie: talking to all minority voters, right? 3/4 are middle-class families who don't live in war zones, don't want to be stereotyped that way. what he is doing is you have a full. if he is speaking specifically to people in bad parts of chicago risk every day. that is not what he is doing. he is appealing to all african-americans and people of color, by the way, what do you have to lose? you know what they have to lose? lose living under a president thinks of them people in the ghetto. that is the most stereotypical offense. harris: i didn't hear it that way. i heard words. talking about urban america. i took flashes that came into my mind were ferguson, they were baltimore, 40 years of democratic leadership in baltimore. >> that is not who he is speaking to. speaking to all minorities. >> people are afraid of where
9:25 am
they live. harris: she is right about this in groups of people predominantly white as making statements. when he is talking about urban america, that is what he is talking about, getting shot on streets of chicago. >> i got to tell you what said to me probably hasn't been around minorities too much in his life. if you're stereo -- harris: julie. >> stereotyping minority community. harris: because you say we have a black president he wouldn't understand what you are going through. >> i hope my black president has been around white people he would understand. harris: wow. >> i would hope this guy been around black people and -- harris: aren't only people who can solve your problems. >> that is not at all what i'm saying, harris. all i'm saying if he is stereotyping african-americans and saying all african-americans are living in some ghetto project where in other words. that is exactly what he said. minority voters what do you have to lose. liz: that is not what he is saying. donald trump is saying economic growth would help these neighborhoods where they are afflicted by high levels of murder and crime.
9:26 am
a job would help it. would help stop that. the color is green. >> policing that created situation in new york, turned it from a hell hole into a slice of paradise. >> what is he proposing to do? >> same kind of stuff rudy giuliani did in the mid 80s or in '90s to turn new york around. >> is what he is proposing? >> rudy giuliani is one of his top advisors. what is what rudy giuliani is proposing for him of crime-infested neighborhoods into neighborhoods where people can walk down the street without being afraid. what is wrong with that. >> i haven't seen any specifics donald trump how he will turn around inner cities. >> you hear it time. what all of his advisors. of course you do. harris: i want to interject, "real clear politics," check it daily on "outnumbered." there is tightening. looking at polling across the nation. i know we look at a lot of battleground states, our producers letting me know hillary at 47%. trump at 41.5. we don't have necessarily the
9:27 am
demographic breakdown. something is working. those numbers are tightening. only been a few days. he has been on message. meghan: very uncomfortable topics to talk about. actually very brave even be having these kind of discussions on the stage that he has. i wished mitt romney done that more when he was running. i can't criticize him for that. >> i can criticize, there have been conservative black leaders saying come out to our neighborhoods. don't just speak in front of white audiences. he is speaking in front of 9% white audience that would resonate -- 97%. >> talking to milwaukee. he is 40 miles away from milwaukee. go to milwaukee. >> that i agree. meghan: hillary clinton's scandal on late-night tv, back and forth between clinton and former secretary of state colin powell trying to pin her server set on him. are jokes the way to go or are voters laughing it off too? stay tuned. like trubiotics with immune support advantage.
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♪ harris: welcome back. back and forth between two former secretaries of state is heating up. started when colin powell pushed back on reports that he gave hillary clinton the idea to use a private email server while secretary of state. he told the "new york post," over the weekend, he did not remember any such conversation with her and that she was using a private server before he sent her a memo about his email practices. he also said her team was trying to pin the entire scandal on him. now the clinton camp with the statement quote, hillary clinton has consistently taken responsibility for her decision to use a single email account and as she has said for over a year now, it was a mistake and she regrets it, end quote. meanwhile hillary clinton joking about the scandal with jimmy kimmel. >> are you concerned about that? because i would be terrified if my emails were really -- snoop
9:33 am
jimmy, my emails are so boring. >> mine aren't. >> i'm embarrassed about that they're so boring. so we've already released, i don't know 30,000 plus. what is a few more. harris: she is embarrassed about them, julie, but she deleted thousand of them, tens of thousands of them. >> i never defended her behavior on this. there is no excuse for it. other than should have never set up email server at the house, should have gone through the proper channels at state department. blaming colin powell for it makes no sense to me. saying this was unprecedented use. i don't care what colin powell did and doesn't make it right. colin powell didn't do what she did. saying he had his own aol account. people still have aol. i didn't know that. but, having, aol account doesn't, it is no the same. he was also using state department email to the extent he was using emails. there is no excuse for it. harris: that is very candid. does it matter to you? >> it doesn't matter to me, because as i keep saying in the
9:34 am
land of blind one eyed man is king, one eyed woman because you're running against donald trump. meghan: so sad. colin powell endorsed and voted for obama. i would think of him likely to give cover to democrats. the fact he is coming out now sort of throwing hillary clinton under the bus really says she did something really wrong, really illegal and he wants to step away as much as possible. her joking about it, i better iranian scientists that helped us spy on our nuclear program that ended up getting killed when he went back to iran thinks it is hilarious, ambassador stevens's family think it is hilarious to joke about this. it is tone he have did. i don't know what audience she is talking to. i don't know when it became socially acceptable go on late night shows make fun of things where people ended up losing their lives. >> i wonder what bernie sanders is saying. biggest mitt call mistake, bernie sanders giving her a pass on emails. bernie sanders is serious guy. i think he is wrong on his socialism.
9:35 am
he must be kicking himself. when he sees, her laughing it off as you say, boring, it wasn't boring. harris: at the convention on the night they were about to nominate her at democratic convention, looked like the smile emoji with a straight line. i'm not happy. >> this usual default -- harris: even jimmy kimmel gets it wrong. it is not just emails. it is a use of a private server in a basement. harris: he is a comedian. liz: but this is the issue. it is more than a mistake. it is using a private server to hide. harris: go on shows to talk about this. liz: "judicial watch" will have hillary clinton under oath. written, no follow-up. no follow-up. harris: what are you going to follow up with? a post-in note? that is not conversation. liz: follow up on it, so the question is how many of those personal emails had to do with the clinton foundation? how many emails will see now? >> a lot more than she said at first.
9:36 am
liz: whether they were boring or not. did she think she with trying to save anybody from themselves? >> from a purely political situation there, if there is no legal ramification for her, politically it doesn't matter because if you have an issue with this, chances are you're not already voting for her. >> bake it in. >> baked in. not resonating. harris: we'll see what is in the other 15,000 that came out. we'll hold our powder to see what the news reveals. it has been a signature issue of his campaign but now donald trump is postponing a speech on immigration this week. is trump changing his tune on the issue? some are saying no way. we'll hear from the candidate and let you decide, next. let's feed him to the sharks!
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♪ >> donald trump's campaign facing renewed questions about whether the gop nominee is changing his strategy on illegal immigration. trump's running mate, governor mike pence, disputing there is any kind of shift on the issue. watch. >> nothing's changed. i think the, i think what you're going to hear donald trump continue to do is give more and more detail to the policies that he has been advocating from the very beginning of this campaign. >> trump himself was asked on "the o'reilly factor" last night whether he reassessing his mass deportation strategy. here is the response. >> i just want to follow the law. what i'm doing is following the law. we're talking about it. we'll get rid the bad ones. the bad ones will be out of here fast. there are plenty of bad ones, gang members and gang leaders. look at los angeles, you see
9:42 am
what is happening. they're going out of here, they will be out so fast your head will spin. the others we'll go through the process perhaps with a lot more energy, and we'll do it only through the system of laws in existence. bip the way, bill, that are in existence. >> this as mr. trump postponed campaign events in three states, including his colorado speech on immigration. that was slated for thursday. emac, this idea first of all deporting all 11 million, there may be even more than that that was a boast that could never be, could never be, even bill o'reilly who is not knee-jerk anti-trump tried to talk him out of it. you can't do it. there is no legal way to do it. liz: such hue and cry, such outrage offer it. see media headlines and tv footage of children being separated from the fame list. >> is trump getting the message? liz: i'm not sure mike pence is
9:43 am
great spokesperson on this. i think he is pretty ineffective. >> julie, you must live it because they're squirreling a little. >> not that they're squirming. you know who i feel sorry for, millions of people who voted for donald trump he promised them he would deport 11 million people they were had and lied to and misled. by the way who i feel really sorry for, if you're marco rubio you're banging her your head against the wall. are you kidding me after you will the hell i went through? >> sort of like the promise he will force apple to make products in the united states which of course would drive apple out of business because everybody would get samsung instead for half the price. there are certain things he promise he can't deliver. he will deliver on the wall, because he made a signature piece of that, but this idea of 11 million deportations, you can't do it. everybody told him you can't do it. meghan: i'm fascinated he is postponing the speech, literally meat and potatoes what his campaign is built on since the beginning.
9:44 am
mexicans are rapists, they're criminals. we have to deport everybody. everybody is bad. long-term damage this will do to the republican party akin to barry goldwater in '64. harris: you raise a good point. especially colorado. colorado, margin of victory for president obama was latino vote in 2012 in colorado. >> what i want to know. i'm with julie. i think he probably will pivot against as extreme he has been. will his hardcore supporters follow the consult of personality. even people like ann coulter said things i can repeat. v this is only thing that matters to people. so important to the right and base conservatives -- >> can you make, harris, can you make lemonade out of lemons? he has a problem. he has to pull back. one thing all immigrants have in common, a horror story about the horrible immigration system. i have a family member just
9:45 am
applied in 2003 a green card just now got the green card, a legal person. harris: if he is going to postpone a speech and sharpen his message, whatever he is doing, he can possibly bring along those people who are staunch supporters based on that original i will deport everybody, comment, which he has been sharpening his message on. if he simply says, i will fix the system the way it is now. then i'm going to make it better. this is how i make it better. i will make it safer. this is how i make it safer. if he can go there, he wasn't there before. that actually is what we call progress. you know there can can be change with progress. there isn't always progress with change. >> immigration, a lot of people, emac, trying to do it legal way, like some of my family members. took them 13 years to get a green card. they don't want someone to jump the line. harris: unfair to latinos that came here legally and waited years to get? in. >> i have to jump in.
9:46 am
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9:50 am
of "happening now." hey, jenna. >> hey, harris. we have a live report as president obama arrives live to tour the flood zone. you will see that life. tim cain touring aerospace plant and holding roundtable in lakewood, colorado. hillary clinton in a star-studded fund-raiser, raising more cash in silicon valley. the donald trump doing fund raising in texas and fort worth and austin, before appearing in the hannity town hall. they will return to the battleground states tomorrow with an event in florida. we'll have a panel top of the hour to discuss what he is going to do next. harris: all right. we'll see you then. let's go to the live pictures of the president's plane that just landed in louisiana. as we mentioned earlier this hour, this will be the first time he will have toured the devastation from days upon days of flooding and aftermath of all of that last week. at least 13 people died. at one point 82,000 people were
9:51 am
out of their homes in shelters. some of them have gone back to find, well, there is nothing left or they will not be inhabitable for a long time. 100,000 homes thought to be badly damaged in all of this. we learned at the top of the hour, the white house is putting fourth $120 million in aid to louisiana as the president deboards. that scene starts to take shape, we'll take you there live. for now the first presidential debate is set a bit more than a month now. last night hillary clinton spoke out how she is preparing to take on her republican rival donald trump. sheer is what she told jimmy kimmel. >> you have to prepare, but i watched a lot of his debates during the primaries and he insulted all of his opponents. >> right. >> he insulted all of the moderators. he insulted, i guess about 80% of the american people and rest of the world. i want to take it seriously. i want to talk about what i think we can do and how
9:52 am
important it is, but you have got to be prepared for like wacky stuff that comes at you. [laughter]. >> yeah. >> i am drawing on my experience in elementaryschool. harris: meanwhile, trump told bill o'reilly last night that he does not know how the debates will turn out but he is looking forward to them since he is the one that survived all the primary debate when it comes to his own tone. watch. >> you are going to be the guy you were in the republican, you know, boom, take no prisoners or are you going to be a little bit more measured? >> i don't want to really say that i'm not sure exactly which way i'm going to go. i may be the way i was, i may be a much different person. i don't at this -- if i knew i don't think i would tell you quite frankly. harris: close to the vest. you know what? i'm turning to -- her dad has prepped for a lot of debates. you've been there. saying one of your favorite processes. meghan: easily.
9:53 am
because they isolate candidates and leave the static out. you have to have people sub and pretend to be dish what does that look like? do they volunteer for it? meghan: they volunteer. my dad staffed it. i understand they're looking for someone to play donald trump. if they were smart, hire jesse watters and give $10 million and pretend to be donald trump. harris: you would think it would cost $10 million. meghan: would cost him a lot of money to help hillary clinton or whatever he is doing. i'm looking forward to this. i actually shouldn't think she could get cocky. she could have coughing fit. shy is not ready. anything can happen. >> i disagree because i think her strategy will be very simple. she knows the policy stuff. she is going to focus, bet julie backs me up on baiting him. meghan: true. >> once he is baiting, attacks him personally, will get off talking points about the clinton foundation and focus on defending -- harris: she already said in the line was memorable this, is a
9:54 am
man who can be baited with tweet. >> i do debate prep for a living for politicians. i do. as a staffer there is nothing more cathartic playing opponent of the person that you're training because you get to get all your aggressions out on them. it is fantastic. but i will say, and i also know some of the people doing her debate prep. she has amazing, very disciplined team. harris: who is playing donald trump? >> i don't know. i don't know that they know. she has a team that is very, very methodical. what they will do, they will go through 20 iterations what could potentially happen, run her through the paces. she will -- harris: step in with breaking news. [inaudible]. this is the president coming down now to greet the dignitaries. the governor you see of louisiana. he is talking with people there on the ground for the first time since the devastation hit. you see the governor at the top of the screen, kind of blocked by the president for a moment there. the point in all of this for the president is to talk about the
9:55 am
$120 million that has now been released in funds to help families, communities there, to recover from days and days of rain. which were not a named event like a hurricane, but they did the kind of damage that a sustained event can do with such a deluge of water. there are some people who are suffering there. it is hot. it is sticky. think about it. mosquitoes. think about it. your next food, where are you going to plan? will you stay at the shelter that night? are you going with family? having covered these areas, it is heartbreaking to try to recover in just a few days. while the president said and governor had given him some cover, democratic governor gave him cover by saying don't come yet until we start to recover from the crisis, when a president touches down, it changes focus of entire nation. when you have red cross or samaritan's purse or, i'm giving you ways to help there, when you have those
9:56 am
organizations trying to help people on the ground, the president actual physical being there can change the perspective to get people to open up the checkbooks. it makes a difference. he has been criticized not having been there and for the optic of golfing on martha's vineyard while this event was playing out. the nation saying all over social media where is the president, praying for that community as we all do. we bring you these pictures. president obama on the ground in louisiana to give support. we're coming right back. stay close. use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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harris: we had such shy people. david asman, thank you. >> i hope i didn't shake things up like charlie gasparino. harris: "happening now" now. and a complete recovery will cost billions of dollars and take years. we are covering all of the news "happening now". flood ravaged louisiana finally gets a visit from president obama. but is it too little too late? plus. >> a dangerous drug taking over the streets of the major city. >> an epidemic of overdose is putting health officials o


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