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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 24, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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it's thr3:00, with the associated press reports dozens of secretary clinton's visitors when she was secretary of state, then gave money to her family foundation. we'll explain the facts, see her team's response and speak with a journalist who broke the news. donald trump with an immigration, reevaluation, saying he could soften his stance on immigration. you'll hear what donald trump said and how it contrasts with his previous position. also what would it take for donald trump actually to win the election? an in depth look at his real
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path to victory. and des priperation in ital where dozens are reported in an earthquake and rescue teams are trying to save those trapped underneath the buildings. let's get to it. >> announcer: "shepard smith reporting" live from the fox news desk. and first this afternoon, an associated press bomb shell. after a freedom of information request, regarding donors to the clai clinton foundation, the ap discovered more than half of those outside the government first gave money to the clinton foundation. the ap calls that an extraordinary proportion, pay for play, as the accusation. according to the brand-new review from the associated press, at least 85 of the 154 people who met or scheduled phone conversations with secretary donated to the foundation or pledged money to its international programs. the a.p. reports those 85 people combined gave as much as
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$156 million. to be clear, the a.p. reports nothing illegal happened but provides more fuel for critics who claim donors had special access to secretary clinton. donald trump for his part has called for the foundation to shut down immediately and last night he called again for a special prosecutor to investigate it. donald trump said if people can buy or sell access to the office of secretary of state, the entire american system is threatened. >> it is impossible to figure out where the clinton foundation ends and the state department begins. it is now abundantly clear that clintons set up a business to profit from public office. they sold access and specific actions by and really for i guess the making of large amounts of money. >> i'll ask about those details in just a moment. donald trump also said the
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clinton foundation, were too enormous to cover in that speech, though i mentioned there are no criminal acsessiocusatio the hillary clinton campaign is firing back, and what they told msnbc this morning. >> in the last 24 hours since this report surfaced, it's been pretty widely debunked as having applied on methodologist. they cher they cherry picked data when she was secretary of state and took all the meetings when she was here with officials in the u.s. and foreign leaders abroad, some 1,700 meetings and subtracted them in order to get a very high percentage number to try to suggest that she had too many meetings with people that had some affiliation with the clinton foundation. >> i'll ask about those specialties moment, as well. we'll speak with one of the associated press reporters who broke the story. first reaction from the campaign trail. hillary clinton has fundraisers
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in the bay area, and jennifer griffin is in san francisco this afternoon. jennifer? >> reporte >> reporter: shepard, hillary clinton has not spoken to the press since that a.p. story first broke. she hasn't spoken to them at all during this fundraising spree here in california. she hasn't held a press conference of course since december 4th. she's basically letting her campaign manager push back on the campaign reporting. one point they have made of interest is they say it is unfair to include the meeting with the nobel winner of bangladesh, who provides microloans to women and is being threatened by the bangladesh i government at the time she met him. he would have access to the foundation regardless of their relationship, shepard. >> what is the fundraising goal in the bay area today? >> reporter: the fundraising goal is pretty large.
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there are three fundraisers here in the bay area. just yesterday, she raised $6 million in the los angeles area. she had three fundraisers in that area, so the fix fundraisers in california all together has raised $6 million in the last couple days. the one -- one of the ones here in the bay area will be at apple ceo tim cook's house. journalists are not allowed into those fundraisers and in los angeles, each paid under $33,000 to attend, this is money that'll help the democratic party, not just hillary clinton's campaign. august has been about high donors like the $50,000 ahead dinner in cape cod, and beverly hills, when she was courting bernie sanders voters, when 40% was made of up her $62 million campaign hall alone.
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justin timberlake and jessica beal's hollywood home, she raised three million dollars, and the campaign is halfway to its goal of raising $1 billion for the general election. >> jennifer live along the san francisco bay, thank you. eilene, an investigative reporter from the associated press, and live with us this afternoon, eilene, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> what was the goal of this investigation and how did it begin aside with the freedom of information request? >> with the story, we were looking to see who got access to secretary clinton while she was secretary of state, and we didn't look at the people who were part of the u.s. government or foreign governments because you would expect that secretary of state would meet with them. what we looked at were the people who met with her, who represented private interest and what we found was the majority of them had either given themselves or their organizations had contributed to
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the clinton foundation. >> and the accusation is pay-for-play, you get access if you give money? >> what we're looking at is just who gets access. >> and the finding was that those who got access, the majority of them gave money to the foundation. two items which should be separa separate? >> yes. >> and during the course of this investigation, you're findings suggest that nothing that they did was illegal. could you explain that and the agreement that they had in advance? >> yes. they came up with an agreement in 2008 before becoming secretary of state in the case that she did, to disclose the donors to the clinton foundation. and just last week, the clinton foundation came out and they were going to separate the clintons even further from their charities. >> you heard bryan fallon speaking with msnbc's andrea mitchell suggesting there was a great deal of cherry picking and
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the entire time of secretary clinton's tenure, secretary of state was not included. could you explain that? >> we looked at all of her schedules. in 20 ten, 10 we asked for her calendars and we did not get them. we had to sue the state department to get those calendars and we're still getting them. what we have is about half of her time there. >> and what -- based on your findings, what was most surprising to you as a reporter? >> just the number of people who were in this category of private interest, who also had a connection to the clinton foundation. >> was it part of your reporting to inquire about whether or not there was any illegal legal activity here, and if so, what were your findings? >> like we said, there doesn't appear to be any violation of an ethics agreement. all we're talking about is the access. she has a choice of who she gets to see. she's very busy as secretary of state. >> is this common practice? have you done similar investigates of previous
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secretaries of state, colin powell or others? >> we have not done the same thing. >> and how difficult was the access to get? >> we had to sue the state department. >> and what was the response of the state department? how slow did it come? and how cooperative was the state department? >> we're getting some of these calendars bit by bit and we hope to have all of them before the election. >> have they explained why you're getting them piecemeal? >> it's the judge's orders. >> and what has been your involvement with the judge and, you know? times wh sometimes when you do foyas, and other times it's just a difficult thing to find. do you have a sense as a journalist, which it is in this case? >> i have no idea. >> what sort of reaction have you gotten as a reporter? this is a big bit of campaign foug noter today. donald trump, suggesting there
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should be an independent investigation, there should be outside counsel brought in. >> he called for that before the story came out, as well. >> i just wonder now you're the one who's cose come up with the information, what his assessment is of your evaluation of your work? >> i -- i don't really have a position on that. >> usually when you come through with a bunch of information that you've been seeking for a long time, it's not as if you're looking for a gotcha, but in the end, you say, look at what i've found, let's try to figure out context and perspective here and what this means. and as a reporter who works on this sort of thing all the time, when you look at your findings, does it suggest to you, man, if you pay, you get access? >> it's never really that clear, especially when you don't have all of the information. i mean, what we're doing is we're looking at the information that we have and we look through the e-mails that have been coming out over, you know, the past year, and we're trying to
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see the conversations and what was coming up. >> and normally, you -- you expect a certain pattern. were any of those conversations, and what was coming up, did any of them suggest to you, man, there's a lot going on here? >> well, what we saw is that you know, there were 54 -- sorry out of 154 private interest, 85 had some donation to the clinton foundation. >> the foundation itself says michael unice and others would have had access to the state department any way. was any consideration made for that sort of thing as you've compiled? >> that is their discretion. that's the secretary's sde discretion who she meets with. >> so you were providing those versus governments who would have more traditionally had contact, is that what you're saying? >> that's correct. >> all right. how do you feel about the way this came out and how much more reporting is there here? >> well, we are going to keep reporting the story as we get more calendars, from the judge's
12:12 pm
orders we'll go through them and we'll write stories. >> eileen sullivan from the associated press, we'll count on it, it's nice to speak with you. >> likewise. donald trump's and immigration recalibration is ahead. the republican nomination softening his stance on those who are in the united states illegally. you'll hear from him coming up next from the fox news deck on this wednesday afternoon. constipated?
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14 minutes past the hour now. for donald trump, an immigration re-evaluation is underway at this hour. it's causing waves among supporters. donald trump hold hannity, he's open to letting some ill legega immigrants stay in the united states, a bit of a softening position. >> we have very strong laws in this country, and i don't know if you know, but bush and even obama sends people back. there certainly can be a softerning becau softening. we have some great people in this country. we have some great, great people in this country but we're going to follow the laws of this country. >> so do what bush and obama have been doing. that must have been something for his supporters to hear. donald trump's comments coming after he met with the hispanic advisory council, and a complete contrast from everything we've heard to this point.
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from day one of donald trump's campaign, he has said over, and over again that he would deport millions and millions of undocumented immigrants. round them up and toss them out. >> when mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. they're not sending you. >> they came in legally, and that's fine. but when they come in illegally, that's a whole different story. they're here illegally, you take them, they have to go back. you're going to have a deportation force. and i know it doesn't sound nice, but not everything is nice. some will come back the best through a process. they have to come back legally. they have to come back through a process and it may not be a very quick process, but i think that's very fair and very fine. >> a deportation force, won't be nice, won't be easy, but it must be done. gotta round them up and get them out. he's said it from day one of his campaign, remember? it struck a cord with a lot of
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voters. they thought our immigration situation is out of control. these people must go. then there was the matter of the constitution. and then there was the matter of the moderates who thought better of it. on monday, donald trump claimed he was certainly not flip-flopping on immigration, but he does appear to be attempting to have it both ways. a hard line for the extremes of his supporters, something more humane and arguably more constitutional for more moderate voters. carl cameron is live in jackson mississippi where trump has a rally set for tonight. where does trump's mass deportati deportation, 11 million people plan stand? >> reporter: on the lips and tongues of an awful lot of republicans who both agree and adamantly disagree with the idea that he might do away with his plan to deport everybody, all the undocumented aliens, and let some stay. it's not just that trump has been saying this since the beginning of his presidential candidacy.
12:18 pm
he's been on b even prior to his presidential candidacy and more importantly, the republican party has made this one of its critical pivot points. john mccain almost didn't win the republican nomination in 2008 because he'd been a supporter of comprehensive i immigration reform, which trump labeled amnesty, allowing some in the country now to stay here. mitt romney won in 2012 by having a tough position and saying deport them all and most said that's just not doable. marco rubio, ted cruz in this year's campaign, john kasich, jeb bush. you can pickoff almost all of the trump rivals, saying it's not easy to deport 11 million people and there's been an argument it would violated fourth, fifth, and eighth amendments. all of these things create all kinds of problems. the aclu said if donald trump
12:19 pm
were the president it would medical be taken immediately be taken to the supreme court. jeff sessions, senator from alabama, who initially wrote donald trump's immigration proposals in the early part of this campaign, they all want a deportation process, and for trump to vascila texas vascilat would cause any of his rivals to run the race, and we heard something that was quite like what he used to describe as amnesty, shep. >> he needs florida, pennsylvania, and ohio, if he has any chance of winning this election. why is he at the mississippi coliseum in jackson? >> well, i tell you what, i would add north carolina to that. it's really four or five states that he has to win. north carolina, if he can't win there, probably can't win in ohio, or florida. he knows full well we're going to put him on tv nationwide so the folks can hear him what he
12:20 pm
said on television, and his off-the-cuff speeches, he's ad-libbing in between some of the prepared remarks, gets a much better response in states where there's bigger, more ardent conservative base. mississippi has been voting for republican president ten cycles in arro row. last night we were in texas. same too, there. florida has been going back and forth with various different campaigns and ohio, as is north carolina. north carolina was won by a republican last time, mitt romney, but it was barack obama. those states he has to do better if he wants to win. >> carl cameron, 7:00, hottie-tottie time in jackson and i'll ask sarah huckabee-sanders in just a moment about his plan for immigration, his immigration reimagination and whether this changing of the minds tends to serve him for the base or someone else, that's next live
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sglfrm more on donald trump selling hannity he's opening to softening his immigration plan one day after insisting he was not flip-flopping on the immigration issue. sarah huckabee sanders is senior advisor to the trump campaign and is live. how are you and thank you. >> i'm doing great, good afternoon, shep. >> the new line is we want to be fair but firm. it is fair to leave which undocumented immigrants in the country? >> look, donald trump's been extremely consistent and extremely clear about his number one priority when it comes to immigration and that's to secure the border and enforce the law. nothing about that policy or that position has changed whatsoever. >> oh, sarah, from day one. >> he's going to continue
12:25 pm
positioning and advocating from that. >> we have to pull up the sound byte. he said he would have a deportation force and would remove all of them from the nation because they have to go, they're criminals and they must leave the country. is that still his policy? >> i think he certainly wants to get rid of the criminals in this country, i think every american would like to see that happen. >> the bad ones. >> the biggest priority terrorism has adonald trump has had has been to secure the border. he hasn't changed on that. he's been very clear and very 85ent on that. if we want to talk about unclear and unconsistent, let's talk about hillary clinton who can't get a clear answer and frankly hasn't given any answer on the pay-to-play scandal that's been plaguing her for weeks. she's been hiding from the me a media. >> here's what he said. >> when mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best, they're not sending you. they came in legally and that's fine, but when they come in
12:26 pm
illegally, that's a whole different story. they're here illegally, you take them, they have to go back. >> you're going to have a deportation force. >> and by the way -- >> a deportation force, on morning joe, it was the talk of the day, moderates who they were trying to court at the time, were very much against it. anybody who understood the constitution realized you can't do it and they seem to be capitulating as they try to reach people in north carolina and other states. how do you feel about the change in position? >> look, shep, you're from the south so i know you'll understand this. you have to plug the leak before you clean up the water, is one of the things we say down here and that's what donald trump wants and plans to do. you go in, stop the leak and clean up the water first and you have to do it in that order in order to make something work. he's been very clear. that hasn't changed, and i think that when you put that in contrast with where hillary clinton is on this campaign, should wants completely open borders. >> no she doesn't.
12:27 pm
she has never said i want open borders. she wants a fair -- i hear his supporters say that all the time and it's not true because i've read her policy. they want to have a fair border policy. they want to control the borders. they want to control immigration but they don't want to round up families all across the nation and apparently, neither does the donald trump campaign. kelly kel kelly anne said as much and i wonder about the base that has wanted that from the beginning and whether they might go maybe he's not one of us after all. >> i think what the base wants and what all of americans want are for us to enforce the law and i think they want to get rid of the criminals, not necessarily -- i've always been a believer that you don't punish kids for the crimes of parents, but -- shep, i think you know what we're talking about here and that's violent criminals and violent offenders. those people should not be here, but at the end of the day, the biggest question will we secure our border, know who these
12:28 pm
people are, enforce the laws we have on the books and we haven't done that under obama/clinton administration and i don't know why we would have any confidence moving forward clinton would do that if she was president. >> he said he wants to do what obama and bush before him have been doing. obama has been dubbed the deporter in chief after deporting more than 2.5 million people in all, and donald trump has said we want to -- we want to enforce the laws. the law suggests that 11 million to 18 million people who are here should be gone. it's what he ran on from the beginning and my question is a simple one. since that was his policy, since that was the thing on which he ran from the beginning, how many people are going to be turned off by him by this, or is it more important that so many people who were in the middle and didn't believe this should happen will come to him now when he needs them? >> look, i think donald trump is going to beat hillary clinton and i think it's going to be on two big issues, national security, and the economy. i think that's the biggest issue
12:29 pm
people will go to the ballot box focused on in november and when you ask voters who they trust more on those two issues, every single time, donald trump beats out hillary clinton. those are also the two biggest issues that people are voting on. i think that's the contrast that's going to help donald trump defeat hillary clinton, and i think those are the biggest issues that people want to be talking about today. >> sarah huckabee sanders, senior advisor to the trump campaign live in little rock, arkansas. nice to see you, thank you. >> good to see you, shep. more politics ahead and a new poll has come out showing donald trump now in a dead heat with hillary clinton in one of the battle groground states tha could decides this election. those numbers and the path donald trump would have to take to pull off a win as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on fox news channel. when my doctor told me i have
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carolina. the survey shows hillary clinton and donald trump in a virtual tie. 44% to 42% which is in the margin of error. trace gallagher has the details. both candidates are pretty evenly matched in favor abili abilitiabiliability there, right? >> reporter: during the past two elections, north carolina has been very close, but when you look at the favorability numbers they almost match the poll numbers themselves, just 34% of north carolina voters have a favorable opinion of donald trump, versus 54% who have an unfavorable view. for hillary clinton, her favorabl favorables 2 points higher, unfavorables, 2 points lower at 52%. when asked who would do a good job or bad job of looking out for the little guy, 40% say trump would do a good job, 52% say bad job. for clinton, 42% said she would look for out are littfor the li,
12:36 pm
49% said she would not. within the margin of error, on all of these questions, north carolina really is a dead heat, shep. >> how many of north carolina is about minority voters, trace? >> reporter: when it comes to minority voters, hillary clinton has a resounding lead among black, hispanic and asian voters, leading by 63 points. in fact, the associated press says that donald trump's new, what have you got to lose slogan to black voters really isn't resinating and although clinton is dominating in north carolina, with majority voters, she's not doing as well as president obama did in 2012. he beat mitt romney in by 75 points. but when it comes to white voters in the tar heel state, 54% to 31%. trump does not do nearly as well among white voters who have a college degree. shep? >> trace, thank you. let's bring in laura mechler now, a national politics reporter for "the wall street journal," wrote an article on
12:37 pm, and today donald trump faces narrow path to white house victory, and examines the states donald trump must sweep and where polls shows he currently trails secretary clinton. nice to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> four states for those who follow these things closely. they won't be a big surprise and i'd like to go through them. the first one is ohio. a republican has -- you gotta win ohio if you're a republican to win the nation, and as you can see, he's outside the margin of error there and is losing the spread secretary clinton 4.8. what do you see in the trends here? >> the trends are in general that trump just has a lot of ground to make up sort of in all the important states. he's close in north carolina, as you just talked about, that's a close race, but mitt romney won in 2012, that's a state he needs to keep and he needs to win over several that democrats have had, so, you know, ohio is critical for him, as are a few other big states, and you know right now,
12:38 pm
he's trailing. >> and florida is another one of those. sunshine state decided by the i i-4 corridor, from tampa up to daytona etch boo, fr daytona beach, and it looks like he's having big trouble there, right? >> yes, it is, and florida is a particular problem for him not just there, but also with the hispanic population, which is much bigger in florida than it is in other states. so florida is a much more diverse state, and donald trump has not done well where there is a lot of racial diversity, so that's another challenge for him. >> you mentioned north carolina, but pennsylvania is one that they believed from the beginning they really need to get and the numbers in pennsylvania if you're a donald trump fan are not good, part of this is the suburbs of philadelphia, an area in which there was widespread belief donald trump might have some transaction as his camp began. what's your reporting from t"th
12:39 pm
journal" now? >> i think it's the most important state to keep our eye on. pennsylvania is a state that's traditionally been democratic, but is a must-win for trump. on the flip side, if hillary is able to keep pennsylvania in her column, it's very hard to see how trump can beat her. it becomes a very important state. as you said, the philadelphia suburbs, these are areas where there are voters who might traditionally vote republican, who the clinton campaign is aggressively courting, especially suburban women. of course trump is going after the voters, you know, cross the vast parts of the rest of the state, white-working class voters trying to pump up his margin there. the question is whether he is increase the margins enough there to make up for losses in philly, than mitt romney did in 2012 and all of that is an open question. >> what are his people saying to you and other "wall street journal" reporters, about his activities in those states and what their plan is? >> you know, i don't know that i
12:40 pm
have any special insight into the trump plan in terms of winning pennsylvania, but i think that you see him spending a lot of time there and in the other three states we mentioned. when you look at whether he's starting to spend money, he put his first tv ads on the air and it was in these four states so you see that's where the focus of his energy is, and i think that you do -- are going to see him trying to win the people who are the loyal supporters to him and to try to really increase those margins. it's not just about persuading people. it's also about turning out the people who already like you. >> laura mechler, national politics reporter, a corporate cousin of ours, wall stre"wall journa journal", we'll look for your stuff at >> thank you. and coming up with a creative name for a wifi network, have you seen this? wifi networks like if you were to log on in a public place or a building somewhere, every wifi
12:41 pm
network has a name and you can choose whether you join -- what's this name? >> so in austin, texas, last night, somebody thought it would be funny to post an unsecured wifi network called clinton e-mail server. of course people quickly noticed it, posted pictures of it on social media, this is from a bloomberg reporter who says an actual wifi network at trump's austin rally, and trump thought it was funny, they got involved and the social media director tweeted out team donald trump does not recommend using the unsecured wifi signal. >> i'm guessing no numbers were put in to check his balances kind of thing. >> that's clever and kind of funny. >> kind of funny. one said it's like a scene in dante's inferno, after a strong earthquake collapsed buildings in italy on top of people. right now rescue teams are racing through the disastertory t to try to find anythione alive.
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at least one person died and 14 others hurt in what police are calling a complex gun and bomb attack at american university in afghanistan today. it happened in the capital city of kabul. witnesses say they heard explosions and automatic gunfire. hundreds of students and teachers took cover in classrooms and safe rooms. the u.s. army colonel says advisors were on the ground with security forces. a women says the attack has ended but the details are really to us unclear at the moment. police say they're not sure whether there was one attacker or two. it was one of the most beautiful towns in all of italy and now there's nothing left, that's the word from a witness to the powerful earthquake there overnight. rescue crews have been combing through the wreckage for signs of survivors and we've learned workers pulled an 8-year-old from the debris alive.
12:46 pm
she'd been trapped there since overnight. take a look at this village from drone video. this is the small town of amatrice. it gives you an idea just how devastating this was. the prime minister says the new death toll is 120 in this region. he says that number is expected to rise as the search continues. the 6.2 crushed a group of small mountain villages in central italy, and could feel is as far away as rome, some 60 miles away and there was reports of aft aftershocks. rescuers trying to reach a man stuck in the rubble. there's an injury on his forehead that we've blurred for afternoon viewing. you can see a man leaning on a piece of debris and grieving there as so many lost their lives. a mickey mouse doll amid the rubble. the devastation of a collapsed home, italy ae's health ministe
12:47 pm
says many children are among the dead. and the image of a body of an unknown victim, blood on her face as he tries to use the phone. we're in amatrice. tell us about the search for survivors, john. >> reporter: it very much continues. so far they've not found anyone sadly, shepard, but it's going to continue and all night. they're going back into a building, but first, to give you an idea of the devastation, this is a historic city going back almost a thousand years. you can see the building collapse, the whole structure caved in. rubble everywhere. even more dramatic, shepard, you mentioned in the intro, after shocks. there was about two hours ago another aftershock. on top of the building here, or at least on the other side of the wall atop the rubble, there
12:48 pm
were a team -- rescue crew, and they had to scramble for safety because parts of the building then started coming down. as soon as it calmed down, the rocking stopped, they went back to work. they blew a whistle and this is really the scene we've been seeing all day. they blow a whistle and the crowd quiets down. that's the signal for everybody to stop talking, vehicles to be shut off because possibly they heard something in the rubble. all you hear is one of those rescue crew members calling out, trying to get somebody to answer back. unfortunately, that wasn't the case. but, again, the search continues. david, come back over here, i want to show you something very quickly and what's made it very difficult, shepard, is amatrice is on the side of the city. it's just rubble, you can't get into the city center. it's been leveled from the 6.2 earthquake that hit about 6:42
12:49 pm
this morning. they can't get in the heavy equipment but they have a back h backhoe, and this is really kind of the main target area. it's hard, shepard, getting in some of that heavy equipment so they're bringing in anything and everything they can to help with the search. >> john, thank you. a powerful earthquake rocked best of my memo burma today, south and east of the capital, and damaged some 100 anxiety yet buddhist temples. 6:00 a.m. eastern time it happened. witnesses said they felt a quake several hundred miles away in the thailand capital of bangkok, as well as bangladesh. you've probably heard about the price hike on epipens. now, the white house is weighing in with a warning about being greedy. that's next. i don't want to live with
12:50 pm
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a drug companies, and becoming greedy from the donald trump company mylan over the soaring price of epipens. people use them to fight life threatening allergic reactions and said they have savings plans and are giving schools pr prpre pre epipens . more than six hundred dollars, shep, that's a 4-hundred plus price percentage increase. a lot of parents are notably upset because for some kids this is life or death. you said it, mylan feeling a little bit of the heat saying we'll give these for free to the schools but not to the parents.
12:54 pm
but there's a lot of murky water here. the ceo of the company mylan she went from making in 2007, 2 1/2 million dollars, to making $19 million, so it seems as if her salary range has gone up along with the price of epipens, and also, a competing product in november, they had to pull it for dosage concerns, so cynics world, say at the time a competitor had to pull a product from market, there's price being jacked up for mylan. >> and they're not the only company in the middle of this. >> and they're not. irony of all ironies. you probably remember the poster boy of bad behavior and pharmaceuticals by jacking up that hiv treatment, malaria treatment, by more than 1,000%. he's calling mylan vultures and asking a rhetorical question, where is their moral compass, and as you referenced probably someone from mylan will have to
12:55 pm
take a trip from dc. >> epipens, get them from school. we'll be back at a look at when foreign forces capital in history. where investors can investigate and invest in vests... or not in vests. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars. while the other guys use frozen beef from far away.
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as it turns out, all of humanity may have some neighbors. sadly we can't hang out at their place because it would take thousands of you to get there. scientists have discovered a new planet, called proxima b. an artist came up with a picture of what it might look like. it's about four light years o away. it's just the right distance from its own star it would be warm enough for water, which is a key ingredient for water, at least life as we know it, and while researchers have discovered a lot of planets over the years, this is the closest one to us that could conceivably support life.
12:59 pm
so could sailialiens be living across the galaxy? chances aren't good but better than they were. and on this day in 1814, british troops set fire to the white house during the war of 1812. president james madison and his wife, dolly, were not in the white house at the time of the attack when british soldiers arrived they apparently sat down to eat some leftovers they found there. they later ransacked the white house and torched it. the troops also burned the capital building nearby, damaging the supreme court located inside. historians say the invasion was retaliation for american's attack on the english city of york two years earlier, but washington, d.c. went up in flames 202 years ago today. should news break out, we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world" is coming up. the dow down 62 today, we had
1:00 pm
record highs yesterday. oil took a bit of a dive, which brought the rest of the markets down with it. we'll have an update live on facebook -- facebook live in just ten seconds. "your world" begins right now. another day with no hillary clinton campaign events. is donald trump putting her on defense? welcome everyone, i'm stewart varney in for neil cavuto and this is your world. donald trump ramping up his attack on his democratic opponent over those new e-mail revelations saying voters will be the final jury. all of this as clinton is facing growing pressure to hold a formal news conference. she's not held one in 263 days. more on that just a moment. first, to blake burman, following the trump campaign. >> reporter: hi, there, super, donald trump and the clinton foundation was i


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