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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 25, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> the truck barreled down the boulevard taking out several cars, no reports of serious injuries but a lot of car damage. another day on the highway. we will see everybody tomorrow. "happening now" starts now. jenna: donald trump and hillary clinton hammering each other hard. clinton is pulling away in the polls, if donald trump can catch her. i am generally. >> donald trump accusing clinton of selling access to the state department through clinton's charitable donation. those charges are all smoke and mirrors after a year of tough
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talk on illegal immigration. mister trump appears to be softening his position on the signature issue of his campaign. and minority voters into the tent. jenna: john roberts live in new hampshire where the trump rally gets underway. >> reporter: latest polls in new hampshire have hillary clinton leading donald trump by 9 but the latest polls a couple weeks old and things are elsewhere. donald trump keeping focus on hillary clinton to the clinton foundation, immigration keeps creeping into the mix. donald trump, and 11 million people. hearing from members of his own party about it. look at the t-shirt ahead of the
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rally in tampa, or any amnesty for illegal immigrants. last night in town hall with sean hannity donald trump explaining background to his thinking and not pleasing everyone in the crowd. >> i have had very strong people, really great people come up to me and said mister trump, i love you but to take a person that has been her15 or 20 years and t family out, i have it all the time. very hard thing. >> reporter: donald trump hearing from the other side today, he is nowhere near trump tower and this group of undocumented immigrants launching a protest at trump tower unfurling a banner saying donald trump is a racist. that was hung from the balcony, second floor of trump tower. the members of his own party
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have been heart burned about what they see as a shift in his position on immigration, trump hammering hillary clinton on the foundation and her emails, listen to what he said in jackson, mississippi last night. >> she wants to sell out american security to the clinton foundation for a big fat pile of cash. it is hard to tell where the clinton foundation ends and where the state department begins. >> donald trump taking a pivot, look at the results of a couple recent polls, hillary clinton just ahead by one, monmouth poll at the same time, hillary clinton ahead, and florida atlantic university poll shows him ahead by two. the campaign very pleased with early results of the pivot as they insist is not a pivot.
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>> have you kept track of how many trump rallies over the last week? every single day at a different trump rally. >> reporter: we try to get to as many as we can. the only thing is sunday, much of sunday taken up by policy meetings, he has a rally every day except tomorrow he won't have any, fund raising in nevada and california fund raising monday, may not see anything during the week in terms of rallies. jenna: we will talk to karl rove how effective the rallies are when it comes to actual votes. thank you very much. the campaign trail, clinton campaign coming under fire after new emails revealed donors to the clinton foundation accept
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access to the secretary of state, donald trump pounced, hillary clinton hit back. >> access and exchange for cash. sold favors and access and wait until you see when it is revealed, all those people, looks like 50% of the people that saw her had to make contributions. >> trump has said, it is ridiculous. and i made policy decisions based on what i thought was right to keep america safe to protect us interests abroad. no wild political attacks by donald trump will change that. the state department has set itself that there is no evidence
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of any kind of impropriety at all. jenna: emails exposing meetings to the associated press took a look at those and that is how we had the story. the editor in chief has more documents about clinton that he plans to release. julian astonish saying last night they could impact. >> we received a lot of material, and the dnc revelation to resignation. and the business of what we do we have to assess the veracity and records of never getting it wrong to keep the reputation. jenna: a few hints from julian astonish -- different stories
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about the allegation. and the foundation story this week or past potential email lists of documents? >> let's deal with julian a sanja. the editor in chief of wikileaks, he is speaking from the ecuadorian embassy because he was to be extradited out of britain on sexual assault charges, he has sought asylum for five years in the ecuadorian embassy. the emails are stolen documents that are stolen by americans like bradley manning, the idea he would play a role in american politics is destructive. he was a bad guy dealing in stolen documents. having said that some of the documents turn out to be accurate as we saw in the
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democratic national committee. it could be damaging to the clinton campaign. i find the whole idea that julian assange might play a role in american politics highly distasteful. jenna: he is a criminal, there are those who call him a crusader. he is totally controversial but an important reminder about who this person is. he says these documents are coming and if they are the truth, how should we consider them? >> you have to consider the facts no matter how distasteful the source of the fact our. we are talking in the case of the dnc, the russian government hacking into democratic files and playing a role in our politics, regardless of the benefit of trump or clinton that is a dangerous idea that foreign governments that wish us bill would play a role in american
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politics but obviously if, we have to repeat if, we don't know if he has any files or what they are going to show, if they are accurate or show something you have to deal with it on that basis. in terms of the impact of what we have found so far on hillary clinton there is a connection between the clinton foundation and state department and when the clinton campaign says they are cherry picking, the government to get the files, the state department or the foundation wanted to make this information available they could do it and the associated press would have to get the files in the first place. martha: continues to look over the schedule and challenges. what do you make of the clinton reaction, how hard they have gone after the associated press
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and how they feel about the impact in their road to the white house? >> they are hurt by it. hillary clinton on this fundraising tour has not been at rallies, or individual questions by individual interviews, the fact she needed to call anderson cooper last night to speak to this is an indication they feel it is having an impact and damaging her. this scandal in terms of private email and the clinton foundation and its nexus to the clinton state department has been going on more than a year. there is legitimate question how much impact on the campaign. people are concerned if they were clinton supporters, maybe they are not that concerned. not good stuff to have coming out but 50% of the private nongovernmental people she met with have some connection to the
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foundation. and indicates there is connection between giving money to the foundation not necessarily in government action but access in terms of being able to meet or talk with the secretary of state, that is something people don't have the opportunity to do. jenna: the focus on battleground states like pennsylvania and florida, looking at this story, are you looking at these battleground states to see how it plays? is that where it matters, could potentially impact the results? >> absolutely. there are 30 states that are reliably red or blue, and already been allotted to one side or the other. the key, a slightly greater number of swing states, donald trump is having to defend states that are usually reliably red,
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like arizona, having to defend states that are reliably republican and clinton is competitive, but this will be decided as it always is 10, 15, 20 states at the most. john roberts reported things tightening a little bit in florida and a margin of error in north carolina indicating trump has maintained this discipline, and working to his advantage, a lot of republicans are asking why not start sooner because it obviously is better for him to be targeting her and not targeting goldstar families or top republican officials like paul ryan. jenna: some of the polls in the next week or so, watching for the impact. a big show coming up, libertarian potential nominee garrick johnson on fox news sunday. check local listings for the
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time it will air, don't miss the kelly file at 9:00 pm for part 2 of megan's exclusive interview with julian assange. he is talking about the mysterious murder of a dnc staffer. >> speculation about whether it was inside the dnc and could potentially be a man named seth rich who was killed, shot. why are you so interested in seth rich's killer? >> we are interested in anything that might be a threat. >> explicitly whether you believe, connect with the dnc or someone upset about the leak may have been behind it. >> reporter: the kelly file at 9:00 eastern time. is donald trump trying to introduce a new revised policy on immigration reform?
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we will take a closer look with karl rove in just a minute and we want to hear from you. donald trump's stands on immigration, does it concern you? live chat is up and running, go to foxnews/happeningnow to join the conversation.
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the home equity conversion mortgage can help you achieve your goals. call now to find out if you qualify, get your free mortgage review and your free information packet. jon: greg: strong aftershocks hitting italy as rescue crews race against time to find more survivors of the deadly out -- earthquake that leveled 3 towns and killed 250 people but firefighters managed to pull out a 10-year-old girl alive almost today after her home collapsed on top of her. i understand a couple hours ago you had another aftershock. >> reporter: there have been lots of aftershocks, over 400.
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this one was really strong. it unnerved people in a way others haven't and it caused rescue and recovery work just down the street where the main distraction in town is, a historic center that has been decimated and streets are full of rubble and the work has to stop after the big aftershock, 4.3 on the richter scale because it is too dangerous for workers to continue their jobs, that was very discouraging news, the death toll stands at 421 people, slightly higher this morning and was scaled down. 215 lives have been saved, 215 people remain injured and thousands are homeless. it is very hot, which is hard for the rescue effort but very
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cold at night which makes it uncomfortable particularly for those people seeking their accommodation intents. in terms of survivors after 24 hours they say chances taper off of finding people in rubble alive. it has been 36 hours but rescue crews are clinging to hope. they want to believe they may be able to save lives. during that earthquake in 2009, one person survived for 60 hours. we do here miracle stories and people are hoping for more. when i ask the mayor, where i am standing now, what more he needs, and the workers here getting it done, what can be done? people's homes are destroyed, people have been killed. what more is there to do? he is skeptical of the european union, but the response from the
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eu, changed his perspective on that. the hotel that was here, there were huge fears that might have been more packed with tourists than it was, there were casualties but it was thought there could have been dozens more. that is a bit of relief for people racing against time to get everyone out. otherwise much has been made of the beauty of this small city. i have never been to this part of italy and i have been marveling at the beauty, the landscape, the color is much different to other parts of italy, we know better, tuscany, rome, sad to think people will never see this town again with all its historic buildings. finally, there was supposed to be an important food festival this weekend, some people say we don't know who may have invited friends to stay for this
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festival which will not happen so that is another factor in terms of not being certain how many people, rescuers are looking for and finally, giuliana, the 10-year-old girl you showed the video of, rescued after 18 hours underwent surgery last night, said to be doing fine. her sister did not make it. on the positive side her parents are alive so the three have each other, they will be mourning the loss of the sister but it was an incredible tale of survival and she is doing okay right now. greg: let's hope others can be rescued at this hour. >> donald trump wrapping up a leadership roundtable in new york city, looking forward to a rally in new hampshire, speaking about immigration. how does that play? we will talk to karl rove and how effective these rallies are
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>> illegal immigration. on illegal immigration. we have a country or we don't. the wall is very important. i will be making a speech on that. i think people have respect. jenna: donald trump speaking in new york city, last night on the issue of immigration trump said
8:26 am
this to sean hannity. >> someone in the country for 20 years, has done a great job, do we take him and the family, her or him and send him out? or, when somebody, like the merit system other than they broke the law in the first place, that is a little unfair to people, we let people come in. won't have an impact. do we know these people to get out or do we let them stay. jenna: karl rove, fox news contributor. these issues we saw, and people were raising questions where he stands on immigration. how do you see it?
8:27 am
>> on the surface they seem to be a contradiction. the meeting this morning sounds like the donald trump we have heard for a long time. the second donald trump seems new. i would remind you even during the primaries he said we will build a wall and deport everybody and build a beautiful door in the wall and let people come in. there is tension all along. i would say this will cause problems among hard-core supporters but less than you might anticipate, a path to legalization. who think donald trump is weak on immigration, extreme vetting and build a wall, and the fox exit polls, in the battleground states and republican primaries,
8:28 am
a path to legal status or deport them all, look at these battleground states, the republican primary in favor of some path to legal status. 54-39, and 56-41, my point is even among hard-core and people in the primaries, by a good margin and a lot of people saying let them have a path to legal citizenship because of the of the toughness of status and it is a heuristic shortcut to understand something and he is hard on immigration. greg: interesting to see those numbers in this battleground states and another interesting question and this is an interview, how big an issue in immigration overall in key
8:29 am
battleground states, is at the top issue. >> it is an issue in two respects of particular importance to the latino population. mitt romney 120%, and deportation and lost the election, george w. bush developed for the latino community, 34% in 2004, got to get better than 27. 23% among latinos, it will be difficult in the general election. a secondary impact, a lot of people want to vote republican who are not latino, live in the suburbs, not linked to the republican party but one change, they want a president they feel will do a good job and the idea of deporting, rounding up 11 or 12 million people many of whom have been in our society for
8:30 am
decades, most of whom working and keeping their nose clean, some who do not deserve to be rounded up and thrown into jail but most of whom have been productive contributors to america wrangles a lot of american voters which he is appealing to people who live around philadelphia or cleveland or tampa, this is an appeal that goes beyond this. jenna: if you are the trump campaign, on immigration, holding rallies, the question whether he has the policy, and it has been moved. strategically speaking, what is the best strategy, these big rallies, and doing policy speeches, how would you advise him? >> all of those. the key thing is is he doing those things?
8:31 am
where is he having the roundtable? think of the last couple days, today will be in new hampshire, yesterday was in mississippi, in austin, texas where i am coming from. in texas at mississippi, 75 days before the election, republicans in deep trouble, in states where he needs to play defense, arizona, georgia, states on offense, florida, pennsylvania, ohio, michigan, iowa, colorado, new hampshire, spending his time there. the only reason to come to a place like texas is to drag it through houston, dallas and san antonio, a little blue marble in the middle of the red state, to
8:32 am
jackson, mississippi. jenna: we will watch the strategy moving forward. greg: speaking of the presidential election, donald trump, hillary clinton going after one another. will it work for either of them?
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from ohio to indiana, gop vice presidential nominee mike pence left the campaign trail to assess the damage. on the midwest bureau in chicago. >> reporter: hundreds of hoosiers picking up the pieces, and the injuries are not more severe. the worst words identified as ef 3 with wents a strong is 165 mph. north of indianapolis, dramatic video, remarkably no major injuries from that incident. vice presidential hopeful left as news reached him. he is prioritizing tornado assessment and recovery, no word when he plans to return to stump. >> all the resources in indiana can support recovery efforts for
8:37 am
families takes place. >> remarkable video of the funnel cloud across indiana and ohio, a dozen are concerned, dramatic widespread as the tornadoes were no life-threatening injuries, the worst was a little boy who got her teeth cut from flying debris. and they went to the shelter, 32,000 people lost power, howard and montgomery county got the worst municipalities, resources and manpower, it is right for more storms today. jenna: rick scott expressing frustration with washington's response in battling the zika virus, telling us on "happening now" he has not received material and support he requested. >> the federal government has
8:38 am
not been a partner. the cdc, we need more antibody test kits, the cdc is the only one that can provide those giving a portion of the last one. jenna: we reached out to the cdc to find out what is going on, they said they had and will continue to support florida to address the outbreak, the cdc says after learning florida needed more materials the cdc is sending another shipment thursday, august 25th giving florida the ability to conduct 6800 zika antibody tests. florida health officials reported a second nontravel related case of the virus in palm beach county this week ringing the total number to 43. jenna: war of words as donald trump and hillary clinton focus on one another. which candidate do these attacks
8:39 am
are better in a moment?
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greg: america election headquarters heating up with donald going after hillary clinton on the email and clinton foundation controversies as she takes on trump over his evolving immigration policies. >> she got the emails wrong. that i can tell you. now hillary wants to surrender america to globalism, just what we don't want. she wants a country without borders. she wants trade deals written for the benefit of foreign corporations, she wants a government that ignores the will of the people. she wants to sell out american security to the clinton
8:43 am
foundation for a big fat pile of cash. >> the comment you just referred to was the third position he took on immigration. somebody sold him the latest people use consulting how damaging his statements have been, how terrible his deportation plan is, how offensive his views have been on the first day of his campaign. greg: it got worse. leslie marshall, syndicated radio host of the david webb show on serious ask am. trump goes on to call her a big it, she says no, you are peddling bigotry and the hate movement. has this devolved into an ugly campaign in which both sides are hurling racist epithets? >> yes and it works better for
8:44 am
donald trump to do it with his supporters in the primary. i think -- he gets bumped from that community when he does these attacks but when hillary clinton's supporters, that does not go over well. if i were to advise her i would say she needs to take the high road, remind people of the eric without you said this, i say this. greg: trump has offered his view of what is like to be black in america, food stamps, violent poverty, dysfunction, he went on to say your life is so miserable, what do you have to foods -- lose, vote for me. is that anyway to ask? >> in a way it is. go and talk to blacks in
8:45 am
different neighborhoods, blunt talk is needed. there is bigotry that exists, no expectations, low and when it comes to the democrat policies, liberal progressive policies, look at newark, new jersey, go to east la. what he is talking about. greg: somewhere offended. >> somebody will always be offended. look at the economic outcome, millennial's and that is how you start to get it. look at hillary clinton's position on education which saves people -- greg: trump has not campaign in black communities, doesn't speak at black colleges, rejected an invitation to the naacp, today he meets with a handful of african-americans and hispanics,
8:46 am
any wonder he is polling at an abysmal 1%, will that change? >> you don't just speak to the audience, he doesn't just speak to african-americans and latinos, speak to his core audience, a bunch of white guys. when you talk about what hillary provides for education, look at his track record as a businessman, products made in bangladesh, mexico or china, that contributed to high unemployment. >> talking points don't work. you can look at clothing, that is a silly argument. let's look at the real issues, the communities that are economically disparate, the policies in those communities, hillary clinton doesn't speak to blacks, democrats use blacks, they surrender -- he is a big
8:47 am
it, that is what trump says, no expectations, don't care if i call her a big it. it is a bad outcome. tell me one community led by liberal progressive policies, look at baltimore, the failures and tell me those were democrat or republican administrations. greg: they are synonymous with hillary clinton and bill clinton, scandals, the list goes on and on to most recently emails and the foundation which prompted trump to say, quote, she sold favors and access in exchange for cash. is that going to have any impact on voters who may have a firm opinion about hillary clinton on this deal or lack thereof, two thirds of americans say she is
8:48 am
dishonest, that might be baked in. >> if i were donald trump hitting home that message again and again is preaching to the choir. if you look at polls, the people that like her and the people that don't don't hear about the emails, in addition there is right now no evidence of anything criminal, that a meeting led to a favor. we have to remember over 2000 meetings, 80 some meetings, donald trump donated to that foundation and if he picked up the phone -- greg: trump's flip-flop on immigration, he said i will do the same thing president obama has done and let most of them stay. on tuesday trump says he is opening to softening the law. last night he says their upstanding will work with it, he has reversed himself and by doing so does he damage himself
8:49 am
with supporters who were trusting him? >> the point leslie made, people that support trump will vote for him in large numbers. on the immigration issue he needs to clarify this, you are an attorney, you understand we have existing laws that need to be enforced and that is something obama has not done. greg: in november -- >> i wish i had an answer for you but what you need to do. >> didn't bother to study what the law is. he needs to take it to that point. we have existing laws the need to be enforced, there should be no amnesty, hillary is promoting or obama would like to do. we can't import poverty which affects black and disparate economic communities even more which happens when you bring an uneducated mass of people who take jobs at that level. greg: thank you for being with
8:50 am
us, we tackled four subjects. there are so many. jenna: killing more than a dozen people, officials investigating who is behind the attack and what we now know next. better buckle up. that inactive satellite radio of yours is ready to roll. because the siriusxm free listening event is on right now! just hit the sat button in your car and listen free thru sept 6. that's right, two glorious weeks of commercial-free music, plus talk, sports,
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greg: let's check what is up ahead at the top of the hour. >> hillary clinton is going to hit donald trump hard on race, ramping up outreach to minorities and call sarah big it. can he win over blacks and hispanics this late in the game? a more mainstream media bias,
8:54 am
major paper that failed to print the report on hillary's meetings with donors when she was meeting with the state department. >> iran is at it again, who is making them feel they can get away with it? former us ambassador is the guy to have on the couch today to weigh in and he will be "outnumbered" and we will remind him at the top of the hour. >> that is not in my vocabulary. thank you. jenna: no claims of response ability for the deadly attack on the university of afghanistan, 13 people killed, dozens injured after gunmen opened fire on the university of kabul. begins with a suicide bombing at officials say two gunmen involved were also killed. >> reporter: 700 afghan students
8:55 am
were trapped in the american university of afghanistan for 9 hours or so when the three attackers stormed the university ground. took place at 7:00 at night last night. this is a busy time. a lot of students coming off their day jobs and other students just there to study. it is a place well-known for men and women to socialize and has been a target of the taliban and who resent western appearance in connection to the united states. it is the us government funded university, the most famous university and their best university, 13 people were killed, one professor was killed as well, a fellow who studied at stanford university, according to afghan officials trying to
8:56 am
figure out who claimed responsibility for this, whether it is the taliban and or another related group. >> more in the next hour of "happening now". tensions mounting on the border between syria and turkey. the united states is threatening to pull support from syrian kurdish forces. a rare find at the bottom of the great lakes. the wreck of a ship unseen since thomas jefferson was president, the man who found it, what it means, the study of american history.
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i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. jenna: olympic swimmer ryan lochte may be a contestant on "dancing with the stars" next weekend. abc approached him before the games and negotiations continued even after the disaster at the rio gas station. the interview reportedly went so well that lochte's reportedly a shoo-in.
9:00 am
we'll find out next week who's in, who's out -- gregg: now another reason not to watch. [laughter] jenna: oh, come on -- gregg: somebody dropped him on his head when he was a child. jenna: so harsh! gregg: "outnumbered" begins right now. jenna: there goes our exclusive with lochte! ♪ sandra: this is "outnumbered," i'm sandra smith, here today harris faulkner, host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy, co-host of "after the bell," melissa francis, and today's #oneluckyguy, senior fellow at the american enterprise institute, ambassador john bolton is here, and he is "outnumbered," and i think we might have given away you're one of our favorites. >> this is my favorite show on all of fox news. now i probably will never be on another one. [laughter] harris: even if it's not actually true, we're taking it. sandra: very good to have you, sir. let's get star


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