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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 25, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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we'll find out next week who's in, who's out -- gregg: now another reason not to watch. [laughter] jenna: oh, come on -- gregg: somebody dropped him on his head when he was a child. jenna: so harsh! gregg: "outnumbered" begins right now. jenna: there goes our exclusive with lochte! ♪ sandra: this is "outnumbered," i'm sandra smith, here today harris faulkner, host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy, co-host of "after the bell," melissa francis, and today's #oneluckyguy, senior fellow at the american enterprise institute, ambassador john bolton is here, and he is "outnumbered," and i think we might have given away you're one of our favorites. >> this is my favorite show on all of fox news. now i probably will never be on another one. [laughter] harris: even if it's not actually true, we're taking it. sandra: very good to have you, sir. let's get started.
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we begin with presidential politics and the emerging battle over minority voters. donald trump meeting with latino and african-american activists in new york city today as he ramps up his outreach to minorities. this as the gop nominee is vowing to give hispanics and blacks a better future than hillary clinton can promise. listen. >> hispanic citizens have been suffering under this president too. since president obama came into office, another two million hispanics have joined the ranks of those in poverty. two million have joined the ranks of poverty. i'm asking for the honor of your vote so that i can fight for you. that's african-americans, that's hispanics, and that's all americans. [cheers and applause] we're going to make it better, much, much better. sandra: and later at another rally in mississippi, donald trump escalating his line of attack on his democratic rival with some of his harshest language yet.
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>> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color -- [cheers and applause] only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future. she's only going to take care of herself, her husband, her consultants, her donors. these are the people she cares about. sandra: but hillary pushed back hard ahead of her speech today, a little bit later today in nevada, where she's expected to hit trump on some other issues, more on the issue of race. >> he is taking a hate movement mainstream, he's brought it into his campaign. he's bringing it to our communities and our country, and, you know, someone who's questioned the citizenship of the first african-american president who has courted white supremacists, who's been sued for housing discrimination against communities of color,
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who's attacked a judge for his member can heritage -- mexican heritage and promised a mass deportation force is someone who is, you know, very much peddling bigotry and prejudice and paranoia. sandra: quite a laundry list there. ambassador bolton, donald trump, does he have a a lot of work ahead of him if he's going to win the minority vote? >> well, i think he does, but it points to a fundamental philosophical question that we ought to have debated here which is what is it that defines the status of americans? in the days of segregation post-slavery, black americans were relegated to second class status, particularly in the south but all over the country, for one reason, because they were black. now, when you come to a point where you're trying to integrate people into society, which has been america's formula for success from people all over the world, now you have people who want to say my identity is black or my identity is hispanic.
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i absolutely reject identity politics. i think we are 300 million plus individuals, and i just don't understand why people can't get to the point where they accept what martin luther king said 50 years ago, he wants people judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. it's wrong to segregate people, to keep them in second class status because of their color. it's wrong to assert you're entitled to benefits on the basis of your color. try your accomplishments. sandra: and as far as the work that is cut out for him, what do you make of that attack he made against hillary clinton, calling her a bigot, saying his opponent sees people of color only as votesesome. melissa: i mean, he's obviously using a very loaded word because he wants to get a reaction, he wants to have the conversation, and that's why you use a word like that. what he's trying to say is something that ben carson articulated so well, is the economic subjugation of a group of people who live in the inner city and who are not getting
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ahead, you know, especially from an economic point of view. and he's trying to make the point that democrats take these votes more granted, that they've given handouts to this group to keep them vote or more them and that it has backfired. this is something that ben carson talked about a lot. i don't know if donald trump can articulate it as well, but rather than helping people, it has kept them subjugated. sandra: and, harris, donald trump just a few moments ago further making his appeal to minorities for their vote. he just tweeted this out: so many in the african-american community are doing so badly. poverty and crime way up, employment and jobs way down. i will fix it, i promise. but that is part of his very direct appeal to african-american and hispanic voters. harris: well, and to his base. i mean, he's accepting into those -- stepping into those issues where other people don't want to wade even into the shallow end of the pool. dr. ben carson at meeting with
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him today was supposed to be walking some areas with donald trump today too to. that is the messenger that he has chosen, and it's an eloquent messenger considering the fact that he's already kind of brought that message forward about urban america as a black man. i did want to just touch on the point because i know we've kind of gone rounds with some of our co-hosts about what donald trump is actually doing and who he's speaking to. and i really do think it's about urban america, you know? i don't see him lumping all blacks together. so he has the job to do. you asked how much work. he's got the job to do to get in front of some of them in the urban communities, i don't know, maybe go to chicago. maybe if he goes first, then president obama will go next after all the murders they've had -- sandra: which you've been asking and calling on him to do. harris: right. so then a different group of people would be those people who are economically advantaged but still taxed with a heavy burden of taxes, so on and so forth. and to reach out those people in the middle to upper middle class zone too. to separate out and to reach many -- i don't know if there's
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enough time though between now and november, but he can give it a shot. kennedy: this is the most vocal outreach you've seen from a republican. george w. bush had a different tack. rand paul has been good about going to cities like detroit, but it just shows you how incredibly defensive hillary clinton and the democratic establishment are about identity politics. and when you tread on what they believe is their territory, you know -- harris: you're in their pool. kennedy: absolutely -- harris: and you're in the deep end in their pool. kennedy: the way that she is describing him, it just shows the level of protection and defensiveness she has and how identity politics has failed. you know, you also talked about race and the content of your character. well, the media's also to blame for that because of the way they cover black lives matter. and there is a differentiation in race now, so is a politician not allowed to go out and address that differentiation? and how are we going to talk about race in this country now? >> i think it's critical, and i think you can see -- to
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underline kennedy's point -- how people react when somebody plays counter to type -- harris: yes, absolutely. >> -- in identity politics. look at what the criticism that clarence thomas has received, look at jeane kirkpatrick who was denounced by so-called feminists for not being a woman when she took certain positions they didn't like. it's just incredible, the abuse that people have to take when they break the liberal identity mold. harris: just ordinary people when you look at social media, there was a young man -- and i'm sure we've seen it go viral in the last few days -- if black lives matter, where is that group in louisiana, so on and so forth. and it has nothing to do with crime. if the lives matter, where are you? i mean, it was like fire on that person who had tweeted, and it was vicious, a lot of it. sandra: so let's talk november and bring this around to the actual election and, melissa, if the minority voters do not warm to donald trump -- and we don't see a change in the polls leading up to november -- can he win without them? melissa: i mean, it's an
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interesting question because i really look at it on a state-by-state basis, and i think they have to have a plan that doesn't include a lot of minority voters. you know, they said romney couldn't get there without more, and donald trump has even less. i don't know. i mean, there's such a new math election season that makes it so different. i mean, i don't know that i lump that in with -- and we're going to talk about the immigration thing later. they both look to be sort of race issues, and i'm not sure that's necessarily what inspires the immigration question. i think he has some sort of improvement, but it is going to be slight at best. harris: i like what you said, new math this election season. that's really interesting. melissa: yeah. >> there's also white republican voters, a lot who are worried that maybe trump is something of a caricature that hillary and the democrats are painting. that's not his opinion -- harris: how does he do that? >> it will give them comfort by talking about these issues. i think it has two effects, minority voters and moderate
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republicans that he needs to bring back to his side. kennedy: yeah. and he talks about issues that people aren't used to. there's a huge paradigm shift, and because of that we don't know the outcome. and, you know, the way he talked forcefully about immigration at the beginning of his campaign resonated with voters. and i think what he's betting on is if he speaks with the same tone to a different group of people with the same amount of honesty and authenticity, that might resonate. right now it's not and certainly not in the media they reflect interviews with african-americans cabot donald transfer's -- about donald trump's statements. harris: also including jill stein and gary johnson, jill stein's running mate is african-american. you see there's some diversity among the other members of the political scope, if you will, running for president. sandra: and then looking back at hillary clinton's argument against donald trump where you just heard her, that sound where she was saying you're talking about gop nominee who questioned
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the citizenship of the first african-american president, and she went on to name a lot of other reasons. how strong is her strategy against trump on this issue? >> well, i think to the extent she can make trump the issue, she's moving the ball toward the goal line. and conversely, to the extent trump can keep the focus on her, i think that advances trump. so i think this is a preview of what the debates are going to be like. it's going to be worth watching for however long it takes to get -- sandra: you've got the, you're crossing off the dates til that happens, right, harris? harris: you would think a woman wouldn't have a problem being in the hot seat. i would think she'd thirst for it. melissa: i don't know -- [laughter] i don't know how often her feet are held to the fire. harris: there was no comment at all. >> she's never met donald -- harris: keeping the math on that. that's old math, by the way, how many days it's been since hillary clinton had a press conference. sandra: where were you going, ambassador? >> she's never been one-on-one with donald trump either.
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harris: changing, a paradigm. sandra: exciting times. sticking to politics, scandal, what scandal? how hillary clinton is downplaying the uproar over that ap report on her meetings with big shot donors while she was secretary of state. wait until you hear her explanation. plus, sticking with that report, how "the new york times" somehow decided that it was not fit to print anywhere in its paper. the new questions of media bias. and right after the show catch more from the couch. you can join us live on the chat by clicking the overtime tab on you can also go to you can also tweet us your questions and your comments, join the conversation, overtime. ambassador bolton is actually a really funny guy. [laughter] and that shows up in overtime bigtime. ♪ ♪ for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love.
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♪ ♪ harris: hillary clinton on the defensive after the associated press reported clinton foundation donors got special access during her time as secretary of state. >> i know there's a lot of smoke, and there's no fire. this ap report put it in context, it excludes nearly 2,000 meetings i had with world leaders plus countless other meetings with u.s. government
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officials when i was secretary of state. it looked at a small portion of my time. and it drew the conclusion and made the suggestion that my meetings with people like the late, great eli weasel or maine-in da gate -- melinda gates were somehow due to connections with the foundation instead of their status as highly respected global leaders. harris: bill clinton is also shrugging off the report. >> we try to do good things. there's nothing wrong with creating jobs and saving lives. i don't know what it is. i saw people were criticizing hillary for meeting with eli, mow bell prize winner, who would have gotten meetings with any foreign secretary in any country in the world. i just think, you know, it's election season. but i feel good about it. harris: looking at the seamlessness between the state
9:18 am
department and the clinton foundation, there is smoke there, hillary clinton says. i want to go to the harvard grad who probably did better than i did in science. what else causes smoke besides something burning? melissa: hey, she says there's smoke? you can choke to death on the fumes. harris: but there's no fire, apparently. so what causes it? melissa: i mean, what a joke. she talks about all the meeting and those being counted, that was her job. those were meetings she was supposed to be doing. the ap, i saw the reporter yesterday on shepard's show. i mean, they sat there for three years, they went through the records, hay sued the government -- they sued the government to get the calendar. this is good, old-fashioned watchdog journalism. they're trying to dismiss it, they can't possibly. and more than half of the meetings that were not obligatory, that were at her discretion. when she has her schedule full, she chooses to take a meeting or not. more than half of them went to people who had given money. now they're say iing they're going to -- saying they're going
9:19 am
to wind down the foundation if she's president, but they're going to leave their daughter in charge, chelsea. how does that change anything? harris: as an ambassador, i would imagine you had some dealingsing with the state d.. is this how it goes? >> not at all. hillary's defense seems to be that her new slogan is vote for hillary, not indicted yet. [laughter] that somehow be you can -- [laughter] ing go right -- you can go right to the ethics -- harris: that would be really funny if it weren't sad. >> that's her argument -- sandra: probably just started a hashtag. harris: yeah. >> the fact is what the clinton foundation was the clinton for president campaign in exile. walter russell mead wrote a fantastic -- a scholar, not a partisan hack -- wrote a fantastic article a year ago calling it the first post-modern political machine, comparing it to tammany hall. it's a money-raising phenomenon. and the key thing here is, you
9:20 am
know, i would get rid of most campaign finance restraints in our politics. one i would keep is the prohibition of foreign money being contributed to american candidates. kennedy: but this is the work-around. >> that's exactly right. and one of the things they don't talk about is that the ap excluded meetings with 16 heads of state from governments that contributed $170 million to the clinton foundation. so they can't give to hillary directly, they can just give it to bill. kennedy: okay, but think about it. when they're sitting there dreaming up what the foundation might be, and one of the biggest problems is if you're running for office whether it's senator of new york, from new york or, you know, if you're running for president, both of them, you can't take all of that lucrative money. so bill's sitting there going, man, there's so much money out there, there's so many countries, especially the corrupt access pools in the middle east -- yes, sir pools in the middle east. and then they came up with
9:21 am
what's actually a brilliant idea because in the off years when they're not running for office -- sandra: by the way, he has spoken, in addition to hillary clinton, defending all this. he's speaking out and saying all the good the foundation has done, targeting childhood obesity, boosting international health programs. but look, look at the way donald trump has addressed this, okay? he's gone after the report and used the report, challenging her on her ethics and saying that she's made lie after lie to cover up breaches. why isn't that, he can't do more with this? he's calling for a special prosecutor, obviously. >> i think there's a lot he could say about what the flow-through of the foundation is. their overhead -- harris well, he would know, he gave money to it. >> their overhead is paying for their entourage. this is the way you keep them busy while something else is going on. harris: what's interesting about donald trump is he knows how the money kind of moves around. he said, i wanted access, to he gave. melissa: yeah. harris: we've talked about this.
9:22 am
he actually can tell us what it's like. melissa: and i love when they go back to saving lives and, you know, helping small children around world is a bad thing. charity navigator will not rate the clinton foundation because they say when you look at the business model, it is not a charity. when you look at it and you see that they use only 10 percent of the money that comes in goes out -- harris: so what is it? kennedy: compare that with red cross or any, you know, major -- melissa: robin hood, that's 100 percent. >> it's a warehouse for their people. that's exactly -- it's a way to pay them. harris: all right. so much for this motto, all the news that's fit to print. if you were looking in yesterday's new york times report for that ap story on hillary clinton's meeting with donors while working at the state department, you were out of luck. nowhere to be found in the print edition or on line. but a couple of stories, and this one very important, the times did find space for it, a
9:23 am
story on a parasite jeopardizing fly fishing in montana and a length piece about pop eyen con cher calling donald trump a racist and comparing him to hitler. on sunday a front-page story on how the clinton foundation could complicate hillary's campaign but later illustrating it still didn't get the attention it got elsewhere. your thoughts? kennedy: this doesn't surprise me at all. you know, i think that hillary clinton is jumping for joy that "the new york times" isn't jumping on this. and, you know, they are actually -- they were part of the reason that we have -- harris: yes. kennedy: -- this big server story. it's because of "the new york times." so considering their investment in that side of the story and now we know that the server and the foundation are connected to each other and that inextricable link may be one of the most important elements to all of this, so why wouldn't they want to continue to that story? and even if they're doing their own reporting, even if they are trying to figure out or undo some of the work laid by the ap.
9:24 am
harris: and on balance to that cher story in the a section about what she had to say about donald trump, just on balance to that, because, you know, maybe you're going to cover everything. but sandra hit on something. if it's not really resonating with people, is "the new york times" now caught up in, i mean, is it watching polling? [laughter] saying, oh, maybe people don't want to read about this? sandra: can i just challenge this for a second? is it possible "the new york times" was currently doing a similar report and investigation and didn't want to reveal the ap's until they conclude theirs or at least start theirs? harris: do we have something to look forward to? sandra: that's a question. harris: that's an interesting point. >> we know the answer to that -- sandra: i'm trying to be fair here. harris: we haven't seen all the news that's fit to print. >> i think it's interesting if you compare what hillary clinton did when she was going through the confirmation process of basically saying i will build a wall of separation between my action and the clinton foundation. and then you look at reports
9:25 am
like this, she went right through pledges and promises that, to me, call into question her integrity. if you can't believe her when she talks about something like this at the moment when she has everybody's attention, what is she going to do when she becomes president? sandra: see, i think it goes back to, i mean, "the new york times" did a lot of good early work on the foundation and the donors and who gave what, and the fact that they're ignoring this story now, to me, means we're closer to the election. at the point they were digging on it earlier, there was a chance to have a different democratic candidate, and now they're in the never trump camp. kennedy: by the way, to that point, do you remember the editorial point in "the new york times" where the reporter said it's impossible for me to be objective when i'm covering donald trump. harris: i remember. kennedy: he said we are going to cover hillary clinton, and we will operate giving her the same level of scrutiny, then why aren't they? even if it's a mention of the ap story, they don't have -- sandra: yeah. harris: yeah. and even as you were just
9:26 am
saying, even if they had, you know, another information going on -- investigation going on side by side mentioning somebody else's work won't take away your thunder if you really have some good stuff. we all do that as journalists. we've got the exclusive or whatever it is. final thoughts? >> look, i think "the new york times" is a stenographer for the clinton campaign -- harris: oh, wow. >> it's not my characterization, it's "the wall street journal." i think it's true of the other major media. this is the american media as partisan as i think they have ever been. and i think people will judge them harshly although, you know, they may get their result this november. i think this is a new low. sandra: i could quote michael goodwin, new york post, the fit to print motto, he said the truth is that only news that prints the party line gets printed, and he worked for "the new york times" for ten years. harris: all right. donald trump appearing to moderate his policy on immigration. now he's suggesting he'd work with some illegal immigrants so they could stay in the country.
9:27 am
is this a flip-flop or evolution? also new trouble with iran. four ships belonging to the revolutionary guard are harassing an american destroyer in international waters. what to make of the latest provocation and whether the obama administration has made iran think they can get away with doing stuff like this. remember when they had our sailors at gunpoint? we're coming right back. ♪ ♪
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9:32 am
>> right. >> but we work with them. kennedy: hillary clinton was asked about that in an interview, and here's her reaction. >> my understanding is that the comment you just referred to was the third different position he took yesterday on immigration. [laughter] we immediate to believe him when he -- we need to believe him when he bullies and threatens to throw out every immigrant in the country and, certainly, when he changes his position three times in one day. kennedy: all right. ambassador, i have to ask you, is this a full reversal? >> i don't think it's a full reversal, but i think it's -- i mean, i'm happy about it, frankly. he's moving closer to the position i am on ill gruel immigration, so i'm -- illegal immigration, and i think it goes to the point of calming down some moderate republicans who were distressed. the issue for trump as a political matter, is this going to rile his base, and i think the answer that they've calculated is no. he still wants to build the wall between us and mexico. i think that's key thing for them. so i think, i judge politically
9:33 am
this as a wise move unless clinton can make it look like he's just another flip-flopping politician, sort of like her. then i think trump is in trouble. we'll see how it plays out. kennedy: all right. let's see what dr. krauthammer had to say about the whole thing last night. >> this is evolution. this is like a platypus going to sleep and waking up as a pussycat. that has never happened in the history of any of our species. [laughter] this is not evolution, this is a complete turn-about. kennedy: all right. [laughter] ann coulter said in her book which the only thing that could tank donald trump is if he -- sandra: yes. she's been very vocal especially on her twitter account about that. what about that, though? when you look back at history and look at the evolution of candidates, i mean, how common is it to see them change and alter and adapt over the course of their campaign? i mean, is this unprecedented by any regards?
9:34 am
>> look, it happens all the time, you're just not supposed to talk about it. it's like mitt romney's spokesman who said after the primary it's like an etch a sketch machine, you shake it up and start all over. that people don't like, and there is a risk when a candidate does something to their signature issue, which is what this is. but my guess is because he's still building the wall and making mexico pay for it -- harris: yeah. >> look, americans are not vindictive people. they understand these illegals have families. you're not going to send them all back, and they don't want to. they don't want to cause pain, they just don't think they should violate the rules, jump the line and get an advantage, and that, he's pretty clear that's not going to happen. kennedy: go ahead. harris: i just wonder why donald trump and others who go through the process of evolution in their campaigns don't get credit for doing the one thing people say they should be doing, being thoughtful and informed on the issues. we know he's had several kind of restarts with leadership at the top of his campaign. that comes with the messaging as well.
9:35 am
is this maybe the, you know, outgrowth of the -- kennedy: well, there's also something very different about immigration, isn't there, versus other policies or positions where you might have a shift. i mean, this is something that is so emotional and so fundamental to both parties that anytime there's a diametric shift like this -- melissa: yeah. kennedy: -- there's a great risk that comes with it. melissa: i think the reason also is it's obviously calculated. i mean, it's political season. every move is calculated. he's now said this 400 times on 375 networks, this shift that we've seen in the past two days, so you mow that there's someone behind the scenes that's saying -- harris: he's just had a leadership change. melissa: -- now we're going to pivot to the middle so we don't look like a crazy person to more moderate people who are getting frightened. i mean, i think it's really calculated, and i think it's probably going to help him. harris: i give voters the benefit of the doubt. i give the american people the benefit of the doubt, those people who support these candidates and see them moving. not flip-flopping necessarily.
9:36 am
if you say the sky is blue and now it's brown, that's something completely different. this is an evolution? i don't know if it is or not, but voters will decide if they want a candidate that needs to move closer to the middle. i think they understand that that needs to happen. >> listen to the explanation. people come up to him and say, we love you, mr. trump, but you're being too harsh on the illegals who are here. if that's accurate, if he can show that, explain it, it demonstrates empathy, it demonstrates he has the capacity to listen. it's a risky move -- harris: melissa's not buying with it. i can tell -- melissa: i think his very hard core people just don't want him to lose. so they're like say whatever you have to say at this point -- kennedy: oh really? because this is the centerpiece of his campaign, i think he'd have a hard time saying this is softening. i tend to agree with charles krauthammer that this is a reversal. and in that sense you have to be very careful not to betray the people who got you out of the are primary.
9:37 am
all right, new security concerns raging overseas after four iranian ships harass a u.s. navy destroyer, just the latest provocation from the rogue nation. has the white house made them think they can get away with anything? stay here. ♪ ♪
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"great news. you're covered?" no. it said, "blah blah blah blah..." the liberty mutual app with coverage compass™ makes it easy to know what you're covered for and what you're not. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ ♪ melissa: another provocation by iran raising big concerns. earlier this week four ships belonging to the nation's revolutionary guard harassed a u.s. navy destroyer in the strait of hormuz near iran. that is according to a u.s. navy official who says two of iranian vessels came within 300 yards of the uss mitt saw -- >> nhtsa. melissa: this comes after ten u.s. sailors were captured back in january, forcing them to their knees at gunpoint before they were eventually released and on the heels of the raging
9:42 am
controversy over the obama administration paying $400 million in cash as the rogue nation released four american hostages earlier this year. i've been on an aircraft carrier in the strait of hormuz. when i was out there -- kennedy: wow. melissa: thank you. that's what i was going for. [laughter] they said it is relatively common for iranian ships to come out and buzz around. is this really that big of a deal? >> well, i think this is a propaganda ploy, as best we can tell. the strait of hormuz is a critical waterway through which incredible amounts of oil from the oil-producing monarchies on the arabian peninsula pass even year. the iranians have repeatedly threatened to block it if we provoke them. but i think they're showing they can face up to the u.s. navy and get away with it. you know, our ships are entitled if they're in reasonable apprehension of a hostile intent, they can fire first. i think they were exercising restraint, and although it makes my blood boil, that's something you've got to do in these circumstances.
9:43 am
but let's be clear what this comes down to. barack obama for eight years has been determined to get this nuclear deal with iran no matter what the cost and to sustain it and make sure that it doesn't blow up. and the iranians have felt they could do anything they wanted. the only regret they had in tehran was they didn't raise price of the deal because if they asked for more -- sandra: ambassador, i want to get your reaction to this because this is just coming out of the white house briefing room. the white house is saying it is unclear what intentions the iranians had with this destroyer. >> well, look, if you look at the specifics of what the nhtsa and the other destroyer accompanying it did, they gave them multiple warnings. they were right on the edge, in my view, of being justified of taking legitimate defensive action. so we don't want to take these provocations and take the bait, in effect, here because we've got to be ready. we strike when we want to strike, but we don't want our people put in jeopardy. this behavior by iran is unacceptable, and it gives the lie to the entire
9:44 am
administration's strategy if you could just sign this nuclear deal with iran to show we're not after them, their behavior will change. and the past year plus since the deal was signed in vienna, their behavior has gotten worse -- sandra: that's the opposite of what the administration says though. melissa: give us examples. they always say that's not true, they haven't violated the deal. our relationship is better. what are the examples that show their behavior's been worse? have they violated the treaty? harris: they have. >> unfortunately, it's not a treaty. we didn't even sign this deal. we have reports from german intelligence that there are efforts to procure nuclear-related and ballistic missile-related -- melissa: why wouldn't it? >> they are on the path to nuclear weapons. they've gotten $400 million in cash, they've gotten the $1.3 billion in interest. everything they want, they get. and i think they know that, and they're going to take advantage of it right up to and including
9:45 am
noon on january the 20th. harris: have they violated the deal? yeah, they have, because samantha power at the u.n. has already -- i mean, she did move forward to try to have some sort of sanctions or something because of the ballistic missiles program. so we know that that part of the deal was violated. what we don't know is the kind of relief that side deals would have given them on any of these issues. >> well, we don't know how many side deals there are. look, the ransom for hostages, that was a side deal. harris: does it give relief when they take our sailors and put guns to their heads -- kennedy: why don't we cover their sailors in green slime like they did on account double dare" and then grab their sailors -- [laughter] >> that's beyond my cultural savvy. [laughter] the next president ought to ably gate the vienna deal. we should throw it away. but we've been put in a very bad position -- sandra: last month the general
9:46 am
of u.s. central command said 90% of interactions between american and iranian ships at sea were safe and professional. do you agree -- >> well, by definition, because many that part of the world the navigation channels are very close. i mean, it's very limited territory to sail around in. sandra: okay. melissa: kicked to the curb, u.s. soccer star hope solo suspended from the team and her contract terminated after calling the swedish players a bunch of cowards. but is the punishment fair or is it sexist as some are claiming? we're going to debate it, that's coming up next. ♪ ♪ the right things working together
9:47 am
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harris: more outnumbered in just a moment on this friday eve. first, let's go to jenna lee with what's coming up on the second hour of "happening now." jenna: we're almost there harris. donald trump is set to hold a rally in new hampshire, he's going to be speaking from the granite state a short moment from now. in the wake of a devastating earthquake, italian rescuers pull a survivor from the rubble. and they may be retired, but three explorers found plenty of work searching for ship wrecks, and wait until you hear what they found beneath the waters of the great lakes. they're going to join us, top of the hour. harris: what is lurking?
9:51 am
we'll be watching, thank you. kennedy: i'm whispering because i found something that i needed. sandra: controversy for the u.s. women's national soccer team. goalkeeper hope solo getting suspended for six months and her contract terminated for her comments after sweden knocked the u.s. out of the olympics earlier this month. solo, according to "sports illustrated," said, quote: we played a bunch of cowards. the best team did not win today. i strongly believe that. i think you saw american heart. the president of u.s. soccer calling the comments unacceptable and not in keeping with the team's standard of conduct. compare this punishment to just a couple examples from the nfl, among many that we have covered right here on this show. miami dolphins' player ndamukong suh was suspended just two games for stomping on a lineman, and then, of course, the ray rice story, suspended two games for knocking his then-fiancee
9:52 am
unconscious until a video was made public. all right, those were a couple instances of many, harris, that we have covered on this show. and it was sometimes questioned whether or not they would see any punishment at all. and here hope solo calls her opponents cowards, six month suspension. harris: well, six months suspended, but also her contract is over. i mean, i think that's the bigger deal, right? that's like a firing -- sandra: she's going to miss two games. harris: what led up to that? doe case was not dismissed. i mean, there are a lot of things that are going on in hope solo's life that have been supremely negative, kind of waiting in the background off the soccer field, if you will. and it's -- and i think you saw the language in there, melissa, that they're taking into account a lot of things, not just this latest last straw incident. >> really, when you look at it, i mean, domestic violence, hello, ray rice should trump it all. kennedy: well, just because the nfl punishes its players in one way, this is a completely different league, and if they
9:53 am
have a different set of standards, it's up to them to enforce them any way they see fit. hope solo, to them, she may be a big liability, you know? maybe they want to groom other goalies to come forward, and maybe there's so much drama with her off the pitch, as it were, that it's just not worth it anymore, and maybe they were looking for any excuse to get rid of her? also she was part of that suit to have parity in salary with the men's league. sandra: it should be fairly stated then this wasn't just for the use of her word "coward" when addressing the swedish team. the u.s. soccer president said they're taking into consideration past incidents involving hope as well as the private conversations we've had requiring her to conduct herself in a manner befitting a u.s. national team member. that would be fair if that's the way they made the announcement, but they said it was because of the words she used. melissa: yeah, i don't know. i mean, whenever you see these things and they don't make sense, you always think to yourself, oh, what else has this person done that they're raising
9:54 am
the ire of the people who manage them like this? we're always scrambling for other details. i agree with you, kennedy, it's their league, they get to decide what they want to do with it. be they want to put somebody toward that represents their ideals, other places in sports. i don't think it's a sexist thing though. sandra: all right, ambassador. >> what she said was unsportsmanlike. if it was the straw that broke the camel's back, they should have said it right out front, and they didn't, so i wonder what else -- harris: and then her contract's over too. if you're looking at these charges against her, if you look at them against the men -- sandra: i think i might have said worst things under my breath running past my opponents on the track in baton rouge. [laughter] all right, more "outnumbered" in just a moment. (climbing sounds)
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harris: and a programming note for you, don't forget to watch "the kelly file" tonight for part two of megyn's exclusive interview with wikileaks' founder julian assange. tonight she will ask him if he thinks a dnc staffer was murdered. watch. megyn: there was also speculation about whether your source was inside the dnc and whether it may have been potentially be a man named seth rich who was killed. he was shot. why are you so interested in seth rich's killer? >> we're very interested in
9:59 am
anything that might be a threat to alleged wikileaks sources. megyn: i was asking you explicitly whether you believe somebody, you know, connected with the dnc or somebody upset about the leak may have been behind it. harris: well, and we should mention too one thing that julian assange has said is that he is prepared to release something that would cause an october surprise be, something that could impact the election. that's tonight at 9 p.m. eastern on the east coast time. don't miss it. i want to get your quick thoughts. >> look, i am no fan of wikileaks. they've done incredible damage with what they've released. the fact is that they can break into people 's computers and get this information and put it out in the public record. i just think it's reprehensible behavior. i don't care who it benefits or harms politically, i just don't think it's a good thing for civil society. harris: ambassador john bolton, great to have you tonight. sandra: thank you. harris: and i know we'll be watching that interview to see what happens at 9 p.m. eastern.
10:00 am
in the meantime, stay right here for outnumbered overtime. we pop up live on the web, we go facebook live. by the way, we're outnumbered nfc on facebook, or see you back here tomorrow, now "happening now." america's you election headquarters. donald trump is set to speak in new hampshire. that was the first win for him in the gruelling republican primary. >> hillary clinton is leading him thereby ten points. what will his message be be today. we'll cover all of the news "happening now". pulled from the wreckage. one young life saved as more aftershocks hititily after a powerful quake killed hundreds of people. and the fire storm of criticism for price


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