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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 26, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> i was very lucky. harris: james rosen, thanks. we're back on tv noon monday. we can't wait for that. have a fabulous weekend, happen "happening now" start right now.
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home. >> a community on edge after two nuns are murdered in their home. the search is for killers on the loose. >> i never experienced anything like this. normally it is good but it is a bad experience. >> flyers want answers after a vacation dreams were turned in a nightmare. it is all "happening now". we begin on the campaign trail, back and forth and allegations of racism. we'll to the second hour of "happening now". i am jenna lee. >> both of the candidates are ratcheting up the rhetoric in a way to portray opponents out
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of touch with minority. and hillary clinton painting the alt- right movement and painting it as an extreme fringe of the republican party by white sprumist. and donald trump said the secretary of state was trying to smear millions of americans. and saying she is a bigot. >> we have carl cameron live in las vegas where donald trump is set to hold a roundtable with with hispanic leaders, carl? >> reporter: it has been a remarkable woke. donald trump reversing himself aliens would have to leave and mass deported and he said well maybe not. and back to that and this week he has labelled hillary clinton a bigot and she has countered
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that he is courting white the country. not the kind of rhetoric we have seen since the civil rights. he got right with the conservatives that gave a back lash that suggested that the mass deportation would not happen. it is not feasible or american to deport 11 million and last night on cnn, he said and illegal immigrant and no documentation whether it is a visa stay or someone who crossed illegally would have to go back to their home country and then apply to come back to the united states. in seven days reversals for donald trump. and the rhetoric between him and hillary clinton changed the race. yesterday trump called her
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a bigot first and she called a new's conference about what donald trump's problems are with minorities in this country and it is not over yet. here in nevada, trump will have a meeting with hispanic leaders. the cameras will be allowed to take picture and leave the room. trump is trying to court minorities and african-americans and latinos saying to them, what have you got to lose, try something different vote for me donald trump and hillary clinton is more of the past and kept minorities down. we'll send it back to you in new york from las vegas, nevada where trump will be tonight. hillary clinton is taking the day off of the campaign after a firing speech denouncing donald trump and saying he is
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promoting language. and she did not back off of that language. mike? >> reporter: a at an after accusing donald trump will taking a hate movement mainstream hillary clinton continued her attacks on him. she started the offensive against trump and his campaign and said she hopes americans were listening and she quoted words trump has used and positions he took over time. she continued her offensive this morning. >> the stakes are so high and what we have seen from trump is so disturbing and dangerous. we saw for example, david duke say that his white national movement is in a growing face and donald trump is essential to it. >> the clinton campaign has a new ad, that will run on
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florida, north carolina and ohio and pennsylvania. and in it, the clinton team accuses trump with being out of touch with the community. >> what do you have to lose. you have no jobs and you live. look at my african-american over here. >> he was charged with discriminating with african-american and breaking federal law. >> i have a great relationship with the blacks. i always have. >> what the hell do you have to lose? >> the suggestion that donald trump doesn't see successes in the african-american and clinton is trying to protect a key constitiency after trump made outreach. >> mike, thank you. we'll bring in nina easton, a fox news contributor and vince from the daily caller.
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you feel like you have to get a deep breath. is this really where we are at and each campaign is debating who is the more racist candidate? >> it is unbelievable. it is not unpredictable phenomenon. the democrat has as trump said relied on identity politics to shore up its base and support on the minority community and that includes calling racist. and remember how the week begavenlt hillary clinton's foundation was under scrutiny because she was seen as giving access to donors of the foundation. and the hillary clinton campaign decided to change the story line this week. and went on a attacking trump as racist and ahead of that speech trump accused her of bigotry.
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we showed hillary clinton's attacks on donald trump. and donald trump was asked about calling hillary clinton a bigot by anderson cooper. and we'll play that sound. >> you look at what's happening to african-american and hispanics in the country. she's talking. look at the vets, she said they are essentially treated just fine and it is overexaggerated. she's selling them down the tubes because she is not doing anything for the community. she talks the game. >> she has hatred. >> the policieses are bigoted because she knows they will not work. >> i had to ask the question. it feels trivial. who wins the argument when both are accusing each other of being bigoted or racist? is there a winner?
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>> i think hillary clinton has the upper hand. donald trump doesn't have much to hang it on when he throws out a bigot call. and hillary clinton is a strategic move. she's bringing up on donald trump supporting the birther movement and questioned whether a black president p of the united states was a citizen born in this country. and not only questioning the mex ane of the judge. and she's giving republicans permission to join her by trying to marginalize donald trump. she follows that up. this is not the republican party. the republican party was bob deal showing racist the exit sign. and george w. bush went and
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visited a mosque after 9/11. they understand donald trump with republicans is historically soft and trying to roll out that red carp sxet said come join me, there's reason. >> do you think it is effective. >> she is opening herself up to dismantling of the argument. it is true that he supported the birther. but hillary's supporters passed it around when she ran against obama. she was at his wedding with bill clinton. her associations and he donated a hundred thousand and talk about that association and the idea that he's bad for blackses, if you look at the democratic primary where she was running against sanders. go back to the crime bill.
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one of the problems in explaining the black community is that there is a mass incarceration rate that came out of her signing the crime bill. there is all sorts of things donald trump can make. and he offers an alternative. >> nina, where do you think it goes from here? >> blacks are not buying that argument. trump's black xer support is 0 to 2 percent and support among the latinos is much lower than with mitt romney and republican party came out with a plan and say we have got to open doors and be more welcoming to hispanics. he's not making headway with either of those groups or shown any ability to. >> the candidates are in it with
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the voters and one wonders if it is helpful when we have the issue of iran and issue with zika and epipen and all of the economy that are confronting americans. is this helpful? that is a big question. thank you both. >> good point, jenna, thanks. >> mixed reaction after the economic news whether the federal reserve chair said that interest rates could rise. and plus, the manhunt for the killer of two nuns in mississippi. the woman who cared for the poor loves a neighborhood on edge. >> we are going out to watch for one another. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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on the iranian vessels harassing american destroyers. it came within 300 yards despite warning. and the u.s. trip fired three warning shots. >> these are u.s. vessels that are operating in international waters consistent with international norms. it is only because of their professionalism that a more significant incident was avoided. and the behavior and the actions by the iranian vessels is a source of concern. >> josh earnest called iran's actions unsafe especially as waters compressed as the strait of hormuzz.
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>> the fox nows alert. the search for the purpose who murdered two nuns. their car was taken but later turned up abandoned near the crime scene. johnathon? >> reporter: authorities are combing over that recovered car in hopes of finding clues to lead to the killer or killers. reportedly there were signs of a break in at the home that the two nuns shared but it is unclear if they were victims of a robbery turned violent or the nuns were targeted because of their ministry in the community. the centers worked as nurse practitioners and they provided services to the poor p. sister paula was a member of the
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centers of nazareth order and they talked about the health ministry to the people of holmes county. >> this is one of the poorest counties in all of mississippi. it rivals in the bottom place. we do what needs to be done. >> sisters of charity of nazareth president urged a statement and asked everyone to pray in gratitude for the lives of sisters marget and paula. because we are gospel women, please also pray for the perpetrators. the other nuns are living that gospel by example, greg. >> johnathon, thank you. stocks falling after janet yellun announced interest rates
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rise. the economic growth increased only 1.1 percent this year. and that is not indicating job growth. peter barns is in wyoming where an important meeting is taking place. by far, the prettiest background we have seen all day. >> reporter: this is where janet yellun gave her speech this morning. to that gdp report they are dismissing it. they say it was an aberration because companies decided to stop investing money in inventories. and elsewhere in the report, you can see consumer spending was fairly strong and the officials are also looking at job creation. the last two months the economy
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created more than 500000 new jobs and inflation has been rising slightly which they liked to see as the measure of the health of the economy. and we heard janet yellun saying in light of the solid performance of the labor market and economic activity, i believe a short term interest rate has strengthen. but she ducked the question of the timing of that. the fed has the next policy meeting in september and one just before the election in november and one in december. but some colleagues have talked about raising interest rates a small increase. a quarter of a point at their meeting in september if these economic indicators continue to deliver for them. here's what one of the colleagues told me this morning.
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>> if i see by the run up to the fnc meeting data that are consistent with the picture. my position, we ought to have a source discussion. that doesn't mean i will support it, but it deserves a serious discussion. >> reporter: so they may or may not increase in december. it is it looking like if the economy and job creation and inflation continue as expected, we could see a small rate hike by the end of the year perhaps in the december meeting and that of course, would moan people have to pay slightly more for a home equity loan or car loan and mortgages, back to you. >> it will be after the election and set us up for the year ahead in 2017. i can't believe that. peter, thank you very much.
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>> if we have good information we probably said. i would like to believe that no organization or media organization in the united states would not have published the dnc e-mails but i don't think so. msnbc wouldn't. and the new york times wouldn't publish most of them and that is sad. that is incredible politicalization in this election of the media.
10:26 am
>> julian a ssang. he has more clinton documents and refused to get specific. >> i know you guys would love it if we scooped ourselves on fox and friends and we are not going to. >> we have howard kurtz. how are are you taking this information shared by julian a ssang. >> i find it manholed up in a embassy is lecturing the american media and recollectlkl jeopard otherwised lives of diplomat and soldiers is complaining about media organizations not wanting to publish hacked e-mails.
10:27 am
forget political bias. i don't think we should publish illegally e-mails because it is fruits of a crime. >> if they come out with the documents, do you think the media owes it to the public or say it is done in a way that is illegal. >> i wish we could say we are not touching it. but that's not the world we live in. we faced it in the sony e-mail hack. once it is bouncing on the websites. it is news and you have to cover it. if someone brought me illegally hacked e-mails, i would choose not to publish. regards of julian's games are. raising the questions of the murder of the dnc staffer. he has an agenda and i don't
10:28 am
think we should play the game. >> you bring up an interesting point with journalism. he is the primary source of the information he has and doesn't have. and you can't source him. we take his word for it and we'll see. we don't know. and we'll ask you about the story this week. is the story on immigration. donald trump is blaming the media saying they are putting words in his mouth about whether or not he changed his stance. is the media too far ahead of donald trump and his announcementes of what his policies are specifically. >> the media is quoting donald trump's words as he softened his position. in the primary 11 million and get them out. and talking about p working with them and paying back taxes and not talking about mass
10:29 am
deportation. and if you like donald trump, you say it is it an evolution. moving to the center in the general election. if you don't like the guy, you say it is it a flip flop. it is it is a change and i find it out that his team is pushing back. it is not just a softening of a tone and using nicer language. that was taken pie jeb bush and marco rubio. >> we know they didn't get together for dinner are between now and then. it is not going to happen soon at all. thank you. >> great to see you. >> hits keep on coming for hillary clinton. what the judge is ordering the department of state to do and if clinton wins the election, she
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>> new information on hillary clinton e-mail issues. the 15000 have to be releaseded a month earlier than the state department planned on doing.
10:34 am
it catherine herridge has more from the dc bureau. >> reporter: the fbi uncovered 15000 recovereds in the clinton handling of classified information and the use of a personal server. those were begin to the state department in july and now a federal judge has ruled that the department must release records that deal with benghazi by september 13th. >> there is documents that the fbi recovered anditate department. the state department told judicial watch that they had positive hits for the search term benghazi. we know that the records that mrs. clinton hit and now recovered are directly related to benghazi. >> the fbi gave state department seven disks and the 14, 900 e-mails to and from clinton are
10:35 am
on a single device. these are records that the time did not return to the government. and the clinton team used technology used blaech bit to destroy what they felt was personal records. cyber security experts say it is it like a shredder that scram e scrambles the data. >> it is much, much harder for them. it is really hard to recover information that is scrambled this way. >> we asked the clinton campaign why they used blaech bit and technology that presents challenges for the fbi and destroyed records after there was congressional requests from the judicial watch for the records and soon as we get that response, we'll make it available, jenna. >> we look forward to that. >> hillary clinton promising to
10:36 am
improve on president obama health care law. but her own efforts failed to reform health care in her husband's administration may be loving her gun-shy. washington post, after health care missteps, a chaftenned hillary clinton emenned and a chastenned hillary clinton emortgageed >> and really in >> rick joins us, democrat strategist and contributor for and co-host of steel and unger. good to see you both. mark, harry ford said the chance to begin again is what failure is all about, but you begin more
10:37 am
wisely. you think when hillary clinton is concerned, it is reckless? >> well, she's been less cautious this week. it is a dreadful week for her and so lot more questions and you turn around and blame donald trump for being racist. andec reckless in terms of the all to right and you turn out and point out her support on the left. both side ises have stories there. and with the health care issue, the more she brings it you up to it defend it, she may step in her own weeds and garry hart said i am not doing anything, follow me. and you know what happened. >> apparently mark went back in time. rick, step back in time and play
10:38 am
a clip. 1993, tom foley was a house speaker praising hillary clinton's role in pushing health care legislation. >> this day is remarkable for many reason and remarkable not only the role of the president but the first lady. when president clinton decided to entrust to mrs. clinton, the first lady the responsibility of preparing this legislation, some cr critized his judgment in taking to the country 's future and giving it in the charge of the first lady of the united states. no one questions that judgment today. [applause] >> it turned out everyone questioned her judgment and not even congress considered the
10:39 am
legislation and badly hurt her husband's president see. and what lesson does she have from that. >> it did not badly hurt her husband's presidency. >> after he pivoted. >> newt moved him to. >> i know mark wants to talk about other things. we've all been there. we've all been young and overly aggressive and thought we anyhow better. she thought she could do it without including congress. it was a mistake. it never got to congress. that is it a good thing to learn. and gain wisdom by making those kinds of mistakes. if i pick a trait for someone who is going to the white house. i think overly cautious works for me than not cautious enough. >> a lot of republicans believes
10:40 am
she's angry about that defeat and because of it, she want upons to double down and enact a single payer system. >> that was over 20 yearsing on and we can't underestimate the affect of eight years of obama with not see cent rift way of governing. people have problems with the affordable care act. hillary is campaigning to not repeal but to fix it. and meaning, make it single payer and make government do it. she's emancipated to do what she wanted to do in her heart of hearts and time will be of the essence. and we can't take away from the tact of eight years in a new world in america where people are getting used to governmental socialism. >> one of her major problems is
10:41 am
that she was secretive about it. not much has it changed, rick, this is to you. after all. her criticism now from critics that she is opaque and not transparent on the e-mails. >> that is a loaded question. she was secret about it. you are right about that. and that was a problem. she did not let congress in the loop. we can do a tour of everything that mark wants to talk about or we can simply say this is somebody, and so we are chlor. i am not a spokesman for hillary clinton. but this is someone who is true it. donald trump, i think we probably all agree. you might like him, but caution is not one of the things that we have seen very often. and by the way, i would say to mark, you need to look at nowest polls. she did not have a bad week.
10:42 am
>> we'll love had ha for another day. we are out of time. >> maker of the life saving drug epi pen under fire for price gouging. what is behind the huge price increase. >> jacking up the price on life- saving medicine is inconsistent with with a stated mission of providing life saving equipments to lots of people. for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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>> well, the manufacture of epi of- pen responding to the outrage after the life saving drug price has sky rocketed. they will give some patientses a discount if they payout of pocket. but the ceo said the problem
10:46 am
loys with the american health care system. >> couldn't insure that everyone who needs the epi pen gets one. the saving's card is equivalent to cash. we are cutting the price in half and letting you take control of that. and letting the patient take control. in the brand pharmaceutical, this is not an epi pen tis a health care issue. the iowa ronnie, that the system incent vises higher prices. >> what is interesting in that interview she was asked repeatedly. why would you hike it up 600 percent if it costs four bucks to make and she blamed congress. she blamed health care systems and didn't explain or justify a 600 percent increase.
10:47 am
is that price gouging. >> yes, and no. i will not be upset to what mylanhas done. she made interesting points about the health care system. >> really, like one? >> hiker deductible health insurance plans are on the rise. >> what does that have to do with her company and price gouging? >> competition would force them to bring the prices down. other companies have devoted significant. >> why don't they bring it down because it is the right thing to do. 47 million people rely on at this time drug. especially children. and isn't it unconskionable. >> as long as we have for profit health care system. it doesn't work.
10:48 am
sanity had to recall the product because they dispense the incorrect dosage. i don't think americans want treatment for an emergency. >> you know what really stinks about this. the increase of hundred bucks to 600. and that is again, life saving, people depend on it, her sal row goes up in one year 2.4 million to $19 million. so that stifrpgs and it stinks that she lied that she had an mba. and how did she get her job? her dad who happens to be a u.s. senator. >> that is a fair point. but what do we solve in terms of the drug price by throwing mylanunder the bus. >> how about throwing her. she could with a wave of the wand reduce the price.
10:49 am
>> investors would fire her. >> no, stock price would go down with all of the fallout especially if congress investigates and the department of justice for violations. >> they are serious problem and we'll see what comes of those and i don't think we are aware of a formal investigation just yet. >> mylan, the white house said it is hard to deflect the blame on increase. hillary clinton said it is it wrong and outrageous. congress vows an investigation. >> fair enough. another company wanted to buy mylan. did they do that for setting a fair price for epi- pen. they are willing to pay more for are it. >> the spokeswoman for the company president, on wednesday night quit, she was so outraged
10:50 am
and livid over what heather brush has done. she is not honest and not telling the truth. and so isn't she increasingly replaced martin scoeli for greed? >> sure, but the price of the drug is where he mike hued it to. no on price is right where it was. you know what, the price hasn't moved. so politicians can trot these companies out or they can try and propose solutions. there are hard questions that need to be asked about the american system, no doubt about that. but i just don't see how throwing mylan under the bus -- and maybe -- i'm not saying they don't deserve it. but you know what, it won't solve anything. >> okay. good point. charlie grant, thanks for being with us. jenna? >> very interesting.
10:51 am
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hello, everyone, i'm shannon bream. perjury, lying to congress, and those pesky problems. are the clinton campaign's political problems actually legal ones? and the surgeon general sending every doctor in america about a massive health crisis that's just beginning. one major university is warming incoming freshmen they will be exposed to ideas and words that might make them uncomfortable, who they may not
10:55 am
like. oh, no! did they miss the dean's warning on triggers? coming up. computer trouble causing problems at airports across the country this summer. thousands of passengers inque s inconvenien inconvenienced. now rob schmitt is live at la guardia airport in new york with the latest. >> reporter: jenna, this letter was sent to 13 airlines from senator edward markey and richard blumenthal, both democrats. they want to see plans in place to avoid these computer system blund that's aers that are para airlines. there are calls for airlines to take better care of customers when the cancellation is clearly the airline's fault. senator markey wants the airline to pay to put you on a competitor's flight, imagine that. a few weeks ago delta's computer system crashed, a disaster for
10:56 am
the airline. nearly a thousand cancellations, a total nightmare. southwest had a similar situation in july. senator markey wants airlines to use some of the extra billions of dollars raked in in recent years from cheaper jet fuel to update aging computer systems, which as we saw this summer can be quite vulnerable. >> airlines should use their record profits to invest in new technology and implement transparent and fair policies that protect and compensate the customer. >> reporter: we could see legislation that makes some of what markey proposes a reality. airlines are way too dependent on antiquated computer systems. but a trade group for the airlines says they're already spending $1.5 billion a month to
10:57 am
make the system better. >> thank you, rob, and welcome to the family, nice to have you as part of fox news. rob schmitt, live at la guardia. we'll be right back with more "happening now." specially blended for your optimal nut-rition. that's right, i just changed a word in the english dictionary, forever. planters. nutrition starts with nut. i just want to find a used car start at the new show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas.
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great to have you this week, gregg. >> it's been terrific being here. >> have a greet weekend, everybody. "aehq" starts now. hillary clinton taking a break from the campaign trail after a scathing speech attacking donald trump on the issue of race and telling voters not to be fooled by his sudden outreach to minorities. hello, everyone, i'm shannon bream. clinton accuses trump of taking racist fringe groups mainstream. the republican nominee hitting back, saying the accusations are a sign of a discredited


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