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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  August 28, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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we crammed a lot in today which is why i'm out of breath. we're back here next sunday 11:00 and 5:00 eastern. join us then for the latest buzz. deportation, coming together today as donald trump polishes policy plans. hello, welcome to america's head quarters. >> i'm patty ann brown. trump is doubling down vowing to hold the line against illegal immigration as he meanwhile appeals for support from minority voters. >> my goal is to provide good jobs and even great jobs, good schools and safety to every hispanic community, african american community in the country. but really, what is it? it's to every community.
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every single community. we can't do that if we don't secure our border. we can't do it. >> several trump surrogates are being asked about i'm gammigrat policy. are we getting clarity, christian? >> they are consistent in saying that trump has been consistent despite all the seemingly conflicting statements trump made about immigration policy over the course of the last week. you know, the biggest question mark has been what will trump do about his pledge to create a deportation force? is how his campaign manager kelly ann conn way handled that question on fox news sunday. >> he sat in the campaign and he said it on the debate stage, i was there as a moderator. i'll set up a deportation force and all 11 million people who have come into this country illegally have to go. do they or don't they? >> and what he said now is he
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will look at that but he wants to look the softening is more approached than policy. >> new today trump's running made said he expects trump to fully explain his immigration policy sometime soon. the exact words were sometime over the next two weeks. >> what about the latest controversy over trump's latest tweet? >> yeah, you know, right after nba star dwayne wade's cousin was murder in chicago on friday, trump posted this on twitter, quote, dwayne wade's cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in chicago just what i have been saying african americans will vote trump. end quote. his critics accused him of poll lit sizing a tragedy but today the campaign manager defended him by saying this. >> i was pleased that his next tweet expressed his condolences to the wade family about the death of his cousin, but that horrifying example of a woman who had just signed up her
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children for school pushing a ba baby stroller is a non-partisan issue that should sicken us all. >> tomorrow trump's off to a fundraiser in california then a rally tuesday in seattle, but patty ann, the big event is when trump will give this big policy speech and really define what his immigration policy will be. patty ann? >> christian fisher in washington, thanks. >> thanks. >> meanwhile, patty ann on the democratic side there is growing controversy this sunday over hillary clinton with those allegations. of a long-time pay for play scheme between those big donors that showed big bucks in donations, the clinton foundation and mrs. clinton's tenure secretary of state. they denied but also now this morning learning details about some direct connections between the foundation and top state department officials. brian is in the new york room with details. are there new e-mails fueling
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the charges of conflict of interest? >> there are. newly obtained e-mails by a conservative group that filed freedom of information about lawsuit show what they claim is new evidence proving that hillary clinton's state department gave special treatment to clinton foundation donors. the e-mails first published by abc news show top clinton foundation official doug band requesting invitations for guests to this state department lunch with chinese president in january 2011. the guests were three executives from organizations that donated millions to the clinton foundation. all three executives have not said that they have attended that lunch and earlier today, the democratic national committee chair downplayed the so-called pay for play allegations. >> this notion that somehow or another someone who is a supporter, someone who is an activist saying i want access, i want to come into the room and
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meet people. we often criminalize behavior that is normal. i don't see what the smoke is. >> the clinton campaign has long denied as you said, eric, the foundation donors received favors or special treatment from the state department. >> brian, we'll have a lot more on this throughout the rest of the newscast but meanwhile, it turns out that mrs. clinton's running made senator tim kaine is pushing back at some of mr. trump's out reach to african americans. >> that's right. yesterday at a campaign vent in miami, clinton's running made said he thinks trump's history with the african american community shows out reach now is not real. >> i don't see it as that serious. because if you have been out pushing, promoting the notion that president obama wasn't born in this country, then you couldn't say okay, well now i want to do out reach. i just don't see it as that serious. >> he said trump should do a better job of denouncing racist
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followe followers. turkish backed syrian rebels seizing a number of villages and towns from kurdish-led forces coming amid turkish air strikes that killed 35 people, mostly civilians. this fighting pits our nato ally turkey against a u.s. backed proxy group that has been battling isis in syria. meanwhile, iran continues to be even more defiant thumbing the nose as it increases confrontations between their e navy and ours. the u.s. warship did fire warning shots at an iranian speedboat they say came within 200 yards of our warship. the firing of warning shots rare but the latest of four close calls between the u.s. and iranian navy vessels in just the past week.
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that of course, racing increased worries about iran's intentions. here is press secretary josh earnest on the threat. >> the behavior and the actions that we've seen by these iranian vessels, a source of concern. because their actions were unsafe and unprofessional and because in territory that's as compressed oz international waters compressed as this, the likelihood of miscalculations is increased. >> ambassador john joins us. the former u.s. ambassador and senior fellow at the american enterprise institute and fox news contributor. unprofessional and unsafe, how about threatening, belligerent, illegal. what are the iranians' goals? >> this shows the start with the white house press spokesperson. what a separate universe they are living in. like they are talking about a boating incident on the chesapeake bay. the fact is these were intended
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to be intimidating. they were practice runs for these iranian vessels. and our forces have as a general rule the proposition that if they discern hostile intent from an adversary like iran, they can defend themselves. we showed restraint and warning shots fired the other day, the one step above the earlier sending of warnings. make no mistake. this represents iran flaunting its position in the persian gulf and demonstrating the nuclear deal over a year old has not fund mentally changed the conduct. the propaganda for the boats. it's the kind of thing that's intended to say to the arab states along the persian gulf, the americans are afraid to defend them shelves. why do you think in your dreams they would ever defend you?
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>> they have been doing this for years like fibber glass like boston. if they were ours. and they are hard to defect. you can't see them on radar. dozens and dozens like gnats or mosquitos. what happens if we blow them out of the water? >> we have to do it as a time and choice of our choiosing. we have rules of engagement. i just think the iranians are testing us and want to see how far they can push us doing it is very, very challenging because so much of the world's oil supply flows through there. we've known for years of iranian threats to mine the straight or to prevent access. and again, this is a demonstration iran thinks that it's on the move. they think we're in tremendous tre
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-- retreat. they will dominate what they call the persian gulf. saudis call it the arabian golf. this is no accident. and i think the passive week withdrawing america, which is what this looks like gives the iranians more cause to provoke. they provoke until they get push back. >> they are taking advantage. here is what an iranian admiral said about this quoted as saying the u.s. doesn't enjoy the power to confront iran military. no one dares to give a dirty look launching a war. here is what he said a few months about this. whenever they look at the persian gola -- gulf they see u. the persian gulf and much of the coast belongs to the powerful nation and we have to be present and show off our power. do these sound like the words of a partner in the iranian nuclear deal to you? >> yeah, i'm just so glad we unfroze $150 billion of the
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assets and gave them a free road to nuclear weapons and paid money for hostages so we can listen to some punk admiral like this. it sounds like he went to the kim jong un school of propaganda. i say again, we can't let this provoke us unnecessarily. we've got to be the ones who determine there is going to be military action other than our sailors lives being endangered. we want to do it at a point where we can make the maximum impression on the iranians. >> ambassador, punk admiral. haven't heard that before. am basketball tore john bolten, you may hear from the iranians ochoen that one. >> my friends, thanks. eric, pope francis is vowing to visit some of the villages in central italy devastated by wednesday's deadly earthquake. he says he wants to bring the comfort of faith to survivors. meanwhile, with at least 290 confirmed dead, hope of finding more survivors is fading with each passing day. government officials are now
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turning their attention to the immediate future preparing temporary shelter before cold weather sets in. back here at home, that storm churning in the atlantic ocean is now officially a hurricane yet again. it's named hurricane gaston. it weakened and became a tropical storm and reformed and is now southeast of bermuda pushing to the northwest. meanwhile, a separate storm system threatening to dump heavy rains on parts of florida. janice dean is live with the latest on gaston. hi, janice. >> we have a lot to cover. hurricane gaston is here not going to affect land. we also are dealing with a new tropical depression that gives an indication we weren't really looking at this yesterday but had a flair up of conviction and talking about a tropical depression and storm as it skirts the coast or comes close to the coast of north carolina.
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again, we got a lot to talk at. we're looking at the area of low pressure here. let's look at gaston. category two hurricane as it continues to move north and eastward affecting later on this week. and then we have our tropical depression that we were talking about. that is going to maybe come close to the carolina coastline and here is our invest 99 l. this has potential to develop late next week in the gulf of mexico. waters are warm here. the conditions have not been favorable for development across the bahamas but when it gets into the florida straights we have potential for development. you can see the tropical models. not sure what is going to happen. this is one of the most reliable forecast models and you can see into wednesday and thursday getting very close to the florida ban handle here as we think a hurricane but we're several days out the main key is
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this and all interest along the gulf of mexico need to be prepared. but not only along the gulf of mexico eric, but of course along the coaeast coast, as well. a lot to talk about. we'll be following it in the fox news center. >> thank you. >> eric, san francisco colin kaepernick is sticking by the sideline move that brought him backlash. his decision to sit during the national anthem at a preseason game friday night. kaepernick says he wanted to take a stand for civil rights and draw attention to racial issues in america. will car is live in the west coast burro with more. hi, will. >> hi, there, patty. reaction quickly. some fans burning kaepernick jerseys after he refused to stand during the game on friday night. a preseason game against the green bay packers, he says this is bigger than football and he's willing to accept the
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consequences. there is also been reaction on twitter. new york giants offensive lineman justin pugh tweeting i will be standing during the national anthem. thank you to all. gender race, religion, that put your lives on the line for that flag. dallas mavericks owner mark cuban tweeting i may not understand his perspective or agree with him but colin kaepernick taught us we can disagree in this country peacefully and dr. ben carson weighing in this morning on fox and friends. >> to disrespect our national anthem and our flag after so many people have sacrificed so that he could have the freedoms that he has today, so that he could make, you know, a very, very good living in this quote racist unquote land. >> other nfl players in recent years have exercised their first amendment rights and avoided discipline. in 2014 you may remember five rams walked out onto the field with their hands up. part of the hands up don't shoot
9:16 am
gestures we saw in ferguson. none were fined or punished but at the same time, the league has a very strict uniform policy. the nfl denying the cowboys a couple months ago the ability to wear the decal to honor five police officers who were shot and killed, which obviously made a lot of news recently. the most similar comparison was in 1996 an nba player was suspended for refusing to stand up. they came to an agreement and while at this point it doesn't appear kaepernick will face discipline from the nfl so far that's what they say. they said it's not a requirement to stand. experts we spoke with said you may likely see the nfl to change the requirements for players to stand during the anthem. patty ann? >> we'll see. will car live in l.a.
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the sky, imagine flying along and look out the window and the engine of your southwest 737 rips off in mid flight. look at that. coming up we'll hear from passengers that said they feared they were under attack. >> as donald trump tries to clarify his position on immigration, we ask which would bring more votes? courting the party hard liners or moderate conservatives? we'll look at team trump strategy coming up. >> we need to have a fair and humane way of addressing the fact that 11 million or we don't know the number, 11 million or so is investigated illegal immigrants live among us. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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donald trump and advisers are searching for common ground on some hot button issues. the republican nominee getting pulled in various directions to soften the approach and alienate the base. a washington post editorial reads quote, the conversations in recent days have featured voices from a range of republican views all jockeying to tilt the politics in their
9:22 am
direction. making direct access valuable. thank you for being with us. >> thanks very having me. >> on immigration, trump during the primary took a hard line on illegals. this week he said he's open to softening the position especially for illegals with jobs and families and not committed crimes since the arrival. he got applause for many but then anger from others and then he backtracked on the softening and at this point everyone is kind of confused about where he stands. jamie, all candidates try to appeal to the base and pivot to the middle in the general. does he run the risk of alienating his core supporters in the process? >> well, i think at this point, i'm not sure albert einstein. he's gone back and forth. what is interesting is i think
9:23 am
if you look at the primaries and you look at the exit polls from the primary states, even among republican primary voters, a majority in most states said they supported some pathway to legalization for illegal immigrants. even within the republican party, there is only a narrow sliver of people who support something like 11 million. ann coulter who is one of those people went wild on twitter on donald trump. the core base, his most fierce supporters obviously want that position to be as hard as possible. i think he has a chance to win many more voters by softening that position than he does by sticking with it. >> he might not lose that many of the base after all. you mentioned ann coulter like you said. she's very troubled by trump's softening on undocumented and yet, at the end of the week she
9:24 am
said i'm still going to vote for him. she says i'll criticize him but i still worship him with blind loyalty. so if that's the case, is it really that big a risk for trump to move toward the middle? he's not going to move the ann coulters and might gain a lot of moderates, as you say. >> well, i think she compared her loyalty to donald trump like that of a north korean loyalty to kim jong un. so, you know, it's almost like donald trump's theory of the fifth avenue theory where he said he could not primary go on a shooting pre and supporters wouldn't leave him. that's probably right. there would be only a very few people that might deviate from him or leave him or stay home. certainly not going to vote for hillary clinton or any of the other candidates. so i don't think he has that much to lose by deviating from that very hard line position of deporting 11 million illegal immigrants. it's hard to imagine he would push it. it's not donald trump through
9:25 am
the years. until very late in his life. >> fposition calling evolving ad if you dislike a candidate, it's a flip-flop. what do you say? is it a good thing that trump is listening to many different opinions and openly deliberating and maybe changing his mind on things? >> i think on this one, it was predicted. i predicted he would change his position on this. so did ted cruz and others. it wasn't and i think he actively deceived a segment and this hard lined on immigration. despite all evidence that instinki instinctually he wasn't there. he intended to evolve. he's getting push back within the inner circle of his campaign from people like jeff sessions
9:26 am
and steve bannon, the new ceo who are hard lined on immigration. he was on soft position and getting to where he always was after moving in the primary to get a certain aspect of the republican party on his side. >> interesting. thank you. eric? >> thank you. patty ann, new revelations about the note from donald trump's doctor. while he wrote that note and apparently in about five minutes about his patient's physical fitness. after mr. trump repeatedly hit mrs. clinton about her state of health. we'll take a look at that coming up. >> is the clinton campaign concerned about a new bach of e-mails recovered by the fbi? we're learning more about direct connections between the state department and clinton foundation. the right things working together can give you an advantage. like trubiotics with immune support advantage.
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hillary clinton has been very clear, flatly rejecting the possibility that more e-mails could surface between the clinton foundation and state department officials that could potentially damage her campaign. but julian assange, the co-founder of wikileaks, he was here on fox news this past week. and he warned new documents he says are on the way. new e-mails that he claims are a game changing. >> working around the clock, we've seen a lot of material. >> will we see it before the november 8th election? >> absolutely. i have the right to understand the election. >> hillary clinton surrogate. david, it's been drip, drip, drip. are you worried what could come
9:32 am
next? >> i'm not. i think the reason is because past is prologue here. we seen releases of e-mails in the past. we've seen stories from the associated press making great claims of connections that turned out to be having any substance. we'll see more of a e-mails being released for sure and i think we'll hear a lot of acquisitions for sure. the real question is whether this will impact the outcome of the election -- >> let me interrupt you. some would say they impacted this as mrs. clinton character and what she claimed and captain claimed and foundation claimed that isn't true. they said there was a total separation between the foundation and state department and these e-mails are exposing that as a lie, basically. there were e-mails between -- >> how? how is that -- >> between officials at the state department and also officials of the foundation and critics say there is a quid
9:33 am
proquo. abc says there were e-mails about getting executives seats at a lunch for the chinese president. that wasn't supposed to happen we were told. >> i know huma and doug. doug and i work together in the clinton white house and as i understand the situation you just described, they were discussing who would attend a lunch. that's typical. if you have communication between any significant organization and a scheduler at an agency suggesting people to attend, you can't spit in washington and not hit somebody whose been involved if that kind of scheduling. okay? let me draw a little contrast for you here because in both campaigns, you have had narratives of undue influence but my opponent of foreign countries. you know, in our case we pointed out paul manafort then chairman of the trump campaign was doing
9:34 am
business with russian allies. >> he's a -- >> he's gone precisely. there we clearly landed a punch. there was definitely something there that led donald trump to say you got to go. by contrast, every time we dig underneath the latest hillary clinton e-mail traunch, it seems like there is not that much there. therefore i'm left to believe that when you ask is there going to be a result or an impact from any further e-mails being dropped, again, past is prologue here. i don't think -- >> the past isn't prolaw. "the new york times" says the foundation lobbied to change an hiv program. that should have happened. fernando gave $100,000, commodities gets put on a nuclear committee about the nuclear security, what does he know about that? wall street journal businessman gave $8 million, has a dinner in washington at mrs. clinton's house while secretary of state and the iranian deal and on and on and on and it's beginning to
9:35 am
look and you say it's all innocent. the foundation says it's all innocent. the state department says well, we can't comment on some of this stuff. can you understand what people would think wait a minute? does average joe get to go and meet mrs. clinton but pony up $100,000 to get on the ticket? >> so what you're alleging there is that in order to get the meeting you had to give the money. that's what everybody keeps saying and there is no proof and subst substanuation. if i'm in a hole, i should stop digging and yet, the trump campaign and republican party seems intent on hammering away as if it's going to change the fact they are losing. >> are they wrong? >> the trump campaign -- >> wait a minute, let me stop here. it doesn't matter if they are losing. are they wrong? >> of course, they are wrong. that's why they are losing. that's why it doesn't work, guys. if it ain't working, try something else. i would love to debate my opponents on the trump campaign on something that matters. they think talking about e-mails
9:36 am
is going to score points. it doesn't change the fact that even the university of virginia, which is a very well respected sort of predictor in analyzer of campaigns, they are predicting right now an overwhelming electoral college victory for hillary clinton. >> that's fine. that's fine. forecast that but -- >> strategy doesn't matter. do you think -- >> okay. >> -- finally, quickly, do you think mrs. clinton and the foundation did anything wrong? >> no, i do not and that's why i support her for president. >> all right. david, good friend, thank you. good to see you on this sunday. thank you for coming in. julianassange, this is going to keep going. as the presidential race heats up. the topic of health is grabbing headlines. supporters criticized hillary clinton saying she doesn't have the physical or mental capacity to serve as president but this as we're learning there are new
9:37 am
questions about trump's own clean bill of health. garrett is live from the d.c. burro with more on this. hi, garrett? >> hey, patty ann. the health of both candidates is a notable issue because of their age. if donald trump is elected, he would become the oldest president ever elected and if clinton wins, she would be the second oldest in history. despite that, neither candidate has been as forthcoming with the medical histories as previous nominees. donald trump has made it a point to go after hillary clinton's health throughout the campaign. openly questioning her mental and physical stamina. clinton's campaign has repeatedly responded with statements similar to this one saying in part, hillary clinton has released a detailed medical record showing her to be in excellent health and personal tax returns since 1977 while trump failed to provide the public with the basic information in the last 40 years, it's time to stop using shameful distractions to hide
9:38 am
his own record. trump's attacks on clinton's health raised questions about his own disclosures, though. particularly the four-paragraph letter his personal doctor released in september that had few details but logged trump's physical strength and stamina and declared he would be the healthiest individual ever elected president. on friday, dr. harold bornstien said he threw that together in five minutes while a limo was waiting to pick it up. >> i thought about it all day and at the end, i get rushed and i get anxious when i get rushed, so i try to get four or five lines down as fast as possible that would be accurate. in a rush, i think some of those words didn't come out exactly the way they were meant. >> in now former candidate and current trumped ed advisor dr. carson are calling on the candidates to release a more detailed medical history. don't count on it.
9:39 am
the trump campaign said they would be happy to do so as soon as the clinton campaign does. the clinton campaign says they have no plans to do that. >> thanks. we've heard so far, kick them out, legalize them, make them leave and come back and pay back taxes. we've had mixed signals on immigration. we expect him to layout the final plan during a big speech on immigration in arizona in this coming week. what will he say? we'll take a look coming up. an emergency landing by a southwest airlines flight. the problem with the plane's engine that forced the pilot to land coming up. . >> it was a loud, like, explosion and then i had my 5-year-old sitting next to me. and so i looked out the window. there was all the smoke and then i kind of held him real close to me and looked back and it was gone and i saw metal flapping.
9:40 am
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time for a quick check of the headlines. southwest airlines 737 flying from new orleans to orlando had to make an emergency landing yesterday morning because the engine caling of the left engine ripped off in midair. take a look at that. those pictures from the plane were posted online and show the engine fan directly exposed without that typical protection. but a southwest spokesperson said there was no explosion, that no one on board at all was hurt and as you can see, the plane did eventual tly land safely. donald trump sending mixed signals. and including the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the u.s. and it sounds like he's getting back to the original message like yesterday in iowa. >> on day one, i'm going to begin swiftly removing criminal illegal immigrants from this
9:45 am
country. [ applause ] >> including removing the hundreds and thousands of criminal illegal immigrants that have been released into the united states and united states communities under the incomp ta -- incompetent administration. >> let's talk a a.j. delgado and attorney and trump campaign s surrogate, thanks very joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> a force to kick out illegals and not anymore on tuesday he said and the focus and crimes during the time here. your reaction. >> he's absolutely right. that's been consistent with what he said the past year. mr. trump has also been the deportation of the thousands of
9:46 am
criminal illegal aliens. the plan is the same. it's number one build that wall and enforce the border. number two deport the criminal illegal aliens and number three, make sure people here illegally leave and come back the right way. there really isn't a change whatsoever and the american public is very pleased with the plan and with the consistency of it. >> let's talk about some of the details of his policy. those who over stay their visas will be quickly removed through an exit entry tracking system. he says he'll strengthen e verify and illegals will have to pay back taxes and the wall will be built. you believe that this policy is consistent and that it's going to work for him in this election? >> it absolutely will. especially when you contrast it with hillary clinton's policy. i'm surprised by the scrutiny that her immigration plan or lack thereof is receiving this
9:47 am
is someone that's admitted her policy toward illegal immigrants will be more lenient than obama. the only folks she will focus on deporting are those with violent records or are terrorists, what does that mean? there are tens of thousands of criminal illegal aliens that would not qualify as having a violent crime record but committed fraud. that's alarming. i think the real story here is to focus on the lack of a plan she has and a few details just how bad they are for american safety. >> so despite the common misconception, you say polls show that documented hispanic americans are more opposed to illegal immigration than kau cauti caucasian americans, why is that? >> there is proof. if you check a recent story, perfect example. esquire magazine headed to the border to speak to hispanics and anglos that live on the boarder and found those most admittedly
9:48 am
opposed and most in favor of the wall were the latino americans. it's simple. latino americans aredispor por disproporti disproportionly impacted by illegal immigrants. illegal immigrants tend to move to communities where there is a heavy hispanic focus for obvious reasons. we suffer that detriment far more even in anglo population does. all latino americans want is a fair shot at jobs and a strong economy and that's what mr. trump is offering. >> you wrote recently that you're constantly asked how can you as a proud latina support trump? you say that question is loaded with all kinds of errors. >> it's insulting. it's insulting to say to someone your number one issue being a patriotic law-abiding latino american is making sure no one you met can cross and stay here and violate the laws. that's not what we support.
9:49 am
we support is safety, national security, education, and number one, jobs and the economy and mr. trump's position on trade deals, on bringing back the manufacturing jobs we lost and preventing outsourcing of jobs. that is heaven to our ears. we're very much in favor of him and polls are showing that. he's doing quite well with hispanics. last poll was 36% with latino american voters. >> a.j. delgado. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> eric? patty ann, mixing faith and politics. tim kaine is using catholic roots to draw up support for the ticket. an old fashion call for help. a desperate sos carved in the sand. we'll tell you what happened. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm dominique wilkins. when you have type 2 diabetes, like me, there's a moment of truth.
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it's time to take a closer look. democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine has been highlighting his catholic faith on the campaign trail. making a special pitch to try and secure the catholic vote for the democratic ticket. fox news chief religion correspondent lauren green takes a look. >> the catholic has been a
9:54 am
barometer of the outcome of the past four presidential election that it's said so goes the catholic vote so goes the nation. democratic v.p. tim kaine is being widely viewed as the lynch pin to secure the catholic vote for the hillary clinton presidency. on the campaign trail he often touts his catholic roots. >> i went to a jesuit boy's high school. we had a motto in my school, men for others. and it was there that my faith became something vital. my north star for orienting my life -- >> reporter: but conservative catholics are pushing back against his credentials saying he's just catholic window dressing, his support of the democrats' most pro-abortion platform and wavering support of the hide amendment. hillary clinton wants to abolish it. conservative catholic pundit writes, mr. kaine will further tear the fabric of catholic social doctrine of irresponsibility and double
9:55 am
speak previously mastered by the late senator ted kennedy, rep nancy pelosi and outgoing veep joe biden. >> i find the nomination of tim kaine to be problematic if you are not in your public life willing to do what the catholic church says you need to do, which is not only to believe something about these babies but to actually protect them, well then don't invoke your ka th catholici catholici catholicism. >> i think tim kaine is a big asset for helping hillary win the catholic vote this fall. he understands the catholic ethos, worships every sunday, these mindsets, ideals will play with catholic voters in the fall. >> catholics make up about 20% of registered voters with equal numbers of conservatives and liberals. among them there's a small moderate group that can go either republican or democrat, making catholics an important swing vote. in new york, lauren green, fox news. new revelations in the clinton e-mail saga. the scandal continuing to dog hillary clinton.
9:56 am
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a couple stranded in the western pacific asked for help the old fashioned way. the man and woman were stranded for a week with few supplies and little hope of rescue. but they did not give up. they wrote an sos in the sand. a u.s. navy plane spotted their message from above and sent a patrol boat to pick them up.
10:00 am
>> that's fantastic. why didn't gilligan's island try that? >> they never got rescued. they came so close. >> speaking of rescue, we have "america's news headquarters next". new e-mails from hillary clinton's time as secretary of state showing donors with connections to the foundation. the head of the conservative watchdog group that blew this story wide open joins us with the latest bombshell. plus, donald trump appearing to pivot yet again on his plan to deal with illegal immigration while dealing with criticism over a controversial tweet he made this weekend saying that critics say he politicized the shooting death of an nba star's cousin. and anger grows against an nfl quarterback who refused to stand for the national


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