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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  August 29, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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we crammed a lot in today which is why i'm out of breath. we're back here next sunday 11:00 and 5:00 eastern. join us then for the latest buzz. we're on breaking news with the storm system gaining strength in the caribbean and the concern for florida. it's been churning out there and on the move more than a week. a short time ago, forecasters upgraded it to a tropical depression. it's the time of the year, as you know we watch these things and sometimes they climb up the scale of intensity. that's what we are told to prepare for. they are expecting it to happen as they are calling tropical depression number nine. if it becomes a tropical storm as early as tomorrow it could grow a name. fp the current track holds true, it could be on florida's doorstep by thursday. millions of people in florida getting ready in case.
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senior meteorologist is live in the fox weather center. >> we are watching a lot of tropical storms out there, not just in the atlantic but in the pacific we have a hurricane, as well as a tropical storm that could affect hawaii in the next couple of days. not just the atlantic but all eyes are on a couple of systems that could affect the u.s. coastline in the next couple of days. hurricane gaston. concerned that that. it could come close to this bank and tropical depression nine coming in to the gulf of mexico over the next 12 to 24 hours. category three. major hurricane. not going to affect land. tropical depression number eigh next 12 to 24 hour and come close to the 0u9er banks, possibly making landfall as a tropical storm on tuesday. a minimal one at that and then making a sharp east turn. tropical depression number nine, this one we have to watch carefully as it is expected to
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move to the gulf of mexico overnight tonight and then have a lot of time to strengthen. i want to mention a couple of reliable forecast models sew this intensifying in to a hurricane, and past say two to three days we don't have a handle on the exact track, the exact intensity and landfall. all interests along the gulf coast need to be monitoring this. we will have a better handle on this once it makes its way in to the gulf of mexico. i want to make mention, though, the gulf of mexico is notorious for tropical breeding ground with the temperatures well in to the 80s here and we will have time to see this potentially strengthen. again, the exact track not known yet. how long it will be in the gulf of mexico over warm waters still not known yet. an the exact landfall still not known yet. we need to make sure that people are aware of this, not only across the gulf but across the atlantic as we think it has
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potential to cross over florida and cross the other side. forecast rainfall, that i can tell you, we will see inches of rain across the florida keys the next 24 hours, as well as south florida, cuba, the bahamas along the gulf coast. you need to be making your preparations. looking a the fraths wind gusts and i want to mention, harris, this storm moves west ward, stalls out a little bit and then has to make a sharp northeasterly turn. that's still yet to be determined. so again along the gulf coast from texas to florida, you need to be prepared for something. this is the gfs tropical model. the european model yesterday around this time, harris, was predicting a strong hurricane across the panhandle of florida. right now gfs is predicting a tropical storm making landfall sometime on thursday and then crossing over to the atlantic. some of the forecast models are
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making it recurve to the east coast in to labor day. so a lot to talk about. be prepared, be prepare, be prepared. the thing i'm concerned with is complacency. we haven't had a major hurricane in the u.s. in a decade. >> a lot of people don't realize competitive temperatures this late in the summer. not as late as the gulf but once it reaches the east coast it will have some fuel to deal. janice, with will come back to you as the news warrants. now to politics. the donald trump campaign trying to nail down the republican nominee's message as critics point out his inconsistencies are present on immigration. today his team hit the sunday shows and worked to clarify his message. campaign manager kelly anne conway reporting that trump will be ready when it is time to hit the debate stage. >> he is an unconventional candidate and will not prepare.
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i think they are nervous in clinton camp. the unpredictable x factor. >> we have fox coverage. garrett is pushing the health record and brian is on the clinton pay for play allegations to do with the clinton foundation. begin with kristin fisher. live in washington, d.c. with more on the trump campaign. they were asked about his immigration policy today. did we get clarity. >> some clarity but not on the question that everyone wants an answer to and that is does donald trump still support the use of a deportation force? earlier this week trump said he was open to softening his stance. yesterday he seemed to harden up a bit by promising to deport criminal illegal immigrants within one hour of swearing in. today, trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway explained that softening is more approach than policy. she said he wants to find a way to deal with the 11 million
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illegal immigrants living in the united states but wouldn't say if that includes the use of a deportation force. >> what you seem to be saying is you are leaving the door open that president trump would consider the possibility of giving people who have not committed more crimes to living in this country legally. >> what he has said is no legalization and no amnesty. >> trump has already postponed two speeches where he was planning on digging in to the details of his immigration policy. now we're told it will happen sometime over the next two weeks. >> i want to ask you about something. the other issue that every trump surrogate was asked about today is trump's response to the murder of nba star dwayne wade's cousin in chicago. how are they talking about it? >> well, in case you missed the tweet that caused the controversy, right after dwayne wade's cousin was murdered, trump posted on twitter "dwayne wade's cousin was just shot and
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killed walking her baby in chicago. just what i have been saying. african-americans will vote trump." . trumps critics are accusing him of politicizing a tragedy but his running mate mike pence is defending him by saying this -- >> donald trump is laying out in that tweet, in short form and there's what, 140 characters that we have a choice to make as a country. we can continue with the leadership that has left us with dangerous streets in our cities, failing schools, no jobs, or we can go with someone who's committed to educational choice for minority families. >> reporter: up next for trump, tomorrow he is off to a fund-raiser in california and then washington state. and on wednesday in arizona. he will speak about party unity, not immigration. even though he will be very close to our southern border here. >> thank you very much. to continue on with that story, there were arrests in that murder and we will have more on that later this hour. we're going to go on with our
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fox team coverage in politics with the democrats. hillary clinton fighting allegations that her family's foundation and her government work were connected in some problematic ways. brian is in the this newsroom and part of the problem, i understand, is she said she handed over all of the e-mails she had, outside of the ones she deleted, thousands of those and this hour the evidence would show other wieds. >> newly obtained e-mails by citizens united a conservative group show what they claim is more evidence proving hillary clinton's state department gave special access and favors to clinton foundation donors while she was the secretary of state. the e-mails first published by abc news show communications between top clinton aide huma abedin and top clinton foundation official doug ban in which the foundation requests invitations to a state department lunch with chinese president in 2011. those guests donated millions of
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the clinton foundation. there was a special request to have one of the executives sit at vice president joe biden's table. all three executives have not said whether they attended this lunch. the state department last week said there was nothing illegal about state department officials having contact with clinton foundation staff. in a statement to fox news, a clinton campaign spokesman said, state also made clear that department officials are in touch with a wide range of outside individuals, organizations, nonprofits, ng o's, think tanks as part of normal business. citizens united is a right wing group attacking the clintons since the '90s and is once again trying to make something out of nothing. this after an associated press investigation found that half of the people outside of the government, who clinton met with during her secretary had given money to the clinton foundation. >> problematic indeechltd i know
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my southern relatives say you hit a nerve when you get people to respond. so apparently hillary clinton's running mate was responding to the outreach in the black community. >> senator cane said he does not think that donald trump's recent outreach is serious. he clarified comments he made on friday where he said to an almost entirely black audience that trump is pushing ku klux klan values. >> i didn't say that yesterday. what i said is he has guys connected with the ku klux klan, they are out there claiming him and his record -- sometimes he doesn't diffuse that and wants to take advantage of that. i find that troubling. >> mrs. clinton has no public events until wednesday in cincinnati, ohio. harris? >> thank you. a bus has crashed just outside of new orleans. two people we're told are dead
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and police say the man driving the bus was in the country illegally. a party-type bus slammed in to the back of a fire truck. on board some 40 people on the way to baton rouge to help the victims of the epic flooding there. we're told the driver is an illegal immigrant from honduras. he r0r9edly did not have a license. he did not have a license to operate a commercial vehicle. the two people killed are local fire chiefs and a passenger of another car that was hit by the bus. many more people hurt. right now, new calls for both candidates to release more detailed medical records in what is becoming a hot button issue now. how the campaigns are responding. new developments in the shooting death of dwayne wade's cousin. how the nba superstar is responding to this personal tragedy and why investigators say it is a prime example of the failed criminal justice system. stay close. >> i'm frustrated.
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two men behind bars accused of shooting a woman in the head in broad daylight. she was pushing a stroller near a school at the time. the suspects apparently gunning
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for somebody else and hit her instead. investigators say it is a terrible example, a horrible one of how bad the justice system is, in their opinion. the victim was a 32-year-old mother of four. the cousin of nba star dwayne wade. the suspects are brothers. one of them was on parole for gun charges. the other was a known gang member. the police superintendent calling for action. >> this tragedy isn't just noteworthy because miss aldridge has a famous family member. it's noteworthy because these two offenders are the prime example of the the challenge we face here in chicago. this reprehensible act of violence is an example of why we need to change the way we treat habitual offenders in the city of chicago. when will enough be enough? >> family and friends echos the sentiment as the community shared their support during a
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vigil. dwayne wade called his cousin's death another act of senseless gun violence. saying four children lost their mom for no reason. chicago has struggled with violence for quite sometime. but this july alone there were 65 homicides, the most for that month in a decade. in politics again, donald trump and hillary clinton are pressuring each other to release their medical records a ages 70 and 68 respectively there are concerns about the nominee's physical abilities to serve as president of the united states. trump says clinton hasn't done enough to prove she's healthy. but critics say trump's disclosures including a brief letter from his doctor fall short of releases from past nominees. >> the health of both candidates is a notable issue. if donald trump wins in november he will be the oldest president ever elected. if she wins it she will be the second oldest behind reagan.
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both are not as forthcoming with their medical histories compared to previous candidates but trump goes after candidate clinton on the issue. >> she doesn't have the strength, the stamina or ability to straighten out our country. >> reporter: the clinton campaign responded with multiple statements saying she is in excellent health and trump has failed to provide the public with the most basic financial information disclosed by every major candidate in the past 40 years. trump's attacks on clinton's health are raiding questions about his own disclosures, as well, particularly the four paragraph letter his doctor released that had few details but mem rabably lauded his physical trenth, stamina and declared trump would be the healthiest individual elected president. on friday, a doctor told us he threw the letter together in five minutes while a limo was
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waiting to pick it up. >> i tried to get it done as fast as possible. in a rush i think some of those words didn't come out well. >> dr. ben carson is calling on both candidates to release a more detailed medical history. trump's campaign says they will release them as soon as clinton does. the clinton has no plans to do that anytime soon. the fox news political insiders will break down the headlines. and don't miss my interview with laura. we talk about the nominee's outreach to women and what it is like to be part of the trump family. i'm harris faulkner. you are watching request the fox report." an nfl quarterback's decision to sit out the national anthem. critics are calling kae unpatriotic. others say it is free speech.
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and a dog that does more than play fetch. his extra special -- could help the health industry save billions of dollars an could help to save lives.
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u.s. open in new york city are taking no chances when it comes to protecting the 700,000 tennis fans expected to attend the tournament. crews this year setting up new fencing they say can with stand the impact of a car bomb. the nypd said it is sending more officers to patrol the games than in the past on top of the
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300-person private security team hired by the tournament. a lot of people not happy with nfl quarterback colin kaepernick. he refused to stand and salute the flag during the national anthem at a preseason game. he plays for the san francisco 49ers and he explains the move is a means to protest the treatment of minorities in the u.s. now reaction is pouring in from players and politicians alike about kaepernick's decision with some fans setting number seven's jersey on fire. this didn't just start for him. this is a bit of a tradition now for kaepernick. >> yeah, that's right. this isn't the first game. some fans out there on social media are encouraging him to continue to exercise his first amendment rights. at the same time, there are a number of fans out there who are disappointed, quite upset by this. you have to remember, it wasn't that long ago that kaepernick
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led the 49ers to the super bowl. now some of his biggest fans taking to social media burning his jersey, playing the national anthem in the background. take a look. ♪ [ playing "the st"the star span banner" ♪ >> this jersey is the worst investment i have ever had. >> then reaction on twitter. former quarterback matt hasselbeck saying easy way to make sure you are not the starting quarterback on opening day, #september 11th. mavericks owner mark cuban tweeting he didn't throw a bomb, fire a shot, start a riot, throw a punch, yell at someone, troll anyone. he sat there quietly. i may not understand his perspective or agree with him but colin kaepernick taught us we can disagree in this country peacefully. a lot of opinions. his coaches were asked about
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this and they say they are focused on football. kaepernick spoke to the media and said he will continue to sit during the national anthem until he sees a change in racial oppression across the country. harris? >> thank you. an amazing new development in the fight against super bug. according to the cdc the drug resistant bacteria are responsible for 23,000 deaths a year. that's a serious problem as you may imagine. but a facility in vancouver is calling in a specialist, who's the first of its kind, a springer spaniel named angus. he has been trained and certified to sniff out one of the most common super bugs plaguing hospitals. she said that dogs are the perfect solution because they have a super powered sense of smell that can help. >> if you think of putting a teaspoon of sugar in your coffee, we can smell the sugar has been added to the coffee.
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it changes smell. if you add it to the olympic sized pool he can tell and other detection dogs can tell the sugar has been added to the pool. >> that's a lot of water. angus has a nearly 100% success rate and his brother is also learning how to sniff it out. >> fresh face from the donald trump team trying to drum up support for her father in law. laura trump, the wife of his son eric. hear how she is working to attract female voters when i chat with her next. fox political insiders are here. as we head full steam toward election day and a race that's been ugly as of late and predictable all along. with two full months to go we break down the state of the race. we love when you grab your second screen and tune in while you chime in. i'm on my fox news social pages during the commercial. talk to me.
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if you are just joining us we are tracking a system in the caribbean that strengthened in to a tropical depression. it is expected to become a tropical storm as early as tomorrow. then it will be named. if the current track holds true, it will be on north florida's doorstep, we're told, by
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thursday. people obviously are stocking up on sandbags and supplies. they have been through this before and know to brace for heavy rain and possible flash flooding. at least that could happen. we will update you. donald trump's adult children have a big role in his campaign thus far. one of their wives is stepping in at a time when things have gotten nasty. laura trump who is married to eric trump said she can take it she has a specific role. she rolled out the diversity trail for trump. they need to hear about the donald trump that she knows. that's her role. here's her talk as she was about to hit the stage a couple of hours ago. >> moms for trump, women for trump and minorities for trump and i'm lucky to be here with lynn patton, a lot of people may remember her from the rnc. we are here to talk about donald
1:33 am
trump and the man that we know and speak to women. there are a lot of women who are excited to hear from us and it's an honor to be here. >> maybe you can talk to me about how the trump campaign is putting women's issues, mom's issues forefront at this point. >> yeah, absolutely. well, look, i think that women and people in our country in general are concerned with national security. a lot of women are moms. donald trump has been clear that he's going to keep the country safe. he wants a child care deduction. he wants it easier for women to be moms and people to be parents in general. i though that is a focus. ivanka has been helpful on that and in general he wants to lower taxes and put people to work and i think it is fair to say everyone can benefit from that and families and moms in general as well. >> because of you, lara, with are learning about the national diversity coalition for trump and it's not just being women or
1:34 am
people of color but all of that together. politics, no matter where you are in the campaign trail, as i'm sure you know, are part of everything. talk to me about the criticism for donald trump and how this maybe answers back to that. >> well, look, i think the criticisms for trump, a lot of things are manufactured. i can't tell you how many people come up to me. i met with some of our great volunteers and an indian man saying i have so many of my family and friends that want to support donald trump. we want a big event. they are excited. a lot of what you hear is all here say. donald trump has always had the support of the african-american community and i think you are seeing it grow now. he has more support than mitt romney and kilometer john mccain had at this point in their campaign. i think we are on a great path. >> talk to me about the women in the campaign behind the scenes, the strong women. >> well, look, kellyanne conway,
1:35 am
obviously, speaks for all of us. she's amazing and doing a great job. she's the first woman in her position in 234i campaign in history. we are excited to have already on board. i'm happy to speak for my father in law. i'm a native north carolinaen, i will convey to the people down there why i think they should vote for donald trump and he has a lot of great women surrounding him. he doesn't care if you are a man or woman, he wants to hear your opinion bar none. he has a lot of great people around him. >> i want to share a couple of things that i learned about you. you have run the new york city marathon a couple of times. we were talking before the interview you will draw on the stamina skills to get through the campaign trail. i would imagine it is tough to hear -- it has gotten nasty and i want to know how you deal with that. because you are new to this. >> we are all very new to all of
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this. we are getting a fast education in politics. look, it's hard to hear people say things about someone you care about and someone you know who is doing this for the right reasons. this is the most brutal job interview in the world, to run for the president of the united states and donald trump is doing it at a time when he could basically be retired but he saw a problem with the country and wanted to give back to a country who had given him everything, great family, great business that and allowed him to be the epitome of the american dream. for all the negative i know the 2r50u9 behind this man and know he's doing it for the right reason. you have to take it with a grain of salt. >> great attitude to have. i know you have got the moms for trump that are a big part of today's coalition that you are getting together. you will take the stage to speak. what are you focused on? >> i sort of want to tell the audience about myself. about the fa that i'm a girl
1:37 am
from north carolina. i came from a middle class family. my parents are small business owners and always have been. i understand the struggles of most americans. i want them to know me a little bit and i want to tell them about the man that i know, donald trump a good man, a man with a good heart, a man that is, again, doing this for the right reasons because he knows he can do what's best for the country. he wants to put people back to work. he wants to secure our borders and, you know, just from my perspective i want to convey that to him. >> i no you will be joined on stage by the vice president of your husband's foundation. the two of you together will lead this today. what do you think is one of the obstacles or challenges for women right now? >> i think, you know, all women, as i said before, want to see our country secure. i don't care if you are a mom or you are a working woman, or you are in college. i think we all want to know our country is safe.
1:38 am
these are serious times and we have to know we have a leader who's going to do that for us. as a woman, you know, i would love to see a female pre i certainly do not want that to be hillary clinton. i think she would do very poorly for women and just for the women's movement forward in our country in general. but i think that women and americans all together want to know we are safe. we are going to turn our country around. we're at a point where we have to make a decision what direction we are heading in this country. i think donald trump will do the best job for us. >> i know you got married a couple of years ago. so you have the brides new car smell. congrats on that. >> thank you. >> you don't have to do this. this is your new family h. if you wanted to be supportive behind the scenes, you could do that. why put yourself out there? >> look, i took two months off of my job to do this. this is the most important election of most of our lives.
1:39 am
i think that we have an opportunity right now to turn around the direction of our country and if i can change the way that people see donald trump and show them the man he really is, the good-hearted man that really wants to put our country first, put americans first, then i'm happy to take any criticisms i get. as you said, it will be a marathon but we are all in this because we know it has to be done. >> you said you want to change the way people see donald trump. how do you think they see him? >> well, i think if you watch mainstream media, you get a certain view of donald trump and i think they pull little pieces out of speeches and blow it out of proportion and try to make him out to be a guy that he he's not. again, he's a good man. he's got a great heart. he loves his family. he loves his country. he's doing this because he wants to see our country be the best country in the world in
1:40 am
perpetuity. >> lara trump, thank you so much. have a great event with all of the women in leesburg, virginia. have fun and thank you for joining us. >> thank you. meanwhile, donald trump is making more news. he made headlines when he delayed what he called his major speech on immigration, right at a time when there were so many questions about his immigration plan. now he set a date. we're coming back.
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many told me, tweeted during the interview he will make a major speech on imbrags grags on wednesday in arizona. he added big crowds looking for a larger venue at this point. the fox news political insiders
1:44 am
are here. john, i want to come to you first. trump took so much criticism when it looked like he was changing gears, softening, by his own words ready to soften his language on ill legal immigration. what needs to be in the speech? >> i think it would help if he would clarify what his position is so it is not the news every day that he is changing or appears to be changing. here's what happened last week. bad news about hillary, the e-mails and foundation. that should have been the whole news all week. once again, the trump campaign, by its own actions, stepped on the big story of hillary. i think it hurt them a little bit. >> interesting. doug, i want to come to you out in sunny tucson, arizona, although it feels like you are here with us, warm in our
1:45 am
hearts. what happens when a candidate delays a speech on policy? are they looking to sharpen a message, taking polling to see what will work? what happens behind the scenes? >>al of that happens, harris. what's happened in this case, i think, is that donald trump knew he had to move away from the position of i'm going to deport 11 million people. i'm going to have a deportation force, but with the delay the problem has been that the questions that john raised about what's his position, is he flip flopping is out there. we have been talking for many months, pat in particular, about how this has to be an insider, outsider message. if trump is flip flopping, it takes away from the sharpness of his message and the cojenscy of his argument. >> pat? >> i think this is the problem of the campaign in transition. you would have wanted to make this change on immigration, i
1:46 am
would think, weeks and weeks ago. at least begin to modify there's a way to do it. just like john said, problem is, it knocks you off of your message of what you should be on. you have to remember when the media is on such a jihad against trump, anything he does will be magnified and blown out of proportion. talk about flip flopping, his opponent has made changes on hundreds of different positions during the course of the campaign nothing is said about it. they need to understand they will always be put in this box and therefore how you do these things is important because they are taking the pressure off of her. i keep saying the more -- if this is a candidate to candidate race, which is what the clinton people are begging for, and they are worried because the polls are closing and it's getting closer. that race is to her benefit. what benefits trump is a race of a referendum of on where the
1:47 am
country and where it is not. where it should be. >> here's a question i asked a democrat whom i interviewed last week and she said she did not know. so you are tearing donald trump down, hillary clinton, for the things he said about illegal immigration and now it looks like he flip plp flopped. what's her policy on immigration? i asked one of our democratic guest and she didn't know. she said she doesn't have to talk about it because she loves amnesty. >> i think she likes the obama position. >> my point is she hasn't given a speech on immigration. >> she's not going to. >> why not? >> trust me. because for her she sees there are more votes to be lost in it than won. what pat was saying is the clinton strategy. he personalizing the campaign. attack donald trump and make it a referendum on him. a referendum on him, she will
1:48 am
win. a referendum on her she could lose. pat eluded to the fact the polls are tightening while hillary is ahead in every swing state and national poll. and nonetheless is the case that things are getting tighter and it is because it is a change election with two unpopular candidates. >> i hear you saying that and almost sounds like you are saying, as mr. trump wades in to the deeper end of the issues she'd rather attack him than come up with policies? >> she can't come up with a policy that is credible. i saw this in the quinnipiac polls an others they don't believe what she says about her position. they figure she will say whatever she needs to to get elected. she wants to say i'm competent. i have experience, he's dangerous, vote for me. anything that tables away from that hurts her. she does not have the ground to move. she cannot become an insurgent
1:49 am
and trump is the insurgent and it's difficult if you are not playing your best card. >> harris, i agree with that, but here's the problem with trump. kellyanne's trying to fix it. i don't blame her. but there are two campaigns here, hillary against trump and trump against trump and until he settles that down to get focus on hillary he's not going to make it. >> let's talk about that. arguably he is doing that. >> there is one other thing. >> new voices. >> $100 million from hillary against trump unanswered on tv. >> more. >> so far -- >> that's an interesting point. >> more,
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this past week about they
1:53 am
are e-mail scandal and clinton foundation investigation, clinton said with the foundation in mind there's smoke but doesn't mean there is fire. can someone else school me on what else causes smoke? >> nothing. there is fire. we have 71 days left in the campaign and i would like to know, pat, doug and i for months, our producer did a special about the peter sh weitzer book "clinton cash." there's specific instances documented in there of favors that the hillary state department did for people in return for donations to the foundation including the uranium deal where the russians ended up g getting almost 100% of uranium from america and the guy that did it gave a huge donation to the clinton foundation. here's what happened. the trump campaign ought to take each one of these. make a tv commercial about it. run the commercial all over the place. an he should talk about it for days on end over and over and then the next week do another
1:54 am
instance, the haiti deal, the cell phone deal. all of these deals the clintons did. the media is never going to talk about it. so the campaign has to. >> the media is covering up this. we forget that haiti and the iranian deal were covered by the "washington post" and "new york times" over a year ago when they then stopped covering ing hong kong. i watched today reporter on the morning show, i don't think there is anything there. tlez there's plenty there. there's no smoking gun. there are smoking cannons here. the only thing missing is they didn't put, oh, by the way, here's the deal on the e-mail. but there's enough for criminal prosecution when, like give me a small one the swedish company under sanction for stealing with iran, they paid bill clinton $500,000. the state department removed the sanction. what do you think that is? do you think that just happens by coincidence? no. but the -- john's right.
1:55 am
he you have to lay these things out. she is vulnerable. >> that's what is not happening. that's why secretary clinton is going to run. >> you must be thankful that is not happening. >> very thankful and pleased. they are all over, they are flip flopping on immigration, doing different rallies. they don't have a disciplined, focused message. if pat, john or i were in the trump campaign, which none of us are, we would be focusing like a laser on the two issues and two themes that john and pat just talked about. but as a clinton supporter, i can tell you if i was in the room, you asked about that before, i would say, look, we can't defend all of this. if we have to we could lose an election with tightening poles. so it will be more money, more negative ads to make this erase about donald trump. so that it is a referendum on him. best chance for hillary to win.
1:56 am
>> my twitter machine just lit up. we will get final thoughts and more coming up. stay close.
1:57 am
final thoughts. >> i'm so frustrated to watch this race. to me, hillary is so beatable. the fact that trump can't get ahead of her, can't beat her, it's the case. >> it is tightening. >> a little bit but it is plil malpractice this thing. they have fumbled away so many opportunities to beat her.
1:58 am
>> pat, i don't want to miss the opportunity, the polling, what do you think of it where we are? >> who knows. it is closing right now. it's tight but i want to make another comment which is about dr. plup this morning the man from uber, the former obama campaign manager who described donald trump as a psychopath on "meet the press" and interviewed on his credentials. i assume it is the uber corporate position is they should tell trump riders your candidate is a psychopath. only in this election. >> wow. >> we will have to forgive me. we have a few seconds. fox reports on this sunday >> good morning. it is august the 29th. breaking overnight panic and pure chaos at one of the nation's largest and busiest airports has passengers running for their lives. the delays far from over this
1:59 am
morning. dependi defending the national anthem protest. should he be punished? we report. you decide. ♪ >> there was beyonce say getting political at the vma awards. her performance taking direct aim at the nation's police officers. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪
2:00 am
>> you are watching "fox & friends first" on this beautiful morning. >> thank you for starting your day with us. >> chaos at one of the busiest airports in the country. passengers running for their lives at los angeles runway. >> forcing trallers to leave their bags behind and find refuge outside on the car mac. police sweeping the airport with their guns drawn trying to find a suspect. it turned out to be a false alarm. a man dressed in a zorro costume with a plastic sword was arrested. it is not known if the two events were connected. they were asked to go through security once again. delays expected all morning


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