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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 29, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> what's jenna lee saying about jenna lee. >> jenna: this will be blockbuster. >> next hour. jenna: we'll find another jon scott next week. "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: happy monday, this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner, co-host of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis, democratic strategist, julie roginsky, radio talk show host meghan mccain, today's #oneluckyguy, judge alex ferrer bringing florida up in the house. he is outnumbered. >> good to be here, thanks. harris: we'll lean heavily on your legal expertise. >> i will hold you up. harris: thank you, we appreciate that. let's get to the first one. donald trump gets set to make the speech he promised on illegal immigration. it is set for this wednesday in
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area sown. it follows a week of speculation that he might be softening his plan to deport 11 million illegal immigrants. what may have been a preview the gop presidential nominee gave a hard edged message on immigration in iowa over the weekend. >> these international gangs of thugs and drug cartels will be, i promise you, from the first day in office, the first thing i'm going to do, the first piece of paper that i'm going to sign is we're going to get rid of these people, day one, before the wall, before anything. and our great law enforcement, they know who they are. they have been living with them for years. and they don't want to put up with it anymore. harris: meanwhile trump's campaign and surrogates insist he has held firm all along on illegal immigration. >> what he said is very consistent, chris. number one, and this is
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important, the signature piece of his legislation in his campaign has always been build the wall that has not changed. no necessity. we all learned in kindergarten to stand in line to wait your turn. this is no different. >> nothing has changed about donald trump's position on dealing with illegal immigration. he put the issue at center of the presidential campaign in the republican primaries and his position and his principles have been absolutely consistent. harris: i put myself in the shoes of you, judge, and i just listened to the words what they're saying nothing has changed about the policy. that would mean the way he says it has changed which feels political. he may not be in hot water here but what do you think? >> what i really think is during campaign people make all kinds of promises and statements based on what they believe and what they feel, and then as time develops they get more information they start to
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realize there are harsh realities and difficulties what you originally promised and i think he is looking at reality of deporting 11 million people like that, or separating kids from their family -- harris: or sending them all. >> or sending them all, a big task for anybody to do. they're saying okay, there are a lot of street gangs, mexican street gangs terrorizing l.a. and other cities across the country. we can focus on the real criminals. harris: 60,000 or so. >> but people who follow trump, people who think open border immigration like we kind of have now is serious problem they're still going to side with him even if he changes a little bit. what i'm amazed at is, when obama and hillary changed their position on gay marriage they're evolving. but what trump changes his position slightly he is flip-flopping. that is the way the media does it. harris: part of the problem for
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donald trump the 66,000 he targeting as criminals. that is kind of president obama's current plan. not that he is just changing his plan it looks decidedly what is already in place. do you think there is added pressure for donald trump if he gets in office to do something on immigration that looks decidedly different from obama? meghan: ever since the came down the escalator of trump tower this is cornerstone who he is, what he ran on, even his surrogates, mayor rudy giuliani was on "fox & friends" this morning the. he seemed a little muddled. what is confusing for everyone, we're deporting everyone, you're going to separate families, what will you separate babies from their mothers? he said he is softening. he reached 40% base or ceiling, and base of his supporters who supported him from day unwith, people like sarah palin and ann
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coulter coming down hard. this extremely emotional issue for people. if he hedges just a little bit, he is amnesty don, which was trending on twitter. harris: what does he do? how does he keep, as mike pence, governor said said, the flavor, if you will, fabric of what he put out there early on yet play politics of putting in a term that might move him to the middle. melissa: this may be more clever than we're give him clever more. and maybe hashed by his team and maybe everything coming out of his mouth is focused group to death. i feel now his statement or his position on immigration is like ink blots. you look at it see in what you want to. you can make it into almost anything. for people listening, i liked him, but this idea we were going to ship people back homemade me really nervous he kind of softened. hardcore people would say say
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anything to get elected go for it. ann coulter, what she is going so do, vote for hillary clinton? i don't think so. meghan: she will not vote for hillary clinton. this is not my issue. a lot of people feel confused and betrayed. he came out harsher than any candidate in history. to say you're softening. in sean hannity town hall there was visceral reaction the audience. all that being said i think this looks like a flip-flop. he has to be real clear on wednesday when he makes the speech. harris: julie, we haven't heard from you on issue. we haven't heard hillary clinton give her own speech on immigration. >> see has been very clear on immigration -- go to website. harris: the website. the big speech. >> repeatedly to latino communities about her immigration policies. donald trump isn't slamming her on it. we know they're aware. problem for donald trump is exactly what meghan said, melissa, i disagree. i think it is opposite of a strategy.
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you think most muddled roll out. do the speech, tell us what you do, mix of messages from pence, christie, juliana he will soften, not soften, poor kellyanne conway who i love, i don't know how she will deal with it. if you do the speech go to arizona do the speech. last two weeks we seen 20 different messages. you're angering everybody. you will not keep people who want immigration reform happy and you're about to offend, ann coulter, jeff sessions, sarah palin, people put faith in you and trust in you. harris: who are they really going to vote for. >> they could stay home. melissa: newly-released emails raising questions about hillary clinton pay to play and state department for the family charity. emails released by citizens united by clinton founddation donors looking for seats at a lunch with the president of the china. one requested a seat at
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vice president joe biden's table. president of citizens united saying this is just the beginning. >> look the clintons sell access, they have been selling access since the '90s. hillary clinton and bill clinton. they need to hold a joint press conference to answer questions about what was going on at the foundation and where the state department ends and the foundation begins. >> yeah. melissa: hillary's campaign is pushing back saying in a statement, quote, as the state department said last week the department's actions undersecretary clinton were always taken with the intent to advance our foreign policy interests and with no other intent in mind than that. citizens united is right-wing group has been attacking the clintons since the 1990s, and once again trying to make something out of nothing. all of this of course coming after the associated press reported that they did a report that found more than half of the people from private interests who met with then secretary of state clinton gave a lot of money to the foundation. harris, i will add to that, so
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abc did a big story on it this week. showed one of the people, president of ubs trying to get next to the president of china next to the luncheon, this is something where after he gave money to the foundation, hillary clinton intervene and negotiated a sweetheart settlement with the swiss for tax evasion for ubs. after that donations to the clinton foundation went higher and higher. it is endless. harris: exhibit one, judge ferrer. melissa: 5000. harris: exhibit one. the last night on "the fox report," we were talking about with the fox news political insiders, if donald trump enumerated some of these instances and what you would call evidence in court and just did a spot, a commercial spot on each one between now and november, it would be a huge divot like, my golf game on one of those nice golf courses down in florida, it is so bad, a huge divot in what she is trying to do. these numbers between the two of them still yet very tight as we get closer to the election. something like this could really
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change it. wouldn't depend whether or not democrats or independents believed or felt like the issue resonated. would be on facts and evidence. >> he shouldn't have to do that because that -- harris: who should be doing it? >> the media should be doing that. if the shoe was on other foot they would be doing it because, reality is, does it fall under the confines -- so far the information they have about connections doesn't of course make out a case for bribery but it's really close. harris: how close is it? >> bribery is the typically offering, receiving, soliciting of some value in order to influence the decision of public official. meghan: how is it not bribery. harris: timing between what was given and meeting for favor that was had? what decides it? >> yes, you look at all of the circumstances. typical the bribery case is made out of circumstantial evidence. in miami we have independent agency whenever a public official is involved in something looks suspicious the
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agency comes in and looks and investigating it. nobody is investigating this. this is so in your face. could be $500,000 given to clinton for a speech to bill clinton. all of sudden, country or company that paid get as seat at table. melissa: so in your face, donna brazile says this is business as usual. let me play this and get your reaction. >> somehow someone another, someone supporter, someone activist i want access, i want to come into a room and i want to meet people, we all think crimizes behavior that is normal. i don't see what the smoke is. melissa: giving money and saying i want access is normal, julie. >> i said it last week everybody got outraged but in washington maying make no it is not. >> show sick of this. julie: if i give $10,000 to a
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pac i get ways -- melissa: business interests with china to go to meeting to pursue the interest and you're paying for that -- julie: i need to get into that senator's ear i give 10,000 doll nation to the pac. that is how it works. you may not like it. that is the way it works. >> my point we should change that of politicians selling themselves like prostitutes. wewe shouldn't sell themselves. meghan: politicians sell themselves like poll prostitutes. let me talk. i find this wildly. classic clintonian. give a lot of money to the clintonness foundation you get political expediency. get lunch with the president of the china whatever reason you and your company needs this is not complicated. i'm sorry, to blanket statement all of the great politicians, ben sasse, new senator from nebraska who is like the newest
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up-and-coming senator he can be bought. meghan: take lobbyists money. >> sorry that anyone like the clintons. make make doesn't take lobbiest money. of course he does. >> i will not sit here and blanket all the american politicians and everyone in washington who will be as egregious, i call it bribery like the clintons have been for decades. why this scandal is exploding everywhere and not happening with ben sasse. i don't know enough what his relationship is -- meghan: julie: it is -- harris: saying clinton foundation -- we have a judge on the couch, is it? >> i don't know what you're referring to not being the same. my point is, even if you don't have a case for bribely now, you have enough to say, it needs to be looked into and nobody is looking into it. there is not a single -- julie: ap did a report. what do you mean nobody is looking into it.
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melissa: a government like abu dhabi and the airways giving clintons millions of dollars for speeches at time they have in the state department, they want passengers clear customs in abu dhabi come straight into the u.s., something flies in the face of american security. hurts american airlines. he have one is against it. a week later state department approves it. that is pay for play against the interest of americans. harris: the question i'm asking, you brought up lobbyists, judge, that is not the same thing as having lobbiest political some sort of connection there or is it? >> i have always felt if you want to get rid of political corruption in the country you doesn't have a sunshine law. you have a supernova law. harris: that is everybody then. >> every meeting they have with any lobbyist on the record in front of the world. melissa: we all agree. meghan: i think it is did i honest to sit here to say every politician, every single congress person, every single senator and local government, everyone can be bought in the
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way the clintons can. i'm not sitting here on television and renege to that that is how that works. >> that is not what i said. i didn't say every politician. julie: let me clarify my point. if somebody is on armed services committee for example, and armed services committee will award contract or appropriation and ways or means committee i'm a boeing or any kind of american, not singling them out, any kind of american enterprise and i donate a ton of money to the politician i get a contract don't tell me there is no correlation. >> that should always be public. meghan: we got to go. melissa: we got to go. we'll keep fighting during the break. donald trump facing backlash for his response to the shooting death of nba star dwyane wade's cousin. many accusing trump using situation to score political points. his supporters say critics are missing the point, that democratic policies are destroying inner-city. is the trump the one who can clean things up.
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plus the count on to the first presidential debate and candidates are preparing in two very different ways. what they're doing and what we can expect. i'm terrible at golf.
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harris: welcome back. violent weekend in chicago. we say too often. people shot and killed at least 18 others wounded yesterday. this commodities after shocking murder of nba dwyane wade's cousin. the 32-year-old mom of four hit by stray bullets, pushing her child, newborn, in a baby stroller near a school on the city's south side. meanwhile donald trump is call causing a firestorm with his response on twitter. dwyane wade's cousin was shot and walking her baby in chicago. just what i've been saying african-americans will vote trump. critics slam the tweet as insensitive. governor chris christie of new jersey defended trump saying many people are missing the point. >> safer streets. they want police supported they should vote for donald trump. that is what we'll do. he will appoint a attorney general who will send very clear messages how law enforcement is to be pursued in this country.
9:21 am
we've seen liberal policies in cities like chicago, like new york city and others led to increased crime. harris: what kind of a world where we live in people get upset more about a man's tweet than they do about a dead mom? really what alternate universe am i in. you're a former police officer. what are your thoughts about this? >> the point he is making is a valid point. he is bull in a china shop. he is very brash. melissa: tactless. >> first point he should have made sending out a sweet of sympathy. not -- harris: condolences. >> not something that seems opportunistic and self-centered. that being said, the point he is making is a valid point. look at situation with blacks over the last eight years. some of them still live in poverty. their schools are failing. so their chances of clawing their way up the ladder of success like other minorities get a chance to do are diminishing. they have rampant, rampant unemployment. he is basically saying you know
9:22 am
what? some liberals who make the argument, we should change the policy with cuba, you do the same thing year after year after year it doesn't work. so time to step in to open up relations with cuba. the same argument can be made to blacks why do you constantly vote for a party that promise you everything and delivers nothing? that is the point he is making. he should have made it better. harris: we'll make a whole lot of a tweet then suffer silence from the white house on the black on black crime in chicago year after year, month after month, week after week, hashtag something out of this, blm. haven't seen, what are your thoughts? meghan: i heard this yesterday, one of those things you just can't imagine a young mother, not even being able to walk down the street. harris: or all other people who died. meghan: this specific instance, i like, had to take a breath when i first read it. this is president obama's home town. glairing example of all violence happening in chicago of his failed policies.
9:23 am
when i read donald trump's tweets, he could show a little more sensitivity, i mourn for the loss of this at first, this seems spiraling out of control. this is war zone happening in chicago right now. we're not addressing it. >> chicago's murder rate was already high to begin with. this year is 30% what you said. harris: some of what you said is echoed in another tweet by donald trump. he doesn't stop there. can we pop up that on the screen. what a african-americans seeing hillary type job management are doing in the inner sis they want trump. melissa: he can be tactless when he is tweeting but doesn't change the actual point. left pivots to gun violence we have to do something about guns. chicago is where laws are strict. you don't bring that up, come back to the idea that gun laws are really strict there. it is such a huge problem. it is so overwhelming.
9:24 am
that part of the city has become ungovernable. and you wonder for the police force there, what can they possibly do? something dramatic really needs to change. harris: it is complicated, julie, if the police move in, we see what we saw in baltimore with local politicians saying that the citizens need room to cool off or whatever the heck language was but need protection of very police officers they say they have bad relationships with. >> there are two issues here, one issue everybody on the couch brought up chicago is in a horrible situation. something does need to be done about it. harris: every weekend. >> there is no disagreement about that. no excuse for a major american city, one of the great cities in the world suffering from the violence in african-american community. other point i think we're missing here, what you said, judge, you're basically explaining donald trump's tweet. consistently the problem here somebody has to to out there well-meaning explain what donald trump really meant. harris: you think that is bigger issue than the people dying in chicago. >> i said there were two separate issues.
9:25 am
i addressed most important one first. addressing less important one but important for people looking to vote for donald trump. you can not go out there and have a callous disregard as he did and say vote trump, somehow politicize this without at least acknowledging there is epidemic or crisis going on or at least, very least expressing condolences to the family. harris: he has done -- wouldn't president do that. >> i would hope the president has done that. if he hasn't he should. we're not talking about the president. meghan: at least he is talking about it. we read the tweets saying it so. at least he is talking about it. barack obama said nothing. hillary clinton said nothing. at least someone is saying something about the violence going on. harris: one thing i will say about the obama administration i learned of late they have set up post this presidency some programs in inner-cities like chicago. chicago is included on list, talking with someone recently at the democrat national convention.
9:26 am
that is not the same as president coming out on monday morning, boom, boom, this is what i'm going to do. i'm in office several more months. i'm going home. >> i don't know if this is protection of rahm emanuel he is very tight. harris: that is interesting question. >> i have no idea what the reason is. i think he should have been more vocal. i think he should have done more. president is not on the ballot in november. harris: is that the only reason? >> can i finish my thought here? if you're african-american looking to potentially vote for donald trump. donald trump is not helping his case with these people seeing i told you so, i told you so, vote trump. how about expressing sympathy to the community? listen what you're undergoing on daily basis is awful, full period, stop. not vote trump or wave the flag. the acknowledge that once people start listening to you because they think you're well meaning. that is the difference there. harris: wheel see what happens when he gets in front of a predominantly black or people of color. >> one day.
9:27 am
harris: it could happen. we don't know when it will happen. he is targeting segment of population. >> should star get in front of them. not in front of white -- harris: we'll move on. donald trump got a lot of attention during the primary already during those debates. what can you expect when he goes head-to-head with hillary clinton next few weeks. how is the democratic nominee preparing all about the prep sown. >> he is psychopath running for president. he means clinical definition. harris: insults from both political parties ramping up as we get closer to election day, can we expect things getting uglier before we go to the polls? is this what voters want or will it turn them off.
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♪ melissa: we are just four weeks from the first presidential debate. hillary clinton and donald trump facing off september 2 ofththe y different ways of preparing.
9:32 am
26th. "washington post" says hillary clinton pouring over briefing books. internalizes tips from most seasoned debate coaches and rehearses over and over again. i believe that donald trump is taking a different approach. he summons his informnal band of counsels losser to his new jersey golf course for sunday chats over bacon cheeseburgers, hotdogs and glasses of coca-cola. and test out zingers and chew over ways to refine the republican nominee's pitch. trump's campaign managers insist his non-traditional debate is actually an advantage, a sentiment hillary clinton supporter and democratic strategist david plouffe seems to agree with. >> do you think donald trump taking his case directly to the voters is one you will see on debate stage with hillary clinton. think i they're nervous in clinton camp. he is the unpredictable x-factor. she is scripted statist, hillary clinton. >> it is going to be difficult because you have to prepare for many different trumps. kind of like well-behaved, modest trump.
9:33 am
i doubt we'll see that. you know, kind of off the rails trump. a trump who doesn't prepare for anything. and apparently based on reports how they're doing it. you don't know what he is going to say. melissa: you hope that is true. clinton spokesman brian fallin apparently trying to lower expectations. for all his lack of substance, trump's showmanship as ex-tv star makes him formidable debate throw. he thrashes his rivals gop debates. meghan mccain, you are one with who has experience with presidential debates, what do you think they do to prepare. >> training athlete and based on personality an strengths you will have people that help you. i think debates will be a big marker, and all undecided voters will have clearer idea who these two candidates are. i think donald trump can go in and smoke her. he did really good job in primary debates.
9:34 am
she is scripted and much of her life. she has to focus whatever pant suit she will wear. he will go for the jugular. i think a time will be real strength for him. melissa: harris you laughed when he said we don't know which trump is showing up. what did he mean by that? harris: i wasn't laughing, i was curious what he means by that i don't know how well david plouffe knows donald trump but i think you have, don't you have to kind of prepare for issues? isn't that what they will be watching for? melissa: i would think, absolutely. harris: we know it will get a little nasty. it has been from the get to. i don't think that is it a surprise. i don't, i don't know how you prepare for somebody who you think is unprepared. that seems odd to me. melissa: yeah. let me ask the judge real quick, one of the things they described, a lawyer getting ready to go into court dealing with all sides. seems like that is great analogy. >> it is. >> she is a lawyer. she is incredibly predictable in the circumstances. we know what she will do. what she is going to say. that seems like advantage.
9:35 am
>> that would be advantage to any other normal candidate. typically what happens the other side is preparing to counteryou and trump doesn't sound like he is preparing to counter anything. sounds like he basically, i don't want to say wings it he is really a lot more -- harris: you buy what david plouffe is saying? harris: somebody not prepared. i think he will be prepared. may not prepare traditionally. >> they're trying to get him to do traditional preparation. i don't see that. melissa: i'm personally not buying that. we've seen different trump past couple weeks. he has reading off prompter. he gotten much better at it. now he is much smoother. i think he is preparing. >> he apparently is. both have two things to worry about, right? she has to worry about who is going to show up. is it going to be unscripted donald trump or is it going to be a crazy like a fox donald trump. harris: better way of putting it. >> where he will be scripted.
9:36 am
and but still continue to sort of look like maverick is the not word but whatever impression he is trying to give during the primary was. where he has to be concerned, i would hope that people preparing him understand this is, he can't go too far because there is a subset of people watching, especially women, especially white woman, college educated white woman who should be voting republican but are not, who will be turned off if he starts pummeling here. you might not like the message. you might think it is sexist. because she is woman shouldn't get easier path. all that is true but nevertheless a fact of life. he has to be very careful how he goes after her in that sense. i would hope for his sake he is preparing. i would hope he is preparing substantively. i would hope he is preparing tonally. very appropriate to take appropriate tone. harris: do you think it is going to get nasty? melissa: possible it doesn't. >> possible it doesn't. if he is smart, it doesn't. calling her, the way he went after rubio, little marco, that
9:37 am
is not going to work going after hillary clinton. it is just not. harris: calling her "crooked hillary." >> you're talking to different audience. one-on-one debate. i don't think anybody will make it to the debate except two of them. he has to be careful. she will try to tweak him to make him go off the rails. harris: absolutely. >> preparing to zinc him a little bit to make sure he goes off the rails. -- zing. melissa: it is not labor day yet. we're seeing ugliest campaign rhetoric, latest from the campaign and surrogates raising a lot of eyebrows. we'll debate who this will hurt the most. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra.
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9:42 am
>> we have psychopath running for president. meets the clinical definition. >> hillary clinton is a bigot, who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future. she is going to do nothing for african-americans. >> there has been a steady stream of bigotry coming from him. this is someone who retweets white supremacists online. >> ku klux klan values, david duke values, donald trump values, are not american values. >> her experience is the worst thing she has going for her. because she was a terrible secretary of state! meghan: melissa, i will go to you first. but one thing i say i have my issues with donald trump as you're well aware of. we've been together a long time. you want to run into the voting booth for trump, when liberal say things like he is psychopath.
9:43 am
it is so over the top. it is so dramatic and blankets all republicans in this way that absolutely makes me completely insane and invalidates core of spotterrers and anger in the country. biggest thing makes me want to vote for donald trump is liberals saying things like that. melissa: people will say to me, at your heart don't you really donald trump is racist? i'm like, no. it is one of those things that where the rhetoric on every side has gotten so loud, i actually think regular people are tuning out. when they hear the name-calling they kind of, they don't even differentiate who is calling who what about what. they're sort of like, ecch this, has gone to the ugly place, i kind of tune out. what do you think, judge? >> what makes me want to vote for hillary clinton or donald trump the most, when a celebrity says i will move out. i'm weighing who do i want to leave more, this one or that one? no, i think that, what it does, it appeals to their core base. melissa: each side much.
9:44 am
each side. >> really despise hillary love to hear him trash her and people who love hillary love to hear her trash him. they have those votes. julie: can we stop diagnosing people on national television? david plouffe, he is not a psychopath. you know how i know that. you're not a doctor. rudy giuliani stop diagnosing hillary clinton's medical condition. you're not a doctor. please stop doing that. harris: interrupted david plouffe's lunch. wait a minute. i thought she was on our side. julie: i'm not psychiatrist and neither rudy giuliani. >> sociopaths and psychopaths share a lot of common traits, two of them from psychopaths i have in front of me, constantly flaunts and disobeys laws and constantly lies and deceives
9:45 am
others, argument made on the trump camp applies to other side. julie: why don't we make those. that is irritating. when giuliani went off the rails. same thing with david plouffe. i didn't hear that until the show. enough. you're a campaign professional for a living. he works for uber. don't focus on that or somebody's psychological diagnosis. >> she is mass murderer. melissa: that is best way to get your sound bite pulled out of the cycle. have the headline have the conversation whether or not that person is really like that. turn it in that direction. it is all being done for certain effect t turns off average -- uh-oh, did someone tweet me in i'm psychopath. harris: people tweeting me i'm on the phone. talking about how things are heating up. we found out what it was last hour huma abedin trusted confidante advisor. following you.
9:46 am
melissa: no name-calling. >> to hillary clinton has separated from her husband anthony weiner after yet another sex scandal. just today. and so donald trump, not missing that moment quote, huma, this is statement that he just made. to "the new york times." melissa: not a tweet a statement. harris: very long. huma is making very wise decision. i know anthony weiner well and she will be far better off without him. i only worry for the country that hillary clinton was careless and negligent in allowing weiner to have close proximity to highly classified information. who knows what he learned and who he told. it is just another example of hillary clinton's bad judgment. it is possible that our country and its security have been greatly compromised by this, end quote. you want to talk about things heating up and going back and forth, judge? >> listen, that is a personal issue between her and her husband. i wouldn't drag her and her husband's personal issue into national security discussions unless you have some evidence of it. if you have some evidence of it,
9:47 am
by all means go for it but we seem to -- julie: i have a corollary to my previous statement. if you're not a trained marriage counselor stop talking about people's marriage problems, donald trump. you doesn't know what goes on in everybody's else marriage. what is he commenting on their marriage. meghan: i heard he was persona non grata in the clinton campaign. that hillary hates him. don't talk about their marriage, don't talk about their marriage. he is public person and pervert who continues to expose himself on social media and texing rants and people. it is on cover of "new york post" today. they're both public people. she went to the met ball this year. idea they're off limits when there is scandal is -- >> claiming he compromised national security. melissa: can i tell you why that is true? he clearly has very bad judgment. he can't stop himself or control his impulses from sending these texts an sending these things. harris: talking about anthony weiner? melissa: i am.
9:48 am
who doesn't bring your work phone or your computer home? meghan: growing backlash against san francisco 49 quarterback colin kaepernick. melissa: kaepernick. meghan: sorry. i don't watch football. to stay seated at national anthem on friday. is he out of bounds we'll debate as kaepernick doubles down. >> we prepped you on that. meghan: feel so sorry. >> you stand with the people that are being oppressed. to me this is something that has to change. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. to be taken care of. in good hands? like finding new ways home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards...
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>> nfl star colin kaepernick not backing down from his decision to stay seated during the national anthem at games. the 49ers quarterback says he will continue to sit despite the growing backlash and even potential risk to his job. this started when kaepernick refused to stand at national anthem at a preseason game friday night for what he considers unpunished police brutality against minority. >> make awareness and people realize what is going on in this country. there are a lot a lot of thingsg on unjust that people are not being held accountable for. that is something that needs to change. i will continue to sit. i will continue to stand with
9:53 am
the people that are being oppressed. to me this is something that has to change and when there is significant change and i feel like that flag represents what it is supposed to represent in country and this country is representing people the way it is supposed to, i'll stand. >> kaepernick's decision not sitting well with many americans including one gold star mom who had this to say, quote, my son's bloodstains the sands of afghanistan. he died protecting ideals of the flag you refuse to respect. he decide so ungrateful, privilege, arrogant men like you can be just that ungrateful, privileged and arrogant. shame on you for disrespecting my son and his life, his sacrifice. wow. harris: needs to put his bony butt back on the bench and not play for a while. not play for a while. where was he when domestic violence cries going on in nlf? doesn't want to stand for women, sit for women, do anything.
9:54 am
has to pick a category goes with hashtag. i live in the brown skin. i'm also a woman. if he will pick causes be consistent, be consistent. look, my dad, others fought for the right for him to have freedom he has. god bless him. god bless him. but really and truly what is he doing? there are lots of thingses that nfl has in its own house. bring it up florida in my own house they're not taking care of took, they were so arbitrary. do we want to take away five games or six? maybe "deflategate" should have worst penalty than a guy accused beating his wife and dragging her by the hair in front of elevator cameras. come on! julie: amen to everything you said. gold star mom is right. her son lost blood or iraq. >> afghanistan. julie: excuse me, because of his right to act the way he is acting. the judge napolitano keeps saying this and he is right, whatever that phrase is, i anot
9:55 am
agree what you say -- >> sure he has a right. julie: fight for your right to say it. as repugnant what he is saying. he has a right to sit on that bench. >> that right comes with consequences. just because you have the right to say it everybody has to have hands off. frankly to me it is insulting because america is not something that just floats around in the air you can insult. america is all of us. harris: amen. >> you feel there are racist cops out there you insult rest of the country, the rest of us are insulted. melissa: should work on his game too. harris: because of this the game. meghan: have you been to the middle east? i have. i can't go out in tank top without there being repercussions. do you know what liberty and freedoms we have in this country. it is so arrogant i couldn't say his name correctly. i don't pay attention to football clearly t seems like my generation is arrogant entitled snowflakes. have the respect for the flag
9:56 am
and men and women that died for freedoms. i don't know what recourse there i wouldn't buy one thing he is attached to and i wouldn't support his team. harris: melissa: i don't think he is selling a lot of stuff. harris: domestic violence, drug use, everything going on with the nfl if he wants to sit out the flag being raised, then sit. i guess he won't ever stand. enough going on in the nfl. >> visit the country i came from and see what they would do to the somebody that did what he did. harris: wow. we'll be right back.
9:57 am
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harris: what a fun hour. thanks for being here. >> very spicy. we'll continue on "outnumbered." harris: facebook live, "outnumbered" fnc. now "happening now." have not sewn in our country. >> a wild presidential year. could the house and senate look very different next year. >> plus, stocking up on food and stocking sand bags as we track the powerful storm


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