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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 31, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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florida, obviously very important state for this campaign, so mike pence trying to do the job of v.p. nominee as he talks today in florida. thanks for being with us today. busy day ahead, i'm martha mccowan, shehere's shep. it's 2:00 p.m. in mexico city where we're waiting to hear from donald trump after his meeting in mexico with the mexican president. trump has accused mexico of sending criminals and rapists in the united states. mexico's president has compared the rise of trump to hitler and muscilin, and hillary clinton facing a new deadline to answer questions about her e-mails under oath and the fbi could reveal more details about its investigation any day now. plus, forecasters say a hurricane is heading dangerously close to hawaii's big island and a state of emergency in parts of florida and tropical forecasts up the east coast as another
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system threatens to become a tropical storm. also, for the first time in more than half a century, a u.s. commercial airliner just landed in cuba. baminos. >> announcer: now, "shepard smith reporting" from the fox news desk. and you really wonder who has more to lose and more to gain here. the republican candidate who said mexico will build a wallo pay for it to keep its own people out of the united states, who called its people racists and criminals and threatened to round them up or ship them out or the mexican president compared that to hitly and mu muscilini. trump will chopper into the city any moment now. we're expecting live pictures but they've gone away
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temporarily. tru the mexican president invited both candidates to talk, on the heights of his speech tonight on immigration proposals. >> mr. trump really appreciated being invited by the president of mexico, to go down. these two would be loeaders. >> we don't know what will come out of the meeting or if trump will try to negotiate some sort of proposals. among them, trump said he would do port some 11 million people illegally. trump and the mexican president is set to make a joint statement about a half an hour from now. he may or may not take questions from reporters, though we have indications they will. the republican nominee said he was softening his positions though his family members and handlers have used different technology and tonight could clear up where he does stand. trump's controversial positions make his trip to mexico a risky
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gamble no doubt. on one hand it gives him the chance to appear presidential on a sort of world stage and highlights how so many mexicans despise trump over his past comments like mexico was sending rapists and other criminals into the united states, or when he said an american judge could not treat him fairly because of his mexican heritage. the former mexican president, a politic pl political rival of the current, vicinte folks, just one of the many politicians blasting this visit. >> let me tell you, he is not welcome to mexico by 130 million people, we don't like him, we don't want him, we reject his visit. >> trump responded on twitter, former president fox who is rallying against my visit in mexico today also invited me today when he apologized for using the f bomb, referring to when president fox will not pay for trump's [ bleep ] wall, and
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fox said he invited trump to mexico city to apologize to the mexican nation, for some of the most damning criticism came from the most current president, the man trump is about to meet. back in march, president pena said about donald trump, quote, there have been episodes in human history, unfortunately, where these expressions of this strident rhetoric have led to ominous situations in history, that's how muscilini got in, that's he got in. and he's set to hold a prime time speech tonight, high risk for donald trump don't, right? >> reporter: potentially, any time an american politician goes overseas, the foreign press is generally lying in wait, and that may be the case in mexico city. but trump's going to be pretty president, as they've lined an described as a quick, one and out, and he's out.
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the rifsk really is that he woud be criticized by mexicans after he leaves mexico, and that's not going to really affect much more. the opportunity for him is that he gets to play the diplomat and accept an invitation before the former secretary of state, hillary clinton did. she's yet to respond according to the clinton campaign, to the same invitation that trump got last friday for this meeting. and it's not entirely clear how the president will participate with trump after their private meeting. it was an invitation for a private meeting and it may will be that mexican president will come out with trump and they will take questions or at least make a joint statement. but what we were told last night when story was breaking was that what they had agreed to was that trump would definitely come and make a statement of some sort, probably not take questions from the press, and it was to be determined whether or not the mexican president would treat him like a foreign leader. he is not that, so what we call
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bilaterally new conferences with world leaders at the white house is not how this will be treated from mexico's perspective, but it will give him an opportunity to say, i met with the president of mexico, with whom i have differences and we had some ideas and have begun a cordial relationship. trump himself have said that his immigration policies are negotiating positions for deal making and ma making and maybe tonight speech will give us indication of what his clarity will be on a whole host of issues, not just the temporary band and the vetting, and the immediate depormation f depormationtatidepormatiotationf 11 million, but what about what trump has referred to as anchor babies, and haven't been specifically attached to a policy reform.
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>> carl, reporters get heads up on speeches like tonight. do you have any advanced word? >> reporter: we're told over, and over, and over again, that it's going to talk about a lot of fairness, that there will be specifics on the items that we just enumerated, but that more than anything, what he's going to do is be tough and fair. one of the questions about the whole deportation issue is he has said that really bad criminals will be removed very, very quickly, and then he said sort of garden variety, my words not his, criminals, would be the next wave to be removed. but the term "deportation force" hasn't been used and he has been emphasiz emfasizing fairness a lot, because maybe not a lot of people wanted to go back to their country to get legalization, let alone citizenship, and some will stay, and it is not clear whether trump would give them something short of legal status but not
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have them face a round up and deportation. those types of questions have yet to be answered and they've been asked for the better part of almost a year and a half now. >> carl, thank you. let's turn to charlie hurt, who is with us from dc. what do you think of this? >> hey, shep. you know, as we've seen all along the donald trump has never seen a third rail he's not willing to grab ahold of with both hands and that's what he's doing here, going to mexico, the land of the trump pinniatata, a he's going to met with the mexican president to show while there's been a big media circus around so many things he said, so many of the incendiary and politic things that he said about illegal immigration, he wants to go down there and show that he can take these meetings,s and then come back here and as carl cameron pointed out, it will become a major feature of his speech in arizona. >> all right. hey, what is your thoughts on the downside of this potentially
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for trump, charlie? >> i don't see a whole lot -- when you look from a political perspective, it looks like because it's so downside, so why would he set himself up to get insulted by the president of mexico and everybody in mexico, but the truth is, if they -- when they do come out and lambaste him, it's not going to hurt him. if anything, it will hurt him with a lot of his supporters. but it allows had him to come back and say, look, i talked to the president of mexico. our southern border is an issue of great importance not just to us, but also to them because so many of the illegal aliens passing through, you know, crossing our border are passing through mexico. they're coming from other places in south america, so if he can sort of make an issue out of that and make the point that this is an issue that you know -- that both we and mexico care a lot about, then suddenly he could score some serious points in terms of making people
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understand that, hey, maybe mexico could get on board with building his wall with his big fat beautiful door and all that kind of stuff and maybe -- maybe even convince people that he could get mexico to pay for some of it. it's -- but obviously, you know when -- in our world of politics, nobody seeis it has anything but a very dangerous risk on his part. >> charlie, thank you. charlie hurt from dc. we're waiting for donald trump and the mexican president. they were to meet at 2:30 eastern time, so like 40 minutes ago. we expect to have a live picture when they come together. they'll have a private meeting behind closed doors and we believe they will speak to the cameras and we'll be there for that for you. hillary clinton spoke before trump's meeting and took a swipe at his comments on mexico. what she had to say next. plus, we're getting new d details when the fbi will
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or try crab lover's dream with tender snow and king crab legs. love crab? then hurry, crabfest ends soon. . clinton family facing calls from fellow democrats to cut ties with the clinton foundation. "the wall street journal" reports lawmakers, party officials and donors are pressing the clintons to step away. one example here, that arizona democratic congressman grialva
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tells quote, the foundation has become a distraction, politically speaking. what's at stake is the big prize, not the clinton foundation, it's the presidency of the united states. the democratic nominee says, meetings with people who donated to the foundation had 0 influence on her work. former president bill clinton has also talked about ways the foundation could change under a new clinton presidency, including ending foreign and corporate donations, and president clinton himself stepping down from the foundation's board. the clintons announced that chelsea clinton, former first daughter would stay on and that's raised concerns among some democrats. meantime we're waiting for the fbi to release part of its report on hillary clinton's e-mail investigation and could include notes about the feds' interview with secretary clinton, and that was part of their decision not to put forth charges surrounding the private e-mail server. we're live from washington and
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we're looking at a potential release this week, right, kathryn? >> reporter: we're told parts of the file into her practices could be released this week and it was emphasized the process is ongoing and large sections of the report will have redactions based on certain information. we were told not to expect it today so we're waiting for friday at 5:00, and we know almost what that slot is reserved for, shep. >> for stuff they don't want you to pay much attention to. what's the word on 30 benghazi e-mails? >> we're told some, if not all of these e-mails were duplicates so we've seen them before and there's really nothing new here. we're waiting on the state department briefing to see if that is in fact the case whether the e-mails are new, duplicates, or if any contain classified information. fox news was told that some of the e-mails come from the first week after the 2012 terrorist
12:16 pm
attack and the state department wanted until the end of september, so 30 days to check for private information. they wanted to know why it would take so think lolong and update court next week. >> these are obama judges looking at her team saying you need to provide answers and on the timetable the court wants, not whatever timetable suits you or the election calendar. >> the reason everyone is so hung up on this issue is because hillary clinton signed this statement under oath last august telling the court that she had handed overall her government records, yet we see with all of these multiple lawsuits that new records keep coming up. these may be duplicates, but republicans hope they will not be, shep. >> kathryn, thank you. three tropical systems are about to cause lots of problems for the rest of the week and the labor day weekend. two of them are headed towards hawaii, and another is forming
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. it seems american troops will be spending even more time in the not war in libya. defense officials tell fox news president obama extended the u.s. military's combat mission for another month. he w it was supposed to have been 30 days now it will go for longer. officials say two u.s. navy warships will remain off the coast of libya to help with air strike against isis militants and to help libyan forces in the city of sirte. meantime u.s. defense officials are calling out russia for
12:21 pm
claiming it killed the islamic state spokesman and chief strategist. word of his death was broke during -- word of his death came down this hour yesterday. isis claimed he was overseeing operations in northern syria when this went down . analysts say if confirmed, the pentagon said an air strike targeted him but said it was assessing the results. russia claimed one of their air strikes was responsible, but roadw rheuters officials call that a joke. and it's hurricane city in florida, preparing for tropical storm hermine, headed for the florida gulf coast somewhere between the panhandle and tampa and folks in tampa are already seeing some flooding i'm told. governor rick scott declared emergency for 42 counties already and school officials in
12:22 pm
two counties have already told the kids not to come to class tomorrow. meantime we're watching two hurricanes moving towards hawaii. meteorologists say madeleine is weakening, but expected to pass dangerously close to the big island. our chief meteorologist is here with a peak season. >> september ten10th is theica c cleimatelegical peak season. and it's kind of a needle in a hay steak here acrosses parts of the pacific. this is the first one, madeleine, the next one, lester, a big storm at this point. >> big eye. >> it's a really strong one. it will weaken, as well. tonight we have is this storm probably as a category one hurricane getting really close to the big island, probably going to the south, bringing a lot of rain and wind to the area. the southern side doesn't have a lot of people on it, which is good news. lester will track to the north
12:23 pm
and that'll probably make for a big surfing time across the north shores of hawaii. >> and then there's florida. a lot of wind and rain or what? >> kind of a combination. the atlantic is getting act and i have active and we're going to see activity over the next few weeks. we have a fish storm, tropical depression number eight, moving away, but this thing here, that just became hermine, it was 99 l, it had that name for a good time, now it means winds up to 45 mil 45-miles-an-hour, around the big bend of florida. not a lot of people in that area. >> a lot of oyster. >> which is kind of a good thing for storm surges and such. the extended track gets interesting, as well across ports of the northeast. it's not just florida with the rain and then across the carolinas with a really rainy
12:24 pm
friday, saturday. keep this in mind, it's the last kind of weekend people want to be in the beaches along the even seaboard, and two of our most reliable models, the european and the american models stick this storm right there for about a week up there. >> that's new york and long island and massachusetts up above it, looks like rain. >> we're talking wind, rain and a lot of uncertainty when we go this far out, but we may have this thing move into land as some kind of storm but certainly big wind and rain maker, maybe move back to land a week and a half, two weeks from now. >> really? >> could it last a month? >> we could maybe have a 35-day storm that was 99 l and really annoying. we may have another two weeks -- might. we are still have lots of -- >> georgia, south carolina, north carolina, rain for everybody. >> that's a guarantee. the rainfall totals will be pretty extreme.
12:25 pm
some spots maybe ten, 12, inches of rain, certainly down across partings of florid parts of florida. tomorrow, friday, saturday, that's guaranteed. the question is sunday, monday along the northeast. fortunately we have a lot of time to watch it but we've been talking about this for a long time and watch what happens here. >> spaghetti. >> these lines that are consistent turn into spa getty and and there you go. >> apalachicola, and that's a lot of fun to say. >> they have great oysters there at the moment. >> you bet. hillary clinton slamming trump's last-minute trip to mexico. we'll hear what she had to say and we'll look at what the polls tell us about how much american voters care about this immigration stance as we approach the bottom of the hour, and the top of the news on smith reporting.
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with police arresting the singer, dancer, entertainer, chris brown after a woman said he pulled a gun on her. happened yesterday in his home in los angeles, the mansion he calls it. police say they released brown on $250,000 bail. baylee curran said brown put a gun in her face when she admired some jewelry. she ran and called the cops around 3:00 in the morning. during the standoff, brown posted instagram rant that we can't see here, but here's a little bit any way. >> i'm going to barricade myself in the palace. i'm not coming out. for what? i ain't did [ bleep ], and theirs alwa there's always going to be black lives matter. >> the court convicted him of beating his girlfriend, 2013, rhiana. donald trump's meeting next.
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i've been taking fish oil from nature's bounty to support my heart. eating better, keeping healthy. so that no matter what happens in the future, my "future self" will thank me. thank you! 45 years of experience has taught us: no matter what the future holds, you're always better off healthy. nature's bounty bottom of the hour, top of the news, waiting for donald
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trump and the mexican president to appear together. hillary clinton went after donald trump on foreign policy saying you don't build a coalition by insulting our friends and acting like a loose cannon. during her speech to the american region or in cincinnati this afternoon, secretary clinton referred to trump's last minute trip to mexico. >> and it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insigne ways by dropping in on her neighbors for a few hours, and flying home. that is not how it works. >> clinton's statement writing since the beginning of his campaign he's quote painted mexicans as rapists and criminals. jennifer griffin is in cincinnati this afternoon. what was her strategy with the american region or today, jen? >> reporter: it was clear, shepard, she was trying to repeal to republicans and independents and veterans. many of whom she admitted may never have voted for a democrat. she made the case to them in fact in many cases using the language that is usually
12:32 pm
associated with republicans. here's what she said. >> my opponent in this race has said very clearly that he thinks american exceptionalism is ensulting to the rest of the world, in fact, when vladimir putin of all people, criticized american exceptionalism, my opponent agreed with him. >> reporter: overnight, the clinton campaign said they, too, received an invitation from the mexican president and that hillary clinton would go to mexico when it was appropriate. they suggested that it was not appropriate at this time, shepard. >> does her appeal to republicans seem to be working? >> well, if you look at certain national security types, today there was another prominent pentagon official who works for
12:33 pm
george w. bush who came out in favor of clinton, james clad, he joins a long list of about 50 former national security officials, all of them republicans, who signed an open letter last week or in recent weeks in which they said that donald trump would be a reckless president, perhaps the most reckless president in u.s. history, a letter the clinton campaign has been pointing to repeatedly. the rnc for its part has taken to attacking hillary clinton for not having a formal or wide-ranging press conference. they're keeping a running tally as of yesterday. it's been 270 days by the rnc's count. they go back to december 4th as the last time she held a conference. her campaign said she may in fact hold one soon but did not give a date, shepard. >> jennifer griffin, thank you. with all the attention of immigration, you would think it would be at the top of the list
12:34 pm
for americans but the numbers show that's not even close. in the latest fox news poll, just 3% of americans say it's an important issue, or the important issue. the economy, and terror lead the way. immigration doesn't even crack the top five. of course immigration factors into a lot of other issues but when listed on its own, eighth place. tom benefit i tom bevins with us. >> reporter: hey, shep. >> it's trump who's been saying this matters so much, not the polls. >> and immigration is always a republican issue with republican-based voters and generates more heat than light in primaries but you're right. when it comes down to brass tax, it is not an issue in the end that general election voters care a lot about or that motivates them. there are just not a lot of single voters on the issue of immigration. >> and we all remember the look-back that republicans did last time sort of autopsy on
12:35 pm
what went wrong a cycle ago showed that you have to reach out to more latinos and here is the presidential race, the fox news latino poll, who do they like better, now it's hillary clinton, 66, donald trump, 20 f. they've been trying for latinos, it's hard to see how and it's certainly clear it's not working. >> right. obama beat romney by 44 points, 77 to 21 among the hispanic vote and did well among asian-american voters, as well, and so the idea from the autopsy, and part of the sort of focus of the republican party had been to draw those minority voters into the fold and make it the big tent. but right now they've got donald trump as the nominee of the party and he's losing to hillary clinton by 46 points, 66 to 20. if those numbers stay where they are, donald trump's going to be in trouble on election day. live from mexico city where the mexican president and donald
12:36 pm
trump are to speak. we don't know what's going to happen here, but as one who does polling, what kind of polling do you think you could get from this meeting down there in mexico city today? >> that's a good question. i don't know. we may have a couple of questions that are asked in another round of polls, that ask you know opinions about what we're about to see, but it's hard to say. you had charlie hurt on earlier, this is a high-risk, high-reward opportunity for donald trump. we'll have to wait and see how it plays out. it may end up working to his favor in terms of appealing to hispanic american voters who will turnout in november. we have to wait up and see. >> we put up immigration where it ranks in the things people care about. they may not put it high, but traditionally, wedge issues are not certainly high but they are motivators, are they not? >> they can be in certain circumstances, and in certain states. but where the battlegrounds are
12:37 pm
this year is where they have typically been. in ohio, or pennsylvania, you don't have a huge number of hispanic or minority voters, and colorado and nevada. it depends on which state you're talking about, in terms of how big the issue will play. >> florida's a mighty big state on level of importance. do you see any trends we ought to be about? >> the last two polls that have come out in the last week, one has donald trump up two points, one has hillary clinton up two points. he's definitely closed the gap and if you look at the gap and do the map, it's almost impossible to see the scenario if he doesn't win florida. we're keeping an eye on that for sure. >> the i-4 corridor is anything. is there any indication the panhandle's numbers will be higher than normal, or the numbers with newly-importedis
12:38 pm
panics hispanics, if those numbers are going to move in one way or another to give you an indication. >> most people who have looked at florida are surprised donald trump is keeping it as close as you have because of the democrats in that state have shifted dramatically over the last two our four cycles, i think it's going to be pretty close again. >> tom bevan real clear polit s politics, thank you. donald trump's big speech tonight, 9:00 during megyn kelly's hour, where senator mccain just won the republican primary, but some analysts are looking at whether the rocky relationship with donald trump could hurt his chances for re-election in inspect. he was just in a primary. he's still got a general coming. the arizona senator like many in the gop establishment has been doing a delicate sort of balancing act when it becomes to trump. mccain supports trump because he's a republican nominee, but has been critical on fumuslims d
12:39 pm
ask after trump entered the list, he publicly mocked john mccain's war hero service saying he was not a hero of war because he was captured. senator mccain will not be at trump's speech tonight, is that right? >> reporter: he will not, shep. we just confirmed that within the last couple hours. we're told senator mccain will instead be resting at home in sedona, arizona with his wife having wrapped up the republican primary last night, and his non-attendance at the speech is probably all you need to know about how he feels about the sh shadow that donald trump is casting over mccain's own senate race here. when i caught up with him, he was not at all keen, the senator, to talk about donald trump. listen here. >> reporter: would a donald trump endorsement help or hurt you? >> i don't think it has much effect either way, because i've
12:40 pm
been representing the people of arizona for many years and they judge me on my record rather than any other factor. >> reporter: and what do you hope he'll say on immigration? >> i've got to go. >> reporter: the senator clearly impatient with repeated questions about donald trump. sadly for him, he's not going to be able to escape them. there will be even more obviously after this major immigration speech here tonight by mr. trump. >> what about mccain's opponent? >> she's an kirkpatrick, well-known, good name recommendation here well-funded and she's doing everything she can to make sure senator mccain is tied to donald trump. listen here. >> it's unbelievable to me trump can say such hateful, racist,
12:41 pm
and insulting things and john mccain still supports him. >> that tact not necessarily works well for congresswoman kirkpatrick. in the latest cnn poll, senator mccain had something like a 13 point lead over the congresswoman. we'll see if that changes in the wake of whatever donald trump says on immigration here in phoenix tonight, shep. >> all right, john thnathan, th you. this year, person says -- we'll talk to him about that next. and an ap news apart out of raleigh, north carolina, "associated press," and i quote, the u.s. supreme court refuses to restore north carolina's gop-backed voter i.d. and its reduction in early-voting days. north carolina put in you have to show an i.d. rules, and republican states to designed to keep some minorities from from being able to vote and have tried to reach the number of
12:42 pm
voting days. the u.s. court says those rules will not go into effect in north carolina this cycle. still waiting for donald trump and the mexican president, peña nieto to speak, we'll have that live on fox news when that happens. better buckle up.
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...some eyelove. eyelove means having a chat with your eye doctor about your dry eyes because if you're using artificial tears often and still have symptoms, it could be chronic dry eye. it's all about eyelove, my friends. as i mentioned, there's professor who predicted the winner of every single presidential election since 1984 and does it years and months ahead of time, but this year's election may be tougher than all the rest. he says the polls, speeches, ads, and debates do not matter. he uses 18 factors which he calls keys to figure out who the incumbent party will include the car is maof the party candidate, the car is maof the challenger, and whether the scandal is affecting the administration, and whether there's significant third-party candidate. and we're joined by the american history professor, and
12:46 pm
predicting the next president to the white house, alan, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> why is it so hard this time? >> it's so hard because my system is based on history, and it's primarily based upon 13 keys and gauge that the keys look like they're going to be leaning slight sly towards the democrat but we have a candidate in donald trump who is making it very difficult to call the keys. an example, one of the most important keys is whether or not there is a major contest for the incumbent party nomination, the democrats. it certainly looked like there was a big contest between sanders and clinton, but have so many democrats been horrified by the prospect of a trump presidency, the clinton/sanders contest doesn't matter anymore
12:47 pm
and you can't call that key against the democrats. >> this has worked all the other times. >> this has worked every time and usually years ahead of time. i called the very difficult to call, 2012 election in 2010. in fact i had a big fight with nate silver who said you can't call an election that early but i could t. shows just how unusual this election year is. we also have a very unusually fluid international situation. one of my important keys again is whether or not the incumbent administration, the democrats, achieve a major success in foreign or military policy. right now they haven't, but can they achieve a big enough success in the campaign against isis? say driving them out of iraq, that that -- my count, can obama convince the american people, which he hasn't done so far, that the iran nuclear deal is a big success? here's my advice to obama. forget conventional campaigning. >> he's not running.
12:48 pm
>> sell a foreign policy success. >> he's not running but he's campaigning and remember, it's the evaluation of the party holding the white house. not just the sitting president, who is of course not running. >> what is a four-hour trip to mexico do? >> i don't think it does anything, you know, it's a photo op. it's going to fade away. nobody's going to count that of anything important. much more is the speech on immigration tonight. but again my keys do not depend the day-to-day events of the campaign. and you also have the possibility of a significant third-party. >> yeah. >> is gary johnson a flash in the pan, or is he going to last? if he gets into the debates, that third-party key turns against the democrats, if not, it probably doesn't. >> professor alan lichman thank you. >> take care, shep. and something we haven't seen, an american commercial jet
12:49 pm
landing in havana, the first of many, next as we wait for donald trump live in mexico. hang tight.
12:50 pm
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12:52 pm
a commercial flight traveled between the united states and cuba for the first time in more than half a century. jetblue 387 took off from fort lauderdale and ended in santa clara. commercial air force has been cut off since the height of the cold war in the 1960s. today's flight marking an important policy of normalizing relations with cuba. we're waiting for donald trump to make a statement with the mexican president any time now. carl cameron is in phoenix where trump is set to speak tonight on immigration in prime time. hello, carl. >> reporter: hi, shep.
12:53 pm
we expect mr. trump would have something to say and there was a possibility he would appear with the mexican president and the -- the room in which mr. trump will appear is set up with two flags, both mexican and u.s. flags so it looks like it could be a two-for, the equivalent of what we call bilapse at the white house, when foreign dig tenitar and each get a couple of questions and off they go. for trump this is a huge score. for the last year and a half, people have been questioning his ability to be presidential, and what he appears on the pressepus of trying to pull off would be acting presidential, being potentially diplomatic with a foreign lead they're has not been particularly kind to him and has criticized his rhetoric and rise as a comparison to hitler and mussolini, on what the u.s. foreign policy to its
12:54 pm
neighbor, mexico would be on administration and trump has said he's going to build a wall and the president's going to pay for it and he said no, and the former president fox said no we won't and there's twitter battle between trump and mr. folks, that's pretty ferocious in advance of all of this, so it could be very, very interesting if they do take questions from the press. if they don't, don't be surprised because there's an awful lot of questions these two men would not like to answer if they can get away with not doing so. >> president pena has his popularity questions down there and donald trump is one of the least popular men on the planet in mexico, and you'll wonder if he won't use this for domestic consumpti consumption, you know. >> reporter: that's the risk. we know from trump sources there was a lot of diplomacy, a lot of phone calls between when the invitation was provided on friday, to the time the decision
12:55 pm
was made over the weekend and announced he would be going down there. and one assumes that being the super deal makes that trump likes to boast about being, that he wouldn't come down here without some sort of a commitment from pena niña nietot he's not going to call his names and they're going to be polite and trump can come back to arizona and deliver the speech on immigration plans, one that has been twice postponed, that campaign started first saying he would give a major speech almost two months ago on immigration, and so tonight, we're led to believe that we will get some clarity on how he will handle the illegal immigrants here in the country now, which ones will have to be deported, which ones may have another option that won't be amnesty or legalization either and whether the wall will be as big and as bold he said or whether there will be some sbrur interruptions, because there are mountains that make a wall
12:56 pm
impractical in some places and things like birth right citizenship, and whether he'll repeal the president's executive orders and the various different things for dreamers in this country. the children of those who are undocumented. lots of questions, shep. hopefully some answers tonight and pretty soon, we think these two folks, shep. >> carl, thank you. on this day in 1990, the griffes became the first ever father and son teammate in major league baseball history. ken griffe senior was 41 when he signed with the mariners and soon after, dad was batting second with junior right behind him. in the first game together, they hit consecutive singles and both scored. a couple weeks later, they hit back-to-back home runs. ken griffe senior retired after the following season and just last month, the kid made it into cooperstown. since then, the only other pair that's done it, tim rains senior and junior, and father and son stepped on the field 26 years ago today. when news breaks out, we'll
12:57 pm
break in, because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. worry world wi your world is neil cavuto is coming up next, along with president pena and mr. trump after this break. this is fox news channel. s cashd from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most.
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um. something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve. donald trump in mexico, after all the controversy, after saying he is going to make mexico pay for the wall, now donald trump and the president of mexico, enrique nieto, are about to make a joint statement. i'm in for neil cavuto. let's get our gop strategics weigh in on this. to you first, ron mayor, do you think donald trump loses -- you're a republican. does he win or lose to beat mexico's president? >> sure, here's the thing, he's already winning becaus


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