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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 31, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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competing for jobs. and it's a risk to national security. >> no change -- >> exactly. >> that is all the time we have left this evening. thanks for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. thanks for watching this live edition of "the o'reilly factor". much awaited new details about how he'd solve the immigration crisis. listen. >> i just landed, having returned from a very-important and special meeting with the president of mexico. a man i like and respect very much. we agreed on the importance of
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ending the illegal flow of drugs, cash, guns, and people and to put the cartels out of business. when politicians talk about immigration reform, they talk about amnesty, it should mean improvement to laws and policies, to make life better for american citizens. president obama and hillary clinton support sanctuary cities. they support catch and he lease on the border. they support visa overstays. they support the release of
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dangerous criminals from detention, we will build a great wall along the southern border and mexico will pay for the wall. on my first day in office, i am also going to ask congress to pass kate's law, named for kate steinle. to insure criminal aliens convicted of illegal reentry receive strong, mandatory, minimum sentences. strong. and then, we get them out. there are at least three countries that refuse to take their people back after they've been ordered to leave the united states. including large numbers of violent criminals. they won't take them back so we say okay. we'll keep them. not going to happen with me, folks. not going to happen with me.
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>> joining us now carl cameron, fox news chief political correspondent. our job was trying to condense a two and a half hour speech into a sound byte. >> there was a lot of material here, donald trump covered a tremendous amount of ground. he says it's a very, very complex problem and it is illustrated in that last piece of the sound byte that you're playing there, when donald trump pointed out that there are a lot of countries who will not take immigrants deported out of the country back to their own. and it illustrates one of the problems. trump did say clearly anyone who is in this country illegally will have to go home if they want to come back to this country and be legal. it was clear. he talked about deportation forces inside of ice. he also outlined 10 very
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specific ideas and proposals and frankly policies some of which are in place, that he would amp up in order to make the immigration system more workable. more successful and efficient. but here is the problem. when those people who are going to be deported are not going to be accepted by their original countries they have to be housed somewhere. they can't be released back into the public, trump said. that would require a massive staff to organize how that would be done and require the possibility of housing them somewhere. whether a refugee camp, somewhere, they'll be detained had this country until such time as a place outside of the country can be found. notwithstanding the amount of ground he covered, there are tremendous amount of very, very complicated questions that have yet to be answered. how could it be paid for? how would it be staffed?
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where would these people go in the interim would be the tip of the iceberg. the reason immigration hasn't happened since the reagan years is because congress has found itself deadlocked on these vexing problems. >> it's interesting his time with president neito was well received and everyone thought he was going to come out and play it safe saying i had a great day, and he came up with guns ablazing so to speak. landing ten point policy proposals and hit on everything people thought he should steer clear of. your thoughts on why. the guy just seems to not want to hold anything back at all. ever. >> well, he is learned with the softening when talking to sean hannity. there was a pronounced blow back
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from conservative republicans. ann coulter notably said the one thing he could not flip flop would be immigration. and that book was hitting the shelves the day after trump made his softening remark and he has been hardening ever since. this speech today, following the meeting in mexico city earlier suggests that trump has come back to a very, very tough immigration policy. a lot of it is aspirational. he talks about goals and hopes. the route to get there, nuts and bolts of governance we've not gotten a lot of. there is 69 days left. you can be sure democrats will demand specifics and so far, donald trump has been able to avoid them by talking with out problems and what he would do to fix them or how he would like to fix them. that will be part of his challenge in two and a half months. >> absolutely. carl, thank you for staying up with us. >> thank you very much. >> joining us now to analyze
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donald trump's immigration speech, from chicago, steve cortez, from the trump campaign. i will start with you. we can go through policy things. i would rather focus on something late in the speech. just before he ended this speech. let's talk about those angel parents, moms and dads when talked about losing loved ones to illegal alien crime. your thoughts on whether that struck a nerve and was it a good opportunity? >> sure, it was a tragedy what happened to those families. as you know, undocumented people are more likely not to commit crimes. they're way under the radar as far as committing crimes so pulling out a few families that are exceptions to the rule is sad. it's very sad for the families but that does not represent the undocumented community. we know that donald trump is hardening his position on the
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deportation police, breaking up families, taking children from parents. so it's a really sad statement by donald trump. his speech was sad. it was anticipated. he talked about not bringing out fames like he got criticized like he should have been for the family that lost their son in the war. and now, he's bringing out families so the double standards, double talk. >> okay. okay. the only thing is -- >> mr. cortez. >> where he is not welcome -- hold on a second. >> and it's a sad state of affairs. >> i got you. let me bring steve cortez in. donald trump did bring those families out there. i'm not sure if statistics are right about the crime numbers with illegals moving along. tell me how you think donald
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trump did? >> eric i would say words matter, they're not undocumented they're illegal. we say they don't commit a crime, they commit a crime that they're here in the first place. we can't mince words, okay? i'm the son of an immigrant, i have empathy for the entire hispanic community but more for the legal hispanic community. it's unfair to hispanic who's did it right, waited in line, worked hard to say we're going to allow illegals to cheat and hop the line and get in front of them. so i think what donald trump did today was, he had an incredibly presidential day. he went down to mexico city and acted like a statesman. he negotiated and talked with a man who, by the way called him hitler but he was able to say, mexico and the united states we're friends and allies we have problems we have to negotiate
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but we have a bright future, then, he went to arizona and said always, america first. your priority is my priority. >> one second, are you surprised he went down aggressively? he had a calmer tone in mexico. he comes here, he's very aggressive and forward with the 10-point plan. >> i am surprised. much to his credit he gave more detail on immigration and solving the problem of immigration than i have heard in 25 years. closely, closely following this issue so give enormous credit for that. now, what he did is asked very stewedusly. he's the candidate. what i think he did is he told the american people you're my priority. your safety has to come first above all else.
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>> a lot of people on the left say donald trump is devoid of specifics and he was very, very specific tonight. is there anything specifically you had a problem with? >> a lot of things. first of all, steve, he's entitled to his opinion, it's a small segment of the latino community and words do matter. his hate words led to a rise in hate crimes. words do matter. terminology matters. >> how is illegal a hate word? if you break the law you're illegal. >> there is no word for these people crossing through the desert risking lives. there is no line for them to get into. mexican unauthorized migration dropped by 40%. now, it's another part of the world they're coming in from more which is central america. more people are going south than coming north.
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as far as the points he was talking about, breaking up families, deporting the parents. you know, if he had been president previously, his own wife won't be here today. >> wow. >> so it's hypocritical. >> i'm not -- you're throwing out ideas and thought i think -- >> these are facts. these are facts. >> that is the difference. there is thoughts and facts. we're talking about facts. >> i have a problem i'm up against a hard break. >> you know your opinions but not your own facts. >> typical left wing talking. got it. gentlemen, thank you very much. up next, political after shock from donald trump's immigration speech tonight. two experts are here to weigh in, moments away. [ crowd noise ]
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the pril consequences from donald trump's immigration speech, tonight. donald trump went all if, laying out plans to sek occur the border with mexico. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border and mexico will pay for the wall. we will use the best technology, including above and below ground sensors, in the tunnels, the towers, aerial surveillance and man power to supplement the wall, find and dislocate tunnels and keep out criminal cartels, and mexico, you know that, will work with us, i really believe it. >> joining us to analyze is athey taylor and michael tobin. this could be the most expansive
8:17 pm
policy layout we have seen on any policy and maybe in a long political time. >> it's a level of details and nuance i don't think we're expecting. i disagree i would say it's a policy and effective speech, and two words, one name. willy hortton. this is going to be the home they compare to george hw bush and say is the hillary campaign going to pivot. >> kathy? what did you i of the speech? >> interesting. this is a very substantive speech and he did -- there were two important messages. first, you know i thought it was very powerful when he said you need to worry about amnesty. you need to worry about is it safer for you? in addition to that, he laid out this 10 point plan to show he's come a long way and understands
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the nuances. he understands and appreciates complexities and he can get there. the second thing he did, he put a face on illegal immigration with the angel mothers. >> very powerful. >> heart wrenching. those faces were faces of gratitude and heart break. he did that well and i think that is hard for hillary clinton to go up against. >> if he's reaching out to the hispanic community, he may have done that and i will tell you anyone in the middle, i need someone who will make the country safe, did he do that? >> i don't know he reached out to communities of color, but he expanded his base. >> there are votes kuchling out where we haven't seen before. folks registered and never voted. i think the hillary campaign is
8:19 pm
thinking hard about increasing outreach in those areas. >> building a great wall on a southern border. he said they don't know it yet but they're going to pay for it. he hit the base. does he need to spread it out away from the base? >> there is an interesting poll from fox that shows most of his base doesn't really -- they're okay if he talks into tone. he held his tone and did it with more compassion, appreciation and said if you're a criminal, you will be deported. >> very strong. >> very strong. >> and he gave it room. >> that is right. that is right. >> including kate's law and others. very strong. >> one person for every 10 families is illegal. one person for every ten families. >> i'm going to stay away from the substance of this because
8:20 pm
we're going to have a disagreement but politically this was nixon style in majority. this is willy horton coming out. >> he's turned something. >> he's probably got hillary clinton at least concerned now. maybe the tone of -- >> hillary's speech, today, about american exceptionalism was necessary, important and well executed but paled in comparison to what we saw today. >> next on the run down, governor mike huckabee joins us to opine on donald trump's immigration speech. stay tuned for that. what if one piece of kale could protect you from diabetes? (crunch) what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease, pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in the hospital. even if you've already been vaccinated
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dissecting details laid out by donald trump this evening. joining us now is former arkansas governor mike huckabee.
8:24 pm
at one point he said this election is the last chance to secure the border. you can hear the tone in the room. your thoughts? >> well, i thought his speech was very specific. i mean he spent an hour an 15 minutes going through detail. 10 points is more than any speech should be. one of the things he was brilliant at is to bring an affirmation of the people imgreating here legally and point out illegal immigration hurts the legal immigrants as much as americans. he's careful talking about this is about putting america first. there is something i find interesting about democrats. a big line is if we have to save one life, it would be worth it, even if we have to suspend
8:25 pm
constitutional rights. why it is democrats are willing to suspend the legal rights of people to save one life, but on the other hand they're willing to support people here illegally, though there are many people on that stage tonight with donald trump would have said the life of my child would have been saved had we held our borders. >> i can't answer you. the hypocrisy of the left could be part of the issue. donald trump said hillary clinton is going to do nothing for african american and latino workers. he was speaking to them to get their vote? is that where that is going? >> i think it was a statement of reality. there has been, for a long time, almost a locked vote in the minority community towards democrats.
8:26 pm
look what it's gotten. nothing. their cities aren't safe, job opportunities are less. greater likelihood they'll be in prison because the policies have not really lifted them up. and i think he's quite bold and frankly, i think incredibly smart to just tell it like it is. don't dance around this stuff. speak clearly. he's doing that. one of the reasons i think he's the nominee is for that reason. tonight there was clarity in his speech. now, let's remember something. everybody criticizing donald trump he was specific as a person can be. no matter what donald trump does, the main stream media and the left will never give him credit. if the man walk add cross the rio grand, they'll say see? donald trump can't swim. he's got to face that problem where no matter what he says, how detailed his policies are,
8:27 pm
someone is going to use it to pick him apart. i thought he nailed it by giving the spefot only what we're going to do, but how we're going do it. >> there is a different tone tonight versus earlier when he spoke with neito in mexico. your thoughts on why the change in tone. >> it's the reason you speak differently to your wife in the theater than you do at a football game. in this setting in mexico it was a diplomatic setting. he was being a gracious and kind guest. and i think he was presidential. and it's a rally. it's there to rev folks up.
8:28 pm
i don't think he was disrespectful to anything he'd said. he clarified if he's running for the president of the united states he's running to make america better. it's the mexican president's job to make mexico better and his focus is going to be to make america the best it can be and protect americans. that is what he's supposed to do. >> who was he speaking to? who is that speech speaking to? quickly? >> to americans who are sick and tired of a government that failed to do it's fundamental duty of protecting us. >> all americans. >> thank you very much. >> coming up, donald trump's plan, does he have the right strategy to pull it off? back in a moment. what's it like to put your home in good hands? like having something fit you, just right, thank you randall.
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8:33 pm
whether it's wise to build a continuous wall almost 2000 lsjn$ave worked out p the borde and i have been there. and walls worked well in populated areas. south of san diego. you know, arizona, walls there are beneficial. and do we need to build a wall for big ben national park? to mountains in arizona? >> do you know why? because if it's not continuous, 0á,é populated areas you can see the full length. >> also, there is a strong consideration. i won't bother you with environmental considerations. of mexico are along the rio
8:34 pm
grande through texas. where do you build the wall? on the mexico side? no. that is an act of war. our side? i don't think so. middle of the river? there are considerations that have to be taken into account. and what what trump is right about is that you need a wall of laws. >> we need a wall and president billion dollars spent to keep our borders secure? >> once you have government mandated union labor, materials, various lawsuits, patriots down in the border suddenly wanting money for these. >> there is a better idea.
8:35 pm
let's use mexican and american laborers to defray some of the cost to mexico. use some of their labor. >> you'd probably end up being billed by illegal immigrants anyway. enforce the laws on the books. we need to revamp laws and when you're apprehended you go back immediately. what we've got to do is stop penalizing victims so the idea that endless appeals and anchor babies, sorry if that offends anybody, that has to stop. my bottom line is no one who enters illegally ever, ever, gets to vote for president, senator, representative, governor, judge, etc. >> colonel peters never fails to
8:36 pm
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thanks for joining us. in election 2016, it's neck and neck in the presidential race. voters who they favor on election day. hillary clinton has 41%, donald trump, a mere two points behind at 39% and within the margin of error. garyta:ç johnson, 9%. the race. >> two points, within the margin of error and swing states seem to be tightening as well, anyone's race now? >> it is. i think anyone who thought the race was over before was just doing wishful thinking. you know what? poll. it's a good day, but one poll, and we'll see what happens next week, and the week after that
8:41 pm
and the week after that. >> and chris, david points out the week after that, happens to be the first debate. puts a lot of emphasis with such tight polls. >> yes. it does. want to point out on the horse race, clinton is being hurt more than trump. when there is a two way she has a six-point lead but what's happening is that there are younger voters who seem to be tentatively going to third party candidates. so, we'll see what they do. do they gravitate back to major party candidates? candidates making the debate? >> yes. >> and reason why that is important is johnson had 9%
8:42 pm
only. he has to get to 15% so the total date is that there is 13% up for grabs if they don't make the debate stage. trump if they don't? >> well, i'm in the sure about that. i look at it not only as 13, 9 johnson, four for miss stein, but i look at the nine points, seven points, people who haven't picked are one or another. there is 0 points if play. i think they don't go for trump necessarily because they seem to have been in them/&tñ two way. and gone for clinton more than trump. it's still a wide open race. i don't think a sek or third party candidate will make it. it's too big of a climate to get to 15 now. >> so tracking polls is up by
8:43 pm
five points. why is that so different? >> moment in time polls? >> i can say fox news poll is the gold standard, live interviewers. so i think there are dynamics in clinton's favor. we knew this election wasn't going to be won by likability. but there is some candidate quality j9ies that overwhelming favor clinton. two thirds said they thought clinton had the temperament to be president and right knowledge
8:44 pm
and capabilities and two thirds said trump did not. until those numbers start to come into line, i think yes, maybe the test is giving aappearance of the race tightening. it's in play. but there is still fundamentals. >> tell me about the under cover trump vote. people don't say they'll vote for trump. >> i don't see anything that supports it. i think it's wishful thinking. >> what about you, chris? >> this is wishful thinking. interviewers tell us trump supporters are louder and more enthusiastic. we're not seeing anything like
8:45 pm
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one of our favorite democrats has been warming up for the bull pen all night just to respond to donald trump's immigration address. joining us now leslie marshal. take a listen to this. >> new that you've heard about hillary clinton's plan about which she has not answered a single question, let me tell you about my plan. and you noticed, you noticed all the time for weeks and weeks
8:49 pm
they're debating it, talking about it. what about this? that? they never mention her plan on immigration because she doesn't want to get into the quagmire she doesn't know what she's doing except open borders and let everybody come in. and destroy our borders. >> okay. leslie, where is trump going wrong? >> maybe on the fact there are no facts there. hillary clinton made immigration a central part of her campaign. she's been very specific with what she wants and there are huge differences. rather than close our borders she'd like to protect our borders. >> wait, wait, wait, hold on. what is the difference? >> well, one is -- >> other than close borders? she wants to protect our borders. >> right. if you look at the bipartisan gang of 8 legislation put forth that included a large amount of
8:50 pm
money for more border patrol agents. if you're going to have more agents which donald trump wants, i'm confident in those agents and technology we have seen used in other countries successfully we don't need to close the border to secure it to make us more safe. >> okay. >> it sounds like have you to make sure it's secure. and with the 5,000 additional. >> the problem is money. where is the money coming interest? stats show $25 billion would be the dollar amount just for the wall. additional amounts, to man that wall where is that coming from? you have to take into account congress has to give a green light to this. and right now, we have a divided congress. and a republican majority. >> there is a handful of ways.
8:51 pm
if you want, you could do it. okay? let's say they're not. but there are those who would say by securing the border with a wall, you'll save money and entitlfñ9t spending to illegals here collecting benefits, and they do. >> part of the problem with the idea, concept of the wall i have heard donald trump put forth is talking about immigration and undocumented workers and we've seen the deficit of approximately 140,000 over the past four years, more people leaving than coming. mexico has about two kids per family versus six about 10 years ago. less people coming. we look at or land yes and san bernardino, american borne, none of the 19 hijackers came over the rio grand. so the wall doesn't keep us safe from terrorism. >> and frankly -- >> you're asking me where the money was. >> and 11 plus million still in the u.s. >> by the way, building a wall
8:52 pm
with 2000 miles that is our southern border is a major jobs creator. i will say. president obama on a shovel ready, there is nothing more shovel ready. leslie very to leave it there. thank you for staying up with us late, late tonight. >> coming up, geraldo riviera made bold predictions before donald trump's speech tonight. did they pan out? don't go away as this live edition of "the factor" continues. cooling sensatio n in your mouth and throat. n zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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is it keeps the food out. for me before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. >> you may feel guilty to admit it, but we know it's the only reason you stayed up until midnight on the east coast. >> thank you, everybody. >> he joined us again.
8:55 pm
so i said we're going to be presidential in mexico, will probably do it again, tonight. and let me just preface by saying i know the vast majority of the audience disagree wind advisories me. it's been here 15 years. i know the audience and i are not in things. i love you. thank you for supporting this, that, and another. >> that is fun. >> not talking about immigration. >> i'm going to tell you something i did agree with. why so strong, why readopt saying i'm going to do it. we just saw him being president
8:56 pm
trump. >> the whole notion of trump's pivot and bringing on kelly ann conway who we adore and this approach is like he forgot he was in mexico today. and that he was being presidential. these people were going to vote for trump anyway. isn't the idea to get women on board? >> i'll give you points out. and this is a rally. he said you don't talk the same way in restaurants than in a baseball game. >> that is true. >> one of the things that crippled hillary clinton's candidacy until recently is the fact when she appeared in these
8:57 pm
rallies she use that had high voice. he reverted to other candidates and wanted to be the loudest voice in the room, again. >> that is the speech? >> i do not. there is a softening of his position. >> where? >> i'm looking here. they don't know yet, but they're going to pay for it. >> there is 2 million, however many, that is what he's talking about. >> that is a big one. there is no way, as a lawyer, you exist right now, you live
8:58 pm
and thrive in new york city. number one in terms of economic. 8.5 million people, 1 million undocumented immigrants. you never hear about them. why is that? if you're a sanctuary city, you're taking federal funds. so you're clipped by 10%. >> president trump is going to say san francisco, miami. you know? and -- >> it's not going to happen. >> a lot of this is in sanctuary
8:59 pm
cities. what happens if an undocumented woman is abused by her husband? and afraid to call the cops? >> that happens. >> it happens now. automatical automatically. >> that is incorrect. >> the guy did five years in jail for felony reentry. >> yes. >> he was such a. >> listen. >> two thoughts. finish. >> got to go. >> truch has got to be presidential if he wants to be president. >> thanks for staying up late. and thanks for watching. this late night edition of the factor. we run out of red bull. that is all we have time for.
9:00 pm
president remember, the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. welcome to a special midnight edition of the kelly file. mr. trump spoke to a fired up hall in phoenix promising to build a wall and create a task force that he says will be focused on removing criminal illegal immigrants in america. and it remains


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