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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 1, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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back. it's going to be a very big week. all of us are thrilled about it. that's it for us here today. catch me tomorrow on the intelligence report at 2:00 p.m. eastern. and also tonight on "lou dobbs tonight." i'm in for lou. "the five" is next. i'm gregg with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, eric boling, and melissa francis, "the five." he went from soft to hard in four hours. i speak of donald trump, getting his first big speech on immigration after that trip to mexico, comparing both events it was pure good cop/bad cop. first the good. >> i happen to have a tremendous feeling for mexican-americans, not only in terms of friendships, but in terms of the tremendous numbers that i've employed in the united states, and they are amazing people, amazing people.
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i have many friends, so many friends, spectacular, spectacular, hard-working people. i have such great respect for them, and their strong values of family, faith, and community. >> that was nice. oh, wait, here comes the bad cop. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. and mexico will pay for the wall. they don't know it yet, but they're going to pay for it. >> well, that was fast. mexico didn't even get its one phone call. maybe this is how negotiations work. you say one thing here, another thing there. it's old school autocrat. visit a country and you're gracious, back home, you're a strongman on steroids. but behind the scenes you offer the mexican president a discount on the wall. but last night, trump opened with the wall that is a stairway to heaven, his big hit. but he cited the awful visa system and talked about
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expanding i.c.e. >> we are going to suspend the issuance of visas to any place where adequate screening cannot occur. i call it extreme vetting, right? extreme vetting. i want extreme. countries from which immigration will be suspended would include places like syria and libya. >> the shift was clear. immigration reform means plugging the leak first. he brought up quizzing immigrants on honor killings, women, and gay rights. >> another reform involves new screening tests for all applicants, an idealogical certification to make sure those we are admitting to our country share our values and love our people! applicant also be asked for their views about honor killings, about respect for women and gays and minorities. >> of course, the left will call
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this religious persecution. but how come they only defend religion when it hurts our country? then there's vintage donald. >> within i.c.e., i am going to create a new special deportation task force focused on identifying and quickly removing the most dangerous criminal illegal immigrants in america who have evaded justice, just like hillary clinton has evaded justice! maybe they'll be able to deport her. >> oh, my goodness. >> it's a joke. i think. and it was indeed a speech, but also a rally before the converted. did he win over anyone that he hadn't won already or did he undo the sheer brilliance of his stately mexican visit? the media says he didn't pivot, which we aren't used to. me, i dug for specifics, i asked for them. but after a year of bad blood, have the people who should be
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tuning in?lready moved in or any way, at least we got new hats. >> well, i'll tell you what, i'm going to put this hat on. [ applause ] >> why do they have to be white? racist. >> some are red. >> they are beautiful hats. let's make mexico great again, also. >> it shows we're inclusive and working together as a team. i loved the speech yesterday when he was with pena nieto. this obviously was a rally cry to let them know hey, the donald trump candidacy for the presidency of the united states is not dead. it's alive and kicking. so he's there giving the specifics. he's taking up all the air time. nobody has heard from hillary. maybe we'll get a christmas card, we're not sure. it's unbelievable. he's driving the momentum, the energy, the focus. he showed up to help the families that were suffering
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terribly with the floods. he accepted the invitation to mexico and he's the one telling you the specifics of people like yourself have asked for. i ask you, greg, has it caused you to reconsider? >> i'm always grateful, i'm just wondering if it's too late. and he also mentioned a few things that he hadn't mentioned before. eric, i thought it was very smart that he pretended he might go soft, but instead he went hard. >> did he pretend or did we all speculate that he would just play it safe? he had a great afternoon with pena nieto. everyone said here at the table said he should just take those five points and go into the speech and he'll crush it. >> i didn't want him to do the speech. >> i think it was a stroke of brilliance. so he's stately over there. people are different when they're in a foreign country, when you're being diplomatic.
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you should be different. when he came home, he went vintage, as you point out, donald trump. he hit the ten-point plan so many people have been asking for. on deportation, on criminal aliens here, on visa programs. that was big, that visa program. he's going to aggressively go after people who jump their visas, send the criminals back. i thought the speech and the policy and the meat of the speech was fantastic. i think he solidified his base vote. what he did helped him with moderates or undecided. i thought it was fantastic. by the way, if you have any questions, i'm on "the factor" tonight and i'll ask him. i think there is a question somewhere, you said you're going to define deport. but under e obama's deportation rule, if you stop someone at the border and tell them to go back,
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that's a deportation. so if you have 11 million aliens here and they get to a safe place, can they go there and apply for citizenship? is that a left and they came back in? we'll ask him. >> good question. you keep hearing about his hispanic advisers. did he just write the group off? >> i think it's classic inkblot politics. depending on what you were watching, i watched both things live, and i thought his speech in the middle of the day was very presidential, much softer as you said. and if you watched later, he went back to the screaming crowd and sort of the red meat. which by the way, people were screaming in that crowd. you never hear that from hillary clinton. >> it's his choir. >> when she gets her choir together, they're not hysterical like that. >> look back to candidate obama
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having that kind of crowd. >> i think he did the inkblot thing. i say all politicians say one thing in front of one group and another in front of a different group. hillary clinton when she's standing in front of goldman sachs. she says something i'm sure very nice about wall street. and then she goes out and bashes evil banks and we're going to tax the hell out of them and they're awful. everybody always knows it's about the audience. inkblot politics. >> juan, when he plays to the audience like that and you hear the cheers, that's all he's getting. is he getting anybody else? he has to work on a year of antagonism, with the hispanic vote. is it too late? >> let's answer your first question. what he appeared to do yesterday, which you guys were saluting. he went down there, he looked presidential, he look the initiative by beating hillary clinton to take the trip to
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mexico. this was outreach. this was saying if you had doubts about his temperament and his ability to deal with an american leader on an international stage, here's donald trump. within hours, the story began to shift. oh, yeah, he did talk about the wall. and yes, president pena nieto said no, i'm not paying for it. now it looks like he lied about it. >> no, no -- >> let me finish. then he goes down to phoenix and he gives a speech and the speech absolutely repels the latino community. so you had people who were on his hispanic advisory council, they were trying to get him to be more reasonable. they were willing to play ball with donald trump. now they're quitting, resigning. they're not necessarily going over to hillary, but they're gone. so eric yesterday was saying, you know what? they're going to bump up the numbers with the latino
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community. forget about that. outreach, zero. and then the clinton campaign says, oh, you know what? we're just going to retweet ann coulter, retweet david duke, because they're the biggest people who loved that speech last night when you talk about a deportation task force, when you talk about kicking out people. i mean, most republicans don't believe that we should be kicking out people. but that's donald trump. so no pivot. no change. the guy you knew is the guy you got. >> he didn't lie about it. they didn't discuss mexico paying for the wall. trump even sat in front of the guy, there's going to be a wall. >> no, no, pay for the wall. here's what john podesta said? >> clinton's podesta?
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>> yes. >> he clarified right after. >> you guys are up a tree. it's okay, it's okay. >> i guess my point, is i can't see after that speech hispanics saying hey, now i like him. i just don't see that. is there enough white people left that he can get so they can write off everybody? >> i think you guys are in for a surprise here, because i mean, you're talking about my people. i'm telling you that so many of the hispanics that i talk to and african-americans are trump supporters. i think you're underestimating what he's been able to accomplish. and prepare yourself. >> the polls don't show that. >> that's not true. there's new polls out even now and it shows that -- >> among blacks and hispanics? >> american-born hispanics, a rasmussen poll out, as well. just give it a moment and see what happens. >> gary johnson, who was our
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guest, says how is it going to work? he's going to put this deportation task force, are they going to go door to door hunting down latinos? >> the interesting thing, when they poll -- voters are presented a choice, a system that allows illegals a path, they're overwhelmingly for that and against deportation. how do you deal with that? >> when you're in a foreign country and you go to the u.s. embassy, you're on u.s. land. you're not on foreign country land anymore. you're in u.s. territory. so if you set up mexican deportation stations within the united states, and an illegal who is here, says i've been here five years, i'm paying taxes. they go to this island within the united states. you're technically on mexican land again, right? you've been deported and you go back into society. that's a way, and why is that so
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bad? that's a very friendly and nice way to do it. >> i love it when you make these things up. i'm not hearing this from the candidate. you're talking about what people call touch-back, where they would have to go before they come back. by the way, when you were talking about five years or so, do you know that in fact most of the illegal immigrants have been here 10 years. >> this is the diceiest part of the issue. coming up, more reaction to trump's immigration agenda, including from his democratic opponent. stay tuned.
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♪ ♪ wanted, wanted, dead or alive ♪ >> welcome back to "the five." continuing coverage of donald trump's immigration speech from last night. after his visit to mexico, hillary clinton responded with this tweet. she said, "trump just failed his first foreign policy test,
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diplomacy isn't as easy as it looks." but some people are praising him. >> here he is standing on the stage with a world leader. trump took charge, he pulled it off and i think he helped himself. >> i think this is the single best day of the campaign for donald trump. what you saw today was trump not only standing with a would-be ally or a traditional ally, but an ally whose citizens he's basically attacked again and again and again for the better part of the last year. and to pull it off. >> all right, mr. juan williams, steve hayes and charles krauthammer, who have come around to trump. what is? i think what they said is they thought trump had a good showing. >> you don't? >> remember, that was before the speech and the whole controversy
2:19 pm
did he lie about getting pena nieto to pay for the wall and did they discuss it or not. but i think they're right. that's what you guys were saying to me yesterday. trump looked like he was on the world stage and carried it off. to my mind, it was a low bar. i think what we were fearing is somebody is going to throw a shoe at that guy, curse him out and it's going to be a mess down there. he took a risk. you know what? you take a risk and he was rewarded. he had a good time in mexico city. he comes back, though, and he just -- i think he just threw water on his momentary fire. >> the one thing, it's important thing about the risk. he had -- he didn't want to do it. and there were a few advisers that didn't want to, but he did it any way. i think that's important, because if he had not have done that, i think it would have been a real bummer for him. i think it really added a lot. hillary's tweet, she is kicking herself over this. i mean -- >> where is she?
2:20 pm
>> raising money. >> he's setting the agenda now for -- she's now got to respond to these issues, because he's way ahead. >> wait, wait, respond to what? he didn't persuade anybody. >> by going to mexico, she's like, people are going, where were you? >> how off is that tweet? >> so off! >> he just crushed it. >> somebody has to wake up rip van winkle clinton and say hey, this guy crushed it. you had an opportunity to go and talk to the people that were suffering and lost their homes. he went this and showed that he has an interest in governing and getting things done. what she's doing is interested in getting more clinton cash, whether it's fund-raising or for the global initiative. they're very good at getting other people's money. but what else can you do? >> the money is fantastic, and
2:21 pm
they're the best at raking it in. i've never seen anyone monetize politics like she did. every time we don't see her in the limelight, it's because she's at another fabulous fund-raiser raking in like $140 million last month, something like that. trump raked in $5 million yesterday on wednesday alone. based on this, if you look at the donors, people liked what they saw during the day. but she's using all of that money to hammer him. i wonder what is the dominant strategy? he's looking better in the polls, but she's got all that cash to spend in mixed states. >> what is she doing? she's sitting aggressi aggressive. she had some ranting speech yesterday. she didn't look or sound good. is she just trying to ride the clock out? >> i think she -- for example, she doesn't do press conferences. so her, that's like a
2:22 pm
colonoscopy. it's an invasive procedure that you don't do it unless you have to. >> i think that this is a definite strategy. if you look at the way every other race has gone for her, she's way out the more people sere her up close, the more speeches she makes, the more babies she kisses, the closer it gets and the more she falls behind. i think this is a concerted effort to keep her out of the press and limelight, that she stands up, she does a speech. they take little snippets, because it's really boring and people click away from it. i think they keep her under wraps for as long as they can. and maybe that's -- >> how can that be smart? why do we play preseason football games? so you get practice for the real deal, right? she's not even practicing. >> it's pretty shocking.
2:23 pm
>> there are two things to say here. one is that people click and people turn on to donald trump, melissa, to your point, because they think this guy is out of control. it's so entertaining and fascinating. you can't turn him off, right? okay, but the result is not that people come away thinking boy, that's someone i trust to be my president in charge of my country's military. no. yesterday, the president of the u.s. chamber of commerce, these are people with conservative values. >> the u.s. congress is conservative? >> yes, it is, this is the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce. and they called donald trump a clown. >> i wouldn't put them in the conservative camp. >> tim kaine said this was amateur hour. that's what he said this morning on msnbc. >> isn't that what you would expect from tim kaine? >> no. tim kaine is pretty honest guy.
2:24 pm
>> come on! >> the clinton people yesterday, after what happened in mexico city, people like howard wilson said, if this is what we were looking for, a pivot from donald trump, he just had a winning moment, a great time. but it was after the lie is revealed, after the speech, which he just throws everything out the window. >> we were out there afterwards, you said it was all about that president being nice to him. >> the president was very courteous, hospitable. as i said, it was a low bar. nobody cursed him out -- >> oh, my god. juan, you know better than that! you know better than that. next, new trouble for hillary over e-mails, after evidence shows she sent top secret information after she left the state department. details when we return.
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how ironic is this? yesterday, hillary clinton was preaching about cyber security. >> you've seen reports, russia's hacked into a lot of things, china has hacked into a lot of things. russia even hacked into the democratic national convention. maybe even some state election systems. so we've got to step up our game. as president, i will make it clear that the united states will treat cyber attacks just like any other attack. we will be ready with serious political, economic, and military responses. >> let's start with your server, shall we? at the same time, we're learning she continued to send classified material over e-mail using her unsecured server after leaving the statehouse. juan? >> one argument among people
2:30 pm
that she simply wanted her own way of communicating with her people and was going to hide it. i don't know. but i just think it was a mistake and she's acknowledged it was a mistake. but i appreciate your point, kimberly. >> which is? >> that she's talking about cyber security. and the other thing is among the democrats, you have people right now, including in the clinton campaign, who are critical of a president obama for not going after the russians more aggressively for what they see as having hacked the dnc and the potential for embarrassment come october if the russians want to embarrass hillary clinton. >> are those people also disappointed and upset with hillary clinton's reckless judgment regarding our national security, juan? >> no. i think overwhelmingly -- i just tell you what the polls clearly show. democrats don't care about this issue. but it is damaging with independents. i think it's damaging to the
2:31 pm
point of damnation with republicans who see her as fbi director comey said, having been reckless. but a lot of this has to do with the fact that people who don't like her and have questions about her largely focus on trustworthiness, honesty, see her as -- and her husband as always pushing a little too far. and this brings us back -- >> the donation envelope. >> this brings us back to our conversation about the foundation. >> right. >> i think you see democrats now saying it was a bad idea, close it down. you have to get out of this, hillary. >> boling? >> still trying to figure out why 33,000 e-mails were okay to delete, even to the point using bleach bit where trey gowdy said god couldn't read them. that's evidence, right? if you're going to say look, i'll turn over 30,000, at least hold the 33,000 that you don't
2:32 pm
want to turn over in a place that you can keep them. put them on a zip file. >> look, i don't know. my sense is that -- >> unless you want to avoid justice. it's moral consciousness of guilt. that's a jury instruction. >> that's pretty harsh. >> that's the law. >> it was her private and personal e-mail, i don't know. >> trust her on this -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> the fbi, the state department, said she was within her right to do it. if i'm conspiracy minded -- >> if we were running for president -- >> i think it's rich to have her talking about how she's going to be tough on cyber security. on one hand, she's acting like she knows something about compute computers and technology. but on the other, she doesn't know anything about e-mails.
2:33 pm
she's either an idiot or fit to be in charge of our national cyber security. and she's already said, i didn't know any better, i didn't have the intent. so that means she's just an idiot. she didn't know she was supposed to save all those things. it's clear the reason she wanted those things on her private server is because there was a trail of people like doug band saying listen, this guy is trying to get in the state department through the front door. he's a special friend. then that person was ushered right in. it's supposed to be the party of the little people. but instead they're the party of the big donors. even donna brazile says, that's just the way it works. >> wait, that's how politics work. >> that's the problem.
2:34 pm
[ overlapping speakers ] >> throw out all the regular politicians and bring in some outsiders. all politicians take payment for access, then we should put them out. that's why donald trump has been so popular, because he said, this doesn't make sense. >> clintons are always leaving things on private servers. >> oh, my god. >> hillary's warning about signer threats is like anthony weiner warning against sexting. she has relinquished all authority on the topic. i would go beyond her and talk about every candidate that we have come across in the arena of cyber terror and the rise of artificial intelligence, we're dealing with a generational problem. a lot of people don't see these as vital issues because they didn't grow up with this stuff. whoever becomes president is going to have to start looking around and finding the right people from silicon valley,
2:35 pm
people like nick bostrom or anybody who understands these topics. hillary doesn't know jack about this. i don't know about gary johnson. he might. but i don't know. i just think that we're in trouble in this arena, no matter what. >> perfect. >> is it really perfectsome >> i thought it was pretty good. directly ahead, trouble for hillary, brand new fox news poll shows clinton's lead over trump is shrinking. we're going to break all of it down, the numbers, next. [ tires screech ] ♪ flo: [ ghost voice ] oooo! [ laughs ] jaaaaamie, the name your price tool
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♪ brand new fox news poll shows donald trump closing in on hillary clinton. in fit least head-to-head
2:40 pm
matchup, clinton now leads trump by just six points. she had a ten-point advantage early last month. but a sobering reality in this election. a large 44% minority says both rivals are "terrible candidates." >> i love that part. >> okay, you love that. >> these are the worst candidates i've ever seen in my life, i hate both these people, i'm leaving the 44% of the people asked felt like that. the other question i adored is the likelihood that the clintons were selling influence to those that donated to the foundation. 66% of people said it was very likely or somewhat likely they were selling influence. i decided that i'm going to stop fighting against the foundation. when they win, i'm going to give all my money to the foundation and buy influence. >> i wouldn't put it in your
2:41 pm
name. >> stop fighting it, i'm just going to join it. >> you don't need $1 billion if you have a $1 billion foundation with your name on it and flying around the country, writing everything off. you have the same influence as if you were a billionaire. >> i think we have a fox poll here on honesty and trustworthiness, eric. oh, maybe we don't. so here it is. this is the heart and soul of it. honest and trustworthy, clinton 31%, trump 35%. at this point, actually trump looks like he's doing better -- oh, no, 66% say she's not honest and trustworthy, 63% say trump's not. >> he's doing better, but that's all awful. >> he's clearly doing better in the yes column, up by four.
2:42 pm
>> they're all horrible people. it's like, you know, whatever it is, 320 million people in this country. it's down to two. so these people are horrible people who would do anything to win is basically what everybody who answered the survey said. >> trump is still struggling with republicans. only 74% of self-identified republicans back him. 85% of self-identified democrats back clinton. the issue in the fox poll, and this is the opportunity for trump, can he get more republicans to support him? >> i think doing speeches like he did last night and going to mexico like he did and going to flood ravaged areas, all of that is steps in the right direction. i think he is making a concerted effort to broaden his base and bring in independents and increase his numbers with women and with minorities, as well. so i think he's doing the hard
2:43 pm
work, and now you've got to give t a chance to breathe. >> eric, let's go back to the fox poll. they broke down the issues and they said, terrorism and economy, who do you trust more? turns out, this is a surprise since trump is getting closer. now they back clinton. >> in terrorism, not the economy. >> yeah, economy and -- oh, 48 each. what do you think? >> you're asking me about polls. here's what i know. the crowds you see for trump are energized. those are the people that will wait in line. i'm not sure the people coming out to see hillary clinton are the ones -- i just think there's a vast difference in the enthusiasm on the republican side versus the democrat side. >> greg is someone who will say the hell with all of them. the fox poll says basically
2:44 pm
donald trump and hillary clinton are not only dishonest and not worthy of your trust, but they'll do anything to get elected. >> thank god we feel that way. that's how americans are supposed to think. america was created based on the hatred, distrust of authority. you're not supposed to trust politicians. that's on you if you trust them. it's healthy to despise them and you should always look at every politician -- never for a cult personality, right? it doesn't matter how much you like somebody, they're going to let you down. [ overlapping speakers ] >> what politician did you trust? >> oh, my gosh. i'm old here, melissa, but john f. kennedy was well loved in this country. ronald reagan was loved in this country by a lot of people. >> but jfk was well loved after, right? >> what do you mean, after? >> after he was assassinated. >> that added to it. >> he had a lot of issues prior
2:45 pm
to that. i think history changes -- >> these numbers, greg, this is frank underwood territory. up next, all eyes on colin kaepernick ahead of tonight's final preseason game. the 49ers face the san diego chargers as they host, get this, salute to the military night. will the quarterback protest the star spangled banner again? holy smokes. details ahead.
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2:49 pm
talk about awkward. colin kaepernick's refusal to stand for the national anthem could grow even more intense tonight. for the first time since the controversy exploded, the san francisco 49ers' quarterback is expected to be on the field for the annual salute to the military before his team's preseason game against the san diego chargers. according to reports, the defiant nfl star says he plans to sit out during the anthem again, just like he did last week against the packers. all right. he's painted himself into quite a corner here. anyone have an idea of how he could gracefully get out of this? because now everybody is looking at him. he said he's going to sit down. it's a salute to the military
2:50 pm
night. everybody is going to stand for the star spangled banner. even if he wants to stand and have this all be over, there's no graceful way out. >> he should say, out of concern for my teammates, i don't want my teammates to be a target of crowd antipathy, i'm going to stand. his act against a state of oppression is permitted. therefore, the act is proven wrong. he's more than allowed to do this, so it's actually when he does it, he's proving his own point to be incorrect. >> it reminds me of my kids when they paint themselves in a corner. you want to offer them an out. k.g., what can he do? >> stand up. stand up. >> then he looks like he's
2:51 pm
folding on his principle. >> it's true, he can say i don't want to be a distraction. i'm here to play football. i'm grateful to play football for an organization. the niners offered to trade him, nobody wanted him. i don't know what to tell him. i'm disappointed in this. the 49ers were an organization that was revered. they were one of the titans in football history, and now even the raiders look better than us. >> don't ever say that! i love the oakland raiders, but i'm moving to vegas. >> so the way he could handle it is make it clear that he admires our military and the men and women who sacrificed so much for our great country. but he has to stand by his principle, which is the nfl, nobody -- you have a right to protest. so if he wants to protest, that's his protest. >> has anyone noticed the socks he was wearing?
2:52 pm
look at that, eric? >> they're law enforcement depicted as i believe it's pigs. so look, i'm against boycotts. i hate boycotts. but as head coach, you can sit him. you teach him a little bit of a lesson. >> that's not fair. >> on the basis of his politics? >> if trent brown, andrew tiller, joe staley or zane beatles, who are his offensive line, have anyone in law enforcement as a brother or a father -- >> yeah, take a knee. >> let a defensive back get by -- >> so you think everybody is not to be trusted? >> he's talking about the offensive line doesn't protect the quarterback like whoops, you trip on your shoelace. not sure we solved the problem, but "one more thing" is
2:53 pm
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♪ back with "one more thing." eric? >> the dallas police chief announced his retirement. a guy who did so well with that big shooting in dallas, you remember where five cops were killed. something you didn't know about chief david brown, was his son was shot in 2010 and killed in a
2:57 pm
shootout with law enforcement. but that guy is hailed as a hero. so congratulations on a wonderful career as police chief. >> this video is either the running of the bulls on october 28th or all the entire msnbc audience running over to see "the o'reilly factor." donald trump will call in and we'll have a discussion about some of the things we talked about today. >> all right. k.g.? >> i want to, especially in light of this deal with colin kaepernick and his lack of respect, i want to commend a group of patriots at michigan middle school. they gathered around the flagpole on monday, the first day of the new school year. a trumpeter played "revilee."
2:58 pm
then they began citing the pledge of allegiance. listen. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> love that. >> time for -- "greg's secret to happiness." in the summertime maybe you can't afford a swimming pool, i know i can't in new york city. you know what's equally as refreshing? just a pool full of balls. >>ewww. >> dogs see a big thing of balls and just jump right in. it's just like water, without getting wet. you don't need towels. just fill up a whole crate of balls. >> i think you should get it. >> i like that.
2:59 pm
>> all right. who's next? juan? >> didn't we have a thing with a dog and tennis balls? >> yes, that was yesterday. >> d.c.'s housing market going through the roof, and it's obviously the one property you can't buy, the white house. but what if you could buy it? like what if greg wanted it? so we went to somebody and they said for 18 acres, 132 rooms, you could have it for $250 million. to which i thought, gee, that's low. the consultant who came one the number said there are too many restrictions and regulations on the 18 acres to really give it value. >> you know what's better than the white house? bears on the loose. take a look at this earlier today in pasadena, california. they love pools, too, but real water. a couple of bears on the loose dipping in somebody's pool. eventually they jumped in a dumpster. why did we not think of this
3:00 pm
sooner, look at this great grub. and one little dog comes and chases them away. how would those giant bears be afraid of that little dog? >> that's it for us. "special report" is up next. this is a fox news alert. residents in the southeast are bracing for a very wet and possibly wild labor day weekend. a hurricane warning is now in effect. hermine would be the first hurricane to hit florida in almost 11 years. correspondent steve harrigan has more. >> reporter: we're about seven hours away from landfall here, but the conditions are deteriorating and deteriorating quickly. this county is under an emergency evacuation order mandatory, four other counties as well with the same.


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