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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 2, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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east coast on this holiday weekend. >> we are tracking what is ahead in panama beach, florida. what's happening there? >> good morning. things are relatively calm here because i am on the west side of the storm. most of the damage, most of the heavy winds on the east side. that's exactly where tallahassee, florida is. the state capitol city taking a beating overnight. the storm knocking out power to more than 70,000 customers including the entire florida state university campus. now we have some new video i would like to show you have some power lines on fire. the storm has been causing power outages through out many portions of the state here. crews have been going back out in between feeder bands to restore power as quickly as possible. as the storm moves out of florida utility companies say they are optimistic they will be
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able to get most of the customers back on within the next 24-hours. we have video to show you overnight from cedar key, this is a barrier island on the northern gulf coast of another dau well to the east of the eye of the storm yet like many of those communities on the east side of the storm suffering from heavy rains, heavy winds and a record storm surge overnight. then further to the south the tampa bay area again a community far east of the eye of the storm experienced torrential rain and some wind as well as storm surge flading over the past couple of days from the storm. as we look at the radar image of the storm you can see it is slowly moving towards southern portions of botherigeorgia likeo
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into the coast causing problems. >> janice dean has been up all night in the weather center. what's the latest? >> the first return to hit florida since 2005. it happened at 1:30 this morning. we are watching the radar seeing heavy rain as well as thunderstorms tropical storm force winds. that will be ongoing through out the day today as the storm creeps up the coastline over the next couple of days. we have a tornado watch in effect for parts of florida towards georgia and south carolina until 8:00 a.m. local time. we will continue to see the threat of tornadoes through out the day today. here's the map to show you 90 to 100 percent certain we will see tropical storm force winds at least 34 miles tper hour.
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rainfall up to 2 feet near the coastline and near the delmarva over the next couple days defending on the track of the storm. we are certain of the track 48-hours in advance but we think it will make its way offshore. the center of the storm remains offshore. we are still going to potentially see a strong cal storm. as it heads up the coast becoming extra tropical like a nor' easter that is going to park itself off the coastline of the northeast, not just monday, but maybe tuesday, wednesday and thursday. look at the wind gusts here. well over hurricane force wind gusts all along the coast. that will be big headache for holiday travel. we will continue to update. back to you. >> during and after there are rip tides and rip current. everybody do not get into the water it is the last holiday weekend before the summer.
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>> 3 minutes after the hour. to the race to the white house. donald trump doubling down on his plan to make mexico pay for a border wall as he prepares to see his second intelligence briefing today. ed henry is in washington, d.c. with more. >> donald trump slicing into hillary clinton's lead in ohio he will try to financontinue th surge. he is back in new york getting ready for the second official national security briefing as the republican nominee. hillary clinton has been afforded the same opportunity by the intelligence community get up to speed on classify matters. for trump this is a way to push back and show his credentials as he did a couple days kag in mexico. he took heat from stories over the mexican president controversy whether or not the issue of paying for the wall
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came up. he joined o'reilly charging he is basically learning diplomacy on the fly. >> i think we had a great meeting. as far as hillary is concerned learning how has she done in libya and iraq and how has she done with the iran deal like she started the horrible iran deal that is blowing up all over the place one of the worst deals ever negotiated. we had an amazing day i am getting great vedity by almost everybody that is fair. the fair people give credit. >> also campaigning in ohio but for clinton was vice president joe biden. he teed off on trump's comment it would almost be a script for "saturday night live" if it were actually reality. trump saying he could not defend issues like the clinton foundation. trump will be stepping up the
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controversy. he's hiring david bosi as a campaign manager. he has been all over clintons dating back to white water. john podesa says him being brought on he is putting the right wing fringe in the dreyer's seat of the campaign. trump will take it directly to clinton. >> hoping it's a winning strategy. ed henry, thank you so much. >> we will soon know the minute by minute details of hillary clinton's daily meetings as secretary of state. bombshell batch of e-mails were just released. james rosen is live from dc with the latest. good morning, james. >> good morning. the reason we keep hearing e-mails about the hillary clinton state department is the court ordered timetables the
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conservative watchdog former aid to president clinton and the ubiquitous huma abedin. in it seeks and receives abedin's help obtaining diplomatic passports. a clinton foundation employee linked to the registration documents to the private server. the clintons were able to tie it to the trip to north korea where he met with kim jong-il. judicial watch is attacking the state department officials and 42nd president of the united states for rescuing two journalists said spokesman josh stair rin. this is a new low going after the clintons since the 1990's
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unquote. in the same documents they unearthed 32 exchanges with the 55,000 she claim constituted the entire work related e-mails. one of those shows her forwarding to the information that was classified. >> we are going to put politics aside because it is your birthday. >> 25 today. >> thank you. you are very kind to mention it. it is weird to turn 30. >> e-oh, 30. >> colin kaepernick keeping his promise and not standing during the national anthem. fans greeting the 49ers quarterback with boos.
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he didn't stop there. patricia stark has the latest. >> colin kaepernick once again enraging fans by disrespecting the red, white and blue despite being surrounded by military men and women. flush ♪ >> this time kaepernick was joined by eric reed protesting perceived justice by police officers during the national anthem sung by a black naval officer. before the game more outrage after photos surfaced caber nkak
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practicing waring socks with pigs and police hats. >> they not only put the community in danger but put the cops that have the right intentions in danger by creating an environment of tensions and mistrust. >> our mission is to keep everyone safe and to provide an enjoyable environment at levi's stadium that will not effect by what any individuals does or wares. his future with the 49ers is in doubt due to poor play. >> the police officers are keeping him safe while he's out on the field.
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launch pad at cape canaveral. >> the space ex rocket moments from test firing the satellite for facebook when it erupts into a fireball. the blast seen and heard for miles. some saying it melt like a small earthquake. >> the cargo destroyed $200 million satellite that facebook planned to send internet service from space. this is the second major set back for space x. last year a falcon 9 rocket exploded before takeoff. >> hermine unleashing its wrath on florida. the next guest spent the night hiding in her closet. >> a hero of benghazi attack says he can prove hillary clinton lied about it. >> released the video they have. they have it. we have seen it. >> what he just revealed we have never heard.
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>> it is 14 after the hour. we are back with the latest on our top story hurricane hermine with a storm now making land fall on the florida panhandle as a hurricane overnight. >> on fire exploding in the rain. more than 48,000 people without power in tallahassee alone. half of a million people are living under a hurricane warning. >> our own steve harrigan covering the storm in cedar key, florida. that storm now headed east. >> tallahassee resident laura murphy. good morning to you. are you doing all right? >> we are doing better at this hour. >> i imagine so. you were huddled up with the kids in the closet when the storm made land fall. have you been able to look out the window?
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is the wind whipping around? >> for the first time i got up and came out to the other part of the house and opened the door. it is still windy, very windy. not like it was. i think we are going to fair okay here. i tell you what, it sounds a lot worse than it is. we have a lot of winds down a lot of debris every where. my deck is covered everything is covered in debris. looks like my tree is still standing. i am thrilled about that. when this storm came through it was intense. >> we are looking at the flooding right here. any flading where you are in tallahassee. >> i don't think so. i don't see any water there. i am in a little higher area. i am not toward the coast. i am more inland. my street is not prone to flood>> sounds like you are faring pretty well. florida has been lucky. it has been 11 years since wilma hit since 2005.
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they have been able to dodge a lot of storms in the last decade or so. you went through hurricane katrina. what was this like compared to? ic sure you are at your wit's end. >> i do know what to do in a storm. i am prepared. it is different. i am rideing this out with my husband and kids. with katrina that was a little different. puts a perspective on things. the difference here is the trees. they are covered with trees and there are beautiful canopy roads. you have to worry about that. there's not a lot of flooding where i am. down toward the beaches you will see flooding but not much in tallahassee. >> laura murphy riding out the storm with you and your family.
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>> from a nightclub to police officers assassinated in cold blood. americans are feeling less safe than ever before. according to a brand new fox news poll 54 percent of voters say they feel less safe than 9-11. a major terrorist attack is likely in the near future. it made the deal less safe and $400 million u.s. paid iran. >> it is most important issues facing the country today. >> a hero in benghazi says he is he can prove hillary clinton let the attack happened. they watched drone video of the attack happen live. >> if they want to squash out the conspiracy theory release the consulate video. >> what did it show the public did not know? >> tlvz no propane.
2:19 am
>> ambassador store stevens and three others died. the most popular smart phones out there could explode. >> it has been some 270 days plus since hillary clinton held a press conference. even the mainstream media is fed up. >> want to see hillary open up the floor for questions in any event. >> want to hear how her running mate answered the question coming up. flush
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>> tropical storm hermine swirling across florida right now with winds up to 70 miles
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per hour. >> it did make land fall as a hurricane but just got downgraded to a tropical storm. >> we are live in the zone in florida. good morning. >> good morning. it is a much different theme this morning than it was jurst few hours ago. we were here as hurricane h hermine made land fall last night. we were dealing with wind and rain but it is quiet as hermine is back to a tropical storm. we had road mroesh ours and bridge closures in place. we were dealing with some flooding. we are not dealing with that this morning.
2:24 am
ap lachey bridge opened up. the saint george island bridge will be opening at donald trump. there are some roads that are still closed, but we are not dealing with flooding in this area. what we do have is some power outages. we are told that about 200 customers are without power this morning. crews are out trying to fix that. we do expect the businesses here in the downtown area to remove those sandbags and fly wood that they put up as this storm was making its way over here just in time for the warm holiday weekend. >> thank you so much. stay safe. samsung pulling smart phone from shelves worldwide after reports they are exploding. >> this is the batteries on the
2:25 am
samsung galaxy note 7. while the phone is charging there have been 35 reports, claims around the world that the device has actually caught fire. it is the galaxy note 7 worldwide recall. they will replace the device immediately. there are not that many out there worldwide as it could have been. pretty rough for the company. >> the walkman is back but it is a little bit we will say more expensive. >> sony decided we needed to have the walkman back. it is $3,200. it's a little bit of a juiced up walkman. it has a touch screen. it has a four-inch touch screen 256 gigs of storage. it is made of gold plated
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copper. they are bragging about it. it is just as bulky as the original. you can go to ebay and get the old walkman for $7. >> blue bell is revealing a new ice cream flavor. >> camouflage. >> you have to like cream cheese ice cream. it is a blend of cream cheese, pistachio almond chocolate. it is scrolled together in a camouflage pattern. one described it on instagram. blue bell needs this. they are well-known for the homemade vanilla. they make it in texas. they had the listeria outbreak. >> i think it sounds good. i need at that right now.
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>> the pumpkin spiced latte was such a big hit. it has been the biggest new drink we have seen debuted in years. they are hoping the chile mocha on the fall beverage list will be as much of a hit. cayenne pepper, paprika, cinnamon, sea salt and they will go with the rest of the fall drinks. i can't wait for the egg nog latte. >> and the peppermint, too. >> we have the mexican hot chocolate. >> i have never tried that. >> 27 minutes after the hour. next on the rundown donald trump doubles and triples down on the plan to build a border wall. >> first a live look at our mradz sglau wi plaza will twistr will take the stage. you both have a
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>> hurricane hermine makes land fall in florida overnight. >> it has just been downgraded to a tropical storm roaring winds heavy winds and strong surges, the worst is far from over ks folks. we are live on the ground and tracking more trouble straight ahead. >> donald trump doubles and triples down on the plan to build a border wall. more on how he plans to have mexico pay. >> a test gone terribly wrong. a rocket explodes into a fireball. people feeling the i am fact miles away. why facebook is feeling it the most.
2:32 am
"fox & friends first" continues right now. >> we start with the fox news alert. hurricane her mine making land fall overnight. >> drenching rains and flooding all across the gulf. the concerns are hitting up and down the east coast on this holiday weekend. >> fox team coverage janice dean tracking what's ahead. we start with jonathan live in panama city. >> good morning to you anna and jackie. things are tell tively calm here because i am on the western side of this lopsided storm. most of the damage on the eastern side and that's exactly where the city of tallahassee was overnight. take a look at this video. the storm hitting the capital city of florida more than 70,000
2:33 am
customers going without electricity including the campus of florida state. >> cedar key barrier island off the northern gulf coast of florida. experiencing record storm surge, some flooding heavy rains and heavy winds. fo tampa bay area had dramatic torrential rain at times and very strong gusts there in the tampa area. in the city of clear water heavy rains and storm surge caused street flooding there. we are going to take you to the city of brandon in the tampa bay area. take a look at this.
2:34 am
some very dramatic video from when the storm struck a transformer causing it to explode. and people are recording similar videos through out the sunshine state. sparks flying from power lines, brushing against palm trees. these are areas they doo to be close to the eye of the storm. far away from the eye of the storm it has been causing problems with downed power lines and heavy rain and flooding. this is a massive lopsided storm wreaking havoc on the sunshine state and now moving into south georgia. >> the headaches really just beginning for millions of americans. will janice dean is tracking the latest and it is headed up down the eastern sea board there.
2:35 am
>> we are talking about this storm into later next week. tropical storm right now just because it is downgraded do not let your guard down. we are dealing with potential for heavy rain over close to 2 feet of rainfall across the big band of florida. this will continue to be an ongoing situation well into georgia and the carolinas of 70 mile per hour sustained winds. reports over 50 miles per hour. this is battering winds and rain that will cause potential for tornadoes as well as power outages as the system moves to the north and east. tornado watch in effect until 8:00 a.m. local time for parts of florida and georgia and south carolina. we don't have any warnings yet but as daytime light comes in we could see tornadoes. >> the latest track confident in this track until saturday. then it come off the coast. we will have to watch it in the mid atlantic and the northeast
2:36 am
as there is the potential for this storm to strengthen into a nor' easter and remain offshore monday, tuesday, wednesday with storm surge along the coast. that will be the situation as we go further out in time. it's a long labor day weekend. people need to travel and they might not be able to. >> cancellations happening in florida obviously. as it heads up the coast well into next week, are you thinking cancellations as well? how severe? >> it really depends on the track of this storm system. i want to show you the tropical models. we are certain what happened saturday but look what happened sunday and monday. if it comes closer to the coastline that means more impacts for millions of people. the take away here is you need to pay he have close attention
2:37 am
to your local forecast across the country because it will cost aripple effect for tral as we head into the weekend. >> you can rebuild a home and property but you can't rebuild a life. hope everybody is heeding the warning. >> thanks, janice. donald trump will get his second intelligence briefing today as he doubles down on his plan to make mexico pay for a border wall. chief national correspondent is live this morning. >> slicing into hillary clinton's lead in the new fox poll as you remember. he was in the battle ground in ohio to try to continue the surge. now he is back in new york getting ready for the second national security briefing. hillary clinton has been afforded the same opportunity by the it is dangerous and trying to show off his credentials.
2:38 am
trump took heat for two stories emergeing with his meeting for the mexican president over whether or not the issue of mexico paying for the border came up. he pushed back on the clinton's camp charged that he is learning diplomacy on the fly as vice president biden ripped into the presidential nominee. >> it is a good day tore myself and mexico, too. we can work with them and we have to stop the dug trafficking, the human trafficking. you look at what's happening at the border. it is incredible. the wall will get built. he disagrees on who is going to pay for the wall but that's a negotiation. i will tell you the united states will not be paying for the wall. mexico will be paying for the wall. >> donald trump is saying he's not sure he would honor the nato commitment if russia unvaided
2:39 am
them. this would almost be a "saturday night live" skit if it weren't true, but it matters. it matters. it matters what this guy says. >> trump fired back that biden is launching attacks because he can't talk about issues on the clinton foundation. he announced overnight he's hiring conservative activist david bossy as deputy campaign manager. he has been all over the clintons for years in various scandals. he is declaring he is being brought on to the official staff saying trump is putting the right wing fringe on the driver's seat of the campaign. trump advisors believe the move shows in the final days of the campaign he is going to take some of the controversies directly to clinton. >> ed henry live in washington, d.c. this morning. thanks. >> we will soon know the minute by minute details of hillary clinton daily meetings as
2:40 am
security at th secretary of state. they are moving the timetable to release the e-mails they were slated to come after the election. they release a bombshell batch of e-mails showing blurred lines between the state department and the clinton foundation. judicial watch showing one exchange where she asked huma abedin to give a pass court to >> colin kaepernick continues his unpatriotic protest this time on military night. that is not all, anna. he's also trashing cops. >> in a rare failure to lunch it explodes before it hits the air. it is facebook taking the biggest hit. we will explain that one.
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>> he and another teammate refusing to stand up during the national anthem during last night's game in san diego. ♪ >> how could you not stand up for that? the 49ers kwaub running out of the tunnel greeted by boos. kaepernick taking it one step further disrespecting our boys in blue waring socks, look at this, they have cartoon pigs on there with police hats. he wore those during practice.
2:45 am
jackie? >> a test gone terribly wrong. it explodes no a fireball. people feeling the impact miles away. facebook is the one feeling it the most. cheryl casone is here. >> it was a major set back. you saw the explosion on tape for space x. when the rocket exploded on the launch pad thursday morning destroying the rocket and the satellite that was due to launch th tomorrow. while there were no injuries luckily and the blast is being investigated many wonder what it will mean for facebook. they were to bring internet access to parts of the middle east and europe. in africa at the time of the accident facebook founder mark zuckerburg was there and he made a statement that he was deeply disappointed to hear the launch failure destroyed our satellite, end quote. it is a setback for him because
2:46 am
analysts say it will slow down the company's plan. the goal to provide internet around the cloeb globe it will be a setback with time. facebook has other technologies. it also delivers internet access. that began working and flying this year. certainly this is a disappointment for facebook. check in with brian kilmeade to see what's coming up on "fox & friends fox & friends /*." >> >> we covered the hurricane and also this. supporters of donald trump are beginning to bail out after his speech in arizona. did they listen to the speech and talk about the fact that he was softening his rhetoric? maybe they didn't, because 15,000 people were cheering so loud. that's what donald trump thinks. we will talk about that and eric trump will be here live. also how will donald trump pay
2:47 am
for the wall? he has an idea. the drug cartels stealing money making it illegal they will arrest them and take their loot. in an unrelated event twisted sister is here. here putting out a full concert. new york will never be the same. don't miss a minute of "fox & frien friends." i left tickets for you. >> thanks for that. "fox & friends wikings "will continue. when heartburn comes creeping up on you. fight back with relief so smooth and fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums.
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top of the hour. it's been 272 days to be exact since hillary clinton has held a press conference. now even the mainstream media is fed up.
2:51 am
clinton's vp pick tim kaine not too worried about it. >> when are we going to see hillary open up the floor and take questions from reporters at any event? >> you see hillary take questions from reporters every day. she does -- she talks to the press everywhere she goes. she did a press conference when she was at the recent meeting of the african-american and hispanic newspaper publishers. >> that was the first time in a long time, senator. she doesn't do it that often. >> well, look, i don't see what the massive difference is between a press conference and talking to the press everywhere you go. >> let's be real. she doesn't take many questions at all. when asked by cbs yesterday morning why clinton doesn't allow press on her plane kaine replied, that will change soon. we do want to mention that tim kaine did shows every morning. the only one he skipped, you guessed it, "fox & friends." we did invite him.
2:52 am
that's interesting. hannah? >> the two nominees will square off next week in the first forum of the presidential race. nbc's matt lauer will be moderator. one hour commander in chief forum between hillary clinton and donald trump. next wednesday on nbc. the nominees will answer questions on national affairs, military affairs and veterans issues from a live audience of service members and veterans. one parent being brutally honest when their child was late for school. carly shimkus is here live with a story that has everybody talking. good morning, carly. >> good morning, anna. let's give this one an e for effort. after dropping kids off for school late. take a look at this tardy sign in sheet under the box labeled reason for being tardy mom or dad simply wrote, bad parenting. the image is now going viral online. at least they are teaching their
2:53 am
children honesty is always the best policy. >> next up you have a little girl before and after pictures from her first day of school. >> yes. >> what happened here? >> parents might be having trouble adjusting to the new school year, but it's the kids that are getting a dose of reality. one before and after picture sums it up perfectly. take a look at this sweet little girl. bow in her hair, ready to hit the books. here she is. no jacket, certainly no blow with a little bit of a glazed look on her face. hopefully day two goes a little bit better for this cutie. >> i used to sneak lipstick to school sometimes. >> uh-oh. >> wipe that off. next up, bears making a splash in pasadena. folks on social media fell in love with a family of bears after the trio appeared to be having the best day ever in a pasadena neighborhood. the mother and her two bear cubs
2:54 am
took a dip into a pool and ventured to a dumpster. then were chased into the woods. ellen took to twitter saying the bear in the pool is a hero. the dogs chasing the bear out of the yard is even a bigger hero. >> i'm thinking he's running around there. i'm sticking with that dog. >> thanks. have a great day. >> 54 minutes after the hour. we are still tracking hermine as it unleashes on florida. this morning what you need to know. that's coming up next. it's one way to beat traffic we've never seen before. is that guy riding -- is that an ostrich? beep, beep. ♪ ♪
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it's scary when the lights go out. people get anxious and my office gets flooded with calls.
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so many things can go wrong. it's my worst nightmare. every second that power is out, my city's at risk. siemens digital grid manages and reroutes power, so service can be restored within seconds. priority number one is keeping those lights on. it takes ingenuity to defeat the monsters that live in the dark. hi, there, friends. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. hurricane hermine is downgraded to a tropical storm. >> donald trump is receiving his second national security briefing this morning. it will take place at an fbi field office here in new york city. and the man accused of shooting and killing a tsa officer inside l.a.x. two years ago expected to enter a guilty plea later today. he faces life in prison. turning now to my favorite. >> me, too. >> the good, the bad, the ugly.
2:59 am
first, the good. the couple that matches together they stay together. a florida couple wearing for 52 years, matching outfits every stinking day. started two years ago. earning thousands of fans on twitter after their grandsons posted their picks. >> adorable. my husband would never do that with me. >> next, the bad. a real life cookie monster. police arrested this woman for stealing $85,000 allegedly from girl scouts. girl scouts employee admitted transferring money to herself saying when she started she just simply couldn't stop. >> come on. finally, the ugly, check out this real life road runner. dash cam video in kazakhstan riding an ostrich at high speed weaving in and out of cars. that could be you, anna. >> beep. beep. that's it for us here on "fox & friends first." don't go away because twisted sister is going to be taking the
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stage ♪ and we're not gonna take it >> "fox & friends" starts right now. don't go anywhere. >> bye, everybody. whew. today is friday. it's september 2nd. you made it through the week, but we do have this news to tell you about. it's a fox news alert. a life threatening storm pounds the florida panhandle. hurricane hermine hit the florida panhandle before weakening to a tropical storm before leaving a path of destruction. transformers exploding catching fire leaving tens of thousands in the dark this morning. hermine is the first storm to directly hit florida, believe it or not, in 11 years. >> storm surge, flooding a major concern. >> florida, georgia, north carolina all under states of emergency as the


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