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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 5, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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he's going to come too. >> yeah. >> you guys want to get on the rv? take the champagne. >> we're going to miss you. >> come on, baxter. >> take care of the -- >> all right. >> let's go. hey, anna. gregg: it's the buckeye state or bust this weekend. both hillary clinton and donald trump holding campaign events today. good morning, happy labor day. i'm gregg jarrett. abby: i'm abby huntsman. bill and martha are off. ohio is a bellwether state every blt year. and according to the real clear politics average, trump is
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trailing clinton by 3 points, trailing her within the margin of error. donald trump and jeff flake in arizona are fighting. what's going on? reporter: trump doesn't think flake has given him enough support. trump took to twitter and said the state of arizona has a weak and ineffective senator, jeff flake. >> it becomes increasingly difficult to see that he's going to change. i don't expect i'll be able to support him in november. i would like to, he's the republican nominee, but i don't see how i can. reporter: trump visited a black
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church in the detroit inner city and called for a new civil rights agenda during brief remarks there, promising to bring this business expertise to the inner city to improve jobs and schools. he i am a thesed with the lifelong struggles of discrimination. his remarks seem to be well received by anths as particular audience there. how closely are people paying attention to their visit? reporter: it's hard for voters in ohio to avoid stuff this holiday weekend like this. we are at the canfield county fair, and they are building a wall. mexico is not paying for it. people who donate $5 can build a
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brick. people wanted bricks to write on as much as anything else. it has been getting a lot of attention. it seems like people here are paying close attention to the unofficial kickoff of the campaign. abby: i love it. peter for us in canfield, ohio. gregg: hillary clinton's campaign is on the defense amid startling allegations. a laptop computer that held an archive of her emails when she was secretary of state, poof, vanished. went missing after being put in the mail. her running mate senator tim kaine defending her, while also admitting clinton didn't make the right choices. >> these notes demonstrate in
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significant detail why the f.b.i. chose not to go forward with any additional proceedings. she did make a mistake. she apologized for that and said it was a mistake and she learned from it. gregg: one device? he clearly hasn't read the f.b.i. notes. he's way off by a factor of 13 on the number of devices she was using. she got grilled on that by the f.b.i. it's up to chris christie to try to straighten kaine out. >> all we know is she told us she had one device and that's why she used her private email server. now we finds out 13 mobile device and ipads most of which are now gone.
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gregggone.. gregg: cane rsh is not helping. >> the cover-up continues. the facts of the case and what the f.b.i. found surrounding hillary clinton's email case. there were 13 devices. five ipads. two were turned over to the f.b.i., two are missing. there was a laptop mailed by a clinton staffer that was a clinton foundation laptop that contained hillary clinton's entire state department archive that was put in the mail and somehow lost before it got to hillary clinton. the american people look. >> the this and say how is someone getting away with this. the clinton archive was deleted and swiped two weeks after the "new york times" revealed to the country she was using a private server. if that's not intent, i'm not sure what is. gregg: what's striking about the
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f.b.i. moments of her interview, she seems oh believe yuls how to do her job in handling classified documents. she didn't know that "c" meant classified. she said i didn't montreal classified training, briefings. didn't recall even getting classified security clearance. couldn't determine how classification happens. couldn't identify clearly classified documents when they were presented to her by the f.b.i. if she is not competent to than classified materials as secretary of state, how is she competent to be president? >> there is two issues. the first is hillary argues that she believe the "c" classification didn't stand for classified information, but it stood for alphabetizing the emails.
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it never went on, that's the first problem. hillary clinton waltz first lady, the senator from new york, the secretary of state. for her to argue to the american people she didn't know what classified information was and for her to argue that to the f.b.i. is not only untrue, it's laughable and insulting to the american people's intelligence. they are not stupid. they say how is it she got away with this? gregg: tim kaine said, in the senate it's hard to determine classified documents. gregg: that's not the case here. she was confronted with documents showing an advanced military drone strike against an enemy. she said i don't remember that and i didn't know if that was classified for not. >> when you have bleach bit and hammers involved it's clear what
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the intention was to destroy what was going on. the reason the f.b.i. vest gaited that is because that is a federal crime. if you are found to have donnell it intentionally. it's clear -- gregg: gross negligence. >> many of her blackberries are still missing. you look at the details and think how did they come to the conclusion she didn't deservepr. abby: president obama wrapping up his meeting with vladimir putin on the sidelines and failing to reach an agreement of with the russian president on how to ends the bloodshed in syria. both leaders vowed to keep working toward a deal. >> typically the tone of our meetings are candid, blunt, and
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this one was no different. we had a range of issues we had to discuss, but the two most important as reported, discussions that have been taking place between secretary kerry and russian's foreign minister sergei lavrov about ways to institute a meaningful, serious, verifiable cessation of hostilities in syria. abby: can the u.s. and russia ever come to terms on syria? a deadly and destructive storm. forecasters warning hermine could regain hurricane status. rick, how bad is it going to get out there? >> it's tough to say.
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it's not raining and not that windy. she is still roughly 300 miles southeast of the eastern end of long island. but she is headed this way tracking further out to sea than expected. we are not seeing the wind gusts that had been talked about. but we are seeing incredibly violent surf. the beaches you have and count long island and knowledge shore are closed. no swimming or surfing. orders from towns and states as they try to prepare and make sure no one gets hurt. a surfer came out of this water. it took him two minutes to get down here. this chop is too rough for earn an experienced surfer to ride. we have seen some evacuation orders, some voluntary evacuation orders issued, including on fire island where
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you can only get there by boat. they asked people to get off the island yet. we haven't seen that. this is the high tide line. there is a chance for some storm surge flooding along some areas of the coast. but it looks like we dodged a bullet on the shores of long island. but not a great day to be on the beach. >> we are hoping everyone stays safe. gregg: north korea is flexing its muscles. reportedly launching missiles on the same day as the economic summit. abby: the builder of a satellite blown up by the latest spacex rocket is demanding damages.
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ah, my poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? enough. take that. a breathe right nasal strip of course. imagine just put one on and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. so you can breathe, and sleep. better than a catnap. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. gregg: a live look at senator
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tim kaine, the democratic vice presidential nominee speak in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, a state hillary clinton is leading in and he's hoping to shore up additional support. clinton and trump are in the state of ohio. we'll continue to follow their movements. abby: it's been 9 months since hillary clinton held an official news conference. that was back in december, and she is getting lots of backlash for that. and her running mate tim kaine is firing back. >> i have got to push back on the notion she hasn't done a press conference. she gave a peach to association of black journalists and she did a press conference there. members of mainstream media outlets asked her questions burg that press conference.
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abby: good morning, happy labor day. molly, tim kaine is in a tough position. how do you answer that question why has she not given a press conference in 275 days. it's like he made it worse. >> it's not good for hip to show the same levels with truth telling. that was not a press conference. it was a speech given to journalists. it was a group so biased, they erupted in applause. and the questions were moderated. it's important for tim kaine to be able to retain his ability to tell the truth even while he's running with hillary clinton. and i think that's important for their campaign. and return why has it been so
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long since she has held some sort of formal press conference. you understand it before she officially announced. she is ahead in the polls nationally. why not get out there and talk to the american people? >> we know hillary clinton is not a fantastic campaigner. this is something she discussed herself. she said i'll be a good president. but she doesn't want to answer questions about her email server or the clinton foundation and the campaign as made it clear they answered all these questions and they have their story and they are sticking to it. i agree with molly that it would be smart for her to do this. to and those questions and spend the time doing that. i think back to what president obama said about the threat we are facing with isis. he said i didn't know the american people were so scared until i started watching cable
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news. the american people feel she has an honesty problem and her favorability numbers are dropping. she needs to get out there. abby: if there is any reason to speak out. it's to build that trust. you look at the most recent fox news poll. 66% say no when it comes to trustworthiness. it seems like she has every reason to do a press conference. >> this is an area where a lot of the media focus on donald trump's problems with how much the public likes him. hillary clinton is even less. whatever else you say about him, he's accessible to the media, he answers questions. that's a huge problem for a woman that had a friday news dump that show things americans are troubled with. it showed she didn't know the
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"c" was for classified in her emails. this is an area where she needs to answer more questions, not be more restrictive. a campaign is when people are most accessible to the press. the idea she would somehow become president -- >> in all fairness, he had his own strategy with the press. i will say he does speak to -- more than we see most candidates do that. she officially gets her campaign. how does she avoid that? >> she doesn't avoid it. this was actually a deliberate move to make sure she would, the press to counter this. 2/3 in these final two months, she is going into labor day ahead in the polls. i think she is going to be more open. she knows she has to be. i think what the clintons need
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to do, the clinton campaign the last two months is take away any negative talking points. this is one that's hurt her. i'll give a shout-out to my dad. it's called hop racial hillary sunshine where she vows to give a press conference every week or town hall until the election. my dad is a genius. gregg: dramatic videotape of the oklahoma earthquake from the moment it hit at a local high school. abby: the hunt for a murder suspect who escaped police custody. what police are doing to find him now. >> we have a dangerous suspect on the loose. if you come into contact with him, step back, call law enforcement officials so we can come out.
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abby: a 5.6 magnitude earthquake hitting oklahoma, it centered in pawnee. but it was felt as far north as chicago. we are getting the new video of the quake. this foot and from curbing high school. this video showing the tremors rattling plates and other items in the home. gregg: nevada police are on the hunt for 25-year-old alphonzo perez. he's a murder suspect and escaped custody shortly after being arrested. how did he get away in the first
6:26 am
place? >> he was arrested friday morning and taken to a detective bureau in north las vegas for questioning. he was inside an interview room in handcuffs. he was left alone, he broke out of the handcuffs and out of the building. he got into an f-250 and took off. he has a noticeable air jordan tattoo. north las vegas police department said it's their priority to get him back in custody. after they do that they will figure out what went wrong. gregg: he's accused of murder. what are the details on that? >> he shot and killed a man outside of a mcdonalds' in
6:27 am
north loves. his family said he was shot because he didn't open the door for a woman who was with perez. >> i want him found and i want him to pay for what he did. you could have walked away from the argument. you didn't need to start the argument or take it any further. reporter: robinson's family pleading for perez to turn himself in. abby gregg: the f.d.a. banning some anti-bacterial chemicals in soaps. why are they doing that? every day starts better with a healthy smile.
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abby: you are looking live at vice president joe biden speaking in pittsburgh. he's talking about pennsylvania and how he considers it a second home to him. it's one of the all-important states to win. we'll keep a close eye on that. gregg: president obama and russian president vladimir putin failed to reach an agreement on a ceasefire in syria. they are vowing to keep searching for a deal that ends the war in syria. vice presidential nominee tim kaine putting the blame squarely on russia. >> i don't believe in a blame
6:32 am
america first strategy. russia went into georgia and crimea before obama became president. the guy is a dictator who represses journalists. gregg: is this ridiculous that the u.s. bears the blame? kt mcfarland is with us. i spoke to every experts who seemed to reach the same agreement, that president obama is getting played by vladimir putin. >> played by vladimir putin, the chinese, and the iranians. the u.s. aloud themselves to get played. the leading from behind strategy is starting to show dividends. we are being left behind and pushed around. they may be insignificant things
6:33 am
like the chinese couldn't find a staircase to bring up to the plane when president obama land in china? they could be more significant things like the russians telling the united states, if you are in the way we'll bomb you and no additional ability to calm them down. gregg: the effort to remove bashar al-assad in syria, which is president obama's firm position. that's anathema to the russians. is there any hope of a deal here? >> we are deluding ourselves to think there are players. there are two sides to the united states. one is russia, iran and assad. nobody is for them, right? we are somehow this mythical third force, we want to defeat isis, but we are standing there
6:34 am
all by ourselves stuck in the middle of this civil war. we are not in a position to play in the middle east anymore. we ceded that position to the russians aunt iranians. the problems in the middle east won't be solved by president obama or secretary kerry or a president clinton. the russians are running circles around the u.s. foreign policy at this point. gregg: are they also hacking into our systems and trying to tint fear in the election. >> when vladimir putin was asked are you hacking into the american election system? what are you doing? he said no government state entity is hack into the american elections, then he smiled. what more proof do you need? i don't think putin decided he wants this candidate or that candidate. i think he just wants to
6:35 am
scramble, hack into it, embairlts, and then he wants to watch us fumble to figure out what's next. gregg: he said what does it matter who did the hacking as long as the information was made the public. i want to ask you. president obama arrives in china for the big g20 summit. lots of talk planned about global economic growth there. every single leader of every nation who is attending gets a red carpet treatment. not only do they not pull out the red carpet for president obama. they didn't even pull out the staircase. he had to get off the back of the plane at one of his own staircases. what's going on. before you answer that. let me play this clip. there he is coming off the back of the plane. there is this almost 50s-a-cuffs going on on the
6:36 am
tarmac between a couple of officials. take a listen. they were keeping obama officials away from president obama. susan rice is standing over on the corner and they are not letting her come close to president obama. >> the chinese are saying it's a big mistake. we didn't mean to do it. they deliberately humiliated him three times. they didn't give him stairs to get off the plane. and they kept his national security adviser away from him and they manhandled the media. that was telegraphs all over the world.
6:37 am
gregg: why do they do that? do they have nothing but contempt? >> let's show him who is in charge. let's show them america is a declining world power. president obama should have stayed on that plane until the steps came. if the steps didn't come the plane should have taken off and gone somewhere else. the minute you subject yourself and laugh off these humiliations, more humiliations come. our enemies are going to grab what they can while the grab can is good. abby: a collapse at a construction site in israel. they are searching for people believed to buried in the rubble. >> there is an active effort to
6:38 am
locate survivors and rescue them as there are believed to be two people trapped in the rubble and believed to be alive according to officials who have increased the the death toll from two people to three people confirmed dead. there are 7 people missing. most of these if not all are believed to be construction workers on this building being built in northern tel aviv. there has been a parking lot for some time and they were expanding this into a 3, 4 story building. what has collapsed is the parking garage area. it's not clear what brought this building down. but according to israeli officials looking at the construction site. it probably has something to do with faulty building materials. there is no terrorism in connection to this. it appears to be some type of malfunction in terms of the
6:39 am
terms or the actual structure. but we know at least 7 people are missing. two are believed to be trapped in this building. israeli officials located and heard their voices and are trying to get them out right now. israel has a fairly experienced search and rescue team they sent around the world. so there is a fairly good effort ongoing to try to get these people rescued and try to locate and pull out the bodies. but as i said earlier, this is an ongoing search and rescue effort that they say will take time because of the size and scope of the destruction of this building, abby. abby: conor powell in israel for us. thank you. gregg: college football kicking off it season this labor day weekend. sunday night' game was a wild one. texas hosting notre dame. time running out at the fourth.
6:40 am
texas lead by 2 going to the extra point, and that's when thing got really interesting. watch. >> the extra point blocked. >> the irish tie it in the blin of an eye. this game was so crazy. it too two overtimes to settle it after notre dame went up by a field goal. i think fans in austin still celebrating. the longhorns stunning the irish. notre dame become the third team
6:41 am
ranked in the big 10. abby: they will be celebrating long after today. gregg: that was a fun game to watch. abby: one of donald trump's many attacks on hillary clinton, her record of supporting free trade deals. >> hillary clinton backed her husband's nafta, and china's entrance into the world trade organization. she backed the trade-killing deal with. abby: does anyone want it? gregg: a bad week for spacex after one of it rocket explode in a failed test launch.
6:42 am
hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
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gregg: the owner of the sate last week's spacex explosion says they owe $50 million. spacex says it does not disclose contract information or things like insurance. hope they have it. abby: president obama making a trans-pacific trade deal one of his top priorities in his last days in office. mr. obama says it doesn't matter if the candidate aren't supporting it. >> i don't have to accept it to asian leaders here who were part of the negotiations. they see it as the right thing
6:46 am
to do for their own country. the united states has never had a smooth, uncontroversial path to the ratifying trade deals. but they eventually get done. it's my intention to get this done because on the merits, it's smart for america to do it. abby: steve moore, good morning. the president says he's confident it will pass. hillary clinton being pushed by the sanders supporters, now she is against it. how much of this is simply politics? hillary has been all over the map on this issue. she was at the state department helping negotiate this deal in the democratic primary she turned against it.
6:47 am
it depend what day you ask her whether she is for or against it. donald trump said if he's elected president he will renegotiate this. i'm a free trade guy, and i think trade is important for the american economy. but there are a lot of defects in this deal. it doesn't take into act the interests of a lot of american workers. we sign these free trade deals with them and they don't open up their markets to us. the even bigger problem, we need a negotiator like donald trump. they are stealing a lot of our technologies. there are estimates $300 billion to $400 billion per year of what we produce whether it's computer technologies or pharmaceutical drugs. we need them to pay for the thing we produce.
6:48 am
abby: people are wondering, how does this impact our daily lives. when you talk about the trade deals, a lot of people don't understand the impact that would have on them personally. talk to us about that impact and how we should be thinking about it? >> let's talk about what's good about trade. we learned this from adam smith 200 years ago. so there is no question, go to walmart and step out into any store. free trade makes good services more available to more people and cheaper and more affordable price. that's the good thing about trade. the bad thing about trade is we seem to surrender at the negotiating table and don't require the other countries to open their markets like we do. so that has caused a lot of distress among american workers. i'll give you an amazing statistic.
6:49 am
we lost manufacturing jobs and construction jobs in the last friday's report. we lost 1.5 manufacturing jobs in the last 10 years. there is a -- we lost 1.5 million manufacturing jobs in the last 10 years. some of it is losing jobs to china and asian countries. this is going to be -- it's an interesting election. free trade is on trial in this election with the american voters. abby: this trade deal highlight that along with the other issues. >> this is labor day, but what we need in this country is to salute american employers, because without employers, you don't have workers and you don't have jobs. for all the men and women who start companies, we salute you today.
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gregg: the f.d.a. banning a wide range of ingredients from anti-bacterial soaps. abby: they say it could make things worse by creating
6:54 am
anti-bacterial resistant soaps. >> you can use regular soap which doesn't include some of these ingredients. the fda banned 19 ingredients. but one prompted the controversy. it helps prevent ginn gingiviti. but it's used in a lot of thing other than tithe paste. gregg: the f.d.a. gave warning to these companies. they said provide suls with research to show it does what they say it does. instead of providing the research which makes me as a lawyer immediately suspicious some funny business was going on with these companies and their ingredients. >> i feel the same way as a
6:55 am
doctor. i would rather have the studies that show it's safe and effective. but they have a year to provide the research on those ingredients it seems you are going around in a circle as opposed to providing the data. to be fair, just so people don't get alarmed. the way it works, the cell has a membrane like the front door of your house. so this product actually disrupts that front door. so it might be effective and it might be safe, but we don't know. the preliminary studies in animals suggest it might interfere with people's hormones. especially thyroid hormones. soap is still safe. regular soap is fine. abby: the f.d.a. said consumers
6:56 am
might think anti-bacterial washes are more effective in preventing the spread of germs. some data suggests they may do more harm than good over the long term. gregg: the front part of that statement is interesting. we have no evidence. that's because the companies didn't provide the evidence. >> the f.d.a. regulates certain products. but this material or a lot of these chemicals are also found in toys and furniture. they coat these products so kids don't spread jermts. it would still be in our water system or our body. gregg: i'm with you. ee won't wash our hands ever. abby: no rest for the candidates on labor days both hit the campaign trail in the battleground state of ohio.
6:57 am
gregg: hermine is putting a damper on holiday plans.
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energy lives here. abby: hillary clinton and donald trump not taking labor day off. both are stumping in the critical swing state today of ohio. welcome to brand new hour of "america's newsroom." happy labor day. i'm abby huntsman in for martha maccallum. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer. donald trump and his running mate mike pence will be back in cleveland today. they are talking with union workers there. hillary clinton is also in ohio. for very first time she will be traveling with her press corps. won't that be interesting? the campaign rolling out new larger plane to carry clinton, staff as well as those pesky journalists. meanwhile her husband bill clinton is pounding the pavement in detroit. literally pounding it, marching in labor day parade. more on that this morning.
7:01 am
>> senior political correspondent mike emanuel is in detroit. it has been 275 days since hillary clinton did a news conference. when you're running for president that is a long time. reporter: abby, you're right, december 24th, 2015, nine full months. her running mate tim kaine has been trying to push back on whole lack of news conference controversy. >> she gave a speech to the national association of black journalists last month and there were hispanic journalists, and she did a press conference and members of mainstream media, and members asked her during that press conference. reporter: to be clear that was event where she gave a speech and few questions. not what those of us in the business would call a wide-ranging news conference. abby. abby: there are on going questions about the clinton foundation. signs of tightening in polls as we've seen, mike. reporter: there has been some tightening of polls once we got
7:02 am
through the postconvention bounces. look at "real clear politics" averages much polling in buck high state of ohio. hillary clinton with 3.8 edge over donald trump. a lot of energy will be spent here in ohio in the remaining weeks. as for the foundation, even clinton surrogates are having hard time defending future of clinton foundation. >> i would certainly suggest as president of the united states, she should cease all operations, all contact with the clinton foundation. >> does that mean shutting it down or just not being involved? can you, can you -- >> at very least, at very least she should not be involved. reporter: on the democratic side all hands on deck. sanders campaigning for hillary clinton in new hampshire. bill clinton campaign campaigning in detroit.
7:03 am
hillary clinton and tim kaine in big event in cleveland. abby: mike emanuel to live for us, thanks. gregg: arizona senator jeff flake standing firm in his refusal to endorse donald trump after his long-awaitedn speech r state. >> becomes increasingly difficult to see he is going to change. so i don't expect that i will be able to support him. the speech in mexico and that action i think all of us had some hope after that that he might be changing the tone and tenor of his campaign but then when the speech was delivered in arizona later that day, he seemed to be right back where he has been. gregg: well, donald trump lashing out with this tweet, quote, the republican party needs strong and committed leaders, not weak people such as jeff flake if it is going to stop illegal immigration. weak, really, jeff flake? charlie kirk is founder and executive director of turning
7:04 am
point usa. kerry sheffield senior writer at opportunity lives and founder of good to see you both. kerry, jeff flake is the most honest person on capitol hill many people say. i have no evidence to disagree. he is also about the nicest guy on capitol hill. if you can't get along with him, what does it say about donald trump? >> i think it raises some serious questions. i've known jeff flake for a long time, even back when he was in the house and i completely agree with you. he is a true public servant. donald trump if i was advising his campaign you win more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. donald trump is serving these huge bottles of vinegar. i think that is the bottom here. he says he is "art of the deal" king. why doesn't he get a deal with senator flake at this point? you know he is senator in a state that is swing state. it should not be in play right now but it is in play because of all the negatives and things
7:05 am
that donald trump is said about latinos who are 30% of the population in arizona. gregg: hillary clinton, charlie, said, is there anybody left on capitol hill that he hasn't insulted, that trump hasn't insulted? who will he have left to work for? the same sentiment by a editorial in the "new york times" today, trump you were a chief birther against obama, maligned mexicans, slandered muslims, treated women with disdain, mocked handicap and applauded dictators and encouraged assault of protesters at your rally. this is true, is there a habit anybody dares to say something negative about trump he lashes out? >> sure i think we're getting to last stage of the campaign, if i were advising donald trump trump, hyper focus on hillary clinton. he actually had a pretty good week overall. you see polls tightening. he is leading in iowa. every time he diverts focus on
7:06 am
hillary clinton, he starts to fall behind. if he continues to focus on hillary instead of going after other republicans. i would personally like to see senator flake get behind the republican nominee, like senator rubio did, people against donald trump in many ways, it create as distraction heading into the election. if i were donald trump, would not take the bait. focus on hillary clinton going into last 65 days. these are narrative people want to play into, if you look at hillary's twitter account how donald trump is lashing out against senator flake. it plays into the narrative. gregg: if hillary clinton is hiding from the media, refusing to hold a news conference, donald trump is i had whoing his tax returns which brings us to topic number two. the trump campaign is giving us a little bit update when we might expect to see the nominee's tax returns. >> donald trump, and i are both going to release our tax returns. i will release mine next week.
7:07 am
up donald trump releases tax returns before finishing audit. >> that won't be before the election. >> we'll see. gregg: the irs says every citizen can make their tax returns public regardless of an audit. is that just a vacuous excuse that the trump campaign come up with? >> i agree. i think it's a fig leaf. i think donald trump is afraid what is in there. we don't know what sort of foreign ties he might have. we don't know what loopholes he might be exploiting. if he has nothing to hide show us, journalists we believe in transparency. we believe in sunsight. why we don't like hillary clinton. hillary clinton is the queen of darkness in terms of no transparency. her shady servers, shadily emails. she is disqualify what she did with mishandling classified information. donald trump if you want to be head and shoulders above hillary, show your tax returns. gregg: you know it does affect, people, charlie. people are suspicious of trump
7:08 am
because of it. "fox news poll" came out last week, 60% think that trump is hiding something in his tax returns. does he need to be transparent as he insists clinton should be? >> i think he should just release it, get it over with. however i will say that the majority of the media, they hyper focus on this idea that trump needs to release tax returns, this continuous story not too long ago you saw bernie sanders railing against hillary clinton for not releasing the goldman sachs transcripts there. is lot hillary clinton continually refuses to release. yes, i do think donald trump should get tax return story out there and get it done, said and over with. however here is hillary clinton literally destroyed devices she used at state department, deleted emails and refuses to release transcripts. get it off the table and focus on hillary clinton's lack of transparry sy.
7:09 am
gregg: they have record high negatives and disapproval ratings. hold your knows election, isn't it? charlie kirk, kerry sheffield, thank you both for being with us. >> thank you. abby: believe it or not there is much more at stake in november than just the presidential election. key races across the country could change the balance of power on capitol think. analysts say the republican majority in the house could even dwindle and democrats could regain control of the senate. kristen fisher live in washington what we can expect. these are big races we're talking about, kristen. reporter: they are in, abby. current senate minority leader harry reid will not run for election. to fulfill the vacancy he hand-picked his successor and punning against republican joe heck. the latino vote and trump factor will be very important. this seat, harry reid's old seat one democrats certainly have to win if they want to gain control of the senate in november. another race we're watching is
7:10 am
the one, one of the senate seats in new hampshire this is especially fascinating sit as popular sitting governor against a well-liked incumbent senator. democratic governor maggie hassan is taking on kelly ayote. big battleground state of ohio republican rob portman battling it out democratic former governor ted strickland. interesting side note, strickland lost the governor race in 2010 to current governor john kasich. head to wisconsin, where current senator republican ron johnson is facing a challenge from democrat russ feingold. this race going to be interesting because it is really rematch for these two. johnson actually ousted feingold back in 2010. abby, not only could that race tip the power in the senate, could also be a highly contentious one as well. abby: lot of races to follow. marco rubio, a lot of people wonder what is going on in florida? reporter: part of the reason that marco rubio changed his
7:11 am
mine and decided not to retire from the senate is because he said he knew that control of the senate may very welcome down to the race in florida. so this is a very important race. after the primaries last week rubio will be facing democratic congressman patrick murphy. murphy has come under fire for allegedly lying about some of his business dealings but this race could be very close. latest "real clear politics" average of polls right now has rubio ahead by about 6 points, abby. gregg: abby: not following races now you certainly should start. kristen fisher. thank you for being with us this morning. gregg: major new developments in the fight against isis as a key nato ally says the terror army has effectively been cut off from the world. what president obama is saying this morning as he looks to turn the pressure up even more. abby: as some kick back and relax this labor day, a stunning number revealing we may be workaholics. say what? how many of us didn't take a
7:12 am
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gregg: a symbolic moment for hillary clinton's campaign. she now has her own official press plane, campaign plane but the press is on it, that is the big deal here.
7:16 am
she just greeted the crew. given a replica of the plane. the big question, will she be really seg a gated from the media on board? maybe she will hide out in the bathroom. they are knocking on the door. mad today. secretary, could you vacate the bathroom, other people need to use it. just kidding. all right. abby: president obama sounding off on war against isis. he had choice of words on russia saying attacks on all types of rebel groups are aiding terrorist recruitment. >> people that night not initially have been sympathetic to terrorism, view anyone fighting against assad as legitimatized and that is a very dangerous dynamic. given the fans of trust that -- gaps of trust that exist that is a tough negotiation. we haven't yet closed the gaps in a way where we think it would actually work but my
7:17 am
instructions to secretary kerry and mr. you putin's instructions to mr. lavrov was to keep working at it over next several days. abby: russian president vladmir putin said the fight in syria, is quote, on the right track. the u.s. and russia took another step forward cooperating hinting a deal with the u.s. could come in a matter of days. joining me retired lieutenant colonel scott mann, founder of mission america and author of the book, game-changers, going local to beat violent extremists. thanks for being here. happy labor day. >> thanks, abby for having me on. abby: first react to president putin says things are on the right track with syria and are we days away with russia? are we on the right track and is that the way we go? >> for me i have to go how i feel and it makes my skin crawl. i can't imagine a situation in that volatile place called syria
7:18 am
where russia and the united states are on the right track for collaborative relationship in fighting isis. i don't buy it. abby: what does that even mean making a deal with russia in the environment today. >> right. abby: how does that happen? what does that even mean? >> exactly. you know, when you think about russia, iran, syria, this is who we're going to be doing airspace deconfliction with. this is who we target collaboration with, to fight against isis. i don't think any reasonable person buys into that. i certainly don't. abby: they say the most important thing in any agreement, negotiation is trust. you mentioned all of those nations. that is really one thing that you can continue to he question is the lag of trust. you know, 9/11 is just a few days away now, anniversary, thinking about 15 years years later, things still so unsettled. how are we thinking where we're at at this moment when it companies to fighting terror? >> abby, the way i break it
7:19 am
down, the my oldest son was 3 years old when those towers fell on that september day. year after year, he is on his path becoming a army officer fighting war i didn't finish. that puts it in perspective. that is okay as long as the war we're fighting is in the right direction. we're stirring andrepeating the same failed approach. piecemeal approach. no-fly zone. unilaterally bombing of an army that is embedded in tribal society doesn't work. abby: what is the right victory or approach? if i'm out here putting my life on the line, how do we succeed? what do you tell him? >> exactly. let's not forget men and women back in iraq working to fight for ground they reclaimed years ago before we left there and with we owe them is a strategy that focuses on the enemy critical vulnerability. i talk about it in my book, game-changers.
7:20 am
where isis is vulnerable at local community level. when abroad or at home they treat locals horribly, abby. as a result there are thousands, tens of thousands in sunni, iraq, pashtun, afghanistan willing to stand up, we have to be persistent and on the ground and we have to out-isis in those areas. abby: a long road ahead. >> it is. >> lieutenant colonel scott mann, we appreciate it. >> thanks, abby. happy labor day. gregg: hermine is well off the east coast right now but forecasters say don't get too excited yet. still a threat. abby: still a threat. look at this. as the storm whips up dangerous waves. maria molina joins us live with current conditions. look at that, this labor day. a lot of people are not going to the beach today. gregg: surf's up.
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
gregg: fox news alert now. hermine shutting down beaches this labor day as it whips up very dangerous waves. the storm is lingering well off the atlantic coast but with 70 mile-an-hour winds its impact is still being felt. meteorologist maria molina is live in atlantic city. where is the storm exactly? >> hi, gregg, good to see you, hello, everyone at home. we're tracking hermine which is still a pretty strong some system. it has maximum sustained winds at 70 miles an hour. the center is 250 to the southeast of the eastern tip of long island the storm is very massive. impacts are being felt in atlantic city and many other areas along the atlantic seaboard. if you see the scene behind me on labor day, many people are
7:25 am
off work but it is very quiet on the beaches. people are being told to stay out of the water. there were two swimmers that did not heed the warnings, caught up in the rough cypher and were injured. the water very rough and high waves and very dangerous conditions in the water. that is why people are being told to not enter the water. we saw a surfer go in and swept down by a very strong current in just couple minutes, gregg. very dangerous out there. coastal flood advisories along new jersey and farther off to the north. gregg: what about all the way to the north in new england? >> out there we have tropical storm warnings in effect and that includes eastern portions of long island. the big concern we do expect hermine to turn towards the coast. we could feel tropical storm force winds along some of those areas.
7:26 am
so that is going to be a big threat out there next couple days. because the storm will linger through at least tuesday. we're not done with it just yet. feels like we've been tracking the storm such a long time. it has been weeks tracking it through the atlantic, eventually making landfall in florida. it will not leave us alone. parts of new england could deal with strong winds and beach erosion and similar conditions to what we see behind me in atlantic city, gregg. gregg: very persistent storm. maria molina in atlantic city. thanks. we're keeping an eye on another threat looming off mexico's specific coast. tropical storm newton expected to gain strength as it barrels towards baja, california. landfall expected tomorrow in the afternoon. we'll continue to track newton and bring you the latest as we get it. ♪ abby: most are american workers celebrating labor day with a day
7:27 am
off of work but a new study showing many of them don't take their vacation days the whole rest of the year. many workers said they didn't take a single day off in 2015. a single day. many report that they don't take all the vacation days. millenial employees are most overworked, that women actually take fewer days than men. think about it, gregg, not that surprising. gregg: yeah. abby: people have to work. we have some of the worst rules in the world when it comes to work life balance. gregg: a lot of workers don't get paid vacation days. they can't afford to take a day off. you feel for them. you wish things would change. maybe some day they will. maybe we should be more like the french. they take whole summer off. abby: maybe not all like the french but in some sense that wouldn't be too bad. gregg: hillary clinton's running mate coming to her against about her use of a private email server. why senator tim kaine said it can be hard to figure out whether information is classified. really? abby: another athlete taking a
7:28 am
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with a non-insulin option, click to activate your within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. ♪ gregg: now back to the race for the white house and hillary clinton's running mate is defending her amid new questions about her private email server. virginia senator tim kaine says discerning what is and isn't classified information, he says it is not all that simple. bryan llenas live in the new york newsroom is live. what else is senator kaine saying in her defense? reporter: gregg, not just senator kaine but clinton campaign welcome release of notes of fbi interview with hillary clinton and investigation into the private email practices it proves why the fbi found she did not intentionally mishandle classified information. clinton said roughly 40 times she could not recall key details
7:32 am
on training on handling classified documents, did not understand c marks on emails met classified confidential information and did not realize drone strike discussions were classified. listen to her running mate estimate kaine yesterday. >> when she received the email the material which was classified, supposed to be flagged and identified as classified in many instance was improperly labeled. unless it is specifically pulled out and identified it is difficult to know sometimes whether a statement or paragraph is classified or not. that's what she was saying. reporter: tim kaine is saying i'm on two subcommittees in the senate. i look at tons of information. sometimes there is so much material tough to discern what is classified or not. gregg? gregg: you know, brian, donald trump's campaign is beginning to jump all over this, right? reporter: that's right. we're hearing from donald trump tweeted last night, lying hillary clinton told the fbi that she did not know the c
7:33 am
markings on documents stood for classified. how could this be happening? trump advisor new york city mayor rudy giuliani shows that clinton is not mentally or physically fit to be commander-in-chief. >> we have only two answers why she doesn't know, why the secretary of state of united states that a c in front of a paragraph means confidential information. one, she is stupid, or two she is lying or three, possibly a brain injury made her incompetent. i happen to think it is middle one. reporter: first debate is september 26th. one can guarranty the fbi notes will be part of trump's debate strategy. gregg: that is a safe bet. bryan llenas, thanks. abby: soccer star meghan rapinoe latest to seat during the national anthem. colin kaepernick caused controversy.
7:34 am
he did it to protest racial injustice in the u.s., president obama defending kaepernick during a news conference this morning. listen. >> he is exercising his constitutional right to make a statement when it comes to the flag and, the national anthem and the meaning that that holds for our men and women in uniform, and those who fought for us. that is a tough thing for them to get past to then hear what his deeper concerns are. if nothing else, what he has done he generated, you know more conversation around some topics that need to be talked about. abby: certainly has. christine is the deputy online editor of "the weekly standard." habe labor day. thanks for being here. >> thank you very much. same to you. >> you think about reactions from the other presidential candidates. seems like no one really wants
7:35 am
to touch this one. >> yeah there is good reason why too, abby. colin kaepernick said in the original statement that hillary clinton essentially belongs in prison, using same line of attack a lot of other people used with regard to the fbi stuff. she will not get a field pass on the niners game on monday. tim kaine said essentially, look like president obama says, he has the right to say this, but kaine says i don't think it make as whole lot of sense. you hear donald trump several days ago saying that you know, we hear this every four years, if colin kaepernick doesn't like what the united states has to offer, maybe he should get lost to find another country. abby: doesn't sound anything like trump. >> exactly right. we have only gotten used to it for 15 months. none of the candidates are really touching it. abby: rapinoe, soccer play are knelt, trending on twitter ever since. people are talking about that. the story is not dying. kaepernick his jersey sales are through the roof.
7:36 am
to president obama's point, they are stirring up controversy and conversation. people are talking about them personally but does this actually lead to positive change? i think that is the big question everyone is wondering from all this? >> if you look at the context t of this, colin kaepernick was named backup quarterback of his team. meghan rapinoe did this during one of her domestic league games. sort of stage as little smaller and gesture we look at a little more, that is making it trend on social media. we have to go back at july, look at example of lebron james, megastar and carl mellow anthony at the espn awards show, being a little more quiet, reasoned in their statements that they made. that is the sort of thing you would expect to terri the sort of conversation forward if we're looking to athletes being ones using platforms. abby: where does this go from
7:37 am
here? we get to the point more and more athletes follow the lead? the reason the soccer did it she thought the way kaepernick was treated was really disrespectful. she wanted to prove the doesn't to do it as well. more athletes continue to kneel during the national anthem and will story go on and how does it help anything? >> i expect the story go on. we might see all manner of gestures. one of the interesting things in supports last two or three decades can, ever since they are commercialized and branding taken over, michael jordan had comment in 1990s, republicans buy sneakers too. you have to be cautious what you say. we see people like carmelo anthony and lebron and people like colin kaepernick generate a lot of conversation among the public on twitter and across social media. when they know the message is having an impact you definitely would expect the conversation to
7:38 am
continue in any manner they continue to protest. abby: his jerseys are selling out. don't know what people are doing with them. gaining a lot of attention. thanks for being with us. have a good day. >> thanks, abby, you too. gregg: new developments in recovery efforts in louisiana. red cross helping flood victims connect with resources other than fema. relentless rains triggering historic flooding last month, causing widespread damage and at least 11 deaths. a local animal shelter taking in animals affected by the disaster. they are short on space and they have a solution. >> we're adopting out our own animals to make room for other animals we'll have to hold up to 30 days. that is a great turnout. it excites me. gregg: shelter holding an adoption event, to adopt cats, rabbits, begin -- guinea pigs
7:39 am
finding new homes. abby: decades old abduction case getting. the focus on man leading police to his body. will be he be charged in jacob's death? gregg: somber day for a family of a boy killed by an alligator at disney world. on how they're remembering him on what would have been his third birthday. abby: horrible story. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them.
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7:43 am
they released balloons into the air. it is heartbreaking. ♪ gregg: 27-year-old mystery coming to a very tragic end this weekend. police finding remains after minnesota boy who had been missing since 1989. 11-year-old jacob wetter link was kidnapped at gunpoint while riding his bike with his brother and a friend. the suspect, danny him rick, leading investigators to the remains buried on a nearby farm. they found pornography in heinrich's home. we have a sue ann robinson, criminal defense attorney. good to see you both. debra, this case, tough step back in time to 1989, and when jacob wetterlin-f, it shattered safety and security not just in
7:44 am
his community but entire state of minnesota eventually it led to not only state law in minnesota but a federal law as well. talk to us about it. >> well his death led to the sexually violent offender registration act which is known as sora. that has far-reaching consequences. had his parents known that halfway house with convicted sex offenders were living right around the corner his death might not have happened. but unfortunately others have to register on the sex offender registry who shouldn't have to. for example, if you are convicted of public urination, or a teenage boy who is 18 and sleeps with a 16-year-old girl in the state of new york, because she isn't of age to consent, can be a convicted sex offender. so we have to modify sora. gregg: sue ann, the family
7:45 am
always held out some measure of hope. it is overused word, closure, but now they know. >> absolutely. the family has closure in one sense now they can actually have remains of their son and bury him and have closure in that way but the wound of justice against the perpetrate for this horrible tragedy still remains open at this point. authorities are saying this week they will be able to give us more information but mr. heinrich has been a suspect or person of interest for 27 years. he has been questioned off and on even the course of during the cold case investigation. they have been questioning him and trying to get more evidence. originally 27 years old he was linked to a tire track an a shoe point at the scene. hopefully with the shoe print, the tire track and hopefully his own words the family will get closure. now they have the remains and also get closure.
7:46 am
gregg: you know, deborah, they eventually came upon heinrich because in another case, very similar to jacob wetterling involving a boy abducted, quite recently dna evidence connected heinrich to that case. dna evidence has been around more than a decade. could this have been done sooner? >> obviously it should have been. this brings up a good point, for pedophiles such as heinrich, that should be designated and classified when he is listed as a sex offender and it is not. there is only level 1, 2 and 3. we need to put people on notice if they have a pedophile living in their neighborhood. it needs to be changed, the sex offender registry act. hopefully when it is changed, it can lead to prevention of a death such as this. gregg: all right. sue ann, the question is, what comes of heinrich now? i mean generally in most
7:47 am
jurisdictions there is no statute of limitations on murder. >> no, absolutely not. i mean heinrich at this point is in federal custody for child pornography charges. so either he has been holding where remains of wetterlink's body was all these years and now using it as bargaining chip or trying to clear his conscience in some way. he is certainly in custody for the child pornography charges. they're going for it with the charges on that. there is no statute of limitations to your point on murder. so once the authorities can connect all the pieces, hopefully the family can at last have justice for this tragedy that happened 27 years ago. gregg: deborah, sue ann, thank you both for being with us. >> thank you. gregg: take care. abby: coming up, another act of defiance from north korea. the country firing more ballistic missiles as world leaders gather only hundreds of miles away. stick with us. ♪
7:48 am
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sees. gregg: terrifying moments. an 11-year-old boy ended up dank link from a ski least in new zealand. take a look at this. you can see the child hanging 30 feet above the ground after he slipped out of his feet. his father holding on to him for a minute before crews were able to reach them. staff members using a safety pad from a chair lift poll to give the boy a soft place to land. the father said his son was not injured and back on the slopes later in the day. abby: very resilient. gregg: yeah, and lucky. the coast guard rescuing a group of boy scouts after their catamaran flipped over in san francisco bay. 15 scouts and one adult were on the boat when it happened. it just tipped over. the kids were all wearing life jackets. boycott motto.
7:52 am
be prepared. no one was seriously injured. some minor cuts and bruises. ♪ abby: north korea firing three medium range missiles that traveled hundreds of miles and landed near japan. the latest missile test coming as world leaders meet in china for the g-20 economic sum submit. benjamin hall live in london for us. what does all this mean in terms of the timing? reporter: hi, abby. well, yes, you're right, this is timed to coincide perfectly with the g20. a few hours before missile tests were meeting what to do with north korea in particular. no doubt response to that as they flex their muscles as they often do. this is latest in series of tests north koreans have carried out. each is better than the last. each in violation of u.n. security council resolutions. ban on all ballistic related tests.
7:53 am
the missiles landed 200 miles away from the coast of japan. they took off from a western north korean city, flew 620 miles to the east. that is roughly the same distance as the city where obama was meeting world leaders at the g20. theres were condemnation from those at the summit. they would discuss a the proper response at east asian summit in laos. abby. abby: they love to show their muscles and how advanced. how advanced is north korean missile technology? a lot of people want to know that. reporter: abby, we know they're getting better and better all the time. last year they had a number of mistakes. some rockets didn't get off the launchpads. they had a few midair explosions. they are flying further and further. they successfully launched a missile from a submarine. second time they have done that. that flew 300 miles the longest
7:54 am
distance with a weapon. submarines are harder to detect. they can be launched far closer to the target. that is worrying. kim jong-un celebrated wildly with soldiers and generals. his seemingly irrational behavior most worries international community. the thad anti-missile defense systems deployed to south korea and oustchina and north koreans are furious breaking into their sovereignty. big questions whether the missile defense needs to be there. north koreans continually testing and launching missiles seems to be the wise thing to do. abby. abby: quite unsettling. benjamin hall live for us in london. gregg: former u.s. soccer star lauren holiday announcing she will have surgery to remove a brain tumor after she gives birth to her first child. doctors diagnosed her with a
7:55 am
benign tumor but they can't remove it until her child is born next month. pelicans star, j.r. ue holiday will take time off. she won medals from the u.s. oh olympic international team. we wish her well. abby: family comes before anything else. gregg: thank goodness it is a benign tumor as well. stunning finish to a nascar truck race. abby: looking more like a barroom brawl after one driver pins another against the wall but wait until you see what happens next. how's that? ♪ energy is a complex challenge. people want power. and power plants account for more than a third of energy-related carbon emissions. the challenge is to capture the emissions
7:56 am
before they're released into the atmosphere. exxonmobil is a leader in carbon capture. our team is working to make this technology better, more affordable so it can reduce emissions around the world. that's what we're working on right now. ♪ energy lives here. . . .
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. . . better buckle up.
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that inactive satellite radio of yours is ready to roll. because the siriusxm free listening event is on right now! just hit the sat button in your car and listen free thru sept 6. that's right, two glorious weeks of commercial-free music, plus talk, sports, comedy, news, and more. your ride has never, ever, rocked like this. oh yeah, siriusxm is on for free right now. so tune in and let's ride! >> jaw-dropping finish that had a nascar truck race driver john
7:59 am
hunter winning by a nose. look at that. custard got his revenge, though. he tackled. custard later told the media he felt cheated and a chance to win the championship. yeah, there's a fight. he had secured spot in the race, he didn't really have to be so aggressive, did you? he defended himself, quote, we didn't wreck him for the win, rubbing is racing. >> i'm going to use that in life . all right. efforts to stave giant panda are apparently paying off. the international body for protection announcing that the giant panda is no longer in danger. the iconic black bear was threatened species. for spoppulation has risen steadily after reflecting growing numbers in the wild and
8:00 am
southern china. >> that's great. isn't that good news. >> i love good news. >> okay. >> they're so adorable. >> and we begin with the fox news alert, the race to the white house kicks into high gear with both presidential nominee in all important battleground state of ohio. good morning to you, i'm john scott. >> and i'm laura. good to be with you. right now we are in cleveland waiting a campaign event with donald trump and running mate governor mike pence. spending time in ohio crucial for any republican to win the white house.


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