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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 6, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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that is all the time we have this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. 62 days until election day as of tomorrow night. have a good night. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> i had a meeting with great people, great hispanic leaders and there certainly can be a softening because we are not looking to hurt people. >> donald trump's big gamble. the immigration situation. tonight, the candidate will be here to discuss it. >> i just want to say how proud i am of the work the foundation has done. it's world renowned for what it's accomplished since my husband started it. >> more damaging reporting on the clinton foundation but does it matter? do americans really care? charles krauthammer will assess that. >> do you feel like the term racist is thrown around too loosely these days. >> every time there is a incident with a black versus a white or hispanic. >> tonight watters
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discussing race with the folks. >> racist is a person who loves their race. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. as we begin our 20th anniversary season. wow. donald trump's big gamble, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. by going to mexico last week, mr. trump signaled that he is willing to engage in diplomacy. as soon as he got back to the u.s.a. he repeated his policy of being tough on illegal aliens. there was some nuance but not much. and that is mr. trump's big gamble. he is hoping that american voters are fed up with the federal government that will not enforce immigration law, thereby allowing chaos to
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reign and actual harm to come to americans like kate steinle. republican ticket apparently believes there are many voters who are silently sick of permissive immigration policies in place for decades. they are sick of it. remember, if you are outspoken about enforcing immigration laws, the left will brand you a nativist and perhaps even a racist. that's a vicious card to play. and it has inhibited speech to some extent. there is no question that illegal immigration is an explosive issue. one that allowed donald trump to win the republican nomination. again, it comes down to this. are most american voters fed up with the anarchy? tough question to answer because you can't count on the polls to indicate true feelings. as mentioned, many people shy away from openly supporting tough measures against illegal aliens, even though they may support them. for those voters, trump offer as border wall, a crackdown on sanctuary
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cities and zero tolerance for aliens who commit crimes on american soil. that's a powerful lure for disenchanted voters. that being said, there is no question that donald trump will not, repeat, will not deport millions of aliens who have been peaceful while residing in the u.s.a. he seems to be moderating his position on that. more than a year ago, we discussed the issue. >> i think you're right about the wall. i think you are wrong about mass deportations and going into families. i think they have to be held accountable. and i think they have to be registered and they have to go through the process. but i can't possibly see how the courts, the federal courts are going to allow federal agents to kick doors in and drag people out. >> now, at the time, donald trump disagreed with me so what's changed? well, we'll talk with him about that in a moment. although it's not directly
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linked, the race situation is also a problem for mr. trump. truth is, african-americans will not vote for him in any great numbers. primarily because the democratic party retains credibility in the black precincts. also, donald trump is identified as being a birther, someone who has questioned president obama's citizenship and black americans did not like that. however it's very possible that african-americans will not turn out in great numbers at the polls this coming november. certainly secretary clinton is not as popular as president obama with black voters. donald trump's for ra foray to detroit was a wise move even though slammed him. >> your platform as the leader of the republican party does not speak to a civil rights agenda. you are talking about civil rights when you are engaged in civil wrongs to the degree that your party doesn't speak to it, have you never spoken to it, and we don't know who donald trump really is. >> now, it's almost amusing
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that reverend anthony excoriates the republican party's racial policies when the democrats have allowed the city of detroit, his city to be destroyed. right before his own eyes. politics trumping reality, pardon the pun, once again. talking points well understands that donald trump will have to overwhelmingly win the white vote to have any chance at being president. and last week's immigration and race story lines might have helped him. new cnn poll out today has trump leading hillary clinton 49 to 48. when you factor in the other two alternative candidates, trump wins 45% to 43%. that's a big turn around for mid august. it was driven, according to cnn, by 90% of republican voters now supporting trump. 90%. the "l.a. times" daily tracking poll has the race tied. trump 44%, clinton 44%. nbc news has clinton 48%,
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trump 42%. four way race clinton 41 trump, trump 47. trump is making progress or so the polls say. it all comes down to electoral votes. and here donald trump has some difficulty. hillary clinton is competing in states like arizona, georgia, and north carolina. those states both republican. trump needs to win those three, florida, ohio, either pennsylvania or michigan to even be competitive in the elec will not be easy. so summing up, trump's tough stance on immigration looks to be a winner for him at this point. and the race deal is primarily symbolic. blacks will vote for mrs. clinton. debate in less than three weeks. trump still has a fighting chance. and that's the memo. next on the rundown we'll talk about donald trump. later,ville some thoughts on the collin kaepernick national anthem controversy.
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impact segment tonight, let's bring in donald trump. joins us now from greenville, north carolina where his campaign is. so, first of all, let's talk about your campaign. you've said in the past that you expect to beat hillary clinton somewhat easily. do you still feel that way? >> i don't know if i said easily but i hope to win and i think we will win. we are doing very well as you probably know. and i think we're going to have a great -- i think we have a great campaign going. north carolina now virginia before, ohio yesterday. we had a tremendous crowd in ohio. it was unbelievable. i think we are doing very well. >> you are not going to say you are going to beat her easily because have you said that in the past. you still say you are on track to win. let's look at the cnn poll which has you ahead by 1. it's divided along race and
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gender. for example, you beat secretary clinton with men 54% to 32%. why do you think you beat her with men? >> well, maybe they they like strong borders. maybe they like strong military. i think women do, also. that's why i think i'm going to do very well with women. i notice woe are doing very well with married women. >> stay on the men now. we the get to the women in a moment. >> i think a lot has to do with the military. a lot has to do with the strength of the borders. and not allowing the syrians to come in who we just don't know where they are coming from. who they are. there is no documentation. it's a disaster. hillary wants them to pour into our country and i don't. >> all right. so you think it's a national security play for men to favor you over mrs. clinton? >> well, i guess. but i think women want that just as much as men. >> whoa, whoa. let's get to -- >> -- i think women want it as much as men. >> well, i don't know about that. cnn poll has women
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53% clinton, 38% trump. >> well, you know, if you are asking me the question, i think we went way up with married women and we are going very much higher with women than we were two months ago. i never really understood why we weren't doing well because it's very much also, it's national security, it's jobs. i think jobs for men and for women. i'm not sure there is such a big difference to be honest with you, bill. >> but there is in the poll. i don't know why. i think it mostly has to be style over substance, maybe. but there is a huge difference. you dominate on men. dominate with men. and she dominates with american women. let's get to the race. in white, white americans, again, you dominate 55% to 34%. you are up 21% with whites. why? >> i can't tell you, bill. i mean, all i'm doing is talking about jobs and bringing back our jobs. i can't say why. >> you don't have any opinion on that? >> i don't really.
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i really don't. >> all right. >> i had tremendous experience in detroit and in philadelphia this last week. with african-americans and really inner cities and we went to a church, an african-american church, which was incredible. and, you know, i think, you know, i would think that i'm doing very well with the african-americans. >> let's go with the nonwhite. nonwhite is, you know, all non-caucasians. clinton 72%, trump 18%. i think 18% is a lot higher than it was three weeks ago. we have made a lot of progress. i saw one where it was 1%. >> that was just african-americans. this is in all nonwhites in it. >> i think it's highly under rated, bill. i think it's highly underrated. >> this is polarizing race. along gender. i think the debates will change a lot of things. it's polarized. it's gender, men like you.
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women like her. nonwhites like her and whites like you. if you don't have a theory why, you don't have a theory. >> i don't have a theory, bill. >> okay. >> i'm about jobs. i'm about the fence. i'm about borders. i'm about a lot of things. i'm about our vets. i'm about strong military. whether you break it down into men or women or anybody else, i mean, i think people want to hear that and i'm much better at it than she is. she will be very weak on the border. she wants people just to flow in terms of illegal immigration. people are going to flow into the country. and it's going to be a disaster. >> that's the thing. the facto fact is some people wt open borders. open society, george soros. everybody comes. in you know that crew. now, electoral college. see, in my view and i said this on my website today, it's a tie. you might be head in the
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popular vote a little bit right now which is pretty interesting come back where you were four weeks ago. electoral college is pretty tough. you have very little margin for error. you have got to knock off ohio, florida, north carolina where some polls you have behind. you have got to win either michigan or pennsylvania. that's tough. you don't have any margin for error where she does have some margin. >> well, when you say you, you are talking about the republican party because it's always been that way or it's been that way for the last 20 years, there is truth to it, but i think we are doing very well in those states. i just left again, ohio we are doing well. we are leading in ohio. we are leading in florida. >> in some polls you are. in some polls you aren't. i know how it is. >> would you cede tonight you don't have a lot of margin for error. key states i mentioned. it's going to be tough for you in virginia. you don't need virginia. it's not a have to have. >> i just left virginia and we're just about even in virginia. >> close. you know mcauliff.
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>> i'm not surprised. i see the crowds. i see the people. but we are pretty even in virginia, too. >> all right. would you cede that you don't have much margin for error in the electoral college. >> when you say you again, you are talking about the republican party. >>, no, no. it's you, donald trump. >> i'm just saying the republican party has a tougher road. there is no question about it. i have known that it's been that way for a long number of years. >> yes. >> but i think we're doing well and i think we are going to win. >> all right. >> let's get to detroit. i was going to do this in the second second. i was going to carry trump over but we will go there now i thought they were respectful to you when you had the dialogue with people in detroit. but the reaction was, you know, they ran out, they being the media, ran out to find people that smash you which they did. what was your assessment of that whole situation? >> i thought the reaction was amazing. and the church was amazing. the bishop was amazing.
8:17 pm
i thought the whole thing was really an incredible experience for me. and i think it was tremendous success. >> what did you learn by going there? >> well, i don't know learn because i knew they were great people to start off with. but, just reinforced it. these are people of faith. these are people that are strong believers in god. they were absolutely so warm and so genuine and i was very, very impressed. >> did you learn anything about. >> section of detroit. >> did you learn anything about why detroit has collapsed? why have the population has fled the area? did you learn why? >> well, i think i know a lot of the reasons why because our leadership has lost the jobs. i mean, a lot of these companies have moved to mexico. they moved out of michigan, generally. that's why i'm doing well in michigan. because i have been talking about this for five years not just the last three weeks like hillary who doesn't have any clue as to why they are leaving. i know how to get them back and keep them from leaving. if you look at michigan generally speaking. you look at the big auto
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plants being built in mexico and you look at what is happening with respect to mexico is like the eighth wonder of the world. and michigan is getting killed. >> yeah, they are. >> i will stop it. they are getting killed. >> last question on this. do you think your birther position has hurt you among african-americans? >> i don't know. i have no idea. i don't even talk about it anymore, bill. >> i know. >> i don't know. very few people, you are the first one that's brought that up in a while. i don't think so. i mean, look, i went to detroit. we had -- it was like a love fest. we had just a great, great time. i was there for a long time. again, the bishop and his wife and whole congregation, these are fantastic people. >> all right. well, let's hold mr. trump over and he is very kind to give us the time. we will talk about immigration which, as you know in the talking points, i said has propelled
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continuing now with donald trump who is in greenville, north carolina tonight. in the talking points memo which i know you did not hear because you were on the trail, i said that you are going to build, in my opinion, of course, you are going to build a wall if you are elected. i don't think there is any question. >> you're right. you're right. >> you are going to come down hard on sanctuary cities and cut off federal funds. >> you're right. >> if you are elected you will do that that criminal aliens, aliens who are here illegally who complited crimes in the u.s.a., you will immediately deport
8:23 pm
them. you are going to have some static in the court system due process certainly you will authorize authorities to do that. >> right. >> am i accurate so far? >> and we will pass kate's law. >> and kate's law. very important. and i know you have been behind that from the very beginning. the issue you are apparently modifying is what we talked about and i told you very rudely, i was rude, that there is no way you are going to be able to deport 12 million law abiding peaceful aliens in the system that we have. too much due process involved. you are not going to be able to get immigration force of that kind to drag them out of their homes. it looks like you are modifying that am i correct there. >> i never talked about dragging people out of their homes, bill. i never talked about that. just so you understand. we are going to have a very strong border. people are going to come into our country but come in legally. they will have a wall. by the way mexico is going to pay for the wall 100 percent. we have a wall. mexico is going to pay for the wall. we have a strong border.
8:24 pm
border patrol 16500 agents endorsed me because they understand we are going to get rid of first thing, first hour i'm going to authorize get rid of all of the drug lords and gang members and all of the people here illegally that shouldn't be and committing tremendous crime unbelievable crime. >> you can't just do executive order. >> very little due process. and the local police know who all of them are. and we're going to get rid of them. we are going to stabilize our border. we have a strong border. we are going to have a country again. then what's going to happen, when it's all completed. the wall. all of this is completed, the people that haven't committed a crime other than, of course, coming into the country which of course depending on your definition, those people, bill, are going to determine when we look at where the country is, how the border is, what's happening with our country, which will be down the road, we're going to make a determination at that time as to what to do with the rest. >> that's a modification of your original position. that's fine. >> depending on how you want
8:25 pm
to view it i don't know about that. h but that's okay. if you want to say that, that's fine. >> in my opinion as a news analyst have you modified your position a bit. i'm saying to you that i believe the whole package that you put together in arizona, all right, has now reignited your campaign. you now have some momentum behind. >> you hillary, as you know, bill, hillary has no package. she never talks about illegal immigration. she wants everybody to pour into the country. she wants the syrians to pour into the country 600 percent almost. more than obama. and he has thousands and thousands of people pouring in right now. she has. no if you ask her, she has absolutely zero to talk about on illegal immigration. erb can just pour into our country and take our jobs and no matter how they are good bad or indifferent, just pour into our country that is a disaster for the united states. >> i hope i will get a chance to answer that. >> she got brought there by bernie sanders. you know, super left. i mean, she got brought
8:26 pm
there by bernie sanders. >> okay. but people are going to pour into the country under the hillary nonexisting plan. nobody even knows what her plan is. >> now, governor pence says is he going to release his tax returns. today hillary clinton is whacking you again. she does it almost every day. that you should release your tax returns. if governor pence does release his, is that going to put pressure on to you release yours? >> not at all. nobody cares about it except some of the folks in the media nobody cares about it just so you understand i am under audit. routine audit. when the audit is complete i will release my returns. i have no problem with it. talk about my tax returns -- bill, in the meantime, no, nobody would recommend that in the meantime, she has 33,000 emails is that she deleted. when is she going to release her emails? let her ereitz lease her emails and i will release my tax returns immediately. with that said i released
8:27 pm
almost 100 pages of financials to the fec and they are detailed. there is a loft information. you get very -- the fact is, you get very little information from the tax return, bill. >> okay. but, when the audit is complete, then you will release it. that's what we learned. >> yes. >> sure. >> thank you. >> i appreciate you coming on. as i said, we are still working for mrs. clinton to come on, secretary clinton. what do you think? do you think she is going to come up against me? >> i have no idea, bill. nobody can figure it out. she goes out for a day or two and then she goes away for five days and nobody hears from her. so i have no idea what she is doing. >> would you watch that interview if mrs. clinton came on on the factor? >> i may. i'm not so sure. i might have to turn to another network. >> all right. donald trump, everybody. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. charles krauthammer on more damaging stuff about the clinton foundation. that should be interesting. also, i have some thoughts on the collin kaepernick national anthem controversy.
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8:32 pm
tough guy on the border wall and all that do you agree with that. >> yeah. to some extent. what was interesting in watching you with him is you were saying hey, you modified your plan. >> he did. >> he pushed back a little bit and said all right. you can say modify. but, the interesting thing is while you were gone, this is a guy are that it looked like he was going to modify and soften his approach in order to reach out to more voters. the reason he was playing games with yo. >> he wasn't playing games. >> he gave you red meat speech. >> he used the term lisa round up the illegal aliens that were here. round them up and go back to home country and then reapply that that was the original. after we get all the security we will take a look. that's a modification and that's what happened. but his modification has helped him, i believe, has it not. >> i think is he doing better in the polls because is he on message talking about jobs and the economy.
8:33 pm
>> you don't think it's immigration. >> jobs and the economy. getting back to being on message? with all due respect he says the same thing about jobs and economy. >> which is what voters want to hear. >> how many times do they want to hear it. >> the issue on immigration is completely overblown. >> really? >> if you look at the issues important on americans it's job, the economy. if you look at the issues that's important to hispanics, it's jobs. overplon by the media. >> lisa? >> you look at the most recent poll. >> he goes to mexico. he meets with the mexican president. all right. huge story. huge. massive coverage. then he comes back to arizona and says, they're going to pay for the wall. mexican president says no, we're not. that's huge. that's what is driving these polls. he says and i'm not putting this down. i'm going to bring back jobs. i'm going to punish the companies who go overseas. okay. okay. but you just can't say it 1,000 times and surge in the polls. he was saying that when he was going down in the polls, lisa. >> i think him going to
8:34 pm
mexico was obviously positive for his campaign. it helped him look presidential. >> that was the issue. >> yeah. but if you look -- look, there is even a poll out today that essentially showed that voters are completely split between clinton's view on immigration and donald trump's view on immigration. >> the election is tied. >> even to hispanic voters, jobs, the economy, education, healthcare are the top issues. >> all right. comprehensive immigration reform is. >> the two of you are off a little bit. >> we're off? >> is on immigration but about immigration as it relates to white female college educated voters. they are the ones not coming over to trumplet the reason he has gone up in the polls, lisa and bill, is that, you know what? more republicans are now coming to trump. >> 90% are now. >> before it was about 75. >> why have they come over? >> because i don't think before they were comfortable with trump. i think a lot of them saw him as bigoted, bellicose, harsh, i think trump is now trying. this is where the modification, this is why i appreciate your interview. is he trying to soften. he comes back and says i'm going to play to the base.
8:35 pm
>> by staying on message, what he has also allowed -- what he has allowed for the media to do is focus on hillary clinton to run the indictment intense against her and the clinton foundation. >> he hasn't made any verbal gaffes so that they can't pound him on that. >> is he controlling. >> i will put forth that the reason that donald trump has come up from 78% to 90% in republican support is immigration. they are -- the republicans are tired of the anarchy. 30 seconds, 30 seconds, go. >> i would agree with protecting the border and securing the border and making america safe again is a positive message for all voters. but i think this idea that the media is driving about he has to embrace amnesty to resonate with voters with hispanic voters is incorrect. >> i think it is immigration but symbolic issue. i agree with you it's not the number one issue when you ask voters to indicate their priorities. it's trump being trump. >> he has fueled.
8:36 pm
>> i'm telling you it's not going to help him in terms of reaching new voters and getting over the top. >> he is ahead in the cnn poll. >> is he not ahead in the real clear politics average. >> cnn poll. >> i heard from a wise man named o'reilly, watch the electoral college, everyone. >> that's what it is all about. >> and we will. >> and, when we come back, the "the washington post" reporting that bill clinton made millions of dollars and the clinton foundation is involved in that to some extent. krauthammer and i will kick that around. next as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world. ♪ check out two great sales going on now at bass pro shops. like ladies' fashion jeans starting at under $22. save 50% or more on redhead scent control shirts.
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talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today. thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the factor follow-up segment tonight, will the clinton foundation hurt secretary clinton's chance to become president? latest from "the washington post says that bill clinton received nearly $18 million from a for profit college called laureate international universities. apparently the former president was an honorary chancellor, 18 million for that. here's the problem. the laureate senior vice president at the time, joseph duffy got access to hillary clinton when she was
8:41 pm
secretary of state. duffy also donated thousands to the clinton foundation. joining us now from washington to assess charles krauthammer. first of all, i think you could get that job. honorary chancellor of whatever university for 18 million bucks,. >> you have no idea how many papers he graded. your hand can get really tired writing in the margins. >> it's just honorary, you can be hono honor honor yes. come on is this a scam. >> babe ruth endorsed a lot of products that i'm not sure he used. this is the use of your name, the use of your reputation and cashing it in. pretty i couldn't know saferry when a president is doing it that's exactly what's happening here. i think even if his wife were not running for
8:42 pm
president or secretary of state, he would have been doing something like, this perhaps, for a little less money. but what he is doing is saying, i will endorse your product, so that you can grow the business, people will look at it and say, well, the former president is involved. it can't be a scam. and it hasn't been exposed as a scam. this is not like trump university. this is a real university with real diplomas but it was behind up by a guy who probably had nothing to do with it in terms of its actual operations and got paid a huge amount of money. >> there is more involved than that the senior vice president again gets invited to a state department dinner. i mean, that adds to the prestige of laureate, whatever it is. and then the same guy kicks more than 10,000 bucks into the foundation. come on. look, i guess weld be cynical and say that's what america is all about these days and say everything is for sale.
8:43 pm
that's what it is about. everything is for sale. you want a state dinner with hillary clinton, hey, hire her husband for 18 million and you got it, right? >> look, i don't approve of this. i have written about this we seem to have a standard that we have accepted other the decades. you can pay for access and that's okay. at least it's not illegal but you can't if you get an actual trinket in return, a favor, a bribe. that's the bright line. one sends you to jail, and the other simply indicts your personality and your ethics. now, we have lived with that for years. it applies to everybody, not just the clintons. so i don't think it has a major effect on her. i think it does to some extent because this is the clinton way. you sell your name. you sell your power. you sell everything. but i think the bigger story here and the real damage it's done and you can see it in the polls, the reason her numbers have shrunk is
8:44 pm
because this keeps coming out. there is nothing that escapes the smothering cloud of these stories. i mean, her message can get out. she makes speeches on a ton of stuff. nobody either remembers or even covers it. every day it's a different story. and it's a different detail. not that the details in themselves really matter, but it is simply a reminder of their personality inquisitiveness. the idea that they are not libel to the rules of everybody else. and that's the damage. she can't run a campaign. there is nothing coming out of her campaign other than the drip, drip, drip of these stories every day. >> don't you think many americans though want some dignity in the white house hand that might be hurting both candidates? 30 seconds. >> that's right. that's why they're the two most unpopular candidates in polling history. the only reason people will
8:45 pm
vote for one over the other with small exceptions is to keep the other out of the white house. this is a competition, a race to the bottom the one who hits it second is the winner. >> charles krauthammer, everyone. watters on deck. is he talking race with the folks in philadelphia. a special "watters world" moments away. what's going on here? i'm val, the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. we're putting away acorns. you know, to show the importance of saving for the future. so you're sort of like a spokes person? more of a spokes metaphor. get organized at
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♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ in the back of the book segment tonight, "watters' world." as you know, one of the biggest issues of the presidential race is race itself. recently watters was in south philadelphia and got into that. [ whistling ]
8:49 pm
>> what is the definition of a racist? >> a person that don't like nobody. >> a racist is someone who has a stigma against certain types of people. they stereotype them. >> someone who has different feelings towards different colors. >> a racist is a person who loves their race. so it's nothing wrong with loving your race. it's when you begin to attack others because you're now putting your race above another. >> where do you say racism in america today? >> everywhere. >> like right now? >> well, not at this exact moment, no. >> when i was younger, we didn't say black people. we said colored people. >> what's wrong with african-american? >> spanish, black, oriental. >> you can't say oriental. that's offensive. >> i didn't know that. >> can blake people be racist? >> trust me they can. they can be racists against their own selves. >> i've had situations where i've been outright called the n-word. >> have you ever been called a racist? >> absolutely. >> over what? >> just being white. >> you got to respect people. i'm italian. i want people to respect me.
8:50 pm
i don't want them to call me a whopper, nothing like that. >> you think black lives matter is a racist term? >> definitely. it's an excuse. >> if they were such a caring organization, i don't know why they're not going into their own neighborhoods and cleaning them up. >> they do matter. don't get me wrong. but also all lives matter. >> do you think the term racist is thrown around too much in america? >> yes. >> what's that about? >> p.c. >> that's all we talk about in this country. >> do you feel like the term racist is thrown around too loosely these days? >> every time you turn around there's an incident with a black versus a white or hispanic. >> you have a whole group of people that heard a man say, i'm going to build a wall and deport millions of mexicans and hispanic-americans from this country. nobody batted an eye. >> are we living in the same country because trump got a lot of heat for that. do you think donald trump is a racist? >> not aat all.
8:51 pm
it's a defense mechanism because you have nothing else against the guy. >> i don't believe racist but at times he says racist things. >> do you think donald trump is racist? >> i do. >> he just said that alabama peop -- black people should vote for him. >> whoa, whoa. asking black people to vote for you is racist? >> asking black people to vote for you and trying to scare them into voting for you is racist. >> when democrats scare black americans into voting for them because they say republicans are going to put you back in chains, isn't that racist? >> i think that is racist. >> do you think it's racist to secure the border? >> yeah. >> so you don't believe in borders? >> oh, i believe in borders, but i don't think that we should keep out an entire country because donald trump doesn't like them. >> are you legal or illegal? >> illegal. >> you're illegal? >> yes. >> welcome to america. >> thank you. >> you can stay. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> for now. >> enforce the laws that are on the book and that's it. >> that's not racist? >> that's not racist.
8:52 pm
that's america. >> do you think hillary clinton is racist? >> i know she's a money grubber. >> i think she's a bit elitist, but, hey, you got to flaunt it. >> do you think hillary is racist? >> no. she's just crooked. >> she's not referred to me or anybody like me as the blacks, so i'm going to go with no. >> she actually called young black men super predators. >> then that would make her too. >> do you know who i am? >> no. who are you? >> i'm watters. >> who? >> and this is my world. >> your watters? >> yeah. >> are you italian? >> no. >> oh, you're kid something. >> why, because my nose is crooked? >> all right. i didn't get the nose is crooked line, but that's okay. >> it's a mob reference. >> most of these people in south philly, which is a racially mixed, they have their opinions, some not as informed as others. >> i think my piece right there might have contributed to polarization of racism in
8:53 pm
america. >> how? >> no one wanted to talk about it. you're afraid to say the blacks. you're supposed to say african-americans. >> did you have people run away from the camera and say i'm not going to talk about this? >> mostly run ago way from me. they don't even care about the camera. i usually soft pedal when i do the interviews. i say i want to talk about this. but when i come up to someone and say, i want to talk about racism, no one wants to talk about that. >> it's funny because a lot of people don't know you can't say the term oriental anymore. it's asian. >> i knew that. >> but i'm trying to figure out why. it's the orient where they originate. >> you're supposed to call rugs oriental, not people. >> oh, it's a rug thing. >> it's a rug thing. >> i didn't know that. i learned something from "watters' world." first time ever. >> you're welcome. >> first time ever. but i just -- you're right. when you deal with minority americans, absolute mine field now. >> yeah. >> you say something wrong, there you go. gotcha. jesse watters everybody, he'll be back on thursday. factor tip of the thursday. i will deal with this colin
8:54 pm
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so finally here is the ftook ti of the day. respect is important. san francisco 49ers' quarterback colin kaepernick as you know refusing to stand for the national anthem because he believes america is biased against black people and the police in general are ill-trained. >> you have people that practice law and our lawyers go to school for eight years, but you can become a cop in six months and don't have to have the same amount of training as a cosmetologist. that's insane. >> well, mr. kaepernick is incorrect. law school lasts for three years. maybe he's adding the four years of college before that, but it still doesn't add up. a minor point. just a nitpick. but here's a more serious situation. i believe the quarterback is ill-informed across the board. studies and statistics show american police are not -- are not targeting african-americans.
8:58 pm
and while there are exceptions to that, of course, american law enforcement in general deserves respect. they protect us. as you may know, colin kaepernick wore socks portraying police officers with pig faces. obviously disrespectful. so it comes as somewhat of a surprise that the president is restrained when it comes to kaepernick. >> when it comes to the flag and the national anthem and the meaning that that holds for our men and women in uniform and those who fought for us, you know, that is a tough thing for them to get past to then hear what his deeper concerns are. but i don't doubt his sincerity based on what i've heard. >> i'm a bit confused.
8:59 pm
sincerity should be based on behavior and knowledge, right? mr. kaepernick's behavior regarding the police is disgraceful. the socks prove that. and believe me, if colin kaepernick were on this program, the factor right now, he'd be sacked within seconds because his knowledge of current events is sadly lacking based upon what he has said so far. yes, the quarterback has the constitutional right to express his opinion. but other americans also have the constitutional right to reject it based on facts. respect and knowledge always trump emotion and propaganda. or am i wrong? that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website, different from also i'd like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. in the meantime, if you wish to opine, word of the day. do not be a zoilist when writing
9:00 pm
to the factor. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, growing suggestions that hillary clinton and her staff may have intentionally obstructed justice, destroying evidence in the mdle of an investigation. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. house oversight chairman jason chaffetz sent his letter to the district attorney for washington, d.c. today calling for a new probe in the conduct of both mrs. clinton and her staffers. chaffetz says that after reviewing documents released on friday by fbi director james comey, he believes there may be evidence of, quote, obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence by secretary clinton and her employees and contractors. when asked about it earlier today, clinton not only said that she's innocent, she also suggested this is simply ano


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