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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  September 7, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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big night tonight in new york city with the two candidates giving their defense posture positions. >> we'll see how they do. >> thanks for joining us. >> america's election headquarters starts right now. and we start out with a fox news alert. donald trump announcing plans to expand our military if he becomes president of the united states. hello, everyone. i'm heather nauert. donald trump says he will have a plan from pentagon leaders within 30 days and calls on congress to submit a new budget developing a state-of-the-art missile defense system as well as upgrading ballistic naval systems. and he plans to ask joint chiefs of staff on review all military technology including power grids and infrastructure from cyber attacks. trump also highlighting what he says are the reasons that hillary clinton is not fit to be
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commander in chief. listen. >> sometimes it seemed like there wasn't a country in the middle east that hillary clinton didn't want to invade, intervene in or tackle. she's trigger happy and very unstable. whether we like it or not, that's what is going on. >> amber smith is former u.s. army helicopter pilot and author of danger close, my epic journey in iraq and afghanistan. and johnny joey jones is a retired marine bomb technician. thank you both for joining us. amber, let me start but. first of all, i want to say thanks to you both for what you've done for our country in both iraq and afghanistan. there is nobody better to talk about than people who have been in the fight. amber, your reaction to trump's speech today. >> i saw commander in chief material right there. i saw a leader who cares deeply about our military, who cares
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about rebuilding to levels that is not hindering our military and national security. over the past eight year, the military has been slashed to pre-world war ii levels. so that is asking to to our military men and women in uniform to do more with less. so that puts them at greater risk and they're not getting the training that they need to go into harm's way and serve in those combat positions. we need a commander in chief who makes sure that they go in with the proper training and best assets and resource in the world to complete the mission. >> joey, you served in the marine corps. and one of the plans would be to increase troop levels really all throughout the branches of the military. what would that actually do for the armed forces? >> first as a marine, boot camp was all about doing more with less. so i'm not directly opposed with that. but what is going on is arbitrary sequestration, a tool jay carney pinned it on the
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administration. it was a ploy to get senate republicans to pass the budget that president obama wanted. and it is hurting our military. but what this will do if drd ge donald trumps in office, i don't need a 20 point plan, i need a three point plan. i'm here in austin and i have a blackboard with me. we need a goal, a strategy and then we need to talk about how to pay for it. >> i love that white board right there. that is fantastic. good for you. amber, let me ask you about some of those things because i bet you'll agree that we need a goal. donald trump says that he will have a plan from our military officials to defeat isis -- not to defeat them within 30 days, but wants a plan within 30 days. is that realistic? >> i think a plan and vaestrate to defeat isis is more than reasonable. he has given the pentagon notice. look, if i'm the next commander in chief, you better have a plan for me within 30 days of me taking office that will allow our military to go in and wipe
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out isis. we've been at war with them for over two years now. 30 days is very reasonable. we haven't seen it from the administration today. so i think it's perfect timing. i think that we will see out of a trump administration a pentagon that is going to have to act quickly. >> and joey, we're talking about a plan, but then what is the follow-on plan? as we've seen, our u.s. military can take back territory as they have done with isis, but yet can we hold it, can we keep it, can we have a stable government? an ally would be nice. >> and this is -- we're in the middle of a presidential election, so i get it, we have to make promises that get people for the ballot box. quite honestly yor, i don't car about 30 days. what i want to know is what is our goal before my brothers and sisters go back over there because i think they will have to. we're already there, but i think more will have to go. what is the goal?
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what are we going to accomplish? we went and took out saddam, we left avo void, isis is there. i don't know if we've ever had a clearly defined goal of what we're trying to accomplish or at least one we stuck with. so what i want to see there donald trump and i'm not saying he's not doing it, i'm saying i'm not focused on if this happens in 30, 60 or 90 days. i'm focused on is it a sustainable goal and is it a strategy that however long it takes to get put together will last and something that makes sense for that region. and it we see those things, let's pay for it and i'm all about it. >> let's listen to a bit of donald trump's speech in which he's talking about classification. >> hillary clinton has taught us really how vulnerable we are in cyber hacking. that's probably the only thing that we've learned from hillary clinton. one of the first things we must do is to enforce all classification rules and to
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enforce all laws relating toe the handling of classified information. >> hillary clinton could not get the security clearance that i had and was required to obtain to be a helicopter pilot in the army. she disregarded procedures and the law and she made decisions that put our national security? jeopardy. those are facts. so i don't want a commander in chief who has a disregard for what is best for this nation and the people who put themselves out there and the reason that some of those classification levels exist. that to me, she doesn't sense o disregard for it, regardless either way that is not something that should be allowed to be a xhapdner chief after you do what you did with the e-mails. >> we'll have to leave it there. amber smith and joey jones,
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thank you so much. thank you for your service both of you. tonight we'll be hearing from hillary clinton about her plans for national security. the military and also veterans affairs. jennifer griffen is outside the clinton campaign headquarters in brooklyn, authorizing. so what does hillary clinton and her campaign -- what are they saying about trump's plans? >> reporter: well, it's interesting. we've talked a lot about national security in the last two days on board the plane with hillary clinton. she said she won't be sending more troops to the middle east, but she did say that she was this favor of a no-fly zone in northern syria to fight against isis and that she would likely do the same if president. there has been reaction to trump's national security plans, in fact her campaign and her surrogates continue saying no donald, you do not know more than the generals. that is a quote from donald trump that they continue to say back to him. hillary clinton was speaking to mostly military voters in tampa,
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home of centcom, when she spoke yesterday. here's what she said. >> his company, trump companies, have fired veterans because they had to take time off to fulfill their military commitments. >> reporter: we just arrived in new york, we're outside her brooklyn headquarters. and from what we could tell in talking to people in florida, including top democrats, the race is extremely tight in florida. in fact they aare in a virtual tie there. >> jennifer, before we let you go, a question for you about the polls right now. because these polls are so tight, they're within the margin of error. what are they telling us now? >> reporter: well, they're incredibly tight. there was a very interesting poll released yesterday that shows donald trump up by two points nationally. that is the first time there has been a national poll showing that. i asked hillary clinton about that. she said she pays for attention to polls. there is also a new george washington university poll that
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has come out that shows that she is up by two points, 42% of likely voters to 40% for donald trump. and meanwhile according to that same poll, 59% of the likely voters surveyed said they would, quote, reluctantly vote for the candidate of the party they usually support. and then there was the surprising endorsement this morning from the dallas morning news for hillary clinton, the first time the newspaper has endorsed a democrat in more than 75 years. quote, trump's values are hostile to conservatism. he plays on fear, exploiting basin stings, xenophobia and misogyny. we know hillary clinton is preparing for tonight. she's not out on the trail today. but bill clinton and chelsea clinton are both campaigning. chelsea is in pennsylvania and bill clinton is in orlando where is he pushing back against allegations against police clinton foundation and trying to
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focus attention on donald trump's donation to the florida florida attorney general. >> jennifer griffin live from brooklyn, thanks. a fox news alert. new aggression coming from russia as it again targets our u.s. military. the defense department confirming that a russian fu-27 fighter jet like in one came within 10 feet of a navy recognizance plane which was on a routine patrol over the baltic sea. 10 feet. imagine that. this is just the latest aggressive act by russia. you may recall that back in april, russian jets buzzed a u.s. navy destroyer in the same area and she came within 30 feet of that ship. >> french authorities taken two people into custody after a car filled with gas canisters is discovered near the named notre
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dame cathedral. greg is following the story. >> reporter: yes, another terror probe is opened up now in france. looks like thankfully however this was a near miss. a car that you minksed was found early sunday morning right in the heart of one of the busiest tourist districts of paris. packed inside, a deadly cargo. six gallon canisters of volatile propane gasoline. makings for sure of a dakrous car bomb. the car in fact was left aban n abandoned and the two people you mentioned arrested that happened yesterday, suspected to be linked to it as they were found in the southern part of france, maybe trying to flee the country. both were known to officials on the intelligence rolls. but there was no detonator inside the car, no way to ignite the gasoline. according to experts, they think
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that perhaps this was a dry run, a scary dry run. all of this of course as french security officials remain very much on high alert after that terrible terror attack in nice over the summertime as well as a string of terror attacks before and after that attack. french president hollande finally under a lot of attack now for his handling of the security issue, big debate in the country that i'm finding now and with the upcoming french presidential elections next year, how far the could you be h country has to go to deal with the threat. people think the country is at war. >> greg palkot, thank you. >> so how is it that one major for-profit school has shut down all of its campuses nationwide amid federal sanctions leaving some students without a degree yet another similar school is thriving? the question that we are asking, could bill clinton be the x i a
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factor in this? plus a cold case turning rest hot as the fbi and local law enforcement step up their srk for kristen smart. >> we're hopeful that this will lead to the finding of kristen or evidence that will bring closure for the family and ultimately to the community. i'm terrible at golf.
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enrollees from tapping federal aid. >> literally spent two years here. i've wasted all that and i was pursuing my bachelor's. and now i'm left with nothing. >> wow. well, education secretary john king says that that decision was made to protect students and also taxpayers from potential financial and educational damage. but the move now leaves taxpayers on the hook for listen to this, $500 million in federal loans that itt students are now eligible to have forgiven. and as that one closes up shop, another one is doing very well. the "washington post" digging into a multimillion-dollar payment that was made to bill clinton while he was serving as honorary chancellor, that's the name of the title, of a different for-profit college. the company that operated or that paid president clinton a total of $17.6 million over five
11:18 am
years. the contract ended in 2015 when hillary clinton began her white house run, but now pay for play allegations are surfacing after the "post" learned that hillary clinton requested that that company operating the college, called laureate universities, get a seat at the table for an exclusive state department dinner. an e-mail to her staff describing the fwrugroup as quo the fastest growing college network in the world who bill likes a lot. a political enterprise and investigate of it reporter for the "washington post" broke the story. good afternoon, rosalyn. square the itt story to what we're talking about with regard to bill clinton getting paid millions of dollars for this for-profit college while the other one goes out of business. >> sure. i don't know that there is a completely fair comparison between those two institutions, but what i think you can see from the itt example about is that this was an industry that had come under -- that was
11:19 am
suffering some reputational damage and coming under great scrutiny both here in the united states and around the world. so you have this company that needs to establish itself to show that it's legitimate and what is a good way to do that? you get someone like bill clinton who has a global reputation, nope around the world as someone involved in fla philanthropy and you put him on the payroll. >> what did he did for that money? >> he traveled away the world and he gave speeches. he spoke to students, he did q&as. the company says that this was about student engagingmeement, they also marketed him heavily. they would clue him in all their materials. we found an example of when they were trying to buy a college in arizona, they gave out featuring
11:20 am
a letter from president barack obama president clinton and his picture. >> and we should point out this was paid to not the clinton foundation, but bill clinton's personal consulting group. and you write about lawyureate s his highest paying contract. he had other firms run by long term democratic donors. he made $65.4 million for that kind of consulting, writing and speaking fees while his wife served as secretary of state. what if any links did you find between her work as secretary of state and what he did on behalf of those institutions? >> so we have not found any direct links that she did things at the state department in a direct exchange for fees that were paid for him. but what you to see is a direct pattern of people wanting to have association with the clintons. they want to be able to say that
11:21 am
they're involved with the clintons, that they're involved with the clintons charitable efforts, that they know the clintons. and there are cases where that to get that association, they would pay money to president clinton, they would pay him to speak, for his consulting services. >> so "wall street journal" writes about in saying its biggest mistake was not putting bill clinton on the payroll for itt. oh, boy. i wonder if things would have been perhaps a little different for itt if bill clinton had been put on the payroll. >> i mean, we don't see any evidence that bill clinton intervened to help laureate university with any kind of investigation. it should be noted that the school's u.s. campuses score better than some other for-profit schools did on a variety of measures. so i'm not sure we see evidence of that, but we do certainly see a very interesting payment to the former president. >> we'll have to leave it there.
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thank you so much for investigating this. we'll be back in just a minute. we have a major speech getting under way for a college co-ed he who vanished without a trace more than 20 years ago. we'll be right back.
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an fbi team is getting ready to excavate in hopes of finding the remains of a student who vanished who were 20 years ago. trace gallagher has more. >> reporter: starting between years ago, investigators went back and looked at all the evidence in the disappearance of kristin smart. the lead they're following up on now, recently dogs specially trained to pick up the scent of old human remains got a hit on a hilly area near a parking lot.
11:26 am
so for the next few day, deputies using heavy equipment and detection devices will dig down three feet and out 90 feet from where the dogs picked up the scent. this area was searched 20 years ago, but technology used to solve crimes has greatly improved. and authorities believe there is a strong chance that kristin's remains are buried on the hillside. here is the local sheriff. >> it is our hope and desire that this leads to some of the answers that we've been asking for the past 20 years what happened to kristin. >> reporter: we should note that other locations are also being looked at that are being kept secret to not tip off potential suspe suspects. it was may 26, 1996, kristin smart was seen leaving a party near campus, a male student told police he walked kristin home and left her outside her dorm. that support was brought in for questioning and his home was
11:27 am
thoroughly searched, but he was never arrested. however, police say he is still a person of interest. when the crime first happened, there was all this confusion over whether kristin has disappeared or whether she had gone camping. so she wasn't officially declared missing for three days and many believe that really hampered the investigation. we should note kristin smart's family is fully behind this latest search. >> we're hoping for the very best of news to come out of that. trace gallagher, thank you. a top house republican calling for yet another investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. we'll have new details on that. and how much could congressional races play in the race for the white house? a new poll showing potential daylight for donald trump when it comes to undecided voters. and mike pence weighing in on a new trump endorsement. >> i can tell did you donald trump and i couldn't be more grateful for have his support, but i think it's also emblematic that leaders around the country are being drawn to his positive
11:28 am
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glereen party candidate wil be charmed with vandalism for allegedly spray painting construction equipment. and a woman jumped off the ship ecstasy near the bahamas.
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and thousands of athletes from more than 160 countries are participating in the paralymp s paralympics. the house oversight committee jason chaffen calling into a new investigation into why a worker deleted thousands of e-mails after the e-mails had been subpoenaed as part of a congressional investigation. our state intelligence keerpt has been digging into this. what is the reaction to a call for more investigation? >> reporter: thank you, heather. and good afternoon. in this letter to the u.s. attorney, the republican chairman jason chavitz says the department should investigate and determine whether secretary clinton or her employees and contractors violated, cover up of evidence material to a congressional investigation. and the congress than said his committee will continue to investigate and hold hearings. >> i don't think hillary clinton
11:33 am
gets it, the fact of the matter is they did not look at this and the house of representatives also a branch of government also gets to look into this. of course we will do hearings and get to the truth of this. >> the fbi director did say in july that they did not look at whether the federal records law had been violated by clinton and her team, but critics say the e-mail issue is dead and that the republicans just have to move on. >> nevertheless there could be a possible obstruction charge. so what are you hearing about that? >> the possible charge of obstruction would really hinge on the timing. on march 3, 2015, a preservation order was issued for the clinton e-mails. on march 31, they found clinton legal team held a conference call with flplat river networks. and in that same time frame, roords were electronically sled shredded. >> if destruction occurred after congress issued a subpoena for
11:34 am
information, it occurred a day later, two days later, a week later, why did it occur then? then it becomes more curious and perhaps more relevant. >> asked about the obstruction allegation, clinton told reporters yesterday that she's not concerned, but either 00 really worth noting that there is very unusual practices in the fbi's interviewing of clinton's lawyers. in some cases cheryl mills accessed her personal attorney and in other cases she's the witness of handling or mishandling of information and this is highly unusual for the fbi to allow an individual to wear so many hats over the course of an investigation. and it certainly conflicts with what the fbi director told fox earlier this year that there would be no special rules for anyone under fbi investigation. >> all right. thank you. the presidential election may come down to the up decide undecided vote. 48% say that they don't back
11:35 am
either candidate yet they want a republican controlled congress. also of note in this poll, there is a larger pool of undecided voters this time around. 13% and that is up from 8% in about 2012. radio host of the chris plant show joining us as did leslie marshall from the leslie marshall show. chris, let's start with you. up decided voters, more of them for whatever reason this year than they were four years ago, who does that benefit? >> well, it's hard to say for sure, but hillary clinton is not ascending here. she's losing altitude and donald trump is maintaining a pretty delivering a message and staying on message. and if i were looking at the trend, i'd say it was trending toward donald trump right now. >> we've seen that thing turn in
11:36 am
a hot second. leslie? >> i love that hot second by the way when it turns. look, the bottom line here is when we look and break down these polls, she has the women, she has the youth, she has the african-american, the latino, the educated white voter and the message that donald trump says i believe those undecided voters will have a very easy decision in november. they may be fiscally more conservative which is why they say what they say about a gop controlled congress, but at the end of the day, they are more liberal on social issues and will cast a vote for hillary in november. >> but on the other happenend, decided voters tend to tilt republican, so that would sound a whole lot better for donald trump than hillary clinton. >> that is because in the past we've -- sorry, thought it was me. >> no, i apologize. listen, there are a lot of
11:37 am
undecided people because a lot of people don't like either candidate. it will come down perhaps to who is least likeable. the polls are all over the place. yesterday cnn had donald trump up nationally likely voters by 2% on the same day nbc had hillary up by 6%. so the polls i think are not as reliable this year as perhaps they have been in years past. and hillary clinton has a lot to worry about between now and election day from julian assange to citizens united to the list goes on and on of e-mails coming out. >> yet they both may have a lot to be nervous about. the survey also said 8 in 10 of those people have negative views of not just the republican nominee, but also the democratic nominee. and so makes you wonder if perhaps people just aren't going to turn out to vote this year. >> well, i certainly hope not. honestly, i don't think so. i think that we will see the la tee these population represent as they say in big numbers as
11:38 am
least that's what we're seeing here in california. and i think millennials, as well who register as independents and also many of which are undecided. i don't think it will come down to popularity because quite frankly, it is through the polls show that both are very unpopular. >> let's talk about a major endorsement that came in from the dallas morning news. the first democrat paper has endorsed since world war ii. donald trump picked up an influential endorsement, we're talking about the conservative radio host mark levine and he does a major about face. listen to this. >> so i'm going to vote for donald trump. i'm going to wind up voting for donald trump on election day. i take no responsibility for the dumb things he says or the dumb things his surrogates say. just as i took no responsibility for the dumb things any candidate i vote for says. >> let's get your reaction to that. chris. >> well, mark is a friend of
11:39 am
mine. mark is a very principled conservative and mark has a very devout following of listeners on his very popular radio show, many millions of people. and i would suspect that mark coming away to the realities, the harsh realities of this election season will have some impact on the election. i don't think newspaper endorsements really have a lot of sway anymore. and the dallas morning news god bless them, they have a nice record, that is over now. and they have endorsed hillary clinton. i don't know how many votes the dallas morning news endorsement will move. >> leslie, what is your read on that? it's easy when people don't agree with the endorsement to kuptd of tra kind of trash the endorsement, but sg does it matter or not? >> i honestly have to agree with chris somewhat. it's not just dallas. it's mark as well. we've seen bill clinton endorse
11:40 am
democrats or a former bush endorsing a republican and they don't win the race. i don't put a lot of sfok in oc the endorsements. we saw evangelicals say they would never vote for mitt romney and they come out and did. although this is a very different race this year. with regard to dallas, very quickly, i think their state is diverse and they're echoing the sentiment of the people. i think that red state is purple and maybe will turn blue. >> wow. >> watch the enthusiasm gap also. there is a significant noteworthy enthusiasm gap this year. and that doesn't favor hillary either. >> okay. we'll talk to you both soon and watch for that prediction leslie to see if that works out in the end. thank you both for joining us. a brave young girl caught on camera trying to stop an armed robbery. surveillance video from a store in new zealand showing the girl lunging at the feet of one robber and going toward another
11:41 am
of a their robber shoved her away. the girl's grandfather escorts her out. turns out her mother followed the robbers after calling 911 to help police track them down. five of them, all 16 years order, made off with thousands of dollars in merchandise before they were eventually caught. the controversial $400 million payment to iran on the day that four american detainees were released is nothing compared to the next cash payout the administration handed officer. we'll go live with the details. plus things getting heated on capitol hill over stalled bill to fund zika research. a florida congressman bringing mosquito larva -- yuck -- to the floor of the house to drive home the point it's not about politics, it's about people he says. >> this is the fear of floridians. right here. it is not good enough to work on a compromise for months and months with no solution. the time for politics of zika is over.
11:42 am
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donald trump's battle over national security, we'll talk to a political analyst who says concern about terrorism is an unpredictable factor in the race and we'll look at what vote everies have to say about who they trust to keep the country safe. sometimes it depends on how you ask the question. that's coming up top of the hour. fox news alalert, the state department facing new questions about the cash payments to iran totaling $1.7 billion starting with a $400 million payment on the very same day that iran released four american prisoners. kristin fisher is live for us at the white house. kristin, what can you tell us? >> reporter: this money came from a rather obscure fund administered by the treasury department called the judgment
11:46 am
fund. and according to federal regulations, judgment fund payments are to be made by electronic fund transfer. now, a check is also possible provided a waiver is submitted and approved, but nowhere does it say that it can be converted to cash. today we learned that all of the $1.7 billion that was sent to iran was paid in cash. so the question is, did the obama administration submit and receive the proper waiver to do so? well, our opepen own james rose a state department representative that question. >> i don't have an answer. i would assume so because as i said before, the team of lawyers who have been working on many of these tribunal settlements have been working on these issues for decades. >> reporter: so i guess technically we still don't have a full answer. and by the way, that judgment fund is funded by your taxpayer
11:47 am
dollars. >> yeah, i love how they call it judgment fund. good judgment or bad judgment? that's the quiestion i might be asking. so how are the republicans responding on capitol hill? >> reporter: they're getting to work pretty quick on this. just yesterday, their first day back from summer recess, senator marco rubio actually introduced a bill that would ban anymore payments from the judgment fund to iran and at the same time you have republicans in both chambers saying that they are planning to hold hearings about these payments which they say were clearly ransom, though the white house is continuing to dispute that. >> chris tkristin fisher live f white house. thank you. the number of zika cases continues to grow and the senate is deadlocked over funding to fight the virus. democrats and republicans both blaming each other. both sides digging in and there
11:48 am
does that seem to be an end in sight. rich, what is going on? >> reporter: good afternoon. as usual around here, depends on who you ask who is responsible for the holdup. democrats and republicans returning after seven weeks of recess, failing last evening to pass a $1.1 billion zika bill that was republicans' effort in the u.s. senate. in that time, seven weeks they were out, zika has spread in puerto rico and florida. one congressional republican from florida took to the is that the florida today pushing the bounds of how you use a prop on the house floor. >> members of congress would run down the hall to the physician's office to be tested. they would spray themselves before coming down here. this is the fear of floridians right here. it is not good enough to work on a compromise for months and months with no solution. the time for politics of zika is
11:49 am
over. the politics of zika are garbage right now. >> reporter: 100 mosquitos in that canister that he said were capable of carrying the zika virus. last night senate democrats blocked a $1.1 million bill, their objection first it provided no money it planned parenthood for contraception, secondly this bill was attached to a military construction bill, that bill included a measure that allowed the confederate flag to be flown at veterans administration cemeteries. >> so how does it all get resolved? >> reporter: luckily at least in this case by the end of in month congress has to pass a catch-all spending bill to keep the government open. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has said he plans on wrapping zika funding in negotiations so this could get done in a bill meant to avoid a government shutdown. >> that time of year when we start talking about that stuff. rich, thanks. well, after now rolling out
11:50 am
its new iphone 7. it's what the new phone does not have and that is what is getting a lot of buzz today. jeff is live for us with a look at that new i-pencil. that is that? >> that is what it doesn't have, something to plug this in. do you know what that is, don't you? that's where your ear phones plug in, but this doesn't have it. i'm going to tell you what it does have though in place of it in just a moment.
11:51 am
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11:53 am
welcome back. apple, whipping the tack world into a tizzy day as it pulls back the curtain on the new iphone 7. we're live in chicago at the apple store there. jeff, so what's so great about
11:54 am
this new >> reporter: well, som say not a whole lot's so great or not great enough, but is'll tell you, it is an improvement and here are the three headlines, one as we talked aboutel about earlier, no head phone jack. you're going to have to plug through the charging port, or go with a bluetooth head phone. they have multiple speakers, two speakers for the first time. taking away the head phone jack does make the phone water resista resistant, and sort of waterproof, if you drop it in water, it should be a-okay. and what's my last thing? the camera, that's right. two lenses. i almost forgot. but there's going to be a telephoto lens, and a lot of people are so excited because they use the phone so much. >> especially parents who use
11:55 am
their cameras so much. when they get rid of the head set, does that mean we're going to have to wear the goofy things that flash and we look like aliens? >> reporter: no, they're going to give you an ad apter in the box with the phone so you can plug your old phones -- you know the one i just showed you, you can plug that into an ad apter -- theapdapter. so that's one way to go. >> so they're trying to make us pay for it so we have to buy some new stuff? >> reporter: yeah, you might have to -- you don't have want to -- to work well, you really have to. >> that means i have to buy an extra expresseaccessory, that a owns, so i guess another way to make money, maybe make your phone slightly thinner. >> what do you think it means
11:56 am
getting rid of the head phone? >> i have to use apple's headen tos, not the head phones that work for me. >> reporter: to me, since there's live which he wichollo music that you don't need a device to listen to. i can hear this music through what are called my ears, it's great. >> lovely, it's lovely. all right. jeff, outside the chicago store, thank you. >> reporter: thank you. so what were your goals when you were 12 years old? i wanted to be a long-hall truck driver. i bet it wasn't in the equation unlike this preteen we're about to introduce you to. this is quite a story. we'll be right back. c
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
what do you expect campus life is going to be like? >> i expect it to be -- i expect it to have a lot of assignments
12:00 pm
and expect to make a lot of new friends so i can talk to. i'm optimistic about it. >> awe, how sweet. a 12-year-old boy from indonesia, starting his freshman you're from university. it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast and time to talk about politics and the nation's military. both donald trump and hillary clinton discussing our armed forces. trump releasing a plan to boost military spending by hundreds of billions of dollars. more ships, more submarines, more war planes and more troops. hillary clinton says when it comes to the commander in chief job, you can count on her and her experience. we'll hear from both sides. plus, have you made up your mind who you're supporting in the election? a lot of americans have not, and undecided voters could make a very big difference, we'll show you why, let's get to it. >> announcer:


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