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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 8, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> they did it for michael jordan. give him a chance. see what happens. right. >> there are people in the system and that they shouldn't give tebow the break. i don't know. if you win, you can win. >> we are looking for a break too. >> bye, everybody, have a great day. ♪ ♪ ♪ john: you go, tebow, that's what i say. hillary clinton and donald trump visiting key battleground states that could make or break this election, good morning to you, i'm john scott. jenna: competition of a different kind. hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee. at a forum the two nominees took shots at each other on foreign policy and national security, was seen as a bit of a preview of first debate two weeks away. today hillary and trump on the road.
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mrs. clinton is scheduled to hold a rally an hour from now in north carolina where she will continue to talk about national security as she did about an hour ago. before flying off to the tar heel state, she did take questions of reporters and did not waste any time attacking her opponent. we have coverage where hillary is headed and begin with senior correspondent john roberts who is at trump towers in new new york city. john. john: continuing his outreach to minority voters. he will be appearing at a charter school where he would make news, outlining a plan that he calls opportunity scholarships. here is how it would work, donald trump would propose this afternoon to take federal money that's already allocated to help educate children in poverty and turn that into block grants which would go to the states,
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the states would use that money to produce scholarships that parents can use to cover the cost to going to public schools outside of their district, private schools, charter schools, magnet schools or even virtual schools. the initial plan is to have enough money to cover about 25% of the 11 million or so children who live in poverty and work with states after that on funding partnerships to eventually cover all 11 children in the country. this much fits in with the plan proposed by lamar alexander and tim scott. the amount of money that they had proposed, and donald trump still working out figures, was $24 billion at the outset of this plan. this is something that has been sort of republican who -- orthodox because it gives money for schools that are not accountable and not all charter schools are good and the charter
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school that donald trump is going recently received a d by the state government. something else that the trump campaign is watching closely this morning is the response to what happened to normaller new mexico governor johnson who is running for president when he appeared talking about foreign policy when he was asked this question. watch this. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo? >> and what is aleppo? >> you're kidding? >> no. john: the trump campaign are wondering if gary johnson has a long way toward blowing himself up in this presidential campaign and will he lose some of his support because of what happened this morning and when you look at the polls in analysis that suggest that gary johnson pulls more support from hillary clinton than he does from donald trump, might what happened this
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morning if he set himself on fire give a couple of points to hillary clinton come election day november 8th. jenna: it'll be interesting to see, we will see the impact ahead. john roberts live in new york city, thank you. john: scary news out of southwest texas. the brewster county report that had shots. >> fired, patient transported to local hospital. the identity of victim unknown. the level of injuries also unknown. the sheriff's department has -- also confirming that the school is on lockdown. alpine. no identity of the suspect has been released. this all taking place in south
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far west texas near big bend if you have been in brewster county. we will get you updates as they become available here on fox. well, hillary clinton just wrapping up a tarmac news conference before heading to north carolina, that, of course, a key battleground state that's home to 8 military bases. we are live in charlotte awaiting her rally expect to go start less than an hour from now and address her plans to try to keep the country safe. our team fox coverage continues with mike emmanuel. mike. >> john, good morning, it is clear from the reaction that hillary clinton's aides and supporters were not happy with the way last night went so hillary clinton got in front of reporters first thing today. clinton spoke to journalists before flying to charlotte north carolina. she announced tomorrow in new york there will be a bipartisan meeting of national security
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experts to address the threat of terrorism. as for last night, clinton said, quote, we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again even though there are close to 5,000 right there now. today hillary clinton changed her language trying to clean it up. >> putting a big contingent on the ground in iraq and syria would not be in the best interest of the fight against isis and other terrorist groups. in fact, i think it would fulfill one of their dearest wishes, which is to drag the united states back into a ground war. >> clinton also used the opportunity to offer a rebuttal to what donald trump said last night. she criticized him for trash-talking american generals saying they have been reduce today -- reduced to rubble and comments on vladimir putin
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insulting and scary. >> what would reagan say about a republican nominee that attacks america's generals and praises on russia's president, i think we know the answer. >> as for battleground north carolina, the real clear politics average of recent polls has clinton up 1.2 over donald trump. a very tight here. explains why hillary clinton is coming here. clinton is expecting to talk about keeping america safe, john. john: waiting for hillary there. thanks, mike. jenna: hillary clinton and donald trump both in battleground states today. north carolina being one of them. ohio also one of them. two state that is remain competitive and could be key in november. carl political analysts, author of the new book the bell weather, why ohio pick it is president. appropriate for today. nice to have you back on the program. >> thanks for having me. jenna: donald trump is in ohio,
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john roberts told us he's going to talk about education. is education an issue that resinates in ohio, could that be something that changes the dial in that state? >> so the key thing to know about ohio, i think, for trump is that trump has to win ohio if he has any chance to win this election because historically, you know, no republican has won without ohio. you know, as to the education piece, you know, i think for trump, i think he is trying to make at least a little bit of outreach to some inner city communities to diverse voters, a big block of african-american voters in ohio, but as of right now, trump has very little appeal to african americans all over the country so i don't necessarily know how successful that would be. jenna: how big is the challenge for donald trump in that state? >> so i would expect that trump will probably run a little bit better in ohio than he does nationally. part of it that republicans almost always do.
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votes very close to national average but tilts just a little bit republican. it has a higher than average number of white voters who do not have a college education and that's a really demographic for trump. but the polls in ohio still show clinton leading by i don't know, 3 to 4 points, and if trump can't make up the ground in ohio, he probably isn't going to make up the ground in virginia, pennsylvania that look better for clinton right now. jenna: donald trump has to win states like florida, ohio and pennsylvania even to have a shot. i like talking about the battleground states, but i have to admit, i feel left out being in new york and some of our viewers who are not in the state, we feel like the message to them is that they don't matter, that if you're not in the other states, talk to us about that. there's a fair amount listening that don't live in ohio, pennsylvania, and florida. >> 40 of of the 50 states voted
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the same way in the last presidential elections and the ones that didn't are the ones where candidates are. clinton is in north carolina today. that's been a swing state in recent years. trump, of course, in ohio, but, you know, there's a reason why the candidates typically aren't doing events in new york city or san francisco or los angeles, houston, texas, it's because those states aren't competitive, they used to be 50 or 60 years ago, we used to have national elections, most of the states competitive. that isn't the way it is now and you see the focus on a handful of states to the exclusion of the others. jenna: we will try not to take it personally as best we. quick final question for you, i'm sure you saw the forum on national security. i would like to push the story forward a little bit as we look at battleground states, what did you see last night that you expect to see in the weeks ahead that you think maybe an issue that would resinate with voters and both candidates may continue with?
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>> well, i think that both candidates showed weakness in places where they've been weak before. i think clinton still hasn't quite found the answer on the e-mail question. i think she was pretty legalistic in her answer which is a problem for her and trump's big problem that the majority of americans don't see him qualified for the office and i think he probably needs to show a greater depth of understanding of international problems and if he doesn't, that could come back to bite him in the debates to come. jenna: very interesting perspective. both of them weaknesses exposed perhaps tonight and we see how that could change or maybe doesn't change over the next few weeks. look forward having you back. thank you. >> thanks, jenna. john: action on controversial bill linked to 9/11 with hopes it gets to the president's desk before we mark 15 years. donald trump's security pitch
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including a shot at the military claiming american generals were quote, reduce today rubble under president obama. so how did that comment go over? also we want to hear from you. in last night's national security forum, did either nominee convince you they would do the better job as commander in chief? the topic of the day. live chat. go to to join the conversation
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>> if i like maybe a combination of my plan and the general's plan or the general's plan, if i like their plan, i'm not going to call you up and say, we have a great plan. this is what obama does. the leadership under barack obama and hillary clinton the generals have been reduced to rebel, a point where it's embarrassing to our country. john: republican presidential nominee blasting the state of the military under the current commander in chief even
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suggesting he would fire general ifs he wins the white house. his comments coming at last night's national security forum where he and democratic rival hillary clinton filled with questions separately for 30 minutes each. the event serving as preview for their first debate less than three weeks from now. joining us now with her assessment julian turner, fox news contributor and national security staff member under presidents bush and obama. reduce the general -- generals reduce today rubble. what did you take from that comment, julian? >> me like many americans watching last night took offense to the comment. it's not about being politically correct or minding your manners, it's about dismissing an entire category of military leaders and then praising vladimir putin. it didn't make any sense to me and strangely executed. john: was it an opportunity lost for donald trump?
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>> i think that the biggest opportunity lost for him last night was to not present a strategy for defeating isis even more this headline about the comments about the generals today is really the front page news but i've been focused on disappointment over his refusal to really present the strategy to the american people so that as voters we can evaluate it, assess it and decide whether or not to get behind it. at this point he's running out of time. he has a couple of months left. he could still put forth a strategy. i hope he does. i'm not even talking about battle plans, what i want to see is his general approach and his sort of philosophy that's going to guide the way he's going to try and degrade and defeat isis. >> general michael flynn who spoke at the republican national convention and been advising the trump campaign is out this morning trying to clarify some of what trump had to say in that appearance last night. this is what he says. >> a severe disconnect between
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this white house and frankly the president and our military. i mean, there's a lot of frustration within the ranks and a lot of frustration, i know, in the senior leadership. donald trump has enormous respect for our military, for our military leaders and also said last night for our intelligence professionals and i know in a come of intelligence briefings that have been in stark contrast with decisions come with this white house. john: what do you make of that, you know, morning-after explanation? >> i think it's unfortunate that general flynn is trying to do a course correction to try to convince american voters that donald trump really does have respect for the military. it's not something he should be having to deal with at this point in time but he set himself up for it last night. a lot of friends of mine who are behind donald trump, well, i know what he meant, and that's kind of a common theme throughout the election, i just feel last night he had a lot of time to prepare for this.
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he was one-on-one. it worries pe about her performance. why wasn't more thought put into this to hedge against saying things like that? john: let's talk about hillary clinton. she said she will defeat isis and also said there will be no american boots put on the ground to do so, how do you square that? >> i mean, i think that was her sort of crypt night last night. it was shock today hear her double down on it, the idea that it's okay to undercut our military by taking options off the ground very publicly, by saying we are not ever going to put troops on the ground in syria. she limits our military's ability to adapt to the circumstances. it was a mistake when president obama did it with the red line, i don't know why there wasn't a lesson learned there. i can't account for her thinking on that. john: the generals suggested a
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minimum of 10,000 troops be left in iraq as the bush administration was winding down. the obama administration saw fit to eliminate all american troops. now we are back up according to our pentagon producer lucas to almost 5,000 troops in iraq, 400 more arrived over labor day weekend. 460 u.s. forces are now on the ground in iraq. what do you -- how do you make sense of that strategy if that's what it is? >> yeah, i think the context of that decision was to draw down from iraq and toe cus on afghanistan. you recall in early 2009 right after obama took office, there was a massive surge of 30,000 troops sent to afghanistan. he wanted to take the focus off of iraq. i think it was a mistake to unilaterally withdraw everybody from iraq and as a result what we are seeing now is through
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drips and drabs reinstating some of those troops but at the same time also trying to downplay presence and contributions to the war against isis. if you speak to the administration today, they'll often tell you that we don't have combat troops on the ground and yet we keep hearing reports through the media about americans losing their lives almost on a weekly basis now. so it kind of came from a place of strategy but i think over the course of the last eight years president obama's two terms it morphed into a position that he had to take. john: of course, isis exploded to the force it is during that time prrd, after u.s. forces left iraq. julian turner, always good to talk to you. >> thanks, john. jenna: chilling 9/11 call capture final moments before getting shot. what we are learning about the suspects behind the gruesome
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john: there's been a shooting reported at a texas high school in the south of texas, alpine. >> the reports initially came in as an active shooter situation and in this day and age that makes everyone's heart drop. you think of an active shooter going through a building and shooting multiple people. the school district itself not classifying this as an active shooter. they told me it was a shooting incident that happened, alpine, texas, a community of 6,000 or so in western texas, 220 miles
8:26 am
southeast of el paso, the incident happened this morning at the high school there where there were only 277 students total and the brewster county sheriff's office is confirming to fox that some shots were fired at the high school, at least one injury has been reported and that that patient was transported to a local hospital and that there are two suspects on the run and they're actively searching for those people. we don't know if this was a student, a random person who came into the school f it was a parent, again, we are trying to nail down the details here, however, a spokesperson with the school said it was contained. two suspects on the loose. one person hurt. the extent of their injuries unknown right now, john. john: get back to us with any new information. >> absolutely. jenna: this news stories out of that state. police are hunting for three suspects in deadly shooting. three men who were apparently
8:27 am
chasing the victim as she was driving and then shot her while she was on the phone with 9/11 -- 9-1-1. >> not a lot of details of the victim or the shooter. a white pickup truck driving aggressively and following her for reasons that she could not explain and then this. >> dps started receiving calls about aggressive driver. one of them was from the victim that reported that the men were following her and it was when she was on the phone that the dispatcher heard the shots and the call was ended. >> by the time the police arrived the woman crashed into a barrier and she had been shot in the head. she was taken to a nearby hospital and died of her injuries. several other people in vehicle that is were caught up in the
8:28 am
incident also taken to the hospital with minor injuries but they're all okay. it doesn't appear at this point that this is related to the ongoing serial shooter investigation in phoenix. that was a kind of incident. a white truck, three hispanic men inside according to the woman who made the 911 call. the truck driver aggressively along side other vehicles and in and out of traffic. that's not the mo of the serial shooter we have been reporting on. cops on the way still searching for the white pickup with a ladder van. they stopped vans but didn't plan out. at this point the shooter and the other men in the van are still on the loose. police desperate to find them, of course. jenna: we will continue to watch this story, jonathan, thank you. john: it is a bill that survivors of 9/11 and victims'
8:29 am
families wanted for a long time. the senate approved it unanimously but there's a hold-up that could keep from reaching the president's death before we mark 15 years to the day since deadly terror attacks. what's behind the controversy? first hillary clinton and donald trump were for the iraq war, now they are not. well this affect either candidates' campaign, next. >> my opponent was for the war in iraq, you can go back to the record. he supported it. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan.
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>> i think that the decision to go to war in iraq was a mistake and i have said that my voting to give president bush that authority was from my perspective my mistake. i also believe that it is imperative that we learn from the mistakes like afteraction reports are supposed to do and so we must learn what let us down that path so that it never happens again. i think i'm in the best possible position to be able to understand that and prevent it. >> you look at iraq, what
8:34 am
happened, how badly that was handled and then when president obama took over, likewise a disaster, he came in and said, when we go out -- he took everybody out and really isis was formed. this was a terrible decision and frankly we never even got a shot and if you really look at the aftermath of iraq, iran is going to be taking over and they've been doing it and it's not a pretty picture. and i think you've known, i've always said, shouldn't be there. jenna: presidential nominee hillary clinton and donald trump, clashing on foreign policy and their own judgment on the iraq war. brad is democratic strategist, kevin for media group. thank you for being here and having your pocket squares which
8:35 am
we appreciate as well. brad, why does this debate matter about what either said ten years ago on the war in iraq? >> the iraq issue keeps continue to go come up and come up and i guess it's really an attack mostly on hillary because hillary did vote for the war in iraq, however, you know, when you look at donald trump he has said that he had been saying, no that he should be going into iraq and evidence comes that we should go into iraq, it's a controversy for both. the biggest issue, of course, is going to be what does it prove to anybody about how we are going to handle things going forward. jenna: i'm glad that we are going to talk about that. when we talk about donald trump's approval of the war, kevin, when asked about the iraq war whether or not we should be there, he said something like i guess so. it's not like endorsement of charging into iraq. does this hurt him at all in. >> i don't think it really does. i don't think most people watching that last night wanted that amount time spent on that issue. i think when you -- when we've
8:36 am
had in the last 48 hours iranian fast boats harass our navy in the gulf, russian jets harass air space, we are looking at very different challenges now and the big difference between hillary and donald, he's a private citizen. hillary got security briefings and security council meetings, she had insight that nobody else had and she voted for it. she owns that issue. >> she was lied to like everybody else. jenna: the intelligence on it. she takes responsibility for it, kevin. i take responsibility for it. it's not the decision that i would make now. does that wash her hands of the issue for the voting population? >> i don't think it gives her anymore ammunition to go after donald with. he didn't have the information at his disposal that she did. she made the decision that she made -- >> she was getting information like everybody else. she was lied to about weapons of mass destruction in iraq.
8:37 am
everybody had misinformation, donald trump, it's great, he's the great critic in chief, he's great at looking back on what everybody did wrong, he doesn't offer many specifics when it comes to what he's going to do in the future. really that's what the issue is and i do agree that we need to look at the current issues. jenna: my husband did three deployments to iraq and that's done and forever course of his life, my life, it's done, though. i'm curious why we are not paying closer attention what we learned in iraq and what that means on policy going forward. >> on the donald trump side of that debate, he actually is addressing that because when you look at how we get isis out of region, my brother-in-law is in active duty right now with the navy and these fast-boat attacks that we are not really
8:38 am
publicizing in the media in the u.s., they are coming faster and furious almost by the week and uss cole, there are things that we should learn from the past. jenna: donald trump putting together a vision of the goal of the middle east what we want from it and what we are going to do about it. >> he said our readiness is limited. we are at preworld war ii readiness levels and we need to have a much stronger presence. i would rather people fear the united states out of our strength than to think that we are going to be like a chum in the negotiation table. jenna: no more ground troops. as john pointed out, we have about 5,000 who are already in the middle east. why put that out there? >> you asked an important question. your question was what did we learn from iraq. ground troops aren't necessarily the answer.
8:39 am
jenna: did we learn from that, though? >> the other thing she's taking from it, there maybe other people on the ground but to commit 100,000 ground troops makes no sense. >> nobody is calling for 100,000. >> there are new challenges around the world and they're not about putting, you know, boots on the ground. those are the things that we need to look at. the question becomes, who knows all the leaders around this world, who has interacted with them, who understands the nuances of the deals that are made with different countries -- donald trump doesn't know any of the above. not a single of information. >> but we also know that hillary clinton has had give-and-take with the foundation. we can't trust her relationships, we can't trust the information on the hard drive. we can't trust the relationship that is he's put the stock in and one thing i understand about having readiness raised, is that whether or not bad actors on the
8:40 am
world stage want to come after us is one thing but whether they will often depends upon our posture. jenna: okay. >> we are ready. our military is ready. jenna: we will see you within the next 60 day ifs we get any ideas. thank you very much. john. john: fox news alert, going to take you live to dallas for just a minute where a man has become a familiar face to so many americans, david brown is announcing his retirement. he's been chief there for more than decade, been on the force for 33 years, of course, this comes after the ambush murderers of four of his officers along with a dallas area rapid transit officer two months ago. david brown announcing his retirement. it will be effective october october 22nd. >> the time that you have you're trying to get -- jenna: it's
8:41 am
been more than two years since the texas woman disappeared and now her accused kidnapper is on trial. our legal panel is here with what we can expect and if this young woman's family will ever find justice. >> forgot where i parked my car. a really dye extracted guy, i don't have a sense of direction. r hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices?
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spending the day with my niece. that make me smile. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well.
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8:45 am
cristina is not seen. later that morning surveillance video captures arochi cleaning his car. cristina's father reports her missing. arochi is interviewed by police, they conduct searches inside his home and car. on december 9th, reports cristina dna inside the trump. dna significant enough to be from blood or saliva. plano police arrest aroch charging him with aggravated kidnapping. back in 2014 this is what arochi had to say about the affidavit pointing that he made false statements to police. >> i just want to say that i'm innocent. i didn't do anything to cristina morris. i didn't remember that i let her
8:46 am
borrow my phone to call her boyfriend and the detectives said that i did. i showed them my phone. john: here is our legal panel. emily, a former federal attorney and former criminal attorney. bryan, it sounds like an open-and-shut case. they have the two of them walking into a parking garage. he drives out, her dna is in his trunk and she has not been seen in the last two years. as a defense attorney how do you approach that? >> john, thinking that somebody is guilty and proving they are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in the courtroom are two vastly different concepts. when i first look at this my reaction was like yours, this guy looks like he's guilty but here are several hurdles that the prosecution is going to have that i would argue on behalf of arochi. first and foremost is this
8:47 am
doctrine of dna. if you remember, john, a few weeks back i was on your show regarding that tragic murder of juliana in santa monica. that means that the dna of cristina just because it's on the trunk-his car, that could have been transferred by the investigator because he investigated and looked at the trunk of the car of her ex-boyfriend before he went to this trunk of the car. so you have a problem with that. the second issue is motive. if arochi was -- i hope she's still alive, but if she isn't alive, we don't have her body, we can't do a dna test, for example, under fingernails to see if his dna is under her fingernails and there was a bite mark and we can't take her teeth to try to match the bite mark on arochi.
8:48 am
those are the problems. john: there was also evidence, emily that shortly after arochi was seen wiping down his car and using and -- doesn't that say to a jury, you know, this guy stuffed this poor woman in the trunk. >> that's what the prosecution would want them to believe, absolutely. that's going to be the theory of the case. they're going to paint the whole portrait of circumstantial evidence and so they're going to say, clearly, he was the last person to see the victim, her dna is on the trunk, look tat cell phone tower, he was seen cleaning his car the next morning, had injuries and bite marks, said to his boss my ribs hurt and stolen a phone earlier and try today wipe it clean, try today deny that he had. there's facts here in addition to him being at the party
8:49 am
earlier that can help ground the case. john: she had a boyfriend at the time. apparently they were fighting that night and he police say was a drug dealer. does that throw some doubt in the minds of the jury, bryan if arochi is responsible for her disappearance? >> that's a great point. that's the fourth hurdle. she's texting her ex-boyfriend within minutes of meeting arochi in the parking structure. i believe he's a convicted felon and they had a fallen out and that's why the police investigated him as well so the prosecution can make an argument there are at least one maybe two other potential assailants. john: i guess, emily, if i'm a jury member and i think this woman appears to be walking
8:50 am
willingly with this guy into the parking garage, three minutes later, three minutes later she's supposedly in his trunk as he wheels out the door, how do you go from this kind of friendly walk together to her being stuffed in a trunk and disappearing habit been found since? go ahead, emily. all right. it appears we have lost -- >> hey, john. hey, john. john: see if you can answer that question. >> well, real quick, one other point i wanted to make, just to make the point clear on dna evidence. remember in the juliana case that the suspect in that case had dna on the doorknob and they had dna on a knife in the kitchen in that case as well and she was acquitted because of the developing doctrine called transfers of dna and i will tell you in this case, the defense
8:51 am
lawyer is already making that argument. so i would watch this case very closely. john: yeah. bryan and emily whom we lost. thanks very much. back with more. >> you bet, john. thanks. across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades
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jenna: controversial bill linked to september 11th, one that would allow families of u.s. terror victims to sue the saudi government in that particular incidence. doug is more on capitol hill. doug. >> the survivor of any terrorist attack or relative to right to sue a foreign government who had been directly implicated in such terrorist attack. this is directly as a result of the release of the 28 form early secret pages from the 9/11
8:55 am
commission report which seem to implicate saudi arabia in attack . >> if the government -- if there's evidence that the government itself was involved in sponsoring a terrorist attack those who have been injured or suffered, those relatives who have suffered have a right to bring a lawsuit in a court in the united states. >> this bill has already passed in the senate, the house wants to move quickly before the 9/11 anniversary. the trouble with that is it requires a two-thirds majority and a two-thirds majority is not necessarily in the offering here. there is another problem, another catch with this bill. a former un embassador john bolton and michael said this bill would harm alliances, quote, would create exception to sovereign immunity protecting
8:56 am
from sued in the u.s. only in america would someone argue that a lawsuit is appropriate response to unprovoked attack. creative minds were not around in december of 1941. there's also another bit of a problem with this. it's kind of a distraction as much as it means to 9/11 families because the house and senate have still not acted on zika funding nor on funding the government this month of september. jenna: big stories, doug, thank you. john: new in our next hour of happening now, take a look. an asteroid hunting rocket just launched. how does this thing work? more on that ahead. if you have medicare
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>> thankfully we have whole another one. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ harris: this is "outnumbered." i've harris faulkner. here today, co-host of after the bell on fox business, melissa francis, fox news political legal analyst, eboni williams and reporter for "national review on-line," katherine timpf and host of "forbes on fox" and other half of "after the bell," david asman on a fine friday eve. we have a lot going on. >> we do. harris: thank you for being here. >> thank you. harris: donald trump not holding back on a forum on national security. he shared the same stage as hillary clinton and gave voters a glimpse how he respond to the commander-in-chief. he leveled harsh criticism at america's military under president obama and by association his democratic opponent. watch. >> the generals unbarack obama and hillary clinton have not been successful.


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