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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 8, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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this election is going to determine in so many ways, what kind of futures you will have. i don't say that lightly. everybody always says, every election is important. i happen to believe that. i think it is one of the great exists of our democracy. and people, brave people going back for so many years have fought to preserve that right. and that is under attack right now. and it is under attack in north carolina of all places. a state that often set the standard for moving everybody into the future. and i admired that so much. emphasis on education from literally preschool through college. emphasis on research.
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emphasis on job creation and innovation. and now north carolina, under the current governor and legislature, has been trying to restrict people's right to vote. well, you know it. north carolina voters, though, won an important victory when a federal court struck down this state's voter i.d. law. and the federal court brought back more days of what's called one stop early voting. and here's what the court said, this is not me talking, this is what the federal court said. the court said the north carolina law was designed to target african-americans with almost surgical precision. now, that's just happening in north carolina, unfortunately. it's happening across america. and courts have been overturning
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restrictions that make it harder, not just for african-americans, but low income people. latinos, young people. one of the provisions in the north carolina law was to make it really hard to vote where you go to school. so this has been a concerted effort to undermine the right to vote. even to make it hard for people with disabilities to cast ballots. well, what's the best way to repudiate that kind of underhanded, mean-spirited effort to deprive people of their votes? get out and vote and make it clear we're not putting up with that. these laws are a blast from the jim crow past and they have no place in 21st century america. we should be doing everything we can to make it easier to vote,
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not harder. that's why if i'm elected president, i will work to expand early voting. we will enact universal voter registration so every young person in every state is automatically registered to vote when you turn 18. and we will repair the damage done to the voting rights act and take on discrimination in all forms. now, hb 2 is another example of trying to discriminate against people that doesn't have any place in our modern society. you've seen this first-hand in north carolina, discrimination is not only wrong, it's bad for business. the nba, you know, canceled the game. paypal canceled bringing i think, 400 jobs.
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others are not coming to this beautiful state. because they don't want to be associated with the discriminatory bigoted policies of your governor and legislature. one thing you can do about that is change your governor in november. and while you're at it, change one of your senators. we're going to need reinforcements up in washington. we got a big agenda. and, you know, people say to me, well, what is it you're going to try to get done? i'll show you really easy. we just published a book. right? tim kaine and i put this book out. it's called stronger together. it's not very long. not hard read. but we have this old fashioned
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idea that if we're asking you to support us for president, we ought to tell you what we're going to do. not just bluster. not just empty words. not just demagogic rhetoric. real plans that will improve your lives, make our country safer and better. so you can pick this up, we're going to build an economy that works for everyone not just those at the top. sounds like a good idea. we'll make the biggest investment and good paying jobs since world war ii. infrastructure. advanced manufacturing. clean energy jobs. we're going to make the economy fairer. raise the national minimum wage get people to work full time out of poverty. and we are finally going to guarantee equal pay for women's work. it is long overdue.
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did you see any of the democratic convention? i don't know, you might have missed one of my favorite sets of speakers. we had these two young people from kansas. 17 years old, young man, young woman. i read about this and i said let's contact these young people and find out their story. here's their story. 17, had the same summer job. knew each other. working at a pizza restaurant. they were pretty excited. i remember when i got my first real job. not baby sitting, but, you know, actually showing up at a job and having to do it. and so one day after they finished work, they were talking and the young woman said, you know, i think making $8 an hour i should be able to save something for college. and the young man, a friend of hers said well, i'm making $8.15
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an hour. and she said well, why are you making $0.15 more an hour than i am? neither of us had any experience to do this job. we're the same age. he said i don't know, that doesn't sound right. maybe there was a mistake. so they go to the manager, they tell the manager and the manager fired them both. and you know what? that's legal. if you find out you're not being paid the same for doing the same job, you can be fired. so this is not some made up problem. this would raise family incomes. if you have a mother, daughter, or sister that's working. it's your issue. we're going to get that done as well. and like i said, we're going to make college affordable for everybody. pay down debt. but we're going to do something else. i think it was a mistake when we got rid of all vocational
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education in high school. it needed to be improved don't get me wrong. it wasn't training people for the jobs that were in the marketplace anymore but we got rid of it. we need technical education in high school. we need more apprenticeship programs where young people can learn and earn at the same time. we're going to go back to emphasizing that in high school, community colleges, apprenticeship programs. creative ideas like coding camps. we're going to have 1.4 million jobs in 2020 for people who have computer science skills. and we're going to only, if we continue on our present path, only have 400,000 americans prepared to do those jobs. i want those jobs to be american jobs. we're going to help train people of all ages to be able to do those jobs. we are going to defend quality affordable healthcare
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for everybody but we're going to get the cost down. we're going to get the cost of prescription drugs down, for sure. and we're going to emphasize two things we have fallen short on. mental health and addiction services. people here in north carolina and across america talk to me about that all the time. again, we've got our ideas in here. we want you to engage with us. give us your ideas. this needs to be an ongoing conversation. we want you to hold us accountable when we're in that white house trying to do all of this. but we also have to keep america safe. we have to lead the world with steadiness and strength. now, one of the biggest differences in this campaign is donald trump basically says i alone can fix it, whatever it is. think of who that leaves out? that leaves out our troops on
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the front line, it leaves out our police and fire responders to emergencies, it leaves out our teachers, educators who are working to help young people. i alone can fix it. i was raised to believe we're in this together and together we can fix it. and that is exactly what we're going to do. that's why tim kaine and i are running a campaign of issues, not insults. donald trump has a different approach. he wants to build an economy that works even better for himself. starting with a $4 billion tax cut for his own family. he's built a career on stiffing workers mom and pop contractors, small businesses, that did jobs for him and then he refused to pay them. i take this very personally. my father was a small businessman. that's how he provided a good
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middle class living for us. he printed drapery fabrics. he would get the fabric and roll it out on the big long tables and take a silk screen and you put it down, put the paint down, go down the end of one table. start on the other end and you do it until the job was done. sometimes i was there helping him. then he would load the fabric into his car and deliver it. i tell you what, i am so grateful he never had a contract with donald trump's businesses. in fact, i just ran across the story in las vegas when i was there a few weeks ago of a small drapery business. who got what they thought was the greatest contract ever for trump's new hotel in las vegas. they delivered the goods and they were refused payment. for no reason other than it's a game to him. everything is a game.
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it's like, he's living in his own celebrity reality tv program. you know, what, donald, this is real reality. this is real people. this is real decisions that have to be made for our country. stage and said wages are too high in america. he's got some new advisors. he's had a bunch of advisors, and they're all trying to make him look more presidential. sound more serious. but remember what maya angaluo reminded all of us. i was so privileged to know her. when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.
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stronger together also means working with our true allies and partners around the world. last night i offered some thoughts about isis, iran, how we're going to reform the va system to take better care of our vets. and just since last night when i appeared on that program back to back with trump, just in the last 24 hours, more retired generals and admirals have signed up to support my campaign. people who have sacrificed and spent their lives protecting our country. valuing what makes us exceptional and already great. see donald trump and know he should not be anywhere near the white house. he is tempermentally unfit to be
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president and commander in chief. tomorrow, tomorrow i will hold a meeting of bipartisan, bipartisan, which is what i want to get us back to. where republicans and democrats work together to make the changes, to protect our country. i'm going to be meeting with a bipartisan group of leaders in experts to focus more on the crucial challenges. but it's hard to forget what trump did last night. it was a test and he failed it. he trash talked about america's generals. saying that they've been quote, reduced to rubble. he suggested he would fire them all and hand-pick his own generals since he knows so much about what it takes to be a general. he attacked dozens of former flag officers. at the same time, here's what i want you to really hear.
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even i was shocked about this, i didn't know much could shock me coming out of his mouth anymore. he praised russia's strong man, vladmir putin. even taking the astonishing step of suggesting he prefers the russian president to our american president. that is not just unpatriotic. it's not just insulting. to the office and the man who holds the office, it is scary, it is dangerous. it actually suggests he will let putin do what putin wants and make excuses for him. i said this morning, i was trying to think about what other presidents would be imagining hearing that coming out of the nominee for the republican
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party. what would ronald reagan say about a republican nominee who attacks america's generals and he praised russia's president. we've never seen anything like this. one thing you didn't hear from him was any plan to take on isis, one of the biggest threats facing our country. he said his plan is still a secret. well, the truth is he doesn't have a plan. i served on the senate armed services committee. i served as secretary of state as you know. i respect the men and women who put their lives on the line for the country that i love and that i believe in. so whether you're passionate about morge good jobs, better
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education, healthcare, whether you're passionate about protecting our country and the brave men and women who serve us. you have to realize, as so many republicans are, that this is a time to put country over party. i would be saying that even if i were not running against him. we have never been threatened as much by a single candidate running for president as we have been in this election. as your commander in chief, i will not trash our country's most cherished values. i will defend them. and that is especially on my mind, because this weekend is the 15th anniversary of 9/11. i was a senator serving and i will never forget the horror of that day or the bravery of our first responders the victims,
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the survivors, people i had the honor to work with and represent. it's what kept me, really, so passionately involved on behalf of the people that i served all during those years. and that is what i was thinking of ten years later in the white house situation room. i was part of the small group advising president obama whether or not the intelligence we had was good enough to take a chance. to go deep into pakistan, to try to finally bring osama bin laden to justice. it was not an easy choice by any means. these never are. that's why who sits at the head of the table in the situation room has to be able to sort out fact from opinion. has tooi be able to ask the har questions, pursue even the most difficult leads.
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we went through that hour after hour after hour. and then the president went around the table asking each of us what we advised. and we were split. because it was not some kind of easy lay up. i believed it was strong enough that we needed to take action and i supported taking action that would determine whether or not we were successful. that meant sending in special forces. you know what happened. i was in that situation room watching that day. stressful, 30 minutes of my life, probably. because you remember one of the helicopters hit its tail on the wall going into the courtyard and became disabled. that meant thank goodness there were good contingency plans but you had to get another helicopter in to take out the s.e.a.l.s who would not be able to fly out on that one. here's what i want to tell you.
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it's a story that, to me, i illustrates our values in such a clear unambiguous way. you heard donald trump say he would order our troops to torture, to kill family members of terrorists. you would know that he was advocating illegal actions against our own laws as well as the laws of war. thank goodness there's a code of honor in our military stronger than the bluster and the bullying of donald trump. because here is what happened on that night. every single second counted. that helicopter had to be blown up, but before it was, and remember, s.e.a.l.s had gone in, they had taken out the two kuwaitis, the body guards.
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taken out bin laden's son who was there. they took out bin laden. they had to get his body out. they had to get themselves out. but here's what they did first. they rounded up all the women and children. members of terrorist families. they took them outside as far from the helicopter as they could get them. in order that they would not be hurt. that, donald trump, is what american honor looks like and that is what we're going to stand up and defend in the face of your outrageous disgraceful attacks on the men and women of our armed forces. we're going to unify this country, my friends. we're going to bring us back together. we are going to get things done, big things, that's who we are as americans. i can't do any of this unless you join me in this campaign.
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you can start by going to or texting join to 47246. you can knock on doors, make phone calls. register your friends to vote. attend a house party in your neighborhood. we're going to keep asking for your help over these next two months. there is so much at stake in north carolina and in america. no one can sit on the sidelines. the stakes are high for everyone. join the campaign! let's build a future where we're stronger together! thank you! hillary clinton holding a rally in north carolina there. you heard much of her critique of donald trump's performance at their appearance last night in the national security forum. we will also be hearing from candidate trump in the next hour. just wanted to let you know we
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will be keeping it fair and balanced. >> there's going to be a lot of talk over the next 60 days or so. that's what we'll be talking to karl rove about. former deputy chief of staff to george w. bush. we want to talk a little bit about your editorial you wrote this week on the wall street journal. first your reaction, not just from what we saw for the last half hour from hillary clinton. just taking in the hours post last night pf's forum. what do you think of her positioning? terms like it's time to put country over party and what she had to speak about for the last 30 minutes or so? >> look, last night, i thought was a bad night for her. i mean, she got hit hard with questions. particularly from the naval aviator about handling the classified information and private e-mail server. i didn't think she had a good answer to that. her final line that she had -- had done the right things and would do it again. i thought she had admitted she made a mistake. and, you know, how can you say i made a mistake but do it the
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same way all over again. not a good night for her last night. this today, you know, she threw the kitchen sink at him. he doesn't pay his bills to his contractors to do business with him. he has attacked our military. he said too many nice things about putin. she threw the kitchen sink at him. i expect we'll see a lot of that. i'm not certain how effective it is to throw the entire kitchen sink at him. i think it's better for anybody if they're going to go after the other one to take a subject and deal with it in depth. i think, voters will find that more convincing. >> let me -- i want to get to the best. i want to reflect on what you said there for a minute. right after this national security forum you see hillary clinton step to the microphones around 9:30 eastern time. she had remarks, taking on donald trump. answered a few questions, now we have a big speech. is her team positioning her -- i ask you this because you've been on the teams -- positioning her to deal this because they believe they're operating for a position of strength or is she
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doing this as a reaction because they don't feel as strong as they want to here 60 days from the election? >> they better not feel strong. think about this, on august 7th she was up by 7.9%. 7.9 points above him. as of yesterday she was up by 3. as of this morning, several new polls being added into the real clear politics poll, she's 2.8. her lead is down to a very close thing. look, they better not be over in brooklyn thinking this race is settled. granted she's ahead. and she was ahead at labor day. and of the last nine presidential elections, one of them was tied on labor day, that was 2012, obama went on to win. and the other eight, seven out of eight times whoever was leading on labor day went on to went. the one exception being 2000. they better not be sitting on
10:26 am
their duffs over there. she's in a horse race and he's got momentum. and it's not just merely on the ballot. he's improving his favorables and unfavrables. >> what do you think is working for him on that point? is it because he's doing better or do you think that she's struggled over the last several weeks? >> a combination of both. she's struggled badly and that's hurt. i think he's been doing better. not consistently better, but better. i thought mexico city, he looked and sounded and acted like a president in the news conference afterwards. i thought the event on saturday on labor day in detroit, i thought that was very powerful. phoenix was not as good. it was great when he was there with the families who suffered from violence committed by illegal immigrants. most of it was an out of control rant. ya his object is to reassure soft republicans and independent voters in the suburbs he's up to the job. >> one of the things you wrote
10:27 am
about in your column this week is about the debates. a lot of us in the media are saying wait until the debates. the debates are coming and that's going to be a critical momentw cold water on that, appropriately. i say that as a compliment. you say the impact of the debates is not historically something you see move the needle, why not? tell our viewers about that. >> since 1976 there has been one debate in which there's been a measurable significant change in the polls as a result of the debate. you may remember it, 1984. ronald reagan looked aloof and out of touch in the first debate. he drops eight points in the polls. the second debate where he delivered that famous line about walter mondale i'm not going to use my opponent's youth and inexperience in the race. everybody laughed about it. and it said he's at the top of his game. he regained the eight points. other than that the debates have been flat lines. and the reason is because by the time we get around to the 26th of september, we'll be voting in
10:28 am
a bunch of states and a lot of the electorate will have strong opinions and not be able to move. 96% of the people in the recent polls have -- know enough about the two to have a definitive opinion. virtually all of those have a strong opinion about their choice. >> quickly, because i interrupted you. you were going to something you thought was the best. the best of what you saw from hillary clinton over the last 30 minutes or so. what were you going to say there. >> i think the best is when she strikes a positive note about unity and we can overcome the challenges and i'm going to be bipartisan. people, particularly the voters who are yet undecided are looking for that kind of note. her only problem is she's got the right words. she sounds like a scold when she talks. and there's not a sense of warmth and optimism when she says those things. she's got the right words. i think it's the right direction to go. whoever can say to those independent swing voters, soft republicans in the suburbs trying to make up their minds, i can bring us together and lead
10:29 am
us to the next chapter of american greatness. i think is a candidate who has got a better chance to win the hearts and minds. >> you know what people will say, when you say she sounds like a scold, this is something she answered a question about earlier this morning during this makeshift press conference. about how people treat her as a woman. and, you know, there's certain questions that will take place because she's a woman. she engaged in that a little bit. what do you think? how do you think that impacts the ability of critics to criticize her? supporters to like her and otherwise? >> look, we don't look at these as a discreet individual events. we look at them as a giant canvas. what has been one of the major arguments she's been making since the very beginning, i will be the first woman in the oval office. i will be the first grandmother in the oval office. i will break this glas ceiling. you can't simultaneously say vote for me because i'm a woman then turn around and say you can't attack me because i'm a woman. i'm involved in a super pac
10:30 am
called american crossroads. we've done a lot of focus groups. what's interesting to me is when she makes the arguments vote for me because i'm a woman. the people who are most upset with the fact are woman. they don't want people to be making the appeal to voters to vote for them because primarily or exclusively because of that. >> you mentioned the super pac, 30 seconds, where are you spending your money right now? >> american crossroads and the senate leadership fund are focused on the senate. we've just announced we raised $42 million in -- last month. and we're spending a lot of time and energy and effort to give -- keep the republican senate majority. >> what happened donald trump? >> our donors are not involved in the presidential race as a group. some individually are thinking about donating significant sums to the efforts. i'll let those speak for themselves. >> thank you very much. appreciate your answers on that. look forward to having you back. it's not just hillary clinton and donald trump.
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libertarian fw libertarian gary johnson is trying to appeal to americans by telling them the two party system is failing them. there was an epic fail on live tv this morning that could spell the end of his third party white house run. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right.
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american voters fed up with the partisan politics causing gridlock in washington. but that was before he committed one of the all-time gaffs during live tv this morning. first, his op-ed for the washington post. he writes with the democrats and republicans having nominating their most polarizing candidates. now is the time for a new way. both of us won reelection overwhelmingly. we were social liberals. then the snafu heard around the world about aleppo. chris deten is deputy online editor for the weekly standard. we'll get to his aleppo controversy in just a second.
10:36 am
but overall, just taking the argument that he put out there in that op-ed, does gary johnson have a point? >> oh, i know he has a point. americans -- a lot of times describe themselves as fiscally more centrist or conservative and more moderate -- i wouldn't say liberal. but they're looking for centrists like these two governors who serve two terms as they said in democratic states who had very good support. many republicans i've spoken to who are looking for an alternative to trump would like to support that ticket but told me they could do so if bill weld was at the top of the ticket and gary johnson would be serving as the vp nominee. the truth is, voting for gary johnson tomorrow is not going to be any different than you voted for him yesterday. he's not going to win. this is really an indication of how disappointed the country is between the two candidates, the two candidates they have for democrat and republican nominee.
10:37 am
it was on display last night. they gave i think very disappointing performances at this commander in chief forum. and now, you know, that gary johnson has made another really public blunder, obviously, people are going to write him off as a goof ball. he has admitted he stayed off smoking marijuana since he launched the campaign. >> people wondered whether he had fallen off the wagon when they heard that this morning. let's go ahead and play that for our viewers, gary johnson talking foreign policy on msnbc. listen. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo? >> about? >> aleppo. >> what is aleppo? >> you're kidding? >> no. >> aleppo, obviously, the city in syria where isis has wreaked so much havoc. chris, did he just undo any progress he has made toward you
10:38 am
know, his third party candidacy? >> a significant amount. when you think about donald trump and hillary clinton this election, they have the name recognition, the major party backing and a legendary immunity for errors in the types of things you would think would otherwise sink campaigns. gary johnson doesn't have the benefit of the doubt. he's new to this. the majority of the country still probably doesn't know who he is. they don't know the exact polling numbers. in a north carolina poll today he's polling 4% in that state. he's trying to crack the magic 15% barrier to get on the debate stage. when you're trying to make headway with voters who don't know who you are. you're trying to introduce yourself to them you don't make a gaff like that right after you shake their hand. >> let's get back to the question of, you know, the two party system and has it failed us? we all know that these two presidential candidates, the two primary presidential candidates, democrat and republican, have historic negatives. people distrust them.
10:39 am
people dislike them. so it would seem this would be the year for an opening for a third party candidate. and yet, you know, as was just mentioned gary johnson and his running mate are polling below 10%. >> right. i think the two party system, it looks like a failure this year because of the two major candidates are a disappointment and failure of 300 million people. we've come up with historically unpopular people. and gary johnson is not great alternative as an independent candidate. i don't know if evan mcmallen on the republican side running as an independent could have gotten traction if he'd come in sooner or some alternative to trump. i think if you look at what happened in both parties this year, i think the republican party is not going to give way in full force to this nationalist populist view of trump. and that wing might split off. you could see a nationalist populist wing, a republican party, a second party, a democratic party and a newer
10:40 am
more progressive quasi socialist bernie sanders party. hillary clinton doesn't represent the democratic party either. it won't be easy to get traction and get balloting complete and get money in support, you know, out there as it's always been a challenge. with this disgust in both parties and the search for outsiders, it will probably get more traction than it has in previous cycles. >> different in the two campaigns, though, because donald trump never did crack the 50% barrier of, you know, republican votes in the primaries. hillary clinton at least did that. >> right. that indicates even a greater number of fractures inside the republican party. you consider the ron and rand paul swing. the establishment wing, the tea party which has not gone away. social conservatism which has been relevant since the mid1990s. those are five distinct sects
10:41 am
and there might be more than that. there is going to be a lot of sorting out on the republican side of things. the thing we have to remember is political parties evolve. and intraparty infighting is not a new thing, particularly on the democratic side. all of a sudden we have bernie sanders or a national scale. he attracted a significant amount of support. these types of things happen in political history. >> chris wheaton, ab stoddard from real clear politics, thank you both. you can hear from libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson this afternoon. are he will be on your world with neil cavuto at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. and we'll hear what he has to say about that aleppo thing this morning. keep it here for on the record with brit hume. that airs tonight. 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. we're talking a little bit about aleppo. the united states and russia have talked about a cease fire
10:42 am
in syria. and now those talks are said to be hitting a make or break moment. this as one presidential nominee says vladmir putin wants to work with us. is that a good idea? we're going to go in depth, next. before taking his team to state for the first time... gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most.
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new details on a u.s. rescue mission in afghanistan to recover two kidnap professors. our chief washington correspondent james rosen joins us with the details of what we're learning. >> good afternoon. u.s. special operations forces mounted an unsuccessful rescue attempt that ended in a fire fight that left seven afghan militants dead in search of an american professor kidnapped in afghanistan last month but wasn't at the scene when our forces arrived. the american professor was kidnapped along with an australian colleague near the campus of the american university in kabul on sunday,
10:46 am
august 7th. neither history has been identified and no claim of responsibility has been publicly issued. the kidnappers are believed to belong to the haqqani network. fox news has learned the special forces launched an earlier attempt. with our forces on route to the same area where he was believed to be held. they had to abort the mission because commanders couldn't secure the approval from president obama. the interagency bureaucracy here proved too slow while another source says the intelligence on the professor's whereabouts wasn't firm enough. the president reportedly glean lighted the operation the next day and the unsuccessful rescue effort was launched. it is not known whether the hostages were ever at the location where u.s. forces conducted their raid or possibly removed during the time it took to secure the white house's approval for the raid. the state department tells fox news it cannot comment on the case of the american citizen involved, the professor due to
10:47 am
privacy act considerations. >> just to underscore the point that there was an earlier mission they were trying to go ahead and rescue the professors, buweren but weren't given the green light fast enough, apparently. >> our special forces were on route to where they believe the professor was being held in afghanistan but had to turn back and abort the mission because they couldn't get the approval they needed to launch the raid. they said that they had to turn back because there was no imminent threat to the professor. if i were a hostage in afghanistan being held by the haqqani network i would regard my life was in imminent danger every second of my capacity. they got approval the next day, engaged in a fight, didn't find the hostages. >> it's been part of the criticism when you talk to military personnel on the ground about the slowness, bureaucracy, the challenges they have to deal
10:48 am
with to operate in some of the most hazarddous places in the world. thank you very much, appreciate that. we are nearing a crucial point in talks between the u.s. and russia on hammering out a cease fire on syria. this as one of the presidential nominees weighs in on partnering with vladmir putin. we'll hear from a former presidential candidate about the coal minors and what he would like to see hillary clinton do for them. senator rand paul gives us the proposal donald trump is set to announce. for an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. doctor poses. learn your key health numbers, and take control today. soon, she'll be binge-studying.. get back to great. this week 50% off all backpacks. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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hi, everyone, i'm sandra smith. we're waiting on a major speech by donald trump were he will outline educational proposals. plus why are coal miners
10:52 am
descending on washington, dc today? senator rand paul will join us on that with a creative solution of how hillary clinton could help them how fast. a new poll from a battleground state showing trump on top by a few points. we'll tell you which state at the top of the hour. they looked like they were not getting along. the beautiful part of getting along, russia wants to defeat isis as badly as we did. if we had a relationship with russia, wouldn't it be wonderful if we could work on it together? >> republican presidential nominee donald trump is getting a lot of criticism for his remarks on russia, as the united states and russia have talks on a cease-fire. those talks are hitting a make or break point. tony vedrano joins us.
10:53 am
interesting to see donald trump getting criticized for talking about russia, while our administration is actively speaking with russia about syria. square that for us, if you would, tony. >> absolutely. that's what the administration's policy has been essentially since 2012. >> to donald trump is repeating the policy of president obama, albeit using different terms? >> right. it's a continuation of the policy we've seen for the last four years. one of the things the president is trying to do is essentially lock in these references in syria for whoever comes next in the white house. this policy of essentially handing over the keys of syria to the russians has had a tremendous cost over the last four years, both in terms of the humanitarian toll but also in terms of the strategic repercussions of it. all of a sudden the russians have a military base on the southern flank of nato. all of a sudden our allies have to make a trip to moscow to
10:54 am
petition vladimir putin for their interest as opposed to talking to the united states. >> it sounds like you're saying this policy hasn't been working, it's not effective, yet at the same time we hear from those that are proponents of it, this is the best choice out of no good choices in the region. what do you say to that? >> right. this is the same playbook the administration did with the iran deal. you keep saying, well, this is the best choice we have until you cut off all the other options, then you say, well, we didn't really have any other choice. in the case of syria, a senior official told cnn the other day, yes, we are at a make or break point with these talks but at the same time really there's no other option other than to work with russia and syria. >> what is the option? what would you advocate for? all of our allies have been ready and willing and asking the united states to show leadership in syria, turkey, jordan.
10:55 am
the united states has preferred to hand it over to russia. >> it seems we don't even know what american leadership would look like now, especially in that region. >> if you listen to a lot of the former senior officials, bob gates, leon panetta, david petraeus, and many others, have said we have to start pushing back against the russians. >> what does that mean, though? >> you see the united states military essentially being bullied by the iranian navy on the one hand or the russian air force on the other hand, that has to be reversed to reassert the primary aprimacy of the united states and show the allies they don't have to go to vladimir putin anymore. >> what is the one thing you would tell either presidential candidate that needs to be part of their syria policy? >> russia and iran are on the other side. we share -- we don't share interests in syria. i know the idea of fighting isis
10:56 am
is one that's being often cited. but in reality, the russians have no interest necessarily in doing that. that's been left to us. they are on the other side. and they are backing us, that's their interest. to end the civil war in syria in a way advantageous to our interests and to those of our allies, there has to be a removal of the assad regime. >> so we have to go back to where we were at the very beginning. >> absolutely. >> thank you, we appreciate it. we'll be right back. i'm terrible at golf.
10:57 am
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i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. the 9/11 attacks came 15 years ago this weekend. the rebuilt pentagon and manhattan skyline atests we are resilient. america is back. what do you think about when you come up here? >> inspiration. it's 1200 feet. there's a serenity up here. we all know what the hustle and bustle is of new york city at the street level. you come up here and you see the
11:00 am
entire tristate area. i think it's the best view in the world. >> on "happening now" tomorrow, we'll take you through the amazing progress being made in lower manhattan, right here on fox news channel. >> look forward to that, can't wait. thanks for joining us, everybody. >> "america's election headquarters" starts now. all right. we begin with this fox news alert as we await donald trump and a policy speech on education reform. hello, everyone, i'm sandra smith. this hour, donald trump will make his speech from a troubled charter school in cleveland. the cornerstone of his proposal, so-called opportunity scholarships for millions of american children who live in poverty. the idea is to give parents a choice in where they send their children to learn. dan springer joins us live from seattle. dan? >> reporter: hi, sandra. donald trump's plan is to give states billions of dollars in block grants which will then be used to create these opportunity


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