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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  September 9, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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man. an elephant finally getting relief from arthritis pain thanks to special boots. zoo officials say vets are treating her with pedicures, both sound like excellent options. >> sounds like fun. thanks for joining us today. >> "america's election headquarters" starts now. presidential candidates keeping business this friday afternoon after a roller coaster ride of a presidential race marks another milestone. hello, everyone, i'm sandra smith. we're now just 60 days out from the general election and the candidates are keeping the pedal to the metal. hillary clinton is in new york city, about a half hour away from a meeting with terror and security officials, as we approach 15 years since the 9/11 terror attacks. meanwhile, donald trump is just about 90 minutes out from addressing the value voters summit in washington. and governor mike pence moments ago stepping out of his first national security briefing since
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becoming trump's running mate. >> out of deep respect for the classified nature of the briefing, i cannot comment on the topics that were covered. but i can say that i hope the american people looking on at this process know that donald trump and i will be ready day one. >> chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in washington. hey, carl. >> reporter: hi, sandra. while they're talking about national security and trump's agenda around the world and pence and mr. trump is going to be coming to washington today, mr. trump will speak here at the values voters summit and tomorrow pence, the running mate, will speak. there's a growing controversy over trump's telephone call to the russian tv government-run satellite network known as rt or russia today. he spoke with larry king yesterday and criticized both president george w. bush and president obama for their
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handling of iraq. in the first instance, george w. bush for taking the u.s. into iraq and in the second instance blaming barack obama for the way he brought u.s. soldiers out of iraq. the interview on russian-owned network rt has been raising a lot of eyebrows. and trump's praise of putin has been a subject of consternation for both republicans and democrats, and the democratic party and the clinton campaign have begun bearing down on him for it, sarah. >> carl cameron, thank you so much. a lot going on today. thanks for joining us. the trump campaign is fighting back, as carl just mentioned, critics are on the attack, donald trump's claim that russia's president putin is a stronger leader than president obama. >> i think it's inarguable that vladimir putin has been a stronger leader in his country
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than barack obama has been in this country. >> they're not praising them so much as saying that we'll work with people, anybody who wants to help stop the advance of isis will be welcome in a trump/pence administration. >> he seems to be praising vladimir putin. >> he's seen as stronger in his country. he also said, if he pull the whole quote, he said he doesn't agree with that form of government. >> brit hume anchors "on the record" and joins us now, brit, thank you for joining us this afternoon. it does appear that the trump campaign, as you just heard kellyanne conway, is doubling down on the recent comments on vladimir putin and his strength in russia. >> it sounded to me more like she was trying to smooth it over. i think they end up in the same place. putin and russia ought to be a good issue for the republicans. you remember mitt romney four years ago said russia was our number one strategic adversary and barack obama laughed in his
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face, basically, for saying that. and now of course four years later, putin is menacing allies and friends and us and has been very disrespectful to our president. this is something the republicans could use. but with donald trump praising putin in some respects and talking about how, you know, i've been complemented by him and i'll compliment him back, it takes the issue away for republicans. politically this is a mistake for donald trump to do that. and i guess to some extent he has indeed doubled down on it and hasn't backed off. now, he's said he doesn't respect the system and won't be governed in dealing with putin by any personal feelings we have. but there we are. >> i mean, you just saw mike pence, he was given an opportunity to smooth things over and he too says it's inarguable that vladimir putin
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has been a stronger leader in his country than barack obama has been in his country. why politically do you think they're not steering away from such comments, brit? >> vice presidential nominees are pretty much obligated to stick to whatever the presidential nominee is saying. i can guarantee you, knowing mike pence, that praising vladimir putin is not something he would want to be associated with, but now that he's on the ticket, it gives you an idea why it's not great to be the second fiddle on the ticket. he has to kind of defend it. now, what he's saying is that within russia, that vladimir putin has been more of a strong man than barack obama has been, which is to some extent a function of the kind of system that russia has, and to some extent of course the an example of the kind of person vladimir putin is. so you can make that argument. the problem is it comes off sounding like you admire vladimir putin. >> right. >> most americans do not. >> mm-hmm. and as i mentioned, a lot going
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on, republicans, brit, up in arms over reports that the justice department granted immunity to a second computer expert who deleted hillary clinton's e-mails, this despite a court order to preserve them. >> that's a problem. >> after a conference call with her lawyers, somebody applied a product called bleachbit to make sure nobody could ever read it. they got it wrong. they blew it. they gave immunity to the triggerm triggerman. this is prosecutor 101. we don't give immunity to the person actually robbing the bank. >> brit, i should have warned you we were throwing to trey gowdy there. >> no worries. >> we're not talking about bryan pagliano, the original security expert for hillary clinton that was granted immunity. this is another one, and an example that the story is getting bigger. >> we don't know, sarah, what they got out of him but it doesn't seem like they got very
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much. the question now is whether the security people involved in these erasures can be brought forward to tell not so much how they did it but who told them to do it and under what circumstances and whether indeed this can be traced back to mrs. clinton herself. it seems strange that something this important could be carried out without her expressing her wish for it to be done. >> this poll shows a staggering number of people, 62% of registered voters, agreed with the statement that her use of the server is an important indicator of her character and ability to serve as president. and that number, i should point out, has risen steadily from a year ago. you're looking at 62 % there. it was at 46% back in march. you can't make the case anymore, right, brit, that this isn't
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weighing on her? >> and one reason why we're seeing these numbers is there has been so much that's come out on this and so much attention focused on it. it's not attractive. you look at this and see that somebody's erasing things and concealing them and not bringing them forward when they're supposed to and all that. people naturally and understandably and almost automatically think that's sign of untrustworthiness, which is the burden, or one of them at least, that she carries in this campaign. the democrats are trying very hard to say nobody cares. but as the polling number you showed indicates, they do seem to care. >> brit, we'll see you on "on the record" tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern. thank you very much. >> you bet. north korea's nuclear missile technology is improving dramatically. president obama condemned their
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latest nuclear missile test and says there will be serious consequences. >> reporter: sandra, the rogue nation north korea just got a bit more dangerous. the announcement of that nuclear test made on north korean state television with a typical fanfare, the test happening friday morning north korean time, in a part of the country where four other nuclear tests have been conducted over the past ten years or so. the strength of the test at least approaching the strength of the bomb that the united states dropped on which ahirosh world war ii. it comes on the anniversary of the founding of the north korean state and amid wide ranging comments from the young north korean leader, kim jong un, that he wants to build up a nuclear arsenal and is capable of threatening the united states. backed up by this, a flurry of menacing activity, sandra, we've
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seen throughout this year in north korea. long and medium range missile tests from a range of platforms, warhead advances and other nuclear tests earlier this year. here is what secretary of state kerry had to say today about today's provocation. >> obviously japan and south korea particularly are deeply concerned. but i think it's fair to say that china, russia, the united states, everybody shares concerns. >> reporter: as you noted, sandra, in a statement coming out of the white house today, president obama warned of serious consequences against north korea because of this test. his policy, his administration's policy of strategic patience, his critics say, has yielded little in the way of consequences against pyongyang. back to you. >> greg palkot, thank you. a prosecutor says one of the
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women arrested in connection with a failed terror attack was engaged separately to two french men who were killed in other attacks earlier this year. authorities have arrested a total of five women and two men in conclusion with the case, after they discovered a car filled with gas canisters outside notre dame cathedral. officials say the young women were radicalized by isis. newly released photos of donald trump and then-president bill clinton, looking like old pals with an unidentified woman in a playboy bunny t-shirt. and the first ballots of the presidential election are getting mailed out today, yes, today, in one key battleground state, and there's already some controversy. >> i think there are some
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a possible break in a 20-year-old case. investigators say they have recovered several items of interest related to the disappearance of kristen smart, crews making the discovery at a dig at cal state university, where she disappeared in 1996. smart's family thanking authorities for their perseverance and expressing optimism that the potential clues could lead to an arrest. meantime, the vote for the
11:16 am
white house is officially under way as north carolina sends out the first early ballots of the 2016 election. peter doocy is live in raleigh with the latest. peter, does one party have an advantage with the early balloting going on right now? >> reporter: yes, sandra. the democrats in this state have a clear edge when it comes to the ballots that are going to start getting cast as soon as people get mail that was sent today. the 2012 north carolina number was 47.6% democrats voting early compared to just 31.5% who said they were republican and 20% unaffiliated. and to try to avoid the appearance of impropriety, every ballot that gets sent is checked by democrats and republicans. >> we'll let them remain anonymous, but yeah, any time we have voted or unvoted ballots in the room, we made sure we have an unpartisan team in place to
11:17 am
build in safeguards. >> reporter: republicans say high costs and risks of fraud are reasons not to have such a long early voting period and are expressing concern about people not living long enough to see what happens in the election. >> we have a situation here where you have to be alive on election day. if you vote early, you still have to be alive. and that can be in a very close race, you could literally have dead people voting. >> reporter: but democrats in the state say talk like that from republicans is just trying to scare minorities away from voting early, sandra. >> peter, let's talk numbers. how big a percentage of the north carolina vote will come in early? >> reporter: enough votes will be cast that if it's a really close election, things could be decided here in the tarheel state before election day. the north carolina number was 61% of ballots either sent in before election day or cast in person before election day of all ballots.
11:18 am
so way more than half are going to vote early. and that's a lot more than in many swing states. florida has fewer early voters, about 52%. iowa has an even lower number, 43%. ohio is a place that most meme it looks like prefer to vote on election day. they've got less than a third of ballots cast early. but in nevada, nearly 70% go early, that's the highest of all the battlegrounds we looked at. there has been a slow but steady increase in the number of voters nationwide who vote early, and officials in north carolina expect it to be even more this year. >> peter doocy, thank you so much. the race for the white house keeps getting tighter in critical swing states, putting added pressure on hillary clinton. we'll explain why. plus the clintons' presidential library is releasing some interesting photos of donald trump with bill clinton. you're looking at it. or one of them, at least. why are they doing this now?
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all right. well, ohio police posting some powerful pictures online to warn people about the dangers of drug abuse. you're looking at one of the pictures, a man and woman passed out cold in a car after overdoses of heroin with the woman's 4-year-old son sitting in the back seat. police in liverpool say they stopped this car and the man was barely conscious, telling them he was driving the woman to the hospital. they've both been slapped with several charges and the little boy is in county custody. polling shows a nail biter
11:23 am
with 60 days until the presidential election. the widest margin is five percentage points in pennsylvania. similar numbers in north carolina, clinton 47, trump 43. but in ohio, trump is on top by one point, leading 46 to 45. and it is a dead heat in florida, with the candidates tied at 47 apiece there. let's talk about it with our panel. alan colmes, and tomi lauren. tomi, is this race even closer than these polls are leading us to believe? >> i think so, and here is why. they've been some sort of a stigma attached to being a trump supporter. the media has somehow conflated "donald trump supporter" to "racist and bigot."
11:24 am
i think when they're in the voting booth alone, they'll cast their vote for trump. >> do you see it that way? >> polls normally tighten around labor day. i don't believe that everybody who is a donald trump supporter is a bigot. but let's face it, a lot of people who are white supremacists and have race issues are supporting donald trump. and they're going to blame it on, if he loses, it was rigged, just like if the polls don't go his way. all these people who are afraid to say they support donald trump, they don't want to believe the polls if they're not in his favor. >> trump needs florida, it's a neck and neck race. will he be able to do anything in the next a couple of weeks to widen the margin? >> i don't think it's so much what trump needs to do. give hillary time in front of a camera and she'll do herself in if she's not choking first. all we need to do is hear more
11:25 am
from hillary, and we'll see donald trump make great gains. >> she did finally step in front of a microphone, alan, and address the questions of reporters. is that helping or hurting her? >> she gave a news conference, she's talking to reporters on her plane. i want to hear donald trump talk more about his love of putin. i want him to give nine explanations in 13 minutes on where he stood on the iraq war. the more he talks, the better it is for hillary clinton. >> you said you want to hear donald trump talk more. you said it. >> absolutely. >> i want to get to these pictures, guys. the clinton library releasing photos of bill clinton and donald trump. you've got to take a look at this, following a freedom of information act request from politico. so one of the pictures, showing clinton and trump hanging out with trump's then girlfriend, you recognize melania on the right. then there's this woman in a playboy t-shirt on donald trump's right, our far left of
11:26 am
the screen. who is she? tomi, alan? >> obviously a clinton admirer. >> okay. >> we know bill clinton has a lot of female admirers and he tends to admire females as well. this is really nothing new. >> nothing new? this was a foia request, they released these pictures. it's at least one of those things that we have to show you, okay? and there are more. tomi, alan, thanks for joining us this afternoon, good to have you. hillary clinton meeting at this hour with a number of top national security experts and some of the big names in attendance. it may come as a surprise to republicans, as donald trump continues to attack clinton on her handling of sensitive material. >> if she really didn't remember, that's a problem. and if she did remember, that's a problem. she even said she didn't know what the letter "c" stood for, whether it was confidential,
11:27 am
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democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton trying to change the campaign narrative to highlight her foreign policy
11:31 am
chops, meeting this hour with a team of national security experts in attendance, including from the bush administration. jennifer, good to see you, a busy day for you. we're going to get a pretty good idea of who she will be listening to on national security today. >> reporter: absolutely, sandra. she has not arrived yet here at the new york historical society, but we expect her at any moment to walk up the stairs behind me. we've seen other members of the meeting who have been invited, 16 former national security advisers who she will be meeting with shortly. what's notable about those national security officials is that many of them are republicans. many of them served in republican administrations. she has made a point of reaching out to a bipartisan group. and she's said that a bipartisan group of national security advisers would likely serve in
11:32 am
her cabinet. now, among those that will be there today, michael chertoff, the second homeland security head. he served under george w. bush, of course. also general david petraeus will be there. general stan mccrystal's aide de camp. michael vickers, a key player in the bin laden raid. there are a number of women who served at the homeland security department, former dhs head janet napolitano, and the author of a blog called security mom. >> hillary clinton tried to pivot from national security to outreach to the group of voters that put president obama in the white house? >> reporter: that's right. remember, those battleground states including north carolina are very, very close. so she traveled down to north
11:33 am
carolina where she spoke at a mostly black university, a traditionally black university. then she traveled out to kansas city, where she addressed the national baptist convention, where she talked about her faith, being a methodist and being married to a baptist. here is what she said. >> i've made my share of mistakes, i don't know anyone who hasn't. everyone here today has stumbled on their own stoney paths. but it's also our job to learn from our mistakes, to do all we can, to do better next time. >> reporter: both the clinton and trump campaigns have called on a cease of all campaigning on sunday, the 15th anniversary of 9/11. but we just learned hillary clinton will attend the ceremony down at the world trade center on sunday. aides say she will not be talking politics, she will be there as a guest.
11:34 am
sandra? >> jennifer griffin, thank you. the clinton camp is referring to the meeting as a working session on terrorism and national security, and it comes as 32 more military officers come out in support of donald trump. our guest is a veteran of the wars in iraq and afghanistan, author of "in the arena." also a member of the armed services committee. good to have both of you. congressman, i'll start with you first. we've seen an outpouring of support from the military community for donald trump. who do you see best fit to lead this country as far as foreign policy and the fight against isis? >> well, i think what we saw in the commander in chief forum was she's scrambling when she discloses we're not going to put troops on the ground in iraq. we have troops on the ground in iraq. we're not going to put troops on the ground in
11:35 am
we have troops on the ground in syria. doesn't recognize there was loss of life in libya. quite frankly, her greatest achievement as secretary of state was fundraising for the clinton foundation. and meeting with senior military advisors? i think she needs to meet with them and listen, because what she's saying is not incumbent on a commander in chief and quite frankly, you know, the number of lies that she says, it's a web. and i don't think she can remember all the lies that she has said to the american people. >> those comments about not having ground forces in iraq and never, ever having -- obviously we do have ground forces in iraq. what is the reaction that you hear from the military community, when you hear a remark like that, and her camp really trying to walk back those comments today? >> a statement like that is a continuation of the foolishness of the obama administration which tells our enemies exactly what things we won't do in attempting to defeat them. it shows you that hillary
11:36 am
clinton really hasn't learned any of the lessons of this administration that have led to carnage and chaos around the middle east, and she's responsible for it. the only thing she or her surrogates can point to is being part of the recurs ee eer precu to the iran deal that is emboldening our enemies in the region. she was against the iraq surge and for the pullout. general petraeus who she's meeting with won that war. she fought against the very tactic used to be successful. her background can't be defended regardless of who she meets with. >> congressman, unbelievable revelations in this latest fox news poll as we are about to see 15 years since 9/11. fox news asked are we safer today than before 9/11. 54% of respondents say they feel less safe today than they did then. your take? >> i think that's correct. you look at -- we know that isis is here.
11:37 am
the war overseas, which many of us fought to make sure it stayed overseas, is no longer confined to the middle east. it is in america. we've seen it in orlando, we've seen it in san bernardino. and unfortunately we're likely to see it again. the world is not as safe as it was primarily because these vacuums have been formed, and the vacuums have been filled. in the case of the south china sea with china, the vacuum in the ukraine and crimea with russia, and the vacuum of the middle east which is in chaos. even turkey has been under enormous pressure and to a degree less stable than it was just a few years ago. >> pete, you and i have talked often about hillary clinton, she speaks often about she's got the experience as secretary of state that she would be the best fit to be president and lead us in this fight against isis and foreign policy. donald trump says i'm going to surround myself with the best leaders. we know that more military leaders are coming out endorsing
11:38 am
donald trump. are you, sir, confident that donald trump will surround himself with the right people? >> i think so. >> absolutely. >> he's done that in business, he's done that so far. these meetings that are happening right now, donald trump's got his generals, hillary clinton is meeting with people. hillary clinton is meeting effectively with the sort of council on foreign relations internationalist perspective. donald trump is competing more with the america first, not isolationism, i'm not in for that, people aren't in for that, but this belief that we crush our enemies, defend our borders, maintain our interests, keep our shipping lanes free, modernize our military and not hope internationalist solutions are going to save us. the american people have quite clearly shown they would like to put american interests first as opposed to globalist interests. these meetings only reinforce that optic. >> congressman, last word to you. >> i think he's right, i agree with all of the above.
11:39 am
at the end of the day, this is an election about america and we should put america first. we're a great country and we need to maintain that. >> congressman, thank you, pete, good to see you both. meanwhile, new details, more about last month's failed mission to rescue two professors at the american university of afghanistan who were kidnapped at gunpoint in kabul. leland vittert has more from the white house. >> reporter: operators from the navy's s.e.a.l. team 6 were minutes from jumping out of their plane for the mission and it was aborted. they returned to their base and tried against the next night for this daring hostage rescue mission. by the time they executed the mission, the mission failed. multiple sources say those 24 hours allowed taliban terrorists to escape with their american
11:40 am
hostages. a senior administration official pushes back, telling fox news, quote, the president approved the rescue mission quickly. the president authorized this mission when it was presented to him with the careful review and recommendation of his national security team, soon after the pentagon submitted their request. the american professor was kidnapped along with an australian colleague at the american university of afghanistan in kabul. sources say the s.e.a.l. team 6 group flew overnight, arriving in afghanistan, in time to launch the first mission on the suspected terrorist hideout. sources, though, disagree about exactly why that abort order was given. one cites a discussion inside the national security council as it related to notifying the hostages' family about a potential rescue mission. another source says disagreements about the quality of the intelligence led to the delay that happened. after the abort, the team returned the next night for
11:41 am
their mission. they jumped in, there was a firefight. seven militants died but the team did not find the hostage. interviews with people on the ground indicated the hostage had been moved and at least one source with direct knowledge from people who were on the ground there said it is very realistic that had the team been allowed to jump and carry out their mission, that hostage may be rescued today, sandra. >> leland vittert live from the white house, thank you. we'll have special coverage on sunday remembering the terror attacks of 9/11. tune in for "9/11: timeline of terror," featuring realtime sources from that day, from the cockpit recordings from the air traffic control recordings and more. do you hate paying all those bank fees? have you even noticed them? what about bank fees on a fake account you didn't even sign up
11:42 am
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manic episodes or vision problems may occur in some people. may cause low sodium levels. the most common side effects are nausea, constipation and vomiting. trintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your healthcare professional if trintellix could make a difference for you. shepard smith on the fox news desk. donald trump went on russian state television and took shots at american foreign policy. he went on the propaganda arm of our enemy and criticized our government's policies. and now, now regarding north korea's fifth nuclear test, who's fault is that? that's hillary clinton's fault, according to donald trump, calling it a catastrophic failure from her time as secretary of state. mrs. clinton holds a strategy session on national security here in new york. i'll speak with "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace on all of it, in the next hour on
11:46 am
this news channel. north dakota calling in the national guard as protesters vow to halt completion of an oil pipeline crossing four states. the governor there wants to avoid a repeat of last weekend when the protest turned violent. this as a federal judge is expected to rule today on the project's future. national correspondent william le jeunesse has the story. what is this all about, william? >> reporter: this is the new ground zero in the fight over climate change. opponents call it the next keystone pipeline and vow to stop it at any cost. as you've said, we've already seen numerous confrontations. the sheriff, four security guards and two dogs required medical attention after being attacked last week by some 300 protesters, some on horseback carrying hatchets. a tribal spokesperson says six of their people had dog bites
11:47 am
and six suffered from burns from pepper spray. police issued warrants for green party candidate jill stein for vandalism. today the national guard was called in to stop the situation from spinning out of control. >> i encourage everyone who demonstrate against the dakota pipeline project to do so in a respectful and lawful way. >> i think it's a travesty. for them to allow a corporation like this corporation out of texas to come in and take advantage of people just for a dollar, something's wrong with that picture. >> reporter: 50% of america's crude is delivered by pipeline, by far the safest route. this pipeline will carry half a million barrels of oil, almost 1200 miles from north dakota to illinois, where it connects to pipelines going to the east coasting. now, it was approved three years ago, after numerous truck and
11:48 am
deadly train accidents in north dakota, which is now the second largest oil producing state. the pipeline crosses federal and private but not indian land. however it does come within a mile of the standing rock sioux reservation. they claim the pipeline route destroys sacred sites and threatens the nearby missouri river. today a federal judge will decide whether or not to allow construction of this $4 billion pipeline. back to you. >> william le jeunesse, thank you. one of the biggest banks in the country is in some major hot water. wells fargo. do you have an account there? it's been slapped with $185 million in fines after setting up millions of fraudulent bank accounts. the company later firing 5,000 workers for allegedly moving money in and out of these accounts, all to set themselves up for bigger bonuses. customers say they were completely caught off guard.
11:49 am
>> probably a week after i went to go pull money out, it was gone, saying that it went to pay off another account that i had that i never even had opened. >> hold on. we're all left asking, what? nicole petallides from the fox business network. this seems hard to believe. >> we know it's a $185 million that wells fargo has to pay out. but look what actually happened. these are the allegations against wells fargo, which they neither confirm nor deny. this happened without the customer's knowledge. this company, and the people who work for it, who get these incentives, issued debit cards and p.i.n. numbers without the customers' knowledge. they transferred funds from customers' accounts. they don't even know about it. they also had people make fake e-mails and they also had fees
11:50 am
that you had insufficient funds. >> you're an employee at wells fargo, you want your revenue stream to get bigger and your sales quotas to be met, so you open all these accounts, they incurred and -- >> up knowingly. >> the bank does better and everybody that works there does better. >> we're all -- everybody is all for innocentized pay. rerewards for doing a better job but the employees seemed to be pushed too far. listen to this sound bite. >> every day you're working you have to make a certain quota and it's like you're focusing on that and not focusing on helping the customer. >> it could be nation from overdraft protection to bill pay. home equity loans, mortgages, like things like that. anything. >> get something word some customer are starting to be reed funded the money. >> incentives gone out of hand and as the customer -- >> unbelievable. fake and phony accounts to
11:51 am
increase revenue. thank you, nicole. frustrated pet owners in the city by the bay, unleashing on the national park service. claudia, what's going on? >> reporter: some dog days here in san francisco. some angry owners are fighting the federal government over where rove very can run around off leash. we'll have the story right after the break. before taking his team to state for the first time... gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. 80% but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients
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11:54 am
hillary clinton has arrived. you're looking at her there with -- we know that cia director david petraeus is in attendance. former homeland security cheek michael chertoff is joining her. a meeting going on right now at
11:55 am
the bipartisan group of former national security officials. that meeting is happening. we told you about it, and we'll bring you anything that we learn as it comes out of there. hillary clinton meeting with former national security experts. the fur is flowing in san francisco. where are some pet owners say the national park service is trying to restrict their access to a park, but the park service says they're barking up the wrong tree. claudia is live from san francisco. >> reporter: well, in this latest turf war over access to federal land, environmentalists and activist dog owners are fighting over who has more right to this national recreation area. this is the golden gate national recreation area. >> keep our paws. >> it's a dogfight over proposed restrictions on where pet ares
11:56 am
are allowed inside the golden gate national recreation area. over 80,000 acres of protected land on the san francisco coastline. ownerrers are challenging rules that would limit where their dogs can roam off leash. a freedom they've inenjoyed for decade. >> the park service has provided no science behind these plans and the fact is this is how we wreck create. >> put no every dog comes when called. critics say they have damaged habitat and inhibited other visitors. a dog owner says the park service is being reasonable. >> they're trying to put basic safeguards in place so everybody can enjoy the non park and not have a off leash dog expertens imposed upon them. >> but these owners and their lawyer see a disturbing trend. >> this is really --
11:57 am
>> a national park spokesman says the agency is considering thousands of comments from both sides before issuing the final new dog walking rules next year. >> claudey, thank you. shep is next. it's scary when the lights go out. people get anxious and my office gets flooded with calls. so many things can go wrong. it's my worst nightmare. every second that power is out, my city's at risk. siemens digital grid manages and reroutes power,
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then, one weekend, when everyone has a cold and you've spent the whole day watching tv, you realize that you didn't plan for any of this, but you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible. >> it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 at the u.n. where the security council is holding an emergency meeting after north korea set off what is apparently its largest nuclear test in it history. the north calls it a key disappear at launching a nuclear bomb at the united states. president obama says there will be consequences. hillary clinton holding a strategy session on national security in new york and former top administration officials for the bush administration is at the table. donald trump is about to speak at the, quote, values voter summit in washington. we'll bring it to you live. he's had quite a run. he went on russian state television and


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