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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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and you've spent the whole day watching tv, you realize that you didn't plan for any of this, but you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible. >> it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 at the u.n. where the security council is holding an emergency meeting after north korea set off what is apparently its largest nuclear test in it history. the north calls it a key disappear at launching a nuclear bomb at the united states. president obama says there will be consequences. hillary clinton holding a strategy session on national security in new york and former top administration officials for the bush administration is at the table. donald trump is about to speak at the, quote, values voter summit in washington. we'll bring it to you live. he's had quite a run. he went on russian state television and criticized two
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american presidents on the propaganda outlet of vladimir putin. the trump camp claims he thought he was talking to larry king, and he was. on putin tv. politics 2016. let's get to it. >> we begin with breaking news in the nuclear threat from north korea. urgent and growing as fox reports this hour. hillary clinton meeting with national leaders of the national security, including some prominent republicans, ending a week dominated by foreign policy now the nuclear threat from north korea is top of the agenda. signs of world's concern are everywhere. the united nations security council right now holding an emergency meeting on north korea's latest nuclear test. kim jong-un reports through state media it carried out its fifth test of an atomic weapon in defiance of the international community. the country's second test in eight month.
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north korean officials described the twice as a higher level nuclear warhead that is stronger and smaller and designed for ballistic missiles. the test so powerful that japanese officials detect a pat 3's earthquake overnight. the say the shacking mid-fit a earthquake and north korea korean officials con firm it was an explosion, world leaders have been slamming kim jong-un for this test. president obama says the u.s. will, quote, never accept north korea as a nuclear state which is laughable, because whether the united states wants to accept it or not, north korea is a nuclear state. it has nuclear weapons. ten at least, it's widely reported, and now it's working on miniaturizing its weapons for use at targets around the world, not accept them as a nuclear state. welcome to reality. president obama has pointed out north korea is the only country
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that has tested nuclear weapons in this century. south korean affecters plan to set up loudspeakers. that the solution from the south koreans. even pyongyang's biggest ally, china, has denounced the test but done nothing. experts say know, and a quarter's previous nuclear explosion wag nearly 2.5 million sticks of dynamite. south korean officials sale the blast may have been twice as powerful, up to 12 killly tons. the bomb that the united states dropped on hiroshima was 15kilitons. now what can the world doing knowing that morning know, has nukes and is willing to sell its weapons to the highest bidder. >> reporter: another provocation, another round of condemnation from this administration. the white house called the nuclear north korea unacceptable
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desfight it's continually testing the weapons. john kerry is at suiterland. he says the world community stands with the united states in its criticism or pyongyang. >> it's fair to say that china, russia, the united states, everybody shares concerns and we will certainly be discussing this in the context of the united nations. >> reporter: in a statement, president obama says the u.s. and allies will, quote, vigorously implement existing measures imposed in previous resolutions and to take additional significant steps, including new sanctions to demonstrate to north korea that there are consequences to its unlawful and dangerous actions. president obama this week has already called for additional sanctions against north korea. that was because of a by ballistic missile test on monday. >> what about the international punishment that north korea is already facing. >> that have yet to dissuade
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them. there are international sanctions passed by the united states and our allies, the u.n. security council. they designed to cut off know, no, from the global financial system and keep leaders from getting financing and other good. the u.n. security council has a measure that allows nations to board ships for any cargo ship headed to or from north korea. but there are concerns about loopholes and enforcement. that's why the u.s. will continue talks with its allies to toughen that up and find a way to stop this behavior. >> rich ed son on the urgent situation at the white house. hillary clinton meeting now with more than a dozen national security leaders. former high ranking officials from the obama and bush administrations. this is bipartisan. the session is happening 30 blocks north of our new york headquarters. before they kicked the cameras out sect clinton hope it would be a robust discussion and she wanted to do more listening than
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talking. notable names at the meet, the former cia director, david petraeus, his name has come up as a possible presidential. nomination. and he is part of the iraq war troop surge. put he fell out of favor when he pleaded guilty to leaking notebooks full of classified information to his girlfriend. on hand the former homeland security second mikal chertoff who served measure president george w. bush. means other are associated with military escalation overseas. both clinton and trump have been hammering at each other over foreign policy. yesterday clinton criticized trump for calling russian president vladimir putin far more of a leader than president obama. she said it was unpatriotic and dangerous. trump then went after hillary clinton over her time as secretary of state, calling her an unstable and trigger happy person.
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jennifer griffin is life at new york historical society where the meeting is taking place. any word from clinton aides what they're expecting out of the meeting? >> reporter: well, right now we're waiting -- she will give what looks like a formal press conference after the meeting the chairs are set up and there's a podium where she'll speak in an hour. we're hearing from aides that this meeting was preplanned. it was planned before the north korea test. its fifth test, second this year. in the nuclear test. they clearly will be discussing that among other homeland security issues. but what is interesting and notable about this group of 16 former national security advisers is how many republicans and those who served republican administrations in the past are included in the group. you mentioned michael chertoff, who served as the second homeland security chief for george w. bush but there was also -- also others including mike vickers, whose story was told in charlie will son's war.
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the cia analyst who oversaw the provision of stinger missile to the afghanistan under ronald reagan and a key player in the bin laden raid. spoke to him and former cia director as they arrived for the meeting there was general david petraeus and then there is afternoon napolitano who served as the head of dhs. napolitano, general john allen and also general petraeus will be by video conference, we're told. the rest of the group is meeting in the room right now. >> i mentioned some of these officials have pushed for military escalation overseas that's no secret. >> reporter: well, many of them have been involved in the wars since 9/11. if you look at general john allen served as the top commander of both afghanistan and then was the liaison from the state depth to the fight against isis and has been very involved in the iraq war in the middle east. you have a notable member of general stan mcchrystal's
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former team, the aide decamp to general mcchrystal when he has the head of joint operations command, the special operators who have been so involved in both wars since 9/11. he is involve. there also matt olson, counterterrorism official under the obama administration. he made headlines recently by going back and looking at isis social media posts in which he said that isis is rooting for donald trump to be elected based on they were social media postings. so a number of people with a number of national security officials with a large amount of experience in the counterterrorism fight in this particular counterterrorism fight against al qaeda and isis. what is not clear from the names i see on this list, there are not many with experience on north korea per se, and that certainly is an issue that secretary clinton will be addressing. i understand that her campaign has just released a statement
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calling the actions of north korea outrageous, and defending the president's handling of the situation, and backing any future actions taken against north korea but so far all we've heard are plans for more sanctions against north korea and they have not worked at stopping north korea's nuclear program, which has been burgeoning since before secretary clinton was secretary of state. >> thank you. let bring in chris wallace from "fox news sunday." sanctions aside, what can the world do about this man? their any suggestions out there? it seems to be in the hands of china largely. >> i was going to say, there's one, and that has been tried and that has also failed to a certain degree. north korea is a proxy state, very dependent on china, which provides it with a lot of money and food and other basic essentials.
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china has some leverage on north korea. the rest of the world doesn't. and so far china has not been willing to get tough with north korea because of the fear that if they did get tough, if they tried to tighten the screwed you get a flood of north koreans into china, the last thing that the leaders in beijing want. >> is the larger concern that north korea would do something stupid or that it would sell wares? it is the number one exportable product, the number one cash cow. >> well so far, they really haven't done either. there has been fear -- this has been going on under obama and bush and even clinton. the first president clinton. this has been going on for more than a decade now, and people have tried to stop it with sanctions, with diplomacy, with threats, with car rots and sticks and there's fear that north korea would do something
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reckless but were they to take action against south korea that would be obliterated. they could sell nuclear equipment, infrastructure, to terrorists, but so far they haven't -- at a very minor level. there aren't any terrorists that seem to have a nuclear capability but the threat remains. >> on the political side of things, the headline on the app for the "washington post" right now, trump attacks u.s. foreign policy on russian-owned television help went to putin to complain about our government, and in what world is this okay? >> well, it's very curious. to give the side of the argument that trump camp is making, they said trump was doing a favor for larry king, an old friend, and agreed to do an interview he thought would be on his podcast, but as a lot of us know, larry king also does a regular hourly show on rt, which is russian television, which is controlled by the regime in moscow.
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and as you say this interview ended up there and you have the very curious, at the very least, if not offensive situation of a presidential nominee, an american presidential nominee, criticizing an american president and criticizing the american press corps on russian television. it is unusual. >> it certainly is that. chris wallace, nice to see you. we'll look for you on "fox news sunday." there will be football this sunday but before there's football there will we chris wallace. football is back. something good. chris will talk with the homeland security jeh johnson as the nation marks 15 years since the attacks of 9/11, and former house speaker newt gingrich, a trump supporter, and a former congressman we, a hillary clinton supporter so fair and balanced. that's this sunday on "fox news sunday." check your local listings because after chris there is
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football, clung the new york football. giants and the dallas cowboys. >> we're expecting donald trump to peek to a group of conservative values voters in d.c. conservative valuing donald trump, conservative values. 15 years after the attack of 9/11 congress passing a bill to allow victims to sue saudi arabia the white house is threatening a possible veto. president obama says suing the saudis could backfire and hurt our countries in the end.
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>> was a ready to mark 15 years since the attacks of 9/11 the stage is set for a showdown over a bill to let 9/11 family victims sue saudi arabia's government. the house passed the bill today but the white house says the president may in fact veto it. the senate passed the same bill in may. the white house says the president is concerned the measure would open up americans to legal risk overseas and potentially damage ties with saudi arabia. can't have that. saudi officials long denied any involvement with the attacks of 9/11. doug mckelway on capitol hill. lawmakers did this by a voice vote. why no record? why no, you're with us or against us vote from our congress today? >> reporter: that's right. it wasn't just the house that did this by voice vote. when the senate passed the same legislation last year that did it by unanimous concept, mope
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nothing opposition, bottom line here no member of congress wants to go on record as seeming insensitive to 9/11 families there were many 9/11 families in he house gallery today as the legislation was debated and passed. >> they're overwhelmed by the support for this final piece of anti-terrorism legislation, and we are thankful that congressmen have the wisdom in passing this bill. >> reporter: opponents of the bill are fearful it sets a terrible precedent by creating a huge loophole in sovereign immune which protects diplomat. last april when president obama did an speaker rue with charlie rose he expressed this fear, and i'm quoting. if we open the possibility that individuals in the united states can routinely start suing other governments we're also opening up the united states to being continually sued by individuals in other countries. now, supporters of the legislation say the bill was narrowly tailored to avoid that. >> for that reason is it
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narrowly focused and applies only to attacks committed on u.s. soil that harm u.s. nationals. >> reporter: the white house has not yet commented on the vote but when the senate passed similar legislation, they hit it very strong -- hint vet strongly at a veto. >> givens the concern we have been expressed about the president signing the legislation. >> no white house briefing today so perhaps they're weighing their options but supporters believe they do have a veto-proof majority. >> any reaction from the saudis? >> no reaction at all today from the saudis and that's not a typical -- they probably see this as a domestic u.s. issue that they would be best served by steering clear of, but they're clearly very, very frustrated and angry at this vote. they've expressed that kind of sent independent the past. they see themselves as partners and recently passed laws in the country which forbid donations to charities unless the charities have been strongly vet for ties to terrorism.
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they see themselves as having a strong data and intelligence network sharing with the united states that that overturned plots you. weigh that against u.s. citizens ' skepticism that 15 of the 9/11 hijackers were saudi citizens. >> thank you, doug. donald trump's campaign manager says when he give the spur view to russian barked television he didn't know it would air on russian backed television. up next, the trump campaign responds to new security and new scrutiny over his praise for the russian prod, vlad putin. we're waiting for donald trump to take the stage at the values voters summit in washington. those remarks live coming soon. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪
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fox urgent now. donald trump a few minutes from now expect to speak at the valueses voters in summit in washington, gather ago conservative activist. you can rudy giuliani. this comes after the republican nominee slammed u.s. foreign policy in an interview on russian today television. vladimir putin's television state. rt calls itself independent. it is not. critics say it's nothing but arm of propaganda for the kremlin. here's what trump had to say. >> look, you know, hillary clinton, with her policies polid barack obama -- we should have never gone into iraq. >> that was bush. >> but objects we went in, larry, we shouldn't have gotten out the way we got out, and the way they got out close caused isis. >> on wednesday donald trump heaped more praise on vladimir putin in stolen security formup new york city. trump said the russian president has been far more of a leader than president obama.
12:25 pm
putin called trump a, quote, talented person. carl cameron in washington. carl? >> reporter: it's a hard one to explain for the trump campaign. all this praise for putin and participation in the russian tv station's interview has gotten an awful lot of republicans upset and the democrats in a lather with the ability to go after republican presidential candidate when the history of u.s. foreign policy has been the g.o.p. who has been toughest on russian and now we have a situation where hillary clinton might be able to get the high ground there was a miscue on the interview. the trump campaign makes makes e suggestion that what donald trump was effectively doing was to touch with an old bud you who wanted an interview, larry king, and larry king does have a podcast but has been working with rt and the came opinion thought it would be going on the
12:26 pm
podcast, not around the world. this channel. russia today, in a number of different countries and very close to the putin government and efolktively running at the criminal len. so trump to be criticizing the u.s. media on that channel forks him to be bad-mouthing two presidents. president bush -- for having go into iraq, and for president obama for the way in which he withdrew, on that broadcast network has republicans and democrats shaking their heads and the trump campaign saying it was after oversight. they thought it was podcast. didn't know larry king had been on rt since 2016. >> didn't they. new polls in battle ground states, carl. >> reporter: the race keeps tightening. we're 60 days out. there is a long historic pattern of the polls getting very tight in closing days of the election and new quinnipiac polls demonstrate that specifically. florida, one of the most important swing states for republican and its actually a real tie. 47-47. trump and clinton.
12:27 pm
no statistically but actually tied in north carolina, a state where republicans desperately need to win, a state that mitt romney carried in 2012, if hillary clinton up four points over donald trump, and that is not good for the republican paster. that's no good for donald trump and signals there's a possibility that one of the key republican swing states necessary, north carolina, is very much still in play. in ohio, it's a virtual tie of less than a point. trump has the edge by one, 46-45 but that is in the margin of error and so, too, is pennsylvania where hillary clinton has a lead. a state republicans have been trying to win for years. all four of these are considered to be the mu-wins for donald trump. if he loses any one of these, he is going to node to win michigan, ohio iowa, and new hampshire, three other swing states in play and leaping towards clip top. he cannot afford to lose these four. if he does, his path is --
12:28 pm
>> gary johnson says hopes he can overcome his stumble. he froze up yesterday moch when asked about the cite in syria. what its aleppo in the flub within viral. johnson's running mate suggested that the whole thing -- actually shrugged the whole thing off in boston, saying it wasn't that bad. weld said, and i quote, 85% of people in the country cooperate put aleppo on the map. of course, 85% of the people in the country aren't running for president. johnson making a push to get hon the debate stage. currently polling at an average of nine percent. needs to get 15% to qualify for the debates. not going to get there we'll break down the polls out of some important good atle ground states. in one state people arecasting the first votes of the election today.
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today. early voting officially underway right about now. that's rudy giuliani up there speaking to the moral majority. hang on. ♪"all you need is love" plays my friends know me so well. they can tell what i'm thinking, just by looking in my eyes. but what they didn't know was that i had dry, itchy eyes. i used artificial tears from the moment i woke up... the moment i went to bed. so i finally decided to show my eyes some love,... ...some eyelove. eyelove means having a chat with your eye doctor about your dry eyes because if you're using artificial tears often and still have symptoms, it could be chronic dry eye. it's all about eyelove, my friends. i know more about isis then the apprgenerals do. age. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father?
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what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices?
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i'm lea gabrielle an update on series of terror arrests in paris. three women with ties to isis reportedly tried but failed to pull off an attack involving a car lead with gas cap canisters outside the notre dame cathedral. cops captured them after a, quote, race. cell phone videos shows won william being arrested as she reals "allahu akbar." during a raid last night, cops say that woman stabbed an officer. cops in turn shot her. she s survived.
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the is 19 years old. >> police say they've arrested a totaloff five women and two men in the case. news continues with shep right after this. but now you can turn us back on with packages starting at $5.99 a month, plus fees. just call 855-874-7743 to keep hearing all the things that make you love taking the long way home. ♪ so call 855-874-7743 or visit to turn us back on. and up.
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early voting for the 2016 presidential election officially kicked off today in the battleground state of north carolina. over the last 16 years the number of voters casting their ballots before the elook has doubled. according to the reporting of the "associated press" in 2000, 16% either mailed in ballots or voted early or in person. the number jumped to 35% in 2012. analysts are predicting it could top 40% this year. look at this. the ap reports early voting in these key swing states could make up to 75% or more of all ballots. peter doocy is live in raleigh, north carolina. what do we know about vetters
12:35 pm
returning ballots. >> four years ago 15% more people who say they're democrats voted early than people who say they're republicans but mitt romney still won. but experts say that trump might start from behind on election day doesn't mean he is tomorrowed. >> the democrats are better at the get to out of the vote than republicans but 2008 when president barack obama did the biggest thing we'll see in north carolina, he still barely won the election, and the 201 2 not able to repeat that even though he l.e.d. going into election day. >> reporter: starting a few days from right now we won't be able to track which candidates are getting the most early votes but we'll be able to see where in north carolina people are voting early and that will help us figure out who might have an
12:36 pm
edge. >> there's been back and forth between the parties about early voting. >> right, democrats are accusing republicans of trying to discourage minority voters from voting and they republicans say this two-month long period for early voting is too much. and "the new york times" editorial board came out against the state party. they said they're, quote, election official inside dozens of counties are taking new ways to make it as hard as posh for blacks and others who support democrats to vote. but republicans insist their concerns are just about how to keep costs and opportunity for fraud as low as possible. plus they day shares a possibility of major changes in the landscape. >> i think there are in dangers, i think in an extremely long early voting period, when there's -- you're speaking holistically, people are voting a month and two months before the race, dogs the race change? >> reporter: that republican official also complained that
12:37 pm
there is so much time between now and when people can start voting and election day that somebody could vote this weekends ask then die and not live to see the results of the election and that caused some problems come november. >> oh, yeah. thank you. more now on the new polls showing a very tight race in north carolina. another battleground state. with us dan henninger. the journal is a corporate cousin of ours owned by the same folks. north carolina's tight but north carolina's always tight. right? >> north carolina is always tight and it's becoming presumably more blue, more democrat, every year as new people move into the state. but the fact that it is tight, and so many of these other swing states are tight. ohio is even now. especially pennsylvania. hillary was up by double-digits and is town by five points. >> down? >> not down. she has come down five pointses. up by five. and the question is what is going on?
12:38 pm
why are hillary clinton's numbers falling? and i think the reason is that because of the reporting on the e-mail scandal and the clinton foundation, these things have become a ball and chain that she simply -- >> the reporting has done it. the reporting has -- i actually knew that. it's the cycle. isn't it? after her convention she had a big bounce, and then here comes the reporting, and so we're in a down cycle so do we expect this to trend back up again. >> it's a very volatile race no questions. the numbers have been going like that but i'm beginning to wonder whether hillary clinton doesn't have a ceiling on her support. we know that over 50% most voters don't want to vote for either candidate but consider, hillary clinton was the secretary of state for four years. former new york senator. the most well-known public woman in the world, and by many reports, hively respected. and -- highly respected and yet she can't get above 50%.
12:39 pm
the commander in chief forum the other night, the cnn poll puts her numbers for commander in chief at 50% and the "washington post" pole it's 40, you would thick someone if with the decreed danes would be way over 50 mrs. . >> that goes back to reporting. >> if you listen to her it's all their fought. matt lauer causing her problems for her. >> it's not a secret. it's been reported that all this reporten othe e-mail -- is it proportionate to the scandal itself? >> reporter: you know, a lot of democrats, the clinton foundation and the e-mail scandal, they keep saying, why doesn't hillary clinton get these things behind her? democrats across the country are begging the clintons to separate themes from the clinton foundation, and democrats are saying, why does she keep getting into extended granular arguments with people about the details of the ememserver rather
12:40 pm
than simply acknowledging there was a big mistake there and putting it behind her. >> that's like donald trump who continues to suck up to thrall that putin and kris siding american presidents on rt, and yet it's okay. >> the thing is it's not okay. that rt television thing i think is suggests one of his biggest problemmed. that was ma practice by the trump campaign and also we get into -- >> he's been wronged. >> also we get into october and clare november this campaign in places like north carolina and ohio will be determined by people campaigns on the ground, television advertising. hillary clinton will dump behind of millions of dollars of ads on him. she has volunteers in all these states. his campaign structure is minimal, and that's the kind of mistakes you make when you don't have a professional political campaign, a big political organization. i think it's going to hurt him in the last two months. >> he's going after values voters in north carolina.
12:41 pm
let's see how this goes. listen up. >> as the deals with the aftermath of the terrible floods in louisiana where two weeks ago i spent some time and i saw some incredible, incredible people. right. thank you. amazing people. one of the greatest privileges of my journey has been the time i've spent with the evangelical community and the support they gave me in the primaries was absolutely incredible. i have to tell you. all across the nation, a lot of people said i wonder if donald will get the evangelicals. got the evangelicals. >> i'm going to make it up to you, too. you watch. there are no more deposit, devoted or selfless people than our christian brothers and sisters here in the united states. [applause]
12:42 pm
>> i witnessed that incredible generosity across this land. got ton know so many people. i saw it during my trip to louisiana, where christian volunteers raced to help their fellow citizens in need. franklin graham is an example help brought the most incredible people and equipment to louisiana. [applause] >> and he didn't want anything for it. he is a great man. it's that spirit of giving that we will need to rebuild louisiana and to rebuild this country, which is in serious, serious trouble. [applause] yet, our media culture often mocks and demeans people of faith, and you understand that. all the time i hear from concerned parents how much harder its for a christian family to raise their children
12:43 pm
in today's media environment. it is right, isn't it? is it right. not even close. your values love, charity, and faith, built this nation. [applause] so how can it be our media treats people of faith so poorly? one of the reasons is that our politicians have really abandoned you to a large extent. and hillary clinton, you can forget about her. so let me say this right up front. a trump administration, our christian heritage, will be cherished, protected, defended, like you've never seen before. [applause]
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believe me. i believe it and you believe it and you know it. you know it. and that includes religious liberty. remember. remember. i recently had a chance to visit a church in detroit. great faith ministries international. stand up if you're a member. that good. that was a great -- an amazing experience. and the bishop, what a great guy. in my remarks i spoke about how african-american church -- this is all across the country -- for centuries have been the conscience of our nation. their up breakable faith and
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spirit overcame some of the most difficult periods in our history, leading us all to a better future. very true. amazing. this was such an amazing experience. this is the power of faith. it's the power to heal. it's the power to unite. it's the power to make all of us live better lives. all of us. our nation today is divided. nobody likes to say it. but we're living in a very, very divided nation. it will be our faith in god, in his teachings, in each other, that will lead us back to unity. each of us here today has a role to play in bringing our country
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together. our nighted in common person -- united in common purpose and common values. so let talk today about the -- these are great things we can do together to create the american future for everybody. not just a certain group of people but for everybody. the first thing we have to do is give our churches their voice back. it's been taken away. [applause] the johnson amendment has blocked our pastors and ministers and others from speaking their minds, from their own pulpit. if they want to talk about christianity, if they want to preach, if they want to talk about politics, they're unable to do so. if they want to do it, they take a tremendous risk that they lose
12:47 pm
their tax exempt status. all religious leaders should be able to freely expose their thoughts and feelings. on religious matters. and i will repeal the johnson amendment if i am elected your president. promise. so important. [applause] thank you. so important. and i must tell you from the heart, this started building of mind in manhattan issue had 50 pastors in a big conference room, and we actually had 50 pastors two rabbis, couple of priests, we were all talking, and we were there for two and at the end it was a lovefest. we all afred. like a lovefest. and i said to them, we were high
12:48 pm
up in a building. on fifth avenue. said to them, i'd love your support. and i know when i can get support. i'm quite sophisticated. and i know they wanted to give me their total support. 100 parts, just like i had in the primaries, and i said, i really would like your support, and they didn't really know what i was talking about. and i said, what is going on sneer they said, we can't do that because we would be violating the laws, and i said what the punishment? we could lose or tax exempt status which is a massive penalty. i said, tell me about this. and we sat down and they talked about it. when did it happen? 1954 or so. lip already lip don johnson was having problemmed. powerful guy. you have to gain respect for what he was able to do. can you imagine that this map
12:49 pm
single handedly -- having problems with churches and there was a church in houston that was giving him a hard time. maybe for very good reason. and he put it in an amendment that basically stopped our great pastors and ministers and others from talking under the penalty of losing their tax exempt status. so, we were looking down on to the sidewalk there were people walking on the sidewalk, and i said, so, folks, what you're telling me is those people walking way, way down there on the sidewalk, have really more power than you do because they're allowed to express their feelings and thoughts openly and without penalty. and one of the pastors, who i knew very well -- these are powerful people. these are strong people with magnificent voices and just -- and magnificent hearts. much more importantly. they looked at me and said,
12:50 pm
theft actually right. they have more power than we too. we're not allowed to expression. theft when i said we have to start thinking about this. thought about it. and then we had a large group of pastors -- again, i said i have thought about it. if i become president we're going to knock out the johnson amendment. we'll do that, and it's not going to be hard. not going to be hard. when you think from the standpoint of political, you have more than men -- let's say men or 50%, women or 50 parts. you're much more than 50% added together. and i actually believe that's one of the reasons why you have not seen christian itity and otr religions in the united states going like a rocket ship, like our polls have been going, a rocket ship. i really believe that. because you're great people. the people that you rely on, on sunday and all during the week,
12:51 pm
they've been stopped from talking and speaking by a law, and we're going to get rid of the law, we're going to get rid of it so fast. and i'm so proud to say, honest -- i don't want to take credit -- but you had 50 people in the first meal meeting and more in the second -- i'm so proud -- i was july telling tony -- to say that was my idealism figure it's the only way i'm getting to heaven so this is -- the only way. so, we're going to get rid of it, and we'll let your great people speak and you'll see something happen that going to be very, very good. okay? so important. i hope -- which means you have to get out and vote on november 8th. you cannot -- you didn't vote four years ago. you didn't vote. you didn't -- well, you did. a few of you did. i know. i look at the stats. you didn't vote. but this time -- this your last
12:52 pm
chance. we'll never have this opportunity again. so i hop you can get every one of your friends and just get up your family and friends and get out and vote. okay? november 8th. and if you do we'll win by a lot. that's not going teen be a close election. you don't, could be a very unhappy november 8th. we're also going to repeal and replace disastrous obamacare. which gives the government control over the lives of everyday citizens and the numbers of horrendous. your premiums are going up by 50, 60, 70%. the deductible is so high you never get to use it unless you are going to lead a very long and very complex bad period.
12:53 pm
very, very long. it is a disaster. it's a disaster. and everybody knows it. and it's going to die of it own weight anyway. but we'll get rid of it and replace it with some great, great alternatives. muff bet health care at a much -- much bet ever health care at a much lower price. hillary clinton wants to have completely government run health care, which would be a disaster for the liberties and freedoms of all americans. theft what she wants, what she is aiming at. what obama wanted. he didn't quite get there put he goes this and this is bad. one of the biggest issues in the n the race is going to be the issue of school choice. and i can't possibly emphasize this enough. millions of poor and disadvantaged students are trapped in failing schools. this education crisis afflicts
12:54 pm
all communities, but none more so than the african-american community. none. the democratic party has run the inner cities of america for 50, 60, 70 years, some cases over 100 years. over 100 years. their policies, and their politics, and in particular the politics of people like hillary clinton have produced only poverty, joblessness, and rising crime, when she was running for the senate, in new york state, she said she was going to produce jobs, jobs, jobs, in upstate new york. it's a disaster. she could have produced jobs. big thing. jobs. we'll bring back jobs. it's been a catastrophe. we have lost tens of thousands of jobs. she never did a thing. all talk no action. just like what she is doing right now is all talk no action. she will talk and talk and
12:55 pm
nothing will happen, only bad will happen. but you just have to ask the people in upstate new york, she won because of them. and she produced absolutely nothing. jobs left. it's today one of the worst -- one of the most depressing place inside this country. just remember that when you hear her talking about jobs. know jobs. she doesn't know jobs. that i can tell you. i have outlined a new civil rights agenda for our time. the right to a safe community, great education, and a secure job. and i say to african-american parents, i say to hispanic american parents, and i say it with great respect. our inner cities or a disaster. crime, no jobs, education is the
12:56 pm
worth in many cases almost worldwide bad. many cases actually worldwide bad. think with great respect, what do you have to lose? it can't get any worse. it can't get any worse. you choose donald trump, i'm going to fix the problem. you'll have safety, have good education, we're going to get jobs because we're going to bring our jobs back. mexico is taking our jobs. so many other places they're taking our jobs. what china is doing to us is horrible. we'll have jobs. what do you have to lose? i'm going to fix it. i'm going to fix it. school choice is at the center of the civil rights agenda. my goal is to provide every single inner city child in america that has dodd at a failing government school, the freedom to attend the school of their choice. competition. the schools will get better and better and better.
12:57 pm
and that means a private school, a religious school, a charter school or magnet school. school choice also means that parents can home-school their children. hillary clinton opposes school choice because she is controlled totally, totally, like a puppet, by special interests. her policies will force millions of african-american and hispanic children to remain stuck in failed government schools, leading to higher up employment and more poverty. the poverty levels in this country, nobody will believe. nobody will believe. my plan will break the government monopoly and make schools compete to provide the best services for our children,
12:58 pm
including every african-american and hispanic child in this country. eave single one of them. this proposal begins with a $20 billion block grant from the federal government to states to pursue school choice programs. however -- that good. right? however, because 90% of education spending is at the state level, i will campaign to get the states to reallocate another $110 billion of their education budgets to school choice programs. if we do this that would mean $12,000 in could choice fund ford every disadvantaged student in america. what difference this is going to make. the money will follow the
12:59 pm
student to the public, private, or religious school that is best for them and their family in so many ways. you'll have choice. my administration will partner with the leadership of any inner city -- anybody -- anybody -- in the inner cities of america willing to run a pilot program. there will be a lot of then. to provide school choice to every child in that community. in baltimore that would mean nor 15 up no in funds available per student. as your president, i will be the biggest cheerleader for school choice you've ever seen. [applause] this means a lot to me because i know it can turn things around. again, the education can't get worse. common core, we'll end it.
1:00 pm
we'll bridge in -- bring in education locally. i will fight for every child in this country who deserve better futures. the african-american community has heard my message that i am going to make the inner cities safe again and going to break back jobs and bring back the great education. don't be surprised -- remember this, november 8th -- we have been given a lot of support over the last three or four weeks. if on november 8th, i get more african-american and hispanic votes than anyone thought possible about a month ago. you see what is going on. people are starting to hear about this and they're saying, wow, wow, they're liking it. and again, can't get any worse. going to get a lot better but only i


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