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tv   On the Record With Brit Hume  FOX News  September 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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join me 8 p.m. eastern time. six days a week for "special report." that's this edition. thanks for inviting us into your home, fair, balanced and unafraid. brit hume coming up next. >> well, hello and welcome back. i'm brit hume. and this is "on the record." first, a quick glance at the state of the presidential race. the real clear politics average of recent polls is holding steady tonight with hillary clinton holding a 2.7 lead in a two-way race. that shrinks to only 2.1 points in a four-way race. another poll number worth keeping an eye on is the president's approval rating which has frequently been an indicator of how his nominee will do in the election. mr. obama stands above 50% in the real clear politics average. under a percentage points above the disapproval number. the numbers are just about the reverse when it comes to mr. obama's signature domestic achievement. obamacare. a gallup poll out tonight
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shows 51 disprove with 44% approving. then there is this number of the question of whether the program has helped or hurt your family. as you can see only 18% say it's helped. for more on the state of this unusual race, we turn now to dana perino, who many of you know is the co-host of the wildly popular late afternoon show the five. hello, dana. >> thanks for having me. >> glad to have you. i haven't talked to you in a while. give me your overall thoughts about this presidential race and where it seems to you to be going. >> i think if you had taken a snapshot last year and fast forward and say where do you think you will be in september of 2016, we would probably have said that the country is polarized, that hillary clinton on the path to 270 electoral votes has the advantage but that donald trump can certainly win this race if he plays his polls right. not doing as well in pennsylvania as he would like, but that's okay. republicans can win without pennsylvania where he has to
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be concerned is probably north carolina. so you are getting down to the nitty gritty. but, you know, i'm really good at sports metaphors, brit, you might not know that this is the way i describe it i know a little bit about boxing. you know when the boxers are stuck in the middle and they are hugging it out and no one land a knockout punch that's where we are on september of 2016. >> you said if mr. trump plays his cards right. what, in your view, would that mean? >> well, part of it is that he has had -- he has had a pretty good month, right? his fundraising numbers are decent. i think that he has stabilized after he brought in a new campaign management of kellyanne conway. the media momentum for him has been very good. the thing is that hillary clinton's media has been really bad this past week. but then, almost every single time donald trump ends up rescuing her and you have the -- going into the weekend, a conversation not about his decent performance if you think that he did well at the commander in chief forum. she comes out today and says
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i'm going to hold a serious press conference about national security and we're going to talk all weekend about his affection for vladimir putin, the president of russia. >> we have a little bit of that, dana, from secretary clinton after she came out of her meeting with national security advisors. let's listen to it. >> secretary clinton, do you have a trump to donald trump appearing on russian-funded television? [ laughter ] every day that goes by, this just becomes more and more of a reality television show. it's not -- it's not a serious presidential campaign. >> in case you couldn't quite hear her, she was saying -- she was talking about the question was about donald trump appearing on russian television. in fact, he did an interview with larry king, whom we all know from years and years on american television who does a podcast that airs on r.t.
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which is russian television or russia today formally. he was in a position of saying his usual stuff. the trump camp is saying they didn't know this was going to be on russian television. how does that play in your judgment? >> you have an entire staff and they are professionals like you should know that larry king's work shows up on russia today which is state run propaganda arm of russian television. larry king is a friend of donald trump. is he a friend of a lot of people. he has been in the media for a long time. here is what i would ask why does donald trump need to do a podcast with larry king? what votes are you going to solidify by doing a podcast at larry king? is he very good at media and loves it candidate at this point in the race if you are kellyanne conway tell the candidate i know the last thing you want to do is to have to call these five people and talk to them about why you need their support and maybe ask them for money for the fundraising for the campaign.
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because what he would rather do is eat dessert which is the fun media interviews that he gets to do. this one, once again, came back to bite him. >> in this interview and everywhere elsewhere we hear him, he won't back off in any meaningful way his praise of vladimir putin. saying as, you know, he and his running mate as well have said that vladimir putin has been a stronger leader for russia than president obama has been for this country. how, in your judgment, does that play? >> with his pace it, probably plays just fine. with me, which i'm not his base, i'm just an analyst here on television. and i used to work for the federal government and the white house, i find vladimir putin in everything that he stands for to be repugnant. and if you look, for example, i mentioned north carolina, there is about -- there is a lot of military votes to pick up in north carolina. usually republicans poll around 56% approval with the military. right now donald trump in the quinnipiac poll shows he
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is at 46%. it's fine. but probably not good enough. when you are talking about serious national security issues and the race is this close and is he within striking distance, he can win it, i don't understand the affection for vladimir putin unless, brit, it's real. and in which case that would be troubling. >> well, you know, it tells you something about politics when somebody says something that's real and that's the problem. >> remember when donald trump said, you know, he says well, vladimir putin has an 82% approval rating. all i could think 82% because putin was feeling extra modest that day when he put it out? yeah. yeah. got that, dana. thanks very much. always good to see you. bill clinton is suggesting tonight that donald trump make america great slogan is a racial dog whistle. take a look at this. >> that message we're -- i will give you america great again if you are a white southerner, you know exactly what it means, don't you?
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what it means is i will give your economy you had 50 years ago and i will move you back up on the social totem pole and other people down. >> well, bill clinton would know about that because, well, he has used that language before. watch this. >> now, you are being called upon, every one of you, to secure a better future for your children and your grandchildren and to make america great again. >> i want to attack these problems and make america great again. >> i believe that together we can make america great again. >> our political panel joins us now, "the weekly standard" is john mccormick and "fortune magazine" nina easton. what about this? is it in any way legitimate to say that donald trump's slogan, make america great again is a racial message? >> i thought it was a pretty dopey move by bill clinton. i mean, make america great again is a common -- commonly used by politicians. >> well, ronald reagan ran
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on make america great and, you know, morning again in america. very common. i mean, bill clinton should have been oh, he is going to make him great by using a role model of vladimir putin? that would have been more effective. if you are going to play the race card, there are other issues to use with donald trump. you could have raised thefact tp raised the question of the mexican heritage of a judge on whether he could be unbiased in a lawsuit. you could raise the muslim ban. there were other places to go. but this one wasn't a good territory for bill clinton. >> john? >> it's a bizarre comment. it's something that people running for office that people say when their party are out of power. reagan did it when the republicans were out of power and the democrats did it when the democrats were out of power. if you are going to attack trump, this are a number of disparaging things he has done. to down the bigotry track, the attack on the federal
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judge, the he didn't avow david duke before a southern primary. this means bill clinton is slipping or panicking. >> this question of his slipping has been raised before. i have covered him in the white house. i have known him for a long time. they don't call him the big dog for nothing. he has been a tremendous political talent. at times in recent years he seemed a little frail. he hasn't been totally well. i thought at the convention when he spoke he was his old self. does this suggest to you as it does to jonna is he slipping? >> i don't know if is he slipping is he spotty. sometimes is he great as you pointed out. in 2008 he was not always a good asset for hillary clinton. he got her in trouble on racial issues during that campaign. so, i think he is spotty. is he a naturally good politician. but, yeah, he is not always on his game. >> so, what's the right play here, john?
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is it the right play to say we love you, mr. clinton. we love you, mr. president, but would you go sit over there for a while and not say anything? >> you would hate to take clinton completely out of the game because he really is one of the savviest most effective communicators. i think we all remember in 2012 when he gave that speech at the democratic national convention. it was probably the best speech he had given. he broke down the issues. devastating critique of the romney ryan plan. >> john, nina, please stay with us. there are new calls for democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton to smile more. but some people are not happy with that because they say such things are sexist. the controversy reemerged this week when reince priebus criticized hillary clinton's performance at prime time presidential forum. he tweeted, quote, hillary clinton was angry and defensive the entire time. no smile and uncomfortable. upset that she was caught wrongly sending our secrets. in responds ms. clinton tweeted actually, that's just what taking the office of president seriously looks
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like. the exchange sparked quite a debate. watch. >> rnc's accusation that she didn't smile during the forum. she did look irritated in that particular half hour. she had a reason to be irritated. >> i don't take my advice, and i don't take anything seriously that comes from the rnc. >> she got defensive. she didn't look warm and fuzzy. >> donald trump chose to talk about his deep admiration and support for vladimir putin. maybe he did it with a smile and i guess the rnc would have liked that. >> co-host of "fox & friends weekend" tucker carlson joins us. hi there, tucker. what do you make of this. >> hi, brit. i think it's weird. she is actually acting against her own interest here. a ton of surrogates for sexism. that doesn't interest. she is strong. she spent 35 years on the public stage. she has been embroiled in a
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lot of scandals and that's something her detractors can admire i admire. she has a toughness. when she calls foul on sexism they are mean to me pause i'm a woman or as she did recall some insult she heard 50 years ago and concedes it still wounds her she comes off as brittle. i don't think that helps her case at all. >> you know, at the democratic convention i was on after her speech and it struck me that she did some things very effectively in that speech particularly her critique of donald trump she seemed and she has at other times on the campaign to be kind of angry and joyless and, yes, unsmiling. i said that on the air. and i really caught it on twitter from people who said, you know, you are just sexist. i can't believe somebody is saying that. it raises this question, tucker. in america today is it possible for a woman to be shrill and, if so, or joyless or unsmiling, is it possible for somebody to say that without ending up under
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the jail? >> well, probably not. i mean, i think the best course is to ignore it pause the accusation is prima facie ludicrous. this the most powerful woman on the earth. worth a quarter billion dollars. the idea she is put upon because of her sex, that's insane. if she isn't a victim of bias, who isn't? hillary clinton is winning when she seems stern and in control. i think her attempts to play, you know, a human being have been hem handed and failed. people are afraid about the course of the country. i think if you seem like the sober leader, you win. sort of be yourself and stop whining. whining never makes you look strong, it makes you look weak. >> what about this overall issue about her being unhappy. and do you think the stern hillary is a winner or do you think that the softer hillary -- even tonight in her remarks after meeting with her national security advisors, she was quite
4:14 pm
subdued and soft-spoken. >> there is no doubt hillary clinton is a human being. she has the same staff for 20 years. they clearly like her. they haven't left. there is warm side to her. it's not on display. i don't think it needs to be. if you are voting for hillary you are probably doing so by tee fault. i don't think many want to vote for hillary clinton. they are afraid at donald trump. they know we are at pivot point in american history. they want someone predictable. i'm a serious person hoping to take a serious job. any attempt at falseness and she has many of them. they have fall in the. i don't want to be too mean you saw it at a couple pensions on the echt for that in philadelphia. if she is not soft enough after 30 years probably too late to call that off. >> thank you. >> thank you, brit. >> hope so-to-you have back soon. >> the ballots in the mail in north carolina.
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59 days until election day, absentee voting by mail in the tarheel state toss-up. the two latest poll tell two different stories. hillary clinton leading by four points suffolk poll of north carolina voters has donald trump leading by 3. fox news peter doocy is in north carolina tonight. what are you seeing down there, buddy? >> brit, it's really interesting because four years ago a lot more north carolina democrats voted before election day than north carolina republicans about 15% more. but mitt romney still won the state. so now experts that we are talking to, local guys don't know how it will make a difference as democrats try to run up the score informs the next few weeks. >> the democrats are much better at the get out the vote than the democrats have ever been. >> 2008 when barack obama did probably the biggest thing we will see in north
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carolina he still barely won the rejection. >> ballots are in the mail right now for north carolina requested them. next up 17 days of in person early voting. those 17 days have been a course of great controversy in the tarheel state. democrats tried to limit the hours at some lodges leading the "new york times" to editorialize officials in dozens of counties are making up new ways to keep back black and others who shoat democrats to vote. concerned about the highest costenned higher proposition oprobabilityof voter. they can't change their mind before november. >> i think there are some dangers, i think in an extremely long early voting period, when you are speaking wholisticly, if people are voting a month and two months before the race, does the race change?
4:17 pm
>> we went and visited with the election board in durham county yesterday and they told us that nobody needs to worry about an official there or at any of the counties, opening up a ballot and throwing it away if it's for the candidate that they don't like because when all the envelopes get open, when the mail comes, there is a democrat and a republican sitting right there making sure there is no funny business. brit? >> okay, peter. thanks very much. it's a different world we live n which people have already voted before the first debate. thank you, peter. north korea has conducted another successful nuclear test. general jack keane is here to respond to that also, later on. some remarkable video of a college professor tearing down 9/11 memorial posters on campus. that story and more from american universities across the country straight ahead. allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6.
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a fox news alert. secretary of state john kerry says the united states and russia are calling on all sides in the syrian conflict to commit to a nationwide cease-fire on september 12th. that would be monday. he also said if there is a sustained period of reduced violence, russia and the u.s. will work together to strike a deal on a political transition in that country. president obama first called on syrian president bashar assad, as you may recall, to step aside more than five years ago. north korea meanwhile says it tested a quoted higher level nuclear war head. is the country's fifth nuclear test and second in just eight months. the test sparked international outrage and pyongyang says it proves it has the capability to build
4:22 pm
stronger and lighter nuclear weapons. fox news correspondent james rosen is at the state department tonight. hi, james. >> brit, good evening. secretary kerry and his aids have been working on all cylinders and several continents to rally success of the u.n. security council to take some stern action in response to the north korean nuclear test. the democratic people's republic of korea or dprk as the north calls itself proclaimed the underground blast a complete success with regime scientists having quote standard dazed a nuclear war head that can be mounted on ballistics missiles. the force from the detonation was elive clent to tnt. by comparison the bomb dropped or hiroshima. secretary kerry was in russia. he said he had spoken to key allies japan and south korea. back in new york top diplomatic at the u.n. samantha power stepped out of a closed door emergency
4:23 pm
session at the security council to implore china not to allow its patron state to escape consequences for its actions. >> we know that divisions on the council only embolden the dprk to further provocation so we must send a clear, united and strong message that the international community will never accept a nuclear north korea. >> china appears unlikely to reign in the rogue state in pyongyang. just two days ago the senior north korean nuclear official visited beijing and analysts doubt that that nuclear test would have gone out if she had received any kind of genuine warning from the chinese to abort the mission. now, brit, late tonight, we did get some statement out of the u.n. security council strongly condemning the north's nuclear test but nothing along the lines that secretary kerry and aids hoping for by way of tougher sanctions. >> james, thank you very much. the news stunned around the world. listen to this.
4:24 pm
>> north korea 10 dill low tons the tnt the strongest nuclear test they have conducted so far. >> the explosion apparently so strong it had the force of 5.3 magnitude earthquake. >> try still to monitor to find out precisely what took place. >> the rogue nation north korea just got a bit more dangerous. >> four star general and former vice chief of staff of the army u.s. general jack keane joins us from memphis tonight. hello, general, how are you doing? >> i'm doing well, brit. good to see you. >> you, too. this obviously isn't good news but what's to be done? give us your thoughts. >> well, first of all no surprise. the north koreans have told the world that their intent is to develop a nuclear ballistic missiles capable of reaching the united states. they are on a path to do just that the south koreans are likely our best sources of information here because they have got some pretty good contacts in the country
4:25 pm
so they are making some progress. but, listen, miniaturizing a nuclear weapon and also developing a reliable intercontinental ballistic missiles, the technology involved in both of those things are formidable. there is plenty of challenge ahead here for the north koreans. >> as mentioned brit brit go ahead. >> as mentioned they haven't been deterred. we have sanctions on them. and there is only two things that can stop them, i think, patriot. one is china, as mentioned in the introduction. but, listen, china is more frustrated with the united states than they are with the north koreans. the china has developed a regional strategy that dominates the western pacific and the south china sea and asia at large there was a time when we didn't know where china was going. we know where china is going now. the obstacle for that domination in the pacific is the united states. they are not going to do anything that will support
4:26 pm
the united states on an issue like north korea. the second thing is and we have only done this once during the bush administration is to go after every possible source of personal wealth this regime has. and go after that with the international community. that would get their attention. i don't believe any other kind of sanction would. >> well, let me ask this question. china, i wouldn't think, would approve of this nuclear test, would it? >> they are frustrated that north korea continues to do this. but, at the same time, they'r to stop it. and the reason is simple. they certainly would like north korea to behave differently. at the same time they are not going to totally control them. what china wants more than anything else is stability on that peninsula. they do not want unification. in other words, south and north korea. if they get unification, then they get the united states and allied country on their border and they have a
4:27 pm
huge refugee problem. so they tolerate this kind of radical behavior by the north koreans knowing they would never do it themselves, the chinese, and they have given the north koreans plenty of rope to do it. and i think they are going to give them a lot more rope before they pull them in. >> and you don't -- you think that the way to go is to try to sanction north korea further and not try to further pressure -- further pressure china because you don't seem to think that will work? >> well, i think we have to pressure china. and i also think we have to do more about china in terms of it -- what it is seeking in regional documentation, particularly in the south china sea and the pacific. we have not stepped up. i'm absolutely convinced the pitt to asia by the obama administration is a bit of a failure. we are full of empty rhetoric and very little action. and they know it just as the russians know it. the iranians know it people are clearly taking advantage of what they perceive to be weak american leadership. >> one last question very
4:28 pm
quickly. does iran end up benefiting from this test as well? >> sure. there is not a test done in north korea without iranian observers. and they also are tied into the ballistic missile development as well. absolutely. when you think of north korea, think iran in the same thought process brit brit got it general keene, thank you very much, sir. some republicans in congress want to impeach john koskinen. do they have the votes to do that? our political panel will be back next. stay tuned. (announcer vo) that's right, keep rockin'.
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of paragraph there are new calls to impeach john koskinen. some republicans want to use a professional procedural rule to allow them to vote on the matter as soon as next week. house republicans have expressed frustration at what they see is the agency's slow response to investigations into the irs's efforts to target the tea party groups in the run-up to the 2012 election. here is a look back at some of koskinen's more contentious moments up on capitol hill. >> the con ken success is we think it goes to 2%. we would be happy to make that clear. >> the president's budget asks for roughly 9,000 more employees for the irs to implement the affordable care act, correct? >> 9,000 employees would not be to implement the affordable care act. if we did not have any of the statutory man democrats we have to implement, we would have more resources available for both enforcement and taxpayer services, obviously.
4:33 pm
>> i don't believe you. this isn't credible. >> i have a long career. that's the first time anybody has said that they do not believe me. >> i don't believe you. >> that's fine. i'm sorry. >> you know what, investigators, congress who is investigating -- >> -- will you let him answer the question? >> i didn't ask him a question. >> yes, you did. >> gentlemen, the gentleman. [gavel] >> and so it has gone with koskinen who came in as kind of a turn around specialist with a good reputation but that reputation is in tatters at least as far as house republicans are concerned. our political panel is back. well, koskinen has not exactly been mr. cooperation when it comes to those investigations. and he has been, as you saw in the exchange with ryan kind of a contentious witness. but is any -- is what he has done or not done rise to the level of impeachment, nina? >> it's such a washington story when you think about it. it's important to know that this guy was not running the irs when lois lerner was targeting conservative groups, right? he came in after. he was supposed to be the
4:34 pm
clean-up guy, the turn around artist. now he has become lightning rod. first of all he is the head of the most hated agency in washington. he is head of that. and he has become the lightning rod for conservatives who remain rightly frustrated that the details about this targeting of conservative groups hasn't come out and it hasn't come out enough. does it rise to the level of impeachment? i don't think so. but clearly there are republicans on the hill that do. >> as a political matter, john, what about this? i mean, the last time we had an impeachment was of bill clinton. and as a political matter it ended badly for the republicans. what about this? >> i think it's just totally president vs. the irs commissioner. the grounds they want to impeach him isn't that he did the targeting himself, the destruction of backup tapes. thousands of emails were descrucketd under his watch. i spoke to congressman jim jordan of ohio tonight. is he one of the republicans pushing for impeachment he
4:35 pm
says this amounts to dereliction of duty. lay this out at impeachment hearing committee level. if they don't get agreement they will force this floor vote there ♪ agreement among the republican conference right now. some of them don't believe this rice rises to the high -- s rises to the high level of crimes and misdemeanors. >> not the ones who are doing it but the caucus as it whole could this hurt them. >> division here. who cares about the irs commissioner political level. most people are against him. probably worse for a republican to vote against impeachment or table the measure than to vote for it. >> i think there is blow back in that there is the sense that we know that congress is incredibly low ratings and people don't like congress and they think it's a do nothing congress. actions like this do feed into that sense that they are going why are they going in this direction when we, you know, we have got this economy that is still struggling. we have got national security issues. we have got cyber issues.
4:36 pm
we have got all of these crises issues at the forefront. >> nina, john, thank you very much. and speaking of issues that haven't been dealt with by congress, congress is not acting on the deadly zika virus and we need to know what's really going on about that and we will tell you next. stay tuned. millions of women worldwide trust tena with their bladder matters. thanks to its triple protections from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you ♪ experience the thrill of the lexus is f sport.
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4:41 pm
remains deadlocked on a bill that would take measures to combat the disease. ed henry, our senior national correspondent has been on the story. hed? >> good to see you. this is classic boy viewers get frustrated why washington. stalled in a battle over all things planned parenthood and abortion. this is a real problem. more than 1500 pregnant women infected already and counting. this is a government intervention. maybe even concerns could get mind and senate seemed to have solved it in may. they passed a margin 89-8. all the democrats were on board. then all of a sudden harry reid led three filibusters over the past three months to block the funding that he and president obama say they want. they are claiming falselied that the bill bans planned parenthood from getting money and that the bill, in fact, doesn't really touch planned parenthood's existing millions in tax dollars that they get. democrats though wanted new tax money to go to planned parenthood for contraceptions since zika is sexually transmitted. but the sika infections are
4:42 pm
concentrated largely as you heard there in florida where there is a big senate race. marco rubio is trying to hold off democratic congressman patrick murphy he is up by 7 points in the latest polls. democrats are running aruba has charged money for health clinics, quote, during this public health emergency when, in fact, rubio voted for the 1.1 billion-dollar package and murphy actually voted against it. he is a congressman right now, murphy, and he voted against it in the house. what this really have is a proxy war over, you know, the senate battle in florida that has tied up the senate on something that they should have gotten done a long time ago. >> it's a little brazen though, is it for the democrats to be saying that the republicans, including rubio are blocking the bill when their guy voted against it. >> right, over planned parenthood. why does that matter? because planned parenthood comes up, of course, in the presidential race and in a lot of these senate battles. when you look at the map. it's concentrated in florida this story because of zika. a lot of the senate races are going to determine control of the senate, which is maybe as important of the white house as well.
4:43 pm
>> this is one of them. >> this is one of them. florida, there is ohio is battle. pennsylvania, north carolina, there is new hampshire. these are all battlegrounds in the white house race as well. look, if hillary clinton can beat donald trump, she, of course, wants a democratic senate because she may have 2, 3, or 4 supreme court nominations. if trump can pull this out, the democrats then would not likely have the house. they would lose the white house. they desperately need to win something. >ed, thanks. good to see you. >> we will take you back to school next from big stories from america's college campuses. you'll like these. biggest name in cable news will be here. bill o'reilly will be here to react next.
4:44 pm
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we have the stories from the nation's campuses of the
4:48 pm
kind we hope to make a regular part of this broadcast. first, to brown university which is now offering tampons in men's rest rooms on campus. the president of undergraduate students at brown led the initiatives to put tampons in the men's room in hope the move sets a transin. student led and inciden i want i want of the university administration. next is saghtsdz back college. a school in california where a professor was caught on camera tearing down 9/11 memorial posters. the professor told the students they needed to get approval from the university to put up the posters, which featured graphic images of past terror attacks in the words, quote, never forget. the college told fox news that they understand the student's desire to commemorate the 9/11 attacks but, quote, stickers and signage may only be posted within designated free speech areas on campus end quote. also in southern california, president of ucla graduate student association stepped
4:49 pm
down and transferred out of ucla's law school. he says the group students for justice in palestine harassed him for refusing to use school funds for a quote diversity caucus that would have supported boycotting israel. university acknowledged what it called heated rhetoric. says the university investigation found that the student violated campus policy by not funding that event. and finally, also college where students were welcome with a poster on, quote: how to be a better white ally. a picture of the poster was posted online by the clermont independent the conservative student newspaper and goes on to tell white students understand, you are white so it is inevitable that you have unconsciously learned racism and it continues, quote, your enearned advantage must be acknowledge wanted and racism unlearned. a representative of the college tells fox news, quote, our campus has been and is deeply involved in important national conversations about race and building community.
4:50 pm
for reaction to all of this stuff, we turn to the number one name in cable news, my colleague bill o'reilly. hello, bill. i know this kind of thing has been a concern to you. what do you think about those stories? >> it's a serious situation, you know, a lot of people say oh, they are just stupid college kids. they are. but the administrators are even dumber. this is reminiscent to me of what the german universities were doing in the 1930s and the soviet union's universities were doing before that. and that is there is a prevailing wisdom on these college campuses, not all of them but many and perhaps most that if you don't tow the progressive politically correct line, we're going to punish you. we're going to hurt you. it's exactly what they did in the german universities. it's indoctrination. you can be punished if you are a student in dissent for grades. i have seen it done. it happened to me in the early 1970s, but it's a serious situation. it is a very sorrious situation. >> where were you when that happened? >> marist college.
4:51 pm
i had a teacher named mrs. alan d landou progressive luann. she gave a an a to a student who never came to class. i won't tell you what color he was. he got an a. i questioned that and i got a d. subsequently the kid who got the a murdered someone and is now serving life in a new york penitentiary. true story. so, this is not new. it happened in the late 1960's, early 1970s. then it kind of died down. but now it's back in force. >> it seems to me, bill. thanks very much for your thoughts on that. of course, you can catch bill later tonight on "the o'reilly factor." that will come up right after "on the record." straight ahead. it's time to hear from some viewers who have been getting tweeted by all week just wait until you hear what some people had to say. hold onto your forks.
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before we leave you tonight, let's look at a few other stories from the campaign trail. first, be on the lookout, if you plan to be in a swing state this weekend. the republicans have plans to storm 11 battleground states on saturday. nearly 5,000 republicans both party employees and volunteers will be knocking on doors. the rnc hopes they will reach 450,000 doors over the course of the day. they say they knocked on 2 million doors in june and july already. hillary clinton mentioned earlier held a national security meeting in new york today. the former secretary of state and new york senator attempted to promote her
4:57 pm
foreign policy credentials by meeting with a group -- a by partisan group i should say of national security experts. that group included michael chertoff, the former secretary of homeland security under president bush. and former general david petraeus. in comments after the meeting, mrs. clinton cited the need to take out the leader of isis but reaffirmed her pledge not to send ground troops or more ground troops, i should say, back to iraq or syria. and republican vice presidential candidate mike pence received his first intelligence briefing since becoming donald trump's running mate. it lasted two hours and was held at a national guard base in indiana. governor pence said afterwards that he was, quote, grateful for the briefing. governor pence had a busy day today. he also released 10 years of his tax returns. the returns show that the pence family don't united states take home pay to charity. running mate donald trump still hasn't released his returns but still says that he will, once an audit of his taxes is complete. now it's your turn to sound off. you might imagine i'm getting some feedback on
4:58 pm
twitter about my performance in my first week here as anchor of "on the record." sean wrote, quote: glad to see you back on television on a regular basis. your analysis of politics is always fair. and joe tweeted love the show and gravitas and dry wit. and gene tweeted quote couldn't be happier you are back on the ware. voice of reason. there are other views. i would rather watch paint dry on the wall than you. and kate said in part, quote. fire this idiot, fox news, nobody likes him. it's like is he jealous of trump or something. and david tweeted you just better keep it fair and balanced. it will be a one-way ticket to palookaville for you, pal. >> how in the world is brit hume still aloud on tv. retire already, you blowhard. thank you for being with us. we will see you again monday night right here at 7:00
4:59 pm
eastern. programming note, we will be kicking off on sunday a special sunday night edition of "special report" with bret baier. that starts at 8:00 p.m. that starts this sunday and will run through the election. up next as we noted earlier, the royale factor. bill is live tonight and donald trump is speaking tonight. bill will be covering a live donald trump event and you can see people gathered in pensacola, florida. right now that of course is in the panhandle in florida. an area historically heavily republican. one part of florida where mr. trump is polling quite well and, of course, bill has a big show tonight answering questions on hillary clinton. he has geraldo rivera on to talk about donald trump's speech tonight. so lots to watch on "the o'reilly factor" tonight. we'll see you back here monday. thanks for watching and bearing with us this week. good night.
5:00 pm
of. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> what it means is i will give you the economy you had 50 years ago and i will move you back up on the social totem pole and other people down. >> bill clinton implying the phrase make america great again is racist. but, wait, there may be a problem. >> there is a lot of problems. >> we'll have a special report tonight. >> it's just incredible what's happening to our country, and we have got to stop it, and we will stop it, 100 percent. >> donald trump holding a big rally in florida this evening. we will show you some of it as it happens. >> i'm not against the military. i'm not against, you know, the police, you know, or america. i'm just against social injustice. >> also ahead, another nfl player refusing to stand during the national anthe


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