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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  September 14, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> never miss an episode. the persian gulf on edge again tonight with iranian threats of shoot-downs and near misses. putting american military personnel in danger. almost 14 months to the day after the u.s. signed a nuclear deal with iran, a stunning confession from the state department. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. ever since the obama administration nailed down that agreement with iran and five other world powers to try to block the islamic regime from getting a nuclear weapon, the president and his aides have been telling us the deal will make it more likely the u.s. can cooperate with iran on other issues in the middle east.
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now, under questioning from fox news, the obama administration is allowing for the possibility that they were wrong. and that the nuclear deal may be making the behavior of the iranian regime worse. putting the lives of american sailors and soldiers at risk. chief washington correspondent james rosen has our top story from the state department. >> reporter: three days after iran's military threatened to shoot down two u.s. navy surveillance planes flying in international airspace, the state department acknowledged disturbing trends in the regime's behavior which has also included a doubling in the number of naval confrontations with american sailors and an aggressive regiment of ballistic missile testing and now for the first time the obama administration admits the president's signature foreign policy initiative, the iran nuclear deal, which went into effect in january, could be worsening, not improving, iran's behavior. >> but you can't rule out that, in fact, this deal has served as a cause for this more aggressive
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posture. >> i can't rule that out. iran, like many countries has an internal political process that's defined by a lot of different dynamics. >> reporter: just two weeks ago, centcomm commander general joseph otell told reporters iran hadn't escalated tensions at all. >> i would say we haven't seen a significant change in their behavior. >> reporter: the picture of an emboldened iran emerges as lawmakers have begun examining a small set of documents from the osama bin laden archive that u.s. forces captured in the raid that killed the al qaeda chief in 2011. house intelligence chairman told fox news those documents connect iran and al qaeda more closely than the administration has publicly acknowledged. >> we're finding that bin laden had significant ties to iran, that iran was a tunnel for al qaeda. bin laden told his followers not to attack the iranians. >> reporter: the administration argued that iran's more aggressive conduct only underscores the value of the nuclear diplomacy.
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>> because the last thing anyone would want to see in the region is a nuclear-armed iran. >> reporter: critics of the nuclear deal see disturbing trends of their own in which the obama administration has purportedly been willing to let a lot slide in order to prevent erosion in public support for the deal. >> and certainly investigating a close connection between iran and al qaeda would raise suspicions that this nuclear deal with iran is not in america's national security interest. >> reporter: nor is the iran/al qaeda connection solely a thing of the past. this summer, the treasury department sanctioned three senior al qaeda figures living in iran using the country for a base from which to move money around, acquire weapons and coordinate with other terrorists. >> james rosen of the state department. thank you. to america's election headquarters. while hillary clinton rests at home after what her doctors said was a diagnosis of pneumonia, donald trump is stealing a bit of clinton's thunder on health
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care. trump is going after moderates, independents and women with an aggressive childcare plan that might not sound like a traditional republican proposal. chief political correspondent carl cameron is with the trump campaign tonight in pennsylvania. >> reporter: with hillary clinton sidelined by pneumonia, donald trump is trying to take advantage of her absence. in iowa, cast her as an out of touch elitist who denigrates and disrespects voters. >> while my opponent slanders you as deplorable and irredeemable, i call you hardworking american patriots who love your country and want a better future for all of our people. >> reporter: trump unloaded on clinton last night in north carolina as well. >> hillary clinton has been running a hate-filled and negative campaign with no policy, no solutions and no new ideas. >> reporter: it was the first time in months that a trump rallygoer threw a punch at protesters as they were being removed from an event. >> is there any place in america
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more fun to be than a trump rally? right? >> reporter: with clinton recuperating in new york, her team pumped out a new ad showcasing trump's own words. >> how stupid are the people of the country? we're building a wall. he's a mexican. she's a disgusting -- >> reporter: trump with daughter, ivanka, tonight, plans a rally in aston, pennsylvania, to pitch several programs. fund six weeks paid maternity leave by making changes to unemployment benefits, make all childcare expenses tax deductible, cost $158 billion but do little for the working poor who pay no income taxes and would create a tax deductible dependent care savings account to help those paying for either child or elder care. general spending that fiscally conservative republicans have resisted. trump's claims of generously giving millions to charity are increasingly under fire. his trump foundation is funded
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by charitable gifts from other people and organizations. trump has corrected nothing to it in eight year and there are no records to sew he's donated elsewhere. pennsylvania is a must-win battleground state. he's trailed most polls here but warns voters the only way they lose is if his opponent cheats. governor mike pence once again refused to label david duke deplorable and shifted the focus bang on clinton and her supporters. >> we live in a free country and people of ill motives can associate themselves with politics. i would draw no more conclusion of that man's expressions of support than i would the fact that the father of a terrorist who killed 49 americans was seen at a hillary clinton rally cheering her on. >> reporter: pence also met with republican senators including ted cruz. pence endorsed cruz during the primary. the texas senator called pence a, quote, strong conservative
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but hasn't endorsed the trump/pence ticket. if trump does win the election, he might run into resistance for some of the proposals he'll make tonight for social and family spending from republicans on capitol hill, but in the campaign, these proposals are aimed at courting women and more voters of the independent, more moderate streak and first things first, it's about getting the votes to first become president. >> carl cameron with the trump campaign. carl, thank you. what do you think? do you think trump's childcare plan will sway women voters? let me know an twitter @bretbare, use #specialreport. tune in to hear the trump childcare speech live with bret human. hillary clinton is sitting out a day of campaigning as she convalesces at her home in new york but has a fairly high-profile surrogate working for her in the meantime. fox news correspondent jennifer griffin has the story tonight from chappaqua, new york. >> reporter: a bouquet of
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flowers delivered to hillary clinton's house in chappaqua while the candidate followed doctor's orders and rested for a second day and the campaigner in chief hit the road in philadelphia. >> no matter how many times people knock her down and mess with her, she does not quit. that's the hillary i've come to admire. i believe there has never been a man or a woman more qualified than hillary clinton to serve as our president. >> reporter: the night before, clinton phoned in to a fund-raiser in san francisco and a cable news show. >> i probably would have been better off if i'd just pulled down my schedule on friday, but like a lot of people, i just thought i could keep going forward and power through it and obviously that didn't work out so well. >> reporter: she explained why she went to her daughter's apartment. >> as soon as i got into the air-conditioned van, i cooled off, i got some water, and very quickly i felt better. >> reporter: remarks by her husband, however, raised some
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eyebrows. >> she's been, as it is, it's a mystery to me and all of her doctors because frequently -- not frequently -- rarely, but on more than one occasion over the last many, many years, same sort of thing's happened to her when she just got severely dehydrated. and she's worked like a demon. >> reporter: an earlier version aired by cbs removed the words "frequently." >> she's been -- like it is, it's a mystery to me and all of her doctors. rarely but on more than one occasion over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing's happened to her when she just got severely dehydrated. and she's worked like a demon. >> reporter: in response, cbs released the following statement. "the clip in question from former president clinton's interview with charlie rose ran in its entirety on "cbs this morning," and cbs
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in, cbs news' 24/7 digital streaming news service. one clip that ran on "cbs evening news" was edited purely for time while on deadline for the live broadcast." an interview with the 89-year-old don fowler, chairman of the dnc, during clinton's presidency began tongues wagging when he appeared to suggest the dnc needed to have a contingency in case the party needs to replace clinton as the candidate. "now is the time for all political leaders to come to the aid of their party. i think the plan should be t developed by 6:00 this afternoon." fowler says he was misquoted and democrats pushed back saying there are no plans being discussed to replace clinton as the nominee. >> there was not a single question, not a single reverberation. hillary clinton as great a woman as she is is just that, a human being. >> reporter: in ohio monday, the democratic senate candidate produced her running mate, tim kaine. >> she is a wonderfully prepared
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person to be vice president and to be the president if that ever became necessary. >> reporter: the campaign is under increased pressure to release her complete medical records. >> going to put out even more information, make her doctors available to talk to you guys. >> reporter: dnc chair donna brazile released a statement tonight responding to the latest hack into the dnc finances and personal information. a hack carried out by gusifer 2.0. "there's one person who stands to benefit from these criminal acts and that's donald trump." bret? >> jennifer griffin with the clinton campaign. the u.s. supreme court upheld a ohio law eliminating a week in which people could register to vote and cast a ballot at the same time. democrats argued that ending the so-called golden week would disproportionately burden black and democratic voters. state attorneys say getting rid
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of that week will help alleviate administrative burdens for local election officials. republican lawmakers were stymied again today in their latest attempt to get answers in clinton e-mail scandal. chief intelligence correspondent tells us how to capitol hill. >> reporter: the committee served subpoenas on four witnesses. three turned up and two refused to answer questions. >> on the advice of counsel, i respectfully decline to answer and assert my 5th amendment constitutional privilege. >> i respectfully decline to answer and assert my 5th amendment privilege. >> reporter: those who took the 5th ten times were for colorado based plant river networks, the i.t. firm managed the hillary clinton server and deleted her e-mail archive in march 2015 despite a preservation order. the committee released a new e-mail from august 2015 suggesting plat river was deeply concerned after they used bleachbit to electronically shred the clinton e-mails. >> we're starting to think this whole thing is really covering up a lot of bad stuff.
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they wanted something in writing because they knew they were going to get thrown under the bus later on. >> reporter: he like clinton i.t. staffer got an immunity deal from the justice department in the fbi criminal probe of clinton's e-mail practices. paglia thrks pagliano was a no show and faces legal consequences. >> when you're served subpoena , it's not optional. if anybody is under an illusion i'm going to let go of this and let it sail off into the sun seth, they're ill advised. >> reporter: republicans said the investigation was a charade and designed to attack clinton and humiliate the pns witnesses. >> there's no legitimate reason for republicans to force mr. pagliano to appear yet again before congress just to assert his 5th amendment rights one more time. this is absolute abuse of authority. >> reporter: the panel did hear from justin cooper, a longtime aide to bill clinton, who used a hammer to smash two of hillary clinton's blackberries. >> no, it's not in any way to destroy or hide any information
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at all. i was going out of my way to preserve all of the information that was on those devices. >> reporter: cooper had unlimited access to the clinton's server that contained 2,100 classified e-mails and 22 at the top-secret level. >> did you have a security clearance at that time? >> no, i did not have a security clearance. >> reporter: late last night the republican chairman also served a subpoena on the fbi demanding the entire clinton investigative file including witness interviews as well as the backup notes from agents. the files already sent to congress are heavily redacted including some sections that contain unclassified information. an fbi official could not point to a single law or constitutional provision to justify those edits, bret. >> thank you. conservatives in the house have formally introduced a resolution to impeach irs commissioner john koskonin, accuse him of hampering the efforts, for targeting tea party groups. he denies it. the resolution has no practical chance of success because democrats in the senate have
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enough votes to stop it there. now, a heartbreaking story about an incredibly difficult issue. a teenager in wisconsin wants to end her own life because she's in constant pain. some people, though, want to stop her. senior correspondent mike tobin reports tonight from appleton, wisconsin. >> reporter: like a prom, this event was dubbed jerika's last dance, held because this 14-year-old doesn't want to go on living. she had an incurable disease. she says she's in pain. she has already endured 30 surgeries and told her mother she wants to stop fighting, turn off her breathing device, two into hospice and let her life slip away. >> mo
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. >> i said, jerika, i love you that much that i will not let you suffer. if it's that bad, then it's okay, mom will find a way to be okay. >> reporter: however, a disability rights group is asking child protective authorities to intervene saying jerika's condition is manageable with treatment, has a quality life ahead of her and is too young to make this life-and-death decision. >> she's only 14 and we know that the brain is not fully matured. there's a reason why we don't let 14-year-olds join the military. there's a reason why we don't let 14-year-olds vote. >> reporter: wisconsin law is not entirely clear. on one hand, her mother's support would make a difference. however, a court ruling from 2014 stated in wisconsin in the absence of a persistent vegetative state, the right of a parent to withhold life-sustaining treatment from a child does not exist." >> right now in the absence of litigation, it's a moral
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question with legal implication. >> reporter: many people in her hometown, appleton, wisconsin, say if jerika is suffering, she has a right to stop fighting including the dj who played at her farewell prom. >> she's in a body that's nearly paralyzed and painful all the time. think about how you would feel. >> the executive director of disabled parents' rights said disengaging from the breathing machine may not bring about a rapid death. in fact, she said jerika could ev endure complications from trouble breathing at the time. few people know her status at the moment because her mother has stopped making public statements. >> sad story. we'll follow it. the census bureau says u.s. household income rose 5.2% last year. the new figure is about $56,000, but that is still below the median income in 2007. census says the proportion of americans in poverty fell last year to 13.5%, down from 14.8% in 2014.
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stocks plunged today. the dow lost 258. the s&p 500 was down 32. the nasdaq fell 57. some incredibly sharp pictures tonight from the surface of mars. the curiosity rover took these shots of the area last thursday. a scientist says studying the buttes up close has produced a better understanding of sand dunes that were buried, chemically changed by ground water then exhumes and eroded to form the present landscape. up next, new trouble for obamacare after a tough few months of revelations. first here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 46 in charlotte, ncaa pulse seven championship events out of north carolina over that state's transgender bathroom law. a spokeswoman for the state republican party calls the decision to absurd it's almost comical. fox 40 in sacramento, california governor jerry brown
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signs a law entitling farmworkers to the same overtime pay as most other hourly workers. agriculture groups say the change will severely harm one of the state's largest industries. and this is a live look at tampa, florida, from our affiliate, fox 13. one of the big stories there tonight, groups that donate cigars to u.s. troops overseas are unhappy about a new fda regulation that seemingly bans the practice. democratic congresswoman from tampa says the fda has overreached with its ban on providing samples of tobacco products. kathy castor is asking congress to pass an exception for cigars to u.s. troops. that's tonight't'
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the president's health care law has been taking some hits for several months now. big revelations that raise questions about the future of the law. today, more news. another big insurer is bailing and website security is still flailing. correspondent kevin cork is at the white house looking at the growing problems with obamacare. >> reporter: vulnerable to fraud. that's what a government watchdog group says about the affordable care act, obamacare. in a report released monday, the government accountability office said its investigators were able to get taxpayer subsidized coverage for fake enrollees despite brand new safeguards against fraud on the insurance exchan exchanges. 10 applications in 2015 and 12 more in 2016 that were fakes were not caught by the administration's screening process. in fact, four fictitious applicants who got private coverage and subsidies and testing back in 2014 were successful once again in 2016.
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even though none of the so-called enrollees had filed a 2014 tax return as required. lawmakers on capitol hill were incensed. >> i'm not surprised by the fraud because even though here it is four years later, the training wheels should be long off of this thing, but we already know obamacare's failing on every promise, you know, from lower health care costs to plenty of doctors and hospitals to see plenty of choice. all of that. so why would they keep the promise that your dollars would be used wisely? >> reporter: administration officials called out the gao for not doing enough to help solve the problem. aaronalbrigts saying in a statement "we repeatedly requested and remain disappointed that we still have not received specific details for recommendations from the gao relating to their fraudulent applications." the final open enrollment period of the obama presidency is set to again. new census figures show a significant drop in the
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uninsured in this rate down to about 29 million in 2015, the number of obamacare co-ops continues to crater. new jersey's will fold in 2017. making it the 17th out of 23 such systems to shut down. president obama who made an in-person plea to insurers yesterday also penned a letter to companies offering 2017 coverage on the marketplace. in it, he acknowledged that, "we know that this progress has not been without challenges." and in its own reporting, the house energy and commerce committee is accusing the obamacare state-based exchanges of wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars, specifically four exchanges they say wasted more than $23 million on i.t. work, alone. bret? >> kevin cork live on the north lawn. kevin, thank you. singapore says it's investigating the severity of locally transmitted zika virus. the number of cases there is rising. back in the u.s., concerns are now nationwide. baltimore has sprayed some of
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its neighborhoods. there have been 12 confirmed cases of travel-related zika there. upset parents in san diego pulled their kids from school monday after crews hand sprayed one neighborhood. let's get more on the fight, the zika fight, from florida governor rick scott who's in town to work with congress on the funding issue. governor, thanks for being here. >> nice to be here. it's frustrating. congress, recess this summer. the president has not led on this effort. he's not been a good partner. i have requests out to the cdc. they finally gave me some additional lab workers today. we started -- every pregnant in our state offered free tests and assessments. we're going to need more support from the cdc. i asked for 10,000 zika prevention kits for pregnant women. this is about pregnant women and their developing child. so i'm hoping that this week, congress will stop the politics, the president will be supportive and get something done. >> you're talking to republicans and democrats here about the no politics because both sides
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accuse the other of holding up this funding bill. >> well, i'm really disappointed in senator bill nelson, he had the opportunity to vote for a bill last week and voted against it, $1.1 billion of funding. we need the federal government to focus on vaccine, focus on research, help us with spraying and bill nelson voted against it. >> this is about pregnant women. meeting with both republicans and democrats today and tomorrow, saying we've got to get funding done now. >> it's not going to surprise you but democrats look at it differently. here's senate majority leader, harry reid. >> republicans are more interested in attacking planned parenthood and flying the confederate flag. that's really the truth. and protecting women and babies from this awful virus. as republicans stall, the zika spreads quickly. >> there are provisions in there. democrats put in confederate flag provision, take them out of national cemeteries. is that correct? >> that's my understanding. >> and then the planned
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parenthood stuff is a republican provision. >> here's what -- i get about 250 bills on my desk a year from my legislature, right? are the bills exactly the way i want? no. i say is this bill overall good for my state? when you vote -- when bill nelson votes against zika funding, he turns his back on all the pregnant women in our state, saying i'm not worried about your developing baby. we have 86 pregnant women in our state already been tested positive for zika. we have 64 cases now of non-travel-related zika. it's time for politics to end. people have got to pass a bill. now, the positive is, senator rubio's been supportive. mitch mcconnell's come out and said he's going to put it in the continuing resolution. that's a positive. i hope it gets done this week. >> 64 cases, residents have acquired the disease from mosquitos in florida this year. there's some reporting in the "miami haroerald," some people charging the numbers are slow coming out or not accurate. how do you respond to that? >> we put out accurate, timely
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information. we want to make sure the information we put out -- we put information out daily. twe we tested a lot of people, over 7,000 people so far. more than any place in the united states. we're putting out very accurate information but we're testing -- we're going to make sure what we put out is accurate information. >> and it's serious. >> i mean, this is -- just think about it, i have daughters. they're both childbearing age. they talk to me about this. this is a big issue for them. they want to have healthy children. we all want to have healthy children. i want to have healthy grandchildren. this is very personal to me. >> all right. i want to talk a little bit of politics. a trump supporter, endorsed early on. you're also the head of a superpac, america soaring. just out with a new ad. let's talk about this. >> skilled craftsmen and tradespeople and factory workers have seen the jobs they love shipped thousands of miles away. it doesn't have to be this way. we can turn it around.
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>> advocate. >> just like the americans -- >> a lot of positive focus ads. that one, you know, as a republican, it's a different message on trade. >> right. well, here's what's great about this ad. first off, i'm announcing right now that we're going to start running this ad in key markets in pennsylvania. here's why. we did a test market in youngstown, and trump was up two points. we ran just as positive ad for two solid weeks. two solid weeks, he's up 18 points now. so you can go look at and see the ad. we're still raising money for this ad. we're going to start running it in key pennsylvania markets. i wanted to break it right here on your show. >> thank you. but to my point, as a republican, as a businessman, are you concerned at all about the messaging on trade? that all trade may suddenly get lumped into the bad column? >> trade's very important to me. think about it, we have 15 seaports in our state. we have, you know, we're the
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trading partner for south america. it's got to be fair to american workers. i want american workers to have their job. i'm responsible for making sure every sort of person can get a job. we added 1 million jobs in the last 5 1/2 years. it has to be fair to american workers. we got to take care of america. american workers. i'm responsible for florida workers. i want everybody to be able to get a job in this country. >> last thing, governor, house democrats today calling for the justice department to investigate these donations from the donald trump foundation to the re-election campaign of your attorney general, pam bondi, $25,000. we covered a lot of things with the clinton foundation. obviously this is gaining traction here in washington with democrats calling for the justice department to investigate. your response. >> it's just politics. pam bondi does a great job. he does a great job as attorney general. she's a good friend. this is pure partisan politics. it's election year politics. that's all this is. >> you don't think it's going to go any place? >> no. pure partisan politics. pam does a great job. >> governor, thanks for the
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time. >> thanks. >> hopefully we'll have some success with zika this week. >> we'll follow it every step of the way. imagine a product with a markup rate of 3,000-1. so you can also imagine to what lengths people would go to get such a product in the hands of willing buyers. that is the challenge facing federal agents fighting the heroin epidemic. senior correspondent adam hously is in san ysidro port of entry in san diego. >> reporter: here in san ysidro, western hemisphere's busiest land border crossing, the search for illegal drugs intensifies as agents try to stop the flow of heroin and now heroin cut with the powerful narcotic, fentynol, from hitting u.s. streaks. mass overdoses across the country. >> every single day we come up with different plans, different operations, different ideas to be unpredictable. >> reporter: customs agents are also relying on intelligence more than ever before but
1:33 am
estimate they're only stopping about 10% of the heroin making its way into the u.s. from mexico. >> past five year, we have and increasingly -- >> reporter: the drug is even more deadly when fentanyl is added to the mix making it up to 50 times more potent. >> 2.5 milligrams, similar to a grain of salt, can actually be an overdose. >> the same thing in your brain, when you are talking to addicts and even if you told them, hey, there's fentanyl in this, they think, great, that will get me higher with less. >> reporter: for the drug cartel, potency equals profit. bordeard exer experts say there never been a drug more lucrative, cheap production in mexico often using raw supplies from china. >> 3,000% markup from if you take a kilogram of this stuff from china that's worth about $5,000, the street value is about $1.5 million. i mean, this is something that in the 1980s and guys who made a
1:34 am
whole lot of money on cocaine, this is beyond their wildest dreams for profitability. >> reporter: and that has the drug enforcement administration increasing the crackdown on the u.s. side of the border with many agents believing it starts with doctors overprescribing legal painkillers. >> people go to doctors, they get prescriptions for prescription medication for painkillers and they become addicted to it. when they can no longer u ee ee those pills they'll go to heroin. >> reporter: dubbed this supercharged heroin, difficult for them to find also as they see just at this location 60,000 cars and 30,000 pedestrians every day. bret? >> adam, thank you. donald trump wants you to pay for better childcare for working families. we're going to talk about this plan. get reaction from the panel and the day's political news when we come back.
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i'm going to roll out a plan to help our mothers and our families get affordable, quality childcare for their children. and my daughter, ivanka, is going to be involved. she is the one that has been pushing for it so hard. daddy, daddy, we have to do this, and it's true. >> i don't think people are asking to be speaker so i can take more money from hardworking taxpayers to create some new federal entitlement. >> well, that's from a year ago talking about possibly family leave, asked about that and this you heard donald trump talking about what he's proposing which is six weeks of childcare. in this plan, a number of things. the trump childcare affordability plan allows for working parents to deduct childcare from income taxes, offers childcare spending rebates, creates dependent care savings accounts, adds incentives for childcare at work and guarantees six weeks' paid
1:39 am
maternity leave. some estimates have it at about $158 billion and the question is, often in washington, how do you pay for it? let's bring in our panel tonight. tim farley, host of "morning briefing potus" on sirius xm radio. mercedes schlapp, columnist for the "washington times" and syndicated columnist, chris christie. it's n it's not a plan, you typically think a republican is pitching. he says ivanka is really pitching it, hi daughter. >> you don't mean donald trump is departing from republican orthodo orthodoxy? >> he might be. >> from a political standpoint, that's the filter i use, he's trying to reach a demographic he needs to reach, white suburban women. anything he does that seems presidential, he's doing policy instead of the typical ad campaign, the ad hoc and ad
1:40 am
homonym, this is a bit ad hoc but hopefully there's no ad homonym for him. he will be reading a speech tonight, especially if ivanka helped him draw it up which means he's going to sound like a tenth grader reading a birthday a card trying to read the poetry. it's not going to come out smoothly. it's a tough political thing to do. the bigger thing, as you mentioned, he's talking about six weeks of guaranteed childcare. that is something that's never going to pass. some scoring of this said it might cost $10 trillion over 10 years, and you can hardly imagine that would ever get through. it's aspirational. a lot of campaigns are throwing out promises. so, you know, maybe it's not a bad thing, but -- >> yeah, supporters like newt gingrich say that he's the best at this teleprompter kind of interaction between on and off. does it move the needle, this plan, with women? >> well, what it does is that the plan is able to create the
1:41 am
dialogue especially with those suburban moms that have been on the fence about donald trump. i mean, he's taking a democrat issue, gift wrapping it and making it into a republican type of policy. the problem is republicans for too long have been talking about deficits. slash and burn the budget. that doesn't sell. we can remember ryan and romney in 2012 when they were talking about entitlement cuts, fell flat. this is an opportunity to talk about an issue that is popular. you're talking about 72% of women support paid family leave. you're talking about the fact that these are real concerns for women in terms of childcare expenses being so high. so i think it is a very smart move by donald trump to talk about this issue which has been in the democrat field and it's time for republicans to really be able to propose bold solutions and figure out how they're going to manage it with federal spending. >> you know, i interviewed governor pence last night right here, charles. he today met with house lawmakers up on the hill and
1:42 am
senators as well, and the issue is, is it an issue for the national debt that stands at $19 trillion heading to $20 trillion? and is that an issue even though maybe it doesn't sell as mercedes suggests, is there concern about it? >> look, trump, himself, is the one who brings up the deficit and the debt all the time as a sign of our decline, a sign of having government out of control and having incompetence in government. look, i think this raises the question of how many democratic parties does the country need? we already have one. and i thought during the primary season, the argument for trump was he was a guy who would stand up to the washington republican sold-out establishment that refused to stand up to barack obama on higher spending, refused to stand up to him on entitlements, refused to stand up to him on executive actions, and therefore, we needed an outsider, a disrupter, named
1:43 am
donald trump, who would not do this. what he is proposing is to out-democrat the democrats. this is an enormous new entitlement. it will blow the debt and when he says the mandate, he's going to mandate from washington -- isn't that the one thing that republicans all agree upon of the government stepping in and telling private industry what to do? he says that will be paid for by taking out waste, fraud and abuse from the unemployment insurance system. if you believe that, you will believe anything. >> so when pence says today, tim, that he wants to rebuild the military, donald trump does, revive the american economy, uphold the rule of law, and the agenda house republicans have put forward, that does not include paul ryan's budget. >> it sounded to me like a bad caption on a newspaper picture that was the wrong caption for the picture because i was wondering which candidate he was talking about because it certainly wasn't donald trump. i mean, donald trump does talk about making the military stronger but all those other lmts you're talking about exactly go away from what paul
1:44 am
ryan has been pushing so hard for. >> i think you going to see it could be an alliance between speaker ryan and let's say a president donald trump. they know they need each other although they don't want to necessarily be with each other. i think, bret, at this point, it is an opportunity for them to realize that in order to push any republican proposal, they're going to need ryan being in the house as speaker and he'll fight back against donald trump at times. i mean, there will be moments -- there will be tension between these two parties. >> all right. i want to talk about president obama on the trail today, but i do want to talk about bill clinton and his interview with cbs talking about the health issue with secretary clinton. >> she's been, well, as it is, it's a mystery to me and all of her doctors because frequently -- not frequently, that's not -- rarely, but on more than one occasion over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing's happened to her when she just got severely
1:45 am
dehydrated. and she's worked like a demon. >> so, bill clinton said, you know, you saw him catch himself, frequently to rarely. "cbs evening news" edited out the frequently part and they put out a statement today. the clip in question from clinton's interview, charlie rose, ran its entirety on "cbs this morning" an online services. one clip that ran on "cbs evening news" was edited purely for time while on deadline for the live broadcast." i'm not sure if they saved a second or a second and half, but charles? >> this is a real day for if you believe that, you believe anything. it makes you really want to walk away in disgust from politics and the media. that is an outright -- well, i won't call it a lie. that is not a believable statement. as you say, it's a second or two. it isn't a question of the time. they weren't covering for them. and the reason it's important, it's a slip, yes, but it wasn't -- it's in the context of a couple who hide stuff.
1:46 am
they've been hiding stuff for 30 years, and what everybody is asking, are they hiding something more serious? the frequently and the rarely is a huge difference, and he said both. so which is true? you have to see them if you're going to make a choice. >> on fox last night, tim, on megyn kelly's show, said it's the stuff, not the health. >> it's always the cover-up rather than the crime, itself, and not necessarily there's a crime here. i talked to brian fallon this morning and asked him about, you know, with the campaign, and asked him about this particular moment. he said, well, yeah, it was a mistake. the question is, is the mistake going to be learned? it doesn't sound like it is. they changed the story a couple different times about when mrs. clinton was diagnosed. you mentioned president obama, i don't mean to get ahead, when you talked about him on the campaign trail today, it was actually a treat. in some ways what struck me about him being out there, he hit a lot of the right notes. mentioned donald trump, got the word 70 in there, talked about
1:47 am
true, which had a nice sub limball effect. given the way he approached it, he's able to speak as someone who's delivering the speech but able to interact with the audience. it was just a reminder republicans don't have anyone who can hold a candle to him, by the way, neither do the democrats. >> he's good on the trail. >> very much. >> clearly. the question is whether his high approval ratings now transfer to hillary clinton. >> my recommendation is hillary clinton should just stay on bedrest as long as she can and have president obama go out there because his approval ratings are so high. he knows how to deliver. he is the candidate in chief. it is what he's effective at. it's what he loves to do is go out there and be on the campaign trail. he's able to make a case for hillary clinton to say she's strong enough, too. >> approval ratings, though, charles, are not approval of his policies. >> exactly. that's what we saw in the midterm elections. he said i'm not on the ballot, my policies are. two years ago. he got shellacked, in his own words. look, he and bill clinton are the two world champion political
1:48 am
seducers of our time except that bill is slightly over the hill. i mean, he's been the world champion, but he's been in retirement and he's rusty and he made that slip. he makes a lot of slips. but obama's a guy who came out of nowhere and his popularity is a real help to her. it won't translate, but he's not going to be a drag the way incu who succeeds them. >> he can fire up his coalition. up next, has president obama's legacy nuclear deal made iran more the threat to american sailors and troops?
1:49 am
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♪ ♪ as much as we would like to see iran's behavior change in the region, we've not seen a significant
1:52 am
shift. >> i thought you had seen a shift. it's gotten worse. am i correct about that? >> well, again, i don't have all the facts and figures in front of me. but we have seen some disturbing, as you cited, trends. >> but you can't rule out ... served as a cause for this cause more aggressive posture? >> i can't rule that out. it is a matter of concern because we have seen a succession over the past months or so. it's bad behavior. >> three days after iran's military threatened to shut down warplanes in the region. and 14 months to the day of signing the u.s.-iran nuclear deal now admission that things may actually be getting worse between the u.s. and iran. especially when it comes to provocation. we're back with the panel. charles? >> this was utterly predictable, because it was completely logical. if the iranians were acting badly, stimulating a civil war in yemen, obviously
1:53 am
helping the bad guys in syria, intervening in iraq. promoting terrorism and doing all that under huge sanctions that was destroying their economy, had been shrinking for many years and had a huge amount, it did all of that under sanctions, the idea that it would improve its behavior when the sanctions were removed and there was no presser on them was insane from the beginning. it was said by everybody who studied that deed deal opposed it and now obviously coming true for the state department to helmand hawaii maybe or not it is obvious. it has had the contrary effect and there is no way that we can reverse it because iran has the sanctions lifted and that will never be reversed. >> let's be clear, it's tense in the persian gulf right now if you talk to our military people. >> and, also, secretary kerry has said we're going to open the door now that we have this dialogue with iran. what are you opening the door? more aggression? we have seen tehran launching missiles.
1:54 am
they feel emboldened and empowered by the fact that more money is going to be coming their way, more of these assets are going to be unfrozen. the fact is from the u.s. standpoint, what are we gaining from this? i mean, there really isn't that advantage for the united states other than the facts of what we have seen in the action that iraq -- iran. >> state department administration will tell you they have delayed the ability -- >> -- two months to a year but yet we're promising over $8 million to give them what they call 32 tons of heavy water that they can use for weapon grade plutonium. all of these u.s. moving forward on without iran paying the price. >> how about the politics of this and how it potentially effects hillary clinton. >> well, i think, number one, the association with the iran nuclear deal is not going to be a good thing. to charles' point what the state department is saying, they are very much like treasury, they have their own little code. this is bad. oh it may be even though we are not going to admit it.
1:55 am
it may be coming up with this deal has emboldened them there is a political situation going on in iran there is a disconnect between what the sanctions brought in terms of money and what people are seeing in their pockets. they are very, very distrustful. their leadership. they are moving more to the right again to the point where mujahideen is thinking about running again for president next year. they have their elections. i think in donald trump's case he could exploit it if he understood the situation better. i'm not sure he does. >> quickly, i just want to touch on this. the al qaeda iran tie and on this show sunday saying that bin laden documents are showing that tie that was never revealed before. >> no, that's the reason the obama administration has disgracefully has made sure not to reveal to conceal as much as it could because it didn't want to have that tie known because it would have reinforced the opposition to the nuclear deal which says we all can see now turning out to be a disastrous one. >> stay tuned for a little
1:56 am
scene from governor mike pence's leadership meeting with the g.o.p. earlier today on capitol hill.
1:57 am
finally tonight, vice presidential nominee governor mike pence of indiana and former vice presidential nominee house speaker paul ryan took some questions today on capitol hill, but it's always that last question that gets you.
1:58 am
>> this guy right here. >> he was patient and he wasn't shouting out. >> thank you. governor pence, speaker ryan has repeatedly and at times forcefully -- donald trump. >> okay, somebody else. [ laughter ] >> thanks, man. [ laughter ] >> in case you didn't hear, he said speaker ryan has rebuked donald trump. it's always that last question. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. that's right. i say this every night. i can say it now. i just wanted to say that "on the record" with brit hume starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> it is wednesday, september 14th. this is a fox news lart. an intentional and violent attack. the new video showing three officers mowed down by a car one
1:59 am
of them sent flying through the air. the intense investigation happening right now. donald trump tackling big issues less than two weeks before the first presidential debate as the clinton campaign reveals when hillary will be back on the trail. >> i respectfully design to answer. i insert my constitutional privilege. >> wall of silence. a show down on capitol hill as the men who helped clinton set up her private e-mails refuse to testify. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪
2:00 am
>> good morning to you. that might be expire you to get out of bed this morning. you are watching "fox & friends first." >> i am heather nauert. >> i am heather childers. shocking video coming out of arizona showing the moment a driver in a parked car guns it running down three police officers. >> it is violent and also intentional. we are talking about the man who was behind the wheel. jackie, when can you tell us? >> the police chief calls it unprovoked violent video. the video backs it up. three officers standing near a patrol car in a very well lit area. it is after 1


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