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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 15, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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fight for every last american job and every american company which really allot of companies in this room, i can tell you, we are going to be fighting for you. [applause] >> you're bringing in the jobs, we are a nation that tame the west, dug out the panamá canal and won two world wars and put a man on the moon. it's time to start thinking big once again. that's why i believe it's time to establish a national goal of reaching 4% economic growth. [applause] >> and my great economist don't want me to say this but i think we can better than that. now they're upset. they'll be very upset but i think we can do and maybe substantially better than that. in working with my economic team we put together a plan that puts us on track to achieve that goal
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over the next ten years our economic team estimate that is under our plan, the economy will average 3.5% growth and create a total of 25 million new jobs. you can visit our website, just look at the math, it works. [applause] >> this growth means that our jobs and plans including our child care reforms that ivanka trump, my daughter, is so involved in would be -- i like her too, would be completely paid for in combination with proposed budget savings. it will be deficit neutral. if we reach 4% growth, it will reduce the deficit, it will be accomplished through a complete overhaul of tax, regulatory, energy and trade policies.
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[applause] >> right now under the obama-clinton policies, the economy grew only 1.1% last quarter, a number that was shocking to people that do this professionally and for life. it translates into millions of lost jobs and certainly millions of lost good jobs because we don't have good jobs anymore. those jobs are gone and going. thts the weakest so-called recovery since the great depression. over the last seven years, the economy grew only 2.1%, the slowest period in 70, 7-0, 70 years, had the economy grown under obama at the same rate as reagan, it would have meant 10 million more jobs.
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perhaps most shockingly one in six men age 18-34 are either in jail or out of work. meanwhile, another 2 million hispanic americans have been added to the ranks of those in poverty. on top of it all, the obama-clinton policies have doubled the national debt. it took more than 230 years for the united states to accumulate its first ten trillion dollars in debt, it took president obama less than eight years to add another ten trillion dollars. now, it'll be one thing if that money had been used to completely rebuild our nation, our military, our infrastructure, but that didn't happen. instead the opposite happened.
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we doubled our debt and in return we have failing schools, a badly depleted military, greatest people on earth and they have a badly depleted military, its equipment old and tired and another 14 million people who have left the workforce. never has so much money been spent so poorly and so unwisely, but we are going to turn that all around and here is how, it begins with bold new tax reform. [applause] >> don't worry, they are going down, not up. people are concerned that they're going up. our tax plan will greatly simplify the code and reduce the number of brackets from 7 to 3. the new bracket 12, 25 and 33%.
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but low-income americans will pay no income tax at all, in fact, our plan will remove millions and millions of workers from the income tax role entirely so that all of that work that we do in washington can be discontinued. they'll pay tax, they'll pay tax but they'll pay tax when they start making a certain amount of income. by lowering rates, streamlining deductions and simplifying the process, we will add millions and millions of new jobs. in addition because wife strongly cap deductions for the wealthy and close special interest loopholes, the tax relief will be concentrated on the working and middle-class taxpayer. they will receive the biggest benefit and it won't even be close.
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they have been forgotten. we are not going to forget them. they have built our country. we will not forget. this is a work -- thank you. >> gop nominee donald trump speaking at the economic club at new york in new york city. talking about how a donald trump presidency would grow the economy, his forecast as the president donald trump would grow the economy at 4%, said he's going to bring job that is have left back home. talking about lowering taxes as he just mentioned, bringing the 7-tax brackets and, of course that big forecast of 4% growth after we just saw in the latest quarter just over 1% growth in the united states. all right, that's donald trump, he may take questions, if he does, we will go back to it. but that's donald trump wrapping things up at the economic club of new york. by the way, hitting hillary clinton his opponent, saying the
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only thing hillary clinton can offer is a welfare check. we will go back to it if he answers questions. sandra: as this is outnumbered. i'm sandra smith, there she is host of kennedy on fox business, kenny is here. evany williams and today's #one lucky guy, we are so glad to have on the couch with us the host of the o'reilly factor. bill o'reilly is here. he's outnumbered but first we have to show the book. bill's new book, killing the rising son. just hit bookstores on tuesday and bill, you came on the set and you told us right away, this has been a major hit so far. bill: sold a million copies. pretty tough book on the japanese.
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they deserve, what they did in world war ii, not now but we are happy with the reception. i'm sure they would be thrilled. >> i can't wait to read it. sandra: we will talk more about the book but no more sick days for hillary clinton. the democratic nominee hitting the campaign trail after being sidelined by pneumonia for the past three days according to campaign. she and donald trump has since released new details about their medical history which appear to show they are both fit to serve as president. and while donald trump had refrained from making hillary clinton's health a political issue, yesterday he took a dig. >> it is hot when i always perform because the crowds are so big, these rooms were not designed for this kind of a crowd. [cheers and applause] >> i don't know, folks, you think hillary would be able to stand here one hour and do this? i don't know.
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i don't think so. i don't think so. sandra: but the folks who know hillary best coming to her defense. daughter chelsea telling a local reporter about her mom's tireless dedication to carry on. >> i don't think i've ever seen her so tired and she was tired because she has pneumonia, i've had pneumonia twice. the fact that she didn't tell me and i talk to my mom every day and i'm close to her is pretty much reveal that is she thought it wasn't a big deal and she thought that she could be going. sandra: her husband shruging it off. >> i just talk today -- talked to her. last time i checked millions of people were getting every year.
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sandra: what? [laughter] bill: i wasn't listening. what did he say? sandra: he talked about the flu. that's besides the point. how important are the candidates' health, bill? bill: i think they are important for the long run but all of the diagnosis by people who don't know what they're talking about insult it is viewers and the readers. i mean, we don't know. sandra: you mean the speculation? bill: it's ridiculous. i have a letter, what about hillary clinton's parkinson's? you know what, this is just crazy. i admire both candidates. i think that they have shown incredible stamina under pressure and they move all over the place. normal human beings couldn't do it and i think, though, that they all should-both of them should release medical records, all right, from their physicals so that people can see because good health is a very, very
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strong component in leadership. sandra: at least if hillary clinton did that it would remove the ability -- all the speculation that bill is talking about is there because she won't tell us. >> her health had been somewhat in question and then their conspiracies unfortunately for her went mainstream. she blamed her staff, surrogates blamed her staff. what i thought was interesting to cheal sea, if you're talking to your mom every single day, imagine if your mom called you and she came from the doctor and given a serious diagnosis of pneumonia, do you really think she wouldn't tell you? we know from the emails that went back and forth that were discovered that hillary clinton told chelsea that benghazi was terrorism and she's not going to tell her about her own pneumonia. sandra: she didn't tell her
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daughter and she was going to visit her two babies. >> we will see something released and you have donald trump on dr. oz today. i'm wondering, bill, what does it take to put -- are you laughing at what i'm saying? bill: dr. oz, i thought he lived lived lived lived lived in emerald city. >> put this to bed? bill: nothing. right. so i'm just assuming they're both in good health and, you know, you go to the poll and you vote for who you think is not going to damage the country. i mean, that's what it is. people are voting against not rather than for. 66% according to new quinnipiac of all voters, 66% say i'm not voting for anybody, i'm voting against that person. everything that we have learned about the health or what we
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learned yet, in hillary's case has it changed anybody's mind in this case? >> no, certainly not. everybody is voting against somebody. >> until recently some put forward real policy prescriptions. what does a doctor from -- people, are not going to believe any letter from the physician. they are going to believe what they see on the trail and a lot with this debate coming up. to me it's going to be a first-hand look for americans to decide for themselves what stamina looks like and what type of shape these people are really in. sandra: stamina is another thing. trump has on hillary clinton that she doesn't have stamina to make it to the race. bill: and you will see who doesn't release medical records is going to be hammered and hammered.
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sandra: should trump release tax returns? >> you know what's going to happen, he knows what's going to happen. they are going to be over it, they being the antitrump press and it'll be campaign thing for the release. i can't speculate. there's a difference between tax returns and medical records. if she has leprosy we need to know about it. miller said last night on my program that it looked like she was thrown in the van like a sack of rock soil. that's not the image that she wants. if i'm hillary clinton, i get my medical stuff out there as soon as i can. sandra: trump leading in key battleground states, should hillary be worried? and as the democratic nominee gets back on the campaign trail growing questions about how she will hand it will deplorable's
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harris: fox news alert as we take a look at, obviously, the
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hillary clinton campaign on her way to greensboro, north carolina. and the significance, of course, because she is back on the trail visibly for the first time going to a public event, that rally in north carolina, for the first time since the nation saw that video caught on smartphone be of her literally falling ill. days ago, on sunday. so with a bout of pneumonia from her campaign staff, she is ready to go, she's rested off three days off the campaign trail. we'll continue to watch this as she makes her way to north carolina. we'll bring you the news as she make manies news. and now just eight weeks to go until election day and a brand new cbs news/new york times poll shows hillary clinton with just a two-point edge in a two-way matchup with donald trump among likely voters. the race is tied when third party candidates are included. we've been talking about that, how it tightens. and a cnn/or rc poll shows trump with a two-point lead over
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clinton in the florida. all right, he took to the lectern moments ago, and the first thing out of donald trump's mouth was incredible things are happening today. we're leading in so many polls, i can't even tell you. so this is a big deal. is it? >> no. it's not. because the debate will override all of these polls now. and the first poll after the debate, the first debate, will be the most important poll for either candidate because the debate will be the super bowl of debates. this will be the most well-watched debate. and the whole country will be engaged to see if trump is going to call her crooked hillary or -- harris: do you think he will? >> no. no, i think that trump is has now bought into the fact that he's got to be more diplomatic and presidential in his presentation. but she'll goad him. she will goad him, all right? and she will start to throw out you're anti-women, you're anti
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this, anti that, hoping that he'll snap back with some kind of vicious stuff. and so that's why everybody will be watching it, because it's half debate, half game show, you know? harris: and some drama. but we don't have any percentage are left if it's half and half. so we have to leave a percentage for all that drama, right? because that's what everybody -- we're having all this buildup. she has said he can be baited with a tweet. kennedy? kennedy: oh, no, that's absolutely what she's doing, they're trying to figure out how best to psychologically corner him. and i think there are so many variables that actually show that her camp is a little bit worried. but, you know, what you pointed out, what i find most interesting, i got a lot of heat on twitter, you know, when we talk about gary johnson. specifically because he's doing, you know, at least twice as better as jill steven who's the green party -- jill stein who's the green party candidate. gary johnon is doing so well with millennials and educated white people that he is polling two of her main bases from if
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her when there is a four-way matchup. harris: and that is even after he head some mistakes on the trail too. kennedy: okay. the thing about that, he came back, he apologized for it. neither major party candidate has done that, and now people know where aleppo is. harris: let's dig deeper with the third party and the independents as well in florida. can we pop that up? in a two-way, when you consider people who are independent, at least self-identified as so, trump is leading clinton, and not by just a little bit. this is way outside the statistical tie point. ebony: this is a big problem for her, harris, and this is why she's back a day early. when you see things aren't going well, you get out of bed and pop back up there. she's got to be very worried about this, harris, and it's very much a problem for her because the independent is the fastest-growing part of the self-identified electorate. ten percentage be pointses, to bill's point, the debate will matter more because remember the
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10-point lead she enjoyed after the dnc? we saw it evaporate rather quickly, so these leads can go away very fast. harris: so she's had some tough things happen over the last couple of weeks, the e-mail scandal that seems to be the gift that won't stop giving in terms of documents, and then would've got the basket of deplorables remark -- sandra: and he keeps hitting that. the enthusiasm still at 36% of register voters, but it's steady for republicans, dropping for democrats. trump supporters are more excited than clinton, 45% of trump voters say they're intervery enthusiastic about voting, 36% of clinton backers feel that way. so it's interesting, the trend there. steady for trump, dropping for hillary clinton. another reason possibly to be worried. harris: i want to hit just one more time with you now, bill, because you heard kennedy talking about those third party candidates. gary johnson, jill stein, you can't really tell yet what will happen. we don't expect to see them on a debate stage because they haven't reached that 15%
9:24 am
threshold, but what do you see as the importance of them in this race? >> they'll peel off some votes just like nader did and, you know, but it looks like they hurt hillary clinton a little bit more than trump, you know? but i don't think they're going to be a decisive factor. i think turnout's going to be the factor. if hillary clinton can mobilize, as barack obama did, the minority vote, she'll win. harris: do you think she can? >> i have no idea. again, it's speculation. what am i going to say? harris: just based on what you've seen here recently. you have got donald trump who's definitely reaching out again to people of color -- >> but it's a different situation. trump is doing it just by trump. hillary clinton's got lots of folks in the neighborhoods and pounding on doors, giving them a sandwich, and i say that literally. giving them lunch, taking them out. and that's going to matter, how many people come out. if it's a low turnout, trump could very well win. if it's a high turnout in philadelphia and cities like that, i think mrs. clinton will win.t.
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exciting times. what is it, 53 days? as clinton reemerges, she's turning her fire on donald trump in a listerring attack on twitter. this as the trump campaign says he's getting into his opponent's head now. more on that. and and then a live look again, westchester, new york, the first time we will have seen hillary clinton since she fell ill on sunday, a bout of pneumonia from her campaign, now she's ready to get back on the trail, they say. she's headed to greensboro, north carolina. this is her plane, we're expecting her to board and take off shortly. stay close. ♪ ♪ [alarm beeping]
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♪ ♪ sandra: hillary clinton returning to the campaign trail a day earlier than expected as questions grow as to whether donald trump is starting to get to the democratic nominee. listen to what kellyanne conway told sean hannity. >> look at the commander in chief forum from one week ago on nbc, sean, where she could not
9:30 am
take those questions from matt lauer, very fair questions about her e-mail server, about her vote in iraq. that veteran who stood up and said if i did what you did, i'd be in jail, he was unplan bl, and hillary was all flustered. and also in the debate -- i think he's in her head, and she certainly is not in his head, i assure you. sandra: and he certainly may have been in her head yesterday. clinton went on a more than 20-post twitter storm in less than an hour about the trump organization's alleged foreign business ties. it was kind of unbelievable, actually. when i saw that happening, it was in the afternoon, and here she was still resting up in chappaqua, so is he getting in her head? >> well, i think that the clinton campaign's rightfully worried, so i don't know about anybody getting into anybody's head. it's like a 960s -- 1960s expression, doesn't it? [laughter] look, clinton campaign, number one, they should be ahid head by
9:31 am
ten points, okay? they should be be. number two, every time another poll rolls in, trump's gaining, and he's gaining in the big states that he needs to win. so they've got to be worried. they have to be worried. the basket of deplorables, that was a self-inflicted wound. i love that line, by the way. i wish i had written that line. i could use that all day long. but for her to marginalize millions of americans, that just doesn't t them off, it ts a lot of other people off by saying you're pretty arrogant to say that, you know? racist motives, sexist motives and all this, everybody knows that's cheap. so that hurt her. i don't think the health thing has hurt her that much, but the deplorable thing did. sandra: but it does seem, ebony, she's spending a lot of time on the defense. ebony: oh, absolutely. and i think that's a more tradition alkalineton playbook. i think -- i don't know if trump's getting in her head, i think the poll numbers are getting in her head, because
9:32 am
they cannot be denied. she's in north carolina. you know, trump's looking good in florida, ohio, north carolina is, i think, more critical in this 2016 election than it's ever been before, and a lot of attention to north carolina in the last few election cycles, and hillary clinton is aware of that. yes, she's got a lot of work to do. sandra: well, perhaps another sign and the reason why people are talking about this in the first place is she was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday, okay? and the timeline is she's returning back to the campaign trail a mere four days later? we've seen a million doctors say, i mean,ing this last for weeks. obviously, she was feeling the pressure to get back out there. kennedy: and her surrogates aren't cutting it for her. i think when she has the president and her husband go out and, it actually makes her look even more weak than she's perceived right now. if she has to have, you know, big guys go out there and talk tough on her behalf, i think that diminishes her stature a bit. and, you know, i think that she is at a very critical point in her campaign right now.
9:33 am
they still have plenty of time. we've seen these polls bounce back and forth between the two. there's been enough drama, and we've talked about the debates also being those critical windows that, you know, a lot of people, a lot more people than we may realize as we sit on this couch and talk about are going to be paying attention to the elections for the first time. harris: so doug schoen, one of our fox news contributors, spent six years in the clinton white house with her husband, and kind of echoing what you're saying, kennedy, that the best idea to him would have been for her to take these two weeks off, let her surrogates -- one of whom who has a 58% approval rating, the current president -- let them do whatever and sit back and get ready for that 100 million-viewer moment -- kennedy: whoa. harris: -- which is what some are saying with tv and social media, everybody tuning in at that point be, get ready for that first debate. that's what doug was saying. he's known her a long, long time and he said, of course, she
9:34 am
probably wouldn't listen to that. sandra: you could also say she's taking on a risk by putting herself back out in front of cameras for the potential for another accident. kennedy: what if she has a coughing fit? what if it's something as simple as that? i don't know that she helps herself necessarily. i know she's probably desperate to, she's a hard worker, and she wants to get back out there. but one minor misstep, and now everyone's going to have their smartphones out waiting for that stumble, gaffe or talk. eastbound b i think she can't take that risk though. i hear what you're saying. if she stays away for the next two weeks, i think speculation will run completely wild -- kennedy: it's true. ebony: and i think she's got to at least make the effort to control the narrative. harris: i wanted to give bill the last word just in terms of how delicate donald trump has to be with the subject -- >> you're mentioning delicate and trump in the same sentence? harris: he wishes her well and hopes she gets back soon. >> that was sip sere, don't you
9:35 am
think? [laughter] look, trump has got to be careful not to go outside the persona of hillary clinton. the issue, persona. gotta stay there. once he gets into the personal stuff, he loses. can't win on that thing. now, has he learned his lesson? i think he has, all right? i think the people surrounding him now have pounded him enough and saying gotta stop the little marco stuff, you can't do the lyin' ted, the crooked hillary, now you have to be more diplomatic. sandra: donald trump ramping up his attacks on hillary clinton's deplorables comment, but as she returns to the trail, she'll have to decide whether to keep hammering him on race or move on to other important issues. ♪ ♪
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9:40 am
clinton for calling some of his supporters deplorables. take a watch. >> hillary clinton calls people who aren't supporting her deplorable and irredeemable. irredeemable. i call people who aren't supporting me american citizens who are entitled to the same respect as anyone else. hillary clinton's attacks on you displays the same sense of arrogance and entitlement that led her to violate federal laws while secretary of state, hide and delete her e-mail, destroy her iphones with a hammer, put classified information into the reach of our enemies, lie to to congress and sell government favors and access through the clinton foundation. ebony: so as hillary clinton returns to the campaign trail today, the question is will she keep hammering her opponent on
9:41 am
race or let it go and pivot to other races? a piece in the hill says this: democrats are are divided, some feel like she should move on, one source telling the hill i think there's a sense of disappointment that she went down in the mud and stooped to trump's level. but sources close to the campaign say that clinton, the democratic presidential nominee, stands behind the substance of her remarks and intends to focus on the issues of race and discrimination. so, bill, i was at the dnc, i heard michelle obama talk about when they go low, we go high, i heard hillary clinton talking about being stronger together, but i haven't seen remnants of that since then. do you think that this is well played at this point to stick and consolidate that minority base that you said is critical to her success, or does she move on to policy? >> no, i don't think she goes to policy. i think she continues to that he's irresponsible, that he is a guy that is unpredictable and could do anything, he's undisciplined, he doesn't like you, you being minorities or
9:42 am
women or immigrants or illegal immigrants or whoever. because be it gets -- because it gets, you have to understand most people don't pay attention like people watching right now do. they're all over the place. and the message is going to be one of here's hillary clinton with all this experience and all this former first lady, and here's guy, trump, who we don't know what he's going to do. he's unpredictable. that's the message that they're going to try to take up until election day. harris: do you think that there is a risk for her to sound like she's saying -- and i'm not saying it sounds this way, but is there a risk to her to sound like she's saying if you're not with me, you're racist? >> well, i think that's absurd. that is just so appalling, and that's worse than the deplorables. but the guy who's best at this is barack obama. and what he does is he goes out, and he makes fun of donald trump. makes fun of him. he did it the other day. here's a guy who wouldn't let you on his golf course, now he's your big guy? if she's going to continue this
9:43 am
way, she's got to do a little more of that. harris: i hear what you're saying, so people don't take it so dire. >> yeah. it can't be this bitter, hateful, he's the definitely -- harris: that's why i is -- i asked the question. kennedy: i think when she said that, she anticipated that's where the conversation would go, it would be about xenophobia, racism, islamophobe ya -- >> that's such a mistake. kennedy: of course it's a mistake because she used -- >> shocking mistake. kennedy: -- an insulting term to paint an entire group of people that i'm sure if she were thinking logically -- >> wait a minute, thinking logically? that was written for her, placed on a teleprompter. she read it seven times. kennedy: the point is, she thought it was going to be about painting him into a corner when the press turned on her -- >> okay. but that shows you how insulated she is. kennedy: that's right. >> i think she believes that. i think she believes that 50% or
9:44 am
maybe more of trump's supporters are a bunch of rays us, sexist -- racist, sexist people. what happened to mitt romney when he said, look, you know, half the country that's receiving all of these entitlements, they're not going to vote for me. and he gets killed. ebony: you're right, she believes it, but here's the rookie mistake -- >> she's not a rookie. heck eastbound it was, to me, careless and surprising -- kennedy: and they doubled down on it. ebony: she was attacking the voters, not candidate. and that, to me, was a rookie mistake. sandra: while everybody may not be sitting down and watching the news all day, you can look at social media. there are hashtag deplorables all over the place. >> what does all that -- i'm not going to call it nonsense. i don't do the social media thing, i think the social media thing is from satan, all right? laugh. harris: wow. >> to destroy the world. i mean, the stuff that's on this.
9:45 am
but these people who write on social media, okay, does anybody listen to them? does anybody -- kennedy: actually, yes. harris: they listen to each other. it's what i call the echo chamber. and there are millions of them. ebony: over the nfl quarterback refusing to salute our country, now colin kaepernick reportedly set to release a list of demands for policy changes as he continues sitting out the national anthem. bill o'reilly weighs in. can't miss it, stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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kennedy: all right. an update to the firestorm over the 49ers' backup quarterback, colin kaepernick, refusing to stand for the national anthem. he says he expects to release a list of policy proposals soon. kaepernick telling "usa today," quote: i don't want to kneel forever. i want these things to change. i do know it will be a process and that it is not something that will change overnight, but i think there are some major changes that we can make that are very reasonable. kaepernick be also recently announced he plans to make a $1 million donation to groups fighting racial injustice. bill o'reilly, i know that you have been so kind as to offer colin kaepernick a copy of your new book, "killing the rising
9:50 am
sun" -- >> yeah, we're going to send it to him. it is my contention, and i could be wrong, that colin kaepernick does not understand the big picture of his country. i'll be be with very interested to see these so-called policy suggestions that he comes out with. and i'll take them seriously. i mean, i'll look at them. but if i were sitting with him right now on "outnumbered," all right, and you had to bet on who's going to win the debate about patriotism in america, who are you going to put your money down on? [laughter] all right? and it's, here's the problem with kaepernick. when you put yourself in a position to criticize and disrespect -- which is exactly what he did -- the national anthem and your flag on 9/11, on that day, then you better have a pretty damn good reason why you're doing it. now, if he's going to fall back on that some black people have been killed by police, fine. that happens. it happens, and it should not happen, all right? and it should be investigated.
9:51 am
but it happens very, very seldomly, all right? all the stats, all the studies show that. all right? so the stats are we're not a nation engaged in an act of trying to put down african-americans. that's not happening. so if you have a beef, an individual beef, i want to hear it. if you're going to disrespect the whole country, then there's a problem. sandra: it wasn't just colin kaepernick. so now after he did it, now other players are doing -- >> little kids. little kids. sandra: kids in high school are doing it. >> because they don't understand the nobility of the nation. one of the reasons i wrote "killing the rising sun," to show the world and americans that individual americans gave their lives to free tens of millions of people all over the world. ebony: bill, don't you think that's broad to presume that he doesn't understand the nobility of america when, you know, certainly many people would agree that it's very american to protest, and it's -- >> there's a difference between
9:52 am
a protest and a disrespectful protest, all right or? there's a difference, and everybody should know that. my solution to this is the san francisco 49er ownership should tell the whole team you need to abide by the rules. when you're on the field in the presence of paying customers, we don't want any political or social protests, period. but we are going to set aside a room for you, all right? on thursdays. anybody no wants to talk to the press about any social beef can do so, all right? harris: interesting. >> that's the fair compromise. but to impose your unpatriotic view, in my opinion, on the fans, the company that they work for, the 49ers or any other team, the absolute right to say you cannot do that. harris: it's interesting, what you pointed out is what we saw with occupy and many other groups, that kind of narrowing of message didn't happen from the beginning, and you're right, it's hard to know what he stands for at this point. ebony: i love bill's suggestion. i think it's fascinating we police the protest and ignore the message.
9:53 am
kennedy: all right. well, you have had an appetizer, and now let's dive in for a full serving of bill to o'reilly's latest book, "killing the rising sun," and we will discuss it in moments right here from the couch on "outnumbered." ♪ ♪ "great news. you're covered?" no. it said, "blah blah blah blah..." the liberty mutual app with coverage compass™ makes it easy to know what you're covered for and what you're not. liberty mutual insurance. at safelite, we know how busy life can be. these kids were headed to their first dance recital...
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hi! hey! i've made plans for later in case this date doesn't go well. same here. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. earn 1% cash back when you buy, and 1% as you pay. double means double. sandra: you have to have it for yourself or an early christmas gift for anyone. bill o'reilly's brand new book, "killing the rising sun," it came out just this week, and
9:57 am
it's already number one on amazon and not just in nonfiction, number one, plain old number one all around. congratulations. >> thank you. sandra: tell us about the book. >> it's in the same style as the other five "killing" books. you are put where we want you to be put so, therefore, when the marines invade iwo jima and saipan and okinawa, you're with them. when that atom bomb drops on hiroshima, you're standing there. and that's what makes these books so successful, because not only are they fun to read and you don't want to put them down and that's the key to any book, you want to keep turning the pages, keep people up late at night. the airline flight is over by the time you look up and you're there, but you learn a lot. kennedy: written in the past perfect. and one of the most interesting things about the book is you lay out all the people who were opposed to the bombing. >> yes. kennedy: it was really truman who had been president for such a short time, but macarthur,
9:58 am
eisenhower, who were opposed -- >> right. i was shocked when martin dugard told me that dwight eisenhower opposed the atom bomb drop. what? and i'm a history teacher. i had no idea. he thought that the united states should blockade japan and starve them out rather than dropping this heinous weapon. macarthur was a different story. he wanted the invasion, a land invasion, so he could get the glory of being the conqueror of the japanese empire. truman, to his credit, overrode that and dropped the bomb, and for a variety of reasons that you'll read in the book, but the thing about truman is when franklin z radiosvelte died d roosevelt died, truman didn't know anything because roosevelt treated him like a clerk. didn't have any access, didn't get any briefings, actually talked to roosevelt, i think, twice. and roosevelt dies in georgia
9:59 am
with his mistress in the room, okay? kennedy: how you doing. >> >> they have to get her out fast, all right? and then all of a sudden eleanor roosevelt's the one who delivers the message to harry truman, they summon him to the white house. hey, you're the president. whereupon truman turns to eleanor and say, is there anything i can do for you, and eleanor looks him in the eye and goes, no. is there anything i can do for you? you're the one in trouble now. harris: wow. >> so chaotic. harris: so general david petraeus with his message on the back of the book, i'm curious to the know how people in the military field have responded to this book and what kind of feedback you've been getting. >> we don't know yet about the military because the book's out for two days, but i only sent it to one person, and and that was petraeus. i know he's a military historian. this is when it was just finished, and if he likes it, i know i'm good. sandra: your fact or tip of the day the other day, start your christmas shopping early. buy bill o'reilly's book,
10:00 am
"killing the rising sun." bill o'reilly, thank you so much. >> always a pleasure to be here. sandra: we are back on tv tomorrow at noon eastern. we're going toes it over to "happening now." it starts right now. a new poll shows donald trump increasing his lead over hillary clinton in iowa. >> the republican nominee build ping momentum in that state. polling at 45 percent to clinton's 37 percent. we are covering all of the news "happening now". thank you. >> donald trump picking up in the polls. we'll look at the path to the electoral college victory in november. >> and major flooding making streets rivers. >> and couldn't get. it we made it. and


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