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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  September 15, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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time for the final 30. >> more than is,01,000 dogs attending a white sox game to set the world record. >> america's election headquarters starts now. >>. >> okay, this is a fox news alert, brand new battleground state polling. hillary clinton is polling at well. just out in the state of ohio, trump shows a slight lead above hillary clinton. take a look at how things have changed in the buckeye state. the real clear average shows
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now. senior national correspondent john roberts with more details on trump's record. less than two weeks to the first debate. 54 days out. >>. >> i can't believe how quickly they're going to go as well. the new nbc poll shows up here it still has hillary clinton about five points ahead. trump moving today to put to rest any results. he underwent a physical last
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week. sheer a number that everybody is similar with, cholesterol. 169, well below the target of 200. a lot of doctors would like to see that number up around 80. a his blood pressure 116 over 70. all of the other tests were normal, liver function, endocrine function, he had an echo cardiogram. a colonoscopy. he is in very good shape particularly for a 70-year-old. >> he is 70, but maybe emotionally, physically, mentally he is younger. this shows someone at the age of
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70 is in is in great shape. one area where even donald trump shows he could show improvement is the amount of weight he is carrying. he is 6'3", 236 pounds, listen to what he and dr. oz were saying about it earlier this afternoon. >> i think i could loose a little weight. i have sort of always been this way, but i have always been this way. >> donald trump says he would like to lose 10 to 15 pounds. to get on track to do that he
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could give up the fast food. he was going to have a wendy's cheese burger and fries. >> he tweeted out some of those photos. trump rolling out the details of his full economic plan. he says he will raise the minimum wage to $$10 an hour. shane is joining us live, long awaited details of his economic plan, what did we learn today? >> a lot of what we learned today we have heard before, but it was consolidated.
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i think the big picture message is the same, quite simple, he has been arguing that if you cut taxes you will get higher economic growth. the number he mentioned, 3.5%. he talked about lowering taxes on businesses. from 40% to close to 15%. they love that here. the audience largely made up of new york area business people. they also talked about individual rated. they heard in the past there would be three brackets under a trump plan. what trump talked about was the income levels. if you make less than $75,000 a year you're at 12%, if you're $75,000 to $225,000, you're at
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25%, and if you're more than $225,000 it is 33%. >> this is the most progrowth, profamily plan perhaps in the history of our country. >> he talked about fewer regulations, he talked about his child care plan, he talked about trade, it is america's first policy that we talk about, but it was reiterated a number of time lower taxes ahigher growth. that is what he is proposing. >> originally his goal was 3.5% growth. today he said 4% growth. so that was something new. how did he say he would pay for the economic plan? >> it is the big question. he talked at the end about closing loopholes. there was economists that are
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critical of the plan. they say it would add too much to the experience. they looked back and they looked at it. they now say, sandra, they have it down to three trillion. >> connell, thank you. live for us, turning back now to the health of both presidential candidates that recently became a huge issue on the campaign trail. donald trump taking a jab at hillary clinton. >> do you think hillary could stan up here for an hour and do this? i don't know, i don't think so. >> an associate professor at the
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nyu school of medicine, and an advisor to hillary clinton and both super qualified to go over the statistics that we have now seen on donald trump's record. we have to look at some of his blood pressure. 116 over 70. he is 6'3", 236 levels, and we even got his testosterone level, is this a good report card? >> sure, it is fine. so is hillary's really. we have two candidates running who are basically healthy and fit in terms of their own personal health. she has an acute illness being treated appropriately, and i'm just waiting for the moment when we can pivot from their health
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to the health of americans and talk about their health policies. i don't really care whether or not his cholesterol or her college troll is 165 or 170. >> something people may not realize about trump is that he doesn't drink, smoke, or do drugs. anything stick out to you here? does he get a clean bill of health? >> he is most at risk for heart disease. they're at risk for heart disease, neurologic illness, and canter. his risk seems to be pretty low and well controlled. he doesn't have diabetes. i would give them a clean bill of health. >> and you'll give him a pass on the fast food, right? i think you joked during the break wouldn't we all?
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hillary clinton let's talk about her report cart here. she is taking a lot of medication. if i tried to pronounce all of these i would not be able to. you tell me, are any side effects a concern from some of these medications? is she healthy? >> she is a healthy woman. like millions of americans she takes a thyroid supplement. she takes an anticoagulant because she had clotting in her legs in the past. >> some people make a big deal about it. >> you can, but if these kinds of things disqualified people from running for president in their 60s, we would have no candidates. she is healthy, i never never seen someone with as much stamina and ability as the massive amount of work this woman does. >> health is playing a big part at this part in the campaign especially after we saw her take
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that fall getting into her fan on sunday. how important is it -- what could you see happen to one of these candidates that would make you question their ability and fitness to be president. >> as we were talking about, just based on their age, they're at risk for certain conditions. plus you worry about disability. it can affect people in that group. so we should have a more standardized form. something that we're looking at for both candidates. >> that is biassed just because your physician can't reveal whatever they want to to. >> doctors are honest, but when you work together, you have the relationship. >> this is the first day back for hillary clinton, do you
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advise that with her being diagnosed with pneumonia to get back on the campaign trail? >> nobody ever listens to us. if they're hard driven, mission driven, they have a job to do. >> i think she is active, rearing to go, stay home another couple days. >> thank you both of you for being here and weighing in on both candidates health. meanwhile, a woman held hostage in her own home gets ahold of a phone and calls 911. >> do you think you can get out? if you can you need to get out? >> not unless they were right here, he would hear me. >> plus, trump talking taxes, jobs, and how washington is to blame for too much of one and not enough of the other.
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donald trump providing details of his aggressive proposal today. the plan cuts costs by two thirds and it is the most historic tax reform since president reagan. it calls for a 15% tax rate for businesses and trump shows to repeal regulations on businesses
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on his first day in office. the original plan set an economic growth rate of 3.5%. trump days he is more optimistic than that. >> i think we need to reach 4% economic growth. and my great economists don't want me to say this, but i think we can do better than that. >> an economic advisor to donald trump. you're one of those economists, can he atrooef 4% growth? >> that is about the first time i ever low ball an economic estimate. we were saying 3.5% to 4%, and donald trump thinks we can get to five or six. he gave a great teach right
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here. and he really outlined in great detail his tax plan, and it went over very well with an investment audience. but that tax issue is really the big one. he says he will cut the business taxes in this country from the highest rate in the world, 35% down to virtually the lowest. he got a big applause when he talked about that. >> that has been his plan all along. i just wonder how voters will react to the details of the economic policy. i want to take a snapshot at some of the battleground states. those battleground states that are lagging in income growth in the red there, those are more favorable for donald trump, she doing well in those states where they're lacking economic progress. steven, more -- >> that is not a surprise, yeah.
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i don't see your chart, but it not surprising to me. those states, we think we will do really well in those industrial mid western states. they're getting the message and they like it. what about the plan to people who are struggling, what are they biting into? >> two things, people in states like michd, ohigan, ohio, they rejected obamanomics. they say say we're going to rebuild our industries. he got a big applause when he said he would repeal the industries -- yeah, the very states that suffered the most under obama are the states that were doing really well.
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>> let's talk quickly about the tax cut, can he pay for it? >> well, a couple things on that, sandra. it is 4.4. as donald trump said very emphatically today, we believe it is about 2.5 trillion because we're going to grow the economy. we're going to close a lot of loophole rs in the tax system and people like that idea. we have not cut it in washington for 30 years. donald trump said he turned to a lot of business nen that room and he said you know you can cut a few percent. >> you're very excited about it. a room filled with people there at the waldorf. thank you for doing it. >> a serial killer stopped by a call from his own cell phone. >> 911 what is the address to
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your emergency? >> how one brave woman got ahold of the phone and prevented more deaths. remember this shocking picture released by a police department of two overdosed adults with a toddler in the back seat. that woman has had her day in court. did you know ohio voted for the winning candidate in every single presidential election since 1964. ♪ music
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dramatic new information about a serial killer case in
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ohio. one of the suspects escaping by taking the suspect's cell phone and calling 911. trace gallagher is live with more on that. >> this was a three-month killing spree that could have continued, but two days ago a dispatcher gets a call from a woman who says she is being held against her will in an ashland, ohio home. the woman got ahold of her about abductor's cell phone and made this call. >> what is going on at fourth treat laundromat. >> the house was supposed to be abandoned, when police arrived, the woman was still alive and the suspect was still with her. they alsz found two -- also found two bodies.
11:26 am
here is her aunt. >> my niece and so many others were out here, there was 30 members searching, begging the police department for help. >> the other body in the house has not been identified, but the discoveries did not end then. the suspect then lead to police a burned out house in a different county. they found the body of a third woman, she was killed in june and the home was later destroyed by fire. for now the suspect is being held on abduct charges but murder charges with as you can imagine, are expected very soon. >> judgment day in another heroin case where the woman casino this photo, passed out in the car after apparently overdosing, while her grandson was in the back seat. the judge sentencing her to 180 days in jail. her grandson, the little boy you
11:27 am
1993 that picture are with his great aunt and uncle in myrtle beach, south carolina. and after recovering from pneumonia, we're live with the next moves from her team. and momentum from donald trump. we break down the latest numbers. and chris christie talks ant about what may have affected his chances as vice president.
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hillary clinton is back on her feet, leaving her sick bed to rejoin the campaign after being sidelined with pneumonia. she is now heading to the battleground state of north carolina. she boarded the plane, on rout to greensboro. what is the date of the race in north carolina? >> it is fascinating. north carolina is an interesting race. barack obama won here in 2008. mitt romney won here in 2012, and it could go either way. the latest real clear average gives hillary clinton an ever so slight edge over donald trump 43.8% to 43.2%.
11:32 am
it is not surprising that hillary clinton is making her second visit to north carolina in just the past week. she is on board her plane and spoke with reporters right before takeoff. >> welcome back to "stronger together." >> are are you doing? >> i'm doing great, thank you so much. i think that jan and nick have suggested we do an actual avail on the next flight if that is okay. we'll get to north carolina, we'll do the speech, and then we'll get bac and then we can answer some questions and. >> go from there. >> that is what we call, in the business, a tease. hillary clinton did not want to give away her best pearl before she even got to north carolina. >> what do we expect her message to be there in greensboro. >> we expect her to lay out her vision for how best to help families and children so all of
11:33 am
our children can achief their god given potential. one also expects she will make reference to her health for a variety of reasons. they want to know that she is up to the fight for the finish. we are 11 days out from the first presidential debate. she wants folks to know that she is ready to battle to the finish. >> while you're waiting on hillary clinton, she should be there soon. let's get to the latest polls. the latest national poll not looking good for hillary clinton. a brand new cbs news new york times survey showing clinton just two points ahead of trump. when you factor in third party candidates, they're tied. sky benson is town hall editor, and bernard whitman is a former
11:34 am
bill clinton pollster. all right, guys, this is a pretty tight race 54 days out. >> it is, i think i see a little fear in bernard's eyes today, and i understand why. he has a horse in the race and he bet heavily on her. i don't have a horse in the race. hillary clinton right now is tanking. not just nationally where her big league is gone, but in crucial swing states. he is now leading in the average in ohio, florida, iowa. he is hot on her trail in north carolina as we just heard and also nevada and gaining elsewhere including north carolina and colorado. there is now, more than ever i think, a realistic chance she could lose this race to donald trump. >> you say still the favorite, bernard, is hillary clinton's team worried? >> i think there is a number of
11:35 am
things made clear. number one a lot of volatility for the last 7 1/2 weeks. we have always known that to be true. this will come down to turnout. one thing is also very clear. hillary clinton also lead in one of these policies, a big national lead or a small national lead. trump still has a very, very difficult map to reach 270. hill aary has a number of way t thread together the votes. he has to run the table and it will be turnout, turnout, turnout. >> bill clinton has had a series of recent gaffes. he referenced her having the flu when her doctor said pneumonia,
11:36 am
and he had comments about condoleezza rice, watch this. >> frequently. not frequently, but at times when she gets overworked and dehydrated she gets sick. >> 54 days out, is brikt no longer the closer. >> his favor ability is 53%, and favor ability is 58% approval rating. there are a lot of surrogates that will be out on the trail.
11:37 am
chris kris tis once was, and now he is talking about why he didn't get that vp slot. >> how much of a factor do you think bridge gate was a factor in you not getting hicked. >> of course. >> how big? >> you have to ask him, but i'm sure it was a factor. >> interesting to hear him say it. the bridge stuff started to build pane build, and his numbers just clamsed across the board in new jersey. i think they ultimately viewed chris christie as a liability. that is why they went with a safer pick in their minds with mike pence. a update on the leaked
11:38 am
e-mails coming from colin powell's private e-mail. it was revaealed that he called trump a national disgraduation. donald trump not holding back tweeting out in response to those i was never a fan of colin powell after his weak understanding of weapons of mass destruction in iraq. disaster. we can do much better. what is your response? >> this is what trump does when he was insulted. it was just one tweet though. maybe they said you get one tweet, make it relatively chill and we can move on. >> i think what this shows it the incredible difference in reaction between the two. trump disparages a nation nal hero. a hero to millions of americans. and hillary clinton said i have
11:39 am
a lot of respect for him and sympathy, and i'm not going to comment on. . it shows a difference in reaction. >> that is what she might have said, but she scripbled his name in the burn book of enemies list. >> thank you, thank you. >> good to have you. a jump date on a story that broke yesterday. a shooting yesterday in wyoming. police of cheyenne say a resident shot three other seniors and killed one of them. they say the suspect was angry about frequent poker games being played there. the shooter shot and killed himself as police closed in. >> all right, police in southern california say a couple has been found dead inside their home, and neighbors say they are the parents of former nascar racer robby gordon. a neighbor found the bodies of
11:40 am
sharon and robert gordon and called 911. they say a rival was found at the scene and they do not believe there is -- they do believe there is a expect on the loose. a daring rescue caught on tape as a good samaritan helps police struggle to pull a man from a burning truck. we'll tell you what happened. new concerns that russian hackers may be planning to interfere with the election. they find that the cyber intrusions run deeper than originally thought. new details, next in the live report. an unconventional voting block, how they hope to get them from the buggies to the polls. donald trump, hillary clinton, one on one. >> donald trump's ideas would be disastrous. >> hillary clinton thinks she is above the law. >> you think she looks presidential? i don't. >> this is what america has been
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waiting for hillary clinton's first campaign rally since she took time off to recover from pneumonia. and new polls showing. >> adrian: donald trump is pulling ahead in key battleground states. we'll look at how secretary clinton can make up for lost time. we'll see you next on shepherd smith reporting. a very dramatic rescue caught on tape and it unfolded after a schoolbus and a truck collided and were sparked a fire. the frantic scene captured from police body camera video. they first tried to use fire extinguishers to put the flames
11:45 am
out, and breaking the truck window to get the driver out. was russia trying to influence the presidential election. some in congress are concerned about the responsibility that russian has been ckers are tryi help shape the outcome on november 8th. chief intelligence correspondent katherine harris is live in washington. what is the latest on the debate over the administration saying who is responsible for the attacks? >> the special assistant to the president and coordinator for cyber security did not mention russia by name this morning, but said the cyber threat is now being used to achieve political objective. >> they can very effectively and at a very cheap rate, try to achieve their goals through cyber space. that means we expect for the rate of intrusions and probes and attacks to increase.
11:46 am
>> while the successful hack of the dnc. they revealed new detailed about the campaign. they also said the hackers are seeking out republican targets. >> the fbi is doing their attribution now. they have an investigation into this. think have come to certain conclusions throuus far that i can't talk about. but i hope that in the near future they come out very strongly about what russia has done and what the response is going to be. >> the administration has not publicly called out the russian president. they expect the intrusions to intensify in the final weeks of the election. >> i expect fully the next 55 plus days they will attempt to
11:47 am
not only hack our systems but make public in certain ways the fact that they have been able to do so. their mission is to cast out on america's ability to hold a free and fair election. >> and the government spy agencies are refocusing on russia and assets on the ground. and this is clearly not a coincidence. >> katherine harris, thank you. you're welcome. the 2016 presidential race will likely come down to voter turnout, and one super pac is courting a forgotten community. the ammish. they are deeply conservative but hard to get to the polls. modernization is discouraged. what are they doing here? >> hi, sandra, the amish super
11:48 am
pac believes that by mobilizing them they can help donald trump win those two battleground states where some 140,000 ammish people live. many of the leaders discourage voting because they believe in a separation from the outside world. >> i have come across a lot of times when but will have folks who say "i don't vote, but i pray." and you know, of course they're prayers are helpful, but we need both. the prayers and the votes. >> now the pac purchased newspaper ads and billboards in lancaster county, pennsylvania. it says hard working, pro-life, family dedicated, just like you. most have never read his tweets or seen him on tv and they sell him as a successful family business owner. >> it's not really just about trump, i talk more about the party platform, perhaps he is
11:49 am
running on and the issues that will affect ammish voters like abortion, taxes, regulation. now in 2004, president george w. bush mounted the most successful ammish outreach to date. now experts don't expect that this year partly because trump is not bush. >> amish would excommunicate someone that is divorced or maybe filed bankruptcy and failed at a business. so he has things that would raise concerns for amish voters. >> about 1300 showed up for bush in 2004, john ckerriy won that year. >> brian, the message from the
11:50 am
g.o.p. super back to the amish touting donald trump just like you, hard working, honest, donald trump, just like you. >> just like you, llenas, live for us from new york city. >> 3-d printing, used to create everything from key manufacturing items to bionic body parts and also an increasing investment opportunity. jeff, what do you have there? this boggles me. don't understand it. >> we're going to explain it all. here's the question for you. what is the largest object ever printed with a 3-d printer? i'm standing inside of business, including the kitchen sink, when we come back.
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are you ready to head to next dimension of business? 3-d printing used in everything from manufacturing to making bionic body parts and now the technology is on track to become a $20 billion industry. jeff flock is live in chicago. jeff, can you show us some of this? it blows my mind. people tell me i can print food and eat it or -- print a car? how is it actually done? >> reporter: how about a house? an entire house printed with 3-d printing. this is the ridges you see, each layer laid down. that's carbon fiber and abs
11:55 am
plastic. how about an entire jeep printed with a 3-d print center again, carbon fiber here, smooth us out. you see the little ridges. how does it work? well, we need to show you put if i needed to show you it takes a while so we sped it up. here's a time lapse -- that's another car made with carbon fiber -- other time lapse of an auger, a corn auger or grain auger you throw stuff into and it turns. this is what it looks like made with the printer. at the printer kind of looks like a robot in some ways, and it lays down this material. by the way, that auger, hearings what it kind of looks like. right there. if we come back live. it's in my hand right here. here's the machine, by the way, that made that. it's right over here. it's making another object right now. just finished.
11:56 am
another object. there you good right there. and it's amazing. talk about what kind of a printer cartridge do you snead? it prints with carbon fiber or plastic or all sorts of things you can print with, not just ink. it's amazing. >> you also look like you're enjoying yourself but what is the coolest stuff you have seen. >> we as reporters we have this, and i walked past a display and they say we can make -- see if i can find cut their the thing for your ear. >> you get your own ear piece. >> thank you, jeff flock. former house spinier john boehner has a brand new job and it's just say it's a perfect
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joe camel, meet john boehner. >> it's 3:00 on the west coast. i should say on the east coast. noon on the west coast. and three in greensboro, north carolina, where hillary clinton is set to speak in a minute. her first appearance since she came town with pneumonia. we know donald trump has been talking about his medical issues put also spending time turning hillary clinton's attacks against her. we'll show you how he is doing that. plus, why republicans say they're now more optimistic about keeping control of the senate in november, and hacking the election. could moscow really influence the outcome and undermine the spire democratic process? we'll look at


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