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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  September 16, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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this is a fox news alert, i'm bret baier in washington. donald trump momentum has brought this presidential race into a virtual tie. the just released fox news poll indicate trump has pulled ahead of hillary clinton in it a head to head match up by a single point and within a single point of clinton in a four-way race, well within the margin of error. this matches the clear trend of a momentum shift in the race, towards trump. in other national and battleground state polls of likely voters. trump is ready for primetime and late night this evening, after speaking at lunchtime in new york. he'll appear on the "tonight
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show", and in about an hour, he will address this in crowd in laconia. >> reporter: good evening. keeping up a rigorous campaign trail, the suggestion he has the stamina that his opponent cannot match. also, releasing medical records today, trump says prove he has the fitness to be president. >> the records from a physical exam conducted by trump's long time doctor show while trump is a bit overweight and takes crest crestor, according to dr. mark siegel. >> this shows someone at the age of 70, who is in excellent shape, clearly not an old 70, but a young 70. >> reporter: trump first disclosed the findings with dr. oz yesterday, and declaring he makes birth control over-the-counter. >> when you have to get a were he description, that's a pretty
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tough, something to climb. i would say it should not be a were he skipg prescription. you have woman who aren't in a position to get prescription. >> reporter: the issue is controversial. it could increase access to the pill for women. opponents say it could drive up the cost for those who now get it through health insurance. economic issues were also front and center today. trump touting to the economic club of new york, a comprehensive combination of tax cuts and business incentives he says will lead to a bold renaissance in the economy. >> it will average 3.5% growth and create a total of 25 million new jobs. >> reporter: our new fox new poll shows trump has a substantial edge over hillary clinton, on who voters think could best handle the economy. but some budget analysts say the math is not in his favor. >> he relies heavily on revenue and savings coming from higher growth numbers, and they are very aggressive.
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we haven't seen growth rates like what he is assuming in decades. >> reporter: trump's campaign is void by more new polls, showing the race tightening. a suffolk university poll has trump up by three in ohio, while the new monmouth poll has him up a whopping 8 points in iowa. recent polls here in the granite state show donald trump improving in new hampshire, though he was snubbed by the leader newspaper, which for the first time in a century, did not endorse the republican candidate. instead, endorsing a libertarian, gary johnson. not much of a surprise, the union leader publisher have been involved in a bitter feud since last year. >> john roberts with the trump campaign, thank you. back to work today for hillary clinton. she returned to the campaign trail after her three days of sick leave, but questions remain about the health of both the nominee and her campaign.
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chief congregatissional correspondent is in greensboro, north carolina. >> reporter: hillary clinton still faced questions about her health and her overall transparency, when pressed, clinton would not say if she told her own running mate about her pneumonia. >> i communicated with tim, i talked to him again last night. he has been a great partner, and he is going to be a great vice-president. >> we communicated. we communicated. but i -- i am, you know, not going to go into our personal conversations, and i feel very comfortable and confident about our relationship. >> reporter: with less than eight weeks until election day, clinton seemed anxious to get back into the mix. hillary clinton boarded her campaign plane, with the race showing it tightening. the candidate was eager to show the world she is feeling better. >> i'm doing great.
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thank you so much. >> reporter: in greensboro, a new song introduced clinton as she tried to show reporters she is ready for the homestretch. >> i'm not great taking it easy, but with just two months to go until election day, sitting at home was pretty much the last place i wanted to be. >> reporter: the real clear politics here in north carolina has clinton leading trump by six tenths of a point, which explains why she made her second visit in a week. the number of democrats preferring someone else like bernie sanders is growing. now up to 43%. while the clinton campaign has taken a lot of heat for lack of transparency when she was first diagnosed with pneumonia a week ago, her daughter says she didn't know either. >> i don't think i've ever seen her so tired and she was tired, because she had pneumonia, and that's miserable. i've had it twice. i didn't know she had it until
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she came over to my apartment. >> after former secretary of state, colin powell's e-mails were hacked, powell writing he would rather not vote for her, and calling her a 70-year-old one bridled ambition and greedy, clinton gave powell a pass. >> i have a great deal of respect for colin powell and i have a lot of sympathy for anyone whose e-mails become public. i'm not going to discuss someone's private e-mail. i've talked about my own, as you know. >> reporter: senior clinton aids a -- aides are expected to monitor her health. a health set back could be devastating. >> mark emanuel, live in greens go greensboro. the group's campaign supporting abortion rights, and big implications spiritual and political. lauren green tells us how.
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>> reporter: a full page newspaper ads targeting catholics began running this week in miami, chicago, minneapolis, touting the good of federally funded abortions, claiming, they're quote catholic social justice value. but the organization behind it, catholics for choice, is being denounced by catholic bishops, which is blasting the group, saying the ads are deceptive, warning the public, the archbishop of new york and the chair of the u.s. bishops committee on pro-life activity said the use of the name catholic as a platform to promote the taking of innocent life is offensive, not only to catholics, but to all who expect honesty and forthrightness in public discourse. cfc is not affiliated with the catholic church in any way. in response, the cfc said we believe as catholics that public funding for abortion is a matter for social justice and increasing health care choices for all american citizens is
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critical as opposed to denying freedom of conscience for women. the ad supported democratic platform to repeal the hyde amendment, the 40-year-old provision forbidding abortions. hillary clinton wants to abolish it. her vice-presidential running mate, who is catholic, has been wavering on the issue. when he ran for governor, he was pro-life. >> i am a catholic, i was a missionary. i am against the death penalty and abortion. i am not apologizing for my religious view and not changing it for politics. >> reporter: in more recent speeches, he expresses a more expedient view. >> i do not believe the job of someone in public life is to say i am catholic. my job is to make our laws consistent with catholic doctrine. >> a bellwether for predicting the presidential contest, the newspaper adds, battling for the soul of the catholic has become
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a strong undercurrent of this election. bret. green party presidential nominee, dr. jill steein, will e in the center seat. an oil pipeline, running through four state, and the obama administration has halted construction. kevin from the white house, and accusing the president of hypocrisy zrchlts hypocrisy. >> reporter: a stunning intervention after the judge ruled a tribe would not suffer any injury that could prevented by an injunction, thus allowing the pipeline project to go on. the obama administration jumped in. the departments of army, justice and interior issuing a joint statement, saying they, quote, voluntarily pause all construction on army corps land, pending further review. stopping the pipeline in its
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tracks. to proponents of the project, it is a reminder of the keystone pipeline and classic case of influence pedaling and overreach by the federal government. >> all the procedures have been met, challenged and withstood the challenges and we need to move on and if we meet the cite ter cra in t -- criteria, we need to uphold the law. >> this is an issue for all of us and for your children and grandchildren. >> reporter: from the dakotas, protests for and against the pipeline have reignited a debate over the government's role over the use of public land for enterpri enterprise. at issue, the dakota pipeline, a $3.7 billion project that will span 1,200 miles from north dakota to illinois, carrying 170 barrels of crude everyday to facilities. in washington, former democratic presidential candidate, bernie sanders, called on the obama
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administration to undertake further study. >> in my view, when that analysis takes place, this pipeline will not continue. >> reporter: among the demonstrators hoping to end the project, green party presidential candidate, jill stein, who led north dakota authorities to issue an arrest warrant for her for vandalism. it is vandalism on steroids. >> they say they want more infrastructure investment, pointing to the bill signed by the president back in december for $305 billion to encourage that. all the while, watching the state department foot drag on keystone. interior's refusal to grant more coal mine on public land, and the latest delay with the pipeline. very difficult to explain that. bret. >> kevin cork on the north line. thank you.
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the house has approved the bill transfer detainees from guantanamo bay. a new intelligence report from the administration says two more confirmed obama error transfers have returned to the terror battle field along with two transferred by george w. bush. house republicans are accusing the administration of suppressing a report that contradicts white house claims about the success of its border security efforts. researchers concluded the of an illegal immigrant crossing the border are about 50/50. the administration's numbers is 80/20, and they say the numbers are being buried so it doesn't help the trump campaign. they insist that's not true. the federal government says if you have a samsung galaxy
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note 7 smartphone, turn it off and don't use it. this afternoon's formal recall follows an involuntary one by the company. samsung has received 92 reports of batteries overheating in the u.s., with 26 reports of burns and 55 of property damage. stocks were up sharply today. the dow gained 178. s&p 500, ahead, 21.5. nasdaq jumped 76. republicans trying to hang on that their thin majority may trout out a well warn out subject to use as an issue against democrats. correspondent rich edison is here to tell us how to do it. >> standing with indiana, but he didn't. instead, evan bye. >> then senator evan bye took the vote seven years ago, running for senate again this year and republicans are still
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holding that vote against him. senator john mccain's first tv ad in his arizona reelection campaign. >> while kirkpatrick is proud of putting us at risk, john mccain is leading the fight to stom obama care. >> reporter: more than six years after president obama signed the affordable care act, insurance rates continue rising, and the races are still using their obama care opposition to entice voters. at an oversight hearing, three republican senators running for reelection in contested states, ron johnson, rob port man and john mccain, highlighted problems with the obama care insurance markets. >> we want to replace it. we don't want to fix it. we want to replace it. because it has been a complete failure. >> reporter: an issue in contested senate races this year. in arizona, insurance companies are asking for on average a 49% increase in premiums for individual obama care plans next year. there are also large increases projected for other contested
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senate states. in wisconsin, an increase of 20%. ohio have asked to raise 13%. pennsylvania, 24%. florida, the state projects increases of nearly 20%. the final prices will likely change as state commissioners and companies are still finalizing insurance plans for next year. democrats point out millions will receive subsidies to help pay the increases, though millions will have to pay the full price themselves. democrats also point to the 20 million the law has helped insure. their message, improve what they call a working system. >> we need to get to work making it better. we can do that, i know we can, and with the right leadership, i believe that we will. >> reporter: democrats are also reviving an aspect of the obama care debate. the public option. government run insurance plan to compete with private insurance companies. more than two dozen senators released a statement this morning, calling for congress to create one. bret. >> thanks, rich. a last minute deal between
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house republican leaders and freedom caucus impeachment vote against irs commissioner. instead, the tax chief will appear before a hearing next week. an impeachment vote will happen after the november election, if at all. he is accused of a probe of tea party groups. kansas republicans are considering breaking ranks and the deal, to push the resolution to a vote. senate republicans and democrats are coming closer to an agreement on money to fight the zika virus. republicans have relented and will allow funds to go to planned parenthood. the zika money will be part of a temporary spending bill lawmakers must approve before leaving on their fall recess. some republican lawmakers in north carolina are re-thinking their sport of the state's transgender bathroom law, after the loss of several big sporting
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events. here is jonathan searry. >> reporter: six months after becoming law in north carolina's house bill 2 continues to spark controversy. the atlantic coast congress say they'll move championship games out of state. they reaffirmed our collective commitment to uphold the value of equality, diversity and no nondiscrimination. we believe north carolina house bill 2s inconsistent with these values. according to some estimates, some boycotts will cost the state more than $150 million. that number does not include the economic impact of businesses, conventions, and entertainers that have also pulled out that people in government buildings use bathrooms and locker rooms that correspend with their birth certificates this. >> they care about the athletes
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more than their ticket sales. >> it will drive people to the polls in this swing state. one republican state senator, who initially supported the law is now calling for its repeal. >> i did not realize the consequences of this bill. that it would have worldwide consequences. and they just keep piling up. >> reporter: but social conservatives are pushing back. the north carolina values coalition asked how much is it worth to prevent the sexual assault of one little girl in a public bathroom or locker room. that is the question that state senator tamra beringer ought to ask herself. >> they'll trying to repeal it, but many republicans are doubling down. richard hudson accused the ncaa of political theater, and suggested these organizations may be jeopardizing their tax-exempt status. bret. >> jonathan, thank you. up next, just how real is the russian threat to infiltrate american elections. we'll take a look.
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first hear is what we're covering around the country. fox in phoenix, the man suspected of running down three police officers. 44-year-old mark payne is facing nearly a dozen charges, including attempted murder. all three officers are expected to recover. fox 28 in columbus, ohio, police responding to a report of an armed robbery shot and killed a 13-year-old boy who they say pulled a gun from his waistband. it was later determined to be a beebee gun. they said it looks identical to the ones his officer carries. a live look at kansas city, from fox 4, one of the big story there is tonight. missouri's republican led legislature finishing the veto session with 13 more victories, governor jay nixon has had 96 bills overridden, making it tops in state history. among today's overrides, veto of
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adults carrying weapons without a permit. we'll be right back.
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new information tonight that the threat of russian interference in this fall's election is expanding to the gop. chief intelligence correspondent, katherine harris is reporting. >> reporter: not on the same scale an the dnc, a law enforcement says they've linked people to the gop, and some of the attacks were successful. the fbi is investigating who is behind it. >> i would hope that in the near future, come out strongly about what russia has done, and what
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the response is going to be. >> reporter: a senior member of the house intelligence committee, who has been briefed, believes the hacking campaign will intensify, as the election enters the final weeks. >> their mission is to cast doubt on america. america's capacity to hold a free and fair election. >> reporter: one lawmaker wants to modernize the election system. >> i do think the paper ballots are the way to go. they're recountable. there is a paper trail there. there will never be an issue with people hacking into that. >> reporter: the specialist assistant to the president for cyber security did not mention russia by name at a washington summit, but said hackers meet political objectives. >> they can very effectively and at a cheap rate try to achieve their goals through cyberspace. >> reporter: while the evidence points to a strategic gathering operation, the administration is reluctant to call out president putin. >> we're in unexplored territory
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here, and the president is quite interested in trying to establish an international norms, and also making a determination about what is an appropriate level of a response. >> reporter: after a single focus on 9/11, u.s. government spy agencies are shifting more resources to russia, with the expansion of human intelligence on the ground as well as cyber espionage and satellite capabilities. >> catherine, thank you. afghanistan is just one of a half dozen countries stretching from africa to the middle east to central asia in which the u.s. is actively engaged with the military, with military strikes or ground troops or both, despite promises of restraint by president obama. lucas tomlinson takes a look at that tonight. >> reporter: bret, despite the
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pledge to end two wars, getting untangled is proving difficult. they're now conducting air strikes in circumstance differe -- strikes in six different countries. isis, al qaeda and their affiliates. less than two years into the first two, the president declared u.s. involvement in iraq was essentially finished. >> tonight, i am announcing it has ended. >> reporter: the round the clock air strikes against isis, according to the pentagon. to date, over 54,000 bombs have been dropped on isis in iraq and syria. more than 4,600 u.s. troops are on the ground, advising the iraqi army, after 400 more troops arrived over labor day weekend. 150 special ops troops supporting local forces. >> the president's policy is aspirational. the reality on the ground of terrorism and mayhem, cutting
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off heads, u.s. national security at risk, that reality trumps the rhetoric. >> reporter: late last month, president obama extended the bombing campaign isis in libya. helicopters have conducted 150 air strikes in the cose stal city of sirte. drones continue to hunt al qaeda operatives. an al shabaab in samalai. the white house is blaming assad from entering high need areas in syria. josh earnest is echoing, saying it is the chief obstacle increasing access to aide. president obama will meet with business, national security leaders tomorrow to discuss how the transpacific partnership, the tpp, can benefit american
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workers and businesses, as well as our national security. also, pushing that through this congress. joining the meeting, republican governor of ohio, john kasich, former new york mayor, michael bloomberg, and hank paulson. ♪ i feel good ♪ i knew that i would now i thought i was going to be fine, and i thought that there wasn't really any reason to make a big fuss about it. so i should have taken time off earlier. i didn't. now i have. i am back on the campaign trail. >> when i announced, seems like a long time ago, 17 people running, i was the no nonprofessional. now we have one left, and in all fairness, she is lying in bed, getting better, and we want her
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better, we want her back on the trail. >> that was last night from donald trump. now she is back on the trail. hillary clinton entering an event in north carolina, to "i feel good" from james brown. let's bring in the panel. george will, fox legal correspondent, shannon bream,kr. it must be nerve-racking being hillary clinton. she'll spend eight weeks breathing airplane air, something designed to give you a cough. she is not allowed to cough between now and the 8th of november. it is hard to tell, and i don't know what they're thinking. are the polls indicating volatility in a race that could go up down and bounce around or a slow, long-term trend that favors mrs. clinton. there are so many things that could make this volatile, particularly the debates.
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mr. trump has been on his good behavior, which is to say he has been on a teleprompter. there will be no teleprompter on the stages, and i'm sure the clinton people are working on ways to detonate him, to get him excitable. >> you're talking about the polls there. fox news poll, the head to head has trump up one. the four-way match has him trailing one. but essentially, a tie race. that matches new york times and cbs national polls. but what is really interesting, shannon, are these state polls. let's take a look at iowa, out today. iow iowa monmouth poll, trump up eight in iowa there, and it is a move of a number of points in just a short period of time. and then you take a look, you got iowa there? monmouth? any way, you take a look at ohio, there monmouth university, and you have trump up.
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clearly, this is a move. >> well, it is interesting, like george said. you try to figure out, is it a trend, is it a one off. what's happening here. because as we have been covering this for more than a year, watching the primaries, the debates, the back and forth, the fact is a lot of people don't start paying attention until labor day, that's the traditional time that the rest of the country tunes in. is some of the information new to them. bad timing for the clinton campaign that she had this illness, there are more revelations regarding the e-mail situation. is it all peaking at the right time for trump. there is voting as we know, absentee voting and so with the polls, knowing they could be in pluc flux a lot, it could be critical. people are making their decisions. >> i heard somebody say, charles, this was the seinfeld election, it is about character, how the other person can't be president. today, both candidates tried to hit on substance. here is donald trump on an economic plan creating jobs.
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>> it is time to start thinking big, once again. that's why i believe it is time to establish a national goal of reaching 4% economic growth. in working with my economic team, we put together a plan that puts us on track to achieve that goal over the next ten years, our economic team estimates under our plan, the economy will average 3.5% growth, and create a total of 25 million new jobs. >> what do you think? >> well, yes, we have two policies. his is a union co corn, and her no proposals at all. >> she will say that there are 38 on her website. >> that's what she said in her speech. i can't think of a dumber thing to say at a speech. if that's what you're advocating, if that's how you
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are trying to persuade a crowd, why don't they stay home and look at the website. when you say that, you've said nothing. there are no overarching idea. it is more of the same. with him, the magical power of huge tax cuts, no entitlement changes, and we're getting a miraculous growth that will be s sustained. it is not a serious debate. as you've said, it is an election, about nothing. and i think these attempts at substance are proof of that. >> george, they will -- people will tell you, republicans we've talked to, trump team members, they're pretty specific on getting rid of regulations, corporate taxes and tax reform being a high priority, and that their pitch behind the scenes is pretty attractive to a number of people, not just lawmakers, but business leaders. >> all of those things are important, as is the fact that we have just finished a lost decade. the first decade, perhaps ever, in which america did not have a
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single year of 3% economic growth. 3.5%, that mr. trump promises is not extravagant. jeb bush, in the primaries, talked about 4%. but 3, 4, 5% would change america overnight. the difference between 3.5 and 2% growth which we've been averages is a politics focused on increasingly angry conflict. that is trying to use politics to carve up a study pie or getting fight grow again. mr. trump is talking about the right things, in terms of growth, but also in terms of regulation and taxes. >> two quick polls. certainty of vote preference, i want to put up here. clinton versus trump supporters. a lot of talk about whether trump could rally republicans. look at this. 90% trump supporters say certain to support and you see the difference there with the clinton supporters. the next one, who would you rather have as democratic nominee. this goes to enthusiasm on the
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democratic side. this is august to now. bernie sanders is on here. he has gone up from august. he is not in the race any more. but there is some thought that clinton is having some trouble motivating, getting enthusiasm in the base of the democratic party. >> yeah, well, we see anecdotally is tens of thousands of people showing up. it doesn't translate as we know covering this into what happens at the ballot box. a lot of people will say his base is way more fired up, especially when she makes a comment about the basket of deplorables. green party presidential nominee, dr. jill stein, j j
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welcome back. joining us in the center seat, green party presidential nominee, dr. jill stein. thank you for being with us.
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>> thank you. >> you've been hovering around 3, 4%, depending on the poll, in some states, it is a little more than that. we asked people on twitter to write in some questions for you here. john types in, how do you respond to critics who say that voting for you or governor gary johnson, the libertarian vote, is a wasted vote? >> i would say we live in a democracy, and big politicians don't own our votes. they have to earn them and they have not earned them in an election where the two major party candidates have the highest ratings of dislike and distrust ever in our history, 75% of people actually more than that, are now clamoring to open up the debates so they can find out about the other choices, and one last point to mention from the quinnipiac poll that came out i didn't do. the vast majority of donald trump and hillary clinton supporters don't actually support them.
1:40 am
their main motive is they don't like the other candidate. so let's give them some other choices. >> the other good doctor on the panel here. >> yes, i reviewed your policy position, and i think you're obviously closer to the democratic party, especially the core base, than to the republicans. do you worry about the ralph nader problem in 2000, that it could be a close election, could hinge on one state and you could have enough support drawn way from hillary clinton to elect a republican? >> i will feel terrible if donald trump gets elected, and i will feel terrible if hillary clinton gets elected. >> you believe so? >> yes, because hillary clinton wants to start an air war over syria with a nuclear armed power, with 2,000 nuclear weapons on hair trigger alert. given hillary's track record, not only in iraq, but in lib
1:41 am
ye -- libya, this is as dangerous as it gets. donald trump wants to bar muslims into this country, but hillary clinton has been busy bombing muslims in other countries. we live in a democracy, at the end of the day, we have for choices, and the american people are yet to hear about their other two choices. they deserve to not only have a right to vote, but they have a right to know who they can vote for. >> dr. stein, for legal issues and the supreme court, there is an opening as you know on court now. it would be one of the first orders of business for you. would there be a name that you float for somebody who would be your nominee. >> at this point i don't have a name, but you know, i think we need people on the court who are not influenced by big business, by corporations. i think we need a person who is by and for the people. >> would you have any kind of
1:42 am
litmus test? >> i think it is important that we protect women's right to choose. i think it is important that we protect workers rights and immigrant rights. i think the working people of america have been taking quite a beating, and they need support in our highest court as well. >> george. >> on your website, you talk about democratizing and public control of the money supply. i presume you mean congress would set interest rates. if so, would there ever be a team they would float interest rates? >> let me backtrack a little bit from them. there are some things on the website that are more aspirational and more long time and not the focus of our concrete policies right now. so i would say in terms of the fed, you know, our main interest right now is to make the fed more transparent.
1:43 am
so that it is not a mystery to the american people what it is doing. i think it is also important that we break up the big banks. eight years ago, you know, lehman brothers collapsed, we saw corruption at wells fargo. i think we have banks that are still too big to fail, and the american people are very much at risk for what they're doing. so you know, while that doesn't address the fed in particular, i think the power of the big private banks right now is a real issue and puts our economy at risk. >> dr. stein, there aren't too many candidate whose have had warrants for their arrest. the morton county sheriff's department says they issued an arrest warrant for you and your vice-presidential nominee, charged with criminal trespass and criminal mischief, class b misdemeanors, after this spray painting of the construction equipment on that pipeline.
1:44 am
what about that? i mean, why do it? and it is against the law. >> it is indeed. i think we're in a crisis situation, which i do not take lightly. you had here a pipeline company that had just bulldozed the grave sites of the standing rock siox people, and it is putting at risk the water supply, not just for the standing rock sioux, but for 17 million people downstream on the missouri river, and also, at a time when we cannot afford another major pipeline project. this is like the keystone excel pipeline, which we stopped by public pressure. right now, in spite of the president's directive that the pipeline company stop on federal land and that they voluntarily
1:45 am
stop in other areas, they are not. they are going full speed ahead, in a way that puts us all very seriously at risk. the indiginious people are at risk. here they are, perhaps among the most vulnerable people on the planet, they're standing up for us. i wanted to support them. >> okay, one more clarification, before we turn to foreign policy in the next block. you tweeted out about the dnc leak. dnc leak shows jeh johnson gave $561,000 to the dnc, then was made director of homeland security. this looks bad. it looks like pay to play. >> well, pay to play is the name of the game these days. we can look at what is going on with the clinton foundation. i think, you know, the american people are very uncomfortable
1:46 am
with the blurring of the lines between public interest and private interest, and the power of money and politics to exert that influence behind closed doors, whether you're looking at the power of the big banks, the power of the health insurance companies that have, you know, had a hand in creating obama care and the pharmaceutical companies. you know, the american people are really being thrown under the bus by what they see as a rigged economy and a rigged political system that's delivered it to us. i think it is really important to -- >> that sounds a little like donald trump. >> well, it may sound like him, but unfortunately, he is as busy as anybody else, paying his way to play. you may know that his foundation as well, contributed some, what, $25,000 to an attorney general's campaign in florida, at which time she did an about phase and decided not to prosecute him for his fraud with the trump university. so it is on all sides of the aisle. i'm the only candidate in this race that is not taking money from lobbyists from corporate
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interests, and i do not have ray super pac. we have the unique ability to stand up for what the american people actually need. >> thank you, doctor. after we come, after a quick break, foreign policy, the green party nominee.
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back with the panel, green party presidential nominee, dr. jill stein in our center seat. >> do you consider russia under vladimir putin an adversary of the united states, and should we care about how they act in places like ukraine and syria? and human rights abuses inside of russia? >> yes, to all of the above. but you know, at the same time, i recognize that we are not a
1:51 am
perfect actor, either. we have our human rights issues. and we have been intervening in other countries. in a way that hasn't worked out so well in iraq and afghanistan and libya, where creating worst terrorist threats, according to the chief of staff of the u.s. military, whose comments on 9/11 were that, you know, it is just not getting better. we need a new way forward. and in the words of the man who used to be a major advocate for a dominating u.s. presence around the world, guess what folks, it is not working. we need to develop collaborative relationships and find common ground, particularly with russia, and with china. >> tried to intervene and disrupt and corrupt or political electoral process? >> well, let me say there, you know, the real evidence, there
1:52 am
are questions raised about russia's role. but not hard evidence, and the hard evidence that exists actually points to the dnc, the democratic nat nag national como tilt the playing field smearing bernie sanders. >> you have said your foreign policy would be soft power and diplomacy. you said you would be against the use of drones for offensive purposes. a, suppose you are as president, that your people came and said can tarlgt a major terrorist leader, with no collateral damage. if you're not going to use military force, what are you going to do with isis? >> great question. very important. and let me say that, you know,
1:53 am
the problem with drones is that this is basically an assassination program. that is, you know, in violation to the body of international law that we ourselves work hard to develop. so i don't support assassinations, and i think you can look at the example of israel special operatives, following the second world war, israel took adolph ike man, they brought him to trial. we're told drones are going to be this surgical strike, it never turns out that every intended target, we're killing 9 non-intended targets. >> let me interrupt you because we are running out of time. i do want to play the sound bite from an interview you
1:54 am
recently gave about edward snowden. take a listen. >> i would say not only bring snowden back but bring him in to my administration as a member of the cabinet because we need people who are part of our national security administration who are really very, very patriotic, truly patriotic to national security and who understand that we're really going to protect american security. >> you go ton say bring them in to the administration. the house intelligence committee today is out with a report saying snowden caused tremendous damage to national security. the vast majority of the documents he stole had nothing to do with programs impacting individual privacy interest. they instead pertain to military, defense and programs of great interest to america's adversaries. your response? >> my response is that the american people have no idea that we were part of this dragnet, mass surveillance. and that our rights to privacy were being massively
1:55 am
and still are being massively violated. i think we owe a debt of gratitude. congress actually responded not enough, in my opinion, but congress thought that these revelations were serious enough that we this to move on them. in fact, you know, it's the aclu and, you know, daniel ellsberg himself a whistler have come out saying the same thing that i have been saying. >> where would you put him? what position? nsa? >> i would certainly have him advising on how we can create security systems that also protect privacy. we don't need dragnet security. and i don't think there is evidence of where dragnet security has actually made us safer. in fact, it creates a bigger haystack in which it is harder to find the needle. >> you would not kill a terrorist leader because of international law, but you would put into your cabinet a guy who betrayed his oath, violated american law. >> but who upheld the constitution and the constitution is, perhaps, the highest law to be
1:56 am
upheld. and he helped reveal the violations of our constitutional rights as the american people. and i think that's critical. in the words of benjamin franklin. those who sacrifice privacy in order to achieve security will wind up losing them both. >> dr. stein, thank you. shannon, i owe you a question next time. thank you for your time. we appreciate you being here on center seat. >> my pleasure. >> stay tuned for emotional hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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finally tonight, an emotional return from overseas, a soldier and his daughter. >> i have a special surprise for somebody in here today. can i have ms. brielle cook come up, please? >> hi. >> hi, how are you? >> good. >> somebody has missed you for a very, very long time. he is here today to see you. >> oh my god. >> i love those. i can see them all the time. thanks for being here, fair, balanced and
1:59 am
>> hillary clinton's big day back on the trail. not what she expected as she dodges questions about her health. >> i communicated with tim. i talked to him again last night. we communicated. we communicated. >> while donald trump goes one-on-one with jimmy fallon. >> didcan i touch your haimess p >> action finally being taken about samsung's phone problem. what you need to know right now if you have one. >> good nap. it really was. >> waking up from a nap sure does feel good. >> sure does. >> it could kill you. >> the new warning before you sleep in and snooze. you don't want to miss this one
2:00 am
right now. >> it is 5:00 a.m. we have time to get the party started right here. good morning. thank you so much for watching "fox & friends first" on this friday morning. it is friday. >> good morning. i am ab hee hunts man. thank you your starting your friday with us. we begin with the race for the white house. late night laughs and jimmy fallon tussles his hair. >> before that he was all business outlining his plan. >> p brand new fox news polls. >> good morning


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