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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 16, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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right now. >> it is 5:00 a.m. we have time to get the party started right here. good morning. thank you so much for watching "fox & friends first" on this friday morning. it is friday. >> good morning. i am ab hee hunts man. thank you your starting your friday with us. we begin with the race for the white house. late night laughs and jimmy fallon tussles his hair. >> before that he was all business outlining his plan. >> p brand new fox news polls. >> good morning abby and
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heather. it is a whole new race now with donald trump vaulting into the league. the latest fox polls confirming it in florida and ohio where hillary clinton has seen her lead simply evaporate among likely voters. trump 46 percent clinton 5 percent a one-point lead in the margin of error of three points. take a look at how close it is as well in a four-way race. clinton on top there 41 percent, 40 percent, johnson 8 percent and stein 3 percent. trump has less off-the-cuff remarks more teleprompter like we saw yesterday with a focus on serious policy proposals such as a big economic speech in manhattan where he focused
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relentle relentlessly on jobs. >> for the one single idea she is got will create one net american job or create one new dollar of american wealth for our workers. the only thing she can offer is a welfare check. that's about it. >> the clinton campfired back that he was very light on details as he pledged 25 million new jobs annual growth bv 3.5 percent maybe as high as 4 percent. businesses should pay no more than 15 percent of their income in taxes. low income persons won't pay any taxes. despite the most recent focus of the policy plans he offered up a little bit of dessert on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon. >> can i mess your hair up? >> the answer is yes but the
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people in new hampshire where i am going to be in about an hour from now, i hope they are going to understand okay? >> okay. >> go ahead. >> yes! donald trump everybody. >> a big day for trump yesterday. finally had the appearance with dr. oz appear in full. you can see the last clip there that's another reason why trump has been rising in the polls. it is folk not focused on the attacks. he is having a little bit more fun and self deprecating humor about his hair. it always works in politics. >> it is not a toupee. a lot of people thought that. >> it is all there. >> it is business as usual for
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the democratic nominee. throwing herself under the bus for the pneumonia response and dodges questioning about her health. >> good morning abby and heather. hillary clinton had stops in washington, d.c. and new york city today. just like trump she is set to appear on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon. for days after nearly collapsing after the 9-11 memorial questions about her health continued to floel her. it kicked off with only 300 people in the attendance. the parking lot and event space noticeably empty. at a press conference after the event reporters requirfired off questions about who handled the. >> i should have taken time off earlier i didn't and now i have and i am back on the campaign trail. >> it didn't stop when they tried to get a straight answer about when exactly their running
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mate tim kaine found out about her diagnosis this was her response. >> my senior staff knew information was provided to a number of people. i communicated with tim. i talked to him again last night. we communicated. we communicated. but i am not going to go into our personal conversations. pressure is mounting from her employees. clinton promised more medical records but yesterday her doctors would only report a minor surgery for pain in her left ear. this weekend her campaign takes a hard turn to the left with senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren hitting the trail on her behalf of the battle ground state of ohio. >> 53 days to go. >> to a fox news alert.
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attacked with a meat cleaver in the middle of new york city. nypd officers firing eight shots. he was on the run after police confronted him about a parking violation. an off duty detective on his way home saw the foot chase and tackled the suspect. that's when he pulled out his 11 inch meat cleaver slashing the offer in the face before being shot. he had been arrested 15 times with a history of violence against police. investigators say he had no links to terror. robby gordon's parents found dead in his home. >> i am so sad and i can't believe it. the truth will come out what went down there. >> police investigating the deaths of off road racing legend
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baha bob gordon and his wife sharon as a murder suicide possibly. a motive not known. he wants people to know his father was a good man. > one step closer to blocking president obama's plan to close guantanamo bay. the house passing a bill banning the administration from transferring any of the 61 remaining detainees for the rest of the year. 9 out of 161 prisoners released under the obama administration have returned to battle. the white house vowed to veto the bill>> fed up residents are demanding the change. they are part of what is known as defense in depth. they are designed so they can maximize limited resources to respond more quickly to threats
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in the area. you will legals can run free increasing crime in their neighborhood. >> edward snowden is not a whistleblower. the contractor stole mostly documents on defense secrets that had nothing to do with privacy. the report comes as snowden pleads for president obama to pardon him. >> the new york jets coming out strong beating the buffalo bills. take a look. >> the jets coming out strong against their divisional rival who kept it close to the final minute. the jets holding them off and it was also the first game ever to be streamed live on twitter. >> everything is on twitter now.
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>> the time is 8 minutes until the top of the hour. an exploding phone recall. the feds pulling the plug on the samsung galaxy note 7. >> brand new fox news polls showing donald trump closing the gap on hillary clinton but how do voters feel about how things are going in the world today? we are taking a closer look. >> and former president george w. bush goes back to school. the ceremony held in his honor. >> first the weather across the country. gomery and abigail higgins had...
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>> because this product has such a fire hazard i am urging all consumers to take advantage of this free call right away. >> samsung finally taking urgent action over the exploding galaxy phones that are sparking fires around the globe. let's go to cheryl casone from fox business with what you need to know. >> samsung electronics making it official recalling galaxy smart phones in the united states they are offering a replacement or a reap fund. the company receiving 92 reports of batteries over heating in the united states. that included 26 reports of burns and 55 cases of property damaged. samsung is working along side the u.s. consumer safety product safety commission. >> you can get a replacement
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phone. the second equal option is you can get a refund. the question on everybody's mind is why. they are saying it was a tiny error in the process of making the phone that led to the defect. the flaws the battery leading to a chance of the phone over heating when it is unclear technology experts why the company didn't catch this before shipping out the new phone a device they hoped would tweet with apple phone 7. the wireless carrier sprint is telling customers that still have this old samsung galaxy 7 to call and make an appointment. you want to do this next week and get a replacement device. they need to make sure inventory reaches the stores and they have tame to spend with each customer to transfer the data. go to guys this is by far the largest
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black eye for am sung an em bare asment for them as they strive to be superior. >> my galaxy 7 is not a note burns up. i am taking that back as well. >> 63 days left in the election. hillary clinton is losing her lead against donald trump. gives trump the edge over clinton 46 to 45 percent. here to break down the latest polls is matt legacy and partners. thank you for joining us this mork. things are switching up. that is a 2 way race where trump is leading in a four-way race you have clinton up by 1 percent. >> it is closer than anybody
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suspected. they said it is nowhere near over. you are seeing the momentum shifting and seeing energy and all kinds of numbers favoring donald trump. >> what do you atrb gut it to? >> he has done a great job of stayi staying focused on the issues that are most important to the american voters like the economy and jobs and immigration. he's doing it in a very, very reasonable way. i think he has taken many fewer pot shots. eeb the way he handled clinton's health. i hope he gets back on the trail. he has made a couple lead ins to it but he has gotten a lot stronger. this is who people have a preference for. clinton supporters 87 percent are certain to support. 90 percent of trump supporters
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are certain to support. >> so right about now this is what i would expect particularly in this race. a lot of people say after labor day it is locked and loaded. they are going up and down over the last months. they could change their mind but it is fascinating to me they could change their mind between donald trump and hillary clinton. you couldn't have to different candidates. people are -- a lot of people say they are voting again. >> what would change their mind who they trust to do a better job several different issues, the economy. immigration take that for example you have hillary clinton leading 50 percent to 45 percent on that one. >> the economy is the number one most important issue to voters on both sides. trump is leading.
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immigration and terrorism he owned for a long time. that's important. voters think immigration, national security are very, very important to them. that's an interesting thing. donald trump has to get that back. also we have seen the support for the wall has really weakened. for a while a lot of people wanted it dropped in support by 10 mounts. >> a lot of those numbers change after the first debate. >> absolutely. >> this one right now things in the world today. how are they going? this poll this is what we said first of all. are they going to hell in a hand basket now? 57 percent say yes on that absolutely. they are all right, 38 percent. >> this has been holding steady for the last couple of years. people are frustrated they are not sure we are going in the right direction. that plays into the hands of donald trump. he's an outsider.
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hillary clinton represents a continuation of obama's policies. obama's administration where people are saying things aren't going the right way. >> finally let's take a look at this. you mentioned the wall. you are right there. 41 percent are in favor of it. 50 percent in favor back in 2015, 55 percent to 47 percent. >> a lot of people were saying he might back down on that. he clearly hasn't. his immigration speech had that as a center piece. the issues are what else is he going to do? we are seeing in the polls immigration is going to hillary clinton. but we are going to start seeing shifts. hillary clinton hasn't bb focusing on these issues? is she going to win momentum? >> she is back on the campaign trail. we will see what happens. >> thank you.
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we appreciate it. let's keep talking the new polls. what do you think about how things are going in the world? we will have a live debate hashtag keep talking. >> 20 minutes after the hour. jaw jobbing security exposed in the nation's biggest airports. calling the skills of bomb sniffing dogs into question. >> marky mark can't escape his past. why crimes he committed decades ago are haunting the millionaire star. >> we have republican presidential nominee donald trump on the show tonight. it is very tight on their way in. everyone in the audience had to put their keys into a tray and
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likely to become over weight that is couples. married men are less likely to suffer met boll i be syndrome compared to single people. they are more likely to go to the doctors if they are sick. my husband would say it is because i nag them all of the time. >> i have always heard the opposite that you get happy and fa fat. >> gaining ground donald trump surging in new fox news polls. >> she ran into a very effective counter strategy from his new team and his strategy oo working. hers is not. >> what is this new strategy and will it stick? charles krauthammer gets his take next.
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>> it is friday september 16th. hillary clinton's big day back. not quite what she expected as she dodges questions about her health. >> i communicated with tim. i talked with him again last night. we have communicated. we have chun indicated. >> while donald trump goes one-on-one with jimmy fallon. >> can i mess your hair up? >> believe me. you do not want to miss this. >> millions of dollars in jewelry swiped in a smash and grab heist. it was all caught on camera. >> oh, yeah. >> it is a burlesque brunch like you have never seen before all inspired "magic" mike."
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"fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ >> we are all kind of in love with friday. you are watching "fox & friends first." i am abby huntsman. >> i am heather childers. thank you so much for joining us. donald trump letting his hair down literally as he squashes rumors with a bromance with putin. oo ee lays out his economic plan. >> we are live with more on this
2:32 am
with brand new fox news polls. >> remember midsummer when hillary clinton had command of had presidential race and pundits were speculating about how bad of a land slide it would be for donald trump? that was then, this is now. trump has vaulted into the lead in the latest fox poll concerning what we have seen in other national polls as well as battle ground states as well where he is leading among likely voters. obviously within the marvin of ger or. clinton leads 41 percent over trump. stein gets it percent. they can have a big impact in a
2:33 am
4 man race. serious policy proposals such as the speech in man hat continue where it was all about the economy. >> establish a national goal with 4 percent economic growth. i think we can do better than that. under our plan the economy will average 3.5 percent growth. >> hillary clinton's campaign shot back he was scant on details you heard him say maybe no more than 15 percent of the income in taxes. that would be a big tax cut for corporate america. low income wouldn't pay any taxes trying to help the poor and middle class. hillary clinton camp saying that would not help the poor.
2:34 am
the spinach of those policy plans you noted he's offering a little dessert as well appearing on "the tonight show" as well. he didn't just let him mess up his hair he also talked about vladmir putin. >> die know hi-- i don't know h. i think if we got along with russia isn't a bad thing and getting along with other countries. democrats are trying to say i don't like him. i don't like him or dislike him. they are making it like i am his best friend. what i want is what's right for the country. >> trump's doctor also came out and officially said he's fit to be commander-in-chief. trump said there's no bromance between the leaders, he just wants to have a better relationship between the countries. >> trump hair trending on twitter. >> i kind of want to feel what it feels like. >> i have done that. >> you felt his hair? >> it is kind of stiff.
2:35 am
>> he said feel my hair, it's real. >> i was not expecting to hear that. >> long story. >> have a good day. >> fwis as usual for hillary clinton back on the trail. the democratic nominee facing fallout from her health scare and is now throwing her aids under the bus. patricia stark with the latest on that. >> good morning. hillary clinton has stops in washington, d.c. and new york city today. just like trump she is set to appear on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon. four-days after nearly collapsing at the 9-is 11 memorial questions of her health continue to follow her. her return kicked off with a small rally with only about 300 people in attendance. the parking lot and event space notably empty. they fired off questions about how she handled the health scare and who does she blame? >> my campaign has said they
2:36 am
could have been fast err. i agree with that. i should have taken time off earlier, i didn't. now i have. i am back on the campaign trail. >> clinton's running mate tim kaine appeared in new hampshire where a protester confronted him after he left the stage even grabbing the mic. reporters asking when he found out about the diagnosis and this is her response. >> my senior staff knew information was provided to a number of people. i communicated with tim. i talked to him again last night. we communicated. we xhaun indicated. i am not going to go into our personal conversations. >> pressure is mounting from her own supporters. house minority whip saying she should have disclose it had earlier. they would only report on minor surgery during the primary for pain in her left ear.
2:37 am
her campaign turns to the left with sanders hitting the trail on her behalf in the battle ground state of ohio. >> so close in ohio. hillary clinton is with the lead over donald trump as trump gains ground in the national poils as well as key battle ground states. clinton's strategy of demonizing trump isn't working. >> he was speak being compassion for illegal immigrants with a muddy kind of foggy message. then you have a few days ago this new entitlement for child care. you have the new trump as she is escalating about the old, the bad, the bully trump talking
2:38 am
about the basket of deplorables anti american extreme and the two images are clashing and his strategy is working. hers is not. >> coming out of the convention fox news polls showed clinton leading by 10 points. how quickly that changed. >> the white house with a southern border report that could get donald trump elected. the report ordered by law makers and completed last year won't be released until after the november election. it is because they publically report 80 percent of illegals are caught when crossing the border. their new unreleased report shows only 50 percent are actually caught. >> the first female soldier to tackle green paw ray training fails out. she made history into the elite program but was unable to complete the highly demanding
2:39 am
enlistment source. she failed to land the land navigation phase in training. 1 in 3 earn a spot in the green berets. hope she goes again. >> the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. food stamp furry. how the obama administration made it easier to get federal assistance. and calling it quits. why you won't be seeing adelle on tour any time soon. >> this is surprising. >> for a long time. >> no.
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>> welcome back. defect danger. a brand new warning for millions of drivers before you leave the house. >> cheryl casone here with what we all need to know. >> good morning, ladies. this is fiat chrysler.
2:43 am
1.9 million vehicles worldwide. this is an air bag defect we are talking about. of the 1.9 million, 1.4 we should say are here in the united states. now there has been three deaths reported and five reports of injuries. also the dodge caliber, the avenger. if you are driving a chrysler brand you need to check it out. >> not the first time we have heard about air bag problems. food stamps now digital. it is food stamps. you probablingby heard about it. 4 million americans on food stamps since obama took office. this is a two-year pilot program. they are looking for volunteers in particular food companies. they want to target rural communities and also tribal
2:44 am
communities areas that don't have grocery stores. they are going to try to test it in three different states. they are looking at companies to sign up for food stamp items groceries is a plausible idea. >> people have been waiting in line for the iphone. >> it is sort of available. it is kind of knot. so, yeah, already in hong kong and sidney the doors are open to apple stores there. people have been standing in line for days. the problem, if you want the iphone 7 plus and you want to walk into an apple store you are not going to get it. they are out. for the iphone 7 the black color they are out of that as well. you can order it, feel it, touch
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it, but you can't get it. to let you know the iphone 7 plus starts at 7:69 for the device and iphone 769. >> i like my cordless head phones. >> thank you. >> no matter how much time passes or how much money you make there are some things you cannot escape even if you are a big hollywood star. >> we cannot do that here. >> i care about you. i care about you. i care about you. not feeling it. >> we are going to cut them lose and go home. >> mark wahlberg's request for pardon for a 98 assault denied. he served 45 days of a 3 month sentence when he was a teenager. he closed his petition to a pardon because he didn't respond to a request to keep it open.
2:46 am
>> this "hello" singer is saying good-bye to touring. ♪ sirng adelle will not go on tour for a decade to raise her son. it comes after the tour wraps up in november. her son has been travelling with her but starts school next year and would no longer be able to join her on the road. >> she will be back. guaranteed. >> speaking of family. steve doocy. see what's coming up on "fox & friends. >> some say bill clinton is not the surrogate. >> bill clinton is no longer the closer he was. once he was the best guy you could have speak on you are yoob half in the democratic party. not any more. everybody wants president obama and he's way down the list bill
2:47 am
clinton is. we are going to be talking a little bit about that and how that's working because this past week bill clinton stepped in for hillary out on the stump. a week ago today hillary made her comment about the basket of deplorables. now look what you can put in your shopping basket, deplorable items like deplorables unite for trump for president in 2016. >> you own it at that point. spin it and make it a positive. >> there you go. >> will definitely tune in. thank you so much, steve. >> we will be right back. don't go away.
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welcome back to a v.a. official who was supposed to be fired is lavishly rewarded.
2:51 am
an investigation found this woman linked to records falsificati falsification, abuse of authority and tax evasion. an in-house discipline board wanted her to be fired, but they gave her a financial settlement and immunity. a la loves cleanliness. parents are outraged. the handout given by a new jersey teacher includes a reference to a kwor an quote. she downloaded the work sheet online before carefully reviewing its content. jimmy fallon asking donald trump an unexpected question. sirius xm 15 here with the whole story. can't get enough of this carly. >> good morning, ladies.
2:52 am
i can't either. we've never seen donald trump quite like this before. the presidential candidate appeared on "the tonight show" last night and talked about his health and rising poll numbers. trump allowed fallon to do the unimaginable. mess up his hair. >> can i mess your hair up? oh, my goodness. trump later retweeted the message saying his hair got the jimmy fallon treatment. if that's a salon treatment, i'm not buying it. >> yeah. >> just as an explanation, periodically when he's with reporters when i was doing a story on him, he'll say touch my hair, it's real. it really is. >> he wants people to know it's real. >> looks a little coarse. lest story of the morning. george bush visits an elementary school. >> he had a memorable day at
2:53 am
school. the very first school was named after him in texas. the school's 550 students surprised him with a special song. bush paid them back with some valuable advice. >> read more than you play games on electronic devices. >> the foerm president later posted this to his instagram saying spending time with the students gave me confidence that our great state and country will continue to be great. >> love to see that. absolutely great. something else that a lot of people love to see. magic mike. >> a restaurant in d.c. is adding spice to their brunch menu by including burlesque. ♪ >> well, a magic mike themed brunch spot opened in d.c. the unique experience will set you back 50 bucks for general admission and $65 for vip
2:54 am
seating. >> might be worth it, though. >> all you can drink and eat and a show. >> no channing tatum. >> that would be worth it. >> thanks, carly. it's eight minutes until the top of the hour. gone in 40 seconds. millions of dollars in jewelry swiped in a smash and grab heist. all of this caught on camera. where you can now sit on 18 carat gold toilet. yes it works and apparently it's free. >> wow. >> hey, need fast heartburn relief?
2:55 am
try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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happening today, closing arguments in a road rage case. a man is facing attempted murder charges in a shooting death of trayvon martin. samsung officially recalling galaxy note 7 phones. many have exploded because of a flaw in the battery. there's a federal order banning them from -- >> the guggenheim is featuring a
2:59 am
controversial exhibit a toilet made out of gold. america is fully functional and visitors are encouraged to use it. it's time for the good, the bad and the ugly. >> the good first. ft. worth police surprising a 6-year-old after he sent them a heartfelt thank you letter. the surprise complete with a dozen squad cars, even a helicopter. in the letter, he simply thanked them for protecting his family. the bad. gone in 40 seconds, the multimillion dollar jewel heist caught on camera. four men decked out in all black stuffing their bags with jewels at one of houston's most upscale stores. finally, the ugly. live from north korea, it is saturday night. the communist country broadcasting an snl-style comedy skit cracking jokes about president obama and they respond to the fest. the audience exploding into laughter. possibly ordered to do so.
3:00 am
maybe. >> snl starts its new season. a lot of material for them to work with. >> have a great weekend everybody. >> happy friday everyone. "fox and friends" starts now. bye. good morning to you and your family. it is friday, it's september 16th, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. donald trump is on top. the gop nominee is surging as hillary stumbles. we'll break down the latest numbers. back from sick leave, hillary hits the trail and immediately throws her staff under that bus. >> my campaign has said they could have been faster. i agree with that. i should have taken time off earlier. i didn't. now i have. i'm back on the campaign trail. >> little defensive there. the blame game didn't stop there. we'll tell you where it did stop. donald trump had a hair raising experience on "the tonight show" with jimmy


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