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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

5:00 pm "the o'reilly factor" is up next. i will be one of bill's guests. plots tune in. our political quote from the today this one from winston good night, folks. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> for five years, he has led the birther movement to delegitimize our first black president. his campaign was founded on this outrageous lie. >> hillary clinton trying to blunt donald trump's momentum by getting very personal in attacking mr. trump. will that strategy work? talking points will deal with it. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. >> in order to blunt the clinton attack, donald trump has gone "on the record" in hopes to bury the birther stuff. we'll analyze that strategy. ♪ radio blasting going fast she can now and she'll have
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fun, fun, fun ♪ until her daddy takes the t bird away. >> directly ahead one of the bands in american history destroyed because of drugs. tonight, we will have the inside story of how the beach boys fell apart. >> it was too much for me to fathom at the time. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly thanks for watching under the circumstances tonight. blunting trump's momentum. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. hillary clinton gave a stem winder of a speech today in washington. trying to put donald trump on the defensive. mrs. clinton must be stunned by the turn around in the polls, especially in states like florida and ohio, which she needs to win. therefore, the clinton campaign had to make a statement and chose the
5:02 pm
personal route, the main theme of her talk today is that trump is personally unfit to be president. >> donald trump looks at president obama after 8 years as our president, he still doesn't see him as an american. think of how dangerous that is. aimagine a person in the oval office who traffics in conspiracy theories and refuses to let them go. no matter what the facts are. imagine someone who distorts the truth, to fit a very narrow view of the world. imagine a president who sees someone who doesn't look like him, and doesn't agree with him and thinks, that person must not be a real american. in addition to the president, donald trump looks at a distinguished federal judge, born in indiana, and he sees a
5:03 pm
mexican, not an american. he looks at a gold star family and sees them as muslims, not patriotic americans. he looks at women and decides how our looks rate on a scale of 1 to 10. >> now, it is clear that secretary clinton is playing the invective card. there was little policy in her speech today. it was all about redemonizing donald trump as an unstable guy who is hostile to a variety of americans. now, will that tactic work? probably not. because those who believe as mrs. clinton does, are already in her camp. they are already there. by this time, the 10 percent or so of americans who are still persuadable in the election have heard all the anti-trump stuff before. the big reason hillary clinton went after trump in a personal way is to refocus
5:04 pm
negative attention on him, media attention. thereby, taking it off her. today, in the "l.a. times" daily tracking poll, which bounces around a lot, trump is now up by 6% after two weeks of press scrutiny on hillary clinton. the more extensive national polling from fox news and others has trump either beating or very close to hillary clinton, among likely voters. that shocked the democratic party because, mr. trump is an unusual candidate to say the least. and has major baggage as any big time businessman would. but, secretary clinton's resume problems are more extensive than donald trump's because of the fbi investigation and others. that is holding secretary clinton back. for his part, trump seems to be listening to his new team, which has imposed discipline on the campaign. today in washington, some generals endorsed trump, concentrating on national security and the military. in that exposition, trump spoke for less than 30
5:05 pm
seconds dealing with the birther issue. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. now we all want to get back to making america strong and great again. thank you. >> ironically, just before trump said that just before, president obama actually helped him out unwittingly. >> we got other business to attend to. i was pretty confident about where i was born. i think most people were as well, and my hope would be that the presidential election reflects more serious issues than that. >> so, trump caught a break today with mr. obama assisting in getting the birther issue off the table. going forward, there are 10 days until the first debate. both candidates will be doing serious prep work with
5:06 pm
their presentations on monday, september 26th at hofstra university on long island. the whole world will be watching this debate. there is no coming back if you screw up. big time pressure. so, it behoove, word of the day behoove both of the candidates to avoid controversy before the debate. personal attacks at this point will most likely hurt the attacker. it was almost pathetic today. pathetic, to watch the ravings on cable news by anti-trump zealots. did you guys just find out about the birther issue? if trump is conceding the point, why the vitriol? again, hatred never plays well with the folks. what fair minded americans really want are solutions to vexing problems. they want specifics. they want clarity. they want consistency. whoever delivers that best from here on will win the white house. and that's the memo. next on the rundown, reaction from bolling, rivera, and brit hume.
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let's just get a sandwich or something. "or something"? you don't just graduate from medical school, "or something." and we don't just pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and hand-slice avocado. there's nothing "or something" about it. continuing now with our lead story, hillary clinton personally attacking donald trump, trying to blunt his momentum. here now in new york city eric bolling and geraldo rivera. so where am i going wrong on the talking points, geraldo? >> i think that you are not emphasizing strong enough what a gift donald trump gave to hillary clinton. hillary clinton had not just two bad weeks she had two horrifying weeks. on sunday, on 9/11 she collapsed on video. people looked at her as frail and elderly. everybody was talking about is she fit, physically fit to be president of the united states? now what are they going to be talking about, not about her fitness. not about any of the other scandals that continue to plague her. they will continue to be
5:11 pm
talking about crump and birther movement. >> that had do i die out now that he won't address. >> he was smart took 25 seconds got rid of it, dismissed and moved on. she is on the ropes. >> let's stay there for a minute. what rivera is referring to is that he had a chance with the "the washington post." i started this. >> did you. >> i didn't start it in a confrontational way. i started it in informational way i asked donald trump last week if he thought the birther thing hurt him among african-americans that was the question. when the "the washington post" says they, of course, want to do try to trap trump in to saying are you still a birther he should have said no. he didn't. he didn't say anything. that's when the whole thing rose up. >> okay. fair enough. look at what has happened since then. he has a 36-hour news cycle all about him. he dismissed it appropriately in 25 seconds. it's done. >> it's not all about him. hillary clinton. geraldo rivera are a is right that he gave hillary clinton the platform to go after him and she will get a lot of ink on that.
5:12 pm
the question becomes for you guys to make a judgment on is that going to help hillary clinton, i don't think it is. >> i think it is. he i love donald trump is he so intemperate and i don't remember when you were at the 2011 white house correspondence dinner i was there when president obama eviscerated donald trump, humiliated him in front of that crowd with birther jokes donald trump's next project see whether or not the moon landing was fake. here is the video of my birth shows the clip from lion king. he ridiculed trump. i think he ran for president to get back at obama for ridiculing him. >> trump is giving it up now. >> 2014 trump was still tweeting about this serious questions. i got all kinds of emails today just today from fox fans saying i should investigate whether or not he was born in kenya because
5:13 pm
questions persist. he is so nimble usually but not on this. >> my contention is that the birther issue is done because trump won't engage in it and he is on the record. it's over now. i believe that on monday that you won't even hear it again. >> well,. >> she will try and make it big. >> but it then becomes. >> look at her tactics on twitter now, trying to needle him on twitter to see if she can engage him. he is smart. he is pushing back on that. >> kellyanne conway doing that. >> i'm not sure. i know kellyanne, i spoke to her yesterday. is he still donald trump. clearly, he clearly listening to people for the first time. >> did you see the congressional black caucus? >> did i. >> that was hysterical. >> they're hysterical. >> but i mean why did he go to those cities detroit and so forth? why flint? why did he go? didn't he go to. >> to win over some. >> some. >> those are the folks, not the zealots. the congressional black caucus would never -- they would vote for putin over trump. they would support isis over
5:14 pm
trump. >> that may be true. but this whole image of racialism. >> it cemented in the media's mind. i don't know if he is making any inroads by the way but i'm glad he is trying. go ahead. >> he has two new slogans out right now. >> slogans? all right what are the slogans. >> used to be you couldn't drink the water in mexico and cars were made in michigan now you can't drink the water in michigan and the cars are made in mexico. today he unveiled i produce paychecks. she produces welfare checks. he is on message. he is not getting -- he is not getting blind -- or off the track with this birther crap. he is done with it. >> let's advance the story. do you, rivera, believe that hillary clinton will try to bait trump at the debates? will she kind of throw that stuff at him trying to get him? >> if by baiting you mean ridicule him, i think that's how you will get under his skin. i think she will. >> really? >> this man, until a year and a half ago, believed
5:15 pm
that the president of the united states was born in africa. he said he was sending his investigators into hawaii. they were on to something. and then look what he -- he delit jizzed the first african-american president of the united states. >> doesn't deal with policy. >> college educated women. >> do you think she is going to ridicule trump? >> she will try. >> do you think so? >> if he is smart he will turn and say something complimentary to her. >> what a babe. >> this is the line. if i were writing for trump this is the complimentary line. it's nice see you here tonight and not in prison madam secretary. nice to sigh, right? is that a bad line? >> jumpsuit? is that what you are saying? >> i have lines against trump too. it's bipartisan. all right, you guys, go home. directly ahead, brit hume on whether donald trump's momentum will continue. and later, bill clinton may be sacking colin kaepernick from big yardage. wait until you hear this.
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those reports after these messages. (announcer vo) that's right, keep rockin'.
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impact segment tonight. trump momentum as we mentioned in the talking points memo. all of the polling has him gaining after hillary clinton's deplorables comment and her health scare. joining us now from washington brit hume, the new anchor of "on the record." so, first of all, are you surprised by the momentum swing, brit? >> yeah, a little bit surprised, bill. you know, let's keep a couple of things in mind. not just the misfortunes that have been suffered by mrs. clinton and the fact that she blurted out that deplorables comment which i don't think helped her very much. but donald trump has also avoided problems. you know, he stuck to his scripts. he is laying out specifics. he is behaving with some dignity and grace that a lot of his critics would say he
5:20 pm
didn't have any. so she has been doing a little worse and maybe even a lot worse and he has been doing better. >> all right. but then he comes -- >> -- the momentum is real. >> but then comes the birther thing where he had an easy dismissal over the "the washington post" and then he had to, you know, hold a special thing and awill youd her, you know, as rivera pointed out some pretty good shots. >> well, perhaps. but, as i understand what happened is, he was planning to do this today on the birther controversy and try to put it to rest. and when he was -- he was asked by a "the washington post" reporter who got a little interview with him what he -- whether he cared to do it then, ahead of this event today, he said no. and that led to a headline that said he refuses to disavow the birther idea. that's really -- that was unreasonable. >> that's why trump should stay away from the print press for the next 1 10 days. i didn't know that by the way. thank you for saying that i thought he said outright to
5:21 pm
the "the washington post" i don't know or something like that. just so the audience understands. >> he wasn't prepared to do it, yeah. >> just so the audience understands trump, according to brit hume, and that's a pretty reliable source, said to the "the washington post" reporter i'm not ready to say that now because i want to say it in a singular press conference. >> i don't think he went quite that far but, basically it's just that he wasn't prepared to do it at the time. which is yesterday. he was planning to do it today and did. >> okay. hillary clinton, i don't believe, gains a lot of currency anymore. i think she did at the democratic convention. but not anymore with the personal attacks, with the demonization. do you agree or dispro? >> you kind of think here, bill, that she may have shot all the fish in that barrel if you know what i mean in the sense that there are a lot of people out in the country who regard donald trump, some of them as republicans completely totally and forever unacceptable. she has got them. or at least she has got them at least not voting for him.
5:22 pm
but, i don't think that's -- they are going to decide this race. i think what this race will be decided by is this question: and that is whether people's desire for change and dissatisfaction with the status quo is that they are not going to vote for a status quo stay the course candidate at this time. they are eager to vote for somebody who is going to give them change. they may even be willing to vote for somebody who will give them change who they have misgivings about and who they think is risky. but people may be red dr. to take a risk and trump needs to disaf those people and make people feel more comfortable with him and that he could be an unaccept president. >> you vote for donald trump you are taking a bit of a risk. >> exactly. >> voting for hillary clinton it's more of the same. now, both bolling and rivera said they think that hillary clinton is going to bait and going to go after trump and try to rattle him with a you don't like women business or you don't like blacks or whoever you don't like. do you think she is going to
5:23 pm
do that? >> i think -- i don't think she will have to. i suspect that the questions from the panelists in the early debate will be designed to try to catch trump out in his limited knowledge of government. and they try to expose to people what they think is his lack of qualifications. and he will have to somehow deal with that. and i suspect that she also will try to provoke him in some way to get him to blurt out some intemperate comment that can be used against him. >> that will be interesting to see whether she does that or not. >> i think we will see it. >> so now you all know that hume is back full time doing "on the record." and, you know, when i heard that announcement, this scene came in to my mind. roll it. >> uh-oh. >> just when i thought i was out, they pull me back in. [ laughter ] >> so, hume, i envied you. poka grandiboca grande in the wn florida.
5:24 pm
the hat on. playing golf in the summer. in maine eating lobster now every day like me. >> bill, i was sitting in a diner in vernon, connecticut with my wife, part of our way back on our road trip back from maine and i got a phone call from my lawyer, agent, the great bob barnett told me something totally extraordinary might be happening and they might need me to return to work full time for a while and i said i don't think, i don't know. but the more i thought about it, the more i thought, you know, if there is a big hole in the lineup at 7:00, and they need temporary help, this company has been good to me, i'm going to do it. >> all right. well, we're glad you are leading in to us now. don't screw it up. >> thank you. >> don't screw it up, employees? >> i will try not to. >> plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. one of america's most popular group the beach boys torn apart by drug use. factor exclusive we will talk to defector from a
5:25 pm
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5:29 pm
various terror charges. in a stunning turn of events is he working at the george washington university center for cyber and homeland security. he joins us now from washington. first of all, why did you join al qaeda? >> well, the process of my radicalization and my entrance into adherence for afint to al qaeda's ideology started at very young age. i had a traumatic upbringing it made me open up to alternative ideologies. thereafter i identified with islam after reading the autobiography with malcolm x and could relate with a lot of his story. i was open to radical interpretations from the very beginning. criminal behavior was under pinning development of my youth. during that time i went to jail and was radicalized by a preacher in jail shortly before 9/11. so by the time 9/11 happened, i had sort of a natural inclination to adopt the world view of the jihadists that gave me an
5:30 pm
opportunity to express my rage and frustration through a counter cultural movement albeit a violent one. that process continued to unfold and i continued to get deeper and deeper in to the ideology of al qaeda. and eventually graduated from role to role first as student, adherent and then as propagandist. >> let me stop you there. you are in the u.s.a. you didn't go to pakistan or any of those places. you're here in the united states. and you are working with al qaeda here; is that correct? >> well that is correct. at the time al qaeda was changing its strategy. they were becoming less a top down hierarchal organization and more centralized with regard to inspiring others to take up the cause. they were stressing that individuals everywhere needed to concentrate on propagating the ideology that that was one of the ways that they were going to sustain their movement. and. >> and where were you doing this physically in the u.s.a.? where were you? >> i was in new york city. i started working on behalf
5:31 pm
of the jihadists ideology and propagating in 2004. i was first with society and then i started my entity. revolution muslim in late 2007. ran that up until the point of my incarceration in may of 2011. >> were you worried about the fbi and people coming after you? was that a -- something that you were worried about here? >> well, it was quite obvious that we were certainly under investigation. but we carefully attempted to toe the line between free and illegal speech. we believed we were in the locally realm of the law. and so, of course we knew we were being monitored but i think that when you are so drunk on an ideology and committed to a cause the risk associated with activism becomes something that you actually enjoy, believe it or not. >> cat and mass mois got you. how much time did you serve. >> originally sentenced to 11 and a half years. i was picked up in may of
5:32 pm
2011. usama bin laden was killed. i was afforded the opportunity to cooperate with law enforcement. i had many different variables that contributed to deradicallization and ultimately the judge on the case with the recommendation of the prosecutor released me after three years and nine months. >> federal government against the other radical -- muslim radicals, right? >> well, after i determined that the ideology i had was completely false, there were still factions of the networks that were continuing to reach out to me. on top of that, i had analytical analysis that was able to make a contribution in how we assess risk. >> all right sowvment helped against the jihad? >> in many different capacities, yes. >> they cut you some slack. now what are you dog at george washington university? >> well, upon my release, a lot of statements were coming from politicians like the president from the house and homeland security committee. different factions of the policy community and counter terrorism community
5:33 pm
generally about the value of former extremists. and so i decided to attempt to find an avenue by which i could operate as a former in the u.s. -- a program on extremism is doing. so best work in the field of countering violent extremism and educating the public and policymakers about that. found it in ideal home. after a long process, i was hired. and i have been given enormous opportunity -- >> --now you are with the good guys. >> absolutely. i mean, my world view has totally changed. now i think rationally. >> this story, mr. morton is amazing on two levels redemption. >> yes. >> which we believe in here very much. number two, now you are a patriot. i hope. i hope you are helping to protect americans because we need all the protection we can get. last word? >> i think at the end of the day you're right. i mean, i was able to realize the value of the american system. i realized now today that it's not just about who they are. it's about who we are. >> that's right. >> we have a system of life that is in many ways
5:34 pm
provable and one can look at it from a factual status and see that the american system, democracy, liberalism, and freedom is a way that liberates everybody. >> thank you, mr. morton, fascinating story. good luck to you. thank you very much. when we come right back, a factor investigation. is the obama administration hiding the real story about illegal immigration on the border? that report moments away.
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thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the factor investigation segment tonight, reporting by fox news correspondent william la jeunesse out of los angeles says that the department of homeland security is not, is not telling americans the real story about illegal immigration on the mexican border. it's a huge issue in this presidential campaign. >> we're going to end family detention, close private detention facilities, and stop the raids and round-ups. no child should have to say goodbye to their parents every morning not knowing if their mom or dad will be there when they get home. >> secretary clinton putting forth the very sympathetic you have on illegal immigration. joining us from l.a. the aforementioned william la jeunesse.
5:39 pm
what's the headline of your story, william. >> two headlines, number one, for years we have generally been told that the administration either catches or deters about 80% of the illegal immigrants on the southwest border. the report that i'm aware of, that we paid for, shows it's really more like 50/50. 51%. secondly, you pay for it, it's completed in may. and it is still not being released even though people who are involved with authorizing that report want it out. >> all right. have you seen the report yourself, william? >> i have been extensively briefed on it and i have seen portions of material from the report that allowed us to make these conclusion conclusions, the 51% number. >> who did the report? who did it? >> the report was done by an outside federal quasifederal agency that is hired by homeland security to do it. eight researchers spent one year, made three trips to the border. these are the best and brightest. all came out with the report, peer reviewed the numbers and methodology is good.
5:40 pm
it says the number isn't 81%. it's 51%. that's a number they are trying to get out. >> what is the homeland security chief jeh johnson say about this number one and why is he holding it back number two? >> ironically jeh johnson is the one who ordered the report. congress had been asking for this number for years dating back to janet napolitano. he had the courage to author, commission the report, wanted to get it out. when he tried to get it out, he was told he had to go to the white house domestic policy counsel cecil moon knows. >> who told him. >> the people at dhs told the consultants hired to do the report you have to go to the white house before we can let this out. it has to be coordinated with the domestic policy council. >> involved with keeping this thing down. he didn't put it out on his own. he said you have got to run it by the white house. of course, the white house doesn't want it out there. that's the bottom line? >> that is the bottom line. they had a meeting. 13 people. they yelled at each other. they said we want it out.
5:41 pm
they said no way. political reasons you are not going out. >> all right. it will get out now that you reported it and by the way that is an exclusive by william la jeunesse. good job. we appreciate you coming on tonight. the other security story this evening, hacking into private emails. this week general colin powell, former secretary of state was embarrassed when his personal email surfaced publicly, disparaging both hillary clinton and donald trump. joining us now from washington morgan wright, a cyber security analyst. so, who do you think hacked into powell's emails? >> all indications point to the russians. they have had an ongoing campaign against the dnc. the cia director gooseifer 2 point 0. trade craft points it's got to be somebody in there. >> when someone gets hanged by like general powell the fbi is the agency that goes in and tries to track who is doing it. >> yeah, usually they document they usually have primary responsibility for things like that. sometimes the secret service or dhs will get involved.
5:42 pm
on something like, this you will most likely see the fbi take the lead. >> pattern of behavior that the bureau has seen each hack hacker, china and russian hackers. >> yes. >> you say you know for a fact that the powell hack has a profile of a russian operation. >> it's hard to put facts in cyberspace. if russia launches a missile we can pretty well trace that. that's direct attribution. hike we saw with north korea it took a while to get the facts down. let's put it this way more facts to indicate it's russia geopolitically, trade craft tools all things are pointing. >> these wikileaks people and could it be individuals doing this? some guy in their basement? is that possible? >> i don't think so, bill. i will tell you why. there is a level of sophistication here. a level of rolling things out. and understanding political implications of doing. this sustained effort it took over time to collect these emails. these things went on for a couple years. they have over two to three years of emails of general powell and other people. >> that's having
5:43 pm
interesting. >> sustained initiative. >> powell gets severely elm embarrassed and anybody in power position that uses the machines as i call them has to worry about getting hacked. >> yes. >> is there any way folks can protect themselves? >> you know, bill, if people will do just three basic things, number one encrypt every piece of data you have at risk or in motion. number two, use a better password and stronger password. things built around to do that. third called multistack. yourser name and password or user key that recycles over 30 seconds. if you did those three things you would be better than 98% of the people computing right now. >> texting, that's not the same as email. >> no. >> you can hack into texting? >> yes, you can. there is a protocol called ss 7. it's a geeky thing. that thing was hacked. that's the thick that runs august the cell phones around the world. get to email cell phone,
5:44 pm
text, apple and icloud and storing things like that, there is a lot of things you can get to that people don't realize. >> you see, there is no privacy in the world anymore. there really isn't any privacy anymore. this encryption i guess is the best thing. >> go to alaska somewhere away from all the cell towers, you might come close. >> all right. mr. wright, we appreciate it. thanks very much. beach boys on deck. they are, as you know, american pop icons, but interest is a very dark back story to the group. and you will hear it as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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back of the book segment tonight, legendary popularity of the beach business over the years more top 40 hits than any other american group in history. beach boys still tour and
5:48 pm
the lead singer mike love has written a new book called "good vibrations" that chronicles what happened to the band. some of it is surprising. >> so, first of all, as you know i'm a big beach boys fan have been since i was like 6 years old. that's how much older you are than me. >> oh. when i read your book though there were a lot of things that i didn't know about the band that you write about. the first one i want to get into it seems that every single american rock band was destroyed by drugs, and the beach boys no exception. brian wilson got heavily into drugs and so did all the other members and some of it was heroin, big time drugs. why does that happen? >> >> you know, back in the 1960's, marijuana was no big thing. but then along comes lsd and that really messed some people's brains up. >> did you ever take lsd. >> no. absolutely not. >> but your cousin brian wilson did? >> and dennis and carl. >> did that change them?
5:49 pm
>> my cousin brian said once he took lsd he heard voices saying dog tear thing derogatory things to him. since that time he took lsd. in that specific situation, it didn't do brian any favors. >> so you started off as clean cut kids from california, making a great new sound ♪ i wish they all could be california girls. >> and then all of a sudden a few years later you are drug-involved. the other thing was that you along the line got to meet all the big rock icons and tell the story about meeting the beatles in the book. >> yeah. >> did you get along with those guys? >> beautifully. we both had our birthdays in 1968 when george passed away. i was feeling very mel alan melancholy about it. such a great person. paul mccartney came to the breakfast table playing flew in from miami beach. >> back in the ussr ♪ back in the ussr. >> why do you think they
5:50 pm
were so successful? did you ever think about that? >> they were brilliant at marketing and promotion. sergeant pepper's album cover was brilliant. paul mccartney. our album at marketing. sergeant pepper's album cove was brilliant. our album cover pet sounds was photographed at the san diego petting zoo. >> you got to give it to the beetles. i don't think there's anything -- i think beach boys are probably the best american group ever. you, in your book, get kind of dark and the darkest part, dennis wilson gots involved with charles manson. when you first heard about that, did you have any idea how bad this manson guy was? >> nobody did. we knew he was weird. dennis comes home from a tour and charlie and the girls were living at his house. they moved in and took cars, clothing, anything that wasn't nailed down. >> did dennis wilson think he
5:51 pm
was strange. >> let's put it this way. why are you so uptight today, dennis. was at the ranch and i saw charlie take an m 16 rifle and blow a black cat in half and stuffed him down the well at the ranch. >> he killed a guy? >> yes. >> did you believe that story? >> that's what i was told by dennis. >> susan atkins one of the manson killers baby sat one of your kids. >> yeah, that was rough. >> pu you didn't know she was a killer. >> no. that became revealed afterwards. >> did it ever occur to you when you were a 20 21, 22-year-old guy that at age 75 you would be saying the words. ♪ fun fun fun, the till her daddy takes the t bird away. >> actually no. >> what did you do 175 shows
5:52 pm
last year? >> 172. >> i'm sorry. i got that incorrect. >> i was saying 175. >> 172 shows the beach boys did in 2015. >> correct. >> and why do you do it? >> you're a beach boy fan. >> i am. >> you see the audience response. >> yeah. ♪ i get around, i get around, get around ♪ >> because they're happy that makes you happy and that's why you did it in. >> i was one of the cocreators and to see that response and how much happiness is generated in a performance is a thing. ♪ get around, i get around, get around ♪ >> mike love, everybody, the book is "good vibrations". >> thank you, bill. >> did you get a chance, it's a great night out seeing those guy zbloos up next, bill clinton contradicting colin kaepernick,
5:53 pm
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factor tip of the day, bill clinton not endorsing colin kaepernick. a great chance to check out my new book "killing of the rising sun." book is number one everywhere. if you become a bill o'reilly premium member you get the book free along with a copy of the constitution. all of the money i derive from the website donated to charity. now the mail, mike, ireland. bill, you must have a very obscure vantage point if you think fox news analysts are split 50/50 on trip. more like 10 to 1 for him. that's not even close, mike. do you know how much mail i get
5:56 pm
this one hates trump, that one hates trump. ruth, england, bill, what planet are you on, cnn international very bias in favor of the democrats. i've never seen ms. amman pour saying one good thing about republicans. >> i don't get to see cnn international much. i thank you for the report. so bill, when will you officially endorse trump? never, claude. we do not endorse candidates on this program. although i will tell voters that senators charles grassley and john mccain up for reelection were supportive of the vitally important kate's law. that's a fact. drew bloom, philadelphia, i'm sure you'll get all kinds of grief for interviewing oliver stone but you took the perfect tone and got him to open up. i didn't get much heat from viewers. a few don't want to here from those they don't agree with.
5:57 pm
and scott jones, while my politics don't align with mr. stone's appreciated the thoughtful points he raised on surveillance. deen, atlanta, your tip of the day brought tears to my eyes. i'm rebounding from double lung surgery and will not give up though it's been a tough battle. keep fighting the good fight. i'm fighting for you. lisa, your tip was directed at me. i would not give up and finally got my book published. it's sold about 1 thoirks cousa copies so far. way to go, lisa. richard, beach lake, pennsylvania, just finished "killing the rising sun" i book. every college student should read it before rushing to moral judgment about their country. right on, rich. thank you for reading "killing the rising sun." the factor tip of the day, politics and sports intertwined.
5:58 pm
as you may not san francisco quarterback colin kaepernick has become famous by disrespecting the national anthem before games. we've criticized kaepernick for doing that and i'm sending him a copy of "killing the rising sun." speaking on comedy central last night bill clinton threw kaepernick under the bench while responding to a question about why there is so much hateful rhetoric in the usa these days. >> we're less racist, sexist, homophobic and anti-religious, specific religions that we used to be. we have one remaining bigotry. we don't want to be around anybody that agrees with us. the crowd is laughing but they didn't laugh loud because i'm telling the truth. >> this statement is very sage, s-a-g-e and it absolutely contradicts kaepernick's point of view even if unintentionally.
5:59 pm
the country has come a long way and not a bad nation and while we respect protests here it should be done in a respectful way. we want to discuss these problems. colin kaepernick is welcome on this program anytime. expect to see him here? i do not. please check out the fox news factor website. also we would like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world, o'reilly at, word of the day do not be a miskreeant when writing to the factor. it is friday night. we sent watt ter to a big italian festival. now the odds of him coming back alive, about even. but we gave him a very specific assignment at the festival and it's going to be interesting. we'll have that for you we hope -- if watters isn't alive
6:00 pm
anymore we'll bring someone else in to sub for him. i don't want to miss it. thanks for watching. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops right here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, one of the most dramatic media moments in donald trump's run for the white house and that's saying something. this morning ended with a 40-second sound bite and touched off a day of political fallout that has not stopped yet. welcome to the kelly file everyone, i'm megyn kelly. after five years of raising questions about exactly where president barack obama may have been born, donald trump yesterday declared he would finally put the issue to rest. first he announced a news conference, then his campaign followed up with a written statement, trump hit the early news shows promising a major announcement. and by 10:00 a.m. t


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