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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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what do you think, should the clinton's be holding this fundraiser for the foundation right now? go to facebook and let me know. would you pay $250,000 to see barbara streisand or bon jovi? r >> welcome to "hannity." donald trump puts the birther issue to rest while hillary clinton ignores the fact her supporters create touchdown controversy in the first place. tonight we expose the big lie in a "hannity" history lesson. earlier today at a press conference in washington, d.c. donald trump declared this whole birther controversy, which hillary clinton is trying to desperately revive, is no longer a campaign issue. take a look. >> hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. i finished it.
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i finished it. you know what i mean. president barak obama was born in the united states, period. now we all want to get back to making america strong and great again. thank you. now, while donald trump has moved on from this birther conspiracy, hillary clinton and her mignons are falsely pushing a narrative trump is to blame for starting it. tonight we'll set the record straight, according to "the atlantic" not exactly a conservative publication, patton wrote a campaign memo about wanting to craft an image of senator barak obama as quote unamerican. he detailed the plan writing, quote, his roots to american values and culture are at best limited. i cannot imagine america electing a president during a time of war who is not at his
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center fundamentally american in his thinking and values. he went on to write, let's ex pl poli -- explicitly own. her supporters, yes, hillary clinton's own supporters, they circulated an e-mail rumor obama was not born in america. "the telegraph" reported, barak obama's mother was living in kenya with his arab-african father late in her pregnancy. she was not allowed to travel by plane and he was born there and his mother took him to hawaii to register his birth. john avalon detailed in his work about the birther movement linda starr, a clinton volunteer, played a key role in further spreading the rumor. philip berg filed lawsuit stating, quote, obama carries
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multiple citizenships and is ineligible to run for president of the united states. politofact points out clinton campaign volunteers in iowa worked to spread the rumor to obama is a muslim, and he reportedly confronted hillary clinton about this on an airport tarmac in 2007. reggie love detailed the exchange, writing clinton was apologizing to obama about her campaign raising rumors of his past drug use. the candidate very respectfully told her the apology was kind, but largely meaningless. before he could finish his sentence, she exploded on obama and she went from composed to furious. it was not obama's intention to upset her but he wasn't going to play the fool either. now, would you think the heated exchange would have set clinton straight? of course it didn't. on 60 minutes in 2008 when she
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was given the opportunity to put an end to the muslim rumor, this is what she said. >> you don't believe that senator obama is a muslim? >> of course not. i mean that's, you know, there is no basis for that. you know, i take him on the basis of what he says, and, you know, there isn't any reason to doubt that. >> you said you take senator obama at his word he's not a muslim. you don't believe he's a muslim? >> no, no, there's nothing to base that on as far as i know. >> i guess not, nothing to base it on. here is the reaction, donald trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway. what bothered me is the press coverage. i read "the washington post." donald trump said hillary started it but it is not true. when you look at the facts, it is really true. >> sean, in today's day and age with facebook and twitter, our campaign is being held to account with every tweet and everything we don't -- according
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to patti in an exchange with ari fleischer and on wolf blitzer's show later said, yeah, it was some guy in iowa, i don't know if he was a volunteer or what he was doing, and we got rid of him when we knew. but he admitted it was somebody connected with the campaign. so i think the media is very disappointed here because they were expecting hillary clinton to use this in the debate. it is now off the table. you've seen mr. trump has been focusing on jobs and prosperity and child care. >> i believe it was actually a stroke of genius. if you watch the networks, he is going to talk about the birther issue. >> it was a half hour of coverage for veterans who deserved half an hour of coverage. shame on the media saying, oh, my, god, they forced us to give half an hour of coverage to generals. >> and medal of honor winners. >> medal of honor recipients. >> you're right, recipients.
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>> they didn't know what to do with this. sean, the fact is very clear. mr. trump put this to rest. he state ved clearly he's the one that got closure to this issue. he is not the one who started it. you laid out in five minutes for everyone to see where it got started, how it was pushed. people need to go back -- in the 2008 campaign was. >> james asher, the former washington bureau chief tweeted out, cnn says the hillary team never in 2008 raised obama's birth in kenya. who is closer to hillary than sid blumenthal who told me face-to-face. wow, that was a pretty powerful indictment and good for him for telling the truth. >> his nickname is vicious sid. this is what is going to happen now. if you deny your camp had nothing to do with it, chances are that other people are going to come forward and say, well, wait a second, somebody was trying to push this over the transom in 2008. >> nobody has been obsessed with
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the birther issue more than chris matthews. i know, thrill up his leg, the whole bit, but he said something relevant at the time in 2007, blaming hillary. >> i've watched the blogs try to say that you can't trust him because he spent a little time in a secular madrasa. >> so is hillary, pretending to cello bauma but clearly putting the shiv in. here is hillary clinton defending him and bob carrie. i think the remarks were very positive. i know bob. he was being very complimentary of senator obama. he was making a point that senator obama makes himself all the time, that because of his upbringing and his heritage he's in his view -- in his view, catch that line -- very well suited to communicate with the rest of the world. he just said himself he wants to have a particular outreach to the islamic world. so i think senator kerry was being, you know, very generous in what he said. but didn't hillary dump on obama
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a few days ago for playing up his independent owe nearonesian. is she simply reminding everybody of his islama background? >> i want to tell everybody who mark pn was, a chief strategist, pollster, long-time bill and hillary clinton confidante. it was not like a summer intern who just made a mistake. if you look at his memo, he went into great detail not with just what he thought were the facts but how to strategically use them to discredit barak obama. also in the original game change book after the 2008 race they clearly mention that mark penn totally missed the obama rise, and that at a georgetown dinner party at his home a woman said, hey, that senator from illinois was really impressive at the 2004 convention. do you think he would actually run? mark penn, one of those wrist slickers said, flash in the pan, flash in the pan.
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they missed the obama all around, feeling desperate having missed it they went and tried to describe it. remember, as donald trump said today, sean, it is he who had to put an end to this and it is he who, i think, took the stage today. >> it was a stroke of genius today. >> on his own terms and timeline. >> one sentence. now let's get back to making america great. >> i want to say something else, i'm old enough to remember a week ago thursday when hillary clinton's campaign said she was going to make sure the voters knew what was in her heart. she had four days rest and came out with the same negative message. she does not have a positive, affirmative message. it is anti-trump, birther, racist message. they're not going to win on that. you have seen the polls. >> there was a political article that came out that trump has cracked the electoral college lock. he is up in very important states, f ohio, within just three points in wisconsin and michigan, up by eight points
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in iowa. he is now up in colorado by two, and also nevada. >> pennsylvania looks good. north carolina. >> they have saying he cracked the electoral college lock, and now you will have david brock, one of hillary's greate prop began diss, offering a cash reward for dirt on donald trump. i thought she was above all of this. >> by the way, where was the democratic party that was inspirational, trying to speak to the working class. always talking about hope and change and the man from hope and aspirational, forward-looking. she is out there every day. she gave a speech yesterday and a speech today and it was the same message, that, you know, don't vote for donald trump and here is why. donald trump is out there, he is very tough. he is a natural leader. he is there on his own terms. he has excellent instincts. the man is brilliant and savvy, doesn't under estimate him in debates at your peril. however, he also is being up
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lifting and aspirational by telling people your prosperity and safety will be better. >> economic speech was as close to reagan. >> at least he had one. you know what hillary people are saying? look at our website. where are the policy speeches, the up lifting -- >> i don't think she has the energy to do it. >> they're saying look at the website. are they going to run the campaign based on website. >> there are three debates not far away now and i think hillary can't talk about obama's economic record, which she says she will continue. i don't think she can talk about libya, iran, afghanistan, iraq, morsi who she supported in egypt, china or putin. >> obama care. >> honesty, trustworthiness. the only option remaining on the table from my perspective is to follow through and try to aggravate, agitate, upset, hurt and pop the bubble of donald
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trump and hanger him in the debates. is he prepared and will he be prepared for those attacks like water off a duck's back? is he ready for that? >> he is ready for that and we actually welcome that. >> he knows it is coming? >> absolutely, he knows it is coming. he's not afraid of hillary clinton. >> i didn't mean it that way but she wants him to bubble like alka seltzer in water. >> you're right. who seems more rattled, who is more off message these days? >> that's a good question. >> who is losing in the polls, a big gain they had a month ago. >> up six this week. do you realize you're up six? it's been a 15-point swing in this campaign. >> but that's all donald trump. he goes out and delivers his message directly to the voters. that's what they deserve and respect. i think secretary clinton also has a risk of perhaps going a little bit too far against donald trump because you saw her at the commander-in-chief forum when he wasn't sitting next to her. very defensive. a bit off kilter, a little bit angry. she got seven questions.
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donald trump got 16. >> 13? i thought it was 13. >> many more than her. but why? her answers were so lengthy. his are very concise and confident. she also has to explain, you don't know if she answered the question because it is chutes, ladders, explanations. >> you're aging us here. >> debates are about moments and they're about facts and figures. the facts and figures are on our side. she can't go up there and defend obama care and all of these -- >> well said. >> she can't go and defend her foreign policy record, she can't defend the birth and growth of isis in the last three years alone. >> he looks like he is having fun, kellie an. >> he is having a great time. that matters to people. by the way i told him when i took the job you are running against the most joyless candidate in president shat history. let's see who she is not and never will be, and let's go do it and be it. he is having a great time. you know who feels and absorbs it? the crowds of people. they love to be around him
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because they feel he is a part of the movement. he made a tremendous sacrifice to run for president. people in politics it is status, money, fame. he had all of that. >> 53 days to go. >> we are saddled up and ready to go. >> we have highlights from donald trump's rally tonight in florida. later, hillary clinton had a disastrous week. donald trump continues surging in the polls. ari fleischer, austan goolsbee will weigh in. plus, which candidate do you believe is better for minority voters. we will give you the facts as our panel weighs it straight ahead. voters. we'll give you the facts as the panel weighs in straight ahead.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. syria's four day old ceasefire continue it to hold while frustration over aid deliver glows. u.n. convoys are waiting clearance to get aid into alepa. some supplies are available but soon will run out. the convoy has been waiting two days to get into the city. the u.s. and russia hoping to get more humanitarian aid in place so they can expand the ceasefire agreement. the nypd says goodbye to commissioner. the last day was friday with the department giving him quite the send-off. hundreds of cops turning out in dress blues for his final walk out at 1 police plaza. he served two stints in new york city and lead other police departments.
10:18 pm
he is taking an executive position in the private sector. i'm patricia stark. now back to "hannity." welcome back to "hannity." after a very big week in the polls donald trump continues his non-stop campaigning. he had ral rally earlier tonight in florida. let's take a look. >> so new polls have just come in, and we are leading in many of the battleground states all over the country. including being four points up in a certain state known as florida. hey, look, november 8th, you go and vote, we're winning. i tell you what, if you vote we're winning. there's no way they can beat us. there's no way she can beat us because her people have no enthusiasm whatsoever. they're not going to turn out. they don't have the enthusiasm. who could possibly have enthusiasm?
10:19 pm
what are you getting? you turn out, we're winning big league. i think -- and they're all saying the trump people are going to turn out. we have a movement like they have never, ever seen in this country. and they say in terms of enthusiasm they have never had polling higher. so i think i have very little doubt. turn out, we're going to have a tremendous november 8th. probably will say november 8 plus the next four years and then four years after that, okay. joining us now radio talk show host c.l. bryant. i'm a regular guest on his program, and the ceo for national diversity, the national diversity coalition for trump, that's the rev darrell scott. guys, good to see you both. >> thank you, sean. >> reverend scott, let me begin with you. you know, you watch what is
10:20 pm
happening, you see the outreach to the black community and you keep seeing demographically the black community is responding. hillary keeps playing the race card, it keeps backfiring. what is going on in terms of the black vote, if you can break it down demographically for us. >> well, i talked to a delivery man today that came to my house. he was a young black guy, mid to late 20s, and i asked him, who do you like, trump or do you like hillary? and he said something i thought was very insightful. he said hillary, something is fishy about that. >> yeah. >> there's something fishy there. i just don't trust her. she will say anything to get my vote, so he said, i like trump because trump keeps it real, and that's one thing i think that resonates with the black community, with the black voters, the fact that does speak realist tickal realistically and he doesn't seem to be pandering. >> we'll get to hillary later, with you i don't feel no ways
10:21 pm
tired, i've come too far. it happens when democrats go before black audiences, they change their pitch and cadence. what are you hearing down in baton rouge where you are in the black community? >> i believe the prime example for uneven trep newership if you're black is donald trump, someone who has made money in the free market system and someone who understands capitalism. when we want to address the work ethic of an american who has made his own money, you have to look very closely at a person like donald trump. that should play very well -- >> but, you know, here is the thing -- >> -- to black young people. >> here are the statistics i give out every night, and it is profound that black americans are so disproportionately impacted by obama's economic record that hillary wants to continue. you've got, what, the worst labor participation rate since the '70s, 95 million americans
10:22 pm
out of the labor force. you have 12 million more americans on food stamps, 58% increase in the black community. you've got 8 million more americans in poverty, 20% increase of black americans out of the labor force. 51-year low homeownership rate, one in five american families don't have a single family member working. tell me why people are going to buy into the same lies and promises they were given eight years ago? >> well, i don't believe that they are, sean. when donald trump stated, what do you have to lose, it rang a bell in the black community. it caused a number of african-americans to become morin t morin introspective and contemplative. they said, you know what, he is right. the democrats are trying to play on the emotions of the black community by arousing anger against trump, but when they
10:23 pm
examine and think through what he said, they're right, what do we have to lose. it can't get too much worse than it is. he wants to make jobs, he wants to rebuild our inner cities. what's wrong with that? let's give this guy a shot. >> by the way, one of the worst things i think this country and our government has done to black americans, especially inner city schools, is they have put them in inferior, broken down, dilapidated at best institutionallized mediocrity, c.l. bryant. we have taken all of that natural, god-given talent and we are wasting it. >> and for that reason, sean, we should be very grateful that the age of obama is finally over. now black people have a need to come out of their political encloses can closets they have been in for the last ate years because of the emotional games that have been played on them by progressive liberals. in fact, they've been played for
10:24 pm
the last 60 years. now there's a chance to break free of those shackles and actually take on personal responsibility for your own pocketbook, and donald trump is, in fact, a prime example of someone who can show the way to all of us back to the prosperity and the greatness that this country is about. >> got to hope. 53 days to go, guys. good to see you both. appreciate. >> god bless you. >> coming up, donald trump keeps rising in the polls, hillary clinton keeps sinking. he is now ahead of her in a number of important, key swing states. how nervous is the clinton campaign tonight? also coming up. >> we'll come back, most importantly we'll bring jobs back. >> yes, indeed, black girl magic is real. >> what is black girl magic? what does that mean? donald trump, hillary clinton both pushing for the african-american vote, but why did democrats, what have they done for minorities and why do they always seem to change their
10:25 pm
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proactively with linzess. . welcome back to "hannity." it's been a rough week for the hillary clinton campaign, and now kevin meerschaerts are getting nervous with good reason. donald trump keeps climbing in the polls and according to real clear politics average out of the important swing state of ohio in a two-way race donald trump is now cleeding clinton 44.7% to 33.7. according to real clear politics average in florida trump also leads 45.1% to clinton as 44.4. here with reaction former white house press secretary ari fleischer who worked for george w. bush, and former economic adviser. the lowest homeownership rate in 50 years, lowest participation rate since the '70s, and 12 million more americans on food stamps and 8 million more in
10:28 pm
poverty. welcome, austan. how are you? >> you lost me at hello, sean. >> it is all true. but i do believe, ari, that thoseumbers will mean something to the voters this year. eight years of obama follow bid clinton saying she is going to continue the same madness i think will impact a lot of people. it hits their pocketbook. >> no question, sean. the most important factor is that most americans think the economy is on the wrong track, the country is moving in the wrong directs. >> 37 points. >> and that's what signals a change election. on the one hand the democrats and hillary are benefitting from the demographic changes in america. on the other hand republicans are benefitting from the argument we need to go in a different direction from president obama, even in a week where we learned poverty did drop and income rose for the first time, the greatest amount in history, but still way below the levels it was in 2007. we haven't gotten back to where we were before the great recession began. >> on top of it he has accumulated more debt than every single president before him
10:29 pm
combined. i remember, austan, when he was running your guy, obama, he said $9 trillion in dent, you know, we're taking a credit card to the bank of china in the name of our children and we keep pushing up the debt, that's irresponsible, unpatriotic. he just added nine trillion -- >> you're right. >> he added nine trillion himself. is he unpatriotic and irresponsible by his own definition. >> no, it happened in a recession when he did it. >> it is bush's fault, okay. >> as you know, sean, he said he would cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term, which he did. i was going to grant you it was not a good weak for hillary clinton, it was a good week for donald trump. not me, but people did get nervous from that. but i think when ari raises the fact that if you look at incomes, they literally rose the most last year that they ever have for the middle class in all
10:30 pm
of the years that we have the data. i think you've got to be a little circumspect because -- >> maybe that will make up for being on the wrong track, they're also -- i didn't hair -- >> popularity is going way up. >> it is going to spill over for hillary clinton. >> you remember a president that went around the country saying you're going to keep your doctor, keep your plan and on average save $2500 per family per year, do you remember that? >> absolutely. >> since president obama has been president -- >> we're on the wrong track and we have an unsettled feeling. back to the core issue, the president's popularity is rising, and that could be a significant factor, although it is late here. but if the democrats continue to score runs in the bottom of the ninth, the problem is they're still down by too many years. that's the verdict on the obama years, the verdict heading into the election, why it seems to be a change election. the late-breaking data won't be enough to turn the mood of the country around. the hillary race is totally
10:31 pm
different because as long as donald trump can focus on hillary clinton and not on the kahn family or a judge from indiana, he has a real chance. this is what he has to keep doing. >> he's been doing that. i would even argue today when he brought up the issue of birtherism it was one line and it was done and it took the issue away from hillary. you know, austan, i know you love your president, i really do. i know you really believe the things you say, but he's the only president in the history of the country not to have 3% gdp growth in a single year of his presidency. does it not say anything to you? >> sean, i would say two things. one, we've been through the story of the tortoise and the hare. >> eight years later. >> it is no longer the slowest recover, we have the longest string of private sector job creation on record. >> but you forget it is the lowest labor participation rate. you can say the unemployment numbers are down but we don't
10:32 pm
count the chronically unemployed. >> i think ari is right, there is a lot of hunger for change, and that is helping donald trump. the thing hurting donald trump is that answer the focus gets off of hillary clinton and on to what donald trump himself is proposing, his tax plan was roundly condemned by people on both sides of the aisle, and you have republican economists saying it would lead to a recession in the first year of his presidency. as long as he talks about his ideas he's going to lose. >> okay. we'll see. i'll take that bet and you're going to regret. >> okay. >> coming up, both candidates trying to secure the african-american vote, but what have the democrats really done? have they helped black america, hispanic america? i don't think so, and the numbers prove it. larry elder, mercedes shh lapping and james harris will weigh in on that.
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you found the perfect car foi'm a robot! yeti rawr ♪ jingle bells tents up guys. and used to find a place to service it at a fair price, too. signal, signal hey guys, how's it going? that's not even music. ♪ now when you're ready, you can sell your old car and find your new one all on you know us for shopping, and now we're there for every turn. welcome back to "hannity." this week both donald trump and
10:38 pm
hillary clinton continue to reach out to african-american voters. first on wednesday, donald trump visited a predominantly black church in flint, michigan. here is part of what he said. >> it used to be cars were made in flint and you couldn't drink the water in mexico. now the cars are made in mexico and you can't drink the water in flint. that's not good. it will be fixed quickly and effectively and flint will come back. most importantly, we'll bring jobs back to flint. >> and while donald trump vowed to tackle serious issues important to the black community, hillary clinton took time to pander to african-american voters at a luncheon. this was earlier today. take a look. >> so many of you who have been on the front lines, everyone associated with the black women's agenda, i'm thrilled to be with you. i'm thrilled to be associated with you. you are proof that, yes, indeed
10:39 pm
black girl magic is real. black women deserve more than a seat at the table. it is past time you had a fair chance to run the meetings. >> joining us now nationally syndicated radio host for salem radio networks larry elder, talk show host james harris and fox contributor mercedes schlapp. at least she didn't go into i don't feel no ways tired, i've come too far. it is not like al gore screaming, republicans don't want to count you in the census. why do democrats do that? why do they change their pitch, tone and cadence. >> don't forget joe biden talking to a group of black people of how mitt romney don't want chained wall treat. it is pandering to tell black women they can't run meetings. for crying out loud, there are black women running meetings all
10:40 pm
over the play place. we wear the white hat, those guys are twirming mustaches and they want to drag you back to jim crow. it is absurd. they ought to stop it, cut the crap, and obama could do something about it by suggesting maybe people would have differences of opinion without calling the other side a bigot. >> i think that's well-said. james t. harris, let me play for you hillary clinton's southern accent. let me play telling a black radio talk show host she always carries hot sauce. maybe you could put it in context why she acts this way in front of deprom napredominantly audiences. >> i don't feel no ways tired. i come too far from where i started from. nobody told me that the road would be easy. >> what is something you always carry with you? >> hot sauce. >> really? >> yeah. >> you get in formation right
10:41 pm
now? hot sauce in my bag swag? >> hot sauce. >> really? >> yes, yes. >> now, i want you to know people going to see this and say, okay, she is pandering to black people. >> okay. is it working? no, seriously, hot sauce. i have been eating a lot of hot sauce. >> james, one other thing i want to add to that. you know, you've got biden saying obama is clean and he's articulate. like, okay. and then you have bill clinton, this was from the new yorker back in 2012. tim russert told me that, according to his sources, bill clinton in an effort to said a few years ago this guy would have been carrying our bags. ouch. >> we have that and now we have the black girl magic. i have to tell you i called my sister because i didn't know what black girl magic was, but i'm hoping -- i bet hillary
10:42 pm
clinton hopes that dinea brazil has a lot of it since she has been put over dnc we have watched hillary clinton's poll numbers drop. it is another in a long line of pandering and further evidence that democrats, there's a racial tinge that runs through this and they're not kicomfortable with their message so they have to find a way to pander to people to show they can get along with them or something. i don't understand. >> donald trump -- mercedes, i don't know why democrats get the pass. let's play the biden tape to make another example out of this. >> we have the first sort of mainstream african-american who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice looking guy. i mean that's a storybook. >> he is a mainstream african-american, the first one, and he is articulate and actually bright. >> that's not racist, right? >> and he's clean. by the way, he's clean.
10:43 pm
wow. >> you know what's really insulting to me, sean, is the fact that for 40, 50 years the democrats have used the same exact formula of expanding the welfare system in hopes that that in any way can save the african-american community in inner cities. what have we seen? higher poverty rates amongst african-americans, more african-americans on food stamps, more unemployment for african-americans. i mean you look at detroit, you look at these inner cities. let me tell you, the families have suffered, the african-american children have suffered, and then you have hillary clinton talking about hot sauce? that's what bothers me so much about this. >> i agree. >> what we need to be talking about is about economic solutions. also pro-family policies. when you look at the african-american children, you are talking about 72% of these children have a single mom. they're not being raised in a family environment necessarily which leads to crime and not -- an inability to have education.
10:44 pm
these are the issues we should be talking about. >> stay right there. we will come back with our panel. move after the break and coming up next. >> we're going to end family detention, close private detention facilities and stop the raise and roundups. >> hillary clinton vowing to close detention centers if elected president. this as sources now telling fox news tonight that obama's dhs is sitting on a very damning report that reveals the real number of illegals that cross our borders. what are they trying to hide? we will tell you that next. numby i have asthma...
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welcome back to "hannity." sources have told that the department of homeland security is sitting on a report that reveals the actual number of illegals crossing the border -- well, this report was done almost a year ago. why aren't they telling us? what are they trying to snide the dhs finally responded in part by saying any suggestion dhs is delaying release on a report on new border enforcement measures for political reasons is false. this could bolster donald trump's border proposal. in a speech to the congressional
10:50 pm
hispanic caucus hillary clinton discussed what her immigration policy would be. listen to this. >> we need a simple, straight-forward system where other people with sympathetic cases who are contributing to their communities can make their case and be eligible for deferred action, too. like people who experience and report extreme labor abuses, and we won't stop there. we're going to end family detention, close private detention facilities, and stop the raids and round-ups. >> now, we continue with larry elder, james t. harris, mercedes schlapp. mercedes, hispanics seem to think -- they're not going along with the idea, well, we support illegal immigration because we're hispanic. if you look at the numbers and demographic break downs trump is doing better with the black community, the hispanic
10:51 pm
community than past presidential candidates. why? >> i think for hispanics immigration has never been the top issue. you look at the polls and the economy and terrorism is important. immigration is important for the hispanic community. the tone, you talk about. with that being said, republican hispanics in particular want border security, they think it is important. they do agree there should be a pathway for legalization for those who have been here past 20 years, 10 years, five years. the problem is the way hillary clinton is presenting it. it is the fact she is moving forward with a radical immigration plan. she is literally saying, all of you come here because, guess what, i'm going to let you stay if you come illegally. that means we're not enforcing immigration laws. that's a signal you are sending to the rest of the world. it is why you have to wonder why is dhs not releasing the report and allowing to figure out what the true numbers of the individuals crossing.
10:52 pm
>> by the way, aren't democrats playing long ball? they look at illegal immigration, illegal refugees as potential democratic voters. they want as many as possible, they want them spread around the country as obama has been doing because they want a new electoral map drawn, true or false? >> i couldn't agree with you more. i said four out of five of these new citizens would vote republican the borders would be shut tighter than the clan's. they know eventually these will be democratic voters. donald trump said his agenda is jobs, jobs, job. cesar chavez was a union leader who opposed illegal immigration because he knew it was a downward pressure on jobs and the people he cared about. >> james, i think it is an important point. i think if we build the wall it is in the best national security
10:53 pm
interest because radical islamists can't cross the border, that's what i worry about first and foremost. we have 94 million out of work, we have had an increase of black americans on food stamp and 20% in black americans not participating in the workforce. obama's policies have not been good for black america. we have chronicled this a lot on the program. >> right. >> if you allow 11 million illegal immigrants in, they're competing with the 95 million americans that don't have jobs and they're driving down wages. so i would think this is an important issue for the black community. is it? >> well, it is not just an important issue for the black community, it is an important issue for everyone. you know, it shouldn't be a surprise to us that dhs is not giving out this information. we've seen that the fbi doesn't give out information if it is going to hurt hillary. we've seen that the state department doesn't give out information if it is going to hurt hillary. if something is going to help trump they're certainly going to sit on it.
10:54 pm
hillary and the democrats are pandering to members in the hispanic community the same way as they do americans of african-american descent. this is not the number one issue in arizona where i'm from. the issue is for security. we're not legal immigration, no one has a problem with that. the problem is the borders are wide open and we don't know who is coming across. border patrol is patrolling 70 miles from the border and the only raiding and rounding up going on are with ranchers by the cartel also operating on our side of the border. >> all right. guys, thanks for being with us. appreciate it. when we come back we need your help. a very important question of the day is straight ahead. it's time for the can-am yellow tag sales event. get a cash rebate of up to $2000 on selected models. or get the outlander l starting at $5,599. don't miss out. visit your local dealer before october 31st. can-am, the ride says it all. if you have moderate to severe ulcerative colitis or crohn's,
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11:00 pm, @sean hannity. thanks for being with us. we will see you back here on monday night. hello, and welcome back. i'm brit hume and this is "on the record." on a day when donald trump formally abandoned his birtherrism and critics attacked him as a racist, he continued to climb in the polls. real clear politics average in the polls hillary clinton lead down to 1.5 race in two way race but 1.1 point in four-way race. likellike likely voters who is most likely to handle the economy? trump holds the lead there and he had done well on that question earlier fox polls but just two weeks ago in a poll of registered voters mrs. clinton had pulled into a tie with him on the issue. 48% to 48% as you can see there the co-founder and


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