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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 17, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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hello, everyone, i'm marcel neville. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's election headquarters. >> topping the news this hour, the pipe gom that exploded. what the fbi just said about this investigation. >> a man ambushes a police officer in her patrol car before going on a deadly shooting spree that left one person dead. >> the polls have been showing donald trump gaining momentum in some critical battleground states. will it be enough to reach 270 votes that he needs to win the white house. we begin with this fox news alert, a race in the streets of an american city and a kbom goes
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off we saw that in boston, and now it appears someone wanted to kill runners this morning in new jersey. the targets are marines. brian ennis is live in seaside park new jersey where a news conference just wrapped up. brian, what's the latest? >> good evening, arthel, the race here in seaside park new jersey about 90 minutes south of manhattan on the jersey shore, there are summer homes and plenty of charity races. the race was the semper five five k race, for marines, marines that were wounded. marines of fallen marines, 5,000 people were ready to start the race at 9:00 this morning, when the bomb went off at 9:35 a.m. on the corner of a street inside of a garbage can. now, that bomb was -- police tell us was supposesed to go off at the time the runners were
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running. no one has died from this blast, no injuries. it may have been there was a delay for this race to begin. the race did not start on time because of long registration lines. when the bomb went off inside of this garbage can, no one was nearby thankfully. the fbi just held a press conference, this is what they said about the ongoing active investigation. >> we're out there conducting interviews. we're out there securing evidence. making sure that there's no stone left unturned. we encourage everyone that is living in the vicinity of that area to allow law enforcement to secure the area. talk to us, if there's anyone out there with information we urge you to call our 1-800 number that we have set up, which is 1-800-call-fbi. >> the fbi atf, the state police have been on scene all day. people were evacuated within a
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four block radius of this blast listen to what people had to say this morning from this blast. >> it was white smoke, and the smoke was coming out, it was loud enough to shake my house. you could feel it, and i'm at least 10 houses down from the ocean. it's not a minor explosion. it could have been, i think it was deliberate, it's not children doing this. it's a deliberate thing happens today because of the marines and the lack of respect among some people in this country for our men in blue and our servicemen. >> she's not the only one that believed that either. we spoke to authorities that confirmed they believe this bomb was meant to go off to effect this marine run. people who have travelled from the pentagon, from d.c. from all over to run in this race.
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when pushed -- when i pushed the ocean county prosecutor's office, as to whether or not this could be a prank, they said definitely not. we don't know the sophistication of the bomb, we did hear before reportedly there could have been two or three devices connected to this pipe bomb, which means the bomb could have been much larger than it was but we haven't heard that from the fbi. we'll get you more information when we hear it, no one was injured in this blast, arthel, eric? >> thanks, brian. >> it's the second recent time in philadelphia that a police officer was shot repeatedly, targeted because of the lod enforcement uniform. authorities found a rambling anti-police note at the scene of the most recent deadly shooting rampage page. the 25-year-old gunman walked up to a patrol car and opened fire directly, point blank at the female officer inside shooting
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18 times. the suspect ran shooting two more people at a bar, before firing into a car, killing a woman in that car, and critically injuring a man. >> we have to keep our prayers, the civilians that are seriously hurt and still in various degrees of being treated. i think all in all, it was a terrible scary night, our officers turned out okay, and hopefully the civilians will turn out okay. i want to say to all our police officers, thank you for what you do for us every day. >> police say that glenn also shot a university of pennsylvania police officer before he was killed by other officers. an officer shot in her car, thankfully is right now in stable condition. >> let's get back to politics now, the presidential candidate is making a dash for cash tonight with just 52 days before election day. a live look there in d.c. where hillary clinton will be speaking any moment now at the congressional black caucus
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awards gala. president obama will be the keynote speaker. earlier today, donald trump spoke in texas on one of his signature campaign deans. immigration and border security. peter ducey has more now from houston. >> the luncheon here in houston was somber for a campaign event. trump shared the stage with five people who had their family members murdered by illegal immigrants. he introduced the family to an int international audience. and calling out hillary clinton to say she favors abolishing borders. >> all across the country, dining room tables have an empty seat at the family table because our government abandoned its duty and failed to enforce its
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basic laws. >> it's tangling on twitter with robert gates, the former secretary of state for bush and obama. gates owe bind that at least on national security, he's stubbornly uninformed about the world and how to lead our country and government, and temperament ali unsuited to lead our men and women in uniform. he's unqualified and unfit to be commander in chief. the response for the republican nominee for president went like this, i never met robert gates, he knows nothing about me, but look at the results under his guidance, a total disaster. and trump's trip to texas today came the day after his campaign got a big time boost from the lone star gop establishment, lieutenant governor dan patrick came aboard as texas chairman of the campaign, that's a position he did once have with the cruz campaign and the lieutenant governor has a message for any
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hardcore cruz backers who may be on the fence about trump 37. >> to all the ted cruz supporters oubt there, long time friend of ted, i was his campaign chair in texas. it's time to come on board. >> it's time to come on board, we have to defeat her. you have to put everything aside and focus on that supreme court. >> even though there have been some scattered reports about some traditionally deep pocketed republican donors wanting to give their money to donald trump. here in texas, people were more than happy to write mr. trump's campaign some big checks. back to you. >> they do everything big in texas. >> we're now waiting for mrs. clinton to speak at the awards dinner, you see, that's the scene right now, as we wait for that dinner to begin. you see the people milling around and mrs. clinton to take the podium, when she does, we'll bring you some of her remarks live.
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appearing at that event tonight, president obama. another clinton camp trying to tap bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. the polls have been showing they're tightening in some key battleground states. african-americans are a group that donald trump is hoping to sway. >> clinton focuses on african-american voters, two of her most high profile surrogates are targeting an equally different demographic, that is young voters. right now, clinton's just five points ahead of trump among voters 18 to # 34. few politicians are more popular with those younger voters than bernie sanders and elizabeth warren.
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they tried to convince millennials to get out and vote even if they don't love either candidate. >> ohio is considered a battleground state. and you have a significant number of electoral votes which could well determine who becomes the next president and the future of your life and your children's life. >> meanwhile, theaign released called donald trump's birther lies. it tries to make the case that trump's entire identity is based on this false statement. trump issued a statement that reads in part, this kind of talk should be out of bounds for a presidential candidate, just like it should be out of bounds for a presidential candidate to peddle a conspiracy theory for five years. the clinton campaign is trying to keep both of those issues,
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trump's birther reversal and his comment last night front and center on the campaign trail. eric? >> thanks so much. >> eric and kristen. the bodies of three young americans who left the safety of our country to travel halfway around the globe to fight against the radical islamic terrorists of isis are finally home. they were not members of the military, they went to syria to fight alongside kurdish forces, two of the americans seen here came home to colorado, a third to north carolina dan springer has more from our newsroom. >> the three men were among the estimated 300 civilian foreign fighters who have joined the battle against the islamic state, more than 100 of them were americans. two of the caskets arrived in denver yesterday. families of the men were there to receive the bodies, the men were all killed in separate incidents last month. the families were each presented with an american flag that had
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flown over the capital. ed perlmutter did the honors. levi shirley and jordan mctaggart were both from the suburbs of denver, they didn't know each other before they left for the war. their families knew what they signed up for and were proud of their sacrifice. >> he said, i am first and foremost an american. i'm here for my country. isis is in america, and i'm here because they're there and i'd rather fight them over here than have everybody else have to fight them over there. he was a guy with a huge heart. >> the third man killed was william savage from maryland, his body headed to raliegh, north carolina where his father lives. he wanted to join the military but wasn't allowed to because he had a seizure when he was a little boy. a force of some 30,000. they fight in northern syria
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along the border with turkey. nearly all of the foreigners are from western countries and given only food and lodging and whatever weapons they need, while the american men killed were given military like honors. the u.s. government does not support their actions. the u.s. state department says private u.s. citizens are strong discouraged from traveling to syria to take part in the conflict. the u.s. government does not support this activity with these three deaths, the number of american civilians killed in ice ice and syria has jumped to five. >> dan, springer, thanks, dan. >> the u.s. military apparently makes a deadly mistake in syria. raising new concerns for our forces in the region. what will assad's government do to react. we'll have the details next. the 2016 presidential campaign in for an october surprise, thanks to more leaked e-mails. first it was the dnc, then colin
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powell, who is next. why our next guest says you can't bet on it.
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welcome back, just 51 days left in the 2016 presidential campaign. it seems like the polls are getting closer and closer every day. the first coming up a week from monday. the possibility of an october surprise. well, our next guest writes about the likelihood of that in his column tomorrow in national expecting this year's october surprise will come courtesy of wikileakes.
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john, you and i were talking last week and you said that the real race is between the irs and wikileaks. i asked you which stands to be more damaging at the polls and can any of the information that might be revealed from either of the sources possibly kill either of the campaigns. >> donald trump jr. this week let the cat out of the bag. he said the reason why my father is not releasing his tax returns is they're 12,000 pages and they would distract away from the message. hillary clinton -- >> wras before, the trump campaign has been saying, i can't, i'm under audit. i can't release my tax returns. >> which is preposterous. >> he just doesn't want to.
3:20 pm
hillary clintons that to worry about two things. >> i want to focus on mr. trump. he does business as numerous llc's and multiple entities, will the extent of those details be evident in the first couple pages of his tax returns if we even get to see those? >> no, but we may learn the size of his charitable contributions which he says are vast but may not be we may learn he mays very little in tax and many people in real estate don't. we may also learn that he has taken advantage of tax loopholes that very few americans take advantage of. and may have invented a few of his own. >> how would that affect how voters see him as the potential president of the united states of america.
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>> his image of a truth teller, if it's shown there's embarrassing materials in his tax returns, that cuts against the image he's trying to create, i'm all out here, i'm the only one telling you the truth. >> what in hillary clinton's e-mails that could lead to damaging dealings inside the clinton foundation, they're looking at hillary clinton taking the stage at the gala. that's not live, when that happens, we'll take you there. you guys fooled me. i was asking, what if anything may be discovered in the e-mails that wikilakes may release that could lead to inside information in the foundation. >> first of all, remember, there were 18,000 e-mails that people who worked for hrn used bleach
3:22 pm
bit to dry to erase from the ear earth. clearly they're not about her yoga schedules or her grandchildren. she was trying to conceal something. did she have more contact with her aids at the state department through the clinton foundation. secondly, there are now reports that some of her e-mails that are available on the deep web, the dark web, which is part of the web that most people can't access, if they're there, that means they were hacked by somebody and put on the dark weapon. if that's the case, if she was e-mailing back and forth, and some foreign entity hacked into her e-mails, that puts into her claims that there was no harm done, that there was shame. >> how could both discoveries impact the nation's security.
3:23 pm
>> i don't think the irs returns can affect his responsibility. >> in the case of hillary clinton, we don't know all the secrets. we know if foreign entities hacked into them, potentially agents we have oversees could have been compromised, their lives could have been in jeopardy, potentially foreign powers could have learned things about our strategy that they shouldn't have learned. >> and you make an excellent point and you don't feel that any of donald trump's foreign businesses could possibly affect his decisions? >> see what i'm saying? he could lean into the favor of his case about if it was evidence there were russian gazillion airs, that would be a great concern.
3:24 pm
i've never seen anything like that. >> okay, we have to leave it there, thank you, john. >> election fraud has become an issue on both sides of the aisle. our investigations continue on sunday's special report tomorrow night, the $4 computer chip that a princeton professor says could hack a voting machine. he says he did it in a demonstration and changed the votes. a ph.d. in computer science, he swapped out a machine's computer chip for his own. election officials tell us this cannot really happen in real life. they point to multiple safeguards. professor believes he's exposed a weakness in some voting machines. >> i figured out how to make a slightly different computer program that shifts some votes around to the other candidate. i vote that on a computer chip like this, to hack a voting
3:25 pm
machine, you have to get seven minutes alone with it and a screw driver. >> our series tomorrow night right here on the fox news channel. >> that's good stuff. that's your story. >> with a little over 50 days, 51 days until election day. new polls suggest it will be a fight to the finish. so what can the candidates do to increase their odds of winning? we'll dig into that next. >> and tonight there's some mounting concerns over the safety in one state of the drinking water, a massive sinkhole opened up, and guess what, it happened at the wastewater plant, sewage. >> i live this close, and i have young kids, are they going to be sick. >> these things pollute our drinking water, how can i not be concerned. the right things working together
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3:31 pm
train outside los angeles. police using tear gas to arrest the man with a gun who barricaded himself in in a railcar. forcing the evacuation of 200 passengers traveling to san diego. florida is tripling the zeek ka transition zone in miami beach. the zone primarily covered south 3w50e beach is expanding north 5 square miles. this comes as the health department identified five more possible cases in the expanded area. >> as the first presidential debate approaches in nine days from now. the latest poll shows the race will likely come down to a handful of states. a tight race in many of those states where mrs. clinton had been holding a comfortable lead right after the democratic convention. trump's 270 electoral delegates,
3:32 pm
never more than mrs. clinton's holes do show she's been gaining ground in the last week. >> let's do a little math not my strong point. let me start with mr. trump needs to pick up the 24 states romney won in 2012, if he adds ohio and florida to those 24, he wins. isn't that interest something. >> he's suddenly a contender in these two key states. florida in particular is an interesting one. >> it's always such a close state in the end. it's a race, in ohio as well, it's an area, a rust belt state, an area trump can do well in where they've had problems with these trade deals.
3:33 pm
i think that at this point it's a -- we're at a real turning point here. we're pretty close to the first debate. and the two of them are tied up, just a few weeks ago, people were practically writing trump off and saying it's over. i do say it's going to come down to these battleground states. people are going to be tuning in to the debate. >> i think right now you have to watch and see how trump performs. >> let's take a look for a second in terms of the numbers. they say you need 270. mrs. clinton has 200, donald trump 164. he has a lot of ground to make up. there's a tossup of 140 of the electoral college delegates look at the list of some of those states. florida, ohio. pennsylvania. north carolina, michigan, wisconsin. and then you see the polls in
3:34 pm
some of those states tightening. >> they are, he should be doing better in north carolina. that's suddenly a battleground. >> it gives him an opening, his opening is more narrow than mrs. clinton's. the idea is if if he continues to run consistently, stays on message, that he can continue to do well and not sink in the polls. i think he really has to do well at the first debate in particular. this is an area where we're not sure how he's going to do, because he hasn't done a one on one. he's done debates where he's had this buffer of other candidates on the stage. who's going do come out looking better, you always get a balance on that debate if you're considered the winner. if he does terribly, 2 could hurt him in the polls. i think the debate is going to be a pivotal thing here.
3:35 pm
>> jill stein and larry johnson being knocked out of the debate, that actually hurts trump? >> it's huge that johnson's not going to be in the debate. he's considered his whole candidacy hinging on his entry into the debates. eyes it at about 8%. he's going to be on the stage. >> the focus is on hillary and donald. >> how will he do? he's never been substantive in these baits. maybe he's going to do well at attacking her on key issues that really hurt her. he's plain spoken, very blunt. it's resonated well with voters. there may be a way he can get through this debate performing the same way, not doing terribly on substance. if he attacks well, does well at hitting clinton on these vulnerable points. you can attack her on her record
3:36 pm
at the state department. on the e-mails, the clinton foundation. >> and she can attack him on taxes on health, on conflicting stories when he's lied and not told the truth about a variety of things. >> true. it could be that he does okay in these debates, and that things continue to stay relatively tight, or he starts doing better. the question for trump he's always at the 40% can he really grow his pace of support he has an opportunity to do that, i think that's why first debate, a lot of people are going to tune in people who haven't been paying attention are going to start watching. that's your undecided group, they're the ones who all the pollsters say are going to decide this race, if they start focusing in now, the post debate polls may give us a real picture of where this race is headed in november.
3:37 pm
>> the political geeks like us, we've been paying attention. there's a vast majority of americans who have been watching, but haven't really zeroed in. >> man oh, man. here in the fox news channel, just you wait. thank you. eric, the terrorists who produced those horrific execution videos for isis now dead. according to the pentagon, we will -- the question now is, will it take some of the air out of the terror group's recru recruitment efforts? our panel will discuss that next. hey, ready for the big meeting? yeah. >>uh, hello!? a meeting? it's a big one. too bad. we are double booked: diarrhea and abdominal pain. why don't you start without me? oh. yeah.
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new information from the pentagon on an air strike in syria which they say killed a top terrorist, defense officials report that a drone bombed the isis leaders house in syria earlier this month, killing the target. they say they think he was the islamic state's number three guy, a terrorist known as dr.
3:42 pm
waleel. he produced some of those gruesome execution videos. let's bring in rick runell. retired army major general bob scales also a fox news military analyst and author of the book scales on war. good to have both of you here on this important topic and rick, i want to start with you, horrendous, isis propaganda has been well produced and quite effective. how big a deal is this? >> this is a great hit. it's something that's needed. my concern is that it's taking too long. we haven't been able to find the command and control center for isis, isis continues to be strong. and now what we have is u.s. allies, the kurds and the turks fighting each other.
3:43 pm
assad is beginning to take a advantage of this, yet, the policy is assad should go, the russians are there propping up assad. our policy is a mess, and i'm hoping we can have the next president change the rules of engagement so we can have more boots on the ground to get timely and accurate intelligence to be able to go after the command and control center for isis and defeat it immediately. >> i want to get you into the conversation, general. what's the impact from your perspective do we know if there's another person ready to take his place? >> he was the walter cronkite of isis, he was a big deal, the chief propaganda for isis, and what his assassination means is a couple things. first of all, what's been missing in the news in the last couple months, on the march to moos you will, the coalition has
3:44 pm
vacuumed up tens of thousands of digital documents on pc's and thumb drives and disks that have opened up the secrets of isis enormously. secondly as you just saw a couple days ago, a lot of the rank and file of isis, particularly those in the inner circle are getting disenchanted with their leadership and starting to turn on them. the third thing is that the quality of signals intelligence that's being scooped up by the coalition has gotten enormously better over the last couple years. a long way from the dark days of 2014 when isis was essentially an intelligence black hole. rick is right, a long way to go. quite frankly, i think this is progress. >> let me stay with you for a little more. do we know more about this guy's role in isis, what his role was,
3:45 pm
he apparently is one of the few isis leaders who would meet regularly with the head of isis, al baghdadi. he was a prominent member of his senior council, which is isis leadership group, this guy's a key player, he was. >> he's a big deal. he's kind of like a media rock star. he was not only the walter cronkite, but the month deucer and director of these horrific videos of killings by isis, the fact that he's no longer a player doesn't mean that someone won't step up into his place. there's a pretty deep bench. what it does say to the rank and file, they're starting to see the big names, the rock stars begin to disappear from the scene. and that has to have a psychological effect on those that are keeping up the fight. rick is right here, rick is right. we have a long way to go before we absolutely start to collapse the center of gravity. >> i want to let rick close out
3:46 pm
the segment. they keep coming, every time you get rid of one, here comes another. what's the likely fallout of this, would we see less isis propagan propaganda? or perhaps an adverse effect with potential isis followers even more inspired, and determined to put out more propaganda. >> i'm not as hopeful, because this guy's going to be replaced, i mean, there's no question that there's a whole team of people behind him, they will rise up, they will feel liberated to do their own thing. we have a major problem in that we've taken out some senior people of isis. and yet there are others that are coming right behind them. as you point out, the lone wolf problem alone, when someone is radicalized here in the u.s. or in europe, all on their own that is not a good sign, that's a successful sign that isis is beginning to take their propaganda and make it easy for
3:47 pm
people to be radicalized or be recruited on their own through reading the material. that means isis is being successful when we have a lone wolf being radicalized so quickly. i'm not as hopeful until we can go in and really just kill this operation once and for all. it shouldn't have taken this long, that's the frustration. when we have 63 members of the coalition, and the u.s. is leading this, we should be able to get nato and the other 62 members of this coalition and be able to crush them very fast and we're not able to do that. >> i agree with that. >> very good, the general got the last word as it was. thank you both for a lively discussion. >> thank you. arthel, everyone's talking about the key swing states like ohio, florida, north carolina and they all have something in common. they've seen drops in median income since 2008. people are making less money
3:48 pm
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as usual, the economy is playing a major role in the race for the white house. the data shows an uneven economic recovery in the country. median family incomes rose five percent this past year and that is good news. but a wall street journal analysis said they don't extend to the swing states where income growth is lagging around. we'll have the founder of the marks group. ginno, good to see you. >> thank you. >> ohio, florida and michigan. you are making less there had than in 2008. how will that impact the campaign. >> it impacts the campaign. five percent is very good news, but like you have always said and 100 percent on target.
3:53 pm
it is a big country and the election will be vote on a state by state vote. and in these swing states incomes are down. to give you an example, if you are are a worker in ohio, you are are making three percent less than in 2008. six percent less in florida. faep -- 15 percent in nevada less. and michigan four percent and ford saying they are sending car cans down to mexico. but not impact jobs. >> how can can it not impact the jobs? that impacts the workers in the area, but just think about all of the small business and all of the indirect affects it has on the company and people that rely on ford's manufacturing. it is a problem. right now in ohio. there are less jobs in ohio,
3:54 pm
less jobs than there were in 2001. and if you are a highered worker, your hourly wage is same as 1979. and these are big numbers and even though the wages across the country went up nationally, swing states are not seeing the same affects. one woman was a dental technician and out of a job. and she had 16 months to get a job. folks that are laid-off. and down sized. and we hate that word. down sized as they say with the corporate speak. it is tough. in those swing states to bounce back and get something good? >> let me tell you what is driving this though. the swing states, the industries are not technology or energy like you will see in california. it is service jobs.
3:55 pm
service jobs are among the lowest paid in the country. when people are not getting that much of an hourly wage they are not see issing that much impact. illegal immigrants drive down the wages. companies like ford goes to mexico. and donald trump said trade is an issue and it really is. small business as well. there is research coming out from a back up company for small businesses. 75 percent of the small businesses think that politicians hurt your business. when you have an outsider are like donald trump campaigning in the the swing state and that message is rebounding. >> as you know, people will be thinking of their pocketbook and have every right to do so. >> take care. >> had we come back, a daring rescue caught on tape, involving
3:56 pm
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to turn us back on. and up. >> right on to a busy highway and happened to it be stuck in the middle of the lane and cars
4:00 pm
whiz by trying not to hit him. he saved the little kitty's life. >> back here tomorrow at 12:00. >> a flurry of events. nominees push for votes. this is a fox report. donald trump about to attend a fund raiseener oklahoma before moving on to a rally in colorado later tonight. he started the day in houston and he addressed the remembrance conference. he shared the stage with families who had family members killed by illegal immigrants. >> hillary clinton is the person, and i mean the first person to run for the presidency of the cou


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