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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  September 18, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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we're told everyone injured in the blast last night, all of those sent to the hospital have been released. investigators digging into the motive behind the blast, now searching for suspects as well. peter is live in new york with the very latest. hi, peter. >> reporter: new york's governor said a little while ago when a bomb explodes in new york city, it is terrorism and it's his city's best investigators right now analyze an unexploded pressure cooker, governor cuomo is positioning the national guard at some of the city's most sensitive soft targets. >> we will be deploying close to an additional 1,000 new york state police and national guard people to police the bus terminals and airports and subway stations. again, just to err on the side
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of caution and i want new yorkers to be confident when they go back to work on monday. >> reporter: the bomber or bombers responsible for last night's attack on manhattan remain on the loose at this hour. investigators are tight lipped about how much they've learned about the suspect or suspects' motive because they don't want to risk tipping anyone off and losing a lead. >> we don't have enough information to make any final conclusion. as the mayor said, we don't know if there's any political or social motivation but we definitely had a bombing last night on 23rd street and we had a suspicious device on 27th street. >> reporter: we know there is video evidence from both crime scenes, 23rd street where the pressure cooker bomb exploded and 27th street where the pressure cooker bomb did not. the fire department did not find structural damage to any of the buildings in the vicinity of the blast but there's a lot of
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broken glass and a lot of frightened innocent bystanders sent running with their hands over their ears by the sound of what the new york post describes as a deafening explosion. the nypd says they have foiled 20 plots in recent years, terror plots but they missed this one. since there still has not been an official claim of responsibility, they are racing to find people responsible for this attack last night before they have a chance to try to do it again. shannon. >> all right, peter doocy, thanks. >> they are warning for new yorkers to stay vigilant. on the campaign trail, two new yorkers are themselves, donald trump and hillary clinton are weighing in as well. elizabeth has more on what the presidential candidates have to say about this. >> if you've been following this it's not surprising when you see the two reactions, donald trump right away when he landed in colorado hit this. in fact it's really the first thing he said when he got off the airplane.
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he was greeted by supporters and said, look, it's time for us to double down. his running mate mike pence also speaking out today. >> just before i got off the plane, a bomb went off in new york and nobody knows exactly what's going on. we are going to get tough and smart and vigilant. >> whether it was terrorist attacks or inspired by terrorists abroad, as you experienced here in florida not long ago or whether it was home grown violence, we urge prayer and vigilance. >> on the other side of the aisle, we saw hillary clinton responding more cautiously on her plane last night. critics say she appeared uncompressive but her supporters say she was composed and formal and also referring to it as a bomb initially and then saying donald trump got ahead of the investigation, saying more information is needed before responding. tim kaine praising her for her tone and prudence. >> i think it's always wiser to
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wait until you have information before making conclusions because we are just in the beginning stages of trying to determine -- >> i know everyone is looking to see what the cause was. could it potentially be connected to terrorism, no evidence yet but that will be looked at closely. >> donald trump will head to the sunshine state on monday and hillary clinton will head to philadelphia. we can expect both candidates to expand on their stances during those future campaign stops. we'll hear more i'm sure. >> thank you. >> leland? >> thanks, here to weigh in, john hancock, and michael kelley, former executive director -- a little bit of a swing state in this election. >> good to be with you and great job getting a bill de blasio look alike to be on the show today.
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>> hey, leland. is this sort of methodical almost academic approach to a terror attack like this the right way to deal with this, saying we don't know what's behind it, we're going to analyze it, or is it the andrew cuomo approach this is terrorism or donald trump of we've got to get tough? >> well, it needs to be a presidential approach. that's exactly what we're seeing from hillary clinton. earlier in this hour you talked about polling that said that people have questions whether or not donald trump can be presidential. you can't have knee jerk reactions to this type of stuff. this is life and death matters. this is a perfect example where donald trump is jumping ahead making ridiculous statements and hillary clinton is showing a reserved pragmatic approach. >> i'm pretty sure when you put a bunch of wires and explosive devices inside a pressure cooker, it's accurate to call it a bomb. that's what donald trump did. it was a bomb. we're pretty sure it wasn't put there by the vienna boys club. this is some terrorist activity
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event that took place in new york and donald trump's reaction was right and i think hillary clinton -- i don't know what she was on last night, but she was low energy i think to say the least. >> it did not exactly seem like a -- shall we see say, if a comforter in chief, talking about how we're going to get through this together and become stronger together despite that being her campaign slogan. you talked about that poll that we discussed earlier in the show. we'll put it back up on the screen so viewers can take a look. clinton 59%, yes. trump, 59% no. this goes to an issue for you in missouri, a swing state and obviously now that trump is a republican nominee the polls are tighter in missouri than anybody ever thought it would be. is the issue of temperament a problem for some missouri voter snz. >> it's an issue, one of a number of issues in the
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election. the truth is donald trump's numbers are getting stronger all the time in missouri. there was a state poll released this morning that shows him with an 8-point lead and growing. a lot of trends you've been seeing nationally with a race tightening up has been working in missouri where trump has gained momentum and hillary clinton has had a dive over the last three weeks. it's going to be a close race. >> the reality is this should be a lay-up for republicans in missouri. the fact of the matter is, donald trump's behavior and the way he has knee-jerk responses to things, just like your polling is showing, is making this race much closer than it needs to be for republicans and that means resources are coming into missouri and roy blunt is likely in trouble as a result of it. >> you've got the first word, i'm going to give john the last word on that issue. you talk about what temperament is needed. this is the same message donald trump gave and andrew cuomo on the streets of new york today, a democrat getting up there and saying we're going to be strong
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and not going to let them win. it was a much tougher message from the governor of new york than you got from a presidential candidate. you've got to at least see that as a vulnerability? >> no, i think trump's response was good. he said look we've got to get tough on these people and get better intelligence and take the fight to them. we've got to weed these things oit before they happen. i think trump's tone on terrorism throughout the campaign, this guy will call it what it is, radical islamic terrorism, the white house can't seem to figure that out. i think on terrorism on national security, i think donald trump scores very well with the voters. >> the fbi had a hard time calling it terrorism today in minnesota despite the allah akbar and asking people if they were muslim before stabbing them. we'll see what the president and hillary clinton say about it going forward. always great to have you on the program. thanks for coming in and staying late. >> take it easy. >> see you guys. >> president obama hammers out a
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and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ready for a new chapter? talk to your rheumatologist. this is humira at work. fox news alert as we learn more about the explosions not only in new york city but also in new jersey yesterday. you might remember there's been a total of three devices everyone is talking about. the one that exploded before that charity run in new jersey, didn't hurt anybody. the one in new york that exploded on 23rd street injuring about 30, and the device found intact, ied and pressure cooker with a cell phone found on 27th street. now, from our rick leventhal, per a law enforcement force, the explosive devices found in
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seaside park new jersey and chelsea new york are believed to be from the same person, linking all of these events together, certainly a lot more on this story we're about 18 hours since the explosion in new york, little more than 24 hours since the explosion in new jersey as the fbi continues to lead that investigation. >> well the northeast could be in for stormy weather as the carolinas deal with the remnants of tropical depression julia. at the fox weather center with details. hi, janice. >> we're watching the remnants of tropical depression julia as we think it will move northward in the next 48 hours. the wind gusts all along the beach here, 15 to 20-mile-per-hour winds and we think in the next 48 hours, julia will make her way up towards north carolina and virginia. watching that, the worst of the weather is going to be outer bands, some gusty winds and high waves and beach erosion, but
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we're also watching tropical storm carl over the next couple of days as we think it's going to come very close to bermuda and become a hurricane later this week. watching it carefully as some of the models show it coming close to the u.s., a little too close for comfort. this is something we'll have to monitor in the next week or so as it is, the peak of the season, shannon, back to you. >> all right, janice, thank you so much. >> of course. >> president obama makes a $38 billion deal with benjamin netanyahu, lindsey graham says it's full of dangerous flaws, right after the break. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina?
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president obama and benjamin
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netanyahu reached a deal, giving israel $38 million in aid. gop senator lindsey graham says based on personal conversations with netanyahu he has serious kerpz. i talked with graham earlier about new legislation he'll introduce to push back what he calls an end run around congress. >> i think we've got two problems, the sanctions against iran are due to expire in december. so if they cheat in the future, if the sanctions are not in place, there's nothing to snap back. so we need the sanctions to be reauthorized to hold over their heads. so i'm going to push legislation to reauthorize the sanctions that are about to expire and i'm going to add to that a $1.5 billion supplemental for the state of israel. i want to give israel 1% of the money the ayatollah will get to destroy israel. when you look at what happens since the deal has been signed,
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it's been terrible for israel and terrible for us. iranian test fired four ballistic missiles in violation of the u.n. resolution and marching through the middle east create being havoc. what i want to do is send a signal that congress hasn't forgotten about you. the sanctions will be there waiting on you if you cheat. by the way, the more you threaten israel, the more we're going to help them. >> what about them threatening us? you're a military guy -- >> they are threatening us. >> provocations to our aircraft and navy vessels. i thought this deal closed up the gap. >> they see obama as weak. all i can tell any middle eastern ally like israel, go hire an iranian, they do better with obama man you do. the iranians have walked all over the obama administration and provocative at every turn against us, against the sunni arab states and toppled four arab capitals and gotten away
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with it. when it comes to this deal with israel, i appreciate certainty, when they say this is the most historic agreement helping israel in the history of the world. i'm a little skeptical. why? because currently gets $3.1 billion, they'll up to 3.3, that's good, increase, congress appropriated 4 billion this year. it's less than appropriated in the future and congress gave $600 million to israel this year for the missile defense program and 2018 obama administration is going to guarantee them 500 million. at the end of the day compared to the congress, the administration nickeled and dimed israel and they are telling us, the congress, that we can't appropriate money outside this agreement. >> there's really unusual things about this agreement -- >> beyond unusual. >> people may not know, it was directly negotiated between the white house and israel. >> we're not bound by it. >> you're not saying you're not bound by it. it guarantees them over ten years time there's there letter
12:54 pm
that israel is signed on to that they'll give back money and basically the obama add mrs is saying, you can't take a penny more if congress gives it to you. >> this is a memorandum between the executive branch and the prime minister of israel, not congress. at the end of the day, obama tried to get israel to be put in a box so that israel wouldn't go to congress and ask for more money. he sort of achieved that goal in violation of our constitutional setup. so this is odd where you've got a friend like israel, prime minister i admire, sending a letter to the president saying we won't take any money over this amount over two years, even if congress wants to give it to us. okay, bb, president obama, we don't buy that. we're not going to have a foreign leader conspire with the president of the united states to deal the congress out of doing its job. as much as i admire bb, i don't
12:55 pm
buy that. let me tell you too to my friend the prime minister of israel, i was over there a few months ago. the reason i plussed up the aid from 3.1 to 3.4 because of the things you told me about hezbollah having more missiles provided by iran. israel wanted 40 something billion and wound up with 38. the needs in israel are real. i appreciate it but it was well short of what it could have been. they left money on the table. here's what i'm going to tell the prime minister, don't tell members of congress how bad things are and we try to help you then you pull the rug out from under us. >> senator, we'll watch your legislation as proposed next week and thanks for keeping us in on the details of what this new deal is. >> stay tuned. this is important. >> we'll see about this this week. it's interesting because for the heads of israel and america to get together and negotiate this without their legislative bodies, you know the legislators will get ruffled and thing, if it's an appropriations deal we
12:56 pm
should have been involved. >> it's a ten-year deal being made by president obama in the last three or four months of presidency and something the new president will have to honor whether they like it or not. speaking to that, 51 days until the election. israel was a big deal in the election in 2012. we'll see if it's a big deal in 2016. who better to ask about what will be a big deal in the election, 5:00 p.m. eastern, you will not want to miss the debut of the brand-new sunday political show, perino and stirewalt, "i'll tell you what." two political minds, totally unscripted and they've got a lot to talk about today and every day. then at 8:00 p.m. eastern, a special sunday edition of "special report" breaking down all of the news that happened this weekend and you can think about it's hard to even remember what was a big deal on friday when the weekend started and everything that's happened over the past 24 or so hours. >> that's why we want to give
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you extra political programming as we're weeks away from a huge decision from this country. >> 51 days you'll get it tonight and every sunday leading up to another election too. good luck, we're looking forward to what you have to tell us. >> that's it for us here in washington. we'll see you next weekend. >> see you. it takes a lot of work... to run this business.
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the most common side effects are nausea, constipation and vomiting. trintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your healthcare professional if trintellix could make a difference for you. hello, this is a brand-new hour inside america's election headquarters. >> hello, everyone. a law enforcement official now saying explosives found in new jersey and new york city are believed to be from the same person. federal, state and local law enforcement searching for answers in new york city after that bomb rocked a busy manhattan street in chelsea and another pressure cooker bomb was found four blocks away. the latest on the investigation just moments away. >> and isis related media claiming the suspect who went on the stabbing spree in a


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