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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 20, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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what it is. a lot more news to get to. >> see you back here in the hour. she what "outnumbered" says. jenna: "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: fox news alert. we are awaiting donald trump at a rally in political battleground state of north carolina. he is expected to talk terrorism and to go after hillary clinton and president obama over what he calls their quote, unquote, weak leadership when it comes to keeping america safe. we have the new details about the man accused of planting bombs around new york city and new jersey and his possible radicalization overseas. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith. radio talk show host meghan mccain. republican strategist, lisa booth. today's #oneluckyguy, former ambassador to the united nations. ambassador john bolton is here. he is outnumbered. glad to have you here. >> glad to be with you. harris: we have big day. u.n. general assembly doing on
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in new york and a lot of terror to talk about today. we're glad to get your perspective. thanks for being here. while we bring you the news, donald trump is about to speak in north carolina. the terror break down that ended in a i will half bullets raising new questions about how america will deal with homegrown terror. [gunfire] 28-year-old ahmad rahami was arrested and now in newark, new jersey hospital. he is accusedded terrorizing the new york city metro area with bombs. his bond is set at five million dollars as he awaits federal charges. they're looking how the afghan-born u.s. citizen became radicalized after recent trips to afghanistan, multiple trips. a friend telling local media, rahim my grew a beer and seemed different after one of those visits. in minnesota, a knife-wielding
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savage went after people in a maul his friends said he seemed like normal american kid who played sports and did well in school until saturday night. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us in washington. reporter: just a short time ago the suspect's father spoke to reporters in new jersey. there he alleged he contacted the feds about his son in 2014 after a domestic dispute. >> i contacted fbi. but they checked it. >> don't know yet. >> watch your back. watch your back. reporter: they have new evidence today about the prior contact between the suspect and the fbi in a approximately 2014. what we were told through two law enforcement sources is that they had allegations that he was becoming radicalized. they then went and they questioned him about this
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radicalization. there was simply not enough so go on at that time to open a full investigation. we have new information about evidence that was found at the scene. two sources told us there was a note found with the pressure cooker bomb it was intact. it contained arabic writing and symbols that were consistent with isis. we're working to independently confirm reports that there were also references to the boston marathon bombing of dzhokhar tsarnaev and tamerlan tsarnaev. they used pressure cooker bombs to kill three and injure 264 others in the boston marathon in 2013. we're working to confirm there was a reference in the note to this man, anwar al-awlaki, american-born clairic who is the father of digital jihad. the first american targeted for death by the cia and killed in a drone strike in 2011. officially or publicly the feds are saying they're not looking for anyone else connected to
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rahami. the house homeland security committee said they haven't ruled out others. >> remember the cell phones are being analyzed. to what is called encrypted communications, for any contact, as computers are being analyzed for conversations, he would have had with operatives perhaps in pakistan or afghanistan or out of raqqa syria. reporter: just a little bit more on his travel overseas there is growing evidence this is where the seeds of his radicalization were shown, zone, rather. we were able to confirm with two source to afghanistan and he did -- three trips to pakistan and not clear whether he crossed over the border to pakistan from afghanistan or discrete trips to pakistan from the united states. in any event this was known to the homeland security and the fbi but because he had longstanding ties to afghanistan
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and the frequency of the trips was not so high, that suggested he was getting outside help to pay for it, this did not arouse suspicion, sufficient suspicion at the time about his activities. harris: we appreciate all that information. catherine, thank you very much. reporter: a lot of information. harris: you know, i guess my first big question to you, ambassador, will there be new rules about americans coming back into this country after they have been to certain places? i know it gets complicated in this particular incident or instance because he was also in pakistan. that is a country we typically have very good relations with. but we know what is happening on the ground in afghanistan. we know what is happening in syria. >> it is happening in pakistan too depending what part of the country you're in. harris: true. >> from the minnesota incident and from new jersey, new york incidents we have got to start learning lessons what this terrorism is actually about and i think these cases are further pieces of evidence that this is an ideology that is fighting us.
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this is not about economic grievances or economic deprivation. it is not about the personal peculiarities of the terrorists themselves. it is about an ideology. and we need to learn from that. we need to learn how the ideology he grows because we've divided the terrorists incidents into categories that don't make sense. you have workplace violence. you have lone wolves. you have self-radicalized and you have domestic versus international. look, i think these are distinctions that obscure what is really going and i think in this case, the new york case, in particular shows that. so these are the lessons we need to start talking about. harris: what heading would you give it all? >> i think we are faced in the united states and the broader west with an ideology that is determined to destroy us or at least inflict as much damage as we can. unless you treat this as idealogical war we will forever be inadequate in our response. sandra: ambassador, americans are listening to the report from catherine herridge that the
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father saw changes in his own son, called the fbi. the fbi came and looked at him. they determined after questioning he was not a terrorist. they moved on. while he was a terrorist and did have bad intentions after multiple visits there. the americans are left answering the question, is our system right? are we questioning these people in the right way? the how did he fall through the cracks? >> this requires some serious congressional investigation. we will not get it before the election. we'll need to get it after the election. when a parent turn as child in as potential terrorist you would think people take it seriously. harris: hello. >> i have to wonder whether the fbi, law enforcement agencies at the federal and local levels are constrained bit view it is not an ideology. there is no war here. just occasional incidental random acts of terrorism. if that is the case, we have handcuffed ourselves the american people need to know that i think they would be outraged. harris: lisa? >> isn't this emblem mattic the new face of terror, war on
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terror? we're looking 15 years post-9/11, and these attackers are likened to finding a needle in a haystack. this is something the world is grappling with. not just the united states. you look at isis directed or inspired attacks by lone wolf individuals in the united states. orlando, san bernanadino, chattanooga, or looks elsewhere around the world as well. look at belgium. there is all these attacks we're seeing. lone wolf attackers and this is sort of the new face on terror. harris: you can add minnesota to that list. >> minnesota, correct. harris: meghan, you were here on the program when i first came back from minneapolis, where they this summer opened a fourth counterterrorism fbi office, on august 25th, not arrested, found guilty the 11th man from minnesota trying to join isis. meghan: when i first heard this story, i have friends who are muslim, if they're going back and forth to afghanistan and
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came back and started acting a lot more religious or radical i would say something to someone, i really would. the problem is we're living in a culture if a boy bring as clock to school by anybody's standard looks like a bomb, automatically you're called racist, the president gets involved, the media gets involved. harris: you get a trip to the white house. meghan: you get a trip to the white house. this is cultural. americans may be seeing something as you said the father of this terrorist did. he said something. i again, if people are doing their due diligence or they're not because they feel like they will be labeled as racist there is something very wrong with all of this because nothing ends up haing. if a father says my son is behaving crazy and nothing happens, what kind of message is this sending american public. harris: ambassador, give you last word what we should be looking for? >> i think you have to look at the sources of the ideology and how it spreads because the terrorist network doesn't conform to a corporate organization chart. it is much more fluid. and if we don't acknowledge that, and try to deal with it, we will again we will fail
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consistently to prevent these attacks. harris: we know, even when those red flags were raised with the kid as they described him, normal american kid in minnesota, a lot was just pushed aside. it is an interesting dilemma and a dangerous one. we're awaiting a donald trump rally in north carolina just a day after the republican nominee and his opponent traded attacks over anti-terror policy. the back and forth and how it could reshape the election, 49 days now? white house press secretary josh earnest called the fight against the islamic state savages, a war of narratives. is that what is really is? right after it. v we pop up online. click on the "overtime" tab on that is our page. go there. we have a page on facebook as well. our handle is outnumbered fnc, facebook live. you can tweet us anytime.
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♪ sandra: we're awaiting remarks from donald trump at this hour. he is holding a rally in north carolina, a day after he and hillary clinton had very
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sharp words for each other over fighting terrorism. >> the president of the united states, or my opponent, and both, won't even say the words, radical islamic terror. [booing] in fact hillary clinton talks tougher about my supporters than she does about islamic terrorists. >> we know that a lot of the rhetoric we've heard from donald trump has been seized on by terrorists, in particular isis because they are looking to make this into a war against islam. >> you hear the words, hillary clinton uses, one could be forgiven for getting the impression that she thinks these hard-working americans are somehow a greater threat to our country than islamic extremists. >> we know that donald trump's comments have been used online
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for recruitment of terrorists. >> hillary clinton is a weak and ineffective person. >> you don't hear a plan from him. he keeps saying he has a secret plan. the secret is he has no plan. former cia director michael hayden, who made it a very clear point when he said donald trump is being used as a recruiting sergeant for the terrorists. sandra: hmmm. you just heard the two candidates, ambassador, trading barbs there. who is making the best case? >> i think trump comes across as someone who takes the terrorists threat more seriously than hillary clinton does, and i think in the political environment, if he can shape opinion, the public opinion so that people see her as obama's third term, i think it is to his advantage. i think she would be obama's third term. i think her policies would be essentially those of obama's, and i think in that sense the
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terrorist incident we've just had coming just as they do right before the first debate could have a major impact on the election as people watch the two of them next tuesday, and compare their attitudes. i think trump sees this as a war. i don't think hillary clinton us d i think she sees it as obama does like law enforcement. sandra: you heard the first exchange from trump, lisa, reiterating words we heard many times from him along the way, she and her campaign won't even use the words radical islamic terrorism. >> there is perceived weakness of president obama and hillary clinton in the fight against isis. i think that is the reason why donald trump does so well on the question but to hillary clinton's earlier point, her own husband was featured in isis video. president obama says he has no plan to defeat isis. if you're donald trump he should lay the rise of isis at hillary clinton and president obama. president obama's own defense secretaries blamed him for rise of isis, leaving a vacuum in iraq.
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now isis has foothold in 18 different countries. hillary clinton cheerleaded withdrawal of forces from iraq and failure to leave a status of forces agreement. donald trump should lay this at their feet, blame them for the weakness on fight against terror. sandra: he is to that effect, meghan, that the attacks on me are to deflect her own record. meghan: she is running against, whether she likes it or not she is attached to the rise of isis, after president obama, who she worked for in the administration, pulled out of iraq. isis came in and metastasized and this evil, for eight years we should get the snake, cut off the snake, go to the base where it is all at. they don't he see it as a war. they see it as law enforcement issue. the fact we have an administration won't say radical jihadism, won't say radical terrorism tells you everything you need to know. if this is brought up at the debate it is ample opportunity for donald trump to show the juxtaposition. sandra: keep it on the same
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topic. white house press secretary josh earnest getting criticism for saying we are fighting a quote, war of narratives against isis. he made the comments on cnn and msnbc. then was asked about it on "america's newsroom" on fox news channel yesterday. watch. >> what's important in the context of political debate is to remember that isil is trying to assert a narrative, that they represent the religion of islam in a war against the west and in a war against the united states. that is a mythology. that is a falsehood. that is not true. that is a bankrupt ideology that they are trying to wrap into the cloak of islam. it is important that we don't play into that narrative. sandra: republican vp nominee mike pence not having it. >> i'm not sure that hillary clinton and barack obama know that we're at war. the white house spokesman today actually said that we were in a quote, narrative fight, in a narrative battle. >> what is that? what is that? >> i don't even know what that is. i, be honest with you, i was just missfied by it.
9:20 am
i really don't understand what a narrative fight or a narrative battle is. we need new leadership in this country that will name our enemy. sandra: you heard the voice of rush limbaugh challenging that notion of a war of narratives. is this a misguided white house ambassador? >> it's a dream world. look academics call this, semiotics science of symbols and signals. that's what they do the at white house. they manuever words around and talk in narratives. you know what isis does for seminot independent c warfare? they cut people's head off. >> exactly. >> you know what they respect? they respect it is to which they're seeing in inadequate amounts from the united states at this point. we can have a real war against terrorism and try to defeat these bar -- barbarians or continue in semiotics. sandra: especially in the wake of the news this week.
9:21 am
harris: a lot comes out of representatives that really does not surprise me anymore. look at ben rhodes, what he said he fed to reporters about the iran deal. >> they have to reflect the president. they're not making this up. they're hearing from the boss. harris: it starts at the top. you have been a witness to history at the united nations as an ambassador. some of the criticism that hillary clinton has lobbed over at donald trump i'm curious quickly to ask you about. are his words when he says, use whatever lawful methods are available to go after the man they just captured who is suspect here on the east coast, are his words really putting us in opposition or harm's way with our allies and their potential to help us out? are they really making us more unsafe? i'm curious to get your vision? >> absolutely not. this is, isis will pick any pretext it can find to attack the united states. gitmo, whatever it is. we could close gitmo they find another pretext. if donald trump didn't say something they could use, somebody else would.
9:22 am
it is really a question whether you understand the bigger picture or whether you're lost in the tactics and i think we're going to find unfortunately if hillary is elected, she is always lost in the tactics. sandra: we have much more to get to. despite terror attacks this weaken, president obama stepping up his push to bring in more refugees but can we trust the government's vetting process and is you now really the time to be accelerating bringing in more refugees? plus, why one polling analyst says the first presidential debate in just six day, can you believe it, will be a turning point in this election. new details on the high-stakes faceoff next. ma'am.. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies.
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♪ >> we have to open our hearts to help refugees who are desperate and we should all understand that ultimately our if we are
9:27 am
prepared to help those in need and nations carrying a largest birden. they will raise the worldwide limit on number of refugees entering the united states to 110,000 this year up from 85,000 next year. the administration will not say how many come from syria where you know the civil war is going own. when you hear critics that could never happen. we're vetting them.
9:28 am
what comes to mind? >> this is complete misapprehension of our ability to gather information. even more fundamentally, what the president and others have talked about by bringing more refugees into the united states or western europe is half a century of refugee policy. the obligation, we should provide humanitarian assistance but the obligation falls first on what they call the country of first asylum. turkey in the case of syrian refugees. we should provide food, shelter, humanitarian assistance. we have no obligation to take these people out of those refugee camps. let's just start right there. sandra: i want to broaden this out just a smidge if we can about the report we came out handling people already in our country. if we can't get that right, how do we expect to have more come in? that is what the 850 or so? sandra: talking about the fact that our government mistakenly granted citizenship to 858
9:29 am
immigrants who had pending deportation orders from countries of concern. there was a few things that were going on there that allowed this. fingerprints, et cetera, information given allowed for this about to happen. but, ambassador, don't you think even president obama's critics would be more forgiving of human wanting to see surge of refugees in this country if he spoke as tough on vetting process because it is difficult one. this is how we're doing it. we don't hear that when he says accelerating process and bringing more in? >> when we say in washington, good enough for government work. did is 80 degrees opposite for what they intended to do -- 180. highlights in refugee policy, asylum is temporary. lasts only so long as condition provoked people to leave lasts, when the conflict is over, winning war against isis then they go back. harris: do they?
9:30 am
>> does anybody think once these people come in they're ever leaving the united states? harris: go ahead, lisa. >> his own administration stated concerns of letting in syrian refugees ncia director john brennan testified before the senate intelligence committee that isis would infiltrate the west through migrants and refugees. february by director james comey said before a house homeland security committee that we can't vet the refugees. we have the department of homeland security officials testifying before congress admitting that they can't find individuals whose visas were revoked because of possible links to terrorism. harris: right. >> they can't find them in the united states. of course we have to question the government's competency here. harris: all right. so, your father, senator of one of the states sitting on a porous border is the best description of our southern border with mexico at times, and
9:31 am
we know of at least some reporting where they might try to come across that border too. it might not even be just an immigration situation where we're tracking them into the united states. but what if they come through other countries? i'm curious. meghan: definitely a possibility. what is so exhausting about this specific issue, it didn't have to be like this. there was a red line our president said he would do something about assad used chemical weapons. he did and our president chose to do nothing. this spiraled out of the control and the blood is on at administration's plans. all that being said, perfectly rational to be fear because of look what is going on in germany. they are running out of pepper spray because of so many sexual assaults from refugees. this is based in reality. when you talk to liberals out of this, automatically i'm a heartless conservative that doesn't want to help refugees and children in the middle east. that's not true. we just want to protect our national security as well. this is a mess. i think nothing good will come from it. no matter what the answer we have a lot of bad problems in
9:32 am
our future. harris: the big question, it's a mess for sure. we know the immigration is one that needs to be looked at. is it a dangerous mess and you say yes? >> it is absolutely dangerous and we see the evidence all around us. >> just applying common sense as meghan pointed out. meghan: thank you. on to this now. it is len than one week until the first presidential debate an we're learning the three main themes covered, the topics, america's direction, achieving prosperity and securing america as quinnepiac university polling analyst telling "politico" that the first debate could break the stalemate. tim malloy saying it will come down to the debate. i think you'll find out how much of a grip trump has on policy you will see how they handle each other. it could be one of the classic heavyweight fights of all time! i for one, getting my jack daniels and popcorn already. harris: whoo. that is a girl from the south. meghan: been looking forward to this forever.
9:33 am
lisa, i i want to start with yo, topics could they be more vague. american prosperity, awesome. >> give out the heavyweight belt so they can hold it up. it is really pivotal, i honest to god think this first debate will be so pivotal. look at donald trump right now, he certainly has momentum heading into the first debate. he is gaining national, gaining in battleground states. so he either is going to be able to perform well during the debate and carry the momentum out potentially to november 8th, or could be opportunity where he misstates something. he, hillary clinton nails him down on policy or she bates him into saying something, that he shouldn't say and he loses momentum. that will will be a big moment. for hillary clinton opportunity to regain momentum she recently lost. i think the first debate will be so pivotal. harris: talking about the vagueness of it all, looking on the bright side, you can cover a
9:34 am
lot of topics but leave as lot of room for people to go in one direction and maybe look at drama more than the substance because it is not being driven, to borrow a word from josh earnest today, a narrative having more distinct topics. meghan: i want to say something a little politically incorrect but one of the things i'm curious about how healthy hillary clinton is going to look. if she gets into coughing fit or look tired. this is something really important and pivotal. ambassador bolton, do you agree with me? >> that's right. i don't like the debate at all. i don't like debates that occurred. harris: you don't like debates. meghan: watched them with me. i make it fun. >> i don't like it for 50 years. i think it should be debate between candidates. harris: moderators out? >> who moderated the lincoln-douglas debate? nobody. there was a timekeeper. that is all there was. that is what we ought to go back to. harris: you're only 55 now. >> close.
9:35 am
sandra: meghan, let me turntables back on you that lived and breathed politics your entire life, isn't a lot of this comes down specifically how they're preparing for these debates? not just what they have in their back pocket but how they prepare? as you know, unfairly you criticized the debates, i moderated two of them, ambassador bolton. meghan: you were a moderator. sandra: interesting thing that happens. you sit down, moderate debate. you look at candidates, whether or not they look at each other. whether or not they keep their eyes on the audience and respond personally to the face of person next to you. there is so much that goes on there. i wonder what kind of debate prep that they're involved in right now? meghan: at least historically it is arduous. donald trump has done it a little bit less conventionally as he done everything. i think this comes down to everything else, a few moments. binders of full of woman. kitty dukakis, dukakis's wife what he would do if she were raped and killed? this is significant moments
9:36 am
standing out in history. harris: i could see donald trump to sandra's point having gumption to look right at hillary clinton. >> he has to be very careful though because he is a large man. she is a small woman. she is going to look for the being picked on point. he needs to observe iron discipline to make sure that doesn't happen. >> also can be unsaid. go back to the john f. kennedy and nixon debate, his appearance, the sweating, uncomfortableness. for hillary clinton whose health has been brought into question by just the video itself on 9/11, that is something that voters are going to be looking at. meghan: i'm excited about it. you can come to my house. it will be fun at least watching with him. harris: jd and popcorn. meghan: donald trump, a top republican said he should be held as enemy combatant so we get as much info out of him as possible. is this a good idea? is that ice-t?
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9:42 am
he will be given a fully modern and updated hospital room. and on top of that, he will be represented by an outstanding lawyer. his case will go through the various court systems for years, and in the end, people will forget and his punishment will not be what it once would have been. sandra: meantime senator lindsey graham wants rahami to be treated as an enemy combatant for intelligence-gathering purposes. fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano says that can not happen. >> stripping a person of due process is catastrophic and prohibited by the constitution. so yes, the idea that we have the natural right to do process essentially, fairness from the government, jury trial and all of the protections of the constitution provides and rights
9:43 am
can't be taken away from us because they're hated or feared. every time sub attacks us, we strip them of their civil liberties, we don't have any lib betters left ourselves. sandra: such an important point. people wonder how will he be treated? he will get our best medical care. >> he will get full due process as long as obama administration is in office. lindsey graham raised a critical point there. is no due process on battlefield in afghanistan or i rack. when you're against the enemy, whether they're american citizens or not, you don't read them their miranda rights. for this guy, rahami, i have two questions, number one, did he procure his citizenship fraudulently? we don't know, the naturalization oath you have to give up fidelity to foreign potentates. very sweeping. harris: how do you prove that. >> there is a lot of fraud in the applications where people coming out of the holocaust where they denied any
9:44 am
affiliation with naziism. i want to know what he said on citizenship application. number two, you can renounce american citizenship by engaging in conduct with our enemies and going on the battlefield. i would argue the terrorism battlefield is all around the world. not front lines in europe and world war i, it is all over the world. lindsey raised an important point. harris: what i want to ask you next is this battleground. you hear leaders we're at war. stop saying we're not, we are. if that is the case the homeland is the battleground, i mean doesn't account for how we treat these guys. wouldn't we automatically call him enemy combatant. if we catch anybody doing homegrown terror, why call it terrorism? >> not to say we're renounces constitutional system or rule of law, we're in a different paradigm. not like knocking over law enforcement paradigm. it was paradigm of the law of war.
9:45 am
sandra: he is saying welcome to america. you are you are innocent until proven guilty. fair point? meghan: fair point. not the point i want. i'm all with lindsey graham. these people are animals that we need to set precedent maybe if you do this you should be treated in different way. you shouldn't have any civil liberties. you didn't care about mine or any other americans. there is time to evolve the way we approach people like this. he certainly didn't consider himself an american, so why should i? >> my understanding a u.s. citizen can be tried as enemy combatant if they take up arms against the united states which certainly seems like that is what happened. he traveled to pakistan, afghanistan. we're learning more about that we don't have information in front of us. this is something we better figure out sooner than later. we have lone wolf attacks or small group attacks we haven't necessarily seen it in the past. we've seen it in minnesota, new york and new jersey, so we better figure this out. harris: they have problematic imams, how it was put to me in
9:46 am
the ride along with the police department up in minneapolis. you have the imams. they're being radicalized here. what difference makes if they're radicalized here or there. >> makes no difference at will. these are not lone wolves. they're getting information over internet and talking with their mullahs. it is happening different ways. it is not spontaneous combustion. that is how it happens. sandra: they were with president obama and bernie but hillary? 49 days ago hillary clinton struggling to lock down young voters. her full-court press to win over millenials desserting her in the polls, whether it will be enough --
9:47 am
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sandra: we are awaiting gop nominee donald trump at high point university in high point, north carolina. he has landed. he is on the ground there. they are waiting for him to take the stage. he is likely to continue discussing the reason bombing in new york city that injured 29 people, happens in new jersey and minnesota. he is hitting his opponent hillary clinton hard on this issue.
9:51 am
so we're awaiting him any moment now. we'll bring it to you live. harris: hillary clinton is trying to lock down a group of voters many may have thought she had in the bag with all the hollywood types she hangs out, i don't know, like the kardashians and what not. recent polling showing her lead among young voters are disintegrating many are switching to third party candidates. democratic nominee is pulling out all the stops to real them back in at an event in temple university, clinton made a direct appeal to the millenial voters as she addressed her shortcomings and high negatives. >> i also know that even if you're totally opposed to donald trump you may still have some questions about me. i get that. and i want to do my best to answer those questions. when comes to public service, the service part is always been easier for me than the public part. i will never be the show man my opponent is. you know what? that is okay with me. [applause] i need you as partners, not just
9:52 am
for winning this election but for driving real change over the next four years. the fight ahead of us are bigger than one election, one president, or even one generation. harris: clinton followed up her appearance at temple with a stop on "the tonight show." but she won't have a shoulder, have to shoulder it all alone. clinton deployed top surrogates, michelle obama, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren to college campuses. what she was saying, don't like either one of us, don't stay home, i just want you to vote for me. >> people surprised she is emraging votes to gary johnson and certain amount to jill stein. she needs to bring the people back in and needs to convince them to go and vote which is far from assured since voting among younger people tends to be lower rates than among older people. that is real vulnerability for her, no doubt about it.
9:53 am
compensates what bernie sanders done, bidding for their votes. free college tuition. harris: she needs him. he is really the conduit. look at his age but look at his message. not always just about the age of the messenger. she could co-op some of that but she needs bernie. >> i'm a millenial i find this outreach a little desperate. if you're on a date telling someone i need you, you are kind ever like, oh. this represents a problem for hillary clinton, trying to recapture that obama coalition. she is not meeting his margins, not just with mill lineals and african-americans, hispanics and even as women. she is running as first potential female president of the united states. this is a big problem for hillary clinton. president obama, regardless what you think of his policies he was an exemptional candidate with a message. hillary clinton is lackluster candidate with no message. that is her biggest problems. harris: desperate, is that how you see it? meghan: see it thirst, desperate, same thing. what is fascinating it really
9:54 am
showcases more than anything, i'm fascinated that young millenial women don't see gender as issue for the so-called glass ceiling anymore. how i feel as well. there will be a woman president in my lifetime. i don't want it to be a this woman. but there will be a woman president. hopefully a republican. she had 30% of the millenial vote. president obama had 60. gary johnson doesn't know what aleppo is? you know what gary johnson is? he is not establishment. harris: he is outsider. meghan: donald trump has opportunity to gather you will all the millenial votes he is hemorrhaging. he has to tone back some. extreme rhetoric especially comes to hispanic. all these sort of things. he has opportunity. fascinating she bled so much in such a short of amount of time. harris: outsider message is so interesting when you bring up. when you look at national polling and factor in jill stein and gary johnson, as you were saying ambassador, tightens the race, almost statistically a tie anyway. when you dig into battleground
9:55 am
states you see it. sandra: millenials care about jobs and economy. they are thirsty for that business-friendly environment that they have read about once was in america. they want that back. so when hillary clinton says in this op set, we'll create more good-paying jobs, raise the minimum wage and guarranty equal pay, sort of message just disappears, there is lack of specialities -- specificity. you can't create jobs out of thin air. tell us how you create a thriving business economic environment that will benefit. harris: do a write-in for the debate. sandra: happily. happy to do so. harris: absolutely. i want to draw everybody's attention to the center of the screen now. this is what we're watching. we do know that donald trump has arrived in high point, north carolina. we do know he is set to speak sometime during this hour. this is what we're watching. will he talk about terrorism given what's happened in new jersey, new york, minnesota? most likely. we're told to expect that.
9:56 am
will he take on hillary clinton on her reaction and his reaction right after the explosions in particular here in chelsea, manhattan. we're expecting that too. it will be interesting. we'll bring it to you live as it happens in north carolina. stay close. the search for relief often leads to places like... this... this... or this. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity, and helps you get back to things like... this... this... or this. and back to being yourself. introducing new aleve direct therapy. find yours in the pain relief aisle.
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>> at least most of you know i've been saying this for a long time. this just didn't happen like yesterday. immigration security is national security. [cheering] now i assume she'll be changing this. you know what is been happening. my opponent has the most open doors policy of anyone ever to seek the office of presidency. it is not even close. as secretary of state she allowed thousands of criminal aliens to be released in our communities because the home countries wouldn't take them back. they didn't want them. so we took them. and now obama wants


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