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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 21, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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hopping out of his formula one plane after engine problems. another jet missed red warning flags to stop. but he will be okay. that's a look at what's happening. now time to take it to "fox and friends." have a great day. bye. good wednesday morning to you and your family. it's september 21st. i'm ainsley earhart, we have a fox news a lefrmt protests in charlotte, north carolina after a deadly officer-involved shooting. [ bleep ]. >> they were thrown with rocks and a brick in the face, setting fires and shutting down for hours. we're live with the breaking developments. meanwhile, new details about this terrorist. he had a jihad journal as we get surveillance of him carrying
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along a bag full of bombs. now the fbi investigated him two years ago we learned. what happened? >> how is this for a history lesson. a high school teacher stomping on the american flag. it's not against the law. how about that for a demo? think about that. we'll remind you our slogan. ready? mornings are better with friends. we start this hour with a fox news alert. at least a dozen police officers hurt after riots explode in charlotte overnight. [ bleep ]. >> disturbing video showing an officer hit in the head with a brick. looters setting fires and -- stores.
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after police shot and killed a man that they say aimed a gun at them. >> there's a lot to this story. that's not even the first thing we're looking for. abby hunts hahn is live with the details unfolding. you're covering this all morning. >> we have the massive and angry crowds taking over the streets of charlotte, north carolina, overnight. hours after police shoot and kill a man who they say aimed a gun at them. rioters shutting down traffic on interstate 85 looting cars and truck and setting things on fire. they're outside of a walmart there. surrounded by shattered glass. rioters were jumping on top of a police cruiser. other cop cars kicked and destroyed with large rocks. officers dressed in riot gear trying to control the crowd by standing in lines. but as the night escalated, they were forced to deploy tear gas. at least 12 officers are hurt, including that one that we showed you earlier who was hit in the face with a brick.
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a reporter also hurt in that chaos. the protests breaking out hours after police shot and killed 43-year-old keith scott. officers were looking for another man when they saw scott get out of his car holding a gun. police say he was a threat but scott's sister claims he is disabled and was waiting for her son to come home from school. >> they jumped out their truck. they said hands up! he got a gun, he got a gun. powe, pow pow pow pow, that's it. he had no gun. >> you heard it there. the family insists he was holding a book. investigators say they recovered his gun from the scene. the officer who pulled the trigger is now on administrative leave. still no word on how many protesters were arrested overnight. that town, charlotte, is normally very peaceful. >> absolutely. just takes an incident like this to ignite things. thank you very much, abby. to the best of our knowledge,
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there is no video that we have seen yet to show. one side says there was a gun, the other side there was no gun. we have not seen any videos to show definitively what happened. >> that wasn't a guy they were looking for anyway. on top of that, what happened the day before in tulsa, not a good series of events when you talk about clashes with law enforcement. meanwhile, let's talk about what happened over here over the weekend. we're still investigating the range of which and how many people were working with the new york, new jersey bomber that attacked and has been arrested since for setting bombs in new york. now we're finding out that the fbi actually was informed by the dad that my son could have been radicalized in 2014. >> listen to what the dad said. >> what happened? >> he's shot -- hit my wife and i put him to jail two years ago.
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>> which son did you send? >> what happened? why did you -- >> [ inaudible ] >> none. [ inaudible ] >> so two years ago the dad goes to the cops and new jersey the cops turn it over to the fbi and said yeah, my son is a terrorist. here's the thing. the fbi did a little investigation. but the dad changed his story. he said it never happened. okay. so he went out and said he wasn't a terrorist. the fbi, you know, they say they closed it because they were unable to do a full investigation because of the retraction. they never did talk to the actual terrorist. >> there are so many things we're learning this morning. the bomb ingredients were bought on e-bay. there was a journal with this
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guy on his property when he was found. there was a bullet hole through the journal. inside the journal, it talked about death to your oppression, gunshots to your police, sounds of bombs will be heard in the streets. those are his writings. >> ainsley, the one pattern we have, if you look at some of these guys, they're all somehow on the radar of the fbi at some point. the question is, does the fbi, are they allowed to take restraints off and fully pursue them like they feel as though they should or they feel they're going to get labeled as profiling if they go after a muslim who seems to be somebody that might have ties to terror. like for example, this character in afghanistan and went to pakistan for about a year. >> had the police, the fbi known he had made these long trips and stopped in pakistan for 13 months at one point, if they
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knew -- >> how would they know that? >> it could be what brian is talking about. the cops are many times handcuffed by political correctness. >> this is a picture from this trip, by the way, steve. >> after 9/11 many details about the hijackers came through and it's like how did we miss that? then you look at the tsarnaev brothers. the fbi was tipped off by russia. that guy has been radicalized. >> the fbi talked to them and said it was okay. >> there was one guy who was a former extremist and said even dr. gorka said this yesterday. said if you look at the travel records and you look at the cities where he's going and visited, there's no way he didn't have ties to terror. listen to what one of them said. >> it's a city you don't visit in pakistan. it would be strange for me to visit quetta. but i have done it to speak to hundreds much youth to warn them
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against joining extremist groups. the reason you wouldn't visit quetta, it would be strange for him to have family based in quetta. if he went to another place, i could understand it more. it's a conflict zone. it's like the average american going to see belfast in the height of the conflict. there's a civil war going on in quetta. that, in itself, should have raised alarm bells. >> reflect back and say what if. many people aren't convinced he acted alone. in fact, his neighbors are saying this guy was not alone. he might have been the headmaster, he might have been the mastermind. >> but he has bad connections by neighbors. >> he did have bad connections. on top of that, we need an opportunity to talk to him. evidently, he's not speaking right now. but we're going to find out this later. can we delay the miranda rights. >> turned him in. at one point he hit his wife,
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stabbed his son. then i was reading reports this morning that one of the brothers in that family on facebook has a photo supporting jihad. we showed that photo actually yelled. the sister has a quote from the american terror cleric anwar al awlaki. >> are they all connected? >> just google the family. during a legitimate investigation, nothing should stop the police officers from doing their jobs. especially given the fact that there could be somebody who is radicalized. you look at all the dots and today sitting here, we can go how did they miss that? that should not diminish the unbelievable police work down by new york and new jersey and the fbi in tracking this guy down in 48 hours. >> the police chiefs and fbi directors have to come forward and say what you need to do your job more effectively to mobilize the people and get their representatives to do what's necessary. at the very least, you need to
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get more than 35,000 fbi agents out there. if -- people have to work an extra day to get more fbi agents to do things in order to keep the investigations going as james comey said in all 50 states. >> take the handcuffs, the p.c. handcuffs off of all the police officers. local and federal. let's see if -- >> it's not. you know what happens, we have to rely on community members seeing something and saying something. >> homeless people finding bombs in tunnels. meanwhile, the mayors of new york, london and paris in an editorial in "the new york times" yesterday said we need more unscreened refugees in our cities. this was published four days after the terror attacks in new york city. the mayor of london warned new yorkers this week that terror attacks are part and parcel to regular life now in west and americans should just get used to it. >> thanks, mr. london mayor. is he the first muslim mayor?
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>> yeah. >> the security of all of our residents it paramount. but we need to be more inclusive to combat the jean phobic language. >> hop in the tube. need to worry about the language. >> all about the narrative. we heard that earlier. >> thanks for joining us on this wednesday. we've got a busy program and we start with headlines. heather? >> good morning to all of you. he was supposed to protect our country and now a former national guardsman will serve 30 years in prison for an isis inspired terror plot. hasan edmonds was shown scouting the armory in joliet, illinois. >> they all get the -- strike first. >> those are the ones who are going to respond. >> they have more time in service. >> strike first. they have had more time in the service. how about that. those words coming from that former army soldier.
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prosecutors say that edmonds and his cousin plan to kill up to 150 people at the armory. both were arrested at midway airport in chicago in march of 2015. they say they never planned to carry out the attack. overnight, a mystery odor making people sick in california. vallejo, northeast of san francisco is warning residents to shelter in place after getting hundreds of calls about the smell. at this hour, officials don't know where it's coming from but they haven't found traces of natural gas in the area. people are being told to keep their windows shut and air conditioners turned off. the former florida governor, charlie crist, getting unexpected laughs during a debate. he's now a democratic congressional candidate. he was asked if he planned to vote for hillary clinton this fall. the audience had quite a reaction to his answer. >> the thing i like most about her, i believe she's steady, i believe that she's strong and i believe that she's honest.
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i look forward to -- >> governor -- >> wow. that crowd laughing. seemed to here boos. some were incredulous at that one. after he calls clinton honest. crist is running against david jolly. they're neck and neck in recent polls. how about that one. those are your headlines. >> does he ever stop running, charlie crist? >> what is he this time? >> clearly. >> i don't think -- >> he thinks hillary's honest. >> all i can think of, didn't we hear about him, he had to have a fan in the podium? >> yes. >> he's standing there, that's all i'm thinking. >> what is happening to us this morning? >> meanwhile, coming up, it doesn't get much closer than this. >> told you. a pilot just, a tiny little bit away from death when a plane wing skims across and hits him
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scrambling to regain ground lost to donald trump in key battleground states ovelast two. >> fox news senior national correspondent john roberts is live in wilmington this morning. hey, john u. >> ainsley, steve, brian, bad news for hillary clinton in the tar heel state. she was hoping for it to be the firewall given the number of well-educated people moved here due to the tech boom. donald trump is up 44-43 over hillary clinton. this is the latest poll in the last couple of weeks to show him in the lead. a suffolk university poll showed him with a three-point lead and in ohio where he's headed for campaign events today, he's up by 3 to 5 points. two events here in north carolina, one in high point, one in keenansville. donald trump focused in on the issue of terrorism given the news out of new york and new jersey the last few days, suggesting that hillary clinton has got the wrong focus when it
3:19 am
comes to national security. listen to this. >> hillary clinton talks tougher about my supporters than she does about islamic terrorists. she calls the patriotic americans who support our campaign, many cops and soldiers, deplorable and ir redeemable. has she ever talked that way against radical islam and those who oppose and murder women and gays overseas? no. >> for her part, hillary clinton was off the campaign trail yesterday. her campaign says she was involved in debate prep. curious that she canceled a big fundraiser in chapel hill, north carolina. when it comes to campaigning, fundraisers are typically the last thing to get canceled. she has a full day of events today. she's in orlando for a smaller event and fundraising as well. one thing still hanging out there for the trump campaign are the reports that $258,000 was paid from the trump foundation to settle lawsuits that should
3:20 am
have been paid by his for-profit enterprises. his campaign says, insists that there were no improper payments. kelly ann conway says the money went to charity. they have not explained why money explained by the for-profit enterprises instead was paid by the foundation. more on that to come today. ainsley, steve, brian. >> a thorough report by john roberts of wilmington, north carolina. >> we try. each and every day. >> you're not surprised. >> absolutely not. he knows what he's talking about. >> thank you, john. after several days of care, a new spotlight on our border crisis. as a stunning report finds, a number of arrests here in the united states involving immigrants with isis ties. a vocal critic of policies here to react coming up next.
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colin kaepernick getting death threats over his national anthem protest. the 49ers quarterback welcomes them. if someone followed through, it only proves his racial injustice -- >> there's a right and wrong way to stand up for what you believe in. the military community outraged after seeing this photo of a teacher stomping on a flag in a classroom. he even asked the students for a lighter and scissors. he's now on leave and says it was part of a lesson on the first amendment. the north carolina school is 12 miles from fort bragg. steve. in the wake of the terror attacks in new jersey, new york and minnesota, it's now on the border crisis. a new report from breitbart lists ten major terrorists in the united states all involving
3:25 am
people with alleged tiesz to isis who got -- congressman henry cue lar is here to talk about this more. congressman, good morning to you. >> thank you so much. good morning. >> you know the president of the united states has made is very clear, he would love to see a lot of syrian refugees in this country. he would like to see lots more refugees across the board in the country and we detailed how the mayors of paris and london and new york wrote in "the new york times" yesterday, we would like some more unfiltered refugees in the country. is that really a good idea? >> just to let people in just because you want to fill the number, i think that's wrong. i believe in the immigration laws we have. we have to make them stronger. but we have to enforce those laws. if we're going to let people in, we have to properly vet them. that's why some time ago i voted with my friend, congressman mccall to make sure we're
3:26 am
talking about refugees, we got to make sure we verify and certify the people coming in are not a threat to us in any way or form. >> you're talking about vetting. you kind of sounded like donald trump and hillary clinton is now talking about it as well. she's playing catch-up on that. congressman, when you look at the people who were vetted, supposedly by the administration, allowed in the country and this is not a comprehensive list that breitbart has put together. but you've got ten people over the last two years tied to isis. those are the last people we wanted. >> you know, all it takes is one time to have somebody -- >> exactly. >> -- cause a lot of damage. that's why law enforcement and people who go through the vetting have to be correct 100% of the time. that's what i'm saying. if we let refugees in, we got to make sure that we properly, properly vet them. all it takes is just one individual. we know what sort of damage that
3:27 am
can cause to us. >> absolutely. congressman, a moment ago we were talking about the bomber here in new york and new jersey who yesterday the father said yeah, i told the fbi two years ago my son was a terrorist. and then you look, he went to afghanistan, he went to pakistan a number of times, once over a year. and you start to realize, wait a minute, it looks like the feds may not have connected a lot of the dots. unfortunately, the feds rules of engagement are in many cases outdated and in fact, they did great police work in finding the people. maybe the whole pc thing is handcuffing our men and women trying to enforce the laws. >> look, this thing about pc, i'll say this very carefully. pc cannot stand in the way of law enforcement doing its job. we have to make sure that we let the men and women do their jobs. we got to make sure the law enforcement, fbi, that they do their jobs.
3:28 am
unfortunately, pc does get in the way sometimes. i want to be respectful of religion of cultures, but at the same time law enforcement has to do its job. >> absolutely. of course, we've got all the border patrol people standing on the border between our country and mexico, for instance. our southern border. you're from down in texas. but the administration has placed a number of handcuffs on them where they don't really do their job. they're supposed to stop people who are not in this country legally, yet a lot of people get through. >> you know, what we're seeing is border patrol and just a couple of days ago i was talking to one of my friends at border patrol. we talk very frequently. one of the things we're seeing, they stop them and then after a while, the administration says they're doing a bepter job at quote, management and process g processing. what does that mean? that means they can handle the folks coming in, but then they give them a notice to appear and
3:29 am
you know that in three or four, five years, they might show up in court, they might not. they might disappear in our community. we have to make sure our men and women at the border have the right resources and make sure that they do the jobs that they're supposed to and that is stop the bad people from coming into our country. >> absolutely. call it notice to appear. it really is a notice to disappear, unfortunately. congressman, thank you very much for joining us. have a great day. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> you bept. it's 6:30 in new york city. it doesn't get much closer than this. a pilot just centimeters away from death when a plane wing skims across his head. what happened? we're going to tell you. the news sent shockwaves around the world. brangelina is no more. they went much. brad pitt is lashing out at his soon to be ex-wife. we have the rumors and reaction.
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♪ so many things you're doing in your life. ♪ ♪ there are a lot in life-threatening and world changing things going on. sometimes it seems like more than ever. none of them are as foundation shaking as the news we received about brad and angelina today. as i'm sure you heard, jolie filed for divorce. the reason they're getting
3:34 am
divorced. she talked about fight club. he specifically asked her not to do that. >> the election, the economy, all the terrorist attack, all that wiped off the front page because of brad and angelina. >> was she reacting to the divorce? >> no, brad pitt's ex-wife. >> no. they just picked that picture. >> we're talking about karma. the daily news, should have never got married. >> carly shim kiss is going to be talking about this and so much more. the perfect couple and it couldn't work for them in tinseltown. >> with what a shame. especially for the kids. six kids. we'll see how public this divorce is. >> pretty public so far. >> we'll get to that in a minute. first, we'll tell you other headlines. hi, heather. >> major news in north carolina right now. a fox news alert. dangerous rioters taking over the streets of charlotte, north carolina, overnight. take a look at this. protesters lighting fires, looting stores and assaulting police officers. chaos breaking out there hours
3:35 am
after police shot and killed a 43-year-old man. officers say he threatened them with a gun. his family claims he was simply holding a book. at least 12 officers hurt in the riots. including this one who was hit with a brick. the city now preparing for the possibility of even more protests tonight. we'll follow the story throughout the day. a school cafeteria worker quits over lunch shaming. she was told to take food away from a student after his parents fell behind on school meal payments. even worse, the school made her throw out the food as the child stood by and watched. >> his eyes welled up with tears. i mean, i'll never forget his name, the look on his face. i'm not saying the parents shouldn't be held accountable. there has to be a better way than involving the child. >> goodness. that school district in pittsburgh says the new policy is meant to get parents to pay for overdrawn lunch accounts. a racing pilot narrowly
3:36 am
escaping death at an air show in reno. take a look at this. an incoming plane speeding down the runway and nearly hitting him. goodness that, pilot seconds away from hopping out of his formula one engine trouble. that's when another jet on the runawway missed the warning fla. it buzzed by the parked plane. the pilot only hurt his hand. otherwise expected to be okay. we'll see you back here. thanks, gang. >> all right. thank you very much. looked like a prop job, not a jet. we are joined from the radio and so much more. the big news yesterday. shockwaves through hollywood. brad pitt, angelina jolie. couldn't make it work. filed for divorce. >> what happened, right? >> well, there's a lot of speculation and that's very different than fact. a lot of rumors flying around today. a lot of them not so good for brad pitt. a lot of people saying this
3:37 am
could have had something to do with alleged drug use or a potential affair with his ally co-star. what we do know is that she cited irreconcilable differences in her divorce filing and her lawyer said that she's doing this for the health of her family. he responded to the divorce saying that he's very sad. but he wants to focus on his kids. that's really the sad part of the story. like you said, they have six children together. she is hoping for full physical custody. >> what i understand, too, is that brad's team is very upset that she's spinning out that -- anger problems and possibly an affair fueled this thing. >> getting ugly already. >> it makes him look like a bad parent and the quote is, she just unleashed hell. even though she doesn't want any money from him, but she wants the full custody. >> the paparazzi, you got to feel for the kids. they're going to be all over
3:38 am
these two a-listers. this is a big shock. >> is it really, though? >> nerp hollywood's hottest couple for a decade. that's like a lifetime. >> he allegedly did this to jennifer aniston in 2004. w magazine before his divorce was final. it was like a 60-page spread. now he's allegedly doing it again. >> i know. all these hopeless romantics like me want to forget all that. all the positive things. >> go ahead, steve. >> i was going to ask, i read one story yesterday that apparently angelina hired a private detective. >> yeah. that's a rumor that's swirling around right now. these two have such an interesting history together. they met in 2004 on the set of mr. and mrs. smith. we all remember that. he was still married to jennifer aniston at the time. they were together for 12 years, have six kids together. ironically, they just made a movie together about a couple. they played a couple who was going through sort of failed
3:39 am
marriage. >> before we get divorced, let's make a movie about it. >> it worked for jennifer lopez and ben after flick with gigli. >> the problem is, we come from theater. the problem is, she was the person that he's rumored to be having an affair with who some say is pregnant he had to have a relationship with in world war ii. when you become a method actor, you become that person, next thing the movie is over and you still have the feelings. >> is that what happened to you? >> is that the girl? >> marian kol yard. >> very beautiful. >> what is a mid life crisis? it's when you find yourself in mid life and haven't achieved your goals. they say that he's in the middle of a mid life crisis? >> how? >> if brad pitt didn't achieve his goals. the best actor, a beautiful woman. what was he expecting? to own the galaxy?
3:40 am
>> you're right up there with him. >> i love the -- they say. that's what they say. who is they? >> brian, when it comes to your mid life crisis, i bought a convertible. >> better. >> carly, listen to her on the radio. >> channel 115 sirius. just one up from us at 114. thanks, carly. straight ahead, should the suspected new york and new jersey bomber be treated as an enemy combatant. that's what some people are pushing for. lieutenant colonel allen west wants to take it a step further. he's reporting for duty next. good morning to you, sir. a police officer saves a little boy from drowning and then 20 years later, that boy now grown up finally gets to thank him for his bravery. that man and his hero are going to join us live in the next hour. >> awesome.
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book direct at a deadly officer involved in a shooting. it spurs violent anti-police protests overnight. listen to what happened in charlotte. >> [ bleep ]. protesters set fires in charlotte while hurling rocks at cops. joining us now is former gop congressman lieutenant colonel allen west. we have two incidents. let's talk about first in charlotte last night. we've seen this before. not the reaction. i don't care how this turns out. how do you stop this reaction? >> well, you have to stop having these individuals out there in the communities that are spurring on this idea of social justice or a wrongdoing. we need to sit back and allow the system and the process to
3:45 am
take place. there will be an investigation if there was wrongdoing, we'll get the facts. look at what happened in milwaukee where people took to the streets and the narrative turned out to not be the true narrative, the same as in ferguson, missouri. when the narrative of hands up, don't shoot turned out to be a completely wrong narrative. >> there's another shooting too a day before in tulsa r where a man was stuck outside of his car, an african-american man. a female officer felt she was threatened or he was reaching for something. he was on pcp. drugs may or may not have been found in the car. we don't know all the cars. it does not look good for the officers, i'll give you that. it didn't stop hillary clinton from weighing in on the steve harvey show last night. >> horrible shooting again? how many times do we have to see this in our country? in tulsa, an unarmed man with his hands in the air? i mean, this is just unbearable
3:46 am
and it needs to be intolerable. maybe i can, by speaking directly to white people, say look, this is not who we are. we've got to do everything possible to improve policing. to go right at implicit bias. >> she's going to speak dprektly to white people? >> the problem with hillary clinton is that she knows that she's losing support in the black community. i think she's only 76%. that's one of the lowest you've seen with any recently democratic presidential nominee. the hypocrisy is coming off of the bombing suspect there in new york city where everyone said you can't rush to judgment, don't be so i am pet us and saying anything. what does hillary clinton come out and do? there's a duplicity and hypocrisy out there. this is about electoral
3:47 am
patronage. >> let's talk about what happened with the bombing in new york and new jersey over the weekend. we got the guy. 28-year-old. ahmad rahimi. he's not answering any questions as he tries to recover from wounds. he says give him his miranda rights, it's a criminal offense. is that really the case, we have to treat him like a criminal or is there a precedent to treat him like an enemy combatant as senator mccain and lindsey graham said yesterday. >> we have to have better policies with islamic terrorism, which respects to borders or boundaries. when you have citizens of the united states of america to take up arms against the united states of america here domestically, i think you need to have a policy for 72 or 96 hours where the miranda rights are held up for intelligence gathering purposes. after that period, his or her miranda rights are read to him. now he's lawyered up and not going to say anything. just the same as if you are a
3:48 am
natural born american citizen and you leave this country and on the battlefield, you lose your citizenship, you lose your rights as an wa al awlaki killed in a drone strike. we need better policies and procedures to talk about how we deal with this. >> we all want the same goals. the isis, al qaeda threat that's here, they might be using american citizens to activate because they know they'll be treated through criminal courts, lawyering up, cost us a fortune. he's going to prison for life, but we need the intelligence out of him. by the way, his own neighbor said that he was working with other people. now, right now they're investigating to him being possibly a lone wolf. if you gather the facts about people that know him best, he was collaborating with somebody. >> yeah. you're absolutely right. his father even told the fbi a couple of years ago that my son is a terrorist. again, we have to stop hamstr g hamstringing ourselves and come
3:49 am
up with policies and procedures to let people know we're not going to create gaps which you can be exploited. >> this could be a ticking time bomb. there could be another bomb or a series of bombs set in your neighborhood. someone watching right now, unless we can question him and get maximum intelligence out of him. we'll never know. colonel, thanks so much. hopefully congress and the next president can get together on this. >> thank you, brian. coming up straight ahead, it turns out the e-mail scandal was just the start. hillary may have awarded her top donors top posts inside the state department to the tune of 190. state department spokesperson john kirby here live to answer that question and so much more. the admiral soon. here's what america needs. more muslim refugees. >> all understand that ultimately our world will be more secure if we are prepared to help those in need. >> but our next guest who once advised david cameron says these
3:50 am
kinds of words make world leaders roll their eyes, especially their people and their sift zens. citizens. there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
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3:52 am
3:53 am
president obama knows what america needs, more muslim refuge refugees. >> alternative visions of the world have pressed forward. aggressive nationalism, a crude populism, sometimes from the far left, but more often from the far right, which seeks to restore what they believe was a better, simpler age, free of outside contamination. we have to open our hearts and do more to help refugees who are desperate for home. >> let's bring in the ceo of
3:54 am
crowd pack and the former director of strategy for the british prime minister david cameron. nice to see you, steve. welcome back. >> good morning. >> what do you make of this? what do you think about that? there are a lot of people say let's bring them in, we need to have a heart. >> that's true. i think every american would agree. i'm very much in favor of being good to refugees. i grew up in the uk, but my parents are refugees from communism in hungary. i think we'd all agree we want to help people in really dire straights. that doesn the door and let anyone in without checking whether they actually are going to be the kind of people you want in your society. >> and steve, i bet when your parents immigrated, they did a little vetting of your parents. you know, let's look into what they were like in hungary to make sure these are people we want in our new country. >> that's right. i can't see why it's seen as something unreasonable to want to make sure that the people that you invite to live in your home, in your country, are the kind of people that are going to
3:55 am
be good citizens and support your society and your economy. >> look at the payment that angela merkel has paid out. her party got hammered. she's going to walk back her refugee policy. so what are we learning from the first phase? >> well, the first thing is, what one country does affects everyone else. the fact angela merkel said to everyone living in the middle east, come to germany. well, they did come to germany, but they also ended up all over europe as well. the decision of one country effects lots of other countries. >> six were tossed out, members of isis. >> i know. this is something we really have to take much more seriously. it's not enough to say let's have a heart and let's be kind. we've got to take it seriously. i think part of the solution is actually dealing with the problem that caused this massive refugee crisis in the first place, which is what's going on in syria and the rest of the
3:56 am
middle east. >> so as president obama yesterday lectured the world from the united nations, if you were to give him a message, what would it be? >> when you saw that speech, it really reminded me of the reason why a lot of other world leaders and others who have dealt with the president over the last eight years kind of roll their eyes when he says this kind of thing because the way he talks, it's almost as if he's some kind of intrigued bystander of events who's kind of this sociology professor, analyzing the world, rather than being the guy in the oval office supposedly shaping events. >> steve, thank you so much for being here. >> he also went after donald trump subtly yes. >> not so subtly. >> fox news alert, chaos on the streets of charlotte. protesters are upset over a police-involved shooting. we are live in the next hour. and it turns out the e-mail scandal was just the start. hillary may have awarded top donors, top posts inside the
3:57 am
state department as well. state department spokesperson john kirby is live next. the admiral is here.
3:58 am
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4:00 am
good morning to you and your family. it is wednesday, september 21st. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a fox news alert. this is all breaking overnight. chaos erupting after a deadly police shooting in north carolina. fires set in the streets, as you can see, tear gas, riots. one officer hit in the face with a brick. we are live with these details just coming in. and new details about the chicken shop terrorist in jersey reported to the fbi by his own father two years ago. what did the fbi do? they eventually closed the investigation. did the g-men drop the ball?
4:01 am
we're going to tell you what we know. and the reviews are in on our number one. >> this is a tremendous job. you guys are doing really a great job. and let me say this, your ratings are great, and they're getting even better right now. >> more election impressions from frank kal yen doe. it's not just about john madden anymore. your mornings are better with friends. rioters taking to the streets as you see in north carolina overnight hours after police kill a man that they say aimed a gun at them. >> at least a dozen officers are hurt, including this officer, who was in the face with a brick. >> that's not good. abby huntsman is here with breaking details as the city braces for the possibility of more protests tonight. they're already forecasting
4:02 am
that? >> already. we've been following the story all morning. good morning, you guys. this can only be described as absolute chaos. more than 100 protesters taking over the streets of charlotte, north carolina, for hours overnight. rioters shutting down traffic on interstate 85, looting cargo trucks, and setting things on fire. police standing guard outside of a walmart you can see here, surrounded by shattered glass after looters took over the store, stealing tvs and ipads. and this incredible video showing rioters jumping on top of a police cruiser. other cop cars kicked and destroyed with large rocks. officers dressed in riot gear trying to control the crowds by standing in line, but as the night escalated, they were forced to deploy tear gas. at least 12 officers are hurt, including that one we showed you earlier hit in the face with a brick. a reporter also hurt in that chaos. the protests breaking out hours after police shot and killed 43-year-old keith scott. officers were looking for another man when they saw scott
4:03 am
get out of his car holding a gun. >> as they engaged him, he is armed with a handgun that we found on scene as well, made some imminent threat to them, and because of that, at least one of our officers fired. >> scott's family insists he is disabled and was holding a book, not a gun, waiting for his son to get home from school when police showed up. his daughter livestreamed the aftermath on facebook. the officer who pulled the trigger is now on administrative leave. police say only four of five protesters are under arrest this morning. as you said, we're hoping for a peaceful night tonight, you guys. more peaceful at least. >> all right, abby. thank you very much. let's bring in admiral john kirby. he's the official spokesperson for the secretary of state and the state department. he's in town for the united nations. >> i am. >> good morning to you. a lot of things to talk to you about. first up, the most important thing, brad pitt and angelina jolie. >> i'm going to have to decline
4:04 am
comment on that one. >> i'm kidding. pulling your leg. let's talk about what the president's remarks yesterday. we should all accept more refugees in. a lot of people unnerved by that, especially after they see what happened in europe and the way it's boomeranged in germany. why should people feel good about bringing in refugees? >> we have big hearts and it's a part of american dna to be a refuge for people in need. i would tell you that more than 10,000 now syrian refugees that we've admitted into the country by this month have all been extremely and very stridently vetted. in fact, syrian -- >> by whom? >> by the home inner agency, dhs. >> we don't have paperwork, admiral. you know that. syria doesn't exactly accept people streaming in and out to get their social security cards. >> there's certainly not the same amount of individuals there that you would have here. i would tell you a couple things. first of all, they're only the most vulnerable individuals.
4:05 am
eight out of ten of the more than 10,000 syrian refugees we've admitted are women and children. of the men that make up the remainder, most of them are connected to families. number two, they are going through a very serious inner agency vetting process. the most that any refugee goes through. is it perfect? can it be perfect? can it be foolproof? probably not, no. but it is very, very serious. >> on top of that, people have been stunned by how few christians are coming here as opposed to the muslims. >> it's just that the majority of the population in syria is muslim. that's just a demographic fact. >> but they're not the only ones oppressed. >> of course not. absolutely not. i wouldn't begin to suggest that. we take in -- in fiscal year '16, we're on track or we actually made or are going to make a goal of about 85,000 total refugees from around the world. >> you feel good about 85,000? >> we feel good it's done appropriately, it's done thoroughly, that the vetting is
4:06 am
good. and the president has talked about the fact we're going to up the number of total refugees to more than 100,000 for fiscal year '17. >> you know that somebody who's made vetting an issue on the campaign trail is donald trump. he's talked about ek trextreme vetting. hillary clinton has decided she's going to hop on the vetting bandwagon. here she is two days ago. >> i am absolutely in favor of and have long been an advocate for tough vetting, for making sure we don't let people into this country. >> see, that's what people want to make sure. we'll let them in, we got a big heart, but we got to make sure they're not bad actors. >> and i can tell you the vetting is tough. it is very, very stringent, particularly for -- >> when it comes to syria, when isis went into the various municipalities, they took the government printing presses, and all of the blank passports. so they got isis guys running
4:07 am
around who aren't really from syria. >> i wouldn't debate the fact there's the potential for isis terrorists to try to insert themselves. and we've seen that in some of the refugee camps in jordan and turkey where they tried to insert themselves into the population. again, the vetting process, while not perfect, is very, very stringent. it can take up to two years for a single refugee to make it to the country. >> all it takes is one person. the problem is the timing of all of this. we've had more attacks here in the u.s. over the last few years. it seems this summer we were having one every week. the timing of this, it just seems to be very insensitive to the american people who got here the right way or who want to keep our country safe. >> let's remember, the bulk of these attacks you're talking about are not from refugees. in fact, since -- >> look at this guy. this guy just this weekend in new york. he's been here for just 15 years. if you look at his brother and his sister's facebook pages, there's evidence that they're tied to terror. >> look, i can't talk about the investigation that's going on. it's a criminal investigation. i won't get ahead of that. i can tell you that since the
4:08 am
'70s, we've admitted millions of refugees. a fraction of 1% of them were sent out of the country because of terrorist or violent criminal behavior. so it's not a refugee problem necessarily. what we do have to worry about and what is a serious concern is this isil-inspired narrative that actually attracts people to self-radicalize for whatever reason. we're working very, very hard with the inner agency to try to combat that, particularly in the social media realm. >> can you point to syria and see progress when you see all these people displaced, see the russians doing their own thing, bombing a u.n. convoy yesterday, pretending as if they're outraged we bombed syrian troops, perhaps by mistake after they've been watching as assad, their buddy, killed 400,000 people? >> well, we're obviously deeply concerned by what's going on in syria right now. the secretary met with the other members of the international syria support group yesterday.
4:09 am
everybody was very downhearted about what happened on monday when the u.n. convoy was struck. you're right. we hold russia responsible for that. no matter who hit it, and there's only three people flying airplanes in syria. it's the coalition. we know it wasn't us. it's the russians and the syrians. we're going to hold russia responsible for that because russia made a commitment that they would influence assad to do the right thing and to abide by the cessation of hostilities. obviously that didn't happen in this case. but all that said, the leaders of the international syria support group yesterday recommended trying to move forward with this same arrangement, this arrangement that we're going to try to get a cease-fire in place in and around aleppo. we're going to try to get the u.n. aid convoys in there and try to get the sides back to political talks. >> let's talk about hillary clinton when she was secretary of state. you've been bracing for this. i know you've been answering a lot of questions about pay for play. now it turns out that 194 donors, either to the hillary clinton campaign or to the
4:10 am
clinton foundation, were awarded slots on state department advisory boards. and it certainly is not illegal. that does happen. but the whole pay for play comes into question about how did these people who simply gave money to the clintons wind up on these state department advisory boards. >> well, i've seen the press reporting on this. i haven't seen the actual list you're talk about. i am aware of the story. so i'm afraid i don't have much to confirm the actual information in there. that said, and i won't speak for the decisions they made when secretary clinton was secretary of state. what i can tell you is these advisory boards are important. they do help us do a better job at the state department, and we look for people to be members of the boards that have diverse backgrounds. >> sure. and you look for people -- for instance, one of the people i don't know was really qualified -- yunesco, a
4:11 am
humanitarian organization, one of the board members, an interior designer. i don't know if that would qualify you. i know you're very interested in who goes on the board. it just looks fishy. >> i understand the optics. we do look for a diverse back ground. we look for people qualified to give us advice and council. that's what the boards are all about. again, i just don't know about the decisions there. >> how much harder is your job being that you had all these things to handle as well as trying to justify what hillary clinton did over the last four years? most of your job is questions about her four years. it must be -- you must be saving yourself -- can i just do this job? how much of a distraction has this been? >> look, the job is hard enough, being a spokesman is tough in any environment. there's a lot going on in the world. what we've tried to focus on with respect to this particular issue is our responsibilities at the state department and explaining the policies and
4:12 am
regulations that were in place then, the ones in place now, and how we're trying to improve going forward. the secretary has been very, very open and forthright about admitting we can do a better job with our records management at the state department. we want to be more transparent. >> you sure? i mean, don't jump to conclusions. >> we know we can do a better job with records management. he's hired a former ambassador to come in and do nothing but help us be better at transparency. i don't view it as a distraction. it's part of my job. >> admiral, thank you so much for coming in. >> my pleasure. great to be with you guys. >> good luck at the u.n. >> all right, heather. tell us what else is happening. >> a couple other things going on i want to tell you about. he was supposed to protect our country. r national guardsman will serve 30 years in prison for an isis-inspired terror plot. prosecutors playing a video in court showing hasan edmonds scouting an armory in joliet, illinois.
4:13 am
>> those are the ones who are going to respond. >> they got more time and service. >> all right. well, edmonds and his cousin planned to kill up to 150 people at the armory. both were arrested at midway airport in chicago in march of 2015. the two claimed they never planned to carry out the attack. overnight, a mystery odor making people sick in northern california. the city of vallejo, northeast of san francisco, now warning its residents to stay in their homes after they received hundreds of calls about a smell. at this hour, officials don't know what it is or where it's coming from, but they say they have not found any traces of natural gas. today the man in charge of the irs will beg congress to let him keep his job. he's facing impeachment for allegedly standing in the way of an investigation into the irs targeting scandal. now, that discriminated against conservative groups that were seeking to get tax-exempt
4:14 am
status. according to a prepared statement, he thinks it's, quote, improper to oust him. and those are your headlines. see you back here in just a little bit. a lot going on, guys. >> he used the word improper? >> yep. >> okay. >> delicious. how is this for a history lesson? a high school teacher just miles away from an important u.s. military base stomping on the american flag. he says it's just part of his lesson plan. and the canadian frank caliendo in the election spirit. >> not so loud. >> we're going to wake him up. he's going to join us on this curvy couch as he talks some politics with us. >> he's out. >> you don't want to miss that. i love that my shop is part of the morning ritual around here. people rely on that first cup and i wouldn't want to mess with that. but when (my) back pain got bad, i couldn't sleep. i had trouble getting there on time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. for pain relief that can last into the morning.
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the 2017 cla. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. election day just 48 days away now. >> gosh, it's hard to believe. hillary clinton scrambling to regain some ground lost to donald trump in the key battleground states. >> and there's a lot of them. some of them are more red, and now they've gone purple. john roberts is live in wilmington, north carolina. hey, john. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, brian, steve, ainsley. north carolina, a place where donald trump's fortunes are beginning to look up. a new poll released late yesterday has got him leading hillary clinton by a single
4:19 am
point, 44 to 43. this kind of is in keeping with the suffolk university poll out last week that showed him up by three points. in ohio, he's up anywhere between three and five points. donald trump really needs north carolina as an alternate route to the white house should he not be able to flip pennsylvania. he needs to win ohio and florida, but if he gets a combination of north carolina, iowa, and nevada, instead of winning pennsylvania, he can beat hillary clinton and get to 270 before her. in terms of hillary clinton, donald trump spent the day here in north carolina yesterday going at hillary clinton very hard over the issue of terrorism, suggesting that immigration policies pursued by her and the obama administration have allowed people in this country who want to attack america, telling an audience yesterday that hillary clinton's got her priorities all backward when it comes to looking after the american people versus looking after international interests. here's trump from yesterday. >> hillary clinton is the vessel for all of the global special interests seeking to run our
4:20 am
government and our lives. and it's not going to happen anymore. it's a gravy train, and it just keeps flowing. on november 8th, that special interest gravy train is coming to a very abrupt end. >> reporter: for her part, hillary clinton was off the campaign trail yesterday, doing debate prep, according to her campaign. but curious that she canceled a big fundraiser in chapel hill, north carolina, yesterday. she will be back on the trail today. she's got a small event in florida in orlando, then a fundraiser as well. donald trump with a full slate of events, beginning at 9:00 this morning. he's in cleveland, toledo, ohio, then other events later in the buckeye state. >> yeah, he's going to be with sean hannity tonight. >> it's odd that she canceled that event in north carolina when he's winning in the polls and she needs that money. >> people are wondering what's up with that. meanwhile, straight ahead -- >> talk about a wedding crasher.
4:21 am
a bride and groom nearly smashed by a massive falling tree, and the whole thing is caught on camera. >> oh, my goodness. and dave ramsey takes your questions about small business success. and he has a big surprise. just for you, that surprise is coming your way. that story is next. isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea,
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4:24 am
it looks like small businesses will do fine no matter who is elected president. don't ask me how i know. >> new survey finds only 12% of small business owners are worried about the outcome of the presidential elections and the impact on their bottom line. >> but there are some key issues, and entrepreneurs are concerned about that. >> the best-selling author, and we call him dave ramsey, joins us now to talk about leadership. he's live to answer some of your questions and e-mails. i'm surprised this doesn't
4:25 am
matter because regulation and health care has everything to do with the administration's philosophy, which affect, i would think, a small business' bottom line. >> well, it does affect the bottom line. i'm a small business owner. my health care costs went up a million dollars last year. we also understand that we are the secret sauce, not some bozo in the white house. so we've survived republicans and democrats in the white house and prospered in spite of them. that's the way we look at it. >> dave, we got some e-mails from some of our viewers. we want to read some of those and have you answer them, please. this first one is from garret. he's from california. he says he's a contractor, operated the past four years with no debt. i just signed a contract to triple my income, but i have to purchase new equipment in order to complete the job. i don't have the cash. so what should i do? >> you rent the equipment. i grew up in the real estate and construction business. we like toys. we like big boy toys.
4:26 am
if you go get in debt for that equipment, when that job is over, you won't have the job, but you'll still have the payments. rent the equipment or outsource to another subcontractor that does own the equipment. do not go into debt for that. mistake, mistake, mistake. >> great idea. another question. my boss takes personal expenses out of the business, including paying for his three grown kids' mortgages. i'm concerned this is destructive to the business. how do i convince him to stop? >> well, it's probably destructive to his grown kids because it sounds like he's an enabler. it's bad accounting at a minimum. if he's taking enough money out of the business that it's causing the business to struggle, certainly it's a bad practice. here's the thing. if you're an employee of a business guy or business gal, unless they've asked your opinion, they don't really want it. if you don't want to work for him because he's irresponsible, go work somewhere else. unless you were hired to take care of the money there, it's probably not any of your business. >> all right. sarah writes in from california. do i need an emergency fund for
4:27 am
my business? >> oh, absolutely. in business we call it retained earnings. we teach people to save a percentage of their net profits every month to grow effectively an emergency fund for business. set aside money for savings, that way you can grow the business, buy equipment, put out a new idea or product, or survive a downturn on seasonality. >> hard to believe, but it was five years ago you came on this program to talk about your book. it has been a big best seller. now for the "fox and friends" viewing audience, you got a surprise. >> we do. brian and i stood outside in front of the bus, and it seems like it was 20 minutes ago. it was a number-one best seller. we do one-day events. we're doing one of them this fall in kansas city on october 19th. we're going to livestream it. the tickets are on sale. what we're going to do in honor of the five-year anniversary, is
4:28 am
for the first 500 people to go to my website right now, we're going to give you a livestream ticket. we're going to give you a copy of "entreleadership" and an audiobook completely for free just to say thank you. >> excellent. well, people can either go to or our website for more information. >> thank you, dave. >> thanks, guys. thanks for having me. >> you bet. congratulations. >> by the way, as dave was mentioning with health care, it's amazing what's happened with obamacare. no one is talking about the fact it's imploding. >> not doing well. >> i like what he said about enabling your children. these parents that pay the mortgages of their kids. what? >> who knew. who knew that was legal. >> meanwhile, straight ahead, another fox news alert. breaking details about the accused bomber in new jersey and new york. that guy right there. his neighbor says he does not think that that man was acting alone. >> neither do i. and is it donald trump, bill
4:29 am
clinton, or frank caliendo? the comedian shows off his impressions for the political season. i have a hunch he's going to put us in tears.
4:30 am
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♪ take on any road with intuitive all-wheel drive. the nissan rogue, murano and pathfinder. now get 0% apr for 72 months, plus $500 bonus cash. frank caliendo coming up shortly. >> that's right. we're 90 minutes into the program. 90 more. time for some news. >> that's right. heather has a fox news alert. >> i certainly do. we're getting brand new details about what happened over the weekend in the case of that chicken shop terrorist. charged with planting bombs in at least four different locations in new york and new jersey over the weekend. ahmad rahami's wife is now being questioned in pakistan after she fled the country with their
4:33 am
child just weeks before the terror attacks took place. this as rahami's own father admits that he reported his son to the feds years ago. take a look at this new surveillance video that we're now getting in. police say that that right there in the lit-up area is rahami dragging a suitcase just moments before that bomb went off in new york city. but according to his neighbor, he may not have been acting alone. we'll bring you more information as we get it. well, millions of people in the south dealing with massive gas price hikes and shortages this morning. states including georgia, alabama, and south carolina are seeing their prices spike more than a quarter in just the last week since a major supply pipeline broke open. that pipeline is expected to be back up and running today with some sort of a temporary fix. but it'll take days to get gas back to those southern states. mother nature then crashes a wedding. take a look here.
4:34 am
>> [ bleep ]! >> oh, no. an enormous tree sending a bride, groom, and guests running for cover. this happened in kentucky. no one was hurt. the bride said she never laughed so hard in her life. just a great story to start a life with her new -- with her best friend. look at that branch coming down. wow. and sources close to brad pitt say angelina jolie just, quote, unleashed hell. the a-lister reportedly furious with his soon-to-be ex-wife for going public with their flit. pitt is accusing jolie of putting their children in danger by attracting a whirlwind of paparazzi. the pair possibly gearing up for a custody batting with jolie seeking physical custody of all six children. rumors about brad's alleged drug use, even allegations he's having an affair with his co-star. and those are your headlines.
4:35 am
quite a lot of news this morning. >> does this guy have one moment alone? >> i don't know, brian. he is a man of many voices. so many voices we can't keep track of them. everybody from donald trump and bill clinton to john gruden and john madden. >> so what do those guys think about the presidential election? >> well, let's talk to comedian frank caliendo, who joins us now. hello, frank. >> i almost went trump right away. this is a tremendous job. you guys are doing a great job. let me say this, your ratings are great, and they're getting better right now. this is going to be the number-one rated segment you've ever done, not just because i'm here, but because kilmeade isn't in it. that's part of it. >> you've got the voice. you've got the mouth. you need the hair. >> swirling around, get some balloons and write out donald trump. he's dpgot this thing. it's amazing. and i try not to take any sides, especially with my comedy. i got to run down the middle and
4:36 am
make fun of everybody. but trump is amazing to me because he can create his own facts. i've never seen anybody with that ability. and he does it like this. he'll say at the end of something, and everybody knows it. like there's a colony of people on mars, 100% of these people are voting for me, and everybody knows it. and then you think it would end there. but then you walk down the street and you'll hear people like, did you hear about the colony of people on mars? 100% of them are voting for donald trump. yeah, everybody knows it. it's tremendous, it really is. and i'm going to do this. i'm going to make america great again. and then i'm going to make the planet great again. and then i'm going to make the solar system great again, the galaxy great again. then i'm going to make the universe great again. i'm not going to stop there. i'm going to make every universe great again. the marvel universe, the d.c. universe. spiderman and batman will be fighting crimes. >> i know you don't take sides, but when he got the nomination,
4:37 am
you had to be thrilled. >> my wife does go around telling people to vote for donald trump just to -- this is what she says. vote for donald trump or you're taking food out of our daughter's mouth. settle down a little bit. >> for a back-up plan, were your working on your john kasich? >> well, my wife is from ohio. people say what do you do with hillary clinton? she has this kind of thing where she just kind of yells out at people. >> let's hear that. >> it's not very good. she'll do that, i'm feeling great. it's almost like jfk without the accent. >> you would have much preferred bernie sanders. >> i have a great bernie. i've seen some great bernies. >> how hard is it? you just have to talk with your arms. it is interesting to watch. we've had the biggest characters i think we've ever seen. when george w. bush was nominated, people were like, there's nothing to do with him. we all figured something out. >> you're good with him. what about bill clinton? >> well, if hillary is elected, i am back and there will be no
4:38 am
rules. this is going to be great. she'll be talking to other world leaders, i'll do whatever i can. i might be a hundred years old, but i can still get around. >> how do you think it's going to work, you know, logistically with bill clinton as the first gentleman, if she does win? >> well, there's a -- he was about to get himself in a lot of trouble. you know what, i don't know. it'll be interesting. >> even people on the colonies on mars are talking about if bill clinton is first gentleman. >> and i'm not the only one saying that. who else is saying it? other people. >> do you do jeb? >> would anybody know if i was doing jeb? he's a very low-energy person. >> what are you up to these days? >> doing some stuff over at espn, some football stuff. not every week, but every once in a while.
4:39 am
doing live shows out on the east coast. lets you know the tickets. >> that's my home page. >> don't you go there? just click, your computer is on, and there you go. football season second base great too. i love football season for one reason. it's not even the football. it's the terry bradshaw commercials. every commercial he's in, it's like they start the commercial and they're like, just let him do whatever he wants. you get halfway through and -- like the shingles commercial. he shows up at somebody's door. hi, i'm terry bradshaw, i have shingles. let me come in your house and sit on your couch and tell you about it. hey, terry, do you have a cell phone? that would help us all out. they're laughing hard back there. that's like when dennis miller starts to get excited. when dennis miller enjoys himself, there's nothing better than that.
4:40 am
[ [ indiscernible ] he'll shut him down. come on, dennis, that never happened. it's crazy! >> that is amazing. when did you start doing that? >> acting like a complete moron? early on. billy! i just can't get over it! i'm tearing up here, billy! i'm tearing up like your last interview when they made the person cry. i don't even know who it was. we got to do some buttons. >> oh, my gosh. that's amazing. >> frank, he's fantastic. catch him, he's all over the country. >> you tried to do an actual interview, and i acted like a
4:41 am
crazy person. >> i'm sitting here listening to you do this. you're not nervous, you're not embarrassed. >> that's what i like to hear. you're not thembarrassed to do what you do. come see me at the paramount theater, all over oklahoma city, i'm everywhere. >> we're going to be in vegas for the debates. >> oh, yeah? guess who's going to win that by a hundred percent. >> people on mars are talking about it. >> everybody knows it. >> all right. frank caliendo, always a pleasure. >> it's the fish face. it works. >> oh, my god. >> and we're clear. let's do it again. >> all right, frank, thanks. president obama taking on donald trump in front of the u.n. >> today a nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself. the answer cannot be a simple rejection of global integration.
4:42 am
>> but our next guest says that may come back to bite hillary clinton. and stop and look at this. a hug nearly 20 years in the making when a man finally gets to thank the officer who saved his life two decades ago when he was 5 years old. that man and the officer are going to join us live with their emotional reunion next. advil liqui - gels work so fast you'll ask what bad back? what pulled hammy? advil liqui - gels make pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. scalpel. i have no idea what i'm doing. i'm just a tv doctor. i never went to college. (scream) i don't do blood. but now, thanks to cigna, i can do more than just look the part. is that a foot? we are the tv doctors of america. and we're partnering with cigna to help save lives. by getting you to a real doctor
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4:45 am
you watched us yesterday, president obama using his final speech at the united nations general assembly to take a jab, many jabs, at donald trump. >> today a nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself. the answer cannot be a simple rejection of global integration. >> he also talked about nationalism as if it's donald trump's fault. could this come back to hurt hillary? here to weigh in, fox news
4:46 am
contributor lisa booth. lisa, a lot of people are praising the president's final address. how does it affect hillary? >> once again, we're seeing this call for globalism. i think there are legitimate concerns in america right now, particularly on the heels of the new york city bombing, of the stabbings in minnesota. there are concerns about potentially what syrian refugees could mean to this country and gnash security concerns. we saw just the other day what happens when the government accidently gave 1800 immigrants of countries from national security concerns, mistakenly gave them citizenship. we can't trust the government in that vetting process. >> so you have the president of the united states kind of alluding like he did in 2012 when he was going against mitt romney to keep the seat which he won, going at donald trump talking about nationalism. does he realize donald trump didn't start nationalism? that brexit brexit is an exampl
4:47 am
nationalism? it's not donald trump's fault. part of his rise is because of it. >> i think there's also concerns not just in america but across the world about what open borders means and what open borders means for national security concerns in the world. we look at even the fact -- eas country, the attacks in paris. look at the fact cia director john brennan testified before the intelligence committee specifically regarding syrian refugees. you see someone like fbi director james comey testifying before the house homeland security committee. it's very difficult to vet syrian refugees. >> the president yesterday said we have to recognize we're a world community. you saw about the reference to the wall. obviously build a wall was big with donald trump. giving women a full role in society as if donald trump is against that. of course, rally around the country and have national pride. the problem is, if hillary
4:48 am
clinton separates herself from that, she separates herself from barack obama. her only hope is barack obama and his 54% approval rating. >> i think what donald trump needs to do is take that speech, take some of the these national security concerns, and say president obama doesn't get it. hillary clinton doesn't get it. and going back to the syrian refugees, they want a 500% increase. the problem for hillary clinton right now, she's having a really difficult time politically speaking of rebuilding president obama's coalition. she's not hitting his 2012 margins with african-americans, hispanics, women, millennials, and the problem for her is the fact that president obama, regardless of what you think of his policies, he was an exceptional candidate and had a message. hillary clinton is a lackluster candidate and that no message. that's why we're seeing her be unable to resonate with voters to the degree that president obama was able to. >> we see these things extensively. do you think michelle obama and barack obama and vice president biden could make up the hillary
4:49 am
clinton shortcomings through october, regardless of how the debates come out? clearly as a campaigner, she's either invisible or inadequate? >> i think they could help move the needle for some voters, but at the end of the day, voters are voting for her. she's an unlikable candidate. she's not hitting those president obama margins in 2012 with those key voters she needs to win this election. that's her biggest problem, herself. >> lisa, thank you so much. coming up straight ahead as we finish up this hour, a police officer saves a little boy from drowning. 20 years later, that boy now a grown man. finally gets to thank him for his bravery and introduce him to his son. this man and his hero join us live next hour. there they are.
4:50 am
there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
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4:53 am
an emotional reunion going viral. a young man thanked the police officer who saved his life as a little boy when he was just 5 years old, nearly 20 years later. >> wow. >> because of you, i'm still here. because after you, this 5-year-old little girl right
4:54 am
here is here. >> gosh. he got emotional surprising the officer. that video has been viewed more than 230,000 times. here to tell their story is officer james poole and chris jones. thank you both for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> yes, thank you. >> chris, you're here today because of this wonderful man sitting next to you. what do you remember about that day? >> i remember, you know, just being out with my classmates during summer school. we were going to a pool. you know, kind of crowded, so i wanted to go out ff and do my o little thing. long story short, i jumped in not knowing how to swim, sanked to bottom, started panicking, freaking out. essentially blacked out, and i believe i was told i was down there for 20 minutes, my heart had stopped for 15 minutes. the first time i came to, i was being put in the ambulance and had no idea what was going on,
4:55 am
how i got there and ended up going to the hospital. i saw my parents there. when i finally came to again in the hospital bed, they had told me what had happened. essentially told me that, you know, officer poole was the reason that i'm still alive. >> yeah, it's true. officer poole, your name is fitting. what do you think about when you remember that day? >> well, it has been 19 years ago. just like many other officers, first responders, you know, we have to do quick reactions. what i do recall is responding to that location, you know, seeing this child in the water, going after the child. you know, doing what i can do as a rookie, as a new officer, and also having a child myself during that time, approximately around the same age. >> you're a hero. >> and just thinking, you know, this could be my child as well. >> right. that's what gets you.
4:56 am
when i hear your story, i'm a new mother too, and chris, i just think your parents are probably so blessed to have you and they probably have thanked officer poole a million times. but for you as a parent, i watched in that video, you got emotional when you looked over and saw your daughter. what was that like to introduce your 5-year-old now to the man who saved your life when you were her age? >> it was -- to be honest, you guys didn't get my full emotion. i fought so hard to hold back the tears. i wanted to let go. i didn't know if i'd have sat there for 20 minutes and bawled or not. just the simple fact that because of this man, i'm here, and i have my daughter here. she's such a blessing not only to my life but the lives of so many people around. she lights up people's world. she lights up my world. she may not have understood the significance at this point in time, but i wanted her to meet the person who's responsible for her being here. when she gets older, she'll probably realize and i'll explain to her again who he is exactly. she'll probably want to come
4:57 am
meet him again. >> thank you so much for sharing your story and for thanking officer poole. we need more people like you. officer poole, you are a hero. we want to hear -- folks at home watching, send us in your e-mails if you have an every day hero too. stay with us. we'll be right back. shop like a pro at bass pro shops with two big sales to gear up and save.
4:58 am
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so you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! that's another safelite advantage. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. good morning. today is wednesday, september 21st. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a fox news alert. chaos overnight as protests against police rage down in charlotte, north carolina, after a deadly officer-involved shooting. the protesters even pelting the police officers with rocks and bricks, setting fires, smashing cruisers, shutting down traffic for hours. meanwhile, brand new details about the chicken shop terrorist. turns out he was reported to the fbi by his own father two years ago. >> did you talk to the fbi and tell them your son was involved
5:01 am
in terrorism overseas? what did they say? >> they not do the job. >> so how did that slip through the cracks? we've got some answers, maybe. >> yeah, we do. and hillary clinton rolls out a brand new foreign policy plan. tough vetting. wait, haven't we heard that before? >> i believe she meant the term extreme vetting. where did you hear extreme vetting before? only from me. >> yep. and she's stealing lines from donald trump. we report and you decide. let me remind you, your mornings are better with friends. we have got a fox news alert. at least a dozen police officers hurt after riots exploded overnight in charlotte. >> [ bleep ]! >> this disturbing video showing an officer hit in the head right there on the ground. that guy was hit in the head
5:02 am
with a brick. looters are setting fires. they're storming stores, all after police shot and killed a man they say aimed a gun at them. >> abby huntsman is live with the breaking details unfolding overnight. she was covering it through the morning and still does. >> good morning, brian, ainsley, and steve. we have been following this all morning. massive and angry crowds taking over the streets of charlotte, north carolina, overnight, hours after police shoot and kill a man that they say aimed a gun at them. rioters shutting down traffic on interstate 85, looting cargo trucks, and setting things on fire. police standing guard outside a walmart. you can see there surrounded by shattered glass after looters take over that store. this incredible video showing rioters jumping on top of a police cruiser. other cop cars kicked and destroyed with rocks. officers dressed in riot gear trying to control the crowds by standing in line, but as the night escalated, they were forced to deploy tear gas. at least 12 officers are hurt, including that one we showed you earlier hit in the face with a brick. the protests breaking out hours
5:03 am
after police shot and killed 43-year-old keith scott. officers were looking for another man when they saw scott get out of his car holding a gun. well, police say he was a threat, but scott's sister claims he is disabled and was just waiting for his son to come home from school. >> they jumped out they truck. they said hands up. he got a got, he got a gun. pow, pow, pow, pow. that's it! he had no gun! >> you heard it there. his family insisting he was holding a book, but investigators say they did recover his gun from the scene. his daughter livestreamed the aftermath on facebook. the officer who pulled the trigger is now on administrative leave. at least four protesters are now under arrest. hoping things calm down before tonight, you guys. >> you told us earlier there's a possibility more trouble tonight. >> we're hoping for the best, but that's what people are thinking. >> all right. abby huntsman, thank you. meanwhile, we're hoping for the best. we also want to get some answers. we want answers from the new york/new jersey bomber that had
5:04 am
two bombs in new york, two bombs in new jersey. thankfully nobody was killed. 29 were indeed hurt. we're talking about ahmad rahami. he's in jail, and he's not speaking, we understand, to interrogators. i'm sure he's lawyered up. i'm not sure if he's been read his miranda rights. there are signs this guy was trouble. >> we're learning so much about him this morning. bomb ingredients he bought on ebay. he had a journal on him when police were shooting him. the journal inside said "death to your oppression, gunshots to your police, sounds of bombs will be heard in the streets." and he had a cell phone video, basically a trial run that was followed by smoke. he was burying some sort of cylinder in his backyard and set it on fire and was running away laughing. >> so these are things we know now today, 2016. but you know what, two years ago the father of this guy actually went to the fbi and said, my son, he's a terrorist. what did the fbi do?
5:05 am
here's the dad. >> what happened? >> he's doing bad. >> what did he do bad? >> he hurt my son. he hurt my wife. i put him to jail four years ago. >> who's he? >> what son? what happened? >> yeah, he says okay, but he also says i retract the charges. >> when the fbi came to question him. >> but could you have questioned him? >> who do you trust there? the neighbors are saying this is a bad guy, that he was not doing this alone. the father is saying that, but then when the fbi questions him, he says, you know what, never
5:06 am
mind. the sister is posting stuff on facebook, quotes from anwar al awlaki. the brother has on his facebook a picture of jihad, supporting jihad. >> troubling stuff. had fbi agents actually, to brian's point, been able to talk to the terrorist, you know, maybe that would have shed some light on it. maybe if the fbi had known that the guy, the terrorist, had gone to afghanistan and pakistan three times, stayed in pakistan for over a year once, maybe that would have made a difference. maybe if they would have known that apparently he became very religious, maybe radicalized during one of the visits because his friends said, look, when he came back, he was all different. you know what, some people are saying that the police missed connecting some dots. we got to point out, the police did an unbelievable job. once the explosions happened, within 50 hours they figured out who the guy was and caught him. >> you're right. >> but ever since 9/11, there has been the push to do things but do it in such a p.c. way. there are some who feel that our
5:07 am
officers are handcuffed by the p.c. culture in law enforcement. congressman henry cuellar had this to say about that. >> p.c. cannot stand in the way of law enforcement doing its job. we have to make sure that we let the men and women do their job. we got to make sure the that they do ommittee, our law their job. unfortunately, p.c. does get in the way sometimes. again, i want to be respectful of religion. i want to be respectful of cultures, but at the same time, law enforcement has to do its job. >> you know, governor cuomo said law enforcement has to do its job, said law enforcement has to pursue -- find out what went wrong here and possibly pursue who helped him. governor cuomo says the predominant theory, operating theory, is that he had help. >> right. and the neighbor said he had bad connections. it's interesting, too, if you look -- you were talking about him traveling overseas to the middle east. if you look at some of these
5:08 am
cities he went to, you would only go there, the experts are saying, if you had ties to terror, interested in joining one of these sects. also, this man you're about to hear from, he was a former extremist. he knows all too well. listen. >> the city of quetta isn't just a city you visit. i'm of pakistani origin. it would be incredibly strange for me to visit quetta. now, i have visited quetta to talk to youths. first of all, afghans aren't originally from quetta. it would be strange for him to have family based in quetta. if he went to peshawar, i could understand more. secondly, it's a conflict zone. it's like the average american getting up and going to see belfast at the height of the troubles in northern ireland. it's a war zone. there's currently a civil war going on in quetta. that in itself should have raised alarm bells. >> by the way, his wife, who's
5:09 am
over there, has went over to qatar. they've caught up with the suspect's wife. no word yet if she's actually talking and cooperating because the mom of the bomber, who the dad said was a terrorist two years ago, disappeared about a few months ago right before this attack. we don't know if this is indicative -- >> wait, the suspect's mother disappeared? we don't know where she is? >> traveled overseas. >> a little suspicious in the timing. meanwhile, president obama here in new york city yesterday appearing before the united nations general assembly, made it very clear the united states and the whole world, we need to take in more refugees. this at the same time there's an op-ed in "the new york times" by the mayors of paris, london, and new york city, saying the same thing. we want more unscreened refugees because they write, our immigrants are our strength. the mayor of london, mayor khan, warned new yorkers this week. he is pictured far right. warned new yorkers that terror attacks are now part and parcel
5:10 am
to regular life in the west and that americans should just get used to terror. >> oh, i love that the mayor of london is telling us what we need to do. thank you. >> right. just hand out of kevlar to everyone. >> we should get used to it. >> and riot helmets and just head to work. >> if you're going to let somebody in, you got to know who they are. you've got to vet them. >> that's what donald trump has been saying all along, right. >> from the get go. >> hillary clinton had a different message. now she's changing tune. >> she's becoming more trump-ian. >> listen. >> i am absolutely in favor of and have long been an advocate for tough vetting. >> i believe she meant the term extreme vetting. where did you hear extreme vetting before? only from me. because i made pup tup the term. i said, we need extreme vetting to come into our country. >> i would imagine the reason she's changed her tune is because he's surging in the polls. yesterday her campaign manager
5:11 am
said in an e-mail that trump now has a number of ways to get to 270 lek trorl college votes. he says it's no longer a pipe dream, it's clear and it's real. donald trump can win. >> tim kaine was out with the hollywood higher ups trying to assuage them that donald trump can win, that they are indeed on track. but when the top person on the ticket goes down under, we don't know what she did besides call into the steve harvey show and have a conference call, she blew up a fundraiser, while donald trump had two major events yesterday, a town hall today. >> that's what's so interesting. she blew off her fundraiser event yesterday in north carolina, where she's not winning. she used to be winning. she's not now. trump is ahead by one point. you would think she would keep that on the books. >> she does have something down in orlando today. let's see if she goes. meantime, 11 minutes after the top of the hour. heather's got news. >> good morning. we start out in the midwest today, where this man was supposed to protect our country.
5:12 am
instead, a former national guardsman will now serve 30 years in prison for an isis-inspired terror plot. hasan edmonds and his cousin had planned to kill up to 150 people at an armory in joliet, illinois. prosecutors played this video in court showing them scouting out the armory. watch and listen. >> if they all get to rushing, fight first. >> those are the ones who are going to be respond. >> they got more time and service. >> talking about stripes first, meaning going after those soldiers who are more senior. well, both of these men were arrested at midway airport in chicago in march of 2015. the two claim they never actually planned to carry out the attack. well, overnight, a mystery odor making people sick in northern california. the city of vallejo, northeast of san francisco, is now warning residents to stay in their homes after receiving hundreds of calls about a smell. at this hour, officials say they
5:13 am
don't know what the smell is or where it's coming from. they say, though, that they haven't found any traces of natural gas. be careful out there. will rick perry live to two-step another week on "dancing with the stars"? remember this? >> also safe are rick and emma! >> oh, my gosh. last night they looked like the wiggles or teletubbies or something. former governor of texas rick perry jumping for joy, having a great time. he survived the cut last night. perry and his dance partner, emma slater, they had the lowest combine scores from the judges, but the fans gave them a texas-sized boost to stay in the competition. i love his spirit. >> why did they get low scores? i thought he did a great job. he's having fun. >> look who he's going against. he's going against megatron.
5:14 am
>> and ryan lochte. >> true. >> heather, thank you very much. meanwhile the father of the bombing suspect in new york and new jersey told the fbi his son was a terrorist, so how did that slip through the cracks? former fbi special agent on what could have gone wrong.
5:15 am
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5:18 am
new questions this morning about whether or not important warning signs were missed before the bombings in new york and new jersey. the accused bomber's father met with the fbi in 2014 and told them his son was a terrorist. so how did ahmad rahami slip through the cracks? let's talk to a former fbi agent and counterterrorism expert, tim clemente. he joins us from l.a. so the dad goes to the fbi and says, my son's a terrorist. the fbi talked to the dad. a couple days later, the dad changed the story, said, no, he's okay. what happened? >> well, unfortunately, in an investigation like this, which really isn't even an investigation, for the fbi to open an actual investigation with a case file number on somebody, there has to be something substantial that leads them to believe there's a commission of a crime, either being explicitly planned or in the process of being carried out. the father in this case makes an accusation after his son gets violent with his brother and clearly he's got issues if he's
5:19 am
stabbing his own brother, but the accusation of terrorist was back pedaled on by the father, and there was nothing to prove that the son was involved in a terrorist plot in some way. in other words, if he had been meeting with an individual that was a known terrorist, if he had been communicating directly with a terrorist organization and the father said, look, here's the e-mails, here's the phone calls, here's the communications, that would be something different that would allow the fbi to begin an investigation. >> right. >> or go a little deeper. >> and the fbi didn't know the guy had traveled to afghanistan and pakistan repeatedly, became very religious, may have been radicalized along the way. but tim, you were telling me earlier that one of the problems for our fbi men and women is the fact that, particularly with this administration, the p.c. culture has made it so hard to continue to investigate certain people who you'd really like to investigate. >> absolutely. i mean, the fact that we can't even look at somebody's heritage or religious background, in this
5:20 am
case a muslim that is a muslim extremist, a radical islamist, that's what we need to look for. it's like saying you're in the battle against the i.r.a. and you're not going to look for irish or catholic people. the problem is that's who the i.r.a. is made up of. this group of radical islamists is part of the muslim faith. it may be, as everyone says, a small minority, but it still comes from that group. to exclude that information from investigators to not be able to look in that direction is a mistake, and it's something that we've gone so far in political correctness to stay away from the term profiling that we're not able to do a regular investigation. >> absolutely. well, i'm glad you detailed it that way. we should point out that the cops who solved the crime, put all the clues together, did a fantastic job. going forward, we got to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> absolutely. >> tim clemente, thank you very much for joining us live from l.a. >> you bet. 8:20 now in new york city. live from new york, it's norm
5:21 am
macdonald, coming up. what is success? is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at when this busy family... a cracked windshield... ...their dad went to the new safelite-dot-com... ...and scheduled a replacement... just a few clicks. with safelite you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! thank you. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. heyyes, dear. you're washing that baked-on alfredo by hand, right?
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5:24 am
quick headlines now. a legal setback for the high school football coach fired for praying with his players. a judge now saying a washington state school district does not need to rehire coach joe kennedy, even if he wins his current lawsuit against them. he's suing the district for violating his religious liberties. and it's the breakup that's been breaking the internet. after nearly a decade as hollywood's hottest couple, brangelina is no more. but as quickly as news of brad pitt and angelina jolie's breakup spread across the globe,
5:25 am
celeb rumors that brad is furious with his soon-to-be ex-wife, warning that she's unleashed help. pitt is accusing jolie of putting their kids in danger for going public with the split and attracting a whirlwind of paparazzi. until this time, there was no paparazzi around them. he's also now fighting to keep her from getting sole custody of all six children. rumors are also swirling about brad's alleged drug abuse, even accusations he's having an affair with his "allied" co-star. but the couple still saying the split is in the best interest of the kids. i cannot believe how long that story was. that was the longest story of the day. >> joining us, actor, author, "saturday night live" member norm macdonald. if you were doing "weekend update," how would you do the
5:26 am
story? >> i do like the fact he says he's unleashing hell. sounds like "tombstone." >> does sound like a movie script. >> unleash hell. what makes me happy is now, you know, brad is available finally. >> he is out there. you know, are you shocked he's going through a mid-life crisis? >> what? >> how could he have a mid-life crisis? everything's worked out great for him, hasn't it? >> good lord, he's one of the most handsome men. i mean -- >> famous. >> not a good argument. >> don't you love that, brian, this is "the post." this is his ex-wife. he did that to her. he did that to jennifer. >> what do you mean, he broke her? >> he had an affair allegedly, with angelina.
5:27 am
now he's doing it again. >> this guy unleashes hell. >> so norm macdonald wrote this book. it's based on a true story, which is the name of the book. it's your memoir. >> yes. yes, sir. >> i fully support it. it's a great book. >> oh, thank you. >> it's your journey to vegas. >> it is a great book. you're right. >> and it's your life. >> it's my life, yeah. i decided to make my autobiography about my life. >> that's smart. >> just in case. >> how did you -- you know, you didn't start off so well. >> no, i said before the show, you must be so proud of your brother. turns out it's your son. >> yeah, thank you very much. you're not the only one. a lot of people think peter is my brother. >> you look so young. >> thank you very much. what i was going to say is the fact once upon a time you were on "star search." that was going to be the big launch pad. that was a disaster. >> didn't work out. i lost to the bush man. it was called "international
5:28 am
star search." it was a budnch of foreigners, which i am. canada. but canada is the least international of all countries. >> who is the bush man? >> the bush man was from liberia. >> he was funnier than you. >> oh, yeah. and he wore a tribal hat and a long robe. later i found out he was from seattle. but yeah. >> ed mcmann headed in for you. >> i looked over at him at one point, and he was glaring at me. i was like, this guy laughs at everything all the time. >> your agent said to you after you got off, you got no laughs. don't worry, they don't laugh at this show. they do laugh, they just weren't laughing at you. >> he said that. he said, they don't laugh. then the bush man came out, said one joke, they laugh for two minutes. then my agent ran after the bush man with his business card. >> i think you were over there when he was talking to us earlier. we were asking about when he found out he got the job at
5:29 am
"saturday night live." i said, what was your reaction? that has to be the creme de la creme. tell brian what happened. >> yeah, i didn't know. i was given the job over the phone. i was working on the "roseanne" program. i said, please let me leave so i can be on "saturday night live." she let me. i came to new york. i move the out of my apartment, went to new york. they said, well, you meet with loren this afternoon. i'm like, why? for the job interview. >> and he told you to do a bunch of characters. you didn't have any. >> he said do two characters and two impressions. the only impressions i had were i could do like jimmy cagny. >> everybody can do that. >> i can do basically anyone rich little could do. >> so how did you get the job? >> you're not going to say how you did it, are you? >> no. but what it really was, was i
5:30 am
remembered loren from canada, where he was a performer. when i was a little boy, he was on television in canada. >> you guys had television. >> yeah, we had television. we have television in canada. >> i heard. >> so lorne was the star of the show. i remember specific sketches he was in. he liked that a lot. >> you were also the host of "celebrity jeopardy." you were fantastic. >> i wasn't the host. >> watch. >> the answer is john travolta learned how to dance for this 1977 hit movie. mr. connory. >> that would be "jaws." >> no, "jaws" is incorrect. please answer in the form of a question. burt reynolds? >> what is "jaws"? >> this december 25th holiday involves decorating a tree and
5:31 am
opening presents. burt reynolds? >> yeah, what is my birthday? >> that's a good burt reynolds. >> that's burt reynolds, yeah. it's funny because when lorne picks out all the things, i wanted to be burt reynolds, so i wrote that sketch. he had a gray wig and a beard. i was like, no, from the 1970s. nobody ever mentioned it all the time it ran, but my character was from the '70s. everybody else was from modern times. >> you just blew open a scandal. norm macdonald wrote a book. >> it's called "based on a true story: a memoir." just trying to make your job easier. >> we got it free, but he wants you to pay. norm, thanks so much. >> nice to meet you. >> i wish you all the best. >> i'll tell my brother you said hi. all right. meanwhile, straight ahead as we continue the tv news show, we're just days away from seeing
5:32 am
donald trump and hillary clinton face off on the debate stage for the first time. so how are they preparing? we're live on the campaign trail coming up next.
5:33 am
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through progressive. by bundling it with your car insurance you saved a ton! yeah. do you want to see the rest of the house? -i can actually see a lot of it. -oh. you see what it said, 48 days away from the election and just five days away from the very first presidential debate held on long island at hofstra university. >> donald trump and hillary clinton are getting ready in very different ways. >> now, fox news senior political correspondent mike emanuel is live in florida with a look at the preparations and the big question is, will mike, who was born in new jersey, make his way to long island for the big debate? mike? >> reporter: i will be there, brian. good morning to you guys. even though this is the final 50 days of this presidential campaign, we are not seeing much of hillary clinton this week. we are told a great deal of her focus is on debate prep.
5:36 am
>> i am going to do my very best to communicate as clearly and fearlessly as i can in the face of the insults and the attacks and the bullying and bigotry that we've seen coming from my opponent. you know, i can take it. i've been at this and, you know, i understand it's a contact sport. >> reporter: one thing clinton aides have not revealed is who is playing donald trump in her debate rehearsals. that they're trying to keep a secret. both candidates have plenty of experience from debates during the primaries, but the stakes will obviously be much higher on monday night. as for trump, his top advisers are saying don't bet against him. >> he prepares all of the time because he's a very brilliant businessman who's always taking in different pieces of information, weighing consequences and options. you saw him in the commander in chief forum two weeks ago,
5:37 am
brett, where in all the post-forum polling, he clearly won. why? well, because i think that his answers are very concise and confident. >> reporter: trump's focus today is battleground ohio with recent polls suggesting he has a slight edge over clinton there in the buckeye state. as for clinton, she's coming here to orlando with a real clear politics average of recent polls in florida, suggesting the race is all tied up at 45. >> mike, real quick, yesterday hillary had a fundraiser i think in north carolina. she canceled it. there are all sorts of conspiracy theories online. any idea why she did cancel it? >> reporter: we have not heard anything official from the campaign at this point. she has done plenty of fundraisers in recent weeks. we've been told that so much of her focus this week is on debate preparation, but we have not been given an explanation for why that particular event may have been canceled, steve. >> maybe she has enough money.
5:38 am
all right. mike emanuel, thank you very much, live from orlando. >> reporter: thanks, guys. >> steve, what i do hear is hillary clinton is going through every single one of the gop debates. they had 13, 15 people on the stage. just studying different ways to unnerve him. >> she's trying to figure out which donald trump is going to show up. >> which buttons to press. >> look at ted cruz. ted cruz got under his skin a few times. so did marco rubio. >> that was in the very beginning. we'll have to see. >> you'll see it live on fox news channel monday night. in the meantime right now live on the fox news channel, it's the news with heather. >> good morning to all of you. hope you're off to a great wednesday. late last night, hillary clinton responding to the recent police shooting of an unarmed black man in tulsa. listen. >> maybe i can, by speaking directly to white people, say, look, this is not who we are. we've got to do everything possible to improve policing, to go right at implicit bias.
5:39 am
>> well, that case is still under investigation. many have accused the democratic presidential nominee of a rush to judgment. listen. >> the hypocrisy is that coming off of the bombing suspect there in new york city where everyone said you can't rush to judgment, don't be so impetuous in saying anything. then what does hillary clinton come out and do? this is all about electoral patronage. another story to bring you now. a military community is outraged this morning after seeing this shocking photo of a teacher stomping on a flag in the classroom. lee frances, the teacher, asked his students for a lighter or scissors to destroy the flag. he says it was all a part of a lesson on the first amendment. well, that north carolina school is just 12 miles from ft. bragg. many people now want him fired, including this mom. >> personally, as a military
5:40 am
family, i'm sorry. to have someone do that -- thank goodness she wasn't in that class because of her personal experiences with having friends not come home. >> can you imagine that? if you had some family members or friends of another student who had died serving our country and then you see this. how upsetting that would be. well, that teacher is now on leave and set to meet with school officials tomorrow. we'll bring you the latest. thousands of runners who plan to take part in that canceled seaside, new jersey, marine charity 5k run will now get to race on a 9/11 memorial run for free. the seaside race called off over the weekend because of that bomb that took place along the race route. authorities linking the new jersey and new york bombs to the terror suspect ahmad rahami. the tunnel to towers race takes place in new york city this sunday. those are your headlines. i'll see you again. >> thank you very much. coming up straight ahead, we're not done yet.
5:41 am
the white house finally admits we're at war with isis. kind of. >> when it comes to isil, we are in a fight, a narrative fight. >> right. why is the administration so worried about words, and why it could mean victory for donald trump. that theory next. and when she's not cheering on her husband on the basketball court, steph curry's wife is making mvp meals in their kitchen. coming up, she is cooking for us.
5:43 am
we are the tv doctors of america. and we're partnering with wby getting you docto a real doctor for an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. doctor poses.
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learn your key health numbers, and take control today. safety doesn't come in a box. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. the white house says we are in a war of words. >> this is just a war of narratives. so we want to make sure that we're getting out our counternarrative against isil. we're having some progress. when it comes to isil, we are in a fight, a narrative fight.
5:45 am
>> our next guest says the administration is throwing adjectives while the terrorists are throwing bombs. >> he voted for president obama in 2008. he's a columnist for "the new york post." michael goodman, welcome back. you think this issue is making the administration look bad or mature? >> bad. i think what josh earnest said there is really one of the dumbest things i've ever heard in public life. he truly believes it, wants to put that out there, that it's a narrative war, a narrative battle with islamic state. i think that totally mischaracterizes the issue. i think it is clearly a real war, a shooting war. and we have to kill them or they will kill us. it's very simple. >> this is what donald trump had to say about it last night. listen to this and we'll get your reaction. >> the president of the united states or my opponent, and both, won't even say the words radical islamic terror.
5:46 am
in fact, hillary clinton talks tougher about my supporters than she does about islamic terrorists, right. >> referencing the basket of deplorables. >> i think he's right on both cases. i think that there is this refusal to name the enemy for fear that somehow americans then will hate all muslims. it really shows a lack of trust in americans, and donald trump is right, that the attacks on his supporters are more vicious than anything hillary clinton says about islamic state. i think just politically, she is trapped here. she is part of the obama administration historically, and right now she cannot break with the president, lest the black vote doesn't come out for her. therefore, she's trapped in obama's ideas, which are this narrative war. i think trump is freely going after the real issue, which is this is a real war. >> think about how different this was. george bush was accused of bumping up his ratings by
5:47 am
talking about terror attacks because the country needs to rally around when that happened. this president goes the opposite. after terror attacks, he still doesn't want to talk about it. there's no proof he even called the governors of each state on sunday. on monday, while he spoke, they captured the 28-year-old. he didn't even have knowledge of it. >> that speech on monday by the president just showed how bored he is with this issue. he regards it as a distraction. he does not see it as an existential threat to the united states. he's made that clear many times. i mean, the history of him demeaning the islamic state as the jv team and saying they were contained, everybody in the fight including in his own administration basically says that's not true. they are gaining strength. they are gaining recruitments. even though they're losing some territory over there, the number of attacks have multiplied, and their ability to attack has increased. i think the president is telling something that people don't instinctively believe or trust. that's really hurting hillary
5:48 am
clinton. >> the news is coming to trump in this case. it's helping trump. >> look, events have a vote. events are breaking in his favor. >> right. thank you, michael. >> thank you. well, when she's not cheering on her husband on the basketball court, steph curry's wife ayesha is making mvp meals in their kitchen. coming up next, she's going to be cooking for us, brian. but first, martha has promised to promote her show, and she also has first dibs on any leftovers. >> see you on radio coming up. good morning, everybody. five big days until the debate, and there's a lot to talk about. violence in charlotte, questions about what the fbi knew about the new york/new jersey bomber. rand paul is here, lindsey graham is here this morning. the question about whether 9/11 victims' families should be able to go after saudi arabia. and brad an angie.
5:49 am
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when she's not busy cheering on her husband steph curry on the basketball court, she can be found whipping up mvp worthy dishes in their family's kitchen. >> the author of the new cookbook "the season life," which is right here, ayesha curry, and her mom carol, who's from north carolina, joining us now. thanks for stopping by. congratulations. >> thanks for having us. >> everybody loves football and chili, basketball and chili. you got a great recipe. >> i do. i have what i call my game day chili. when you're just chilling out on a sunday or watching a game, whatever you're doing, it's
5:53 am
different in the sense that it's a nice chunky chili. it has lamb in it. >> show us how to put it together. let's see how you make it. >> yes, absolutely. >> did you learn this from your mama? >> this is actually one i developed on my own, but i did grow up eating my mom's chili. we have our base here. it's tomatoes, lamb, onions. >> all this stuff right here. >> yes. this is how i elevate my chili. we have a little bit of beer. nice way to start your morning. >> is there a beer that's preferred in the house? >> i like stella. >> good choice. and you use lamb? >> it's sweet meat. i love sweet and savory foods, so it's perfect. i have maple syrup here. >> maple syrup? >> i'm canadian, so this is like paying homage. >> beer and syrup. >> i have to ask you, how is your granddaughter doing? i know y'all have several kids, but she's so famous for these
5:54 am
videos. >> she's just like her mama. >> we have all sorts of beans here. you can't have chili without beans. >> does steph ever help you in the kitchen? >> sometimes. he's more so great at supervising with a glass of wine. >> he watches and drinks. >> yeah. so that's it. this just simmers. the longer it simmers, the better it is. it's a great make-ahead dish. keep it in the fridge for as long as you want. >> you decorate it. >> we have this here. of course, you garnish chili with green onions, cheddar, a little sour cream. mom, do you want to garnish that one? >> absolutely. >> this is the cornbread. got to have cornbread. >> absolutely. i have a homemade cornbread recipe in my cookbook. but on game day, who wants to take the time? >> who wants to make bread? >> exactly. i part nerd up with fleischmann's simply homemade. this is an amazing cornbread box mix. there's no artificial ingredients. >> and a pull-off tab. easy to do. >> it's great though. it's all of the ingredients you
5:55 am
find in your pantry in this box. easy, makes it real simple. >> but you do add one thing. >> exactly. i love elevating simple things like this. so we have -- >> should i do it? >> yeah, put that buttermilk in there. >> how long do you have to cook before you can start ad libbing? >> whenever you want. i don't like when people take food too seriously. >> exactly. >> i love it when you experiment. whatever, whenever you have the time. just try new things. throw in different things. >> beer in cornbread? >> no beer in the cornbread. an egg, yes. see, you put that brown sugar in there. that was not supposed to go in there. but that is just fine. we'll sweeten it up a little. >> are we ruining the whole segment? >> absolutely not. like i said, food is not that serious. we need to play around with it. it's going to be a little sweeter. that's fine. >> but it's very important if i make a mistake to point it out. >> absolutely. >> the new cookbook is called "the seasoned life." thank you very much for joining
5:56 am
us live. steph wants to come to new york and play for the knicks, that would be good. >> round of applause. we're having chili, folks. >> more "fox & friends," stay with us.
5:57 am
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she's missing out on the rich classroom discussion and catching up on social media instead. #notcool. #remedialreading. #ohlooktheregoesyourgpa. surprisingly, kids with poor oral health are three times more likely to miss school. crest. don't let them miss out. you know, there are a lot of important and life-threatening, world-changing things going on lately. sometimes it seems like more than ever, but none of them are as foundation shaking as the news we received about brad and angelina today. i'm sure you've heard angelina jolie filed for divorce from brad pitt. apparently the reason they're getting divorced is she talked about "fight club" and he specifically asked her not to. >> that'll do it. >> don't forget tomorrow's show, we'll have donald trump on as
6:00 am
well as newt gingrich. >> and the mega morning deals. love that. >> good news. we have the chili. >> that's right. ayesha curry and her mom carol. see you back here tomorrow, same time, same channel. round of applause, "fox & friends." bill: overnight in charlotte demonstrators threw rocks and bottles march the charlotte police say that 12 of their officers were injured thanks to moments like this caught on video last night this violence comes after an


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