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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  September 21, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices? m. thank you for joining us. america's election headquarters starts right now. a fox news alert for you now. the fbi needs your help in tracking down two men who removed the second pressure cooker bomb from a suitcase in downtown new york. and police in north carolina say the man killed by an officer had a gun on him. hello everyone, i'm melissa francis, this is as the first debate at hofstra university in new york is only five day away. and the election itself, november 8th, is a mere 48 days way. we are awaiting dualing rallies right now from donald trump and hillary clinton. trump is in toledo, ohio.
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clinton in orlando, florida. we are going to bring you both of those live as they happen. the fbi now trying to track down the two men who took the second pressure cooker device out of the suitcase. federal officials hoping to speak to the men and recover the luggage that once had a pressure cooker bomb inside of it. the bombing suspect left suitcase blocks away from the chelsea explosion, but it never went off. the announcement comes as amahd rahami faces murder charges. what do we know about what police are looking for right now? >> reporter: the nypd and fbi says they are considered witnesses, not suspects, and they want to talk to them. not just what about they may have seen, they really that want bag because it is considered evidence in the terrorism case. they want to know what was inside that bag. whether there were any documents, that sort of thing. and they really need to see these guys. authorities say they have lots of surveillance footage of the
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suspect it appears to show him carrying a backpack and pulling that rolling back, brightly colored with a retractable handle about an hour before that first explosion. both bags believed to contain pressure cooker bombs. the one that detonated on 23rd treat and injured more than 29 people and the one that didn't detonate on 27 when those guys took it out of the bag. >> it feels a very shock sensitive device that we were very concerned, obviously, we handle it a certain way out in the street. we handled it a certain way and again, authorities consider him a witness, not a suspect, melissa. >> yeah, they're very lucky. my goodness. new charges are now filed against him as well.
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tell me about those. >> he is still recovering here in newark, but when you're medically cleared to leave. he will face numerous jail cells and courtrooms for all the charges he faces. in addition to the five counts of attempted murder and weapons charges after a shootout with police in lyndon, new jersey. he now faces ten federal counts in north korea and new jersey including the use of weapons of mass destruction, bombing a place of public use and destruction of property with explosives. >> the response to these m misguide acts of terror has been classically american. and what we have come to expect in our city from new yorkers. care for the victims, calm in a midst of chaos and swift law enforcement action. now thanks to that response, he will face federal rm terrorism charges in a court of law. >> reporter: and they carry penalty was up to ten years or up to life. and authorities are still investigating whether he may
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have had any help along the way. melissa. >> that story is far from over, thank you so much for that report. another fox news alert. police in charlotte, north carolina, asking for calm in the wake of violent protests overnight after officer shot and killed a man they say was armed and posed a threat. police have h to use tear gas to break up crowds of protesters, block highways, burning cars, and throwing rocks and bottles, injuring 16 officers. look at that. today the chief of police saying it is time to get the story straight. >> i can tell you from the facts that the story's a little bit different as to how it's been portrayed so far. especially through social media. >> jonathan cieri joins us live from charlotte, north carolina, jonathan, there are different versions of what happened, depending on who you talk to. break it down for us. >> reporter: exactly. well friends of keith lamont
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scott, the man shot by officers say he was unarmed at the time he was shot and simply waiting around for his son to come home from school. some say he was reading a book at the time. but police insist he was carrying a handgun and that officers had good reason to feel threatened. listen. >> mr. scott, as i said, exited his vehicle armed with a handgun, as the officers continued to yell at him to drop it. he stepped out, posing a threat to the officers, and officer brently vinson subsequently fired his weapon, striking the subject. >> we're watching our black men, this week, being gunned down and there's no redress for our grievances of black people being killed with our brother scott, they said he had a gun, somebody said he had a book.
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>> reporter: police investigators say they did find a gun at the scene after the shooting, but they did not find a book. melissa. >> and what are police expecting is going to happen tonight? >> reporter: well, protest organizers have already announced they're planning a demonstration this evening here in marshall park. this park is near the charlotte mek learnburg government building as well as as police headquarters, which obviously is at the center of all of this controversy, but both city officials and protest organizers are calling on everyone to remain calm and try to discuss matters rather than resorting to the violence that we saw here in charlotte last night. melissa. >> all right. thank you for that report. police shootings, terror bombings, two big stories that we are following. as we await donald trump to take the stage in toledo, ohio, and hillary clinton in orlando, florida. how will they handle these two topic kps joining me now is chris wallace. anchor of "fox news sunday"
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he'll moderate the third and final presidential debate next month, sir, thank you for joining us. let's start with the cases in new york and jersey, these terror bombings. i mean, this is prime foughter it seems for donald trump. do you think he'll make comments today? >> well, the answer is i don't know whether he will. he certainly has been talking about it a ever since the explosion over the weekend. and you're right, melissa, because this speaks to his ideas about getting tougher in the fight on terror, getting tougher in terms of vetting who's allowed into this country. not quite sure how that would apply when he was seven years old. back in the '90s, so you can't go back in time to that. and he was a naturalized u.s. citizen, but it certainly does speak to the issue of who we let into the country. clinton has taken a different position on this, talking more about working with the is muslim community, more relationship between law enforcement and
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muslims and trying to get early warning system in these communities if there's somebody who shows some kind of change in behavior or becoming much more of a radical. so if they have different approaches and whether they discuss it today or not, that's certainly something that's going to come out over the coming weeks and especially in the first. >> now in terms of police shootings, i saw hillary clinton tweet pretty quickly and talk about, wow, you know, we have a lot of work to do. especially in the case of keith lamont scott and she's talking about the different nings how does she play this one, chris? >> this one's tougher. the one in tulsa, the fellow, terrence crutcher who had his arms and much more questionable shooting of him, although the police say they were worried that he was reaching into a car, that one she's already reached out and said, this is another example of what she believes is improper police shooting. and in her effort to reach out
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to the african american community and get them mobilized, she's obviously, i suspect, going to be talking about this. she has said she is going to talk about both cases today in her rally in florida. obviously as we just heard and the keith scott case, it's much more complicated because there was an african american police officer who shot him, and he says that scott was carrying a gun. sho so that becomes a much more difficult case to weigh in on. >> although, activists in the area -- >> quickly, let me quickly say trump has raised questions about the tulsa case and say gee, it seemed like it should be doing everything he should with his hands raised. he's also raised questions -- >> let me stop you there. we have a sound byte. and we'll talk about that. this is what donald trump had to say. >> i watched the shooting in particular in tulsa. and that man was hands up, that man went to the car, to me
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looked like, you know, somebody that was doing what they were asking him to do. and this young officer -- i don't know what she was thinking. i don't know what she was thinking. but i'm very, very troubled by that. >> oh chris, his handlers had to be nervous when he weighed into that territory. that was dangerous ground, what do you think of what he said there? >> i think it's not unlike what clinton has said which is that when you look at the video, obviously we're not there on the ground, it's easy to second guess from the 30,000 feet, but when you look at the video and you see a guy who may or may not have been responding to every police demand, in fact the police say he wasn't, but did have his hands up, it becomes a lot more questionable as why you need a deadly force because the police officer, the woman who shot him and killed him, it was just at the same time that somebody had fired a taser on him to disable him and you wonder why that wasn't enough at a time -- and of course this
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fella did turn out to be unarmed, no gun on him or in the car. >> yeah. meanwhile, polls showing a clear tightening in the past few weeks. i'm looking at this giving hillary 56.8% chance of winning, what do you think of this one? >> well the thing that's interesting there, this 538, they've got a remarkably good record in predicting what's going to happen in elections. i think in 2012 they predicted every one of the ten or 12 so-called toss-up states as to how it was going to turn out. while clinton still has a lead. this is the closest that donald trump has ever been in the 538 survey of states. i think they have clinton at 277 which is seven over what she needs and trump around 250 something. she still has an easier path because he'd have to win all of the toss-up states and flip one state that now is leaning clinton and she has a lot of
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variety. she could lose one of the state that's leaning her way and pick up one of the other toss-up states and still say over 270. as we head into the first debate. this is quite a close race, a lot of the key to-up states like ohio and florida and north carolina well within the margin of error. so depending on what happens in the debate, the complexion of this race could be changed dramatically either closer or one stringing out to more of a lead. >> it's so interesting when you watch the comments around those reports. people who don't believe it's as close as it looks right there. still saying flost way she's going to run away with it. it's fascinating to watch the conversation, in the meantime, chris, what do you have coming up on fox news sunday? >> well, sunday, of course, will be just 24 hours before the first debate. we'll be all about that. we know that one of the guests from the trump campaign will be donald trump's running mate, governor mike pence of indiana, me will be our guest on sunday. and we're still talking to the clinton camp about who they're going to put it out to talk.
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and we did find out today, the communications chief says that somebody is playing donald trump in the mook debates, but we still don't know who it is. and boy, this is like deep throat because we still haven't found out who it is that playing donald trump. and i think one of the reasons they're keeping it so secret, melissa, is because if we knew who it is, we have a sense what have they think is going to be the kind of personality that donald trump will bring to this debate. >> i mean, i guess far while they were saying it was mark cuban, maybe that's gone away and he's denied or whatever. maybe it's me and i'm just not telling you -- no, of course not. chris wallace, thank you so much. we look forward to that show. dualing campaign events this hour. hillary clinton and donald trump visiting key swing states adds the first presidential debate just days away. we're going to look at how they're both preparing for the big day. plus the fbi wants your help tracking down these two men who may know something about the suspect arrested for the new
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york and new jersey bombings. meanwhile, family friends say amahd rahami was a bad seed. >> from the first marriage. that's the kid who took the fleep his country. now he has a second wife here who has three kids with him. and he owns the restaurant. they're all great. the right things working together
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can you send that to me? yea. our new smartphone plan gives you talk text and data with unlimited carryover for just $15 a month, no contract. all with nationwide 4g lte coverage. get top smartphones or bring your own phone. tracfone. for moments that matter fox news alert. fbi asking for your help in finding two people seen on camera with the explosive device in new york city that failed to detonate. look at these two individuals. they can be seen removing the pressure cooker device from a piece of luggage, and then leaving with the bag. the new details that we are learning from the charges, rahami was spotted on video with the duffel bag near the sight of
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new york city bombing nap explosion was so powerful it moved 100-pound dumpster 120 feet. investigators say rahami had a journal that has mentions of terrorist and jihad. they also have cell phone video sewing rahami igniting explosives and laughing near his home in elizabeth, new jersey. ryan morrow is the security analyst with the clairon project. let's start with the two men that police are looking for right now. took the pressure cooker out, they took the bag with them. what do you think of that? daung they were involved? lucky and they got away without the thing exploding and hurting them? >> based on previous terror cases, you would look at that and assume they knew what was inside and wanted to leave it there. could there be a weird circumstance where they're not involved and something that i can't think of that explains that, there's always that possibility. but i don't think that they're thieves where you would just pick up a suitcase and run with a with it. >> to be fair, the way this was
11:19 am
explained, in new york city, if you leave a bag out on the street, someone's going to steal it. and that's sort of how they described it. there were two people who saw this piece of luggage and thought there were valuables inside. and then they opened it far away and took the pressure cooker out and realized, what is this thing and bolted off. originally it looked like thieves. now that we're looking for them, maybe something else. at this point, they're saying no, no, we don't think they're involved. that could be a tactic to get them to come forward, right? >> it could be. also when they took the suitcase and walking with it. you would assume if you were a thief, you would want to look at the contents away from cameras. hotel room, an apartment. it's all very suspicious, but there are, you know, i assume there are scenarios where they aren't actually suspects. >> we also to want ask you about et muslim community center of new jersey, this mosque. there's a religious affairs
11:20 am
leader who's an official at the inca which has a 300-page teaching guide that aspouses about americans being nervous. the call fat system, sharia law. what do we know about this? this would be the connection between the mosque that that rahami went to and terror. >> right. well in order to become an islamist terrorists, you have to become an islamists. believes that your vlg not just a llg, but a form of a political governess. and so there are these islamists groups, the circle of america and the united states and the bomber going back to high school, according to a girl he dated, had this type of pro-sharia law, anti-america view back then. the question is where did this come from so long ago? the family or the mosque he attended? i looked at the mosque, and the imam is a teacher with a group opposing isis.
11:21 am
they will condemn al qaeda and isis, but if you're teaching and your teaching guides things like use deception to operate in the united states and manipulate the system, wage jihad, fight for a caliphate, that's the construct of the world view of a group like isis. if you tell people that the islamic state is a gad thing, you cannot be surprised when they join a group that says we've gotten an islamist state. >> there were signs that people should have seen, ryan, thank you for your insight today. we appreciate it. head of a pharmaceutical company on the hot seat on capitol hill. the ceo of the epipen defending her company amid outrage over huge price hikes for that life-saving drug. i'm terrible at golf.
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so we have don king right now, yep, that's exactly who you think it is on the screen delight. speaking at the trump rally in toledo, ohio. he is warming up the crowd. we do expect donald trump soon. and we will bring you that live when it happens. makers of the life-saving epipen on capitol hill defending dramatic price hikes for the device. mylan ceo heather brash appearing before the house oversight committee denying they raised prices to reap unjustified profits. rich evenson is live in washington. how that ri justifying this? >> good afternoon, this hearing was supposed to start about 25 minutes. mylan ceo in her prepared remarks says her company struck
11:26 am
the right balance on it's pricing of epipen. it's an emergency medical device designed to counter severe allergic reactions. in 2007, they bought the epipen business, then it was less than $200. now a pair sells for more than $600. this is according to a health an lettics. defending her company against charges from patients, insurance companies, and members of congress who say the virtual monopoly gives it the ability to raise the price. in the remarks she claims fees, rebates, and other cost means they profit only $50. in response to the anger, her company will offer a cheaper generic version and it will expand rebates, benefits, and a program that gives patients free epipens based on income, melissa. >> and she also -- the company profited off family connections, not just the father, but also
11:27 am
her mother. >> so gayleman chin assumed the loim of state board of education in 2012. and then pushed an effort to require schools to buy devices that combats severe allergic reactions. the daughter, heather bresh. this is an extensive report. the association helped mylan's eppen develop a mere monopoly. they denied that this happened. as you mentioned, bresh is also the daughter of senator joe manchin of west virginia. >> a lot of details, thank you for that report. dualing campaign events this hour. hillary clinton and donald trump visiting key swing states as the first presidential debate is just days away. we're going to look at how they're both preparing for the big day. and federal investigators looking into new york bomb
11:28 am
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to two men who took a pressure cooker bomb out of a suitcase in new york city. the fbi says the men were seen saturday night removing the bomb, which failed to detonate. then taking the luggage. chief intelligence correspondent katherine herridge is live in washington with more. katherine, what do federal prosecutors say about the suspect's alleged motivation, first of all? >> well the court documents show evidence of significant premeditation with the fbi saying, rahami was buying bomb parts online from ebay, shrapnel as early as june and two days before the attack. video of what appears to be a trial run. fbi agent describes what he saw. it reads in part, the lighting of the fuse, loud noise and fumes and laughter. and we're learning more about this hand-written journal that rahami was carrying at the time he was shot and captured by
11:33 am
police earlier this week with writings about meeting al qaeda figures who laid the groundwork. most notably, he relied on the radical teaching of the american-born cleric born in new mexico. he was the first american targeted for death by the cia. it's worth noting that he was arrested in the late '90s for soliciting prostitutes in san diego, despite his holy man image. also rahami writes about another student, then nebraska dal hassan who injured more than 30 during the 2009 shooting spree at ft.hood in texas. the chairman of the house homeland security today pressed the new york office on whether they dropped the ball. >> we're open to any possibility that he acted alone, that there were others involved, that he could have been inspired by a group. enabled by a group. directed by a group, but we're just not there yet. >> based on the number of radical thinkers that are in this handwritten journal, it
11:34 am
really does suggest that he was really sort of amped up on the whole jihadist ideology. not only from al qaeda, but also from isis, melissa. >> katherine herridge, thank you. a lot of good details there. let's look at more of this list of items that rahami bought online, katherine just mentioned this. a five-pound pack of citric acid described as great for bath bombs. 10 pcp printed circuit boards. 200 hardened lead milling balls. 100 e match electric igniters and 25 lead ball bearings. joining me now, former prosecutor and defense attorney. joe, a former attorney and former federal prosecutor. thanks for joining us. johnna, when i look at that list, i have a hard time buying over the counter allergy medicine at cvs without an id, they'll give you one, but you go on ebay, no one said what is
11:35 am
this guy doing? >> no, because apparently it is legal, not only to buy bomb-making material, but people put manifestos on how to create the bombs online and we do nothing about it. and i felt the same way, i can't go to any website and then not get followed by that website everywhere else i go. weft technology to know what everybody is doing every second online, and when it comes to terrorism, why are we not cracking down? >> yeah, joe, what about this? i mean, it's one of those things where at first they say, no one knew, then all of these clues turn up, and you say this man was doing many, many things that would have lead people to believe there was something coming up. >> this is one of the series of cases in which the fbi had information, was asked to interview people and do things and didn't do it. why didn't they do it? because the guide lionels that the fbi has, do not allow them to go beyond a certain point without a certain evidence. now the question is, why has the fbi director not asked that those guidelines be changed?
11:36 am
it is his responsibility to give his agents the tools to do this. i don't blame the agents who initially got the information from the father for not going further. they were prohibited from doing so by the fbi's own guidelines. my question, why hasn't james comey changed the guidelines or forced them to be changed by the department of justice? >> johnna, this is the argument, on one hand, there was all this evidence why didn't do something? on the other hand, you always hear the response, it is difficult, you can't arrest someone for a crime they haven't committed yet. >> that is correct. unfortunately, that's what happened here. but i have to disagree with one thing that you said, and that is, if your own father reports you to the fbi and says, listen, i know this, this, and this about my son that nobody else knows. and the fbi stands there with their hands and says i'm sorry, i can't do it. we have a problem there. not only do we need to change that, we need to change the laws that don't allow us to arrest the bomb making materials online.
11:37 am
thanks to both of you. donald trump at the podium there in staul, oklahoma. let's listen in. >> we're up five in ohio. in cnn. [ applause ] cnn, we're up three in florida. now lead nevada, ohio, we lead in north carolina, the l.a. times has us four or five points up. so, it's really been amazing. on november 8th, we're going to win this state, we're going to win the white house. we're going to win it back. weir going to win it back. this is a movement, and we're taking our country back for the people. we're taking it back. it's been a long time. as i travel the country, the crowds get bigger and the enthusiasm grows. thousands of people outside, they just left because they figure, we can't get in. unless somebody -- would anybody like to give up their seat? i thought you were going to say that.
11:38 am
but there's so much love in the rooms, the washington insiders, they're panicking, they are very concerned. they're looking at what's going on with the polls and they're saying, what's happening? this wasn't supposed to happen. it wasn't supposed to happen in the primaries, and this wasn't supposed to happen, but it's happening, and i think we're going bring it all the way. [ applause ] we are going to replace our failed and corrupt establishment with a new government that serves you, your family, the country, you're going to be happy. the change is going to be to begin right away. the ski november 8th, if you can get in there a little earlier, that's okay too. november 8th. my economic agenda can be summed up in three very beautiful words. jobs, jobs, jobs. [ applause ] we have to bring our jobs back. on my first day in office, i'm going to order a review of every
11:39 am
single registration and check ty order issued by president obama. all job killing regulations and all illegal executive orders will be immediately terminated. excessive regulation costs our economy $2 trillion yearly. can that you believe? $2 trillion a year. i want to put that money back into the pockets of the american people where it belongs. i am going to direct the department of commerce to identify every single violation of our trading rules by our foreign competitors who, in many cases, cheat. we will apply every lawful remedy to end these trade abuses once and for all. we have no choice. we're going to end them. trade will be fair and resip ri
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call and products will be made in america and sold all around the world, like we used to do it. you know, when we were smart. we're going to pass one of the biggest and boldest tax rumple reforms and tax reductions in american history. it's going to include a 15% tax rate for all businesses, small and large, making our country a magnet for new jobs. that's 15% down from 35%. [ applause ] income taxes will be cut dramatically for the workers. workers, and i mean the really hard workers. you're paying too much tax, folks. everybody knows it. so for the workers, the middle class, families, everybody, we're having a major, major tax reductions and i will tell you, ivanka trump wants child care taken care of, and we're going to do that, okay.
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on my first day, immediately send me a bill to repeal and replace obamacare. [ applause ] premiums in ohio have increased more than 80% since obamacare was passed. 80%. have you noticed? it's not a pretty picture, right? 80%. premiums have gone up almost $5,000 nationwide since dwyane. more than two-thirds of our nation's counties and think of this, have lost. every day i'm reading another one left, all the big ones, they're all leaving. it's falling anyway, we're going to replace and terminate it. even if we didn't, it's not making it just so you understand. we're going to replace government run boemtcare with reforms -- >> we're going to dip into hillary clinton right now. she is speaking at the same
11:42 am
time, but she is addressing those recent shootings. let's listen into that for a moment. >> police officers in philadelphia last woke and last night in charlotte, 12 officers were injured in demonstrations following keith lamont scott's death. every day police officers across our country are serving with extraordinary courage, honor, and skill. we is that true again this weekend in new york, new jersey, and minnesota. our police handled those terrorist attacks exactly right. and they likely saved a lot of lives. i've spoken to many police chiefs and other law enforcement leaders who are as deeply concerned as i am, and deeply committed as i am to reform. why? because they know it is
11:43 am
essential for the safety of our communities and our oufrss. we are safer when communities respect the police and police respect communities. [ applause ] i've also been privileged to spend a lot of time with mothers who've lost children and young people who feel that as far as their country's concerned, thafr lives seem disposable. we've got to do better. and i know we can. and if i'm elected president, we will. and we will do it exactly together. which is the only way it can be done. look. i know i don't have all the answers. i don't know anyone who does. but this is certain, too many
11:44 am
people have lost their lives who shouldn't have. sabrina fulton has become a friend of mine. her son, trayvon martin -- >> okay. we are listening to hillary clinton and donald trump back to back there. so we to want bring in our political panel for some quick reaction to what we heard so far. a.j.delgatto, les si marshall, she is a fox news contributor, thanks to both of you for joining us. leslie, let me start be you, you heard hillary clinton, clever. she's putting together the good police work that we saw in new york and new jersey over the weekend, and at the same time putting it side by side with the other things we've seen going on with the shootings more recently in the past day or so. is it good to put those two things together to kind of show that she recognizes both the good and the questionable and the maybe bad? >> absolutely. because when you look at voters,
11:45 am
especially that pool of independents, which is what she or donald trump need to get the votes on november 8, you need to show that look. i'm not pointing fingers of blame. we have some problems on the side of the police. we have some problems on the side of the citizens and i love the fact that she was humble when she said she did not have all the answers a very different type of candidate than donald trump. i also like the fact that she brings in the mother aspect and the personal aspect, the human aspect. because at the end of the day, we all want safer communities. so i liked what she had to say. >> yeah. a.j., let me take you over to donald trump. you know, he said that he has his agenda, economic agenda can be summed up with three beautiful words, jobs, jobs, jobs, talking about the number we hear a lot of times from think tanks about how much regulation costs every year $2 trillion saying he wants to take the corporate tax rate down. that would bring jobs in. he also wants to provide child
11:46 am
care, what did you think of what he had to say? did he hit the right notes. >> he did. i think it's also very telling that hillary clinton is in a way kind of slamming police officers right now while mr. trump is speaking about jobs. listen, he's absolutely correct. we hear both candidates talk about the need to stop outsourcing of jobs. donald trump speaks more about this than hillary clinton. she's on record speaking of it favorably in india at least twice. how do we do that? it's only mr. trump's plan that can provide us a way to do that. he's talking about regulation, how much that stifles companies ability to produce, to manufacture here -- >> i mean -- >> and the tax rate. the corporate tax rate has to be lower. it'll reduce -- >> very specific about that. i'm going to ask you both to stand by for a second. we're going listen back into donald trump. he's talking about immigration now, let's listen. >> terrorism-related activities. bad ones. the state department administrates the refugee program. hillary had the chance to put the needed protections in place
11:47 am
and she didn't do it. now she's running. she's going to be so tough. she's going to be so tough. not going to be tough. not going to be tough. hillary clinton won't even say the words radical islamic terrorism. she won't say the words. hillary clinton, she talks tough. about my supporters. that's what she does. but she doesn't want to the talk about islamic terrorists. she calls the patriotic americans who support our campaign many of them cops and soldiers, deplorable. and ir redeemable. she won't use the same words to describe islamic extremists who believe in the oppression of women, gays, and people of different faiths, but our people, you, you, i guess me, probably me more than anybody according to her. our people, she has no problem
11:48 am
with. hillary clinton thinks hard working, patriotic americans like you are the problem. she doesn't get it. and she doesn't understand how democracy works, believe me. public servants are just that. they're there to serve you. the ever served are the special interests and her donors. and i don't know if you saw her campaign, 50 to one in advertising. 50 to 1, and i think we're actually winning. i actually think we're winning. 50-1. our campaign is about breaking up the special interests know monopoly in washington, d.c. we're trying to disrupt -- thank you. we're trying to disrupt the collusion between the wealthy donors, the large corporations, and the media executives. they're all part of the same political establishment. >> okay, let's sneak our panel
11:49 am
back in to what we just heard. a.j., i'll start with you. i mean, he hit on that point we're going to hear again. she doesn't want to do essentially name-calling as she calls it when it comes to islamic radical terror, but she will call his supporters names as indeplorables. this is something we'll hear from the rest of the campaign, don't you think. >> not just deplorables. and ir redeemable. which is a harsh word. when was the last time we heard hillary clinton refer to terrorists with that choice of language? and mr. trump is absolutely right on the immigration issue, on national security. immigration is a national security issue. it's a safety issue. if you go to hillary clinton's website, there is absolutely nothing on there about the border. about even visa tracking which isn't a controversial position. it's quite frightening to living in this day and thaj we are experiencing terrorism almost on a weekly, monthly basis, that miss clinton has such little regard or concern it seems about it. >> leslie, it is this is something we're going hear to
11:50 am
the end of the campaign. she deserves her name-calling for for his followers and supporters, that's not a good angle. >> first of all, she's she discusses securing our border. more funding for border patrol agents. in addition to that i find somebody who supports an official, who calls -- >> do you think the word deplorables was a mistake? >> no. i don't. >> do you think it has done more good or more harm for her in your opinion? >> i don't think it does her any harm because the people she is calling that -- >> 25 million people. >> are never going to vote for hillary clinton. the independents won't vote for
11:51 am
or against her based on that terminology. >> what do you think about that? >> it absolutely does. it shows a certain lack of character. by her own words she says if you can't serve the whole country, can't respect the whole country, were those not hillary's own words? did she not clearly show she has distan and almost hatred? she show add disgusting character. you refer to millions of americans as ir redeemable. it is irrelevant. >> certainly they will get overheated on that night i would think. leslie, we are seeing reports that they are telling hillary, stand back and give him enough room and he is bound to -- he is a loose cannon.
11:52 am
she bound to say something. he will hang himself and that should be her strategy. what do you think about that? >> absolutely. an a few good minute -- i think hillary clinton needs to be presidential and have her facts. i think that is what is going to win in the mind of the independent voters. >> the risk with that strategy is then they set the bar so low that if he walks onto the stage and isn't foaming at the mouth az heard someone else say, he looks completely normal. if he walks out there and she normal then what does she do? >> i think it is odd leslie says they have to wait for him to
11:53 am
implode. it was pretty close. how did they do it with mr. trump who answered every question perfectly. hillary clinton who seemed like she was about to implode. i can only imagine how she will imploding once she faces harsh questioning from the moderators. >> thanks to both of you. right now a hearing underway an capitol hill. testifying today before house judiciary members. he is accused of failing to provide information and lying under oath. we are live in washington with more on this. >> hi. the european leadership agreed to conservatives knowing it
11:54 am
stands close to 0 chance much less a passing in the full housen and even less chance of moving to an impeachment trial. it did put him on record. he admitted to the targeting of conservatives. >> the organizations were predominantly conservative organizations. >> jim jordan of ohio honed in on what he claims was a malicious intent at the irs. >> one month after your top counselor learned their missing e-mails the back-up tapes, secondary source. the primary source is gone and the back-up tapes are destroyed.
11:55 am
>> they balked at every turn apologizing for being to appear and noting from the start it didn't meet the standard of a real impeachment trial. >> the impeachment process does not begin until the house actually votes to authorize this committee to investigate the charges. in other words, this is not an impeachment hearing. >> whether the targeting of conservatives was by design or incompetence it has a big effect. they found the loss of vote oirtreaoirvote outreach may are cut it enough to put barack obama enough for a second term. >> thank you for that report. samsung says replacements are now available in the u.s. for about a million smart phones recalled because their batteries can catch fire.
11:56 am
that's not ideal. the top of the line smart phone went on sale last month. there have been at least 26 cases where users were burned by their phones. 55 buyers caused property damage. they are urging owners of the sam su samsung galaxy note 7 to turn of their phone and return them immediately. yeah, i would say. all right. we'll be right back. the microsoft cloud helps our customers get up and running, anywhere in the planet. wherever there's a phone, you've got a bank, and we could never do that before. the cloud gave us a single platform to reach across our entire organization. it helps us communicate better. we use the microsoft cloud's advanced analytics tools to track down cybercriminals. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud.
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going their separate ways so are their wax statues. angelina filed for divorce yesterday. now their characters are getting separated. who knew they could pull wax apart? . we are watching live events from hillary clinton and donald trump. we wiare monitoring both of the. plus inside the secret journal, his praise for om of the most notorious terrorists we have ever seen in the world, the fort hood shooter, osama bin laden himself, and why they want to talk to these two men caught on camera. the city of charlotte p preparing for protesting. we'll take you there. and trump bringing in don king to drum up support in a


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