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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 21, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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weekend. >> i will be drinking somewhere tonight. >> i love it when we run out of things to talk about. >> i won't tweet. they are telling me not to tweet. that's it for us. special report is next. this is a fox news alert. welcome to washington. breaking right now, u.s. forces at a base in northern iraq have come under isis rocket attack and u.s. officials tell fox news traces of a, quote, mustard agent are believed to be present. if confirmed, this would be the first chemical attack on u.s. forces in iraq since returning in 2014. no american troops were hurt, we're told. they do have chemical weapons exposure suits there. an initial test on the substance came back positive, we're told. military officials could not -- say they could end up being false. officials say security posture on the base has not changed yet. officials say there are hundreds
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of u.s. troops on that base south of mosul. there are now nearly 5,000 u.s. troops on the ground in iraq, ahead of efforts to take back isis-controlled areas. another fox news alert. a busy night ahead. now to breaking political news. brand-new fox polls tonight show donald trump pulling ahead of hillary clinton in three battleground states. trump is leading clinton by three points in nevada, five points in north carolina and five points in ohio. we have more from our poll and we will go to the campaign trail momentarily where the candidates weighed in on another police shooting, this time in north carolina, that led to violence overnight. we begin tonight with the fbi investigation into the northeast bombings. the fbi today requesting the public's help to find two men caught on camera leaving behind a pressure cooker in new york. this as we learn more about the suspect's condition and his
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possible motives. we have fox team coverage tonight. we have an exclusive look at pages out of the suspect's journal. first rick leventhal joins us from newark with breaking details on the suspected bomber. >> reporter: a law enforcement source tells me rahami was shot seven times during his capture on monday morning and could be in the hospital for several more days. as you mentioned, there are two other most wanted men in new york tonight. not suspects but witnesses, two guys who found a duffel bag on west 27th street saturday night, took the unexploded pressure cooker bomb out of the bag, possibly disarming it in the process and then took the bag. the fbi wants to speak to those men. that bag is potential evidence against rahami with charges piling up against him. ahmad rahami is under guard in the hospital. unconscious and unable to speak after multiple surgeries for gun
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shot wounds according to law enforcement sources. when he is able, his next stops will be jail cells and courtrooms. in addition to the five counts of attempted murder of law enforcement officers and weapons charges from a shootout with police during his capture, he now faces ten federal counts for the numerous bombs he allegedly planted in new jersey and new york last weekend. >> the first case to proceed will be the federal case brought yesterday in manhattan federal court. we have filed a writ. >> this is a copy of mr. rahami's journal. >> reporter: today in washington at a house homeland security hearing, a congressman, the chairman, held up a photo of the journal rahami was carrying when he was caught, splat etered wit his own blood. in journal, rahami praises terror leaders and writes, god willing, the sounds of the bombs will be heard in the streets.
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gun shots to your police, death to your oppression. authorities say a dozen of rahami's fingerprints were on the unexploded pressure cooker bomb and say he ordered many of the components on ebay. the deputy commissioner john miller who testified at the hearing said the search for more suspects isn't necessarily over. >> we're open to any possibility that he acts alone, that were there were other involved, that he could have been inspired by a group, enabled by a group, directed by a group. we're not there yet. >> the response to these misguided acts of terror has been classically american. what we have come to expect in our city now thanks to that response rahami will face federal terrorism charges in a court of law. >> reporter: law enforcement sources tell fox rahami's wife is cooperating with the investigation and speaking with the fbi and agents want to speak with rahami, of course. we're told that agents are near his bedside waiting to question him whenever he is physically
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able. >> rick, thank you. as the fbi waits to question rahami, we are learning more about the bombing suspect through his personal journal. we have exclusive access to several pages of the journal. a first look at these pages. you have looked at this. what jumps out at you? >> reporter: what jumps out at me in the eight pages that we exclusively obtained here at fox, is that he was a real consumer of the jihadi propaganda. this is not something he picked up recently. it was on a low boil for some time. he is reading everything. he is reading al qaeda. he is reading cleric and isis. >> what about that? the discrepancy that he is reading isis, he is writing about isis and yet isis is not mentioned in the indictment? >> reporter: let's go to one page in particular. it has the specific reference to a major spokesperson to isis.
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he was part of the senior leadership until he was killed in the summer. he writes to him asking, i need reconfirmation or reassurance that killing the infidels is appropriate. there was nothing in the indictment about him. it had the effect of whitewashing his somebodies with isis. >> we can read it clearly on the pages. what's their reaction to this? how did they answer about isis being left out? >> reporter: we put the question to the u.s. attorney and the department of justice. a source said the indictment is not the whole thing. there's more coming. that does not pass the smell test. adding the isis reference would have strengthened the indictment. it would have shown his mutt mre te multiple terrorist connections. it weakened the indictment. it accomplished a political objective, which was communicating or at least hiding
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isis had been so involved in inspiring the plots. >> tough not to get to that conclusion. look at the reporting by officials originally saying there was no tie. >> reporter: there's totally a tie in the documents to isis. it's there in black and white, along with al qaeda. for some reason they chose not to include it. it had the effect of whitewashing this suspect's isis sympathies. >> we will follow it and continue to ask questions. thank you. another black man killed by a police officer. this time in north carolina. leads to violent protests in charlotte overnight. as everyone from the presidential candidates to the obama administration weighing in. >> these tragic incidents, particularly coming so close together, have once again left americans with feelings of sorrow, with feelings of anger and with feelings of uncertainty. they have once again highlighted in the most vivid and painful terms the very real divisions that still persist in this nation between law enforcement and communities of color. >> while divisions remain,
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police in charlotte are adamant the tuesday shooting by a black police officer was justified. we have the story from charlotte tonight. >> reporter: police and demonstrators have different versions of the fatal confrontation that sparked a long night of sometimes violent protests. police officers say they were serving a warrant at an apartment complex when they noticed a man unrelated to their case. 43-year-old keith lamont scott. >> mr. scott exited his vehicle armed with a handgun. as the officers continued to yell at him to drop it. he stepped out, posing a threat to the officers and officer vincenty fired his weapon striking the subject. >> reporter: the police chief said his officers gave scott multiple clear instructions to drop the weapon. police investigates say they found a gun at the scene. some family and friends insist scott was unarmed and simply reading a book waiting in his
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car for his son to come home from school. >> you kill us like we just pawned on your chess game, like we don't have lives out here, like our lives don't matter. yes, our lives matter. but only black people are being targeted. >> reporter: the chief called for calm while taking issue with the versions of events that a woman claim doing be scott's daughter posted on facebook. >> it's time to change the narrative. i can tell you from the facts that the story is a little bit different as to how it has been portrayed so far, especially through social media. >> reporter: protest organizers say it fits a pattern of police targeting african-americans, even though the officer named in the charlotte shooting is also black. >> it don't matter whether black or white, he was in blue. >> reporter: overnight protests started out peacefully but soon escalated with some protests attempting to break into this walmart shutting down interstate 85 and inflicting injuries or more than a dozen police
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officers. >> we understand that there may be continuing protests this evening. and i want to emphasize that i have spoken with many community and faith leaders already. we are calling for peace. we are calling for calm. we are calling for dialogue. >> reporter: protest organizers are also calling on demonstrators to remain peaceful. they plan to hold a rally in about an hour from now here in marshal park which is near the local police headquarters. >> thank you. getting word from the white house that president bema cak o called the mayors of tulsa and charlotte. 200 people gathered in tulsa, oklaho oklahoma, to protest the shooting death of terrence crutcher. dash cam video captured him with his hands in the air shortly before he was shot by officer betty shelby friday. police say investigators found the drug pcp in his vehicle.
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but officers have not said whether crutcher was using that drug that day. at the top of the show, we told you with less than seven weeks to go until the election and a few days to go before the first debate, new fox polls show donald trump has pulled ahead in three of the biggest battleground states this year, in nevada trump now leads hillary clinton by three points. in north carolina, a state where both campaigns have spent a lot of time recently, clinton now trails trump by five points. in ohio, the swingiest of swing states where governor john kasich refused to endorse the republican nominee, trump is polling at 42% compared to clinton's 37%. in all of these states, voters polled were pretty evenly split on what party they identify with. this is the party i.d. question. you may notice a lot of independent voters in all three states. donald trump now has some polls
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to obviously brag about on campaign trail, matching others, as he tries to win over voters. trump was try doing that in ohio today. the plug wasn't without some awkward moments. >> reporter: invigorated by the latest polls, donald trump began his day with running mate mike pence and boxing promoter don king in cleveland in an event with inner city pastors for trump. darryl scott raised eyebrows invoking laws of the pre-civil rights era. >> the pastors some came from a long way. i don't want to put them in a jim crow section. separate but equal facilities. >> reporter: don king drew gasps as laughter when he used the n word to observe that for some, race defines african-americans more than the content of their
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character. >> if uriyou are intelligence, are -- if you are dancing and sliding [ bleep ] knee -- you are dancing and sliding and gliding negro. you going to be a negro until you die. >>. >> reporter: trump expressed concerns that the shooting was a tragic mistake illustrating the need for more police training. >> the police are troubled by it, too. they look at it, did she get scared? was she choke sing? we respect our police greatly. they will have to get better and bet are and better. >> reporter: trump outraged others when he seemed to forget pre-civil rights abuses including slavery and lynching. >> we will rebuild our inner cities because our african-american communities are absolutely in the worst shape that they have ever been in
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before ever, ever, ever. >> reporter: trump called charges from the left that he is a bigot proof of his popularity in an interview airing tonight. >> it's an interesting phenomenon. the word racist comes out. that means you are winning. that's the last chance. i don't think it's working. >> reporter: in a virginia downpour yesterday -- >> i will pick up the phone with this soggy arm and call the man and tell him how great you all are. >> reporter: on international policy, as the u.n. general assembly unfold eed the last fe days, trump seemed to side with russia. clinton did meet with porishenko. trump didn't rsvp. with 47 days left, the clinton campaign has outspent trump by a five to one margin. just in the last month of august, clinton was spending more than a half a million dollars a day and still the race
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is a tossup. >> thank you. a poll out has hillary clinton leading nationally. but trump leads clinton in the poll on being honest and straightforward, 41% to 31%. hillary clinton is back out on campaign trail today after a day off prepping for the debate. according to aides, the democrat nominee is in florida where recent polls there have her in a virtual tie with donald trump. jennifer griffin reports on the candidate's attempt to gain ground in the sunshine state. >> reporter: addressing a largely african-american community in orlando, florida, hillary clinton again weighed in on the recent police shootings. >> but we do know that we have two more names to add to a list of african-americans killed by police officers in these encounters. it's unbearable. it needs to become intolerable. >> reporter: she hoped to speak about her goal of an inclusive economy and in an appeal to
3:16 pm
mothers, she's proposing a jobs program called autisms work. clinton campaign sees florida with its 29 electoral votes as the surest way to inoculate itself. a real clear politics average in florida shows the candidates tied. clinton has 57 campaign offices on the ground in florida and spent $50 million in campaign funds last month with little to show in terms of voter enthusiasm. clinton is taking two more days off the campaign trail later in the week for debate preparation. the campaign spokesman says clinton receives harder questions than donald trump. >> sometimes they are not -- the questions she gets aren't difficult but they are particularly aggressive. i think that's meant to make up for questions that -- questions he can get that can be difficult for him to answer. >> reporter: clinton's absence this week put more pressure on
3:17 pm
surrogates to step forward and explain her positions. the campaign manager was pressed by the host of "morning joe." >> was she disappointed the president didn't act when the line was crossed? >> i think -- you would have to ask her about that question. >> we love you, but what are you here for if you can't answer basic questions? >> reporter: michelle obama during an appearance on a late night talk show made no mention of hillary clinton who she is supposed to be stumping for. said she had little sympathy for melania trump? >> do you have people that have to stand by the person running for president? >> no, not really. >> reporter: a new usa today analysis of super pac money found based on campaign finance reports that super pac money has passed the $1 billion mark for this race. most of that money, more than half of that money came from 62 individuals. this is a lot more super pac
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money than in the 2012 race. >> jennifer griffin with the clinton campaign in florida. a house speak calls out the secretary of state, calling him a shill. in phoenix, doug ducy joined the governor called against legalizing marijuana in the state. fox 6 in alabama where the fuel is expected to start flowing again around a broken pipeline that led to gas shortages in the south. company officials say they have successfully tested the temporary bypass and plan to restart the line soon. even when the line restarts it will take several days for fuel supplies to return to normal in markets served by the pipeline in the south. this is a live look at sacramento from fox 40. the big story there tonight, own associated press review find
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president obama prods israel's prime minister to end. he met with benjamin netanyahu in what is perhaps a final meeting between the two leaders during the obama administration.
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kevin cork reports from white house on israel's response to the president's push for peace. >> obviously, there are some differences between us. >> reporter: for much of his eight years in office, this was a fair representation of president obama's relationship with benjamin netanyahu, cold, distant, even adversarial. marked by differences over the iran nuclear deal, u.s. policy in the region. that was a far cry whtoday when the two men praised each other. >> it fortifies the principal that you have stated md ti ed m, that israel should be able to protect itself. >> reporter: the deal is for $3.8 billion a year beginning with 2019. compared with $3.1 billion under the deal set to expire in 2018. $33 billion in foreign military
3:24 pm
aid financing and $5 billion for missile defense. >> we want to make sure that israel has the full capabilities it needs in order to keep the israeli people safe. >> reporter: the the agreement forces the israelis to give back any additional money that congress forced lindsey graham d others to give israel $1.5 billion in direct military aid. >> when people say this is the most generous deal with israel had decades, all i can say is that congress is willing to do more. >> reporter: you heard about the $1.5 billion in additional aid that law makes would like to send. that's 1% of the $150 billion in san san sanctions relief that's iran will get.
3:25 pm
>> kevin cork live on the north lawn. paul ryan is lashing out at setting of state john kerry saying he is a quote shill for iran. it comes as the lawmakers examine the ramifications of a payment to the islamic republic. james rosen reports. >> reporter: with the congress holding fresh hearings on the secret cash payments the u.s. made to iran in january, payments that setted a longstanding court dispute over frozen iranian funds, the top house republican used extraordinarily blunt language to accuse the obama administration of coddling the islamic regime. >> i bent over backwards. i don't just mean all of these concessions, cash infusions and side deals. i don't just mean sending the secretary of state out to shill for iran. i don't just mean paying ransom for hostages. >> reporter: it came after aides
3:26 pm
to secretary of state john kerry admitted that it may have emboldened the regime to become more aggressive and admit they had couldn't guarantee every dollar used in the pay outs to iran had been kept out of the hands of the terror groups that iran sponsors. >> that kind of money is going to buy a lot of dead westerners. i think that we ought to examine why the payment was made in that form. >> reporter: at the same hearing, a former aide to secretary of state kond leeza right said the payments did not amount to ransom and reflected a bipartisan approach. >> since 1979, each american president has sought to use economic leverage both penalties and incentives as a central component of the strategy for addressing the challenges posed by iran. >> reporter: kerry's top spokesman told fox news the iran deal is achieving its intended on tift, preventing the regime from obtaining nuclear weapons >> we believe a middle east with all the problems it has is going
3:27 pm
to be that much easier to deal with with an iran that cannot get and cannot use nuclear weapons. >> reporter: asked about speaker rya ryan's comment, admiral kirby told me minutes ago, we stand by the strength of the iran deal, our efforts to bring our citizens home and the pressure we will continue to apply to state sponsored of terrorism, unquote. >> the 9/11 bill that would enable families -- victim families to sue saudi arabia or countries that support terrorism is on the president's desk. any update? >> reporter: he has got until friday night at midnight to veto it. if he fails to act, the president will ensure it becomes law. white house signalled he intends to veto it. we expect a veto to go forward by friday. we heard from speaker ryan about that today saying he thinks the votes are there for the first override of a veto in mr. obama's tenure.
3:28 pm
>> we will look into this tomorrow. thanks. the irs commissioner faced lawmakers today who want him fired. he admitted some of his previous testimony was not accurate. his testimony could be the deciding factor over whether to impeach the man over allegations he on strubstructed investigati. >> reporter: the house gop leadership agreed to today's impeachment hearing, knowing it stands almost no chance of being reported out of committee, of passing in the full house and even less chance of moving to the senate for trial. it put him on record. today he admitted the irs targeted politicmripolitical gr >> they were improper criteria to select organizations, applying for c-4 designation for further review. they were conservative
3:29 pm
organizations. >> reporter: was it an act of malice or incompetence? one skeptic noticed that they expressed a political bias in work e-mails. >> i don't know if you read lois lerner's e-mails or not, but there's a palpable hostility that comes through in her work e-mails. >> reporter: another skeptic honed in after they placed a do not destroy order. >> one month after your top counselor learns miss learner's hard drive crashed, the secondary source -- the backup tapes are destroyed. we're supposed to believe that just is a coincidence? >> reporter: democrats took no part in the interrogation. one used the opportunity to take a dig at donald trump's son and his controversial skittles tweet. >> people on this side of the
3:30 pm
aisle, we like that. every now and then -- sorry. i will get a bad skittle. but i don't ban them all. >> reporter: regardless what they decide next, one tea party conservative is still threatening to unilaterally introduce an impeachment resolution in the full house. >> it would be an unfortunate precedent to set. >> reporter: the targeting of conservatives had a profound affect. one american enterprise study found it slowed outreach enough to cut mit rt romney's rally, sufficient to keep obama in the white house for a second term. >> thank you. on this international day of peace, there's word that another air strike killed civilians in syria. russia says it will send a navy ship to syrian shores. there was little hope today as the u.n. said humanitarian aid will resume to syria.
3:31 pm
>> reporter: it was a scene of carnage, a deadly attack on an aid convoy monday night in syria. u.s. officials blame russia saying two russian fighter jets were over the convoy just before it was bombed. russian officials contend the u.s. predator drone was flying over the area before the attack. the pentagon says the u.s. did not have any manned or unmanned aircraft in that area. so it goes, the blame game between super powers as the syrian cease-fire unravels yet again, with more reports of air strikes today killing at least 23 people. u.s. secretary of state john kerry told the u.n. security council that all warplanes over syria should be grounded to, quote, prevent syria from doing what it so often does in the past, to target civilians. >> how can people go sit at a table with a regime that bombs hospitals and drops chlorine gas
3:32 pm
again and again and again and again and again and again? >> reporter: five people were killed in an air strike tuesday night on a medical triage point outside aleppo. it's unclear who was responsible. >> those who bomb them were cowards. accountability for crimes such as this is essential. >> reporter: some good news. the u.n. said humanitarian aid convoys will resume possibly as early as thursday. the finger pointing, insinuations and lack of accountability may didminish hoe for another cease-fire. >> translator: i am sure i don't have any proof. but i am sure that these kinds of coincidences require serious analysis and investigation. >> reporter: while diplomats scramble to save the cease-fire, russia announced today it is sending its only aircraft carrier to the coast of syria. this may add to the tension and
3:33 pm
distrust between the u.s. and russia. countries that were supposed to be working together on the cease-fire no apart. >> thank you. for the sixth time this year, the federal reserve pushed off raising interest rates. the fed said today the case for raising rates from the hir stst lows had strengthed. the markets loved that news and responded in kind. the dow gained 163 points today. the s&p 500 rose 23. the nasdaq climbed 53. the race for the white house got turned upside down again. the panel weighs in on the poll shows donald trump besting hillary clinton in three key battleground state.
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it's a movement, not a campaign. its leader, donald trump, bil
3:37 pm
builder, do ing what others called improve. donald trump's priority, you. united for family, jobs, country, defined by freedom, standing together, pushing ahead, leaving the past behind. >> no matter where they are born, no matter to whom they are born, i want to make sure that every child has a chance to live up to his or her god given potential. i spent my life fighting for churn and i'm not stopping now. i'm hillary clinton and i have always approved this message. >> two new ads. we get new polls. these are state polls. look at these just out at the top of the hour. this is in nevada, north carolina and ohio. there you see donald trump with a lead in all three of these states. one of them, it's within the margin of error. the others, he is up. as you take a look at the internals of this poll, a lot of
3:38 pm
people like to know how this breaks down. this is self-identifying party i.d. you look, the split in nevada, 40/40. in north carolina, 40/39. ohio, 39/41. people like to know that. we put it on the screen. here is another interesting thing. presidential vote preference and the certainty of your vote. here is the certainty in nevada. 93% for each. let's take a look at north carolina. that is 95% for donald trump. this is fox poll seven. and 90% for clinton supporters. then fox poll 11 -- we lost our polls. ohio is the certainty of vote preference it's 89% and 88%. trust me, they are great numbers. let's bring in our panel. john goldberg, maura lesner and
3:39 pm
mr charles hurt. >> he is moving up in battleground states, echoing what we saw in national numbers. he needs to win every single one of those states that you just polled in, plus florida. and then one more. if he wants to either win or tie in the electoral college. he is getting there. but he still has a couple more states he needs. >> we have said that her path to get to 270 is easier. there are more panths to take. clearly, he is on the move. >> definitely on the move. what is troubling about this for hillary clinton is the fact that she has dumped an enormous amount of money in -- nationwide but also in these places in particular. far more than he has in terms of actual spending on ads.
3:40 pm
she's not able to take control of the message. he still is the master of that. we saw it through the primary but he is still the master of taking control of the message, being the showman, doing it in ways to cause people to cringe, but he is succeeding. >> in nevada, he is up among independents by almost 20 points. same in north carolina. same in ohio. among independents. >> he has had a great two weeks. hillary has had a terrible two weeks. that's one of the ironies. he tends to not gain but hillary is losing. if i were open tn the trump cam, i would be excited. one question i have is in the four-way race with johnson and stein, that's 12% of the electielecto electorelecto electora electorate. neither are in the debates.
3:41 pm
it does seem like a lot of their votes are coming out -- both of their votes are coming out of hillary's side. if half, a quarter of them revert back to the anti-trump vote, that's bad news for trump. at the end of the day, i think it's a contest between trump's base of enthusiasm versus hillary's ground game. >> you know, the reason she hasn't seized the method is because she doesn't have a message. we saw it in that ad. what was that? i like children. i will fight for children. there is never been a more benal message. she's a continuation of obama who is reasonably popular. she has that advantage. the economic numbers were a little bit better when they came out a few days ago. that's it. it's the reason why she's dumped all this money. out spent trump by an
3:42 pm
unbelievable amount. a ratio of five to one? five to one. it leaves no impression. i thought the most impressive of all the numbers was certain of your choice. they are both over 90%. >> all three are impressive. i want you to know that. the first one most impressive because you get to see it. >> it's growing in impressiveness. yogi said it gets late early here. it's getting late early, especially for her. she's been known for 30 years. he has been ubiquitous on the air for 15 months. people know who they are. i'm not sure what her advertising advantage is going to at this point. what is there to say? which means in the end that the importance of these debates is going to exceed the importance of any debates in any race that we have ever seen. >> he is out and about in african-american communities. last night he said this about black communities around the country.
3:43 pm
>> rebuild our inner cities because our african-american communities are absolutely in the worst shape that they have ever been in before, ever, ever, ever. >> today, he was campaigning and went to a church with don king who raised eyebrows in what he said. the words he chose. a couple of jokes from the pastor there. what about this outreach? is it having an affect, do you think? >> i thought you were going to play that. we don't see any signs in the polls it's having an affect among african-americans. when republicans campaign in african-american communities what they are trying to show is to moderate suburban voters i'm not divisive, i'm not racist. i am inclusive. but the don king choice was interesting. don king was barred by the rnc from showing up at the convention because he is a convicted felon. served time for murder, i think,
3:44 pm
or manslaughter. he not only made a gaff, but the picture was of donald trump laughing and a couple white people laughing in the african-american church. you see one african-american guy holding up the cell phone. >> we should point out he campaigned with hillary clinton and senator reed two years ago. >> that's right. that was a bad choice also. i would say the outreach effort not showing big results. but donald trump must be doing something right. he is coming up in the polls. >> that's kind of -- this is kind of one of the ways that donald trump is breaking all the molds in politics and maybe it's -- caused people to cringe. it might not be a terrible thing. don king was trying to be -- he was trying to sort of be dangerous. >> succeeded. >> exactly. and then -- you know, if kanye west had said that at a rally
3:45 pm
for obama, i don't think people would be so upset about it. >> i don't know about that. stirring up the african-american community, hillary clinton has been out. we will see the president out much more. we are hearing two days a week from now until election. is that going to fire them up? can he pass the baton to her? >> you know, i've been saying this a long time. hillary clinton is going to have a difficult time recreating the obama coalition. first of all, race and gender play differently for good reasons and for bad. they are different things in our culture. hillary clinton is a known quantity. barack was a charismatic guy. what they will have do if they are going to gin up not just the african-american but the millennial vote, is they have to demonize donald trump even more. the problem there is that a lot of that stuff just doesn't seem to work because people priced it into trump. some people think it's all fun and games. other people take it seriously. i don't know that hillary
3:46 pm
clinton is a good messenger for that. barack obama might be. >> last word here, north carolina is unique. democrats see an opening there. there's the transgender bathroom bill issue. there's a high level of african-american support for democrats in north carolina. now you have this shooting in charlotte that is obviously causing a lot of controversy down there. >> given the built-in advantage you mention, the fact that she's slipping behind is ominous for her, especially after all the money that she's spent on ads. the race issue, the riots, the shootings i think will play. it's a very delicate issue. it can be played both ways in terms of who it helps. trump i think probably gets the advantage. people have a sense, we thought there would be an improvement but the democrats and fr african-american in the white
3:47 pm
h house, there is disappointment. you have to be careful. it can go either way. i'm not sure that will tilt the vote in north carolina. i think it is more the debates and just the personal impression that's going to be left. and here hillary is setting up a dynamic where she keeps demonizing trump and he comes out there and he sort of is normal. he wins. >> i just think that you can be misled by the fact that trump had a good ten days. all things being equal, you would rather have hillary clinton's numbers than donald trump's. she has the better path to the nomination. he has more momentum. the house speaker calling out the secretary of state. you're not a cook, if you don't cook. you're not a firefighter, if you don't fight fires. or a coach, if you don't coach. and you can't be our leader, if you don't lead. our next president needs to take action on social security, or
3:48 pm
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>> what's say when the united states repeatedly bends over backwards to accommodate the world's number one state sponsor of terrorism? i don't just mean all of these concessions, side tells. i don't mean sending the secretary of state out to show for iran like he is the tehran chamber of commerce. i don't just mean paying ransom for hostages. we now know that the administration mislead the must be about the details of the arrangement with this iranian regime. >> house speaker paul ryan today calling out the administration. an administration that has had different things to say about the relationship with iran and this payment. >> iran released five americans who were unjustly detained on iranian soil and we solved a 35-year-old financial claim with the iranians in a way that saved the americans, potentially billions of dollars. >> there was no linkage between this settlement and the free's of americans. >> this wasn't some
3:52 pm
nefarious deal. we do not pay ransom. we didn't here and we we won't in the future. >> it would have been foolish and prudently irresponsible for us not to try to maintain maximum leverage. so, if you're asking me was there a connection in that regard at the end game, i'm not going to deny that. >> all right, back with the panel. charles? >> how you can deny that withholding the payments until the hostages are released or in the air, whatever, the quid pro quo is a ransom. everybody knows it is. the administration is simply playing with words. the question is was it worth it? do we do that? but to deny it, i think, is simple my to undermine your whole position because they were trying to sell the iran deal and then you have to ask yourself was there anything in what they said was in the deal, the supposed obligations of the iranians that was true? what it turns out this is a deal that is self-deterring for us. the iranians are shooting
3:53 pm
off rockets, incident continental missiles or medium range missiles that we know are illegal. everybody admits is illegal. and we ignore it and pretend and do nothing because we're afraid that if we act on any of this, the iranians will pull out of the nuclear deal. we will have given them the money, the legitimacy and destroy the sanctions and they will then have a free hand. that's why we do nothing. >> and a word from the u.n. is that the iranians are mad the u.s. isn't helping pressure europe to help pay off their bills. >> what would you expect when they have gotten everything they wanted out of the utes. of course, they are always going to expect more. but that clip from paul ryan, i mean, what a -- i mean, he really tore the bark off of john kerry. i mean, and the line about calling him the president of the tehran chamber of commerce. good grief. you know, we have always known. >> trumpian. >> honestly and i think it's effective and a good thing. we have always known that president obama has no strategy in the middle east except to not offend anybody
3:54 pm
or in this case give tehran whatever they want. but, republicans have not done the job that they should do owning the issue and, you know, highlighting these things. and thank goodness, i mean paul ryan did a good job there. >> marah? >> i think you are going to hear about this monday night. >> at the debate? >> yeah. >> does it effect hillary clinton? she wasn't here when the deal finally went through. >> she had gone all in on the deal. the minute the iran deal was made, she was full throated for it. she has backed away from president obama's foreign policy moves. this is not one of them. she has embraced this. >> quickly, joanna, i want to turn to the fbi, the complaint they filed does not include against this rahami guy the bomber in new jersey and new york, does not include a reference to isis. and, yet, there is in his bloody journal writing about adnani who was the spokesperson who essentially said he was killed by the u.s. but he said that all of the isis operatives should stay at home and do exactly
3:55 pm
what this guy did. yet, the fbi didn't mention isis. >> yeah, no, look, it's funny, i was talking to steve hayes about this before i came on. they did this plenty of other times where they try to down play connections, lone wolves, pacs of lone wolves and all these sorts of silly things. i understand it fits a political narrative that barack obama is wanting it sustain which is becoming increasingly unsustainable. we aren't having terror attacks. isis isn't a danger to us. more danger of falling in a bathtub than terrorism. always trying to down play it work place violence at fort hood. the more they do that, the more it reinforces another narrative which is that maybe it is actually islam that's the problem. if these guys aren't agents of isis and aren't at war with us and random muslims for whatever reason self-activate and declare war on us, that's completely contrary and really really dangerous to another narrative we have gotten out of this white house. >> which is the president
3:56 pm
speaking out about that all the time. panel, thank you. when we come back, a lesson in dinosaurs from a pint sized pali palin toggle palento.
3:58 pm
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when heartburn strikes, take zantac for faster relief than nexium or your money back. take the zantac it challenge. finally tonight, this 2-year-old dinosaur expert may have a real future in paleontology. >> what's this dinosaur? >> [inaudible] >> >> what's this one? >> tryan. >> a spikesaurus. >> good boy. what about this one? >> a t-rex. >> what's a t rex say -- >> that's pretty good. i didn't know any of that. maybe the t rex. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. fair, balanced and unafraid. "on the record" with brit hume starts in just second and "special report" online
4:00 pm
begins in seconds as well. we will keep this panel. you can ask questions. make comments and keep the computer on while you're watching brit. it's an amazing thing. hello and welcome back. with attention turning increasingly toward monday's debate the real clear politics polling tonight shows hillary where a lead of 1.9 points in a two-way race and 1. a points in a four way contest. both of those numbers notably up for her from yesterday. the betting odds slightly in trump's favor up 1 percentage point yesterday and she is down about the same. three new fox news state polls out tonight contain good news for mr. trump. he now leads in nevada, north carolina and ohio as you can see. for a sense of how this effects the all important electoral cej, here is fox news correspondent shannon bream. >> brand new fox news poll shows donald trump now


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