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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  September 22, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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begins in seconds as well. we will keep this panel. you can ask questions. make comments and keep the computer on while you're watching brit. it's an amazing thing. comments, keep the computer on. it's an amazing thing. it is thursday, september 22nd, and this is a fox news alert. breaking overnight. chaos in the queen city. >> a state of emergency declared in charlotte as things grew violent for a second night in a row. >> one person in critical condition. nearly a thousand people taken to the streets overnight pelting rocks at police, blocking roads, and loots stores. four officers injured. the national guard now moving in. good morning to you.
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we want to get right out to l leland live in charlotte with the latest at this hour. good morning. what's happening now? >> reporter: well, good morning, abby and heather. as you know, heather, from living here in charlotte. this is normally a quiet charming town. it was anything but that last night. still on the streets now dozens if not hundreds of heavily armed north carolina state troopers that they have brought in not only in riot gear but also with long rifles as well. i'll give you a sense of the battle lines here. this is actually the base called the epicenter. it's where all the stadiums are, where all the restaurants and hotels are. there were street battles going on just outside of the ritz-carlton. a number of cars smashed. there were two stories. first was the protest that
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started around 6:00 or 7:00 tonight. mostly peaceful. then by 8:30 there was a shooting with one person critically wounded now on life support. and then it really began to sort of fly with rockets, tear gas, bottles, fireworks. everything going back and forth between these police and what had really become rioters. there were a number of arrests about 12:30 is when the police decided to finally go hands on, if you will, and stop the looting that had been occurring all over this city. the one thing the protesters say is, they're justified. >> whether i'm here, i'm in school, i'm in my car, you said okay a man got shot over here, right? you said why would i put my way in danger's way? guess what. i could be at my work, at school, in my car, i could still
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get shot by the police. >> translator: >> reporter: you can sense the emotion pl this man was killed by police. the narrative from social media says he was killed while sitting in his car waiting for his son to get out of school while holding a book. the police and there are pictures and witness accounts to back this up say he had a gun with him. he got the gun out of the car and approached officers. that's when he was shot. is this about no justice, no peace, these protests and the high yachts. or is it about something else? one of the many stores looted, people are asking is this about no justice, no peace or no justice no free sneakers. can't forget that north carolina is a swing state. we're less than 50 days to the election as the national guard is expected on the streets here. >> that's a good point. >> so troubling. and there were some other businesses as you mentioned. the nascar hall of fame i
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believe was one where they looted that store. also the weston hotel, i understand. >> reporter: there were a number of places that were looted. they tried to break into the ritz-carlt ritz-carlton, the omni, the buffalo wild wings where they tried to grab liquor bottles. they grabbed hundreds of thousands of dollars of cigarettes out of a souvenir shop. the souvenir shops are smaller stores. these are people's livelihoods. we saw the same thing in baltimore as these looters for no other idea than taking the five finger discount taking people's livelihoods. >> and they're vandalizing their own stores that they rely on for their lives. leland live for us in north carolina. thank you. >> thank you. so troubling. and certainly not a representation of the town i grew up in. here now to weigh in is former homicide detective rod wheeler. thank you for joining us this morning. >> sure, good morning. absolutely. >> let's begin with your initial
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thoughts. you've been at the scene of some of the other riots that have occurred across the country. your take on what's transpiring in charlotte? >> what we see happening in charlotte is almost indicative of what we saw in ferguson, missouri, and baltimore, maryland. but what can the city do to quell the violence there? there are three things they can do. number one, don't stop communicating. the police chief has been communicating ever since this incident began nap is a good thing. you have to communicate with the community. number two, the investigation has to be transparent. it has to be wide open so people can see what's going on. and then number three, heather, the investigation needs to be swift. it doesn't need to take three to four weeks to investigate a police shooting. if they can do those things and again keep communicating, then maybe that will begin to quell the protesters. >> yeah. that is a concern that this will end up turning into something like a ferguson. so they have called in the national guard now. at what point do they make that call to say this is big enough
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to call in the national guard and how helpful is that going to be once they get there? >> absolutely. those are excellent questions. is it that prompted the governor to decide to call in the national guard? well, we're moving closer towards the weekend. any time you have a situation like we see in charlotte when it's continuing to explode, you've got to have re-enforcements to the law enforcement. that's why they decided to call in the national guard. the national guard is going to really be placed on standby. we're not going to see them on the front lines like we see the charlotte police officers, but if the situation does get out of control, then you're going to see more action on behalf of the national guard. i think it's a good thing, though, heather, that they are calling them in. >> let's talk a lult bit more about the transparency issue you brought up. just this past july, the governor there passed a law i think it's hb-972. and it blocks the release of video from police body cameras, also audio as well. is that a good idea right now?
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should they have released that already? >> no, they need to release that video. because that's going to be critical. that's why the community is in an uproar. look, there's been two different stories that have come out of charlotte as leland just properly reported. the one side of the story from the police is that the suspect had a weapon. the family is saying the suspect had a book. well, listen, if there's video to substantiate either point, show us the video. you've got to be transparent. once that video is released, i believe it's going to support the police officer. but then things should begin to quiet down at that point. so any investigation like this has to be very transparent. otherwise what's going to happen is you're going to have all kind of narratives out there on social media and that's going to keep the flames burning in charlotte. that's right. >> well, quickly before we let you go, if you're the police chief, what are you doing at this moment? what are you thinking about? >> you're thinking about how you're going to move forward. you're thinking about how you're going to work with the community. this will eventually quiet down, but you got to be there in
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charlotte. you got to work with the community. and like i said earlier, you have to continue to communicate. >> and we have a civilian shot by another civilian who's now in the hospital in critical condition as a result of all this. >> that's right. there were weapons out there. there were weapons out there last night. it's going to be a challenge going forward. but we'll have to wait and see what happens. >> we appreciate your insight this morning. thanks for being with us. >> absolutely, guys. . also breaking overnight, the tulsa, oklahoma, police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man is speaking out for the first time. this as police found a vile of pcp in terence crutcher's car. betty shelby's attorney says crutcher refused to follow more than two dozen commands saying she was forced to fire the fatal shot when crutcher stuck his arm through an open car window. his family says the windows were closed. tulsa police are standing by that officer's story.
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the recent police-involved shootings in tulsa and charlotte sparking violent riots across the country. and this morning the presidential candidates are speaking out and giving their take. fox news chief national correspondent ed henry joins us with more on that angle. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you're right. clearly these protests are happening in the heat of a very close presidential campaign. and hillary clinton has been struggling to get enthusiasm from african-american voters. they've been trying to deal with that issue but also in the last couple of days has been calling in the african-american radio talk show hosts around the country to talk about these police-related shootings and insisting if she's elected she will put into place reforms to deal with all of this. not to be outdone, donald trump has also been stepping up his outreach to african-americans
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saying that hillary clinton has been talking about all of this for a long time but has acted. and he is saying that he is going to deal with this outreach to the african-american communities not just for votes in november but also to fix inner cities. watch. >> these inner cities are -- i mean, can you say never but certainly one of the worst stages ever in the history of the inner city. it's so unsafe where you walk down the street and you get shot or your child gets shot. we're really going to fix the inner cities. the democrats have run them for a hundred years mostly interrupted. just uninterrupted. and you see what's happened. >> still much we don't know about what happened in both incidents. but we do know that we have two more names to add to a list of african-americans killed by police officers in these encounters. it's unbearable and it needs to become intolerable.
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>> reporter: now, members of the house and senate here in washington also jumping on these two police-related shootings. we're hearing overnight that members of the congressional black caucus will be heading to the department of justice here in washington to march on that department and say they're fed up with these shootings. this issue clearly not going away. >> that is clear. ed henry, thank you. >> thank you. that does bring us to our look at who is talking this morning. former speaker of the house newt gingrich is slamming hillary clinton saying she always takes the side of the people against the police without even knowing the full story. >> here's the great challenge for secretary clinton. when she was at yale as a law student, she was a co-editor of an anti-police, left wing alternative newspaper that described police as pigs. her first comments about this
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were anti-police. this is not a country which wants to see what we're seeing here tonight. no matter what the excuse, this is not a country that wants to see looting. it's not a country that wants to see random vunls. again, you mentioned citizen upon citizen. watch and see how many people die in chicago this week with no one noticing because they don't fit the current left wing mantra. but the fact is the current system isn't working. it's not working in education. it's not working in jobs. it's not working in safety. and that's why donald trump, i think, may do surprisingly well in the inner city because he's at least offering a chance to dramatically change things. >> and let's keep talking about race and politics. who's message on police and race relations is best? e-mail us and we will read your responses a little bit later in the show. log into the facebook page afterwards for a live debate.
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brand new fox news polls are in showing donald trump taking the lead in several key battleground states. first in nevada where trump has a three-point lead now over hillary clinton. 43% to 40%. trump has a bigger lead in north carolina with 45%. clinton has 40%. johnson at 6%. in the must win state of ohio, trump tops clinton 42% to 37%. to another fox news alert now. isis could be turning to chemical warfare to target our troops overseas. a rocket with possible traces of mustard gas hitting iraqi troops near mosul. officials saying they found tarlike black oily substance on a shell that landed feet from the base. a test for mustard gas came back mixed. so it is being sent off for more testing. no one thankfully was injured. disturbing evidence in new
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york and new jersey including chilling video of a bombing test run. law enforcement now looking for these two potential key players in the case. jacque joins us now with the details. what are you hearing this morning? >> reporter: good morning. the two men discovered one of the bombs in chelsea moments before the first bombs went off a few blocks away. the fbi says they ended up stealing the bag the pressure cooker was in and leaving the device behind. >> we looked at the video quite a number of times. it shows they were out walking along the street. they saw the bag on the sidewalk. they admired the bag, opened the bag. they removed what turned out to be a device, a pressure cooker. >> reporter: police want to question them as witnesses, not suspects. also breaking overnight, the bullet riddled terror journal he had on him when he was shot. the journal making clear rahami was sympathetic to isis.
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it comes as new video emerges of his back yard in new jersey. you can see scorch marks on the ground from an alleged test run. the fbi says they've obtained cell phone video showing him setting off a test fire in his back yard. two days after that recording, bombs went off in new jersey and new york injuring dozens of people. rahami's wife is in pakistan. she's heading back to the u.s. for questioning. rahami remains in critical condition this morning and is being held on $5 million bond. you can tell people were on edge because at least two pressure cookers were found yesterday. at least one overpass were shut down. people are concerned. the time now is 15 minutes after the top of the hour. as protests rage across the country, hillary clinton weighs in. >> we do know that we have two
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more names to add to a list of african-americans killed by police officers in these encounters. it's unbearable. >> was she too quick to judge? our next guest, a former police officer, says yes. and his message for her after the break. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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north carolina under a state of emergency as a peaceful vigil turns violent in charlotte. chaos erupting in the streets. >> four police officers injured
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as nearly 1,000 rioters take to the streets throwing fireworks, looting the stores, and blocking traffic. >> one protester shot in the head in the midst of all this chaos on life support this morning. police say that that bullet was fired by another civilian. >> and this is the aftermath from some of that looting. broken glass doors, merchandise thrown from the shelves and onto the floor. >> and all of this chaos unfolding after police shot and killed a 43-year-old man that they say threatened them with a gun. his family says that he was unarmed and carrying a book. >> another dangerous night in north carolina. and for more we want to bring in former nashville police officer vincent hill who is joining us now. i know this hits close to home for you having served in north carolina. first your response. we've talked so much about the protesters and the violence that's gone on overnight yet again. take us inside the minds of the officers. what are they feeling at this moment? >> well, they're kind of damned
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if they do, damned if they don't. here's why i say that. i'm sure police officers that are very well trained know the difference between a gun and a book. so at one point does the black community to have police say i don't shoot because i could be in the media but if i don't shoot, i could lose my life. they're asking people to give up their rights not only as a police officer but as a citizen of the united states to protect your life against imminent bodily injury or death. it's ridiculous. >> it's unreal when you look at some of the video sent out on twitter amongst other social media networks. specifically of that individual who was shot last night by another civilian there at the scene. he's laying there -- or lying there on the ground in a pool of blood and they're screaming for the police, the very people that they're, you know, throwing
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items at and screaming at yelling at to come over and save him. and they do. they do their job because that's what you do. >> that's absolutely right. and it takes me back to dallas. look what happened there. five officers lost their lives protecting the people that were there protesting against them. that's what police do. protect and serve. they run to danger. >> yeah. what seems so crazy about this, too, is we don't even have all of the facts. you have the politics of this and hillary clinton came out very early on blaming the police officers for what happened. we have not seen this video. we don't know all the facts behind it. how dangerous is that? >> absolutely. i mean, here we are. we've been going through this for eight years. i heard hillary clinton say we have to add two more names to the list. that feeds into what we've seen for eight years that blacks are always the victims. no one wants to take into the account, oh, there was a gun.
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oh, there was resisting arrest. let me ask hillary clinton this. can she name the 500-plus names in chicago that have been killed this year blacks by other blacks? can she name the 11 that were killed last week? no, she can't. but ironically she wants to name two more to this list. but yet we had bombings in new jersey and new york. she's quick to scream racism but not quick to scream islamic terrorism? >> and someone we have not heard from yet would be the president of the united states jumping ahead and calling for peace. >> yeah. absolu absolutely. and it doesn't fit his agenda. here we have a gun, a black man shot by another black man. it doesn't fit his agenda. it doesn't fit hillary's agenda to get her into office saying she supports black lives matter. you know, what's interesting about black lives matter, if you think about it in theory, the
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only people who have proven time and time again that black lives don't matter are the black community. why do i say that? 500-plus murders in the city of chicago where president obama is from committed by black men against black men. who really cares about black lives? >> that's a good point. you think about last night it started early on peaceful. people out there doing what anyone should have the right to do. and then it turns violent. you have some folks that feel when they get the green light, they can do whatever they want to do. loot stores, hurt people. what do we do about it? there's concern this could turn into another ferguson. how do we prevent that from happening? >> well, you have to show force and unity through your police and national guard. what is that going to lead to? more police presence. more people protesting the exact thing they hate. but they're causing it. i've said time and time again on his podcast, crime brings police, not color. that is proven.
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it's demographics. crime brings police. any time you have people standing in the middle of the highway, jumping on vehicles, throwing rocks on police, you're going to bring more police. it's simple math. >> they were attacking reporters, photographers also out there trying to cover the story. let me ask you this one thing. would a trained police officer know the difference between a gun and a book? >> absolutely. look, i've been out of policing ten-plus years. "a," i still carry a gun. "b," i don't forget my training. 4:00 in the afternoon i assure you i know the difference between a book and a gun. and i assure you any police officer on the street more than a day knows the difference. >> vincent hill, thank you for your service and for being with us so early in the morning. >> thank you. always a pleasure. 25 minutes after the hour. we are continuing to follow the breaking news out of charlotte. a state of emergency declared there after a second night of violence.
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>> we are back live on the ground at the scene up next.
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it is thursday, september 22nd. this is a fox news alert. breaking overnight, a state of emergency declared in charlotte as protests over a deadly police shooting turned violent for a second night in a row. >> one person shot now in
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critical condition. the national guard moving in. >> good morning. i'm abby huntsman. >> and i'm heather childers. thanks for joining us for this early morning edition. we want to get out to leland live on the ground in charlotte with the latest breaking details. leland? >> reporter: heather, this is what they call the epicenter of charlotte because that's actually what this complex is named with all the sports arenas, restaurants, and clubs. it's also the center of the rioting. you can see one of the many stores that was looted. this was a souvenir shop. it appeared the rioters wanted some red bull and cigarettes. they take the five finger discount here. while this is one picture that will go national about charlotte, this is a city of major commerce. not only in terms of the southeast but around the country. bank of america, those kinds of things here. just to give an idea where we're at, this is the ritz-carlton hotel. outside of the hotel, evidence
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of the street battle that has gone on here for about five hours this evening between these rioters and police. here's one of the many tear gas canisters that was thrown. video from earlier, it started out as a peaceful protest and then was anything but. they needed the cavalry and didn't have it. the cavalry is arriving now. as we look at what happened overnight, you saw the police really hold back between 8:00 and about 10:00. that was when one person was shot by another protester, rioter. it wasn't until after 12:30 that the police came in and made some of the arrests. the original spark to this and it's fair to say this has gone way beyond this now is keith scott. a black man in his 40s who was shot and killed by police. now, the social media narrative went something along the lines of he was sitting in his car
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holding a book waiting for his son to get out of school and was shot. the police narrative is very different. they seem to think they have not only the pictures but the witness accounts to back up that mr. scott had a gun. >> what i can tell you is everything that we have, all the evidence supports the version that we heard from witnesses, from our officers, and from the evidence that we found on the scene. it's not my job really to dispute anybody's version. >> reporter: and now the charlotte police chief is going to have to figure out how to restore order to his town. we've had two nights of looting and rioting before. it was at a walmart about 15 or 20 minutes out of town near where mr. scott lived. now it is in a downtown area and you can imagine the economic impacts and also the political impacts of these images going across the country. charlotte is in a swing state.
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>> what is the environment like at this moment, the early morning? have things pretty much totally calmed at this point? >> reporter: things have really calmed down. it was about 2:00 a.m. that sort of the last protesters went away. and the police have stayed out. there's been an incredibly heavy police presence. every 15 or 20 yards you can see police or north carolina state troopers there either in riot gear or with high powered rifles over their shoulders. those kinds of things. you get the sense that the police really were sort of caught unprepared for the level of violence that occurred last night. and then they brought in sort of overwhelming force to try and override that. you do get a sense this is a little bit of a town in shock. they just did not understand that things could happen the way they happened over the past couple of hours and the amount of lawlessness that occurred just about 20 yards in front of me is where the charlotte
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hornets basketball team plays a big arena. there one of the hornets stores knocked over for people that wanted free sneakers. was this a protest about a man killed by police or just an excuse to riot? >> owned by michael jordan who just donated a large amount of money to black lives matter. thank you so much. fox news contributor david webb joins us to talk more about this. david, leland mentioned some of the evidence that seems to support what the police are saying. although we don't have video yet. there have been pictures of the gun found on the ground outside of the car involved. and also police saying that there was no book found. >> yeah. and this is what we're starting to see developing and more reports come out about witnesses
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corroborating what the officers have said. to be fair, we haven't seen it yet. but we have to also separate what's going on. we have where the origin nam incident was. and now they've moved it into the uptown area of charlotte. a more upscale, commerce area that leland was talking about. so they're traveling there about 10, 15 minutes which means the police have to take control of the paths of travel. you can't block all traffic. then we have to separate the protesters that have doubts and questions and rioters. when you have rioters shooting another civilian, now the police have to have a concern of who's coming there armed. and that changes the dynamic. police waited a little bit too long. they should have been in there in stronger force. they should have taken down this riot. because it was not a protest when they start blocking streets, when you start breaking into businesses. the police have to take control of the situation and that's something they're going to have
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to get ahead of coming into the next part. >> how do you win, though, david? then they're accused of, you know, attacking these protesters and not allowing them to protest when it has, in fact, become a riot. >> well, the win is for the community. when someone's breaking the law, they're no longer a protester. i don't know the exact state laws on right to gather whether it's permits or right to do it freely. i've been in north carolina for moral mondays, for these other groups. they've done their protests peacefully. they've marched for hours. they've done it. the police have to control it when it goes to lawlessness. damaging property, anything like that, even fighting and rioting amongst the protesters pep that is no longer legal. they have to come down. they have to take control of that immediately. >> we don't have all the facts yet, but what is the protocol, the proper protocol for police if this man did, in fact, have a
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gun on him. what are police trained to do in that moment? are they supposed to pull out a gun as well? what are they told to do? >> there is a term i would encourage everyone to learn about. if you have a police officer friend or a lot of sometimes go to the police department websites. it's called use of force. if someone has just got bare hands, then you deal with them differently than someone with a knife. but the minute someone pulls out a gun, you've escalated to the point the police are not just going to pull out a taser thinking maybe we can tase him. it's not what they're taught to do. it's what gets police officers killed. time and time again we've seen cases where someone with a knife is even shot or someone with a gun is shot. and because it doesn't hit any vital organs, they're able to kill the police officer. so the police are trained to use the force that is required and escalate to the level where they're able to control the situation. >> yeah. heather, this comes at a time when police have got to be on
1:38 am
edge. how many times we've heard they've been called to a home to protect someone and they open a door and get shot. it's a new reality that they face. >> the reality the police face is a dangerous environment where someone who is maybe on the edge of going over the line as you talk about opening a door, whatever the case may be. feels emboldened. here's a sad part of this we need to pay attention to. as a result of black lives matter and as a result of this anti-police sentiment that has led to the assassination of multiple police officers and multiple incidents of assaults on police officers, you now have an environment where people feel embolden emboldened. there are people who believe the false narrative that police are shooting black citizens randomly. when you look at the top 70 cities in america, you've got about 46%-plus of people shot are white and only 25% are black. you look at the propensity of
1:39 am
crimes considered by each, call it ethnic section of the population, overwhelmingly it is by blacks. it's not one of race. rioting, destruction of property, i've seen this play -- we've all seen this play. ferguson, baltimore, milwaukee and beyond. that is not a way to resolve the issue. >> and in this case it was a black officer shooting a black suspect. and, you know, social media also repeating that false narrative. we have to do something about that as well. >> thanks for being with us this morning. also breaking overnight, the tulsa, oklahoma, officer is speaking out for the very first time. this as we learn police found a vile of the hallucinogen pcp in terence crutcher's car. officer betty shelby's attorney says that crutcher refused to follow more than two dozen commands saying that she was forced to fire the fatal shot when crutcher stuck his arm
1:40 am
through the open car window. his family claims the windows were closed. the recent police-involved shootings in both tulsa and charlotte sparking violent riots and anger across the country. now donald trump is calling for action. hillary clinton takes sides. ed henry joins us live from washington, d.c. ed, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you're absolutely right. all of this, of course, happening in the context of a very heated presidential campaign. and one of the problems for hillary clinton as donald trump has been closing on her in battlegrounds like north carolina is that she is not simply putting together the so-called obama coalition. not generating enthusiasm among african-american voters in particular. so she has been sending the president out on the trail. first lady michelle obama as well. and she is saying in radio interviews with african-american radio talk show hosts that she will put reforms in place to
1:41 am
deal with these police related shootings. donald trump being very aggressive about saying that hillary clinton is all talk, has been in office as a senator for a long time. then secretary of state. has not done a lot to deal with all of these difficult issues. a town hall with our own sean hannity that will be broadcast this evening, donald trump said he's tired of people saying he's a racist. watch. >> when you start to win and they have nothing to say and they can't stop you, they always start using the racist word. and it's a very interesting phenomenon but the word racist comes out. that means you're winning and that's their last chance. and i don't think it's working. >> we've got to do better. and i know we can. and if i'm elected president, we will. i know i don't have all the answers. i don't know anyone who does.
1:42 am
but this is certain. too many people have lost their lives who shouldn't have. >> reporter: now, hillary clinton still has a large advantage over donald trump with african-american voters. but there was a poll just in the last week by the los angeles times and the university of southern california that suggested donald trump for the first time is making major gains with african-americans as he steps us this outreach. >> and we'll see what happens following the incidents in charlotte as well. >> all right. thanks so much for that report. all right. we want to keep talking about race in politics. whose message on police and race relations is best? e-mail us and also log onto the facebook page right after the show far live debate using #keeptalking. three days until the first presidential debate, just three. and hillary clinton has just revealed her biggest concern. she thinks that the moderators will, quote, lower the bar for donald trump.
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>> sometimes they are not -- the questions she gets aren't difficult, but they are particularly aggressive. and i think that's meant to make up for questions that he can get that can be perceived difficult for him to answer. >> clinton's communications director says that clinton is going to get more pointed questions since she's released more policy specifics than trump. the two will finally face off this monday at hofstra university. >> we'll be watching. now to a fox news alert. isis could be turning to chemical warfare to target our troops. a rocket with possible traces of mustard hitting a base near mosul. a pentagon official says they found tarlike black oily substance on a shell that landed feet from the base. initial tests for mustard came back mixed. luckily no one was hurt. disturbing new evidence in the terror investigation in new york and new jersey including
1:44 am
chilling video of a bombing test run. >> law enforcement now looking for two potential key players in the case. jackie it'll joins us live now with some breaking details. what are you hearing this morning? >> reporter: well, the two men discovered one of the bombs on west 27th in chelsea moments after the first bomb went off a few blocks away. they ended up stealing the bag the pressure cooker was inside and leaving the device behind. police want to question them as witnesses, not as suspects. em also breaking overnight, new images of the bloody terror journal ahmad rahami had on him when he was shot. the journal making clear rahami was not only planning for a shootout with police but was sympathetic to isis. >> talking about jihad, pressure cookers, bombs, and alliances to osama bin laden.
1:45 am
>> reporter: this comes as new video emerges of rahami's yard in new jersey. you can see the scorch marks on the ground from a reported test run. they've obtained cell phone video of rahami setting off a bomb in his back yard with laughing in the background. this was days before the blasts. within the past few minutes we learned rahami's wife is in pakistan heading back to the u.s. for questioning. rahami is being held on $5 million bond. back to you. >> thank you. all right. 15 minutes now to the top of the hour. we continue to follow the breaking news out of charlotte. unrest in the queen city as violent riots rage overnight. >> the latest breaking details from charlotte up next.
1:46 am
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anywhere you want to go! the market's hot! sync your platform on any device with thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade. with children -- i don't know what that was, but it came from the direction of the protesters. now, those are -- >> violence and riots on the streets of charlotte for a second night in a row. the governor of north carolina declaring a state of emergency calling in the national guard which i understand is arriving right now. protesters hurling tear gas and fireworks looting stores, blocking off traffic overnight. four police officers injured. none, though, with life threatening injuries. but there was one protester who
1:50 am
is on life support at this hour. that protester was shot in the head by another civilian. all of this unfolding after police shot and killed a 43-year-old man that they claim threat ened them with a gun. his family says he was unarmed and he was carrying a book. turning now to the campaign trail. 47 days to the election and more good news for donald trump in the key battleground states of nevada, north carolina, and ohio. for a sense of how all of this affects the all important electoral college, here's is shannon bream. >> enjoying modest leads over hillary clinton. look for other changes across the country as we review the map where 270 remains the magic number to win the white house.
1:51 am
there have been some shifts. let's talk about those first. then we'll tally up the totals. new hampshire up here and colorado out west, they have shifted from leaning democrat to tossup. this week also brings a shift in iowa where trump has been polling with el. it goes from a tossup to leaning republican. and finally a change in minnesota. that moves from solidly democrat to leaning democrat. so where does that put us overall? the solidly democrat and leaning democrat states total 260 in the blues. this week the tossup state, those are the yellow ones, they're at 108 votes. that sup from 101 last week. and now to the red states, they are viewed as solid gop. that total there is 154. same as last week. but the leaning gop total is up from 10 to 16. you take the combined tally from last week 164, this week it goes to 170. based on numbers alone, clearly
1:52 am
clinton has more avenues to getting to 270 but for now the trend is moving in trump's favor. we'll see if that continues after the first debate on monday. >> can't believe it's almost here. meantime, her i.t. guy may have gone online for help on how to wipe records clean. now the oversight committee is ordering reddit to bring back deleted posts believed to be from the technician. one post saying, quote, i need to strip out of a vip's e-mail address from a bunch of archived e-mail. basically they don't want the vip's e-mail address exposed to anyone. now that post made just one day after she was ordered to hand over benghazi related e-mails. president obama turning his national security focus to climate change. ordering federal agencies to make a plan to protect the united states over the next three decades. critics say he should be focusing on other threats like
1:53 am
terrorism. but the obama administration claiming drought and extreme weather contributes to extremism. well, the time now is about eight minutes to the top of the hour. busy news morning for you. peaceful protests in charlotte turned violent. one person shot now in critical condition. >> our live breaking news coverage with complete analysis continues right after the break. the antacid goes to work in seconds... and the acid reducer lasts up to 12 hours in one chewable tablet. try duo fusion. from the makers of zantac.
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north carolina under a state of emergency as a second night of violence and chaos erupts in charlotte overnight. while you were sleeping, the national guard arriving to try and take control of the city that is now on edge after nearly 1,000 protesters took to the streets throwing fireworks, looting stores, and blocking traffic. four police officers are hurt. none of their injuries are life threatening. but one protester is now on life support this morning. police say they were shot by another civilian. and all of this chaos unfolding after police shot and killed a 43-year-old man that they claim threatened them with a gun. his family says he was unarmed and carrying a book. there are some brand new details for you from overnight about the pilot killed a a spy
1:56 am
plane came crashing down 17,000 feet out of the air. lieutenant colonel ira edy ejected from the u-2 dragon jet from biel air force base in california. the other pilot was injured but is expected to be okay. the cause of that crash is still under investigation. chicago is adding nearly a thousand cops to its force to combat a surge in violence. 970 positions now being added over the next two years on the heels of a dramatic spike in shootings. the windy city recording 500 homicides so far this year alone. more than new york and l.a. combined. rahm emanuel did not say how the financially struggling city plans to pay for those new hires. well, the hero police who killed the minnesota mall terrorist is already ready to get back to work. jason falcon is returning to his gun range and training facility yesterday to a flood of well wishes from community members
1:57 am
thanking him for his bravery. falconer was offduty and shopping for his son's birthday gifts saturday night when he took down the 22-year-old terrorist. no charges for a teacher who outraged parents after stepping on the american flag during history class. north carolina officials say that lee francis from massey hill classical high school will not be charged since his actions are protected by federal law. now, francis asked students far lighter during his lecture on free speech. when no one had one, he threw the flag on the ground and then he stomped on it. he is on administrative leave. there's some new controversy surrounding the murder investigation that captivated america. >> we have five different motives in this one crime. we want to get the truth out so that jonbenet can rest in peace. >> burke ramsey suing cbs over claiming in a documentary series that he killed his sister.
1:58 am
jonbenet was found dead in the family home back in 1996 after an apparent argument with 9-year-old burke. and no one was ever charged. >> such a horrible story. well, the brangelina bombshell taking another dramatic turn this morning. the so-called other woman breaking her silence after rumored swirling that she was having an affair with her costar brad pitt. >> on instagram cotillard shot rumors down. saying, quote, many years ago i met the man of my life, father of the baby we are expecting. he is my love, all that i need. she also announced she was pregnant and had some well wishes for brad and his soon to be ex-wife angelina jolie. >> even their wax figures are feeling the heart break. madam tussauds also confirming they've called it quits. rough story for everybody. >> it was.
1:59 am
we're going to switch gears completely though. meanwhile thank you for watching this early edition of "fox & friends" first. >> our coverage continues now. it is thursday, september 22nd, and this is a fox news alert. breaking overnight, chaos in charlotte. shots ring out at protesters over a deadly police shooting. a state of emergency declared as a second night of riots turned violent. four officers injured and one protester now on life support. we are on the ground as the national guard moves in. and the presidential candidates weighing in on all the violence. >> i would do stop and frisk. i think you have to. >> we have two more names to add to a list of african-americans killed by police officers. it's unbearable.
2:00 am
>> donald trump called for-judg? we report, you decide. >> brand new fox news polls showing who is pulling ahead in crucial battle ground states. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> you are watching "fox & friends first." thank you for being with us. i am heather childers. >> i am abby huntsman. >> let's get straight to this news. the national guard moving to charlotte north carolina. the city under a state of emergency this morning after a second night of violent police protests. rioters throwing fire on another protester. >> we have the breaking details. what can you tell us is happening right now. >> now is the calm after the storm. a pitched battle on the d


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