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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 22, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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it" and that would be donald trump. >> and william says neither. we need live streaming on social media so people don't make up the facts. >> and james says donald trump has the best message. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good day. good morning, it is thursday, september 22nd, and i'm ainsley earhart. we are live on the ground in charlotte, north carolina, with the very latest for you. and switching to politics with a brand new fox news poll shows donald trump is ahead in three important battleground states. what the numbers mean straight ahead. also, donald trump will be on the show. plus, he threw the american flag on the ground and stomped on it. should this teacher keep his job? you'll hear from a student in
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that classroom. rumor is it's the first day of fall today. thank you for spending your day here. mornings and fall are better with friends. >> 6:00 in charlotte. let's get right to the fox news alert. the national guard rolling into charlotte, north carolina, overnight as a second night of rioting turned violent leaving four police officers hurt. >> i don't know what that was, but it came from the direction of the protestors. >> rioters taking over the street. they are looting, they are throwing fireworks. one person opening fire on another protestor. >> leland vittert is live in charlotte with the latest. good morning, leland. >> reporter: good morning, ainsley, steve and pete. bank of america, wells fargo, duke energy all saying they don't think it's safe for their employees to be in downtown
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charlotte. saying anybody who is nonessential, stay home. that's how bad it is. downtown charlotte, major business center in america filled with tear gas canisters. you can see the aftermath of last night. this is one of the many stores that was looted. in here they wanted redbull and cigarettes. so they took the five-finger discount. police were badly outnumbered, four of them are injured, and now the cavalry is on the way. the state of emergency is declared as the national guard is now coming in. last night started peaceful and then quickly got out of control. as you had rioters there, pitched battles, ripped the police throwing bottles, fireworks, those kinds of things. finally, police moved out and made an arrest. it's important to remember what sparked all that. and that is the death of keith scott who was a black man in his 40s who was shot by police. the social media narrative was this man was just holding a book waiting for his son to come home
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from school sitting in his car. police say that is not what happened. they say there was a gun. they believe they have pictures and a witness to prove it. >> is there any doubt in your mind that there was a gun in the hand of keith lamont scott and that a gun was recovered near him at the scene? >> absolutely no doubt whatsoever, no. >> reporter: and just about 20 yards from where i'm standing is the charlotte hornets fan store. that was also looted. the most popular item according to police was air jordan sneakers that people took away from that store and cleaned it out, basically. there's a lot of people now asking what these riots are about. is this about something and a man who was killed by police or an excuse to loot and cause mayhem in the city of charlotte. back to you. >> all right. leland vittert live in charlotte. now we'll bring in david webb, fox news contributor and talk show host. david, what is going on?
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>> what is going on is a defined attack on the community right now. first thing we talked about off air, i said, look what they did. they moved the protest into what's called the uptown area of charlotte into an economic center and the downtown area. it's about 10 to 15 minutes away from where the incident originally occurred and they looted a walmart. something that is important to this, we have seen this play out before, these are not the protestors. maybe there are some protestors out there, but now they are rioters. when you're blocking streets, throwing things at vehicles going by, looting stores, you are no longer protesting the issue. and the facts are known, this is beyond a protest. >> it used to be that black individuals were upset at white officers killing black people. but in this case, it's not really being talked about. the black man that was killed was killed by another black officer. megyn kelly was asking protestors, why are you out on the streets? what is the reason for this now? here's what one of them said.
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>> because i serve a purpose, my father serves a purpose, my brother serves a purpose. i'm here, because guess what? i'm a fool, i'm in any car, you say, okay, a man got shot over here, right? why would i put myself in danger. right? i could be at work, at school, in my car, i can still get shot by the police! i can get shot anywhere! >> david, what is your reaction? >> very important to listen to what she said here. and it goes along with a belief by many, unfortunately, as a result of the lie of black lives matter, that someone like her believes that at any time, anywhere, by the police, she could be shot. that is a dangerous, not undertone, but a dangerous tone within what is going on now. by the way, for black lives matter and for the leftists and all the people that support this, it's about police
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shootings. if it's a black man, it doesn't matter. they use police. if it's a white cop, they use white shooting, black cop. it's no longer about race. it's more about the issue. >> you hear act facts and statistics which are pesky things, the minority of people shot by cops this year, 23% were african-americans. in this individual case, the individual had a hand begun. that's been the black police chief that said that. why do the facts get obscured so quickly and do not seem to matter? >> the facts matter when you have an instant matter and you mobilize on social media. but when you have dishonest players, you have someone from the nation of islam on the country yesterday talking to different networks about going to the economic centers, remember what i said? they went to the uptown area of charlotte where the arena is, where the higher-end stores are, where they are looting. so this is being led and pushed by people who don't care about
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solving the issue. they care about using it to inflame. >> sure. also we should point out there is some question over whether or not there was a gun. because the cops have been emphat emphatic in the first sound bite we ran, the guy said, no question, there was a gun. the family says he's keith lamont scott. and his brother was out last night and said this. listen to this. >> just know that all white people are [ bleep ] devils. all white cops are the [ bleep ] devils and white people. >> racism is alive there. >> yeah. and rather than issues of a bad white or black, again, we don't have the video. we have corroborated information being corroborated by witnesses to police. but waiting for this evidence to come out that we have talked about in all the incidents, that doesn't happen.
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the fact that -- remember the dangerous undertone, he's saying white people are the devil. white cops are bad. you're right, aps l rk, ainslee black cop. but it's about race and anger. it's a dangerous tone when people actually believe, like that young lady, believes she'll be shot at work or anywhere by the police. that is something to root out of what is going on in this country. >>it's so sad because most of the country does believe everyone matters, everyone serves a purpose. that woman said, i have a purpose. but everyone is god's child. that's how i look at everyone. we need to come together as a country. >> but that is not where she's operating. >> i know that. so where is a leader like martin luther king who doesn't want looting and violence. and where is the president? why is the president silent? >> i'll answer the first and second question. you asked me before the show started who is the leader on the black community? i'm still thinking about it.
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who can step out there and go up and say, look, let's deal with this, not from a political issue but annish sue in the community. the president -- i don't like the president to speak out on every incident, but he has such practicum with the black community. he's gone out whether it's professor gates and didn't have the facts for another case. so he's got to find some form of agenda behind it. that is more evident. then you get to hillary clinton's pandering and the democrats have always done this, 50 years to the black community, what have they gotten? what are those people's lives like in charlotte? at least donald trump is going out to engage them to say, i'm going to attack this from the economic point of view.
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an education point of view. helping someone build a foundation for a better life. that is an opportunity. >> and that is how it is going to air tonight at 5:00. >> in charlotte, quickly, do you see this escalating or deis can lating? >> if they have a curfew in place and they enforce it, if they do that, it may escalate. but i have a feeling that in charlotte, which is also in north carolina where moral mondays is very active under reverend barber and the naacp and all the so-called black leaders. they are not leaders, and in this case, they why try to gin this up further. >> apparently there's dash cam video to show the man had a gun. if that were released, perhaps that would -- >> they are considering the lead that it makes and the compelling information from the community. i don't know if there are lawyers to explain that, but certainly if the corroborated
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evidence is there then to your point where does it end? >> david, thank you. >> thanks, david. 11 minutes after the hour and heather has the news. >> good morning to all of you. the tulsa, oklahoma, police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man is speaking out for the very first time. this as we learn that police found a vile of the drug pcp in his car. the lawyer for the officer say terence crutcher refused to follow two dozen police commands. claiming that she, the officer, was forced to fire the fatal shot when he struck his arm through a window. his family says the windows were closed. police are standing by in the hospital's story. more on this as we get it. and a new york man was shot during a drawed make shoot-out before he was arrested.
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and this comes as disturbing evidence is emerging from the terror investigation including a chilling video. take a look at the still pictures here of a bombing test run. you can see the scorch marks in rahami's backyard. the fbi now up wanting to question his wife who is in pakistan right now to see what she knew, if anything. and the fbi is also looking for two key players. these are the two men who discovered these in chelsea, new york. two of them removed the pressure cook cooker's bags and walked off. and new overnight, a tragedy strikes when a nearly 20-year veteran is kill in a crash on his way to battle a raging wildfire. rye i don't know asler lost control of their water tanker truck and it flipped over,
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trapping him inside and killing him. he leaves behind a wife and two children. the other firefighter is hurt but expected to be okay. such a tragedy for those brother there is in california. we are praying for them and wishing them the best. >> heather, thank you so much. we should point out on saturday, pete is in good hands. >> we have a lot going on in north carolina. plus, a brand news fox & friends poll shows donald trump ahead in three battleground states. what does this mean? we are live from the campaign trail. stick around. and a massive space station flying out of control and headed straight for the earth. where is it going to land? we'll talk about it straight ahead. can't see it. can't taste it.
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healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. it's hard to believe but we are just 47 days out from the presidential election and the race is tighter than ever. >> donald trump is now leading in several key battleground states. >> what is going on? we'll bring in the guy who, if it is thursday, he must be in pittsburgh. we're talking about fox news senior national correspondent
3:18 am
john roberts. >> reporter: good morning to you. you can bet donald trump will be walking on air this morning. take a look at the new fox news polls showing him in the state of ohio where he spent yesterday with a five-point lead over hillary clinton, 42 to 37. in north carolina where he spent the previous day, he enjoys a similar lead, 45 to 40. and in the state of nevada where he was trailing, he's now ahead 43 to 40. he's doing it on the strength of independents. he's got double the support that independents have over hillary. 40% of likely voters say they are definitely going to vote for clinton or trump. but here's why those numbers are so important for trump. because here in pennsylvania where he appears this morning and this afternoon for a big rally, he trails hillary clinton by about 7 points. he could afford to lose pennsylvania if he, with his 20 electoral votes, if he wins in north carolina, iowa, nevada and
3:19 am
then also new hampshire and maine. that would make up for the difference and make it $270. donald trump continuing to take it to hillary clinton, particularly on the issue of terrorism, keeping that front and center. suggesting that hillary clinton has her priorities all wrong when it comes to terrorism versus the american people. listen to trump. >> she doesn't want to talk about islamic terrorists. she calls the patriotic americans who support our campaign, many of them cops and soldiers, deplorable and irredeemable. she won't use the same words to describe islamic extremists. >> reporter: now another issue donald trump will be taking on today is energy speaking today at the shale insight conference center here in pittsburgh. of course, fracking is a big issue in pennsylvania. he's throwing full support behind his energy policy with hillary clinton's. one thing that is out there, though, we have to see how this
3:20 am
plays out, but it will dovetail with everything going on in the inner cities. as donald trump said yesterday on hannity, he would support a stop and frisk program to reduce crime. very kfrl in the urban areas. some democratic leaders have been speaking out against it. we'll see how that plays out today. >> we have a lot to go in the next 40 minutes. thank you. >> that program was from new yo york. but they think things change. coming up, donald trump slams hillary clinton for her deplorable comment. >> in fact, hillary clinton talks tougher about my supporters than she does about islamic terrorists, right? >> so how is that message working with voters? the brand new dials coming up next.
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and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all... we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ] we have some quick international hadlines this thursday morning. a u.s. marine pilot safe after ejecting from his fighter jet as it crashed into the ocean off the coast of japan. you can see right there, crews now searching for the jet near okinawa to figure out what went wrong. and isis could be turning to chemical war fair to target our troops. a rocket with possible traces of mustard gas hitting a base housing u.s. and iraqi troops near the city of mosul. initial tests for the mustard gas came back mixed so it is
3:25 am
being sent back for more testing. thankfully, nobody was hurt. and china's first space station is expected to come crashing down to earth next year. chinese officials say most parts of the heavenly palace lab will burn up while falling through our atmosphere. but no one knows exactly where the debris that blasts through the atmosphere is going to land. so lookout! >> oh, my gosh. okay, thanks, steve. donald trump and hillary clinton hitting the campaign trail hard this week as the candidates and president obama take on terror. but what do the voters think about this? lee carter is a pollster and put the dial to the test with the results. hey, lee. >> great to see you. >> great to see you. we'll talk about what happened over the last four days this week. donald trump, we'll start with him, talking about extreme screening. anyone who wants to come into our country. listen to this and then look at the rest.
3:26 am
>> they have to come through legally and we need extreme screening. and today they think they came through afghanistan. what kind of screaming procedures we are poor formed? they have to be good screening methods, they have to be methods that work. and unless we have those methods, sorry, folks, you can't come into the country. sorry. >> all right, lee. >> you can just see that the republicans love this message. independents are tracking right along with republicans. democrats are just not willing to give donald trump the benefit of the doubt. and it is just fascinating because when we are talking to voters, they say we want stronger security measures. we want to be safe. we want the government to get involved in all these things. and democrats are just saying, you're too extreme, donald, i think you're racial profiling. that's what they are hearing from donald trump. and it's a total contrast to how they hear hillary clinton talk about the same issue. >> hillary now says she wants
3:27 am
tou tougher laws. listen to this. >> i have long been an advocate for tough vetting to make sure we don't let people into this country, and not just people who come here to settle, but we need a better visa system. let's remember what happened on 9/11. these were not refugees who got into airplanes and attacked our city and our country. so let's not get diverted and distracted by the kind of campaign rhetoric we hear coming from the other side. >> many people are saying she sounds a lot like donald trump right now on that issue. >> absolutely. independents are tracking with democrats here. the republicans just don't like hillary as much and gave it a "c minus." the republicans said, wait a minute, she's saying that -- she's criticizing donald trump at the same time she sounds exactly like him talking about stronger screening, stronger security here at home.
3:28 am
and independents clearly have a powerful issue for them. they are tracking this to say, you know what, hillary, this is what we want to hear from you. but both sides said they want to see her more passionate with this. she's going with the cool, calm, reserved hurricane hick, but it is just not getting the strength and support that you see for donald trump. >> okay. here's donald trump talking about how hillary clinton in his upon is harsher on the deplorables than he is on ter r terrorists. >> both of my opponents won't say the words radical islamic terror. in fact, hillary clinton talks tougher about my supporters than she does about islamic terrorists, right? >> so you can see there, reasonables gave this an "a" and democrats gave this an "f."
3:29 am
the bottom line is this, people want strong measures against the terrorists that we're not the enemy here. republicans and democrats are not the enemy. we have a clear enemy but it's not at home, people are tired the of hillary clinton attacked the supporters of donald trump calling them racist bigot. and people are saying, you know ma? let's focus on the terrorists and not so much each other. >> where are you, by the way? >> philadelphia. the battleground state. >> got it. thank you. coming up, they haven't exactly gotten along. this morning a huge development between donald trump and ted cruz. and have you seen this? it's a high school teacher stomping on the flag. but before you judge, stay tuned. some say it's left him with trying to prove a point.
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north carolina under a state of emergency now as a second night of violence and chaos erupts in charlotte. >> four police officers hurt last night as nearly a thousand rioters took to the streets throwing fireworks, looting stores, blocking traffic, throwing things at windows, all sorts of things. leland vittert has been live there overnight as the national guard rolls into the city. leland, good morning. >> reporter: steve, ainsley, pete, good morning to you guys. a light rain now coming down, and there are some joggers out on the streets braving the rain that is kind of washing away the smell of tear gas here in downtown charlotte.
3:34 am
still there's a number of companies, bank of america, wells fargo, duke energy, the huge power company down here, saying they don't believe downtown charlotte is safe because of what happened tonight. don't bother coming to work today. take a look at one of the looted stores. evidently the rioters wanted red bull and cigarettes and took the five-finger discount here during the riots. four police officers are injured and now the cavalry is coming in, the national guard coming in to try to restore order. we have also seen the north carolina highway patrol and state troopers on the streets as well with different rules of engagement than what we saw last night from the charlotte police. and the police really let things get out of hand between 8:00 to 9:30 when one person was shot. he's in critical condition. he was shot by another protestor. take a listen to the chief of police describing the situation as it was happening. >> we were trying to disperse the crowd. we have been very patient but now they have become very
3:35 am
agrandsonsive throwing bottles and so forth at my officers. so it is time for us now to restore order. >> reporter: this has all kicked off in about 36 hours with the police shooting of keith scott. a man in his 40s that was shot by police. according to his family, keith scott just had a book in his hand. according to police and pictures put out there, keith scott had a gun in his hand. and since race has become such a big issue in this story, it's important to note that officer brentley vincent who shot keith scott is black as well. protestors are out here on the streets saying that doesn't matter. and then they turn into rioters and say essentially we don't care who shot who. we just wanted an excuse to be angry. you have to put that into context. north carolina, an early voting state, now this violence on the street and the dynamic that's
3:36 am
creating here and in charlotte with the african-american community. those outside of the city are looking into what is happening here. >> leland vittert is live. thank you. >> olivia king is the niece of dr. martin luther king jr. and a fox news contributor. and in town to attend the event on staten island to represent unborn children. >> that is right. i'm the director of civil rights for the unborn at crease d -- christ church. >> this is a black orphn black issue. and we are hearing this is all about anger. >> it is about anger. and i believe because i have so many friends in law enforcement of every ethnicity.
3:37 am
the heart of the restaurant -- if it turns out that the officer was following procedure, that's a different thing. but the clip where the man says all white people are devils. no, all black people are not angels. if you look at that and see the matter of the heart, not the skin color. so martin luther would say, under one blood, god made all people. so we are brothers and sisters. >> here is a man who identified himself as keith lamont scott's brother. >> okay, if. >> just know that all white people are [ bleep ] devils. all white cops and all white
3:38 am
people are [ bleep ] devils. >> all white cops and all white people are not devils. these people are angels. you have people from every ethnicity who go to church and pray and go to work and school. so their own piece is being disturbed by protestor but by rioters. come forth outside of the four walls of the church, go to church, but there are seven days in a week. and to come outside the four walls and call for peace and justice. let it be right. each in our own network has a mini territory. we have leadership potential with spiritual leaders coming
3:39 am
forth. you have to leave your house. >> protestors are frustrated just trying to do their jobs. and the last couple years they have been walking on egg shells because someone has a camera taping them doing something. next thing you know, they have lost all -- the law enforcement officers, you can have a bad apple in the barrel. take the apple out but don't throw the barrel away. and that's the problem. and anger is a matter of the heart, not the color of our skin. >> sure. thank you for your wisdom and for your faith. we need a lot of that right now. >> thank you. it is now 20 minutes before the top of the hour. we've got all sorts of news. and for that we turn to heather with the headlines. >> i certainly do. we are starting in washington, d.c. this morning where the speaker of the house paul ryan
3:40 am
is blasting the obama administration for coddling iran. listen to this. >> this just means all the concessions are cast aside. i don't mean to show secretary of state as he's the president of the chamber of commerce. i don't just mean paying money for hostages. >> lawmakers investigate a $1.7 billion cash payment to the country. $400 million paid on the same day iran released our american hostages. senior officials calling the cash, quote, leverage. speak and vote for your candidate up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedoms and to be faithful to the constitution. >> well, this morning cruz is now praising his former foe
3:41 am
saying, appreciate donald trump's support or our efforts to keep the internet free. he still has to endorse donald trump as the republican nominee. and you can see the large hand ripping the girl's hair as he pushes the cart around in walmart. a horrified woman took the pictures and posted them on the investigation. police are questioning the father and working with child services. >> that is terrible. would you drag your child around the grocery store? there's got to be more to the story. meanwhile, have you seen this? that is a high school teacher stomping on the american flag. did his lesson have a point or
3:42 am
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3:46 am
there's no case. he'll stay in a coma or he'll die. he has already received his miranda warnings. that's where the police say you're in custody, you have a right to remain silent, you have a right to a lawyer, if you can't afford a lawyer, the government will pay one. this will truly be your lawyer, even though we are paying for it. if you want to talk to us, you can stop talking to us. he's already had his miranda rights and will probably get it again coming out of anastesia. i hope, this is the first time i have heard this, steve -- i k w
3:47 am
know. this information cannot be used against him or anybody else. the police know that. >> yesterday we were talking a bit about how the father went to the police and they went to the fbi two years ago and said, by the way, my son is a terrorist. and the fbi looked it a. >> from my own experience with the fbi, between state and federal courts and with criminal involvement, the fbi has a strong dislike when state crimes are presented to them. they particularly hate things like domestic violence. they're not trained there. >> and that's how this case came about. >> this came as a fight between two siblings. the father will only say take it
3:48 am
to the local police. they did what the protocol was to, not to interrogate the boy but run him through the system. coming up, we are just days away from the first presidential debate. send us your questions because donald trump is going to join us live in 12 minutes. we'll ask him a couple of your questions. plus, have you seen this? that's a high school teacher stomping on the american flag. did he have a lesson point or was it totally out of line? a student in the classroom will join us, next.
3:49 am
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3:52 am
tell your doctor about your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions and medications including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. look me... in the eyes... and see what's possible... botox® cosmetic. it's time to take a closer look. a meeting schedule for today will determine whether a high school history teacher gets to keep his job after stomping on an american flag during a lesson on the first amendment. >> i put the flag on the ground and i take it two steps with my right foot and i said this is an example of freedom of speech. there could be other ways to teach this subject. but in the same vein, the way that i taught it can't necessarily be wrong. >> well, so was it wrong or should the teacher get to keep his job? alex dunn is a student at a high
3:53 am
school in north carolina. he was there in the class for the lesson and took a photograph of the incident. thanks for joining us this morning. put us in the classroom that day. were you shocked? what was your initial reaction when he pulled that flag out and stood on it? >> when he stood on the flag, my initial reaction was shock and i was in awe, i didn't want to believe it and a lot of it was just heart break. >> heart break. so you stood -- he even mentioned a lighter and some scissors. was he open to lighting it on fire and cutting it possibly too? >> i think that he was hinting that he could have done that. of course, he couldn't have done that in school, but the fact that he stood on top of the flag took it to a whole another level. >> a lot of people don't think
3:54 am
he should do that in school. you took action. you and another classmate did what in response to >> one other classmate walked out and after i took the pictures, i stood up, picked up the flag and took the flag to the principal's office. >> reminiscent of rick mundy, a lot of people remember him picking up a flag from a protester and lighting it on fire. how did the other students react? what was the reaction? did they support you? >> i would say that the majority of the school -- we all understand why he did it. we just don't think that he should have taught it that way. >> sure. that makes sense. speaking of the school, the school's superintendent had this to say about this stunt. clearly there are other ways to teach first amendment rights without des is he crating the flag. in your mind, there are parents'
3:55 am
fears that our classrooms are not reinforcing traditional values or patriotism. is it cool now? >> i think that it's becoming a norm to not be patriotic, and that's something that i honestly fear. >> why do you fear that? >> 'cause a country that isn't patriotic about itself is ultimately doomed. >> if you ultimately don't remember why that flag is worth fighting for and those who purchased your ability to stand on it, that certainly does become a problem. i want to commend you for taking a photo and stand up and taking an action and taking it to the principal. that's a big move. kudos to you. i hope things are ironed out there properly. >> thabl. >> thank you. >> racial tensions boiling over in charlotte, coming up.
3:56 am
>> just note that all white people [ bleep ] devils. >> make sure you wait all -- air that one. >> all white cops and white people. >> we are live on the ground. plus donald trump thinks we should bring back stop-and-frisk. should we? he joins us live straight ahead. at old dominion, we ship everything you can imagine. and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises.
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can this much love be cleaned by a little bit of dawn ultra? oh yeah one bottle has the grease cleaning power of two bottles of this bargain brand. a drop of dawn and grease is gone. >> it's thursday, september 22nd. i'm ainsley earhardt. this is a fox news alert. a state of emergency. >> parents with children, i don't know what that was, but it came from the direction of the
4:00 am
protesters. now, those are -- >> riots and chaos down in charlotte for the second straight night and racial tensions are boiling over. >> just note that all white people are [ bleep ] devils. >> you air that one. >> all white cops are [ bleep ] and white people. >> one person shot and cops injured. we have details. and donald trump says stop-and-frisk should go national for police officers. he's here to join us live in two minutes. the first presidential debate four days away. what can we expect? >> who knows? if he's in a bad mood, he might come out and hit with a pie. >> more from bill o'reilly because evenings are good with him and mornings are good with us. stick with "fox & friends."
4:01 am
well, let's get right to that fox news alert. a state of emergency in the state of north carolina. the national guard rolling into charlotte right now as a second night of riots turn violent. >> last night, yeah, look at that, four police officers were hurt as nearly 1,000 rioters took to the streets, throwing fireworks, looting stores and blocking traffic. at one point those rioters tried to throw a reporter into a bonfire. police intervening to save the man. >> good. one protester is on life support this morning. police say that he was shot by another civilian. all this chaos unfolding after this black police officer, brantley vincent shot and killed 43-year-old keith lamont scott. >> now, police say they were warned -- they warned scott to drop the gun that he had. his family says he didn't have a
4:02 am
gun. he was not armed and they are speaking out against the police. >> just note that all white people [ bleep ] are devils. >> make sure you air that one. >> all white cops are [ bleep ] devils and white people. >> officer vincent is on leave. a lot of tensions coming out of that incident. that's what's going on down there. two minutes after the top of the hour, let's bring in donald trump. he's running for president of the united states. he has a a debate in a couple of nights. good morning. >> good morning. >> as you look what happened down in charlotte, what are your thoughts? >> it's wow, here we go again. it's very sad. it's very divided, our country, and it's getting worse, so i'm not overly surprised to see it, but it's happening. >> why do you think it's getting worse? >> it just seems that there's a
4:03 am
lack of spirit between the white and the black. i mean, it's a terrible thing that we're witnessing. you are seeing it. i'm seeing it, and you look at what went on last night in charlotte, a great place, and you just see it. there's somewhat -- and i see it even going out. there's such a lack of -- there's a lack of spirit. there's a lack of something, something that's going on that's bad and what's going on between police and others is getting worse. >> mr. trump, what would the message be of a president trump to these rioters, to the anti police protesters. >> you have to have law and order, and at the same time you have to have a certain spirit and unity. there's no unity. you look at the level of hatred, the rocks being thrown and everything happening. it's so sad to say. you know this is the united states of america, it's so sad to see. there's no unity. there has to be a unity message
4:04 am
that has to get out and it starts with leadership. >> mr. trump, don't you think there needs to be a dialogue, a dialogue between the police and the community that they help keep the laws in? you can't roll up when there's trouble. you got to have a dialogue with the folks every day. >> well, that's true if you look at dallas, there was a dialogue, they provided him receives -- themselves on dialogue, and they were constantly talking and meeting and having community groups and that was a pretty tough situation to put it mildly, a terrible, terrible situation. so you know that sounds good. it sounds right, but there's something deeper than that. >> i was glad to know that you had a dialogue with hundreds of african-american community leaders. you had that yesterday. it was supposed to air last night, and then -- for hannity for the town hall, hannity didn't air that because he was live on his show for two hours last night. it's going to air last night.
4:05 am
what was that dialogue like? because it's important for -- it's easy for us to say what we need to do as white individuals. we're sitting on this couch. but what if the black community want from the white community? how can we work together as a country? >> well, we went to cleveland and it was really beautiful. pastor darrel scott who was a great guy, his church. we had a tremendous group of people there, it was amazing. it was going to be on hannity last night, but unfortunately this preempted it. it will be on tonight. it was an amazing couple of hours that we spent and i'll tell you what, something that can happen fast and it can happen that's very good but right now there's not -- that's not taking place. there was great love in that room yesterday. you see pictures of it. you see it on that show. there was a very feeling in that room. something can happen with the
4:06 am
right leadership. >> i know, i read a report that apparently there in that black church in cleveland you were asked what would you do about black on black crime, you said maybe it's time to bring back stop and frisk. instead of criticizing new york police chief ray kelly. >> new york was not a chicago situation, but it was really in trouble. with all the shootings and everything, rudely jewelally -- rudy giuliani did a great job, and mayor bloomberg, they stop it. stop and frisk worked. we had tremendous number of shootings. now chicago was out of control.
4:07 am
i was referring to chicago stop and frisk. they asked me about chicago. i was asking about stop and frisk for chicago. they had 3,000 from january 1st. you can't let the system go the way it's going but i suggested stop and frisk and some people think it's a great idea and some people don't like it, but when you have 3,000 people shot and so many people dying, it's worse than some of the places we're hearing about like afghanistan, you know, the war-torn nations. it's more dangerous. >> it does sound, mr. trump, that chicago i think i read bs 1,000 police officers, you got more cops on the streets. unless you get them the tools, what do you do? >> i think chicago needs stop and frisk. people can criticize me if they like. with good, strong, law and order. you have to do something. it can't continue the way it's going. >> can you explain it to what it
4:08 am
is to my folks down in south carolina? >> you have different levels. you have somebody coming up who is the expert on it but basically they will -- if they are proactive and this see a person possibly with a gun or they think may have a gun, they will see the person and they will look and they will take the gun away. they will stop, they will frisk, and they will take the gun away and they won't have anything to shoot with. how it's not being used in chicago is -- to be honest with you, it's quite unbelievable, and you know the police, the local police, they know who has a gun who shouldn't be having a gun. they understand that. >> stop and frisk for the most part is when you give cops more power to quiz passersby? >> in new york, the numbers were
4:09 am
unbelievably changed. not just a a little bit. it was massively changed. it became from a safe city. from an unsafe city to a safe city. >> you must have been pleased to see a set of three new fox polls coming out of the battleground states of nevada, and ohio, and north carolina. in nevada you lead 43 to 40 and in ohio, holding at 43 to 37 and your reaction to what appears to be a very strong surge in these important states? >> it's great. i feel really good about that. i saw that last night. i'm spending a lot of time in north carolina, ohio, nevada, florida, different places. we're doing well in florida also. really good. i think we're doing well in new hampshire. i was up there a lot and we seem to really resonate in new hampshire. it's a great place, so i
4:10 am
think -- overall, i think we're doing very well. >> mr. trump, coming up on monday night on all the channels will be the first presidential debate. i note in the media they have been talking about whether or not the moderator, in this case, lester holt, should he be a moderator and ask questions or should he be a fact checker and if somebody says something that he thinks is wrong, he will interrupt and correct it. what do you think? >> i think he has to be a moderator. if he she makes a mistake or i make a mistake, we'll take each other. i certainly don't think you want candy crowley again. >> she was wrong. >> i really don't think that you want that. that was a pivotal moment in that debate and it really threw the debate off and it was unfair. so i don't think you want that. no, i think you have to have
4:11 am
somebody that's just let's them argue it out and i think there's a lot of pressure on lester. i think lester is a very good person, a very good man. i think there's a lot of pressure on him because of matt lauer. when i had theton hall --ton tosh town hall with matt lauer, i did very well. they went after matt lauer. i think my questions were harder than her questions, if you want to know the truth, and a lot of pressure is being put on lester holt, and, you know, it's bobby knight-type pressure with the refs. that's what they are doing with lester holt. that's very unfair. a lot of people are watching to see if he succumbs. >> there are two presidential debates. >> three. >> the fourth one is the vice-presidential.
4:12 am
>> four. >> who is doing the one in the middle? >> anderson cooper and you have mart martha. >> mr. trump is going to stick around through this commercial break and he's going to answer any questions you've got about the debate ahead of monday's showdown. you can email at fox and because of our refugee problem, texas is fighting back. [alarm beeping] ♪ ♪
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4:16 am
well, on monday night, lester holt gets to ask the questions of the presidential candidates. this morning, it's your turn. you get to ask donald trump some questions. >> hard to believe we're four days away from that debate. paul on twitter wants to know how do you plan to stay cool when hillary personally attacks you in the debate? >> well, they have already spent hundreds of millions of dollars attacking me and i guess madison avenue go after temperament, i always felt that was my best
4:17 am
asset in many ways. this phony charge of temperment and we'll stay cool and keel see what happens with her and we'll see what's going on with her. there's something going on that a lot of people are trying to figure out and we're going to see what it is. i'm going to be very respectful of her. i think she deserves that and i'm going to be nice. if she's respectful of me, that will be nice. we'll have something that i think people will respect as a debate but we'll see where it all goes. you never really know exactly how it's going to turn out and that's why we have a lot of people watching. almost as many people as are watching your show right now. >> almost. barely. the road will be watching that interaction, no doubt. mr. trump, jeanine emailed in saying how are you going to help the middle class with college education costs and how will we benefit with you as president? >> we'll do a lot with that.
4:18 am
one of the questions i get the most is college and college costs. they are not watching their costs because the fact that they are getting all this money from the government indirectly used, with the students being used as a conduit to get if there. they are not watching their costs. it's unfair to the students. it's very unfair to the country. you look at what's happening with college costs and how it's escalating, we're going to do something to help the students and we're working on a plan. we're probably announcing it in two weeks. >> matt is on twitter this morning. he says do you expect congressional opposition? if so, how will you implement policy as an executive if you got trouble down the other end of pennsylvania avenue? >> well, you've had opposition forever. the best combination was tip o'neill and ronald reagan. they got things done. they liked each other. they had different views but they like each other and it was great. i would like to see if we can do that. we'll get it done. right now, we have a president
4:19 am
who's given up on what you are supposed to do. we have an executive order president. i think you'll be amazed. hopefully it will all work out and i think you'll be amazed at what gets passed through congress going the way it's supposed to be and i think you'll see a lot of great things happen. >> you mentioned a moment ago how much hundred of millions of dollar being spent by team clinton. hillary clinton's team is going to spend 53 time as much as you are on ads in florida between now and november 8th. she's thinking these tv ads are going to help her side, but yesterday, mr. trump, she said on a teleconference, aren't i ahead by 50 points by now? why isn't she ahead by 50 points by now? >> because she's terrible. she's had a terrible record. everything she touches is back -- bad. you look at what's going on with libya, the surge, all of her
4:20 am
decisions xing you look at the iran deal which is one of the dumbest deals i've ever seen which she started and she totally backs by the way in its completed form. she totally backs. everything she's touched, it's just a mess and she's spending a lot of money and so far it's not have much of an impact because i guess i'm winning in most of these states. we'll see what happens in the end. the special interests are giving her a fortune because they are giving her what she wants. i hear 50 to 1 and she's spending many times more than what i'm spending and she's not doing it. it's a lot of money. >> we'll in fact be there on monday. we'll see you out there at hofstra. >> great. i look forward to it. >> thank you. this is a fox news alert. racial tensions boiling over in charlotte. >> just note that all white
4:21 am
people [ bleep ] devils. >> make sure you air that one. >> all white cops are devils and white people. >> what the police did right in charlotte and what may have gone wrong: there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
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4:24 am
good morning. 24 minutes after the hour and welcome back to "fox & friends." a couple news headlines. a vet rap firefighter is killed in a crash on his way to battle a raging wildfire. they lost control of their water tanker truck and flipped over on a california highway, trapping him inside and killing him. he lives behind a wife and two children. he was a firefighter for nearly
4:25 am
20 years. that other frr forever is going to be -- firefighter is going to be okay. the feds are looking for these two men. they took that pressure cooker bomb out of a bag in chelsea and set it aside before walking off with the bag. they are not considered to be suspects. the suspected bombers wife who was in pakistan is now on her way to the united states for questioning by federal officials. >> and the uls -- tulsa, oklahoma, police officer is speaking out for the very first time. the lawyer for betty shelby she's he -- she says he refused to obey at least two commands. police found a vial of pcp in his car.
4:26 am
a state of emergency in charlotte, north carolina, as anti police protesters are rioting in the streets. they did last night for the second night of violence and chaos. >> i serve a purpose. i'm here, guess what, whether i'm in school, i'm in car, you said, okay, a man got shot over here right, so you basically said why would i put myself in danger? >> exactly. >> i could be at work, at school, in my car, i can still get shot by the police. i can get shot anywhere. >> the rioters and protesters protesting two recent police-involved shootings one in charlotte and in tulsa a couple of days ago. here to react is former d.c. homicide detective and fox news
4:27 am
contributor rod wheeler. good morning. >> good morning, steve. >> we're looking at what happened in tulsa and charlotte. let's start with the charlotte story. here's a story. the cops went into a neighborhood. they were looking for somebody else. they saw this guy get out of a car. he had a gun. he got back in the car. got out of the car. told him to put it down. he was shot. >> that's right. and there's video, according to the police chief in charlotte, to substantiate the police officer's actions. not only do they have video, steve, but they also have independent eyewitness accounts, so right now it sounds as though this is what we call a good police shooting, meaning it was an appropriate police shooting. the only concern i have a little bit is the fact that this officer that did the shooting here, he's only been out of the academy less than a year. he has two years total on the job and their academy there in charlotte is only six to eight months. i'm concerned about the amount of time that an officer has on the job when he has a shooting
4:28 am
like that. overrule, it -- overall, it looks like a dp shooting. the police chief has communicated with the community in charlotte. that is a good thing. you have to continue to communicate and the other two things you have to do, is you have to have a very transparent investigation and then the investigation needs to be swift. >> on the other side, tulsa, the details seem to be a bit murky even though there is video evidence. you've got a stalled vehicle in the middle of traffic. police pulls up, wants to get a sense of what's going on at what point you see a female officer draws her weapon, an individual has got his hands up, is approaching his vehicle. >> she felt he was acting oddly. >> he continued to walk. >> there's controversy about whether he put his arm down or not. you see that case differently. >> right. you know, i do see that case differently. real quickly, pete, now, here you have a uniformed officer, five years on the job. the problem here is i think this
4:29 am
woman has very little experience in dealing with african-american males and especially african-american males of heavy stature. it just appeared to me as though she even said herself she was scared to death of this man. the man never even came at her, so i do look at this shooting a lot differently. i think she's going to need to be retrained if she ever go -- goes back to the police force. >> she shawth he was putting his hands in the suv. >> and i can't see that in the video because the helicopter video doesn't show that side of car. >> i have to ask, noncompliance, how significant is noncompliance in both of these issues. if an officer is saying stop or don't do that? that's a pretty big warning sign, isn't it? >> well, it is. when an officer tells a person to stop and put their hands up, we expect people to comply. let me just say this, pete, many years on the street as a cop myself, i was in situations day in and kay out where people did not comply with our orders.
4:30 am
you don't shooting those folks. there's other ways that we are trained to take a person down, sigh lot of this may even come back to proper training and more training for police officers. >> when i saw this video that we're about to show the audience, if you are just waking up, you haven't seen it yet, i was appalled at what this guy said. this is allegedly the brother. he claims to be the brother of keith lamont scott. listen to what his brother said. we want to get your reaction. >> just note that all white people are [ b >> make sure you air that one. >> air that [ bleep ]. all white cops are [ bleep ] devils and white people. what's your reaction? >> i think that young man was speaking for a number of african-american males. very frustrated. look, racism is alive and well in the united states. we know that. that's why it's going to take all of us working together to try to eradicate it. even more than racism, our
4:31 am
country is suffering from huge economic down falls. we don't have any jobs in these communities. the school systems are horrible and that's why it's going to be very important and i want the listeners to get this, this next election, we select someone to be president that's going to make a difference when it comes to our economy and providing jobs in our community. >> one place it needs more job and more security is where you are sitting right now is in chicago. thank you for join us on this thursday. >> that's right. >> mr. trump has said that, what do you have to lose? >> mr. trump and mrs. clinton will be facing off in the presidential debate four days away. what can we expect? >> republican debates by saying you are boring, your fat, you are sweating. that's how trump won. >> will that work? this time, bill o'reilly on that next. then, national security
4:32 am
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4:34 am
4:35 am
you think that donald trump is going to do well in this debate? >> i have no idea. >> no idea. >> no, because here's the deal on the debate and this is going to be fun. everybody is going to watch. it's going to be huge ratings. both candidates have vulnerabilities, would you agree? >> sure. >> how would you characterize those vulnerabilities? >> in trump, trump can say anything at any time. he won the republican debates, you are boring, you are fat, you are sweating. >> he was the funniest one of the debate. >> you had no idea. i thought i was watching don
4:36 am
rickles, what is he going to say next? people are so fed up with politicians, you are. if he comes out with you're crooked, crooked hillary. on the hillary clinton is calling him all names, miss soj -- mysygonist. >> ths the best case. >> we've heard the racist big bigoted stuff. >> you can see that in the polls. they liked donald trump doing that in the very beginning and he started to go down in the polls and started to climb when he people -- people say he
4:37 am
started acting more presidential. >> and hillary went down after calling his supporters deplorable. >> someone is going to throw a hay maker and the question is watch what will come. >> he says he will be respectful. >> you can watch it right here on fox. >> what you can watch here on fox now, the news. good morning, everybody. 37 minutes after the hour. don't send your huddled masses to the state of texas. the republican governor there, greg has been bot says he's -- abbott says he's pulling out of a federally funded program that gives aid and services to the syrian refugees. he says the administration cannot assure that refugees do not pose a terror threat to his state. he says the federal government lacks the capability or the will to distinguish the dangerous from the harmless. what i move there. a nearly 10-ton space station is heading right toward
4:38 am
earth. china losing control of this massive craft, the heavenly palace hurdling through space and set to come crashing down next year. scientists say most of it wilbourn up. as for the rest, who knows where it will land. the chinese space station says it's keeping an eye on it. what do you think? back here on earth, more professional athletes disrespecting america. the empire indiana fever, that's a wnba team taking a knee during the national anthem. this is the first such protest involving an entire national sports team and their coach is encouraging it. the fever joins the growing list of pro throoets following -- athletes following the lead of
4:39 am
49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. the race to the white house is a knock out drag out fight for the candidates. we're keeping score each week here in the boxing ring with that man, once upon a time known as rocky rollins, ed rollins account co-chair is the great america pac. trump is having a good couple of weeks? >> he is. one of things we do is we analyze sound bites which is very good in post debate. my sense it could hit close to 90, 100 million people people. the sound bites after the fact is what maryks. i think the matter in the campaign, organization, money, advertising, she's done all of those things, it didn't seem to be work. it's a different race today.
4:40 am
>> here's hillary versus trump on border policy. >> there has been islamic terrorist attacks in minnesota and new york city and in new jersey. these attacks and many others were made possible because of our extremely open immigration system. my opponent has the most open borders policy of anyone ever to seek the presidency. >> they are dreamers, in much more than name. i've met so many. i've listened to their stories. so when donald trump promises to rip that all away on day one, when he promises to round up and deport all of the 16 million people living and working among us. these are the faces i see. all right. ed who one that round. >> trump won that because he's talking with law and order, he's talking about end%ing the law,
4:41 am
people are coming here illegal i. everyone know she's not for that and it's never been her policy and her policies in syria, lebanon and elsewhere have created those problems in europe. my sense is you see the pisht of the trains, people don't want that. >> we know that a lot of the rhetoric we've heard from donald trump has been seized on my terrorists. in particular isis. because they are looking to make this into a war against islam. we know that donald trump's comments have been used on line for recruitment of terrorists. >> hillary clinton talks tougher about my supporters than she does about islamic terrorists. she calls the patriotic americans who support our campaign, many of them cops and soldiers, deplorable and
4:42 am
irredeemable. has she ever talked that way about radical islam? >> that round goes to? >> again, trump. she has no credibility on that issue that saying that isis is being recruited by trump. isis grew immeasurably duferg her -- during her term. >> i think isis used bill clinton versus donald trump. here's hillary versus trump. suddenly she sounds like him on vetting. >> i am absolutely in favor of and have long been an advocate for tough vetting, for making sure that we don't let people into this country, so let's not get diverted and distracted by the kind of campaign rhetoric we hear coming from the other side. this is a serious challenge. we are well equipped to meet it. >> where did you hear extreme
4:43 am
vetting before? only from me. i made up the term. all of a sudden, she's got extreme vetting and she's got all of these terms. folks, it the nos going to happen. >> ed, who won that? >> i tried to get her the benefit of the broub. he clearly had that policy way before she ever did and my sense is she has no credibility on that issue. people know he's tough open thap issue and the vetting, i think this is his fight this time. >> he swept the sweek. >> he did. next week is the big debate. >> straight ahead, while protesters cause out of control riots in charlotte, black lawmakers have their own protest. and school lunch shaming, what one cafeteria worker did has her out of a job this morning. with advil, you'll ask
4:44 am
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4:47 am
this is a fox news alert. as riots erupt on the streets of charlotte, north carolina over the recent police shooting of a black man, protesters are now taking the issue to the department of justice. >> that's right. fox news chief ed endry -- henry is live in the nation capital where another protest is being planned today. >> members of the black congressional caucus is expected to march here. the black caucus speaking out against police-related shootings across the country. a peaceful protest expected and that would stand in sharp contest to the rioting you see right there. gunfire overnight in charlotte as well. let's not forget, this move from the black caucus comes in the
4:48 am
context of a heated presidential campaign. in which members of the black caucus have used the birther issue to flat-out charge he's a racist. >> donald trump is nothing more than a two-bit racial arsonist, he's done nothing but fan the flames of bigotry and hatred. >> those attacks coming as hillary clinton's campaign is getting increasely worried about a lack of enthusiasm from african-american voters. they are trying to fire up what is known as the obama coalition. last weekend, president obama gave a speech here at the congressional black caucus's annual gala in declared he would be personally insulted if african-american voters did not turn out for hillary clinton. trump is starting to make gains with african-american voters in the wake of his recent outreach
4:49 am
to that community. back to you. coming up, top of the hour, rudy giuliani who led new york city when there was stop and frisk in full force, he's going to be here talking about how donald trump would like to see top and frisk across the country. in particular, in chicago. >> then she calls it school lunch shaming. a new policy denying some students a hot meal and what one cafeteria worker did has her unemployed now this morning. she's going to join us life next. first, on this day in 2005, that's sexy back by justin. tell me ber lake was number one on the charts, steve's coincidentally, favorite song. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was going to
4:50 am
clean better than a manual... he said sure, but don't just get any one. get one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head! go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b crossaction delivers a clinically proven superior clean vs. sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean! oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush.
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4:53 am
>> if being called school lunch shaming, one school district in pennsylvania's policy refuses a hot meal if their parents owe more than $25 and that is why a cafeteria worker says she quit her job because she just couldn't take it. stacey is that former worker. good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> so this kid comes up. he's got the lunch and you look down because you are at the cash register. >> no, i was serve being the food. >> you realize he was in arrears, so what did you do? >> well, you know, the bad part
4:54 am
about it is you don't know what the child owes. there's only two of us. one serves the food and one runs the cash register, until the child swipes the card or enters his number, you don't know what balance they have. at that point i handed him his tray. i never forget having to take that chicken from him and give him that cheese sandwich. i was so ashamed of myself. after that lunch was over, i looked at my boss and i said i can't do this. she goes i know, i know. i'm like i really can't do this and i was going to resign that monday. it happened on the first week of school on friday. my mother passed on sunday. i was off for three days and i came back and it happened again to a different child and i resign the next day. >> i'm i'm sorry, first of all for the loss of your mother. that's so sad. what was the reaction of these children when their food was taken away? >> i mean like the first little
4:55 am
boy, his eyes just -- i'll never forget the look on his face. >> humiliation. >> yes. as a parent and a mother and a christi christian, it's just unimaginable. it's every disgustingagetive i can think of. it's inhumane is what it is. got called and i answered. i wanted to make my neighbors aware. i didn't know it would turn into this. i literally have received messages from not only everyone in this country, but countries around the world. >> sure. have you set up some sort of a go fund me page for these kids? i would like to help. >> actually, the bethel park elks krub came to my mouse and they donated -- to my house and they donated $1,000. >> it's not the kids' fault.
4:56 am
>> no, exactly. i'm sad that camden mack is getting this bad pub list. -- publicity. i specifically move to canonsburg is where i wanted my kids to go to school. it's heart breaking because i love the school. wie lonville, the teachers are amazing. ms. liz, she goes above and beyond and puts stickers on their box lunchses. all the teachers are kind and loving. from the principal to the secretary to the janitor, it's a great little school. i don't have a problem with the school. i have a problem with this policy. >> right. exactly. >> it's unacceptable. >> maybe they will do something about it now going forward. stacey thank you very much for sharing your story and good luck to you. >> thank you. meanwhile, coming up, have
4:57 am
you noticed the crowds at hillary clinton's rallies, they are small, but hillary says it's not a problem. it's on purpose. because violence breaking out in charlotte. a lot of people asking would stop and frisk make a difference? rudy giuliani on that next. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. the search for relief often leads to this. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy.
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5:00 am
it's thursday, october 22nd. i'm ainsley earhardt. we'll start with a fox news alert. with children, i don't know what that was, but it came from the direction of the protesters. now, those are -- >> in my car, i can still get shot by the police. i can get shot anywhere. >> riots and chaos in charlotte, north carolina, for the second straight night. >> that's video from overnight. one person was shot. several more cops were hurt. breaking details straight ahead. the violence has a lot of
5:01 am
people asking would stop and frisk make a difference. donald trump answered that on this show this morning. >> i suggested stop and frisk and some people think it's a great idea and some people don't like it. and rudy giuliani is here in 90 seconds. >> i was going to stop and frisk him but i don't have that authority. have you noticed the crowds at hillary clinton rallies are much smaller than donald trump's? but she's says it's not a problem. morning better with friends. thanks for being here. look at that. the looting. north carolina is under a state of emergency now. it's second night of violence
5:02 am
and chaos erupts there in charlotte. >> last night, four police officers were hurt as nearly a thousand rioters and protesters took to the streets, flowing fireworks, looting stores, blocking traffic, throwing chairs through window. leland vittert is there in charlotte as the national guard has rolled into the city in the last 12 hours. leland. >> reporter: good morning to you. there's now a light rain falling in downtown charlotte that's washing away the smell of tear gas amidst all the office buildings here. they are empty here because bank of america, wells fargo, don't want their employees coming downtown because of rioting last night. police were badly outgunned jout numbered. you can look at some of the pictures there as the police took a real beating for a couple
5:03 am
of hours as things kicked off here before four police officers got hurt. a number of people got arrested. a number of the protesters are talking about this man, keith scott, a black man in his 40s who was shot by police two days ago allegedly. police say it's different. he had a gun. take a listen to what his brother wants to have happen. >> just note that all white people are [ bleep ] devils. >> make sure you air that one. >> air that [ bleep ]. >> all white cops are [ bleep ] devils and white people. >> since scott's family has made race an issue, noteworthy, the officer who shot him is a second generation african-american police officer on the force. >> is there any doubt in your mind that there was a gun in the hand of keith lamont scott and a
5:04 am
gun was recovered near him at the scene? >> absolutely no doubt whatsoever. no. >> and today the family of keith scott will view the body cam footage of the shooting itself and also, of course, you have to keep this in the larger political context, a lot of people talking about what this means for the election and a crucial swing state. back to you. >> the mayor was on fox business network. >> let's bring in rudy giuliani. you know a little bit about how to handle things like that. that's huge. the family is going to see the body cam now of how this individual was shot and what happened. >> because the family thought that he did not have a gun. >> they thought he was in the car with the book. >> i think it should be shown and i think it's a situation which you ordinarily wouldn't do that because it could be evidence in a criminal case but if in fact the police commissioner is correct and i have no reason to believe that
5:05 am
he hasn't and he man came out holding a gun, then the police officer have every right to shoot. why wouldn't you use a taser or shoot him in the leg? because the taser may not incompass tate him from shooting and killing you. let's take black lives matter. how come the black life of that police officer didn't matter? that police officer could have been dead had he not acted and his black life matters as much as the person failing to listen to the instructions of the police officer. what you saw last night there's no excuse for. if if it's an unjustified shooting. wa why should some person's store get ruined, who had nothing to do with the shooting who might be an african-american himself? why should his store get ruined
5:06 am
because a cop did something right, wrong, on ambiguous? there's an intolerance for riots. i inherited a city that had two four-day riots. you can protest it. every right to it. you throw a rock. the first one that does it, gets arrest. break a window, first one that does it, gets arrested. i said if you want to test me, test me. they never did. if it happens tonight, then there's real responsibility on the mayor. if you can't control it tonight then there's something wrong with the way you are policing charlotte. >> are they afraid of that optic? >> boy, if i owned a store there and my store got ruined because a police officer was involved in a justifiable shooting or even an unjustifiable shooting? what am i getting punished for what thedid?
5:07 am
look, these situations are inheritly ambiguous. we have the other situation which is in -- remind me where that is. >> tulsa. i've seen that video. that's a more difficult situation. i would put that in the ambiguous, troubling category. but even there, you got to say to people, wait. let the investigation play out. president of the united states should have said that yesterday. president of the united states should have given people a teeny bit of a lecture on constitutional law and the presumption of innocence and that applies to police officers as well as anyone else. i have situations where police officers acted illegally. put them in jail. and when not, i didn't. >> sure. when you were mail, stop and -- when you were mayor, stop and frisk -- >> i started it with bill brat ton. >> yesterday, donald trump was asked about it at the black
5:08 am
church in cleveland, he asked what about in chicago? he said stop and frisk. >> i was really talking about stop and frisk for chicago. they asked me about chicago. i was asking about stop and frisk for chicago. they had 3,000 from january 1st. you can't let the system go the way it's going but i suggested stop and frisk and some people think it's a great idea and some people don't like it, but when you have 3,000 people shot and so many people dying, it's worse than some of the places we're hearing about like afghanistan, you know, the war-torn nations. it's more dangerous. >> we stopped it here in new york because there were complaints that it was racist. >> i started it for the same reason that donald trump is talking about. i started it in 1994. we had had years of 2,200 murders, 7 murders a day.
5:09 am
numbers we're talking about war zone murders and shootings. in my tenure, i brought it down 65% and michael bloomberg, between the two of us, 85%, i use stop, question, and frisk. not as much as ray kelly did. i used it about 80 times. they had gone to 4 tor 500. stop, question, and frisk. totally justified and the case is terry versus united states. reasonable suspicion is a lesser standard. if he suspects but doesn't have real reason. >> got a feeling. >> his instincts as a police officer that tells him this is bulging out a little bit too much. he can stop you. he can frisk you to protect himself and he can question you. if he ends up with gun or drugs,
5:10 am
when i was mayor or success rate was 40 to 50%, he can arrest you. >> why is it so effective? >> because it takes the gun right out of your hand. it's the answer to the whole debate over gun control. new york and chicago have gun control. why does chicago have 3 1/2 times the murders than new york? they already have more murders in chicago than we're going to have all of this year. >> nobody is taking the guns away. >> because bad guys don't go register. >> mafia. >> fat tony doesn't get a gun permit. neither did the hood on the street doesn't get a permit. he doesn't get a permit. the gun control laws are on the books, they don't affect anything. they are not worth anything where the criminal is concern. you got to get the gun away from him. you got to take away.
5:11 am
that's why donald said -- people are upset with stop, question, and frisk, they should allow it for communities where there is a tremendous amount of crime because it saves lives. >> thank you, mayor. >> always a pleasure. what the mayor just said when i was working local news, families who lived in the communities where there was crime, the parents loved the stop and frisk because it saved their children's lives. isis now could be turning to chemical warfare to target our troops in iraq. a rocket with multiple traces of mustard gas hitting a base near the city of mosul. they found a tar-like black oily substance on a shell at the base. initial tests for mustard
5:12 am
weren't clear at this point so samples are being sent out for more testing. no one was hurt. but we will follow that story coming out of iraq this morning. back here at home, a veteran firefighter killed in a crash on his way to a battle to a raging wildfire. he wrecked a water tanker truck, it flipped on the side and trapped him inside. killing him. the other firefighter is going to be okay. we're thinking of their families this morning and praying for them. another iran deal that we have to tell you about this morning. the obama administration now allowing the aviation giants airbus and boeing to sell 80 passenger planes to that country. they are not allowed to use them for military missions though, but they can use them for civil aviation. those are your headlines. >> air iran.
5:13 am
coming up, we all remember what donald trump used to call ted cruz? >> lying ted. what's your name? my name is lying ted cruz. lyin'. >> a huge very many between donald trump and the guy he called lying ted. you notice the crowds at hillary clinton, they are much smaller than at trump. hillary says that's not a problem because she's says it's all on purpose. >> that's good to know. >> i got to hear this one.
5:14 am
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5:17 am
have you noticed the crowds at hillary clinton's rallies are much smaller than the crowds at donald trump's? >> but hillary tes-size -- it's not a problem. it's on purpose. it's a plan. >> fox news mike emanuel is live in west chester county in new york with more. >> reporter: this is a stage in the campaign when you might expect to see massive campaign
5:18 am
rallies at huge venues. take a look at donald trump's rally the other night in florida. a big enthusiastic crowd turning out for trump. hillary clinton's event yesterday at orlando florida was at a small community center with a few hundred people. campaign insiders notice it was a policy speech. not a space where you want to fill a space with thousands of people. on monday, the campaign estimate was 300 in a room. not the massive rally on a college campus like bernie sanders or president obama in the past. clinton made this appeal to a union group backing her. >> why aren't i 50 points ahead you might ask? well, the choice for working families has never been clearer. i need your help to get donald trump's record out to everyone. nobody should be fooled.
5:19 am
>> reporter: mike pence smoke to 6 -- spoke to 650 people in women'sburg, virginia. -- williamsburg, virginia, the other night. the crowd was energetic and fired up. hillary clinton is expected to spend most of her time on the events, monday night's presidential debate. her aids have described some difficulty in preparation. i'm not sure if they will get an aggressive donald trump on the stage or a more genteel man. i have not seen that sound bite where hillary clinton is -- who is she yelling at? >> it was amazing. >> it took you back. >> the thing is people don't know about the crowd size because most people who are watching have not been to one of the rallies, but it is a fact. trump, when he speaks, he
5:20 am
gets -- >> show it. >> zoom out. >> coming up on this thursday, we're about to break some big news about donald trump. it's a "fox & friends" exclusive, and it is next. [ "on the road again," by willie nelson ] ♪ on the road again [ rear alert sounds ] [ music stops ] ♪ just can't wait to get on the road again ♪ [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ] ♪ on the road again
5:21 am
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5:23 am
quick business headlines for you. another recall at blue bell ice cream over listeria fears. packages of the chocolate chip
5:24 am
cookie dough ice cream and cookie two step might have gotten bacteria in it. so far, no one gotten sick. chip pot lee -- chipotle day booze a new ads highlighting safety trying to win back customers. and nike bringing self-lacing sneakers to life. the hyperadapt 1.0 will hit stores on november 28th. sensors in the shoe trigger nylon bands that tighten the laces. >> those are cool. this morning's the nation's largest tea party organization has officially decided their
5:25 am
choice for the white house, here's ceo jenny beth martin. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. thanks for having me. >> you've been thinking long and hard about who should be our next commander in chief a would like the tea party patriots like to see at 1600 pane -- pennsylvania avenue. >> no choice at all between hillary clinton and donald trump, and we are endorsing donald trump for president. >> what is it about donald trump? is it the fact that she's for big government and he's for less government? is it for honesty and truthfulness or what? >> well, it's for both of those reasons. we look at the two choices and we know that hillary clinton's answer to any problem that she sees around the country is always more government, and she has a real problem with honesty and truthfulness. donald trump has campaigned on the issues that have made the -- that have propelled the tea
5:26 am
party movement. he wants to secure the border. he wants to balance the federal debt, balance the federal budget and he wants to repeal obamacare. these are things that the tea party has stood for the last 7 years and donald trump is going to help make them a reality. >> you just officially endorsed donald trump. that's one thing to appear on television, but i understand behind the scenes, you've got a gigantic database that you are going to turn over to him to help him get across the finish line, right? >> it's not quite like that. we're a 527 super pac, so we won't be coordinating with the campaign directly. we're going to engage our base in getting out the vote, knocking the on doors and making phone calls. in pennsylvania we have 57,000 people. in florida, over 97,000 people. we're also focused on ohio, where we have over 48,000 people. in north carolina with 37,000
5:27 am
people. we're getting activists engaged. we want to make phone calls to have real voter-to-voter contact make sure we close the sale. everyone hears the ads. now we want to need to engage the voters directly and ask for the vote. that's what we're doing. >> i'm sure donald trump is delighted to hear your endorsement. you were on the program last week when we were talking about john koskinen, he was being considered for impeachment and yesterday up on capitol hill he told the lawmakers there it would be improper to impeach him. the irs targeted your organization and denied you for a very long time your tax-tempt status tax exempt status? >> i think that proves the point that he needs to be impeached. he was not truthful with congress. under his watch, evidence of
5:28 am
what happened to us was destroyed and he was appointed to restore confidence in the irs. that has not happened and impeachment is a proper remedy to restore public trust. >> at this point it does not look like it's going to happen. jenny beth martin from the tea party patriots where he is coe. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. on this thursday, we all remember what donald trump used to call ted cruz. >> liein' ted. he's lying ted. what's your name, lying ted cruz. l-y l-y-n apass trot fee. >> we will -- will donald trump be ready for days away? former candidate newt gingrich next. i have asthma...
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5:32 am
we are back with a fox news alert. a second night of protesting and violent riots in charlotte, north carolina. >> because i serve a purpose, sir. i serve a purpose. my father served a purpose. my brother serves a purpose. i'm here because, guess what, whether i'm here, i'm in school, i'm in my car, you said, okay a man got shot over here, right, so you basically said why would i put myself in danger's way? >> right, exactly. >> i could be work at school, in my car, i could still get shot by the police. i can get shot anywhere. >> four police officers hurt and the protester shot and is on life support, shot by another
5:33 am
protester as nearly 1,000 rioters take to the streets, throwing fireworks, and looting stores. >> at one point, they tried to throw a reporter on to a bonfire. all of the chaos after this police officer brentley vinson shot and killed this man, keith lamont scott. >> no word if they released that video if -- to all of us so we can show all of you. >> newt, as we look at these troubling images. what's happening? >> first of all, it's a tragedy that eight years after our first african-american president took
5:34 am
office, eight years after we've had two african-american attorney generals, the gap and the hostility if anything is worse and i think that's a tragic failure of leadership. but we as americans have to recognize a couple of things. one, you can't tolerate the kind of violence you saw last night. that begins to begin begin the end of civilization. we have to reinforce the rules. two, the core problem is that people are trapped in the neighborhoods with no hope, no future, no jobs. there have been over 3,000 people shot in chicago so far this year. one every two hours. and nobody -- one thing i'll say about trump, he's the first conservative i've seen willing to go into the inner city and talk about the need for dramatic change, and lastly, i'm really glad that the museum of african-american history is opening at the smithsonian this week, most white americans find
5:35 am
it very hard to understand how dramatically different the experience of being black has been in america, from slavery to segregation, to discrimination, and so we really do have to deal directly with the reality that we've had several hundred years of a very difficult history, and at times you have to be prepared, i think, to really reach deeply to try to build community. >> we're not hearing a lot from president obama on this. you talked about the last eight years. where did he miss the mark the most? in what aspect did he miss a window to repair these types of relations? >> i think the biggest aspect was that all of the major inner cities, all of them governed by democrats, are disasters. look at baltimore where 13% of students pass theleth grade math test. and look at detroit and chicago. more americans have been killed while obama was president in chicago than in iraq and
5:36 am
afghanistan combined. i think the president had a unique opportunity but my guess was afraid to make him a black president in a narrative sense. he could have relaunched a program to rebuild and launch hope in these communities, instead he became the person who talk about the cambridge policeman was wrong, ferguson was wrong, and florida was wrong. the family says the guy was unarmed. how would they know? they weren't there. yet, the news media has carried this as though here's the police and here's the family and they are equal witnesses. no, they are not. the police are witnesses. they have got video. they are telling you what they believe happened, and i think this afternoon they are going to show the video to the family, showing him with a gun. >> yeah. >> newt, i know you've been talking to donald trump a lot about what's coming up on monday night which is the first of the three presidential debates and what he needs to do to win.
5:37 am
this is what he said we can expect on monday. i'm going to be very respectful of her. i think she deserves that and i'm going to be nice. if she's respectful of me, that will be nice. we'll have something that i think people will respect as a debate but we'll see where it all goes. you never really know exactly how it's going to turn out and that's why we have a lot of people watching. >> newt, i know a plot of -- a lot of people are saying hillary is going to do a lot of thing to get under his skin. we tried it other the day. he said what is my advice, and i said i don't have any advice. this is a guy who is so fast mentally, so comfortable in himself, that i think hillary is going to be in for a very long evening but the key to him is simple. he's got to remain relaxed, focused, understand that he's beginning to win, she's beginning to lose and if he
5:38 am
refers to her as secretary clinton, as he just said to you in a few minutes ago, deals with her respectfully, shen she's -- then thes she's got the burden of being mean and nasty. >> as long as the moderator doesn't turn into a fact checker. it should be a fair game. >> i think trump would be much faster than romney was to react to somebody who was a fact checker. he's proven with that first debate with fox, he's very willing to take on the media. >> that was quite a debate. >> you'll see it monday night live on fox. let's head it over to heather from the former speaker to the current house speaker, we're talking about paul ryan, he's blasting the obama administration for what he says is coddling iran. listen to this.
5:39 am
>> i bent over backwards. i don't just mean all of these concessions, cash infusions and side deals, i don't mean sending the secretary of state up to shil for iran like he's the president of the tehran of commerce. >> ouch for the chamber of commerce for iran. that criticism comes as lawmakers investigate the $1.7 billion payment to iran. $4b 00 -- $400 million of that was paid for the very same day that iran wristed -- released our hostages. donald trump and ted cruz not best friends. remember this. >> lying ted. lying ted. what's your name. my name is lying ted cruz. l-y-i-n -- >> this morning, ted cruz is now praising his former foe. sends this tweet, appreciate
5:40 am
donald trump's support of our efforts to keep the internet free. cruz still has yet to endorse the republican nominee. controversy this morning after pictures of a man dragging his daughter by her hair in the congressry store. you can see him as he pushes the cart around a walmart in texas and this is what happened when a woman standing by took the pictures and then confronted him. >> he told me i needed to mind my own business. i said at that point that little girl was my business and i was calling the police because i saw him pulling her hair. he then grabbed her by the top of her head pulling her like this, do you see any hair missing from her hair? i grew up just fine. >> oh, my goodness. she says the five-year-old girl was begging for her dad to stop. police are now questioning that dad. that begs the question. what do you do? do you ever see a parent doing something inappropriate with a
5:41 am
child in public and if you do do you say anything? >> that's pretty much over the line. >> i can't imagine doing that to my daughter. straight ahead, a stung report -- stunning report finds the feds wrongly granted citizenship to hundreds of illegals, who were thosed -- supposed to be deported. congresswoman martha mcsally joining us. if you've gone to extremes to escape your nasal allergies...
5:42 am
try clarispray. from the makers of claritin. clarispray provides 24-hour, prescription strength relief from sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion. return to the world. try clarispray today.
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. welcome back.
5:45 am
outrage continues to grow as a new report exposes hundreds of illegals that were ordered dportd actually got citizenship instead. our next guest has a plan to make sure it never happens again. here to explain is retired air force colonel and arizona gop congresswoman martha mcsally. how does this happen? >> this is insane, pete. there was an inspector general's report out of the department of homeland security that was in the news on monday that essentially looked at 858 individuals who were granted citizenship, who had fingers prints have having law enforcement encounters in the past but simply because they were not uploaded into the electronic system, it appears a requested citizenship under different name, under different
5:46 am
birthday, fraud, they were granted citizenship. there are 953 others, who also -- 858 were from countries of concern, countries from the middle east, countries that have terrorism countries, countries that have instability or neighboring countries with high rates of potential fraud. there's an additional 953 that also were granted citizenship when they had a final deportation order for an encounter with law enforcement. this is very serious and a total blunder out of this department. >> of course. you've got three examples we'll put on the screen right now. one individual became a law enforcement official. two gained access to secure areas of commercial airports, and one gained access to secure areas at maritime facilities. real national security implications. how would your plan change? >> in addition to these blunders from the past, there's 148,000 additional sets of fingerprints that have not been up loaded
5:47 am
into the system as we speak. >> they are on paper, but not in the system. >> as people are getting granted citizenship right now, we can have the same issues going on now. our plan is to have them upload swiftly within 90 days, to update the system. this has been lingering now for years and we're directing them to do it in 90 days. >> it seems doable. do you anticipate any pushback on kplil on this bill? >> i don't. this is a bipartisan bill. we're gotten a number of co-sponsors. we see this as something that we can all agree. up load the phipps fingerprints, do it in 90 days. >> make sense to me. thanks for joining us this
5:48 am
morning. it goes zero to 60 in less than three seconds. can you guess which car was just named the best for drivers? ainsley is teasing there. we will unveil it next. let's check in with bill hemmer for what's coming up. >> is she driving? >> i hope so. >> right on. pete. good morning to you. another night of tension. how do you keep the peace in charlotte? we will take you there live in a moment. four days from debate number one. new fox polling tells a revealing story about where voters are breaking. we'll show you that. the fbi are still looking for two men in relation to the new york city bombings. where are they and what do they know? we'll see at the top of the hour in 12 minutes.
5:49 am
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5:52 am
are you looking for a new car? well, after this, you will be. here to unveil three of motor trend's top cars for drivers 2016, come on in here, we've got ed lowe, the magazine's editor in chief and let's start with this one, the nissan. why is it you like this thing? >> this thing is amazing. 565 horsepower. all wheel drive. it goes 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds. >> let's try it. >> it's a super car. queen turbo, all wheel drive. fantastic drivers car. >> all of the cars today are north of 100 sh$,000. >> this is about $112,000 as it sits. one of our candidates for best drivers car. >> let's go other to heather naue nauert. >> dodge viper acr. it set a bunch of records around
5:53 am
america. 8.4 liter v 10 engine. start it up. >> all right. >> clutch in. there we go. rev it up. >> nice. >> it's in neutral. this is fantastic and look at this, it has a car -- child car seat, but it's a racing harness and what is that wing you have on the back? >> that makes 2,000 pounds of down force at top speed at 177 miles an hour. this is a track beast. >> this is the fastest of the four cars we have here. >> on the race track. >> the dodge viper is actually going out of production. will they have a new one? >> we don't know yet. >> what have you got over there? >> pete is another amazing drivers car. this was a porsche 911 carrera.
5:54 am
it's a fantastic drivers car as well. it's only about $104,000. the least expensive. probably the most practical too. you got two rear seats in the back. gorgeous car. beautifully finished. manual. >> let's keep that thing in park. >> we've got the unveil over here. >> we've got the winner. you got to check it out. am i allowed to say what it is? >> this is the maclaren. >> 562 horsepower. bright orange. >> 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds. fastest car here. >> you can get it any color. how much is this, ed? >> this starts at $187,000. it is the most expensive cars we had in our competition but it's a classic race car. neat engine design.
5:55 am
very, very fast. you look fantastic in it. i'm trying to rev the engine and it's not making any noise. it's not going to run into the building. i don't want to crash -- >> foot on the brake. >> foot on the brake. >> now rev it up. >> just hit the gas. i'm not going to go anywhere. that's amazing. this is awesome. >> you guys are great. >> where do you want to go? >> straight up fifth avenue. >> i don't think we're going to go that fast down fifth avenue. we'll take it to west chester. what's your favorite? this is your favorite too? >> they are all my babies. it is fantastic. it's our best drivers car. >> what some of the other cars that are along the same line. >> all the ones you see here. we also have ford mustang, 350 r. amazing drivers car. the new chevy camaro ra, it's only about $45,000. >> ed lowe.
5:56 am
thank you very much. >> motor trend. we're going to take a time out. gas up the cars and we'll be back in two minutes.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
i think by tomorrow, ainsley will have officially bought the car. >> i don't have this kind of money but i'm learning how to
6:00 am
drive it. i'm gladly borrow it from you. >> thank you very much for joining us. tomorrow, gerardo rivera is joining us and the christian group crowder. bill: fox news alert on charlotte, north carolina after another night of violence in protest of the shooting of another african-american man earlier this week. one man shot by a civilian, that man said to be in critical condition. good morning and welcome to this edition of america's newsroom. i'm bill hemmer. martha:


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