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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 22, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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what did you think of benjamin watson. buy his book pop go to kelly file. thank you for watching. i'm megyn kelly. this is the kelly file. we have a live hannity right now. thanks megyn. this is a fox news alert. protesters back on the street tonight in charlotte, north carolina for the third consecutive night. now the city is in a stanl of emergency. the national guard has been deployed and a midnight to 6:00 a.m. curfew has been put in place by the mayor. our own mike tobin is on the ground tonight with the latest. mike? >> calle . >> reporter: we've got a roud of 500 people. they've stopped right now, giving some instructions and chanting. i'm going to bring in one of the protesters in here. carlos, what are you trying to get down. >> i'm out here to support black lives matter.
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i want to know why when we're in our own communities doing this, there wasn't no national guard or nothing. now we're up here costing the government money, now they got the national guard. this is an oppressive government. >> reporter: you're saying that the national guard is out here because you're in the rich area. let me ask you this. justin carr was killed out here demonstrating last night. does that dissuade you from coming out here? >> no, it doesn't. i'm coming out here for people like him. that died out here. >> reporter: police say he was shot by a civilian out here. >> he was shot by the police. >> how do you know that? >> they got all of the eyewitness roorts. i have a friend that hit me up saying his friend saw him get shot by the police. >> reporter: megyn had a guest on her show saying he heard a shot and saw a young black man with deadlocks and a pistol run out. >> i don't believe that.
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>> reporter: do you believe it was a rubber bullet? >> i believe it was a real bullet. >> reporter: you've heard the version coming from the police saying there's no doubt in his mind that the evidence will show that justin carr was shot by a civilian. the version that people believe on the streets is a rubber bullet by the police. >> in this particular case there's a lot of talk about racial incidents involving the place. in this case you got a black police chief, keith lamont scott, he was black and the officer was black. does that mean anything. he said black lives matter. i believe all lives matter including black lives of course. do they take into account at all that this was not a racial incident? >> reporter: well, let me ask somebody here. hey, buddy, you want to answer a couple 0 questions? >> sure. >> reporter: do you take into account that everybody from the police chief to the man who was shot 0 to the police officer who
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fired the shot, they were all black. does that change your position at all? >> no, i don't think it changes the position at all. i think it has to do with the training of police officers and a lot of times the community and myself included, we feel like the police don't have that long of a training. it's a training issue. not so much of a black and white issue. a lot bigger than that. >> we have two distinct stories that have emerged here. if it turns out keith lamont scott had a gun, does that make a difference to him? >> reporter: if it turns out that keith lamont scott had a gun, are you going to change your position? does that make a difference to you? >> no. because at the end of the day, from what i was told, is that he posed a threat. but i don't necessarily -- >> reporter: if he had a gun, clearly he posed a threat.
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>> i don't know if it was on his hip, if he pointed it at the cop. he was waiting on his kids. so at the end of the day, i don't understand why he lost his life. if you guys clarify what you mean by posing -- >> reporter: have you willing to wait for the investigation, wait for all of the evidence? >> when a black man kills a black man, he goes downtown for two years before he's found not guilty. >> reporter: you're saying you're not willing to wait on the investigation. >> release the video now. >> reporter: you heard that. he says he's not willing to wait for the investigation. and his argument is when a black man kills a black man they'll take him downtown right away. >> you ought to follow up with that guy. i think he's raising a poignant point here and that is if you have a case where somebody in fact has a gun, is he not willing to wait for the full investigation to go forward. why are people so quick to rush to judgment.
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don't police deserve the presumption of innocence? >> the question from new york is do police deserve the presumption of innocencethey no crime. >> reporter: why aren't you willing to wait for the evidence? >> when you're accused 0 a crime they don't wait to take you downtown. they take you downtown, give you no bail and wait for two years until you're found not guilty. take him downtown for two years. >> reporter: the guy who got killed, what if he committed a crime. >> don't you own a gun? >> reporter: what if it turns out he had a gun. >> you have a right to bare arms. >> reporter: what if he had a gun and and he was a threat. >> if he had not shut the gun, you can't say he's a threat. you don't know what he's thinking. >> reporter: what if he pointed the gun. >> he didn't point a gun. never said that. never said that. >> reporter: -- the video right now. >> show the tape.
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show the tape. >> reporter: now you hear that often out here, sean, show the tape. and the police officer says he is reluctant to show the tape. >> where the -- tape. >> reporter: we've got them rimed up here to stasht chanting show us the tape. i want to be careful we're not stoking the embers here. >> joining us here, former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. i would like your reaction to what you just heard there and what i just heard there. i understand people want to see the tape but it's an ongoing investigation. we've had in the case, i would argue, trayvon martin case's ferguson, we've had a rush to judgment. we've had leaders create an expectation or a result of a verdict in a case that was never coming based on evidence that is accumulated over time. why is there this unwillingness
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to give the benefit of doubt, the presumption of innocence, wait for due process. >> first of all, i'm struck by, in the last couple of night's coverage, how much television maximizes the problem. the young lady last night who was on the show, i happened to be on the same show, she's very hysterical and noisy. she showed up again tonight on videotape. she's getting a huge amount of coverage and she's one person in a metropolitan area of 2 million people. we're told that people believe this. the total population that's turned out is about 1,000. there are another 2,392,399, 00 people who have not showed up. they get more and more excited and they represent a very very small group.
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but a large enough group to damage and to loot and to cause problems which we saw last night when property, you know, stores were being looted et cetera. so i think to some extent the very nature of modern live television coverage heightens the tension and heightens the rush to judgment. >> you know, i guess where i get aggravated, mr. speaker, is we've had these high profile racial cases and we discussed this last night and the president himself, a constitutional attorney supposedly is rushed to judgment without facts or evidence presented, without due process, with no presumption of innocence. and he's been wrong four out of four times in this high profile cases. but if we really care about all lives mattering in the case of black lives mattering, and you got 3,660 plus chicago residents, his own town murdered since he's been president, and i
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don't think the president could name one of those people. one has to then question, i guess that whatever the president is discussing, if it doesn't fit the narrative that he's advancing, he doesn't seem to want to get involved. why is that? he's been silent on this case. why? >> look. the whole narrative of the left is that whatever happens is the police's fault. we had within person we were chatting with last night and we asked them about shouldn't the police in fact be prepared to use tear gas if they're looting trucks on i-85. and he said i don't know. i'm not sure that's the case. so on the left there's a constant bias against the police and a constant bias against people who are trying to enforce the law. and as you said about the case here in charlotte, you have an african-american policeman who shot an african-american, you
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have an african-american chief of police. the police seem to have video of the victim carrying a gun. and you have to raise the question what level, particularly in a period, by the way, when we've seen a lot of folks shooting at policeman. if you're a policeman and you realize over the last six to eight months there are people out there gunning for policemen. you have a lot shotter fuse than you would have had a year ago because you kept getting told that your life is in danger from random people because they want to kill cops. >> you know, i want to play a video. there is a mob beating a guy that happens to be white in a marking garage. the guy is literally begging for mercy in this particular case. i want to roll video of this. and you know, as we have seen in ferguson and baltimore in particular, i'm not sure how looting, robbing, beating,
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burning and all of the things we have now scene -- you can see this. this is horrific to see this on video. you've got a gang of people beating the living crap out of this guy who is fighting for his life. how does that bring justice to anybody. yet it happens again and again. and even when we have video of looting, for example, in baltimore or ferguson, nobody uses the video after the fact that arrest the people that we know did this. >> well that's what hit he looking at that voop. i don't understand why we don't have a standard that says if we pick you up on video breaking the law, we're going to come after you and arrest. you cannot allow this kind of violence to be a risk free game that people can play on a summer evening. there has to be real consequence. of course as we just showed, exactly the kind of mob violence which you would think african-americans with a long
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history with the ku klux klan, with segregation, with the enforcement by southern governments of segregation, you think there would be some sympathy with the idea of getting beat up by a mob. but there isn't. once a mob becomes a mb they use any sense of justice or self control. >> let me ask you one political question. we've got a debate on monday. hillary clinton got angry at one point today when being questioned by a local reporter and then laughed at a reporter's question on her health and then lashing out at donald trump. let me play a little bit of that and what this is telling you. listen. >> some doctors have said because of your age as well as your opponent's age that you could be at higher risk for dementia or even alzheimer's and suggested that you take some neuro cognitive tests. would you be willing to do that? >> i am very sorry i got pneumonia. i'm glad that antibiotics took
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care of it. i've met the standard of releasing the information about my health. after saying this, why aren't i 50 points ahead, you might ask. well the choice for working flannellies has never been clearer. >> she looked unhinged. what is that? >> vince showed me that clip which actually goes on for about 90 seconds. he said something very similar. one of the challenges for her is when she gets really intense, she's a little scary. and it will be fascinating monday -- i am really looking forward to the debate monday night. because you have two such remarkably different personalities and remarkably different styles. >> you know, i would only offer one bit of advice. i think donald trump knows the issues well enough.
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he's done enough interviews and policy speeches. hillary clinton can't run on her foreign policy record, can't run on character and trustworthiness and honesty and truthfulness. the only thing i see she's got left in her arsenal, the only bullet in the gun so to speak, metaphorically speaking, she's going to try to annoy, aj state donald trump. do you agree with me and how should he handle it? >> i do agree with you in general. it's not going to work. donald trump went through 13 years to have apprentice. he's been in all sorts of rooms in all sorts of reality tv. and reality tv with hillary clinton is something i think he's fully prepared to deal with. we have no idea how this debate is going to go and i'm not prejudging it. it think it will be the highest rated presidential debate in history. i'm looking forward to being
7:15 pm
with you afterward and talking about it. if her only strategy is to try to go after donald trump, one of the things she should remember, and she said this on fox and friends i think it was this morning, he said he's going to be very respectful to her and he hopes that she'll be respectful. but there's an underlying tone there. his ground rule in the republican debates was i'm not going to pick a fight with you but you pick a fight with me, i'm going to tear you apart. this is the best counter puncher we've ever seen. >> you were pretty good yourself. i remember you went after a couple of the moderators. you did. i remember. >> i did. let me assure you, donald trump is a better debater than i am. he's a more formidable debater. >> mr. speaker, good to see you. we have a lot more news tonight on this edition of "hannity" coming up straight ahead. >> we need a national anti-crime agenda to make our cities safe
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again. we have to make our cities safe again. >> in the wake of the unrest in charlotte, donald trump calls for a national anti-crime agenda. rudy giuliani will join us in the studio next with reaction as we continue. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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and this is fox news alert. protesters take to the streets tonight for a third night in charlotte. donald trump addressed the very tense situation in north carolina. she spoke with the governor he tweeted moments ago. but watch this. >> many americans are watching
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the unrest in charlotte unfolding right before their eyes. our country looks bad to the world. especially when we are supposed to be the world's leader. how can we lead when we can't even control our own cities. we need a national anti-crime agenda to make our cities safe again. we have to make our cities safe again. >> here now with us former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. mr. mayor last night wu were clear. this wouldn't have happened in new york city and you just said to me coming on the air you wouldn't allow what's happening tonight to happen. >> you don't take the streets. so here was my rule, i enforced it with zero tolerance. you wanted to protest, you had every right to do that. you could call me all kinds of names and as you know, they did. >> they really did, by the way. that's not a joke. >> if you're going to change things they're going to get
7:20 pm
angry. you could have a sidewalks. but you couldn't have the streets unless you got a permit and if you got a permit there was a limit to the time. if you take the streets in manhattan, people are going to die. i have ambulances going through the streets of manhattan and if they don't get to the hospital in four minutes, the man is dead of a heart attack or the woman is dead of a heart attack. you have your right to make your first amendment point but you do not have the right to take away the rights of the other people. and if you put them on the sidewalks, you exercise control over them as opposed to their exercising control over you. the police should be demonstrating that they are exercising control over the probably small percentage of people as newt pointed out of charlotte, including african-americans. i bet the vast majority of african-americans don't want to be involved in that nonsense that's going on in the streets. >> but there's nouf there, look,
7:21 pm
there's bottles, rocks being thrown at officers. >> should be arrested immediately. >> immediately. now maybe you could say before tonight they didn't have the manpower. they got the manpower to niemth. >> the first bottle you throw i find you in the crowd and we go right to riker's island. and the police commission comes and looks at the videotape and we find the guy in his house and put him in jail. i took over a city thatted that had two major riots in two years that the mayor didn't control. >> that was a very -- >> that was a horrible. >> horrible time. mr. mayor, i guess as we watch this and they have the streets, all right, so now you take over. we put you in charge right now. how do you get them off the streets as you look at that? >> they would have never gotten there. the first one on the street should have been arrested and then the second one and the third one and the fifth one and
7:22 pm
the sixth one and the severance one. you wear them down. come on, test me. i have 41,000 cops. what do you have? i believe in the first amendment. i believe in the first amendment right to protest. i don't believe in breaking up a man's store. why should some african-american man who has a canty store has his candy store broken into because a police officer did what he did. and in this case it sounds like the police officer was justified. and also if black lives matter, why isn't the black life of the black police officer matter? >> it should. look, he's fighting if are the presumption of innocence for everyone else. >> in the facts are, as the police commissioner stated and the guy came out with a gun, why doesn't the life of that police officer mean something. >> what about releasing the tape as the crowd is asking for tonight? >> i don't want to disagree with the judgment of the d.a. and the governor and the mayor. but i always released information. >> let me play for you, i think
7:23 pm
this goes to the heart of the question. the president rushed to judgment in four very high profile cases. his silence has been deafening on 3,660 deaths in chicago. he's invited black lives matter to the white house. hillary has supported black lives matter. pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon, what do we want, dead cops. here's hillary supporting black lives matter. >> i think it is essential that we all stand up and say loudly and clearly yes, black lives matter. >> well, of course they do but also all lives matter. >> but, sean, does the life of the black police officer matter? >> yes. >> well shouldn't there be, in that case since we have a black police officer who they claim was in jeopardy of using his life and a black man who did lose his life, shouldn't we step back and figure out who is right and wrong. this is not a racial situation
7:24 pm
now. we're talking about a black police officer that shot a black man that says that he was pointing a gun, or had a gun in his hand. now we have two lives at stake, both of which were black. so if black lives matter, both of those lives matter as well as all of white people there. >> we can't wait for an investigation or due process, can't wait for evidence to be presented, can't wait for presumption of innocence. let me put up some poll numbers for you. nevada is up by three points, a very important state. 43/40. if we could put it on the screen. then we've got north carolina, that poll, the latest fox news poll and trump is up there, very important state of north carolina, 45/40. then ohio, we all know how important ohio is, this is the second poll that has trump up by 5, 42/37. donald trump on monday will
7:25 pm
debate hillary clinton. hillary clinton can't ruin on foreign policy, can't run on honesty and integrity, can't run on the obama economy. her job is going to be to piss him off. if i'm wrong i'll say i'm wrong >> you're right on target. her whole strategy has been, so far, to demonize him. >> piss him off. i know. >> she's created a fairly low bar for him. if you listen to her you expect satan to come out. >> madmen to walk out on the stage who's going to knock over the podium and throw things at her and yell and scream. >> that's not going to happen. >> i believe that the donald trump that i know for 28 years is the donald trump you're going to see on monday night. a sensible reasonable extraordinarily successful man. >> do you agree she's going to try to get under his skin? >> who is running for this office only because he loaves this country. that's why he's running for this
7:26 pm
office. >> i bet it's costing him a billion dollars. >> a fortune. >> do you agree with me that that's her strategy to get under his skin? >> it's been the strategy of her campaign up until now. and the fact is she does have the temperament. better than her. you showed that tape. i also saw the rest of that tape. if we're going to talk about temperament, read the book by the secret service agent. >> it's a great book. >> you and i both know secret service agents. >> i've heard a lot of stories. >> i worked with the secret service for 28 years. when they like you, they keep their mouth shut. when they don't like you, you hear a lot of stuff. >> i've heard a lot of stuff. they don't tell me anything about you. that's a good sign. >> they're all my friends. >> monday is going to be fun. are you going to be at the debate? >> you're darn right. >> we'll be there too broadcasting. i hope you'll join us. coming up next, we continue
7:27 pm
to follow the situation on the ground in charlotte. and also tonight -- >> now having said all this, why aren't i 50 points ahead, you might ask. well, the choice for working families has never been clearer. >> whoa. we have the longer version. you don't want to miss it. hillary doesn't seem to understand why she isn't 50% up in the polls. that's coming up later tonight as account hannity" continues on this busy news night straight ahead. the world's most exciting technology...
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reddi-wip. share the joy. i'll defend every worker's right to bargain collectively and i'll fight back against so-called right to work. right to work is wrong for workers and wrong for america. now having said all this, why aren't i 50 points ahead, you might ask. well, the choice for working families has never been clearer. i need your help to get donald trump's record out to everybody. nobody should be fooled. he proudly declared himself 100% right to work. he even hired a union busting firm to break up and organizing campaign at his hotel in las vegas where you are right now. and he's built up his wealth by stiffing small businesses and
7:31 pm
contractors. that goes against everything we stand for as a country. my dad was a small businessman. i'm just happy he never did business with trump. what would have happened to us? >> wow. hillary clinton saying she doesn't understand why she's not running away with the election. here now, national syndicated host larry elder, also fox news contributor laura ingraham. why are you laughing? >> she's unhinged. >> it's a shock she's not ahead 50 points with that delivery. what was that? when you guys started playing that, i thought that's really funny that she's participate in a spoof of herself. that's great. >> i think there's something wrong here. >> that was just bizarre on many levels. >> you're look at this video and i got criticized -- remember this video in watch this. watch all of the sudden her head twitching and twitching. ready, set, she turns right,
7:32 pm
there you go, boom, boom, boom, boom. and she does it again. there's something going on here. i'm not a doctor. but that, that to me looks like what was going on in the video. >> it's a very curious thing. i think that's why all of the polls show that people didn't think she was being completely forth right about her condition. but i'm focusing on the condition of her economic plans and her horrific record. she has a record of failure. she has no real record to run on. but that was an odd -- >> so odd. >> odd delivery. it was unlike anything i've ever seen before. >> larry, what did you think? >> it is odd. i did have a doctor on to comment about that and she made a speculation that hillary may be suffering from parkinson's. she wants to be the third term of the obama administration and the record is lousy. worst economic recovery since the second world war, first
7:33 pm
president to preserve over recovery and the difference between the 2% and 3% is a million jobs. that's 7 million jobs. if obama had stayed on the golf course practicing his putting. people have realized this. they're working harder and making less money. black poverty up, black net worth down, black home ownership down. >> larry, look at the split screen. this is the legacy. this did not come out of nowhere. the division in this country -- >> you're right. >> -- is division, despair, distraction, demon zags. this is a depressing environment and atmosphere. >> it keeps happening. >> it's boiling over. and i understand their raw emotions, i get it. i don't pretend to understand
7:34 pm
everything that's going on in charlotte. but i can't imagine anyone thinks we want to continue with this. this is -- >> laura and sean -- >> hardworking people. >> this is the perfect storm of the two generations of fartherless homes and obama said this, i didn't say it, a kid that grows out without a dad is nine times more likely to drop out of school, 20 times more likely to end up in jail. you add to this the narrative that racement belongs a major problem in america, and then that this black lives matter nonsense that there's a proliferation of blacks being mowed down by the president, fanned by a president who's played the race card, whether it's invoking ferguson and the united nations meeting. all of these factors have come together to create what we're seeing on our streets of america today. >> we're sewing fear and
7:35 pm
division, distrust in a neighborhood and community that desperately needs real hope, not the fake hope of a poster and a slogan. but real hope in terms of real economic opportunity, real jobs -- >> hang on. look at this. back on the highway again. last night there was a moment towards the end of the second hour where we did on this program where literally they were stopping cars and getting on top of them. it reminded me very much of what happened in the rodney king case. they dragged out that poor truck driver, reginald denny. >> yeah. >> the only difference i see tonight is there seems to be a police presence. last night there was no police presence there. and this gets really scary when you're talking about motorists, they're being stopped, they can't drive without running somebody over. >> everybody is pussy footing around what's going on. last night it was the mob riot,
7:36 pm
the video of the young caucasian male begging for help and they smashed and kicked him, dragged him akrosds tcross the parking >> beat the crap out of imhim. >> i had somebody call my video station saying he was in fear of his life if a police officer hadn't drug him off of the street. this is really serious. no job is being created, no opportunity is being created by this type of behavior. you pull those cameras out there, a lot of those kids will go home. >> sean, this whole narrative is built on a lie. michael brown didn't have his hands up, didn't say don't shoot. the percentage of blacks being shot by cops has declined 75%. twice as many whites are killed every year compared to blacks. and it's true that 25% of the people killed are black but that's because of huge proliferation rates.
7:37 pm
a black kid is more likely to commit a murder than a white kid. that's why the cops are there. >> it is a confrontation. >> let alone a black person who's not armed. >> when we come back we have mike tobin on the ground right there in that situation. he'll join us next. laura good to see you. thank you. thank you very much, larry. we'll get reaction, that and more tonight as "hannity" continues. stay with us.
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a fox news alert and protesters now in charlotte are trying to shut down a major highway. our own mike tobin is down there with them. mike, we saw a little bit of this last night although there wasn't a police presence there. and these cars were being stopped on the highway. they were jumping on the cars. it was getting very precarious there. how is it tonight? >> reporter: i didn't see any of the jumping on the cars.
7:43 pm
both sides of 277 were shut down right here in front of blaank o america stadium. what you're looking at is the aftermath. as soon as the protesters got the highway blocked off, then we saw the cops and the riot gear. they came advancing their line thumping their shield and they had the paint rounds out. there's a chemical irritant in those paint ball rounds. we've seen that before. i have a strong smell of vinegar and that's because the demonstrators think if they put vinegar on a bandana that will minimize the effects of the tear gas. so you see the police right now in the middle of the highway. their presence. you've got police on the other side of the highway. and that's the situation out here, sean. >> unbelievable. stay safe hoop here for reaction, bo deed l and radio
7:44 pm
talk show host james t. harris. bo, do you agree with rudy. this shouldn't even be taking place. >> you have school buses, you have the plastic handcuffs, they got to be utilized. you've got to get these people right away. they're committing crimes, beating people up, robbing people. they're setting fires, doing whatever they got to do. assaulting people and committing crimes. just watching your show last night when you're interviewing people why are you there, they have no real idea of with why they're there. they want to see the video. what are they going to show it in a movie theater? you don't take the law into your own hands. this is america. we have a you different system. look what happened a few years ago when de blasio let mthem demonstrate. two cops were assassinated in new york. what frightens me are the other
7:45 pm
people out there right now could happen what's happened in dal lats. i'm afraid for the cops out there. they must go in there, get the troublemakers out of there, lock them up when they commit crimes and disperse this. you can't let this keep going, it will get its own legs and before you know it you'll have a full riot situation and you'll not be able to control it. >> i had a caller on the show today who say what you're seeing is america is looking for answers. you see people looking for revenge. i also had another guest on today who was brilliant. he said in the absence of perspective and context, what you get is chaos. and we're seeing people being allowed to run wild in our streets and cities. we're seeing lawlessness all in the, you know, like this is the first amendment right to protest. they do have that. but they do not have a first amendment right to destroy and
7:46 pm
disrupt society in this fashion. >> yeah. guys, we really appreciate it, bo. are you running for mayor of new york? are you going to try to clean this up? >> i filed for mayor of new york and i love when de blasio tells trump he knows about the streets. how does de blasio know anything when he gets up at 11:00. i'm running against him i filed and i'm running as a democrat against de blasio. >> bo deed l against be do de blasio. when i come back, geraldo rivera here to react straight ahead. ♪ there's no one road out there. no one surface... no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. >> test test. >> test test. >> test test sh
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. this is a fox news alert. a third night of protests in the city of charlotte, north carolina. . and with us is geraldo riviera. you and i got into it a little bit. it's not personal. i don't understand how you can look at this the way i look at this and say there is something dramatically wrong when people
7:52 pm
are not willing to wait for facts and evidence and allow a prupgs of innocence. and either he had a gun or a book. >> you're so smart, so sharp, i want you to run for senate for the united states. >> yes? where? >> it is a black on black problem that creates the scenes where the situations where people appear as menaces to the cops. the cops react. they're trained to react. they react. you have to say that -- >> why do we ignore 3660 in chicago? >> you must come to the place where you admit that a person should not be victimized by
7:53 pm
anybody. >> every indication is that it was a gun. >> so let's get together. we call on the family, people on the right and left and release the damn video. let us see what happens. >> you and fwer raldo know of my father, and. >> he's got a lot of kids, your dad. >> a lot of brothers and sisters. he didn't believe in radio. and he was a pioneer at establishing civilian review complaint boards when police brutality was a serious problem in the harlems of our country. it is a different age. for couple hundred blacks that are killed by cops there are
7:54 pm
thousands killed by other blacks. the subtle white supremacy being promoted by the black lives matter crowd because they don't talk about the thousands of blacks killed by other blacks. it seems like black lives only matter when killed by white cops. >> geraldo, i said that to you last night. >> i believe it. and hundreds of black people being killed by blue people. >> it is -- >> it's a virtual silence about the other. and let them be unfair, but not us? >> i'm not being unfair. >> we say, i just on the video.
7:55 pm
>> release the video-doosh. >> thanks for being with us. stay with the fox news channel. continuing coverage. it's your daily retreat. go ahead, spoil yourself. the es and es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. it's 8:00 prime minister on the west coast. a curfew is set to take affect. i'm shepard smith with continuing coverage of the protests in charlotte. the o'reilly factor will not be seen at this time. we're focusing on the scene in north carolina's largest city. the mayor ordered a curfew at midnight and we're waiting to see when protestors will obey it. demonstrators have taken to the streets after a black police officer shot and killed a black man named keith scott. some of the violence, some of the protests turned violent b


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