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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 23, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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you this morning on our facebook poll who will win monday's debate. trump leads with 94% with hillary clinton 6%. >> do you think eric trump will be happy to see that? [laughter] >> martha: a little something for him to jump off. bill: we will see you. martha: see you then. jenna: fox alert on new developments in two police-involved shootings that have rocked the country and sparked violent protests. hello, everybody, i'm jenna lee. >> and i'm eric in for john scott. there you see the podium and the flags, all of this coming after a mostly peaceful night on the city streets as pressure mounts on police to release body cam or dash cam footage of the night keith lamont scott was shot and
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killed. >> we want the tape! [shouting] >> protestors marching in the streets demanding that the police chief kerr putney make video public. also family calling for release. last night on kelly file chief putney said this about the family's request. >> ultimately that is a factor in whether or not we release but ultimately right now i don't have any authority to do so. it is in the hands of the state bureau investigation. they're going to do independent investigation in there. i tell you, looking at it from all angles, i think that is probably the better option right now and we will see what they find based on their examinations of the fact. jenna: attorney for scott's family, video show nos definitive evidence of scott holding a weapon. they say he was holding a book. police say it was a gun. in tulsa, oklahoma officer betty
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shelby has been charged with first-degree manslaughter in the shooting death of terence who was unarmed. shelby opened fire when he began to reach into his car window. these two shootings and subsequent protests have become an issue on the campaign trail with both candidates reacting, we will get to that in a minute. first, rick is in charlotte with the very latest from there. rick. >> we will try to take you that live when it happens. in the meantime, night three of protestors here, much more peaceful than the past two nights, we didn't see the looting or violence that we saw before thanks in large part, many believe to the hundred national guard troops and police troopers that were brought in help to keep the peace in downtown streets. the authorities allow it had group of 700 demonstrators to march through the streets but there was tear gas used when an
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individual try today block traffic. two officers were hurt overnight when they were sprayed by some kind of chemical agent. as you reported, many in the crowd were chanting release the tape. late yesterday scott's family was shown that footage and their attorney release it had statement which reads in part, when told to exit the vehicle, mr. scott did so in a very calm nonaggressive manner, while police did give him several commands, he did not raise hands at law enforcement at any time. it's impossible to discern what if anything mr. scott is holding in his hands when he was shot and killed and mr. scott's hands were by his side and he was slowly walking backwards according to the family and police chief scott was holding gun and in his opinion the shooting was justified, jenna.
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jenna: we will, of course, take you to the press conference that will get started moment airily. in the meantime we will turn to poll yiks because that's where we are at, the timing of all of this, reactions from the presidential candidates. donald trump stepping up his law and order message. >> we need safety, we are going to make america safe again. the rioting in our streets is a threat to all peaceful citizens and it must be ended and ended now. jenna: hillary clinton focusing on the shooting themselves. there >> there is still much we don't know about the incidents but we do know that we have two more list of names of african americans killed by police officers in these encounters,
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it's unbearable and it needs to become intolerable. jenna: so it feels a little shallow to talk about it, some of the strategy that we are seeing from both candidates. washington post says this about donald trump today, that his -- his jumping into the deep end, if you will, of this issue threatens to antagonize centrist that are likely to decide the election, do you believe that's the case? >> i don't, actually. i think what we sue from donald -- we saw from donald trump is doubling down on law and order strategy. he called for nationwide stop and frisk, you saw in the clip that you just played. he's speaking directly about strength and about law and order and when you hear those words
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against the backdrop of the kind of videos that you're seeing night after night when you have these protestors and rioters who are assaulting passers-by. kicking a homeless man off of a chair, that's going to be a message that resinates with a lot of voters and including some centrist. jenna: the writer says that she believes that this could be a game changer in the state of north carolina in trump's favor because it will motivate white voters to turn out for donald trump and that's part of who he needs in that state. do you see this incident having such an impact on the election 40 plus days away? >> well, certainly the messages are very starkly different between donald trump and hillary clinton and donald trump has been trying to take his law and order message into a different context lately by saying, you know, this applies al to the minority community so they can live in safe america just like the rest of america. and he also has been talking
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about the need to help -- making a distinct between those who need help and ignored and those who tr the bad apples, drug dealers and the violent ones and he sees a difference between those things. these messages may help chip away some of the support hillary clinton has had in those groups but also bolster those who have been on the fence about donald trump because they come across now as a much more reasonable approach, balancing those two things between law and order for everyone and the need to take care of those who are outside of the normal sort of growth that the country has seen. jenna: of course, anything can happen in the next several weeks. unexpected area of the country in a key battleground state, steve, and so, you know, here we are again 40 days, a lot can change in 40 days as well. >> absolutely, no question about it. i think we should assume that we will see some significant external event between now and november 8th and that the way
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that each candidate handles that event will some way or another will move outcome of election. we saw dui in 2000 and 2004, series of stories that "the new york times" wrote that dominated coverage going into that election. in 2008, of course, there was the economic collapse. you have seen this again and again and again. i think we are likely to see something similar between now and november 8th. jenna: we are watching in charlotte, north carolina, the mayor making the podium. there's been news items each day so we are going to go ahead and do that right now. partners beih us as well. last night in charlotte, last night was what a lawful demonstration looks like. i want to say i appreciate the
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efforts of all of our law enforcement officers both local and state and i want to thank them for the professionalism that they have demonstrated. i was out on the streets last night listening to folks who were there and was grateful to see people voicing their opinions peacefully. i was also encouraged to see acts of gratitude and positive personal interaction between demonstrators and our men and women in uniform. however, we continue to maintain our level of resources and we are in preparations for the weekend ahead. we are thankful for the support of our business community as we work to return to a normal business schedule. our uptown area is largely open for business and we are working to return to normalcy.
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last night i find a citywide curfew that's in effect between midnight and 6:00 a.m., this curfew is a tool that allows us to adjust enforcement at the direction of our law enforcement officials. our corporate communications division has compiled a list of frequently asked questions and i would direct people to the city of charlotte website as well as watch twitter feed at cltgov for frequently asked questions about the curfew. although we have a few of those, we have gotten questions what it actually means to have the curfew in place. one of the questions our schools, day cares, exempt from this curfew, travel for services
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necessary to sustain the well-being of citizens or their families are exempt from the curfew. that would be schools, those opened before 6:00 a.m., another frequently asked question, how would the curfew impact businesses such as restaurants and bars that are open after midnight, the curfew restricts travel for nonexempt purposes within the city of charlotte from midnight till 6:00 a.m. patrons who leave establishments will be impacted if they need to travel on the roadways during curfew hours. bars and restaurants will be closing at midnight. there are other frequently asked questions again. i would direct people to the website and to our twitter feed, we will continue to get those questions answered as people to what a curfew means.
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with that, i would like to turn it over to our chief of police chief kerr spies putney. >> good morning. i would like to go over some of the details concerning last night's demonstrations that were for the most part peaceful very much so. there were a couple of issues that we need to address and i will give you kind of a timeline, a sequence of events at approximately 8:30 a group of protestors started blocking the street. at at aroximately 8:45 we saw protestors within the groups, one of the groups there at park who were beginning to put on gas masks. at 8:52 we got intelligence through our intel unit that
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there was a violent group coming out of south carolina coming up here to join in the protest. these factors and a few others influenced my decision to seek approval for the curfew and that was at 9:00 o'clock p.m. to be in effect starting at midnight and going to 6:00 in the morning. at 10:15i sent an emergency deployed to maintain order as protestors continue today block streets. at 10:40 interstate 277 was shut down and we deployed ceu, civil emergency unit to regain outer. that process took about 15 minutes which is a lot more timely than we have had in the past. at 10:46 the city building on church street was reported to be vandalized in the process to
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being so. so we responded to that location. add -- at midnight the curfew went to effect. it is a tool to help us maintain order. it gives us discretion so employing that purr few i -- curfew i do have discretion to use judgment to enforce that, meaning as long as people are being peaceful and for the most part they were, i don't have to be the aggressive party creating a sense of -- of disorder from our part, creating some tension that i wanted to and our officers wanted to deescalate. so that was our approach. we continue today facilitate the protesting throughout the night and at 1:45 this morning the
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protestors protesting had subsided and the groups had begun to dissipate significantly. overall, we had one officer who was treated for a minor hand injury, two who were treated after being sprayed with some chemical agent by some protestors, one national guard member was treated by medic for a minor injury. we had one civilian that was transferred by medic but was not related to the protest itself. we had a total of three arrests, failure to disperse, one for carrying a concealed weapon and curfew violation. i have to highlight a little bit of the work, though, our investigations were being conducted from previous -- the previous night when we had quite a bit of damage. what i saw was humbling, impressive work.
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our officers sacrificing our own safety to protect our city and i can't say how humbled i am by that. just great work. at 7:00 a.m., just today another example of the follow-up work and the good investigative work, our violent criminal apprehension team just apprehended rick moram, suspect of murder of mr. justin car which happened on trade street. he was shot and killed as you know during the demonstration wednesday night and our crime team investigators and hock side detectives were able to use a lot of footage, real-time crime center was able to supply footage from cameras that helped us solve that case. a tremendous amount of good detective work there. currently we are still
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conducting the interview as the investigation continues but we have established probable cause and made arrest. we have also identified several other suspects involved in property-related crimes the night before. and again, i can't say enough, the impact that we have with camera footage that covers the city that allow us to piece together some of these cases. we have also posted a number of photos of additional suspects and we ask the public to do like wives, if you have any evidence that could help us resolve and solve some of the outstanding case that is we are looking to resolve, we ask you to do so. i would be remiss if i didn't thank our partners, as always the charlotte fire department and medic who is always a good partner, we have the national guard, the state highway patrol as well as our local mecklenburg sheriff's office, we could not ensure the safety of our jurisdiction without their
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support. again, i want to underscore the hard work of men and women of our partner agencies and our police department. they continue to do good work. i am also very encouraged by the manner in which the first amendment was exercised last night. we are most appreciate i have to that. and i can tell you personally i was -- i have a great deal of empathy or appreciation for the empathy and professionalism displayed by our heros. i continue to be marvel by their efforts and their work. lastly and unfortunately maybe for you but not so much for me, this will be the final case update that i can give you regarding the officer-involved shooting of mr. scott. currently it it has officially been turned over to the federal
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bureau of investigations for independent investigative process. they will be the entity that's responsible for updating any case, disseminating information and releasing any information. thorough investigation relies on multiple factors and i can tell you one piece of evidence will never, ever make a good case. i know the expectation that video footage can be and i can tell you that is not quite the case. there are a lot of factors that have to support and corroborate even which you might visually see. i ask for your continued patience as the state bureau of investigations conducts their thorough investigation because it's going to take them some time to piece together everybody that has happened and what i can tell you, i have confidence in that process and i hope our
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fellow community members will allow for that thorough investigation. again, last thing i want to say is i'm still optimistic, i'm still proud of our city, i'm still proud of our community and i'm humbled and very proud of the work that our cmpd officers and law enforcement partners continue to work to make us a safe city that our community deserves. thank you. >> good morning, again. i'm wily with the charlotte-mecklenburg communications and i want to acknowledge that thighs are and continue to be difficult times for all of us. together our community has always worked tirelessly to address concerns surrounding police and police-community relations.
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it is critical that we remain diligent and continuein productive dialogue sharing diverse perspectives and continue doing what is right. let's continue to work together to seek the truth and find that mutual solutions that will foster trust and strengthen us as a community. we as a community need to navigate this through together and i believe that we will. we must remember that we cannot control wh others might think, say or do, however, we do control how we might react to them. the community relations committee is building with the community initiative and faith-based organizations to create opportunities and safe spaces for dialogue, convene and intact groups. we are here as a resource to our
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community, anyone interested in participating in a facilitated dialogue can do so by contacting diane english at the community building initiative at (704)333-2595 or they might contact me at 704 -- jenna: as we continue to watch the news from that city. the community leader talking to the press and to the local population but we also heard from the mayor and police ief as well. we are going to continue to monitor in case any questions are asked. here are the two big headlines, there will be a curfew. yesterday at this time there was the decision no need for curfew and yesterday evening that changed. so there will be a curfew this friday night from midnight until 6:00 o'clock. also from the police chief, we just want to reiterate the big headline that officially the
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investigation into this police shooting has been turned over to state bureau of investigations for independent investigation. so it's out of the police chief's hands, it's into the officials of the state and as he mentioned, it may be a while before we have a full picture as to what actually transpired that very day where an officer shot a man, the officer said that the man had a gun, the man's family said he had a book. we will try to find out the facts of that case and hopefully sometime soon although we can't be too sure. we will monitor that news conference. i see the mayor speaking yet again. any news that comes out of it, we will bring it back to you. in the meantime i want to bring bill and steve hayes. we have local politics and there's a lot of different add -- add
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i don't know, i think the politics don't make things easier, if there was an easy solution we would have found one right now. i mean, i do think it's the case that you have many many instances groups past, talking past one another, whether you're talking about the police, whether you're talking about, you know, minorities and the families of the victims of these shootings, you have a conversation that's not really a conversation because people aren't engaged. you have too many times people just making stands and to the extent politics is playing a role in that and i think it is, it's not helpful. jenna: we also don't have the facts and here we have to wait for even longer time for the facts to see a video to have an understanding of exactly what potentially happened. glen, here we are a couple days before debate. race, security, that may very well be a topic we see at the debate. it might be discussed and i
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wonder if it adds to the tension without adding a solution. >> both of the candidates are trying to find the right message and tone to strike here. recognizing there's a balance of law and order and also needs of the community andle rights of communities. they want to reassure their potential voting bases that they have the right approach and maintain the vote of the black vote, hispanic vote, the minority vote but also to appeal to the white voters that will be significant portions of their support on both sides. so there's a lot at stake for them and i'm certain that we will be hearing more on this topic. it's something that has been with us for a long time in may recollect and it remains unresolved as we have been discussing. people in this election will be looking for the right answers. jenna: as we are awaiting for the results of 2012, all come down to basic questions, can i get a job and am i safe and
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these seem to be the theme as we come closer to election. great to have you both. >> greg: more than 15 years after 9/11 congress say it is families of the victims can sue the home country, why the white house and others think that is a bad idea and donald trump insisting the news media is biased against him and what a new analysis found and what our media panel thinks about negative coverage of both hillary clinton and donald trump
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greg: the father of rahami speaking about how his father changed, the young era hammy accused of placing bombs in new york city and new jersey, one of them exploding saturday night leaving 30 people injured. rahami's father saying his son's personality changed after he returned from a trip to afghanistan and pakistan in 2014 and that he became, quote, bad. he says he told the fbi about his concerns about the son but doesn't took the agency took any action against him. jenna: computer hacker faces 25 years behind bars today after he gave isis the names of more than a thousand u.s. government and military personnel. a judge is expected to sentence the 20-year-old in federal court today, our chief intelligence
8:31 am
correspondent is in washington with the latest. katherine. >> the case is so important because for the first time it showed the powerful intersection between hackers working for the islamic state and targeting of u.s. employees of military families. pled guilty for providing material support to a terrorist organization, the 20-year-old hacked into an online retailer and swifted through data in order to obtain information about a thousand federal workers . turned the information over and shared information among islamic state followers through self-described islamic hacking division. name, home addresses and contact information about american citizens. thkill list began showing up in 2014 and 2015 and unfortunately in a majority of cases, they included accurate information with the military
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service branch telling members to reduce online profiles and report suspicious activity. a veteran fbi intelligence officer says that isis has accomplished through the digital jihad what al-qaeda could not. >> i see a trend, the trend being is you have a compare today 9/11, before 9/11 you had cells, pocketed cells and now you have lone actors that are receiving orders through social media messaging and also receiving introductions to do, carry out these attacks through sophisticated means or unsophisticated means. >> he was scheduled to be in virginia court this morning and quite frankly we thought it would wrap up but as soon as we get update on sentence, we will update you, jenna. greg: hillary clinton and donald trump getting ready for monday's big debate. right now we are checking out new research by a harvard professor that suggests the news
8:33 am
media is bias against hillary clinton. well that analysis clinton has underdone negative news throughout the campaign. donald trump insists it's the other way around. let's get to the bottom of it with media panel, author and fox news contributor, lynn with the chicago suntimes. context is everything. it turns out that all of the negative stories were dominated by hillary clinton's e-mail scandal and 91% of those stories were negative. well, of course, they were, it's a scandal. there's nothing much positive to say about a scandal. >> actually as i read that study, greg, it said that 11% of the stories were actually devoted to the e-mail scandal and that 91% -- greg: relative
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to the other stories they're a smaller percentage. >> the issue is what the tone of the stories that are about her that are not straight news stories and the finding that 91% of them are negative in tone gives hillary clinton as opposed to donald trump something legitimate to complain about. and i think that we have seen -- greg: that she wasn't indicted? that's the only thing positive that i can think of. >> only 4% of the stories that are devote today her actual policies, what she believes, what she wants to do if she's president about the pressing economic, foreign policy issues that confront this country. when you have a situation in which personal scandal, trump substance every time, you're going to have a slanting of the news automatically. that was the way i read the story anyway. greg: lynn, it's no secret more
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journalists are left and center, most of them aren't going to be vong for donald trump. maybe they're just doing their jobs as journalists, they have being skeptical and tough. >> let's leave aside your assertion about whatever you think the universe of journalists are. that's a separate issue. let's stick with the study for a minute done by don patterson where he also says, i have looked at the study, greg, what he talks about is that the large amount of negative coverage that both of them have gotten including in the context of policy, so just so our viewers know, this is not just a study of hillary clinton's emails, it's a study of coverage from a multitude of mainstream sources in the convention month of this summer. so i think what i got a lot out of that study is how negative
8:36 am
news prevails over positive and policy. that would not matter no matter the political orientation if there is one of who writes it. covering a speech is covering a speech. i don't think most journalists who are out there doing a news story rose their coverage in the way that you suggest. greg: yeah, judith, if both hillary clinton and donald trump say the media is bias against them, who is telling the truth or maybe the media is simply being fair by asking tough challenging questions and pointing out inconsistencies and in some cases outright lies and deceptions? >> i think the one thing that most americans who are paying attention to politics saw was the matt lauer interview of hillary clinton and donald trump. it was astonishing. the ordinary viewer would have
8:37 am
noticed that matt continued to talk over the female candidate and did not do that with donald trump, never challenged him. in our business, greg, going back to -- greg: trump said that lauer was tough on him. >> i think that was a widespread consensus among pretty neutral reporters. here is the issue, in our business u in print we used to say if it bleeds it leads. greg: right. >> that's the nature of the beast and that's what both candidates are complaining about. my problem with the coverage is that so much has been personality oriented and character oriented that the american people don't really know what policy prescriptions these candidates are offering. greg: if i could go back to your speaking of the study showing such negativity in the reporting. just to use contemporary example of charlotte, okay, we are not
8:38 am
doing the story about the boycott who crossed the street with little-ole lady because there was violence in charlotte and one person innocently was killed as a bistandard during the demonstrations, not to mention the alleged victim of the original shooting, so arguably, yeah, that's negative, it's kind of bad news but are we not to report it? >> no, no one is suggesting that and where we might have discussions on the margins if the cable outlets should or should not devote as much time as they're doing to it. i think you have many news judgments along the way. do you show a whole speech in these days before the election from trump or clinton or snippeds that are news worthy. when donald trump compliance about the media and decides not to have press conferences after complaining on hillary clinton
8:39 am
not having them, he went through months and months of such favorable easy light and fluffy coverage that when people asked what seems to be routine questions about his businesses and chartable giving, he takes this as negative when this is routine. greg: unless you fond all over him, you're not being fair to him. [laughter] greg: you know what i'm saying it's true. if you're not a fan, you're negative. [laughter] >> thank you. >> thank you. jenna: interesting breaking news by way of associated press on close investigation into hillary clinton's use of her private e-mail server. congressman jason chaffetz and two other staff members were granted immunity in exchange for cooperating with the fbi.
8:40 am
apparently chaffetz she gave access to her laptop so she would not have charges against her. quote, no wonder they couldn't prosecute a case, they were handing immunity deals like candy. so that is being reported by the associated prez, fox news has confirmed it as well. surely congressman chaffetz will talk about it as well. the fbi cannot use that and greg you can correct me with your law background. the fbi cannot use to prosecute you and impact their ability to build the case. greg: it depends the kind of immunity.
8:41 am
so what you tell them and give them cannot be used against you but anything else that they discover on their own, you could be prosecuted. jenna: what do you think about the comment that immunity deals are handed out like candy. greg: it may underscore that it's tough being a prosecution against hillary clinton if you struck deals with others that just compromises your whole case against alleged target. jenna: cheryl mills did work for foundation, there's a lot in the clinton foundation. we will continue to watch this breaking news and bring you more as we get it. in the meantime, we are going to talk about politics next. we do have new polls from battleground states where each nominee stands and why one of our guests says neither one of them can afford to relax as voters weigh their options.
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greg: hillary clinton going into monday night's debate with a slight edge over donald trump but she's still falling behind when voters are asked about hers even her health. recent four-way matchup leading trump 49 to 39% n. the battle state of florida u trump has lead and in quinnipiac clinton with slight edge in colorado. joining me now, son, president and founder of indian and a former bill clinton campaign adviser. good to see you both, simon, clinton may have a six or seven point lead nationally but you have to win by state and clinton
8:46 am
has lost significant ground in a whole bunch of states, i will name a few, new hampshire, colorado, iowa, new hampshire. and several other states. why is that happening? well, i think part of what's happening is donald trump is starting to pull republican who is weren't with him. he is getting closer to 45%, in my mind rock bed of where any republican nominee will get but i think for the clinton campaign you have seen in the last 48 hours there have been a series of polls coming out that have been the best polls for her nationally that we have had in weeks, the poll that you mentioned, nbc wall street journal poll had 7 points, another poll had 6 points and so i think there's some evidence that in the last few days she may have picked up two or three points nationally. she has a little bit of momentum and part has to do wit people feeling that the health scare is over. greg: a vast majority of americans, huge amounts think
8:47 am
that both clinton and trump are dishonest. they're hugely unpopular, but clinton is viewed by far as more qualified in handling the nation's most important issues, immigration, trade, jobs, terrorism, is that trump's biggest obstacle? >> no, i don't accept the premise, greg. i think that for every poll that simon just mentioned you have the la times, you have other -- greg: both polls show that they are unpopular. >> for different reasons. greg: she's more experienced than qualified and that's my question. >> in politics, yes, she has held positions most of her adult life. this is an election of disruption and i think that the
8:48 am
momentum and the grassroots activist base is with trump. you look at the rallies and you see huge halls. she's having a tough time grabbing 500 people to come see her in florida. that's not going to be the case long-term but until we get to monday's debate and some real defining moments where the nation as a whole is beginning to pay attention, i don't know that these numbers mean anything. greg: simon i want to put the electoral map. a month ago clinton had money 270 votes needed but now here it is. it's changed. she's below the 270 electoral votes needed. she still has the advantage, 260 to trump's 170, would you agree that trump's path to winning is getting wider and wider? >> well, there's no question that donald trump has had a few good weeks, i don't think anyone is going to dispute that. now as we head into the debate
8:49 am
what hillary has to do, she has a slight lead, as you pointed out, there are concerns about her character and honesty and so on, she has to have good debates. if she has three good debates she should win the election. it's important to her not to bait donald trump and get into fights with him. stay focused on making her case to the american people and ensuring up the support that's there for her. that's why these debates really matter. greg: kevin, trump would have to win every toss-up state. that's a pretty steep climb. >> it is and i think like simon thinks about hillary, i think trump has three big tests with the debates as well. he has to come in and not mick mistakes, he has to pitch a different vision than what hillary clinton can pitch. i think it's really now down to the actual context. now the debates begin. this is where it all really starts. greg: simon and kevin. thank you both for being with us. jenna: a bill is sitting in
8:50 am
president's desk that would allow families of victims to sue, they're up against the deadline too. we will hear from both sides next. eld... ...their dad went to the new safelite-dot-com... ...and scheduled a replacement... just a few clicks. with safelite you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! thank you. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace.
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greg: let's check out what's ahead in outnumbered. >> you want to be here for this. the unrest of police shootings of black men now a major campaign issue. reaction from the candidates and what could be a big game changer in the race for the white house. >> plus young voters not so fired up for hillary clinton some pointing to donald trump's strength on social media. the impact this could have in reeling in that block of voters who went big for barack obama. >> interesting. three days out from the big
8:54 am
debate, you're ready? sandra: yeah, countdown. >> the advice of former clinton foe as for donald trump. sandra: who better to ask about all of this as our hash hash tag lucky guy mr. eric trump himself. he's outnumbered. top of the hour. [laughter] greg: okay. sandra: thanks, greg. jenna: fox news alert and countdown to midnight tonight. deadline for president obama to veto the bill. he's expected to do that followed by congress to overwrite that veto. let's get the latest from kevin. >> hey, jenna, always nice to talk to you. politically speaking this is about as clear as it gets. the lines are drawn and we have a sharp focus on what's going to happen. the president is clearly against the justice against sponsors of terrorism act. he's going to veto this thing. he says t dangerous not just for americans broadly speaking but
8:55 am
in particular for americans abroad and we also know that congress is going to veto that -- overwrite that veto. now the protestors are out there. listen, if the saudis are responsible for 9/11, they should be held accountable in a court of law specially financially, white house says it's a slippery slope. it's not needed by the way because there are provisions in the law to punish countries that attack the u.s. >> if the president veto were overwritten, the united states government, u.s. service members, u.s. diplomats and u.s. companies are at risk of being hauled into court in countries all around the world. >> the 9/11 families are incredibly distressed that he would veto this, the statute as a result of the arguments was very carefully tailored. >> carefully tailored.
8:56 am
you heard jack talking about that. that's been the argument on the hill which is why we believe congress will overwrite the veto. the first time in the obama presidency that that has happened. as you pointed out, midnight is what we are looking at, although i suspect we will hear from the white house much more before then. for now, back to you. jenna: if we expect the president to veto this, why wait until the last few hours to do so? >> yeah, that's a great question. my suspicion is they wanted to take every last opportunity to try to convince members of the house to say, listen, don't do this, this is not the right tack. i don't think their sale has worked and i think congress will overwrite vito despite last-minute efforts. jenna: big story, thank you so much. greg: new next hour of happening now, homes damaged by a tornado and that's a rare oh -- occurrence in this part of the country.
8:57 am
plus hillary clinton wants to spike the state tax by a high amount. billionaire donald trump not so much. we will take a look at both candidates' tax plan [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. no that will do it from now. see you back here in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts now. harris: fox news alert. national focus on this. new developments in two high-profile deaths of black men at the hands of police. in north carolina many people ignoring a curfew in charlotte as the family of the man killed by police speaks out what they saw on videotape of that shooting n another racially-charged police shooting prosecutors in oklahoma have charge ad police officer with first degree manslaughter. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith. co-host of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis. democratic strategist julie roginsky. today's #oneluckyguy, executive vice president of development and acquisitions for the trump


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