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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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we hope you tune in and don't forget o'reilly on charlotte and race in his talking points straight ahead. good night. ♪ ♪ "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> keith, get out the car. keith, keith, don't you do it. don't you do it. >> drop the gun. >> keith, keith. don't you do it. [gunfire] [bleep] >> dramatic new video of the police shooting in charlotte. it does not clearly define crucial evidence but it does deserve to be seen and we will show it to you. also, how the charlotte shooting is impacting the presidential election. >> at the center of our society is going to be a simple promise to every american. and it's called safety. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone from california. the factor begins right now.
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♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly reporting tonight from los angeles. the charlotte shooting and the presidential election. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. things calm down a bit in that besieged city last night. there is still tension in the air. earlier today attorneys for keith scott shot dead by police on tuesday put out a video taken by scott's wife that chronicles some of the confrontation. >> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he didn't do anything. >> drop the gun. drop the gun. >> he doesn't have a gun. he has a tbi. he is not going to do anything to you guys. >> keith, get out the car. keith, keith, don't you do it. don't you do it. >> drop the gun. >> keith, keith. don't you do it. [gunfire]
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[bleep] did you shoot him? did you shoot him? did you shoot him? he better not be [bleep] dead. he better not be [bleep] dead. i know that [bleep] much. i know that much he better not be dead. i'm not going to come near you. i'm going to record you. >> once again that video is not conclusive or an indictment of anyone. it's just there. that was obviously a chaotic confrontation and police officers obviously believed keith scott had a gun. that's all we can take away from what you just saw. nevertheless, some americans will reach conclusions that have little basis in reality. let the investigation play out before you form a judgment. big problem it that some african-americans sincerely believe the police do want to hurt them. >> i could be at work, at school, in my car, i could still get shot! by the police! i can get shot anywhere. do you see this. >> i do. >> do you see that?
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>> yes. >> do you see me? >> yes. >> do you see we are not -- we are human. but i am black and you are white. >> now, some of you will dismiss that woman's perception and hysteria as false, misguided. but, to her, and many other americans, it's true. they believe the police in general are suspicious of them and sometimes mistreat them. so, to be fair, and that's what this program is all about the perception that african-americans are at disadvantage with police must be considered. however, the stats are the stats. and we have laid them out for you time and time again here on the factor. according to a recent harvard study, and justice department statistics, there is no methodical persecution of block americans by the police. but, again, you are not going to convince some americans of that. therefore, decisions have to be made. talking points believes that the social unrest in
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charlotte will give north carolina's 15 electoral votes to donald trump. social order will always be a conservative issue and mr. trump is taking a hard line. >> at the center of our society is going to be a simple promise to every american, and it's called safety. we need safety. [cheers and applause] we're going to make america safe again. >> again? this the street protest will help donald trump in that state. you wait and see. the truth is that when americans see looters with masks, any individual case flies right out the window. the family of keith scott deserves to know the truth about what happened. the black police officer who shot mr. scott deserves that as well. today hillary clinton tweeted that the entire police video, not the wife video, the police video of the shooting should be
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released. she says that might ensure justice. i'm not so sure. according to the charlotte police chief, kerr putney who has been a video in this sad situation the video is inconclusive and is currently in the hands of the investigators trying to make a definitive analysis what it shows. caution may be the best policy here as chief putney has stated. secretary clinton must come down on the side of the minority community which she desperately needs to win the election. as for minority americans themselves, talking points has this to say. racial division can only be healed by dignified conduct. that means no hate, no violence, no anarchy. martin luther king jr. gained the respect of most americans by preaching a message of fairness and exposing bigotry beyond any reasonable doubt. he is now honored with a national holiday. the president of the united states is half black. the attorney general is black. the secretary of homeland security is black.
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and african-americans have made enormous strides since dr. king was assassinated. no country is perfect. overwhelming number of american police officers are decent human beings doing a tough job, putting themselves in danger every day. most african-americans understand that. and i believe are ashamed when other blacks loot, burn, and hate. finally two updates. the police officer in tulsa, betty shelby who shot dead an unarmed black man, terrence crutcher has now been indicted on manslaughter charges. and in charlotte, police have arrested 21-year-old ray quan bore companies rum a protester for killing another protester justin carr. the accused killer has has spent time prison and two weapons charges against him. summing up the charlotte shooting will directly influence the presidential race. and we can expect a number of questions during the debate on monday night about racial tension in the u.s.a. there is a stark difference between secretary clinton and donald trump on the
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issue. mr. trump is running as the law and order candidate who appeals to people that despise social unrest. especially when it turns violent. mr. trump has to be careful that he does not denigrate legitimate concerns the african-american community puts forth. for her part, hillary clinton must side with the minority communities on all issues. if she does not. she will lose the election. and that's the memo. next on the rundown, we will take to you charlotte to measure what is happening this evening. and, later, karl rove has a very interesting point of view on monday's debate. also, bernie goldberg on whether the mod der radar, lester holt will be fair. factor is coming right back. constipated?
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right now from that city steve harrigan. so what's the -- what's the feeling out there in the city right now, steve? >> they're scared here, bill. you can see these buildings boarded up behind me. some of them were looted. a lot of other merchants closing up hospital. if you look over here as well. we have armored humvees and national guard. two nights ago that ritz carlton was smashed up and humvees smashed as well. tonight you have guys in camouflage and rifles out in front of it a presidenty big difference in tone here two nights after that trouble, bill. >> do you anticipate, has there been any social media about meeting somewhere and gathering somewhere? there is there supposed to be some big rally or something tonight? >> there is a lot of concern expressed by the governor and others that outsiders will try and come in, especially gang violence to try and come in here and cause trouble.
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so there is a real threat of that. there is fear of that happening. the other big question is will this video spark more protest. as you said in your talking points, the video is inconclusive. it's also very emotional. basically saw a woman watching her husband get killed and shouting out to police not to shoot. so it's not a real logical place right now. people out on the streets. windows being smashed. tear gas being fired and might be a real emotional reaction to that video it could spark more violence but hard to predict right now, bill. >> okay. the national guard and police both local and state, have they walled off certain areas where protesters cannot go. are they trying to funnel the protest in certain places? >> that's exactly what's happening. have you bike police out there at the lowest level of security, really just keeping tabs on them and where they are moving to. and at the heaviest level we have national guard with rifles and in uniform. so a real range of force
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here. the national guard has not been moving. they have been stationary in front of certain buildings. one of the key targets has been the highways. yesterday, last night the protesters tried to block another highway. but they failed to do that. it was a quick response, really for the first time by the swat teams. they used mace. they used pepper spray. paint balls also to really get those protesters off the highway quickly. it was a atmosphere of fear on some of those highways for the past couple nights, cars being surrounded motorists not knowing what to do. that fear was solved last night 15 minutes worth with a swat team, bill. >> okay. now you are looking at video from earlier this week. this isn't happening now. now is fairly calm that could as you reported at any second change. what did you learn today? what did you learn? anything new? >> i guess what i'm learning, really is about how do you try and keep a city safe with protesters?
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just as an amateur who has watched it in ferguson and here. seems to me important to have a heavy police presence at the start. i think things were under estimated in ferguson. under estimated here. once the protesters who have gotten more and more sophisticated feel like they can survive and take the tear gas. they are not getting arrested. that gives them an opening. that's what's happened here. i think it's been a failure on behalf of security that they are trying to make up for tonight. >> all right. steve, stay safe and we appreciate it next on the rundown, karl rove with some wisdom about monday's debate. then, goldberg, watters, and dana perino all coming up as the factor continues from los angeles, california. when it comes to healthcare,
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campaign 2016 segment tonight. polling all over the place, but it doesn't really matter, because after the debate monday night. americans will have a much clearer vision about the worthiness of both candidates. yesterday i spoke with karl rove who has some very interesting insights into the debated. >> what does donald trump have to do on monday night to win the debate, mr. rove? >> well, he has to reassure the american people that they know he is the agent of change. that he is the candidate who wants to change things. he has go to reassure him he is up to the job by knicksing his message with the proper tone. we saw it in mexico city. i believe after he met with the president of mexico. the tone in that news conference was pitch perfect. >> but it was somber. see, what happens with trump is that when he gets serious and when he tries to be presidential, his energy level goes down and he gets somber. he gets more deliberate.
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i think that's the a good word. is he not the fire brand many americans are counting on to bring change. might that actually hurt him if he shows that side? >> no. because, look, it's a mixture of things. he needs to use -- says things in short, punchy ways. keep doing that. keep emphasizing change. whenever she comes after him, pivot to the fact that he is for change. she's not. but do two other things. show that, first of all, that he is restrained and moderate in tone just like he was there just like he was that following saturday morning in detroit. you don't need to be that tone the entire time. sure, he can occasionally show a little bit of temper. but, most of all, he needs to look like a president. that means occasionally look like he is having fun at it, which he generally is having fun. he is going to have a problem because, look, he plays off of the audience. you see him in his rallies. you saw during the republican primary debate where he fed off of the energy of the audience. well, i have been in a
5:20 pm
couple of presidential campaigns and presidential debates and this is like going to the wax works. these people are not going to be applauding. they are not going to be responding. so we have got to stop thinking about it being a rally and start thinking about it being a conversation with some people that he is trying to make the deal to. >> so you don't think there is going to be partisan hooting at hofstra on monday one or the other when they say something or applause or anything like that applause? you don't think that's going to happen. >> they don't distribute the tickets and say hillary you get to sit in half of the audience and donald gets to -- most of the tickets are distributed and controlled by the debated commission and everyone is admonished in advance don't be speaking out. don't be cheering. don't be applauding. tonight be a part of this. people mostly take it very seriously. the one exception will be the town hall meeting. but even then people have been, if you go back and look at it. relatively restranged. difference between primary
5:21 pm
election debates and general election debates. one of the biggest difference is the audience gets taken out of the drama. >> all right, now, no crooked hillary, none of that right? >> well, no, no, look. i'm not -- crooked hillary may be over the top. you know what? you mislead the country about your emails. people don't think they can trust you because of what the foundation has been up to. you failed to tell the american people the truth about benghazi. all of that is appropriate. it's better if it's not addressed to her. better if it's addressed to the moderator. again, the principle thing is you're having a conversation. idealize who that conversation is with. who is the target voter out there? the target voter is not going to be grabbed by the same things that you would say to the hard core. either hillary or trump. it's going to be a conversation. >> that's true. >> you can say those tough things but you have got to be thinking how they are affecting that target voter. >> so you just said something very astute okay?
5:22 pm
>> you sound surprised. you sound surprised. >> i'm a little surprised. you're from texas. >> oh, don't be coming. you used to be in texas yourself my friend. >> i loved texas. >> but i knew i could get you with that i loved texas. you are saying that both trump and hillary shouldn't be talking to each other. they should be talking to lester. >> yeah. >> and kind of perplexed. i mean, hey, like if i'm hillary, i don't know why he is saying these bad things about blacks, lester. i don't know why he is saying these bad things about women. to it's to lester. not to the other one. >> yeah. >> why? why is? why is that a better technique? >> because, look, when you start talking, you know, you can sometimes go straight at the person. but, look, ronald reagan in 1984 didn't turn to walter mondale and say walter, i'm not going to use your youth and inexperience as an issue in this campaign. he made his issue to the moderator which allowed everybody to participate. we get a little
5:23 pm
uncomfortable. think about it when your parents argued, did you like it? i mean, and when you are with -- when you are in a social setting and people start to argue with each other, do you feel comfortable? whereas if they -- and, also, look, when you are going at the other person, you tend to put a lot of energy in to it. when you are talking to the moderator you come across as more reasonable and sensible. it causes people to be a little let hot. >> very good. i learned something here, mr. rove. and i appreciate it very much. very interesting. we will look for that on monday. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along from l.a. nbc's lester holt will moderate the debate as you know. will he be fair? bernie goldberg has some thoughts. later, watters at a clinton rally. >> do you trust hillary. >> i trust hillary as much as i trust any other politician, yeah. >> we hope you stay tuned to those reports as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world.
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5:28 pm
reason to disagree you. by the way, yeah, this is a lot of pressure on lester holt and all the other moderators with so many people watching. in terms of fairness, it really is easy to be fair at a debate. it's very easy. all you have to do is ask tough questions, equally on both sides. hard questions, provocative questions on subjects that matter not some fringe topic that's only designed to trick somebody up. then there is the other question, bill, that is the fairness of the audience. i guarantee you if lester holt asks a perfectly legitimate question of either candidate. let's say donald trump, that donald trump doesn't like, then his furtherers are going to yell unfair and biased, and same thing with hillary did she gets a question she doesn't like. sometimes bias and unfairness are real and sometimes they are in the eye and the ear of the beholder. >> okay. now, what about the
5:29 pm
moderator's responsibility to fact-check? this has been a debate. >> that's a good question. >> i want to give you my opinion and then you can answer. i believe it's my job, as far as i can, to fact check. and that's why i take these folders for every single guest out on the set and basically it's full of facts and what they have said in the past and this and that now, nobody can remember everything. nobody can be up to speed on every topic. but i do believe that the moderator if hillary clinton or donald trump says something that is inconsistent or untrue. they have got to say that's not true and this is why i know it, right? >> my answer is precisely the same as yours. because you said as best as the moderator can. you can't know everything. but if one of the candidates says something that's blatantly false, that if you follow the news, you know it's false. i do think you have an obligation to say miss clinton or mr. trump, that
5:30 pm
just isn't so. but you can't do it on everything and the candidates themselves are going to have to do a lot of fact-checking. i totally agree with you on that. >> the candidates don't care about fact-checking because people watching -- >> -- i mean fact-checking in this sense. let's say donald trump says something that's false and let's say lester holt doesn't catch it, well, if hillary doesn't catch it either, too bad. >> yeah. then it goes into perception is reality. but that's right. but you are right. if lester doesn't catch it, then either candidate can say, you know what? you said this or that. now, let me give you an example of the fact check difficulty. trump was on earlier this week. and trump said lester holt is a democrat. now, i didn't know whether that was true or not but i said because i didn't. turns out lester holt is a republican. at least by some reports. i haven't seen his voter
5:31 pm
registration but i have seen the reports that he is a republican. i don't care what he is myself. but that's the difficulty i could have never expected donald trump so say lester holt was a democrat. if you don't know, the moderator has to go i didn't know that or how do you know that? you know, or get it back to them. >> right. let me just make one other point about this debate thing. i don't think the answer to any particular question is going to matter as much to the audience as, let's just call it some moment. you mentioned the rick lazio moment earlier in the program. >> right. >> that mattered. that's all i remember from that debate. >> that's all i remember. >> the only thing i remember from the bush/gore debate, the only thing i can remember is gore, like a dufus, wandering over to bush and sign and bush looking at him like who are you? and. >> what are you doing here?
5:32 pm
i remember the lockbox. >> what are you doing over here. >> i remember the lockbox. okay. now, on tuesday, and i want to know if you think this is fair because i'm putting you in a difficult position, i want to bring you back and we're going to grade lester. poor lester. because there is a lot of pressure on him. look what happened to laura. i thought it was unfair about laura, by the way. you know, you have got to do the best you can do. and everybody, you know, everybody wants to know about the email thing. she has never been grilled on it so he spent a lot of time on it. so what? i'm bringing you back to evaluate lester, okay? >> i'll be here. >> all right. no trepidations for doing that? you are going to call it like it is? >> no. i don't like as a rule second guessing people who do live tv. >> that's what i mean. that's right. >> i'm uncomfortable with that. but if he does something that's blatantly wrong, you and i will talk about that. otherwise.
5:33 pm
>> we'll point it out. but what we're looking for you. you are getting older, but you have some wisdom. we're looking for perspective from goldberg. perspective. that's what we'll get on tuesday night. >> i'll do my best. >> when we come right back, dana perino will talk some politics with me. and watters, at a clinton rally. those reports after these messages. there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants.
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bill o'reilly and personal story segment tonight on monday, the "los angeles times" lak daily tracking poll. the "l.a. times" right here had donald trump in front of hillary clinton by nearly seven points. today, all right? five days later, and four because they had to take that poll yesterday, the trump lead has dwindled to two and a half. why the big swing? i know. does dana perino who joins us from new york city? so do you know why trump declined in the "l.a. times" daily tracking poll? >> i feel you put me in a bad position. i would love to know why you think he is down but i will tell you why. >> you know i'm going to be
5:38 pm
a big blabber mouth and tell you. >> tell me and i will see if i agree. >> think about it, monday, it was all politics all the time and what happened in the interim? >> well, there was a terrorist -- well the terrorist attack from the weekend and also, of course, the problems both in tulsa and in charlotte. and the daily tracking poll is very interesting for some because it's not predictive of what will happen on election day but is like a focus group that goes on for a really long period of time. because these people are in a focus group and know they are going to get a phone call. i imagine that they want to do their homework. they are watching more of the news. they are paying a lot of attention to the newspaper, social media, however they get their information, and typically in these situations new look at the fox news poll sunday, it comes to how you would handle race relations or dealing with terrorism, hillary clinton, her lead has narrowed but she continues to do better than trump in polls on those two issues. >> well, that's a very good analysis, but, why trump has
5:39 pm
declined five points in five days or four days is because he hasn't been around. he was knocked off the air. both candidates. were yesterday they both were invincible. either rehearsing or resting or whatever. trump and this is me. trump does better when is he seen, especially in the evening on the news programs, saying something strong and so at the terror stuff, is he strong on terror. that's a big, big plus for him. the race stuff takes him out of the equation as far as exposure is concerned and he is not so big on the race stuff. so that's why i think he has declined. would you quibble with that? >> not necessarily. for example, on the interview that you did with him earlier, in the week. when he was -- just talking about w. bernie goldberg, there was another part where he said about the u.s. military that this is the gang that can't shoot straight funny line and in context. if you are in the daily
5:40 pm
tracking poll and you are paying attention to all of the news, maybe that gives you a little bit of pause. i don't think this poll -- if you are a trump supporter wouldn't worry about it. >> it sums up the mood of the country. at least that's what they try to do. >> for that moment in time. >> today ted cruz endorsed trump. were you surprised by that. >> a little bit. but donald trump has done a good job since the convention of consolidating the republican vote. so right up to the convention the polls showed it was only 77% of registered republicans said they felt like they were going to get out there and vote for donald trump. that's usually around 90%. as we head into the first presidential debate, donald trump has pretty much gotten to 90%. ted cruz. >> yeah, he is up there. >> ted cruz, in order to be in the game and also i think because of his friend, senator mike lee, and governor mike pence, the vice presidential candidate were persuasive to ted cruz and he was able to swallow you know that bitter pill of the two things that donald trump, two main things insulting his wife and his
5:41 pm
father, those are bitter pills to swallow but he was able to do it and he was statesman like and i think donald trump will benefit somewhat from ted cruz's support. i think ted cruz benefits from getting on the right side of donald trump overall when it comes to texas. trump will do very well there. >> you just made a point i never thought of it's a good point. that pence, who, you know, is he not mr. excitement. i mean, i know that everybody is looking forward to the pence-cain debate. >> i can't wait. >> how much excitement can we stand? i mean, really? how much? but, anyway, what pence does, and what ms. perino just pointed out that i never even thought about, is he is the diplomat of the trump ticket. and he goes to certain individuals like a ted cruz, and other people, you have got paul ryan, probably. >> very good friends with paul ryan. >> going on behind the scenes. >> right. >> here is what is going on behind the scenes. here is what we are doing. here is what you can expect if we win. he does it quietly but he does it very effectively because he has credibility.
5:42 pm
>> right. >> you are right. i think it's the pence thing. >> remember, governor pence is very supportive of ted cruz in indiana. trump won indiana. >> right. governor pence is very supportive of cruz. >> he played it right down the middle. right. now, last question, 45 seconds. in the debate on monday night, is there any wisdom you can impart to the viewer to enjoy it more or something to look for? >> well, i think what everyone has to look for is imagine do you want to be looking at this individual in your living room on your television sets for the next four to eight years? and a lot of this is nonverbal. heard you and bernie talking about that. head nod counted for him solidifying the very important question who would you rather have a beer with. donald trump probably wins that hands down. i don't know if that's the best question if you are a democrat. >> i don't know because trump will never buy. >> and he doesn't drink. >> that's a joke. that's a joke. all right? i don't want you trump people ringing my house.
5:43 pm
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back of the book segment tonight, "watters world," we remember or you should remember that we sent jesse donald trump rally. it is only fair that he visited hillary clinton event, right? this one in philadelphia. roll it. >> i want to see the next
5:47 pm
president of the united states. >> trump's here? >> are you excited for hillary? >> yes, we are. >> definitely excited. >> you are the only one. [ laughter ] >> right. >> what excites you about hillary? >> i'm excited at the prospect of a woman being in the white house. >> i think that's sexist. >> do you think she is falling in the polls because she was actually seen falling. >> no, i don't think she was actually seen falling. >> what the hell are you talking about? >> when people get older, health becomes an issue. >> you don't look like you have any health problems. you look like you are strong as an ox. >> um. >> i almost had him. i almost had him. >> do you trust hillary? >> yes, i do. yes, i do. >> do you trust me? >> no. >> do you think hillary is a smart woman? >> yes, she is. definitely. she is definitely experienced. >> then why didn't she knew that c stood for classified? >> what are you trying to say? >> what is hillary clinton's campaign slogan? >> i think it's deal me in.
5:48 pm
>> deal me in. >> what does deal me in mean? >> if she is going to play the women's card, deal her in. >> you did say you were going to -- >> i'm a man of my word. >> what was hillary's greatest accomplishment as secretary of state? >> actually, that is a good question. >> take your time. >> yeah. >> oh, honestly, i'm not as informed about her term as secretary of state. >> in some parts of the universe, it's considered cool to know what's going on in the world. [crickets chirping] >> what did you think of the hillary speech? >> it's amazing. [crickets chirping] >> she kind of didn't make any outline with climate change or the racism and she didn't give us that. that was important. >> i think her plan to defeat isis is a lot better than -- >> hillary has a plan to defeat isis? >> she is going to continue what obama is already doing and continue on his plan. >> she is going to improve
5:49 pm
on doing nothing? >> maybe. >> are you more of a pro-hillary voter or anti-trump voter? >> i am an anti-trump voter, definitely. >> i would usually vote for republican party, but then with trump, he is definitely not representing what the g.o.p. is all about. >> more pro-hillary. >> more pro-hillary. >> what don't you like about trump? >> the fact that he does not have respect for all people. >> he is just like temperamentally unfit. i don't think he thinks much when he speaks. >> if hillary is so level-headed why did she set up a secret searcher in her basement. >> i don't know anything about that. >> she doesn't know anything about it either. >> do you know who i am? >> no. >> no. >> the jail-time is james bond. >> james bond. >> i'm watters, and this is my world. >> really? >> hi, everybody.
5:50 pm
>> watters, they sound a little partisan there, the little digs on secretary clinton, huh? >> you are accusing me of partisanship? that is rich, bill, very, very rich. >> come on, you don't know what i'm going to do with the ballot box. >> yeah, you are going to write in bernie sanders, probably. i know exactly what you are going to do. >> did you have to tell everybody that? come on. >> secret ballot. >> all right. but they liked you. people were very respectful and i like that. now, you have your dopey show on saturday, right? >> yes. very dopey show. we are -- right. we are live at 8:00. we are live. so anything could happen. we are going to preview the debate. it could rival your analysis. you have to tune in to find out. we are going to be doing north carolina chaos. also some terrorist stuff. you got to watch that 8:00 eastern saturday night "watters world" live. >> okay. have you already taped it? oh, i'm sorry, you just said
5:51 pm
live. >> it's live, bill. i know you are in l.a. it's kind of hard. >> three hour thinking delay in l.a. >> live at 8:00 on saturday night. you're saying that the show that you are going to put on, the fox news channel, will rival this program as far as% peasperspercssity is co. >> do you want to define that for us or no. >> i will let the audience decide what that means also. >> okay. good, watters. that's what i like to hear. and then we will see you tuesday, as special "watters world" right after the debate. sampling the folks and i'm going to give you a little more time on tuesday. >> oh, really, that's so kind of you. >> given you four. morton tape. jesse watters, everybody. there we go. and, in the nextnt, we will have jimmy kimmel going up against me earlier this
5:52 pm
week and the tip of the day, how you can enjoy the debate better. right back from los angeles. ♪
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
but first, as you may know i'm out here in california in support of my new book "killing the rising sun." on on monday i'll be on the ellen program for a predebate chat with her. in addition u.s. today out with its best selling book list. "killing the rising sun" debuts at number one. also number one on audio. we're even beating harry potter. and if you become a bill o'reilly premium member you get it free. if you don't want "rising sun" get any of any other books.
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your choice. in you want "killing the rising sun" signed by me, get those orders in. obviously that makes a terrific gift. no mail tonight because we want to show you some of the jimmy kimmel o'reilly chat that happened earlier this week. k kimm kimmel's show got good ratings and this may be why. >> do you think that donald trump is going to do well in this debate? >> i have no idea. >> here's the deal on the debate. both candidates have vulnerabilities. >> sure. how would you characterize those vulnerabilities? >> trump can say anything at any time. trump won the republican debates by saying stuff like you're boring, you're sweating. >> he was the funniest one at the debates. >> right. you had no idea. i thought it was watching don rickles.
5:56 pm
what is he going to say next? people were so fed up with politicians, they bought it. all right. so if he starts that with hillary clinton, like you're crooked, crooked hillary. he'll lose. that will be the end of it. i think he knows it. if he's in a bad mood he might come out here with a pie. on the other side hillary clinton is calling him all kind of names, misogynist, you're a racist. if she starts that, she'll lose. because americans want problem solving. we heard the insults. we don't need any more of them. it's the best case and both of them have to make their case. >> yeah. but when they do make their case, i hope there are specifics. i hope that -- >> there wopt be the. >> you don't think there will be? >> no. >> do you think donald trump knows who the prime minister of india is? >> i don't know who the prime minister of india is.
5:57 pm
look, trump is not a policy guy. he doesn't -- what ki >> what kind of guy -- what guy is he? >> that's a good question. trump sees himself as a master negotiator. so whatever problem is presented to him, he's going to have his guys, gingrich, giuliani, all of these guys, they're going to say this is the problem and then he's going to say what do you think, what do you think and then he'll say i can make this deal. all right? i'm going to do this. >> i understand. >> clinton much more versed on policy, if she's smart on monday she'll get right into policy and then look at him and go do you know what i'm talking about? because maybe he won't. because she knows who the leaders are, what the vibe is. >> been doing it a long time. >> but she has a record of dubious, word of the day, dubious accomplishments so he can go in there.
5:58 pm
that's why the debate is going to be so fascinating. because they both have big weak points. >> did you see trump with don king today in. >> i saw something with don king and i thought he was booking a fight between trump -- >> is he promoting the debate? >> -- and the editor of the "washington post." that's what i thought it was. i like kimmel. he's fair to me and a smart guy. the factor tip of the day, how to make the debate more fun to watch. one word. popcorn. i like in paul newman butter popcorn because that company donates a lot of its revenue to charity. get a big bowl, cold beverage, big straw, sit back, watch history unfold. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from also we'd like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town, name and town if
5:59 pm
you wish to opine. word of the day for you ladies. do not be a virago when writing in to the factor. on monday we'll be the lead in to the main event. i'll be on the campus of hofstra. that is a warning to the students. i'm coming. i'm not taking any nonsense. we will be there and we have a tremendous lineup for you. we've got all the vets who have seen these things. we have a really big lineup. and you're going to get my take on up to the second pressures on both hillary clinton and donald trump. there is an enormous amount of pressure. that is monday evening. we hope you're going with us live. thanks for watching tonight from las vegas. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember that the spin is
6:00 pm
stops here in california because we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, exactly 72 hours from now the nation will witness a moment that could determine the presidency. as donald trump and hillary clinton square off for the very first time in a debate that analysts suggest could be the biggest in history. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. in 2012 some 67 million americans watched myth romney skbar square off against barack obama. analysts suggest that could top 100 million viewers, no pressure lester and become one of the most viewed events in the history of television. holy


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