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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  September 23, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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sunday, violent riots raged over the police involved shooting this week. we'll have more on that in just a moment. first, to the main event. the presidential debate. we'll discuss what is at stake. and some kind of scenes at the campaign and debate prep. we'll take a look at the latest numbers from larry sabado. we begin with carl cameron in new york city. >> both candidates are preparing for this debate. they know it has great potential to be a decisive moment in the election and could it decide it, notwithstanding and has been
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working with mock debates with aspiring partner working hard to memorize a series of some of trump's more colorful and she considers objectionable comments. donald trump is at a steady stream of advisors working with them. when they began in new jersey with a team of advisors. most notably, rudy giuliani seems to have become a really important advisor in this process. one of the things trump has been told to do by his team is to focus on answers that are tight and not to get bogged down too much in details. and it has the opportunity to be a huge achievement for him.
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>> carl mentioned rudy giuliani. right now we want to bring in charles krauthammer, chris stire walt and howy kurtz. great to see you all. you see how these two are preparing to go against one another, it's like two silver back gorillas. they're like studying each other and it's like a modern warfare situation. saying trump is studying her body language and verbal ticks and based on analysis from 16 years worth of clinton's debates, they've identified words, phrases or gestures when unsure of an answer and he is ready to pounce if it happens. let me start with you, charles.
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could be effective. >> i think it's insane over preparation. you stuff your head with a. it's like a young rookie that wanted every thing in the picture to report when his mind stops working. then, a happy go lucky guy drinking all night has been acting on instinct. trump gets a reputation for being a happy go lucky guy. there is so much spin here. there we're deep into that. i'm not sure i believe anything coming out of the camp. we're going to see what we're going to see and will do spinning afterwards. >> one of the things she needs to watch out for is what we saw
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if her this week. she sometimes resorts to screaming her point and here is an example of that. >> now, having said all this, why aren't i 50 points ahead, you might ask? well, the choice for working families is never been clearer. i need your help to get donald trump's record out to everybody. nobody should be fooled. a. >> yes. i wonder why you're not 50 points ahead. you sound like an enraged dinosaur. hillary clinton gets the points, be yourself, be yourself, not like that. not yourself. the problem for her is that i don't know she knows who her
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real self is. >> that is the delivery we saw at the democratic national convention worked for her. >> howie, donald trump has weaknesses including the number of controversies he's created and we heard carl cameron report she's studying his objectionable comments. going to take her now until the next election. she's probably going to 0 in on comments about women. here is a flavor of what she just released. >> i'd look her in that fat, ugly face of hers. she's a slob. a person who is flat chested is hard to beat. does she have a good body, no. do you treat women with respect?
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>> i can't say that, either. >> is this the president we want for our daughters, howie? >> it seems like shrinks are in charge of this debate. >> this is a man referring to women as fat pigs and dogs. she may say a cleaned up version of that, sure. the pressure is on trump for this reason. he's the reality show guy who wants to be put in charge of the nuclear codes. the campaign is his insults and he used debates to pass the commander in chief threshold. hillary clinton is bureaucrat. the bar for her is to connect with voters either don't like her, tired of her, wary of her and to deal with the honesty and tuft worthy question. >> it's more of a press
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conference situation. who do you see as the biggest risk? >> he's got the biggest opportunity because he's behind so he needs to do well. othered he's got the low bar. an absurdly low bar and hillary reproduced appalling things he has said. portraying him as a guy who can't be allowed near the white house. so all he has to do is show up and appear reasonable normal. and so it's been set up in a way. he plays into it. for other folks it's okay.
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>> it's just five minutes on the kelly file. i want to ask you this. trump has gotten into trouble for being too i am the only one. it's all about me. i will make america great, i, i, i, i. an imperial presidency which conservatives believe we just got out of. interest is a front line document rin solving many people talking about trump, including one of the celebrity apprentice contestants, omarosa. listen to this. >> every critic will have to bow down to president trump. it's everyone who ever doubted donald, whoever disagreed, whoever challenged him. it is the ultimate revenge to be the most powerful man in the
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universe. >> i don't know about that. but your thoughts about how that narrative, that belief and that messaging from trump himself about it is all about me, all about me could endanger him on monday. >> we come noth a time of crisis. the country is at the abyss, these are dark days for america. and so you're going to hear trump. the law and order, our cities are burning. america is at the edge. we're falling apart and being picked apart by our adversaries and we need a strong man, emphasis on the man part, probably, to take care of america at this dreadful hour. >> strength works but too much imperialism, maybe not. >> right. >> especially when hillary clinton sticks it up his nose. >> the flip side to painting this situation today as apocalypse is paint themselves as messianic.
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in the acceptance speech in cleveland he said i'm going to abolish violence. nobody has done that going back to king tut. i don't think any of them promised to abolish crime and evil. >> this is the kind of fact checking the american people want to see on the spot. >> that is all that psychiatric training. >> go ahead, howie. >> trump has more tv experience than anybody who ever run for president. i don't think he'll be asking people to bow down and kiss the ring. it reminds me of reagan in 1980. needed to win against jimmy carter. i won't underestimate donald trump's ability to adjust his debating style. >> i have to get this in quickly. ted cruz reversed himself saying
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he's endorsing donald trump notwithstanding this expression on may third about his feelings. >> to tell you what i really think of donald. this man is a path logical liar. the man cannot tell the truth but combines it with being a narcissist. everything in donald's world is the guy is amoral. morality does not exist for him. donald will betray his supporters on every issue. >> charles? thoughts on that? >> yes. that is why we need him in the white house. that is the secretary that completes that. >> it is great to see all of you. looking forward to monday night. >> great to see you. >> you bet. >> politicians are fun. well, my next guest believes this may be the most important debate in u.s. history. the campaigns have given him unprecedented access. here is a sneak peek from this week's episode of show time's
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ground breaking documentary series "the circus". >> there is nothing more exciting than a presidential campaign in the united states. >> they have madness, chaos. >> if you're not excited to see how this is going to end, you should go to your doctor and get a physical. >> this happened throughout the year. >> here we are, sprinting. this is the closest an american woman has been to the white house. >> when there are no feelings, the sky is the limit. >> we will make america great again. >> we think the first debate will be the most-watched television event in history, probably the single greatest driver of the outcome of the election. >> joining me now, co-host of
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"the circus". it is exciting. >> i'm so excited about it, too. and why? this is going to be like nothing we have seen before. >> stakes are so high. this has been an epic race. we don't know the outcome of the election. and i think if someone wins this debate, and perceived to have won it, they'll probably win the election. >> unpredictability of trump is playing a huge role. on a night like this, you tell me whether anything can happen.
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>> well, anything can happen. he understands drama. you can count on that he's going to bring out surprises. i think he's got the easier task. these two candidates have problems. his problem is that people might perceive he might have a temperament problem. and he can fix that in a debate. it's harder to fix hers in a debate. awe he has to do is get out of the debate without coming off the chain. >> the guy that used to do this for a living what is the main message to him? keep your cool? >> keep your cool. i assure you she's going to use
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90 minutes to prosecute him, thinking at some point he's going to unwind and come after her. >> he better have a lumens or something like that. >> i think they're going to bring game players and i think she's going to be well prepared. and she's done a lot of debates. bring those together. it's going to be spectacular. >> i'll see you monday. >> see you monday. kick it hard. >> love that. >> we've seen presidential debates produce big polling swings in four of the last five elections. and larry sabado is next on what to watch for this time. plus, the city of charlotte, bracing for a fourth night of prote protests aid veryo shows moments before, during and after the
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we've got rudy giuliani here breaking tonight, 46 days until the election. three days until the first debate and two national polls showing hillary clinton tracking slightly ahead of donald trump tonight. first in wednesday's "wall street journal" poll mrs. clinton is up by six points in a four-way race. today from merist, mrs. clinton up by six point. but paced on some numbers we pulled from the last couple of debates, that could change monday night. joining me now is larry sabato. just a word on the polling. so did this show a trend in her favor or does that show a trend
9:22 pm
in trump's favor. was she up more in those polls? what are you seeing? >> well, look, i look at the polling averages, megyn. i'm a broken record on this because, you know, in this election if you don't like the polls, they kind of remind me of the british weather. if you don't like it, wait an hour and it will change. the same is true with the polls. you got to go with with the averages. she's up three or four. as you note within things can change once people see the debates. i want to analyze it after i see it. >> yeah because we're seeing just across the swing states a tightening, at least it appears. colorado they're tied right now. she was up by ten. michigan she's up by 4. she was up by 10. new hampshire he's up by 5, she was up by 9.3. there's a tightening going into the debate and the question for you is whether these debates will matter. we go back to the first debate four years ago myth romney was believed even by president obama
9:23 pm
to have cleaned president obama's clock. what difference did it make? >> in the long run absolutely nothing. and megyn, you just hit on the critical point that people are ignoring in looking at the debate. what has happened with only one exception that i'll mention, but what has happened in some of these past debates, most of these past debates, they move the need wng one, two, three, four points in somebody's direction and the debate effects dissipate within a week or ten days. >> that's all they get? >> basically they get a week or ten day ps. exception was ronald reagan in 1980 but that's because the only debate was held a week before the election. >> what is the challenge to trump here. we only saw him with four people. never seen him go one on one. i don't think he's done a debate one on one and he had a much different dynamic in the primary process. >> yeah. in the primaries he could hang back and let the other 16
9:24 pm
candidates debate policy. he didn't have to have a command of the facts about many of the policies. he may be put on the spot by hillary clinton and the moderator. i suspect it is going to happen. it's 90 minutes. so you have to know something to answer some of these questions. we'll see how he does. obviously there are problems for both candidates over 90 minutes. >> exactly. she's never faced somebody like donald trump with all due respect, matter. o'malley. this is going to be unlike anything she's ever experienced. >> yes, even bernie sanders. i don't think donald trump is going to say i'm tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> i think you're right about that. >> i suspect he's going to be adding a lot about her ix mail during the course of that debate. >> i know that you're calling for fact checking by the moderators. i have to say, she wants fact checking of staumts like this if trump says clinton supports open borders with, clinton wants to get rid of the second amendment.
9:25 pm
that's not the moderator's job to say no, her position on open borders is this. that's an opinion, an argument they get to make on the stage. >> essentially it's up to the other candidate to correct mistakes made by his or her opponent. the moderator should intervene mainly to ensure that both candidates are getting approximately equal time. that's the moderator's job and also to stop candidates from interfering with one other's answers. you can't have people talking over one another. and i don't think most viewers like that. >> agreed. great to see you. >> thank you. we've got breaking news tonight out of charlotte, north carolina where protesters just shut down a part of a major highway running through the city. we'll go live to the scene as the march grows louder again tonight. plus, we'll show you the big controversy that came out today with the new video. and what it shows in the moments
9:26 pm
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breaking tonight, we have seen protests in charlotte growing loud near the last 20 minutes as controversy glrows over new evidence. a video taken by scott's wife and given to the media today shows the moments before, during and after the moment her husband was shot. the entire exchange is not seen. you can hear police tell scott to drop the gun more than a dozen times officers open fire. you don't see the fatal shots but this is a disturbing piece of tape. watch. >> don't shoot him. he has to weapon. don't shoot him. >> drop your gun. drop the [ bleep ] gun. >> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he didn't do anything. >> drop the gun. drop the gun. drop the gun. >> he doesn't have a gun. he has a tbi. he's not going to do anything to
9:31 pm
you guys. he just took his medicine. >> drop the gun. let me get [ bleep ] over here. >> keith, don't let them break the windows. come on out of the car. keith, don't do it. keith get out of the car. >> drop the gun. >> keith, don't you do it. don't you do it. keith! keith! keith, don't you do it. [ gunfire ] [ bleep ]. >> did you shoot him? did you shoot him? did you shoot him? he better not be [ bleep ] dead. he better not be [ bleep ] dead. i know that much. he better not be dead. i'm not going to come near you. i'm going to record you. >> back up. >> he better be alive because -- you better be alive. >> 9453 lexington court. these are the police officers
9:32 pm
who shot my husband and he better live. he better live. he didn't do nothing to them. ain't nobody touched nobody. that ear all good. i know he better live. i know he better live. how about that. i'm not coming to you guys but he better live. he better live. y'all hear this and you see this, right? he better live. >> turn it off. >> he better live. i swear he better live. yep. he better live. he better [ bleep ] live. he better live. where is -- he better [ bleep ] live. i ain't going nowhere. i'm in the same damn spot. that's okay. did all call the police? i mean did y'all call the ambulance? >> there are questions about what we saw and what we did not see in that video and we' get to those in a moment. but we want to check in with
9:33 pm
steve harrigan live no charlotte tonight. steve? >> reporter: the crowd has has been marching here for about an hour. for a brief moment about ten minutes they took control of the highway that rings this city, highway 277. last night they were stopped from doing u so by the police. tonight they were able to do so. we have not seen damage to property or any arrests between police and demonstrators so far. the second night in a row so far it's been peaceful. there was a real concern that after the family's tape was released there would be greater numbers and possible violence. we are not seeing that. the crowd amounts to about 300 people. probably about 300 journalists right now. they've been chanting right now "let me people go." earlier they were chanting "show the tapes, release the tapes." real pressure to get the tapes released from the dashboard and the body cams. the big numbers that were anticipated after the release of
9:34 pm
the shooting not panning out so far and so far another night peaceful so far in charlotte. back to you. >> steve, thank you. well with today's new evidence also come new questions as some folks suggest this video may disprove the police account of events. this is the image that was being circulated earlier this week. showing what appears to be a handgun next to keith scott as he lay on the ground. you see it there. you can see scott's shoes in white. compare that now to the following image from the video released today by mr. scott's wife. the picture from the video seems to show scott's feet without any firearm nearby. but the kelly file did some digging and found that image that appears to show one of the responding officers having walked past what looks like a pistol on the ground. you can see it here in the red circle before noticing it behind him and then taking a step back and then apparently standing
9:35 pm
over that item on the ground. the timing on this scene is unclear and the kelly file has reached out to the agency in possession of the police videos which as you heard have yet to be released. how and when did that weapon appear in that spot in the first place and why does this location in the videotape not appear to match the one in the still images we were shown earlier this week. joining me you, milwaukee county sheriff david clark. we're not going to do forensic files here on the kelly file but i want to ask you, there's a conspiracy theory, it's going around. did the cops plant the gun. mr. scot's fingerprints were found on it, dna and his blood. on top of that the police knew they were being filmed by the man's wife. there were several officers there. you tell me in your experience, the likelihood of cops being so brazen to plant a gun in those
9:36 pm
circumstances. >> well, megyn highly unlikely. i don't know the facts and i don't know what happened here. i haven't seen all of the evidence. that's one of the problems with releasing videotapes is it's one piece of evidence that you don't know how it fits in conjunction with all of the witness statement including the officers and other evidence that exists. i've investigated homicide, and police relited shooting. i'm supervised the scenes. they're very complex and we have to wait to see the entire case. but i find it highly unlikely -- not impossible, highly unlikely that a gun was planted in that situation. especially in the officers were wearing body cams. it would be hard to do. >> what jumped out at you in that tape. those questioning the police behavior say she kept saying he's doesn't have a gun, he's got a tbi, traumatic brain injury and he just took his medication >> that was her version of the
9:37 pm
events as she saw them unfold. but i haerz voices from what appeared to be police officers saying drop the gun. we'll find out soon enough. everyone wants this thing done within the half-hour that it happens on t. it didn't happen that way. don't rush to judgment. wait. i know these things are very emotional, they're very difficult to have to deal with at the time and everything that's going on in the good city of charlotte. but reasonableness will have to prevail. calm will have to revail, cooler heads, leadership will be important here until we get this thing sorted out. >> now some are pushing to change the rules that police have to live by when they're in the field. we heard richard fowler say perhaps the policies need to change if all of these shootings are in policy. there was a woman in huffington post described as an educator and this person's argument is first of all, policing is not a very dangerous job at all and in
9:38 pm
many ways officers have the right to kill without consequence and therefore we do need a change in the rules that govern police. your thoughts. >> well believe it or not, she has a ph.d. which doesn't say much for people walking around with that title. look, it's easy for her to say. she's an academic elite. she spends her time in the ivory tower to have classroom thinking she thouknows what's going on. she has very little experience of what's going on in the american getto. she may have heard about it or passed through one a time or two. policies need to change in i don't have a problem with that after a discussion but you can't change them as we're going through because she doesn't like the outcome. there's a wall in washington, d.c. with the names of 20,000 officers killed in the line of du duty. doubt there's a memorial wall anywhere with professors who have been killed in the line of
9:39 pm
indoctrination inside a classroom. >> thanks for being here. >> thank you, megyn. as we watch the protests, american's mayor, rudy giuliani joins us next on what he thinks is the real problem here. and we'll ask him about donald
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manic episodes or vision problems may occur in some people. may cause low sodium levels. the most common side effects are nausea, constipation and vomiting. trintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your healthcare professional if trintellix could make a difference for you. breaking tonight, new protests on the streets of charlotte just hours away from a midnight curfew for the second straight night. earlier today the clinton campaign announced she would be traveling to charlotte this weekend. and right before he came to air, charlotte's democratic mayor ask that no candidates visit the city in the middle of all of this. no update from the clinton came pain. mayor rudy giuliani took the helm of a city and the crime
9:44 pm
rate dropped 60%, helping make new york one of the safest big cities. it's great to see you tonight. so, you know, the amount of misinformation that gets put out there, what we heard from some people was that mr. scott was holding a book, not a gun. we don't know whether there's a gun in that video. the cops are saying over open over drop the gun, drop the gun. i haven't heard anybody saying he was holding a book. and they're saying that the cops shot the protester in the head the other night. now we know they have a man in custody, a career criminal on the street. >> this is happening because we don't have leadership in country. we don't have the president of the united states saying to people, wait, remain patient, situations like this take a couple of weeks at least, sometimes more than that to figure out the just result. justice can't be accomplished except maybe back in the west in the 1830s on the street.
9:45 pm
>> right. >> and this is why we have a criminal justice system. this is why we have a civilized country. let's wait until all of the facts come in. i heard the african-american police commissioner or chief of charlotte explain what seemed to be a rational reason for why this african-american police officer shot another african-american. now if he's right, then somebody has got to be concerned about the life of the african-american police officer as well. and all i hear is we're all concerned about the life of the guy who got shot. what about the guy who possibly almost got killed who was putting his life at risk to save us. doesn't his life count for something? and shouldn't we at least calm down and wait and find out. >> what do you make of sort of anecdotal evidence where people say it may not have happened in this case but we're sick of black men winding upshot dead by cops in situations where they thought they had a gun, they didn't have a gun, the gun wasn't pointed at them, et
9:46 pm
cetera. >> i'm sympathetic to that and i think any police officer who shoots in an unjustifiable way like the person mo got indicted in tulsa the other day should be indicted. >> you put a lot of cops in jail. >> about 70. and a couple when i was mayor. but in most of the situations they're talking about, it turned out that the police officers were innocent. let's take baltimore, for example, and freddie gray. hillary clinton announced that they were guilty almost unequivocally before she had any facts. all five of them, charges dropped. three of them were acquitted in a trial before an african-american judge. and she's yet to apologize for that. it's that kind of rhetoric from hillary clinton and barack obama that's produced the racial division that we have in america today. we didn't have this racial division nine years ago. this is much worse than we had
9:47 pm
nine years ago and i lay it right at the foot of our leadership of the kind of stuff that barack obama says, the kind of stuff that hillary clinton says, the fact that she wants to go to charlotte -- >> just getting this in my ear in the wake of the mayor saying that, she's now saying she won't go. >> well that's good. but her instincts were to go and politicize. >> i got to ask you, you're working with donald trump on debate prep. i love to be able to see that. are we going to have any surprises on monday? >> of course we're going to have surprises. >> we are in. >> of course we're going to have surprises. >> can you give us a hint? >> of course not. you think we're going to go without a couple of surprises. >> if somebody playing hillary clinton? >> no. >> is it you? >> not that i haven't worn a dress before. >> we haven't seen that. >> however, donald trump has his way of preparing and he's doing it, he's doing it very very well and he'll be well-prepared.
9:48 pm
now she's a career politician. she's debated a lot longer than he has in a lot more situations. so i think you should expect that she would be really a terrific debater. and i think, i think as you know, donald trump always has at least one or two cards up his sleeve. so just watch out. >> we will watch out. and we're looking forward to watching the whole thing monday night. great to see you, mr. mayor. we're hearing claims that police would not have opened fire like we saw there had it been a white man with a gun. do you believe that? dana loesch and richard fowler take up that debate next when we come back with it's time for the can-am yellow tag sales event. get a cash rebate of up to $2000 on selected models. or get the outlander l starting at $5,599. don't miss out. visit your local dealer before october 31st. can-am, the ride says it all.
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breaking tonight as we watch another tense night of marches in charlotte, north carolina. another new fight erupted as "washington post" columnist eugene robinson said the police would not have opened fire in charlotte, north carolina had it been a white man with a gun. writing, quote, gun rights are only for white people. dana lash is the host of "dana on the blaze" and author of hands off my gun. richard fowler is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host. do you agree with eugene.
9:53 pm
>> i think he wrote an interesting piece and a piece that is thought provoking and something dana and i may agreement on. while i don't agree with the second aemtd, i believe everyone should have access to it and beyond that there should be due process. if you have a gun in a state with carry law, you should get due rights first. in the most important case to look at this, he was indeed a gun owner. he had a linecense didn't ask f a concealed carry permit. he asked for his walt. >> that's the one with the man in the back of the car and the wife -- >> no, he was in the front seat driving. >> and his girl was streaming live, went on facebook. you tell me, dana, eugene's argument is open carry is legal in north carolina. he had a gun, there's nothing illegal about that. what did he do? he was sitting in a car with a
9:54 pm
gun. >> yeah. first, megyn, thanks for having me. i thought eugene's piece was uninformed and silly. but i agree with richard in that i think second amendment for law ar-abiding americans, i support that. with castille, he was by all accounts in possession of a chl, concealed -- he is a concealed carry licensy. here is the problem. your concealed carry license means precisely squat when you are sitting in your vehicle and hearing from an officer to keep your hands where that officer can see them. now, i'm still waiting for more information, and i wish that the media would be and i wish that the law enforcement, that the sheriff's department in this case would be more open about it, megyn, because the last i heard we were still waiting to see what exactly happened when the officer approached the window and what in casteel's hands were doing at that particular time. i have been stopped before and i'm a little white woman. i have been stopped before and i
9:55 pm
had the officer ask me for one license and registration and i was going reach into my glove box, and the officer, no, don't do that. i'm not going to disobey. >> what about that. the gun defenders will say you see a cop ordering you to drop your gun and you have one option, which is drop it. >> i hear that. i believe there's tons and tons of cases where you see kau cashan people have guns and they are told to drop it, and they don't. according to his girlfriend he said to the officer, i have -- they're in the glove box, i have a concealed carry permit. >> that's one incident. >> but -- >> yeah, that's one incident. >> the point is this, and i think me and dana can agree. >> quickly. >> every gun owner should have due process to present their papers or present their concealed carry permit before being shot or threatened by the police officer. >> if you are given a direct order and you have cops ordering, i have to leave it.
9:56 pm
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don't forget to tune in this sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern for a special live edition of "the kelly file" for a preview of the big show. on monday, tune in for "the kelly file" after the debate. tonight, the obama years have been disastrous for the country, especially for african-americans. but, believe it or not, democrats still feel entitled to their vote. >> i will consider it a personal insult, an insult to my legacy if this community lets down its guard and fails to activate itself in this election. >> donald trump thinks it is time for a change, a big change. >> african-american communities have suffered under democratic control. >> african-americans are getting crushed by the obama economy. >> nearly four in ten african-american children live in poverty. 58%


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